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Complete the words in the sentences.

1. In his free time he b.. models of ships for hours.
2. Yesterday, hundreds of people d.. on the streets to stop the building of a
new nuclear plant.
3. We will r the top of the mountain soon.
4. I dont have a rubber. Can I b. yours?
5. They b. to a photography club.
6. The main street was very i with lots of shops and people walking by.
7. The ship arrived at the h. two hours ago.
Complete the sentences to show you understand the words in bold.

Sometimes people take a nap when

To attach papers to each other, you can use .
The sea was rough, so we didnt .
When you go on a trip, you hope the scenery is .

Write words to match the definitions


Not dangerous: ..
You hang them on window:
The opposite of west:
Not strong:

Complete the chart


P simple

P. participle


Correct the mistakes.

1. Zack eats dinner right now.
2. Mount Everest is highest than Kilimanjaro.
3. There was a French test last week?
4. It was the baddest day of the trip.
5. I didnt went home last night.
6. She bought the less elegant hat in the shop.
7. Did your mum used to live in Paris?
8. He isnt understanding the question.
9. How many water do you drink?
Did Adam build this model?
Rewrite the sentences with the words in brackets. Make any necessary changes.
1. Liz sometimes plays the guitar. (last night)

2. Tammy is thinner than Cathy. (as..as)

3. I had long hair last summer. (used to)
4. There wasnt a holiday as extraordinary as Mikes. (most)
5. I didnt finish the book because it was too boring (not enough)
Choose the correct answers.
Are there/ how much/ how many languages do the students in your school speak? Three?
Maybe five? In Surrey, England there is/ is there/ there are a school for children from all
over the world. These children moved/ used to move/ didnt use to move/ to England from
many different countries and they speak over 40 different languages. In our/ their/ theirs
home countries, they didnt speak English. Right now, 477 students are studying/ study/
studied at St Matthews and many of them dont speak English. In the beginning new
students doesnt understand/ dont understand/ understand any English at all, so they
have individual lessons. Much/ Any/ some parents also dont know English, so they cant
help their children with their homework. The children get a lot of/ much/ many help at a
special homework club. Is teaching at a school with so many languages too difficult/ the
most difficult/ more difficult than teaching at others schools? The head teacher, Janet
Lightfoot, isnt thinking/ doesnt think/ dont think so. According to her, St Matthews is
special because its students come from many different cultures.
Complete the sentences using one or two words.
1. I cant swim in here. Its . Cold.
2. Did you .ride your bike to school every day?
3. Both Sharon and Rose are 1.63 meters tall. Sharon is ..as Rose.
4. It was terrible! It was day of my life!
5. I am sorry I.. to your party last night but I was ill.

Complete the words of phrases in the sentences below.
1. These lakes . When it is 0 C.

2. Mike and Sally got married in 2006 but they g.. d.. in
3. You can s. t m on a mobile
4. You can see famous paintings at this m..
5. I am cold Can I .. your jacket?
6. We b.. to a sports club.
7. How long can dolphins s. out of the water?
8. We use a globe and an atlas for g lessons.
9. Be careful, of my dog! He sometimes b.
Penny was born in the USA, but she g.. u.. in France.