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Third Grades Weekly Newsletter

January 9, 2017

Lanier Elementary School

Dates to Remember!
January 20th 100th Day of School
February 16th Green Reading Board Celebration
February 17th Teacher Work Day - NO SCHOOL
February 20th NO SCHOOL Presidents Day
This Week in School

Math Unit 6 Fractions Comparing and ordering

Reading - Ask and answer questions to demonstrate

understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as

the basis for the answers. Use information gained from
illustrations & text features and the words in a text to
demonstrate understanding of the text (e.g., where, when,
why, and how key events occur).

Writing -begin researching a nonfiction topic, begin

writing informational texts, write an introduction,
develop facts and ideas, write a conclusion, edit and
Grammar - identify and use simple and complex
Science: Unit 3 Rocks and Minerals: Nonfiction
paragraph writing over rocks and minerals. Students
will independently write 2 paragraphs over rocks and
minerals and conference with teacher. Then, rewrite
final draft of paragraphs.


Helpful Websites to Use At Home math practice
sheets Launch Point Link Students can
access FASTT Math (HMH) and many other
websites from this link. They must log in with
their 6-digit student id.

Please use the links below for help with spelling
homework practice. We are working on Sort 37 this


Green Reading Bingo Boards


Students should be working on the Green Reading Bingo

Board. Students may write the books they read each
night on their regular Reading Log and on the Reading
Bingo Boards. Please encourage nightly reading. The
next celebration will be on February 16, 2017.
Students who have completed the Green Bingo will
celebrate with a comfy pajama day!

Math Facts Homework
The midyear goal for each student is
mastering multiplication 6s. If your child is
not working on facts higher than 6 then
they are responsible for writing out their
math facts (problem and solution) two times
each night. They will turn them into their
math teacher each morning.

Homework Written AssignmentsAll due by Friday

Math Math Sheet one page of the skills we
are working on each week (Due Friday)
Spelling Homework Sort 37 - The words for
this week are: scrap, scratch, scrape, straight,
stretch, strict, stress, sprout, spread, sprain,
once, coming, tried, woman, and
RAH Log (Read at Home) - Complete RAH log
each night Monday through Thursday,
recommendation is 15-20 minutes. Record the
books read on RAH Log in T.E.A.M. Binder.
MAH (Math at Home) - Initial agenda, complete
math facts practice each night Monday through
Thursday, recommendation is 5-10 minutes math
facts practice.
Dojo Tracker Please sign each Friday!