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If I was given the opportunity to hire Anthony Tricoli to lead an institution

of higher education or otherwise, I would not hesitate for a moment to make tha
t offer of employment again. Dr. Tricoli possesses the skills, abilities, attrib
utes and experience to lead at the highest level. He is a man of integrity, stro
ng moral conviction and ethical character and behavior. I was pleased to have hi
m as a member of the leadership team while I was the Chancellor of the Universit
y System of Georgia.
Erroll Davis, Former Chancellor of the University System of Georgia
Dr. Anthony Tricoli is one of our nations thought leaders. I can think of no ot
her educator in the nation who is better equipped than Dr. Tricoli to lead any i
nstitution of higher learning. Dr. Tricoli is highly creative, intelligent, and
entrepreneurial in assessing organizational challenges and developing strategies
to overcome any obstacle.
Brandon Bragg, former student body president of Georgia Perimeter College
I had the honor of working under the guidance of Dr. Anthony Tricoli for more
than four years. In that time he never ceased to amaze and inspire me as a prof
essional and as a person. I owe much of my success to Dr. Tricoli, he gave me an
d countless others the confidence to think outside the box, grow, and learn in a
professionally supportive environment. He is a dynamic leader and one of the mo
st unique college presidents in the United States! The students, faculty, and st
aff of Georgia Perimeter College enjoyed groundbreaking success, exponential gro
wth, and national acclaim under his direction. He is student focused while being
a master at creating a customer service oriented culture. He is the most engagi
ng educational leader I have ever worked with and I give him my highest recommen
Eric J. Cuevas, Assistant Director, Academic Support & Outreach, Georgia State U
If there is one word that describes Anthony Tricoli; it s DYNAMIC and TRANSFORM
ATIONAL .OK that s two words! He s a dynamic speaker, motivator, strategic planner an
d governance leader. He is one of America s higher education thought leaders and h
e s a creator of transformational learning. He is likely among the top five colleg
e/university presidents in the country who truly get it! He is Mr. out-of-the-bo
x, Mr. Innovation, Mr. Future of Education. He is a brilliant idea generator and
he engenders this same thinking in those around him.
Steve Short, Vice President of Sales at Talyst
Dr. Tricoli is a dynamic leader with a very natural ability to relate to stud
ents, faculty, staff, volunteers, and other constituents. His visionary leadersh
ip and ability to get groups and individuals working toward a common goal are ou
Liani R. Swingle, Outreach Manager at UW Medicine
Dr. Tricoli understands the human side of leadership allowing him to maintain
a trusting leadership style, based upon honest and genuine actions and interact
ions. He is a leader with the highest ethical standards whose data driven decisi
ons are founded on integrity and executed with a sense of urgency that always pl
ace his client s, colleague s and customer s best interest at the center of his work.
He understands the philosophies of lean-six-sigma, zero-defects, no-rework, do-i
t-right-the-first-time and data-based decision making. He acutely knows what dat
a to gather, where to look for that data, how to measure it, and most importantl

y how to put that information into a plan that will best move the organization f
orward. He is both a seeker and a designer of best practices. In short, he is: a
trust builder, and a builder of people, a dynamic, engaging, compelling and ver
y credible communicator. Dr. Anthony Tricoli s highly refined skills in relationsh
ip and partnership creation has made him one of the most highly respected and tr
ustworthy leaders of our time as evidenced by his numerous local, regional, stat
ewide and national and international leadership awards.
Steve Chabak, Owner of Steve s Physical Therapy
Anthony is an incredible college leader. The people love him because he liste
ns to their concerns, engages them in authentic conversation, and takes actions
that are fair to all. He is a good guy. Watch for a very strong comeback to a co
llege that needs an ethical and experienced leader.
James Semore, Former Student of GPC
Dr. Tricoli is a strategist at heart, he knows exactly what questions to ask
(he s all about making decisions based upon data), he understands matters of the l
aw - which can be very helpful, and he is very skilled in organizational assessm
ent, strategic planning, and as indicated earlier in fundraising and the budget.
He is a very creative and innovative thinker and communicator. He does a great
job of painting a picture for the mind. His people skills are highly developed,
and he seems to make a friend of everyone he meets. He is a highly ethical and p
rincipled man. He values integrity and truth. He s one of those guys who would tak
e the shirt off of his own back and give it to you.
Jamison Sliger, Chief Professional Officer National Non-Profit Organization
I have worked for many leaders in my few years and never have I had such a s
trong, confident leader who genuinely cared enough as to invite you to his home
with food and time for genuine discussion.
Christopher Le Fave, president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Student Gov
ernment Senator
We truly enjoyed his open, approachable and collaborative style. He is very p
ersonable, and he made everyone around him feel comfortable and welcome. Dr. T l
ed training sessions with the entire team including our support staff; and he pr
ovided me with an outstanding synopsis of his findings and recommendations. Dr.
T spent many hours studying the procedures of our Hiwassee College Admissions op
eration. He made recommendations which we could implement both immediately and o
ver time, all of which will make a positive impact on the short-term and long-te
rm work and success of our Admissions Team and operation. We are very happy with
the service, support, creative and fresh ideas provided by Dr. Anthony Tricoli.
If you want a set of fresh eyes on your operation, or if you need to breathe li
fe back into your work, or you think you need a strong refresher, then give this
man a call ..we re certainly pleased we did!
Richard Bettis, Director of Admissions at Hiwassee College
I give President Anthony Tricoli a great deal of the credit for creating such
a wonderful learning environment, hiring the most amazing teachers, and fosteri
ng a feeling of community throughout the entire campus.
Terri Davis, Former Student of GPC
Anthony is a dynamic leader, able to communicate with and influence stakehold
ers at all levels, bringing all together in true leadership fashion. His clear v
ision, determination and affable personality make his positions virtually irresi

stible, no matter how traditional or innovative they may be.

Anthony J. Torotici, Co-owner at Bella Dolci LLC dba Cupcakelicious
I have known Dr. Tricoli for more than ten years, and I have the good fortune
to work for him for most of that time. Dr. T is a very creative leader, extreme
ly supportive of his staff, a man who respects tradition yet is not afraid to mo
ve issues along and get things done. In a nutshell he is leader who transforms (
for the good) the organizations that he leads. He has an earned and deserved rep
utation as one of the top shared-governance leaders in the nation, he has highly
developed listening skills, and more importantly, he knows what to do with the
information he receives. Dr. Tricoli is not afraid to lead, he not afraid of the
tough project, and he typically finds himself being drawn to the most difficult
assignments. And that is typically good for those in trouble, especially when h
e is charged with pulling the team through the tough spot. It is a rare leader i
ndeed who is drawn to and accepts the difficult assignment...Dr. Tricoli is that
type of leader. Dr. Tricoli is a wonderful team leader at the college level and
a great team player in the larger picture. His skills in team building are unsu
rpassed, and his fundraising ability is matched only by his understanding of org
anizational assessment and strategic planning. I have truly enjoyed working both
with and for him for the past ten years, and I know without certainty that he w
ill continue to make a very positive impact for many years to come wherever he c
hooses to lead.
Debra Cronin, IT Director at Little City Foundation
There is only one way to lead people and that is with appreciation and a plan
. Dr. Anthony Tricoli has mastered both. You do not want anyone one else leading
your institution, especially if your goal is to exceed the expectation.
Nathan Singleton, President and Founder at Center Court Approach
I had many positive interactions with Dr. Tricoli. I recognized him as a lead
er who builds up those around him towards a common goal. He was very engaged wit
h the student body, he developed many initiatives that enabled students to succe
ed in the classroom and outside of it. From direct experiences, Dr, Tricoli was
a great communicator to the student, he showed a passion for student achievement
s, and he was dedicated to the college. Additionally, Dr, Tricoli is responsible
, accountable, and reasonable. It was joy to work with him and learn from him.
Zachary T. Richmond, Former Student Body President of GPC
During my time with the Governor s Office of Customer Service, Dr. Tricoli was
a great supporter and implementer of programs and initiatives that measurably ra
ised customer satisfaction and employee engagement. He walks the talk when it come
s to making substantive improvements in organizations. His humor and seemingly b
oundless energy inspire those who work with him. He creates the kind of environm
ent where others thrive professionally and personally.
Kevin Gecowets, Director, Center for University Learning at Kennesaw State Unive
Dr. Tricoli s work as a creative strategist brought Georgia Perimeter College a
nd West Hills College in California into the national limelight by way of instit
utional image branding via community and civic engagement, service-learning as w
ell as his own community service leadership from which he inspired great partici
pation by community groups and individuals. His ability to translate a vision in
to action and success was nothing short of brilliant with the strategic plan he
created and led in higher education. He sees many miles ahead, anticipates trial
and adversity; knows when to brake or accelerate as well as when to exit the tr

ack. He is an opportunistic businessman who is results oriented, and loves probl

em solving. From his earlier work in private enterprise he sees problems as oppo
rtunities. His business acumen is unparalleled. Most importantly he knows how to
bring people and businesses together as a team to achieve the greater good. He
is a master of getting things done via teamwork. He is never afraid to get his h
ands dirty and he definitely walks his talk. I have marveled at his ability to c
onnet the dots and to communicate those connections verbally and in writing to t
hose inside and outside of organizations in both large and small arenas. Anthony
Tricoli is always thinking three steps ahead and he is the person you want to s
elect first when choosing up teams.
Steve Chabak, Owner of Steve s Physical Therapy