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Bauder 1

Emma Bauder
Mrs. Yeyna
British Literature (12th)
1 December 2016

Koralek, Derek, and Ray Collins. "Tutoring Strategies for the Primary Grades." Reading
Rockets. N.p., 2015. Web. 01 Dec. 2016.
In this article authors, Derek Koralek and Ray Collins explain thoroughly many tutoring
strategies for primary grades. It shows many skills tutors can use to help their student grow. Such
as reading together, reading alone, decoding strategies, helping children understand what they
read, and help them become better writers. To support these topics they give plenty examples on
what to do to improve your students intelligence level. It gives you ways to teach reading and
writing and how to make it easy for your students. This helps my project and me because it gives
me ways I can teach kids and help them improve in their school work, tests etc. I will definitely
be using all of these strategies to have a well respected mature tutoring program. All the
information that this article gives me is usable, and very helpful to make my project a complete
success, and of course most importantly to help students in their academics.

Ascd, and Eric Jensen. "How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement." Educational
Leadership:Faces of Poverty:How Poverty Affects Classroom Engagement. N.p., n.d. Web. 01
Dec. 2016.

Bauder 2

In this article the author, Eric Jensen explains how kids who live in poverty have trouble with
classroom engagement. To support his topic, Jensen talks about how health, nutrition,
vocabulary, distress, cognition, and relationships can affect these students greatly. He also shows
what we can do for each subject to help and fix the problems, as best as we possibly can. We
have to remember that people who are living in poverty are not damaged or broken. In fact
human brains adapt to changes, so your student can definitely change if you put the time and
effort into it. By understanding their differences and addressing their differences with meaningful
teaching you can help them better themselves and help them feel more confident in the
classroom. This article is very helpful and important to my project especially since I will be at a
lower income school. By knowing and being aware of this it will help make my project

Ascd, and Eric Jensen. "Chapter 2. How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance."
How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2016.
In this article the author, Eric Jensen explains how poverty can affect a child's behavior and
academic performance. To support his topic, Jensen talks about the risks of poverty, emotional
challenges, social challenges, acute stressors and chronic stressors. He also talks about ways we
can help these differences and issues. He shows many graphs comparing the poor and non poor's
strengths, weaknesses and differences. We need all students to feel special in every way. They

Bauder 3

shouldnt feel like they have to compete to feel accepted. Because if every student feels special
and welcomed they will excel in school. Confidence helps kids do better in everything they do, it
is key. This article is very useful and helpful towards my topic showing me that some kids don't
have it as good as others. Also tells me why some kids don't achieve as much as they can,
because they have other things going on in their life and within themselves.

My Aussie Tutor Follow. "How Can Tutors Help Your Kid Learn and Grow Better?" Share and
Discover Knowledge on LinkedIn SlideShare. N.p., 11 May 2016. Web. 02 Dec. 2016.
In this slideshow created by, my Aussie Tutor they explain ways that you can help a
student grow and learn more. To support this they talk about self confidence, self discipline,
healthy habits, and test preparation. Kids are precious and so is their time, they have so much to
do in such little time given each day. Sleep eat learn etc. In tutoring if you show them how to
have confidence it will motivate them to do better in the area they are struggling in. With self
discipline students will accomodate good habits and manners. Healthy habits are always
necessary to succeed in school. In these slides it explains how textbooks are not everything. To
obtain more information there are many more books out there that can help and inform you apart
from textbooks. This slideshow is very useful to help me with my topic because it shares ways
that can support me in helping the students better themselves and actually learn something.
Mcloud, Rebekah. "Handling Difficult Employee Situations: Focus on the Behavior, Not the
Person." Your First Leadership Job (2015): 181-90. Web. 26 Oct. 2009.

Bauder 4

In this article the author, Rebekah Mcloud talks about ways to deal with difficult situations.
Mcloud talks about dealing with difficult students in hard situations. To support her topic she
says to set an agenda, create and establish relationships, icebreakers, challenges and so much
more. You have to understand that some students may be dominating some may seem
uninterested and some may be bossy. Having set rules, monitoring groups, providing strict
instructions and having things under control are some things that will help you greatly. It will
also help you identify and prevent future problems from happening. By seeing the problems
early on and defusing them before they get to big. Also some students might bring their
troubles to you, listen to what they have to say and be understanding. Yet remember you are there
to help the students in academics. This article is very helpful towards my topic because I need to
be prepared to be faced with difficult situations along the way and this will help me solve them.