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Chapter One Why Did Jesus Come To earth?

Jesus came to earth because Jesus earthly ministry began on the sabbath day in a synagogue
in Nazareth week in week out Jews gathered in the synagogue to worship under the chafing
yoke of the roman empire. Aware of the old Testament prophecy these worshipers were longing
for God to send the promised Messiah who would restore the kingdom to israel, reigning on
David's throne forever. But centuries had gone by with no Messiah and the romans were
running the show Hope was probably in short supply. It is this context that the son of a carpenter
from that very town stood up and was handed a crocell from the prophet of Isaiah.

What Does Poverty Mean?

the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support
condition of being poor.

If We Believe The Primary Cause Of Poverty Is?

A lack of knowledge
Oppression by powerful people
The personal sins of the poor
A lack of Material resources

Then We will primarily try to .

Educate the poor
Work for social justice
Evangelize and Disciple the poor
Give Material resources to the poor

What Are The Four Basic relationships?

Relationship with God This is our primary relationship the other three
relationships flowing out of this one. The westminster shorter Catechism
teaches that human beings primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy him
Relationship with self People are uniquely created in the image of God and
thus have inherent worth and dignity. While we must remember that we are not
God we have the high calling of the relation of God's being making us superior
to the rest of the creation.
Relationship with others God created us to live in loving relationships with
one another. We are not islands we are made to know one another to love one
another and to encourage one another to use the gifts God have given us.

Chapter 2
1. What Does Poverty Mean?
the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support
condition of being poor.

Key words

for chapter 2 pages 49-51


Distinction is More Than Academic Pages 52-54

Defining poverty is not simply an academic exercise for all the way we define
poverty either implicitly or explicitly plays a major role in determining the
solution we use in our attempts to alleviate that poverty. When a sick person
goes to the doctor, the doctor could make a critical mistake treating symptoms
instead of the underlying illness. And prescribing the wrong medication Either
one of these mistakes will result in a patient not getting better and possibly
getting worse.

Pages 54 to 57 What Is Relationship?

The arrows pointing from human begins to the surroundings oval in figure I highlight that these
relationships are building blocks for all of life.

Chapter 3 Page 70
What is Poverty Alleviation?
Poverty Alleviation is