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Third Grades Weekly Newsletter

December 5, 2016

Lanier Elementary School

Dates to Remember!
December 5th PTO 3rd - Grade Performance (in classroom by 6:25)
December 9th Polar Express Night (5-8)
December 9th Yellow Reading Board Celebration
December 16 Grade Level Winter Party
December 16th Math Facts Celebration (Passed 6s and up)
December 19th January 3rd NO SCHOOL


This Week in School

Math Unit 5 Multiplication fluency and two step word
problem review
Reading - Read nonfiction passages to gain facts about a

specific topic

Writing Research non-fiction topics and begin writing about

Grammar - distinguish between simple, compound and
complex sentences and identify conjunctions
Science: Unit 3 Rocks and Minerals: All about rocks
What are rocks? How are rocks classified? What is the Rock
Social Studies: - -identify the 3 levels of government and
the responsibilities of each (local, state, national)
-identify the 3 branches of government and responsibilities
of each (legislative, executive, judicial)

Government Assessment
Goss/Schmus-December 6
Wingo/Souther-December 9
Study for test with your study guide this week!


Helpful Websites to Use At Home math practice sheets Launch Point Link Students can access FASTT
Math (HMH) and many other websites from this link. They must
log in with their 6-digit student id.


Please use the links below for help with spelling homework practice.
We are working on Sort 36 this week.


Reading Bingo Boards

Students should be working on the Yellow Reading
Bingo Board. Students may write the books they read
each night on their regular Reading Log and on the
Reading Bingo Boards. Please encourage nightly reading.
The next celebration with be on December 9th.
Students who have completed the Yellow Board will
watch a movie and enjoy some yummy popcorn!


December Birthdays!
Happy Birthday to:
Goss: Carleigh 13th, Carlos 16th
Schmus Jordyn 19th
Souther Zion 21st
Wingo Tyler Mae 4th
Polar Express Night December 9th 5pm-8pm

We need your help! Please consider

volunteering for a short time! Follow this link
and sign up for a spot today.

All students are now working on their multiplication math
facts. Your child should be practicing 5 to 10 minutes each
night on these facts. Students should be able to
complete their multiplication 6s test by December
15. This is the half way point to ensure all students pass
the multiplication 12s by March. Please see the websites
below for math fact practice help or the sheet in their
TEAM Binder.

Homework Written AssignmentsAll due by Friday
Math Math Sheet - one page of the skills we
are working on each week (Due Friday)
Spelling Homework Sort 36 - The words for
this week are: knob, kneel, known, knight, wrong,
wreath, wrap, wrist, gnat, gnaw, beautiful, name,
little, until, some SPELLING TEST FRIDAY
RAH Log (Read at Home) - Complete RAH log
each night Monday through Thursday,
recommendation is 15-20 minutes. Record the
books read on RAH Log in T.E.A.M. Binder.
MAH (Math at Home) - Initial agenda, complete
math facts practice each night Monday through
Thursday, recommendation is 5-10 minutes math
facts practice.
Dojo Tracker Please sign each Friday!