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A Report on US Air Force Flights

at Christchurch Airport

USAF Flights at Christchurch Airport

1l1li Military D Antarctic I

In this issue: page
Flight data available at last! 2
Pentagon faked Star Wars tests 4
US Military says Deep Freeze operations will continue 5
The military roots of Operation Deep Freeze 6
Le Carn� on spies 6
Two sentenced for trespass at Harewood 7
Waihopai - a veteran activist remirtisces 8
Witch's brew - US military leaves toxic waste rtigh1mare 9
Update on fallout monitoring in NZ 10
Black Birch Naval Observatory - What victory? 11
Biological weapons threat 11
Waging peace against the fools on the Hill 12
Beware of governments bearing gifts 13
Government Communications HQ chops jobs 14
Israel's murderous Mossad - kiilers abroad 14
Oz spies confirm lack of accountability 15
Spooky bits 17
Flight Data Available at lastl ..

from M FAT
V./c have at last located a source of statistics on fi'om the scheduled "Channel tlights" discussed below.
flights of American military and government aircraft
at Christchurch International Airport. It pays to spread With the establishment of the big American military/
the net \vide. In this case. an i nquir y to the Ministry! intelligence bases at Pine Gap, Nurrungar and North
of Foreign Affairs and Trade, based on an educated West Cape in Australia in the 19605, the global USAF
guess, has opened the tap on most of\vhat \ve need 1.0 Airlift Channels extended into Australasia. Operation
keep close labs on such aircraft as Starliners and Deep Freeze became one of the US military bases
(ialaxys. These planes serve Operation Deep Freeze, regularly visited by the so-called "Channel flights"
but also engage in strictly military and intelligence
husiness having nothing to do with Antarctic research. USAF not covered by the
Deep Freeze Agreement
The flight data is as yet incomplete. but what we have
in hand appears in the accompanying bar graphs, Most US Air Force operations in Christchurch are not
of thc flights were ora military nature because we are covered specifically by the 1958 and 1961 agreements
missing the data 011 Navy ski�,Hcrcules flights which provide for US logistics support for Antarctic
(Antarctic only). MFAT suggested we may he able research. In f�1.ct there is no agreement in existence
10 get that inlormation 1(11' futllfe flights, but probably between the two governments which says anything
not for the past_ about the Channel flights. Channel flights do not go
to Antarctica in any part of their routes. Succcssivr
Wc believe it is importantlo publish this information NZ Governments have been satisfied to ailow the US
because so few people realise the extent of US milital-Y Navy to contract with the Air Force j(lf cargo support
involvement in New Zealand. The entrenched via the Channel mjssions, and ignore any other
presence of both the Navy and Air Forcc goes back to activities that the US military might engage in.
the 1950, when the US arrived to join forces with NZ
in the International Geophysical Year programme (see The "Neither Confirm nor Deny"
also "The militar') roots of Operation Decp Freeze"
nuclear weapons policy
in this issue).

All US military aircraft and ships are covered by the

Why American military cargo aircraft neither confirm nor deny policy with regard to the
don't belong in N Z carrying of nuclear weapons. The Starlifters and
Galaxys serving Australia arc on secret missjons, with
Peace Researcher has carried many articles over the the exception o f cargo which i s offloaded i n
years on thc subject of Starliftcrs at Harcwood. It is Christchureh I"r trans-shipment to the Antarctic.
worth restating. here our concerns about these flights. Thus, our Government gives annual "blanket
clearance" for US militar:y cargo planes to transit our
The first Starliftc!'. and the firsl pure jet tnland in the airport on a weekly schedule under the neither confirm
Antarctic, arrived at Christchurch Airport on 9 nor deny policy. But no US warship has visited a NZ
November 1966. It succecded in landing at Williams port since 1983 because of that same policy The
Field near McMurdo base 011 14 November. Other Channel flights are a glaring loophole that \Vas
military aircraft, of course. had been involved in deliberately wrillen into our Nucleilr-Free Law in
flights to the Ice f o r years. These included 1987.
Glohe11laster� and Super Constellations as well as
l1ercules. Dcpcndcm:e on the Starliners grew in the Although we do not suggest that Starlincrs are
next fc·w ycaf'� (le' the older. �Ipvver planes \-vere taken carrying nuclear weapons through New Zealand in
out of service (\vith the exception of the special ski­ non-crisis periods, the fact remains that Air Force
equipped Hereulc,) Starliners. Galaxys and Hereules are the principal
means of carr ying nuclear \-"ca p o n s c a r g o e s
Starliners and (unly recentiy) do fly to thnlllghout the global American base network. It
!'v'1cMurdo with :-;cientisls and research cargo. But could involve Christchurch in a time of international
those flights are '"llo11""schcdulcd" and quite distinct cnSIS.

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USAF Flights at Christchurch Airport

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2 22
2 20
III 8 18
� 16 16

1� 4
� 10 10
i �
4 4

6 8
9 10 11 12 1 2
l 3 4 5
7 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
1990 Month 1991 1991 Month 1992

24 24
22 22
20 20
Il 18 18
E 16 16
.;; 14
� 12 12
i 10 10
E 8 8
z 6 6
4 4
2 2

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
1992 Month 1993 1993 Month 1994

1@ 18
� 16

� ��
� 10
� 8
i! 6
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5
1994 Month 1995

1_ Military D Antarctic I

Partial flight data on United States Air Force cargo aircraft (primarily C-141B Starlifters and C-SA
Ga1axys) using Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand, between June 1 990 and November
1 9 94. A transit/light consists of an arrival and a departure for a given plane. Military denotes
military/intelligence Channel Flights serving US bases in Australia; Antarctic denotes flights to and from
t h e Antarctic in support of the U S Antarctic Program. All flights are covered by annual blanket
clearances from the NZ Government. Data provided by the USAF under the US Freedom of Information
Act (B Patchett and R White), and by the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under the Official
Information Act (R Leonard).

Peace Researcher Page 3

Channel flight aircraft me not Nuclear-Free Law, wc play a role in that network
inspected by New Zealand which supports a global nuclear war-fighting
capability now unmatched and unchallenged by any
There is no Customs or Agriculture inspection of any otiler country.
aspect of any Channel flight aircraft or cargo. Civilian
passengers on Starlifters on legitimate Antarctic New Zealand did challenge US nuclear policy with
business must submit to normal Customs procedures its anti-nuclear law. And thanks to the vision of
on arrival at the airport. But the Air Force crews are Harold Evans, Christchurch is also the birthplace of
not checked by Customs; they usually stay overnight w h a t h a s become a n effective a n d g r o wing
in the nearby airport hotel and are apparently hce to international movement to have nuclear weapons
take any personal luggage horn and back to the plane declared illegal in the World Court. But there is sad
without inspection. irony in the fact that Christchurch is also the only city
in Australasia to host a foreign military base and
The only task that New Zealand officials are allowed regular secret flights by Starliftcrs that could carry
to perform on the aircraft is routine spraying for nuclear weapons at any time if the US chose to do so.
insects. the s a m e obnoxious practice that all NZ would have no way of knowing or preventing it
international passengers must endure when they arrive
in NZ. Even the spraying has been challenged recently The Flight Data -
by the 1) S g overnment despite the fact that ollr
agriculture "mcials consider the killing of insect The graphs reveal the frequency and monthly patterns
stowaways to he a vital step in prc\'cnting destructive of US Air Force use of Christchurch International
pests entering: NZ and crc<lting havoc. Airport Wc thank Brian Patchet! and Bob While filr
significant portions of the data. Complete data sets
Channelllights support major US have been requested from MFAT for the 4.5 years
military/intelligence business-os-usual since mid-1990, plus new flight data to cover the
current blanket clearance through May 1995. We will
The US gO\icrnmenl and military continue to maintain publish that data, and an analysis of it, as soon as
a \vorldwidc nct\vork of forcig:n bases. Despite our possible after receipt.

That the U S military can nevcr be trusted is ingloriously highlighted by its rigging of key experiments that
were designed to prove that Star \\/ars technology 'vvorked. Under pressure in the early eighties from a series
of reports questioning tht: whole Strategic Defcnse Initiative, the Pentagon fixed tests to ensure the projects

New 5'cicmist [6 August] writes that Congressional investigators have revealed that after three interceptor
missiles launched from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall lslands failed to hit target missiles launched from
California, officials fixcd the final test The 'enemy' missile had its nose heated to assist the infrared sensors
of the interceptor. On 10 June 1984, the detending missile finally struck its targeL

The Pentagon had obviously anticipated had results in the first tests by secretly placing explosives in the
noses of the target missiles so they could he detonated and look like they were hit According to the New
Scientist article this did not go ahead because the interceptors missed their targets so badly that the deception
would have been revealed.

Other sources show that during the Gulf War the vaunted success of Patriot missiles in bringing down Iraqi
missiles aimed at Israel briefl.y revived prnrnotion of Star \Vars type missile defence. Later revelations that
military claims of success with their nC\\i technology \vcrc greatl}.- exaggerated brought more sober assessment.

The Ciintol1 Administration does not firvour SDI projects and promoters arc currently on the back foot

Page 4 Peace Researcher

The last issue of Peace Researcher, October 1 994, ran an article which questioned whether the United
States Navy intended to continue to provide logistic support for Operation Deep Freeze at Christchurch
and support operations in the Antarctic. Co-Editor Bob Leonard wrote to the US Embassy in November,
asking for comment on the reports from reputable science j ournals that we were quoting, and any further
information that may be available. Bob also asked if any change in the logistics programme would impact
on US Air Force !lights to the Antarctic or Australia. The response is printed below. I t is short to the point
of curtness, and has no reference to the US Air Force flights that were asked about.

T""..J:ZPliONE; (1)44) 472-2068 Al>lllU � �S'l

nu:::<:: NZ Jl05 29 rITZm:MD'l' T:c::R..UC::
:AJC: (::a:Cl (644) �72-3S:;7 BOX 1190
(STA1'!:) (644) 471.-2:l1l0 WEI..t..INGTON, NF'� 4�O

DmASS! or T!'IE
tl'Nl:'l'!:O snTES OF �CA



PLE.i\.S!: O!:� TO � rOt.LOWG:









Peace Researcher PageS

The Military Roots of peration Deep
Freeze an obscure historical note
The International Geophysical Year (lGY) in the late 10 detect radiatlon from a series ofthrce high altitude
1950s was oile of those big science pH�jecls that the nuclear detonations ovcr 1he South Atlantic Ocean.
military lends to be involved in. Because much of The initially secret ""Argus" nuclear tests were
the [GY research was conducted in the Antarctic. New conducted at an al tj t ude of several hundred kilometres
Zealand played an important roie, particularly in and created a bonanza of geophysical data according
cooperation with the American program, This period to a White House report The report, hastily released
was the beginning of satellite technology as well atter a leak about in the Nev,i York Time s . gave
( Soviet and American), and the lirst satellites were a strong civilian fbvour to the nuclear experiment.
an integral part ofthe iGY,
PrmlSl1fC to onc of the tiny (onc kg) NOTSN!K
A top secret American satellite program was satellites into orbit came fi·om the impending August
conducted by the Naval Ordnance Test Station 8 start ofthe nuclear tests (the actual tests dates were
(NOTS) at Inyokern (China Lake) in Calif(lrnia. 27 and 30 and 6 September). This early
NOTSNIK was a five-stage satellite rocket launched satellite program was Naval and probably succumbcd
from beneath the wing of a Naval jet fighter plane. to inierSefyicc as rile Air Force SO()f1 achieved
Six air-launch attempts were made in mid-19S8 over a 1.01al morHJpol,Y in military space launches. It was
the Pacdic from a Douglas F4D- I "Skyray". Evidence an Army rocket that launched the weli-instrurnented
that onc of the tiny satellites may have achieved orbit Explorer IV satellite on July 27,just in lime for Argus.
came from a surprising place - Christchurch as �

revealed in a recent article lfl Spuudlight maga/ine The NOTSNIK tracking station must be one of the
(November 1994). carliest examples of covert military! activity in New
Zealand: it was almost certainly unknown to the NZ
Apparently, a NUTS tracking station was located in government of the day and not a part of civilian IGY
Christchurch, although the exact site is not given in agreements between the two governments. The IGY
tbc article. The rockets wc re launched at 4 I ,(lOO fect was loaded with military involvement hidden by the
(12,500 metres) over the Santa Barbara Channel uff glare of publicity surrounding peace1u! international
Southern California in a southwesterly direction over cooperation in science. It was a fitting start to
the Pacif,c and roughly toward New Zealand. ft is a Operation Deep freeze, being our first involvement,
virtual certainty that in 1958 the newly-established ifminor and unwitting, in nuclear testing. Today, 36
cooperative "civilian" JOY program between the New years later. little has changed at Operation Deep Freeze
Zealand and American governments had much to do - a US Navy and Air Force base operating freely in
with the NOTS station. Aotearna under the cover of civilian Antarctic science.

The International Geophysical Year (JOY) was an 18-

month global research programme involving man).'
Le Carre on Spies
nations from mid-I'!57 through 1958. The NZ-US According to John Le Carre who worked in the
logistics p r o g r am for the tGY was centred in British Intelligence in his early years. there is an
Christehurch - in fact it was the beginning of Operatioll urgent need for the world's leaders to "
Deep Freeze as a logistics centre for Antarctic what imbecilities are committed in the hallowed
research. In the earl iest days, US mil'tary logistics name of intelligence."". "Tame journalists have
personnel (Air Force and possibly Navy) were housed carolled the supposedly unsung succeSses of British
in tents at RNZAF base Weedolls with flights to the intelligence until they were hoarse, even if they
lee based at Wigram aerodrome. Operations soon had to go back to the war to fmd them. It was the
shifted to Harewood, where they remain to this day. cock-ups_ 1101 the triumphs, that 'iA,'-cnt unsung. 11
Whether the tracking station was located at Wigram was the artificia,l protection accorded to the secret
or Harewood, or even Wecdons, IS not yet knov,rl1. It services by C ahinet Parliament the Civil Service,
may even have been airborne or shipbome. What is but most of all hy the media. that for three postwar
abundantly clear from the Spaceflip;ht article is that decades them in their complacency and
e1usion . ., [Interview, NZ Sunday Times,

NOTSNIK was purely miiitary �����

Three of the NOTSN1K satellites were instrumented

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"Exposure is disabling to the Demonic!"
(WilIiam StringfelIow)

On Hiroshima Day, Ciaron 0 'Reilly andMoana Cole 3ii of the Trespass Act with which we were charged).
were arrestedfor protesting against the UnitedStales The court continually rejected attempts to present
Air Force and its presence at Christchurch 's airport. evidence we believed would prove we were doingjust
Moana reports on the trial that followed that. Once the court had been exposed as not
accountable to its own law, we spoke of our own
From om acts ofresistance to the preparation le" war, convictions in repenting of our own complicity which
we have come to understand there are three stages. enables us to resist continual preparations for the
One is the action itself: the second is the trial, and the horror of nuclear and conventional war.
third is the punishment. We enter the courtroom
understanding that Holy Mother State protects such The most pathetic figure in the trial turned out to be
preparations for war and punishes those who attempt the US Base Commander, Major de Marco, the
to speak the truth. We have never experienced 'occupier of the property'. His sheepish looks to the
otherwise. judge after being asked questions, bis refusal to "eirher
confirm or deny" whether the Air Mobility
For praying outside the warehouse doors of the U S Command was responsible for transporting nuclear
Air Force Air Mobility Command on the anniversary weapons, and his c u l tivated ignorance of the
of the bombing o f Hiroshima, by resisting the Australian destinations ofthe flights he is responsible
Starlifters' support role in the continual preparation for, are all indicative of the assembly line mentality
for aerial warfare. Ciaron and myself were charged so pervasive amongst those who prepare for war. De
with trespass. Marco's contention that he does not know the final
destinations ofthe planes that fly through the base he
The trial is a battleground where the state, with its is responsible for strains credulity to the limit.
language of criminal action, vandalism. property Questions must be asked about his competence, or
damage and punishment, clashes with the pleas on his answers to the court.
behalf of humanity, with speaking the truth, with non­
violence. Warren Thomson was called as a defence witness. In
spite ofthe judge refusing to accept his statements as
Friends performed powerful street theatre in front of expert testimony, Ciaron was able to ask questions
the institutions of power in this town: friends returned that elicited the truth about the Channel Flights of the
to the scene of the real criminal activity - the US Air Starlifters, and the role ofthe Pine Gap and Nurrungar
Force base: friends vigil led outside the courtroom lIntil bases that they support.
our appearance, The court audience included a
survivor o f the holocaust, a former British Navy We were found guilty, and fined $400 each. plus $95
Commander, conscientious objectors from World War court costs. But the activities of the US Air Force at
Two, German peace activists, students, l ecturers, Christchurch's civilian airport, had received a good
christians. atheists, bearded patriarchs, beardless hearing.
Thank you to all who supported us at court, and to all
Our fIrst strategy was to make the court accountable those who called, or wrote letters of support. And more
(0 a law which recognises the legitimacy of occupying thanks to those who have assisted and supported liS
a space iftrying to protect people or property (Section since the trial.

Peace Researcher Page 1

A Veteran Activist Reminisces
Ran Smith
chained ourselves to
earthmoving machines. De­
spite wooJien O\iCrcoat,
scarf. balaclava and gloves,
I waS rreezing. The building
contractors arrived al 7 a.m.
-there Was a time penalty on
their contract - abused us and
tried to work around us. But
we moved to be in their way
leading to near violent abuse
and threats. Wc explained
we had nothing against them
but they were real redneeks.
A fter an hour or so they gave
up and used tbeir vehicle ra­
diophone to call the police.
When the f,mr police arrived
we refused 10 move and af­
ter another hour's delay (dur­
ing which the police con­
tacted the Government
Communications Security
Bureau in Wellington and
got authority to evict us) we
Run S�milh Lv a. ltfdong peace activist and, until his were arrested ... The Dominion included a large photo
retirement /rorn the movemenl ill 1992 on health of me striding towards the paddy wagon after arrest.
grounds. was a central figure in eve/T rVdlington­ Waihopai was suddenly a nationwide issue ...
hased peace campaign. Not on(l.-'·
in this country hut in several others. from Tahiti to Our trial came up in lune. .. Although the defence
the Philippines Peace Brigade to proles Is at Ihe lawyer showed that the prosecution had failed to meet
American base al Nurrungar in Australia (where he the technical requirements of the Trespass Ac!. and
was arrested {ri/ice). Ron has heen activefy involved despite my claims that the actions tahn were justilled
in Ihe anli-hases campaign the first wave of bases under international law relating to privacy of
protests in Ihe early I 970s - and carryinp, on with the communications and the political rights of New
lIarew(}od, Tangimoana. Black Birch and l1iaihopai Zealand citizens, we were found guilty and lined $200
campaigns ofthe current ABC This Waihopai excerpt each, plus eosts ...We lodged an appeal; it meant yet
is ji'om Ron's recenlly puhlished olltohioxraphy another ferry journey to Blcnheim but we won the
"Working Class Son. My FiXl1! Axaimt Capitalism caseL ..

And War. Memoirs of Ron Smith. A New Zealand

Communist ". Il costs $39.95 and is available .from The last time I went, we waited on the public road
Ran at 11 HiXh Street. hland Bay. Wellinxton We until the small police contingent on the outer gate
recommend it as a living history of the New Zealand drove off t()[ dinner. In about 60 seconds flat wc all
peace movement. jumped over the fence, past the "Defence Land:
Entrance Prohibited�' notice and had tents erected and
It happened on Monday May 2nd (1988), my 67th a glowing flre burning. When the police returned we
birthday. A dozen of us slept Sunday night in ignored their angry orders to quit They drove at us to
Blenheim (sharing a birthday cake they baked for me) within a few feet and shone their glaring headlights
and then proceeded to (he (Waihopa; construction) on us as we sat on the ground ...Wc knew they had to
site in the icy pro-dawn darkness. There five of us get authority to evict us and after an hour and a half

PageS Peace Researcher

we wondered if they had got that and would start existence is n o w free l y a c k n o w l edged. S t i l l
arresting. But they did not want 50 arrests and their unanswered, however, are the questions 1 asked in a
a n n o u nc e m e n t indicated t h a t arrests were n o t letter to the Dominiun. Why should the GCSB and
intended. I t ended with each sitting demonstrator being SIS be unaccountable to Parliament? Who is spied
lined by two policemen, carried to the fence and upon? Trade unionists? Companies transmitting
warned no! to return! The police were being good economic intelligence? 1I0w far do they operate as
guys; I took pity on the two who came to lift me. part of a vast spy network under America's National
They did not know how to li1l keeping a straight back. Security Agency and CIA. operating as an invisible
" I've got too much respect for the sergeant's back". I government of the Western world? How much "fthe
said and got to my feet and walked to the fence myself. GCSB intelligence goes to NSA-CIA? How many
The whole episode was bizarre . . visits to NSA-CIA establishments havc been made
by NZ agents? How many secret inspection trips to
The huge campaign o n Waihopai was not ahle to stop our spy units have been made by NSA"CIA chiefs?
the construction of the base. HOWCVCL it has forced The answers to none of these affect " N ationa!
the GCSB into the open to the exlent that at least its Security".


US Military leaves Toxic Wastes Nightmare
At Clark And Subic
In 1 99 1 the P h ilippines Senate passed its historic vote examples of Filipino base workers exposed to danger,
refusing to renew the treaty governing the presence of neighbouring communities still living with toxic
of US military bases, thus ending nearly a century of contamination and lethal dangers like unexploded
the Philippines as a military outpost of its former ordnance.
colonial master. C1ark Air Base's fllture had been
rendered academic by its destruction by that year's Having \\ion such a globally significant victory as the
Pinatubo eruption; Subic Naval Base was vacated in eviction of the US military from its country, the
1 992. Philippines peace movement is not resting on its
laurels. It planned to confront President Clinton with
But that was far ti"om the end ofthe problem, The US the issue oftoxic cleanup during his November 1 994
milit.ary has left behind .a massive amount of toxic State visit and is planning to host an international
wastes and has shown no interest in doing anything conference on bases conversion in September 1 995.
about it. The Central Luzon Al liance ft)r a Sovereign A lot of work has been put into this latter subject by
Philippines and the Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition the movement - Clark was mooted to be converted
have produced a booklet entitled "The Toxic Legacy: into Manila's new international airport but Pinatubo
a documentation of toxic alld hazardous wastes in put paid to that. Subic is ideally set up to be a major
the former US Bases in the Philippines" (April port and ship repair facility. Instead the Ramus
19(4). This meticulously documents a witch ' s brew government is converting it from an American
of contaminants. A,11 the worst environmental military enclave into one f(Jr foreign (predominantly
p o l lutants arc there. plus horrors peculiar to the Asian) investors. Richard Gonlon, the rabidly pro·
military they include acids. including sulphuric acid. American former mayor ofOlongapo, has resurfaced
arsenic, ashcslos, chemical warfare agents, cyanide, as chairman "fthe Subk Bay Metropolitan Authority.
DDT. explosives, fimgicides, lead. mustard gas, nerve So there is still plenty of work to he done. firstly to
agents. napalm , PCBs, PCI', pesticides, phosphorus, establish the extent ofloxic waste: secondl, to get it
tabun. TNT (the full list fills two pages of double cleaned up (preferably by the US): and thirdly. on
columns) converting the ft1f111Cr bases to productive uses.

Because the Philippines is the Third World and still Written bv Murray liorion. The Nuclear Free
regarded by the US as a colony, its people and Philippim:'s Coalitioll can be conta('ted at Room 511
environment were treated \\'jth contempt Subic Naval J & T Building. 31!94 R. Ma!!jsaysaI Boulevard Sla
base never bothered to install a complete scvv'crage Mesa. Manila. Philipl'ines Ph/fax (632) 7161 O1!4.
system, treating only 2SD/O of its daily output (not for (Jlle ofits leaders, (. ( Ira Fonros, took part in the A Jf( '''s

nothing vvas the body of water separating the base 1990 limehing The Bases iilU!" which prote.lled at
from O!ongapo city universaiJy knovvn as the Shit each ofthe majorloreign-linked milito"(viintclligencc
River). This -.IX page booklet is crammed with facilities in New /.ealand.

Peace Researcher Page 9

Update on fallout monitoring in NZ
by Wilkes.

Tl-fO urliclz'S in 1 he Peace Rc-' US monitors krypton assess plutonium

scarcher de,','cribcd Y£"mi-,')'ccrc! f 15/ production nuclear weapons
out in /Vc It' /I.'alalld and /VX /0 '1'l1e pn:vious articks described 110\,,.: the US mo n itors
de!cc!/ai!oui fhe Israeli nucleur fesl, olhet nations' nuclear programs hy analysis of the
(ft'fic!es 1-J'Ci'(' wri!/efl
,!"'inec ;how nwrL' scraps noble gases c reated during nuclear fission. NtH·\, in­
(:finlormd!fUJ1lull'C come tu hand. formation has come to hand shov,,'ing that it is the nob le
gUStS released frOTH plutonium production reactors
us that the US is pa!1iclllarly interested in, rathe r than
Tht.: 'Colonel iv1cBridc' dus\.:ribed it) New rh\: noble gases creat0d during the nuck:ar explosions
Zealand to ;,,:hei.,:k out our i�ljllHJt efforts ill (most of 'i,'v'hich, in the case of underground tests,
1979 was Colonel Rob,:rt C of the Diag­ \vmdd be reta.i ned in tht.,; chamber).
nos1ic,\ J )i'visilm, 103:') I cc hnical ()pcrations (iroup.
Pal rich Air h)rce lh,>t,:, rlorida The gas ofprincipul inlerest i� krypton-g). a very real
gas which has HOlhing to dn with b ut vl'hich
l'atrick AFB is the oflb" so -called ! JS;\ F is created by the of uraniu m in nucJear re­
Technical Appl1ca! ions (>.:ntcc Ai'" /\C, \\'hich is re,� aclors. h is a totally inerl ( 'nohle") gas which
spo n sib k iZ)r nH1niloring nOll�! JS nuclear testing ac­ d oes not combine chcmicaUy wirh anything else;
tiv ities on behalf of th
. e hence it tend s to b uild up in the atmosphere as it cs-·
(CJA. NSA, PIA etc Cle). capes from spent nuclear fuels vvhen they undergo re­
processIng. The US monitors the krypton bu ildup,
The1crm >diagnostic..;' in AF Li\(: rdi.:;fs to the subtrac.ts th;;; amount contributed hy US and other
process of finuin1:�, nut how a foreign nuclear test known reprocessing operations. and lhe remainder
worked. ho\\ successful it wHS, v',lhat tlssiic materials an ind ication of how much reprocess i ng is go­
it Ll
sed, ctc. as d i stinct from 'dch:�ctjon' \\hich is the ing on in secret. It is pres um ed that all the secret re··
pnKCSc' uf v"hether a j,est 'look place or proc{;ssing is to prod uce plutonium ft,!, \varhcads, �lhis
nnt. The distinction in this Cd'>C may BOt. he impor­ has h<:cn the chit:f source of information on the total
tant, but it doe s suggest that the US had alread y es"' size of the Soviet nuclear arsenal untii recently.
tablished that a nuclear lest had laken pla ce ., and that
Colonel Mdlrydc had becil sell I here in the hopes of US has increased southern seismic
learning more about the test monitoring
rhe previous articles noted h(w.. the US has increased

Campbelllsland sheep slaughtered its southern hcrnisphere radionuclidc monitoring, ap­

] he prev ious arlic!e,'-; mentio n ed that sheep thyroids parent!y as a consequenct: of its inabi lity 10 '(iiag­
\verc colkctcd in thc Manav,"atu and sent 10 the US in nose ' the Israeli tesL Illnrns Qut that AFTA.C has aiso
the hopcofddcc;ting mdio�,iodine from the Israeli test. upgraded its sou1hern hemisphere seismic monit()T­
It seems that an expedition was also sent to CarnpbeH ing capability, presumably for similar reasons.In
Island.. well to the south ofNcw Zealand, to slaughter 1986 AFTAC asked Congress for funds for five ncVli
a lew uflhe wild shcep there. Campbel l Island is in seismic stations, sfly'ing:
more or less the same latilude as where the presumed
nuclear tc"t tonk plac(�, and it was t.hought that the .. there arc insufficient seismic de1 ec t i on sys­
\vinds of those altitude� the roaring forties and the terns in the Southern Hcmisph ere . .. to detect,
furio us fifties - rn ight have transpurted l�l11out to identify and monitor se i smic disturbances, both
Camphc!J Island, where it \vou!d be less cnntaminated na tura l and rnall-made... This proj ect \vil! pro­
by any hlinl1i from other s()urcc�. !fthi" c\.pcdition v ide an impro';.:cd capahility to dete c t llnd iden­
dld tak e place it must con st it ut e onc of the more hi- tify these disturbances in the Southern hem i­
"arrc m the history of intelligence sphere.'"
lcring \\ ild s!ll�ep un a :-;uh. .. Anlan.:llc ishmd in the hope
of gclting mii)J'''malioll ab out a nuclear test that tuok 'Seismic disturbances" is AFTAC j argon t()f under­
place h a lf a \",odd ;l\Vtl:v" !.t has proven 10 ground nuclear te.'-;lS, just as" hack 111 the day."s or the
indcpc;l1dcmly d ocum ent that the expedition did take supersecret Project I �onghank at Vv'oodbournc, 'aero­
pbce, but a person \'vth) bad some m arginal inY;JJvl..:'­ space disturba,nces' \\ias AFTAC jargon i()[ atmo­
mcnt {;.; insistt...:nt lhat it diJ happen. sph eric nuclear tesls.

Page TO Pp-nep- Researcher

Bob leonard
The US Naval Observatory on Black Birch ridge will for unique plants and native birds and invertebrates,
not quite close in 1995 as suggested by Owen Wilkes Black Birch was just such a reserve before it was
in the last issue of Peace Researcher, The official violated by the US Navy, Fifteen years, and millions
closing date is planned for March 1996 according to of military dollars later, New Zealanders will be left
Dr Carl Colc, Director of the observatory, in a seminar with a monstrosity on BlackBirch ridge - a monument
for physicisb at the University of Canterbury (10 to government stupidity and things nuclear. If the
October), I sat in on this seminar and heard an earnest case for Black Birch Observatory had been argued
astrometrisl wax lyrical about measuring the positions entirely on civilian astronomical needs it would never
of planets and stars with marvelous accuracy, What have been funded,
he failed to do under his own initiative was offer any
inkling of the military utility of this kind of data, We are stuck with it Whafs to celebrate?
Therefore, I took the initiative and, quite
unintentionally, almost brought the seminar to a halt,
Not that there was any kind of melee resulting from
my allegations about nuclear missile guidance. Indeed
the assembled scientists sat with mute disinterest while
The techniques of biotechnology are spreading
Dr Cole ground to a confused halt unable to keep his
around the world, making access to easily made
train of thought and respond to me at the sallle time,
and horrifically destructive weapons widely
available. The Biological Weapons Convention
Owen said the impending closure of Black Birch "",
outlaws using agents and toxins for offensive use,
was greeted with stoney indilTerence by the Anti Base
but has no verification system to ensure countries
Movement. Shouldn'1 wc rather be proclaiming a

In September this year. a major effort begau 1I1

What victory? By the time mapping data ceases to
Geneva to close loopholes in the Convention, But
flow from t h e transit circle telescope and its
progress will be very difficult Many laboratories
computers, the station will have fulfilled its mission,
where research and production could be carried
having operated for nearly its entire intended period
out are owned by pharmaceutical companies that
of ten years. Cnlc said their goal of observing 25,000
refuse to allow inspection of their premises on
stars and seven planets \vas 851}'0 complete. Each star
commercial secrecy grounds.
must be observed and "mapped" on at least four
separate occasions, Granted, the national ABC made
Some developing eounlries believe restrictions on
life a little difficult for Naval Observatory personnel
biotechnolgy will be used to withold techniqnes
on certain occasions; hut the fact is, we failed to close
they sec as vital to their development. The Clinton
it down. It seems a little hollow and disingenuous to
Administration supports the strengthening of the
proclaim some sort of victory on those grounds.
BWC, but previous US administrations have said
that verification would be impossible because of
Speaking of grounds, the legacy of the observatory
the number of sites, and the ease with which eovelt
will probably be the Mariborougb equivalent of a
activities could be concealed.
dccommissioned nuclear power station - minus the
radioactivity, Dr Cole had no idea what might be
According to Malcolm Danda, professor of
done with the rather substantial buildings that will
international security at Bradford University,
remain after closure. The main telescope building
failure to come up with a strengthened BWC and
contains tonnes of concrete to stabilize the te1escope.
veritication systems will bring great dangers. There
It \vas relatively easy to transport up the mountain in
are no shortage of issues for the peace movement
small parcds, Now that it is onc big hard lump, what
to confront.
is to be done with it? Perhaps a restaurant served b}'
a 1I.micuJar railway or gondola fh)Jll Blcnheim?
[Based on an article in New Scientist, 17 September
IVlany of our high mountain areas are precious habitat

Peace Researcher Page 11

The Cold War is (lver, but the
remnants of the era stil1 remain.
T'he US spy base at Mcnwith
H i l l i n Yorkshire, England is
living proofthat the spy industry
is cont inuing to gain momentum
and international importance.

M en w i th H i l l Station i s r h e
largest signals inte l ligence base
in the world ( MornillK Star, UK,
4/7/] (92). It is rul] br lhe u ltra­
secret i v e N a t i o n a l S e c u r i t y
Agency ( N S A ) of t h e U n ited
States. There are 2 J radomes
( g i a n t g o l fb a l l s ) w i t h i n t h e
complex which connect with the
space satellites, and many more
aerial masls. The number ofsla1],
there has grown from 400 il] "A MCfHVilh fVoman protf:.:'.vter arrestedfor blockading the road near

19S0, to over 1200, most of them the NSA spyhase on international Women 's Doyj()r Disarmament
Americans. Note the NI: l1uke,jree hmmer in the backKround "

Menwith H i l l performs a l l the everyday functions of F o l lowing, are some excerpts from the monthly
a signals inte l l i gence spy base and more. Deep inside newsletters of these Otlcy women who have been
the reinforced b u i l dings, NSA staff work around the campaigning against the base for many years. 'They
clock tapping i nternational phone calls, telexes, fax show a tremendous tenacity and a great sense of
messages etc, }11 i litary, commercial and private lines. humour in their continued guest to close the base.
All telecom m u nication from Europe i s i ntercepted by
the ' fools on the h i l l ' . The data is then sifted through October 1 994:
Menwith H i l l " s mega-computers at a rate of around 4 " He/en John is in/o u t * of the nick (* delete as
m i l l ion \vords per m inute, searching fbr inf(xmation appropriate). On Mondo,-, September 19th, the judge ,

useful for the US. in chambers al 'York Crrnvn Court, thre'rt,· down his
pm in exQsperation & declared "But I KNOW she 'l/
The base is the nerve centre of a global network of n:-qff(:nd/ " He 's imposed hail condition')' that IJeien
eavesdropping centres, which l i n ks not only with the is not permiffed to ,'deep at camp & one night, l-vhen
British Government Communications Headquarters ail the women had apparently Kone 10 bed, the MoD
(GCHQ), but a l s o bases in Canada, Australia, and our plods c h arfed thro ugh the camp, lash i llK their

own naughty l i tt l e spybase here in New Zealand at torches, hopinK to find Helen in breach of bail. "But
Waihopai. 1'/11 NOTasleep' " she announced "My bail conditions
c'itipulate that J must no! sieel' at camp & Fm not
In keeping with the tradition of spies, the American asleep.' " S'ergeant Quinn expostulated' "It 's gone
spooks refuse to give out i n f()nnation on Menwith midniJ<ht & you should ht;' at hurtle in bed" " to
H i l L or allow reporters, M P ' s or MEP's ( European which Ire/cn politely responded: " I 'm a big xir! no}v
M P ' s) onto the h i l l . They are espec i a l l y wary of (� f decide 'when ! go {() hed! '
"foreign nationals" (British citizens) and contact
between N S A staff and Brits is closely monitored. "Tracy (who else) walked thro ugh the open door of
tlu" control /Juildinf!j()r the "Pusher " antennas. where
This however, h a s not deterred a group of British an AfJ1Crican technician was H}orking, & flicked off6
women peace protesters. The Otic), Pe-ace Action switc/zcs,Not only ha,<'; .';he "caused them to lose
Group has long waged a campaign against the base, informatiun " (1Vow!) but it's sent a hack inductance

Page 12 Peace Researcher

through the computers. " the Waihopai spybase in the tropical temperatures of
January this year, the Womenwith H i l l women
September J 994: organised a support demonstration where thirty of
"Amazons or what? Jo & Bridget caught an American them camped at "The Hill" in sub-zero temperatures
serviceman from the base intruding into our camp at in the heart of a Yorkshire winter in solidarity with
5am on a Saturday morning. They chasedhim. tripped our cause! Arid nine of them m anaged to get arrested,
him up & sal on him (peacefully & nonviolently) while the same number that were arrested at Waihopai.
Betty & 1 summoned the MoD plods on the Control
Room number (which we 're not supposed to know). The Otley women have provided a resistance to the
Our intrepid lads responded . . . . & took the intruder
. spy industry and a solidarity with other peace activists
off into ('us/ody. Such big emharassment this caused around the world that New Zealand campaigners must
to the American authorities on the base, that the spies take a Icad from. If anybody would like to contact the
have heen forbidden to come here & the plod, have Women against Menwith Hill, the address is:
promised 10 protect us. "
Womenwith H i l l Women's Peace Camp
The women at Otley (who have renamed the spybase Moonbow Corner(.lunction A59/SIack Lane)
" Womenw ith H i l l ") have a l s o been active i n Outside Menwith Hill U S NSA Spy Base
attempting to network with anti-base campaigners Near Harrogate
around the world. To put it into a local perspective - North Yorkshire
when activists here in New Zealand went to protest at England


The June 1 994 Peace Researcher ran a brief item "The countries that are talked about include Great
reporting that the US Government had distrihuted Britain, Australia, Canada, Libya, Iraq, Syria and some
computer software to other governments with the Third World and advanced western democracies.
intention of covertly tapping that software to gather What we've been told i s that onc or more of the
intelligence. Australian security or intelligence agencies uses this
software evidently to keep track of its work on
Peace Researcher h a s had requests for m ore problems such as terrorism and international drug
information about this. The following material is a trafficking.
section of transcript which details the episode. The
excerpt is from 'Beyond 2000' shown on New Zealand " What e v i d e n t l y i s u n s poken is that the U S
Television, 1 0 February 1994. Government would not content itself with those
l i m ited exchanges of data, but a llowed its own
WRITfEN SCRIPT: In 1 97 1 an American company communications intelligence agency [presumably the
called Inslaw developed a software programme to National Security Agency] c landestinely to access the
track cases through the United States judicial system. rest of the data that the Australian Government had
The programme was called PROMI S. Last year [ 1 993J not intended to share with the United States.
Inslaw discovered that the PROMI S software had been
i l legally acquired by several countries and adapted to NARRATOR: "The PROMIS software is the most
track citizens. powerful tracking software yet developed, and if the
U nited States Government is i llegally and furtively
B I L L H A M I LTON, creator of P R OM 1 S : "Our using it as a Trojan horse to furtively gain access to
software was i l lega l l y copied by th e J u stice politically sensitive infc)rmation on other countries:
Department and the Central Intelligence Agency and data bases, this gives the Un ited an enormous
used in a very successfu l worldwide initiative to intelligence advantage.
penetrate foreign governments, their intelligence and
their law enf()fCCrncnt agencies, by inducing them to In the case of Australia it means that any tile on any
computerise their most sensitive records using our govel11ment computer may be subject to direct and
software. unfettered scrutiny by the United States.
Transcript by TVarren Thomson. Square brackets indif'ate word,- addedfiJr clarification.

Peace Researcher Page 13

Between 300 and 500 jobs are to go from the British federation, which replaced unions fol lowing the
Government's intelligence gathering operations at controversial ban on u n ion members h i p by the
Cheltenham and associated operations. A November Thatcher Government in the early eighties. The ban
edition ofthe British Independel1l newspaper says that reflected inte l l i gence organ isations' proclivity to
job losses are blamed on a "tightening of the purse regard unionists as disloyal and potentially subversive.
strings" throughout the c i v i l service. It is hoped that Thatcher justified the dismemberment of the union
most of the cutbacks could be achieved through by arguing that industrial action at GCHQ, particularly
"natural wastage" and voluntary redundancies. d u r i n g the 1 9 8 1 c i v i l serv i c e pay s t r i ke, had
undermined the nat.ion ' 5 security_ \\'orkers \vere paid
Cheltenham is the centre of the United K ingdom 's to resign from the union and the Government is stil l
signals inte l l igence spy agency, the Government paying out a large amount of money i n compensation
Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). It employs to those who refused to do so.
about 6 , 0 0 0 people, intercepti n g a l l k i n d s o f
communicat i o n s and e lectronic s i gnals that are The Independenl reports that the campaign I()f union
claimed to be of national security interest. Two rights continues, with regular demonstrations held at
hundred jobs have already gone in the past two years. Cheltenham. John Major met ullion leaders earlier this
Further reviews are under way. year and refused to l ift the ban. According to the
Independent, Major said there was a "conflict of
The end ofthe Cold War is partly blamed for the cuts. interest" between working at the GCHQ and belonging
However, there is no evidence that Britain (or its to a union.
accomplice in spy crime, the USA) is reducing the
level of intrusion into m i litary, business and personal The British Prime Minister may be interested to know
communications. Most l i kely the rapid advance of spy that employces of the Government Communications
technology means fewer people are required to do a Security Bureau, New Zealand ' s tiny equivalent of
greater amount of eavesdropping. the GCHQ, can belong to a union. Many are members
of the Public Service Association.
Employees at Cheltenham belong to a GCHQ staff


D I D MOSSAD KilL ROBERT MAXWELl? chemicals necessary to high-tech arms production to
Since newspaper tycoon Robert MaxwelI fel l off his Arab countries, was found in the boot of a stolen car.
yacht in November 1 99 1 there have been rumours of He had been k i lled by a blow to the head, then chopped
covert involvement in his demise. A new book written lip. This killing was followed last year by an attempt
by V iktor Ostrovsky, 'The Other Side of Deception' to murder the officer investigating the case. Colonel
claims that MaxwelI had threatened to reveal several Charles Landman. with a l impet mine attached to h i s
Israeli secret service plots unless the Israeli spooks car. Landman has named Mossad as the prime suspect
paid him large sums of money. Ostrovsky, sometimes in Kidger's death. Parallels with Kidger's death have
described as a ' former agent' says that Mossad, drawn attention to the death of Wynand Van Wyk in
Israe l ' s military i ntelligence service, killed MaxwelI. April 1 99 3 . He also was involved in the chemicals
industry, travelled extensively in the Middle East, and
HAS MOSSAD KILLED SOUTH AFRICAN died by being beaten about the head. Both victims
BUSINESSMEN? were J ured to t h e i r deaths by a phone c al l .
The Economist has reported South Africa's Defence I nvestigations into t he apparent sll ic i de o f the
Minister, Joe Modise, to be investigating al legations managing director of another chemicals company, in
that Mossad m urdered a South African business man 199 1 , have been reopened. (See Economist article in
in November 1 99 1 . Alan Kidger, who had been selling the Press. 5 A ugust. 1 994 )

Page 14 Peace Researcher

A N D MOSSAD AGAIN? should have resulted in the resignations of several
In March 1 990, the Canadian ballistics expert, Dr senior people in the Westminster Cabinet.
Gerald B u l l , was murdered. His firm was involved in
the design and development of the mysterious Iraqi British Customs, who with German counterparts
supergun. A l m ost celtainly Bull met his death at the d i scovered th� supergun affair. indicted three British
hands of I s r a e l i agents. According to the British businessmen . They were heading for gaol when MI6
Observer, a 3 50mm test gun was tIred several times confessed they had been part of a plot to i n filtrate
i n 1 989-90, but the enterprise, code-named Project Iraqi production by supplying them with specialised
Babylon, collapsed after Gerald B u l l ' s murder. machine tools - even though t h i s was expressly
forbidden by Westminster agreements, Under the
THE BRITS HAVE ALSO PLAYED THE I R PART British system, one only has to resign for impregnating
One aspect ofthc Observer article, referred to above, the maidservant or another politician's wife; lying to
was the absence of any reference to M I 6 involvement Parliament, signing papers in d irect contravention of
in the whole supergun saga. As far as we know the export sanctions, and assisting the supply to the enemy
British Seerel Service hasn't heen involved in murder of machine tools to produce weapons to k i l l British
in this instance, but was part of covert action which soldiers, doesn't count

On 2 1 February 1 994, the Australian Television Argentinians found out i t is likely that all Australian
programme 'Four Corners' broadcast interviews with diplomatic activity in the country would have been
two former agents ofthe Australian Secret Intelligence c l os e d d o w n , and there m a y have been other
Service. The comments oflhe agents, identified only ramifications.
as 'Officer One' and 'Officcr Two', raise serious
questions about both the activities of ASIS, and how * Australian tech-ops experts were doing much ofthe
much it is under proper democratic supervision. The bugging for the British in Hong Kong in 1 993 . I t is
following material comes from 'Code Name Mantra', u n l i k e l y A ustra l i a gets any of the commercial
the "Four Corners' programme. intelligence the British obtain.

A S I S is Australia"s overseas espionage and covert * After the Gulf War, in the competition to grab huge
action service. It has a budget of around A$32 m i llion, petro-dollar contracts to rebuild Kuwait, an A S I S
and a staff of approximately 300. About 45 of these officer helped the British bug many Kuwaiti offices
are spies. to get vital data on contracts, The intelligence went to
London, not Canberra, yet Australian companies were
Amongst t h e revelations of the programme are competing in Kuwait for the same contracts.
d i s t u r b i n g i l l u s tr a t i o n s of c o v e r t A u s t r a l i a n
involvement i n wars. coups. and political intrigue. According to 'Four Corners', oflicers from the ASIS
These seem often of dubious benefit to Australia's technical section are routinely sent on secondment to
national interest. MI6 and are used by the British for mounting technical
operations, When these bugging experts do work for
* In 1 987, A S I S omeers secretly paid thousands of the British or Amer icans, they are often ordered not
dollars to an agent who was part of a d i ss i d ent to tell Australia about their activities. AS I S officers
movement inside the Philippines Armed Forces. This refer to the British secret service (MI6) as "head
o r g an i s a t i o n , the ' Reform t h e A r m e d Forces office".
Movem e n t ' , led a coup a g a i n s t t h e A q u i n o
Government i n August 1 987, but A S l S continued to [The comments rein/()fce those of Desmolld Ball i n
make pay m e n t s to the rebe l s I w h i l e Canberra 'The Ties That Bind", where h e says that elements of
supported Aquino J. the various US, UK. Canadian, Australian and New
Zealand spook agencies "frequently come to perceive
* During the F a l klands War, 1 982, Australia's secret their ulti mate loyalties as lying more with (this)
service played a critical role when an A S I S spook in community than with their own governments·" 1
Buenos Aires provided a vital link between British
agcnts in Argentina and MI6 in London, Had the 'Omcer Onc' was trained by Britain's MI6, which he

Peace Researcher Page IS

c l a i m s i s " u n d ou b t e d l y . . . the m o s t profe s s i on a l assets in Baghdad prior to the decision to invade
intelligence scrvice i n the world". He worked a s a Kuwait) M o re seriously, he say::; the A u s tral ian
spook tram 1 976 to 1 98 5 . He bcgan h i s posting as a diplomats d i scussed the matter on an open telephone
spy in Cairo at the sallle t i me (November 1 983) that line which aimost certainl:y resulted in the death of
ASIS came into serious d isrepute when gun-toting the Iraqi.
trainees smashed their way into Melbourne's Sheraton
Hotel. only to be caught by the police. It may not have been a pleasant death. 'Omcer One's'
statements induded a description oflraqi agents being
He was t o l d h e was i n Egypt to h e l p B r i t i s h strung up by the testicles and k i l led in t]'ont of their
intelligence fol lowing one of their d isasters i n the foreign controllers as a warning to the westem spooks
region . He says "I don't think we should ever have to leave the cOllntry.
been there, and to a great degree, we were really trying
.(() contrive or j ustify a role for ourselves". Officer 'Officer Two' compares the fate ofthe Iraqi with that
One spoke to B i l l Hayden who was Australian Foreign of an Afghan army ofTic er \vho had been running a
M i nister. responsible for ASIS, and had asked lor a terror campaign against MlIjaheddin i n Pakistan,
briefing while v isiting Cairo. Hayden promised h i s k i l l in g innocent refugees, but who \vas accepted into
support but h a d n o idea why ASIS was in that part of A us t ra l i a . rhe Afgh a n i h a d " s t rong p o l it ical
the world. connections'-.

The agent talks ofthe bad blood hetween the genuine More success is claimed \vith another KGB-trained
d iplomats and t h e spooks using the embassies as Iraqi who was run by AS1S for 1 8 months as one of
cover. He claims the other diplomats deliberately blew the Western A l liance' s top Middle Eastern agents.
his cover and nearly got him and h i s assistant k i lled. U n fortunately for ' Ofll c er Two' the way i n which he
Moreover, because the Americans so valued his work, organised the exliltra!ion of this agent to Australia
he claims a C I A officer offered to assassinate the began a long battle between himself and AS1S which
Australian D i p l omat who was blowing his cover. ended in h i s quilting and A S I S having to pay him
'Officer One' was running a wel l - placed Palestine compensation and apologise for baseless a llegations
Liberation Organisation agent. and at this time, in the against h i m and a b iassed internal enquiry Oil the
mid I 980s, the Americans wanted h i s intelligence at matter. Later h i s house was burgled in suspicious
almost any cost The Australian agent's reports went circumstances where all his papers were taken out of
straight to the erA. drawers and lell in neat piles.

Another alarming aspect of this man ' s testimony is Both officers say the organisation i s not subject to
h i s d i sclosure that A S l S secretly h o l d s ten s of the sort of scrutiny that an intelligence service should
thousands of files on Australian citizens - a database be subjected (0. When things go wrong, the instinctive
completely outside privacy laws. He says these are reaction is to cover up and find scapegoats. Australia'5
not properly scrutinised and a lot of i nformation that domestic intell igence service, ASIO, has to report
goes onto the cards is just hearsay'. annually to Parliament. A S I S does not.

A ft e r m o n t h s of u n h appy b attl e s with A S I S 'Officer One' says "these people know that they ' l l
management on h i s return to Australia, this man quit never b e scrutinised, they ' l l never be disciplined and
the service. He says there have been a number of that's the risk" [to democratic accountab i lity]. ' Officer
occasions where ASIS has fai led to protect its own Two' says that there i s "".no man or group of men
officers, and blamed the otTicers themselves for the adequate enough or good enough to operate without
organisation' s problems. scrutiny or without criticism. Wc know that the only
way to be free to identify impropriety is 10 be free to
' Officer Two 'worked in the Asian area, and the enquire, and that only i n secrecy w i l l ignorance
Middle East. A t one time he was chief of the A S I S flourish and subvert."
station in Del h i , I n d i a . H e worked for A S I S up to
April. 1 993, when he quit the organisation. The A u st r a l i a n G o v e r n m ent b e l i ev e s the
establishment of the office of l nspector-General of
He too says there were problems between ASIS and I n t e l l i ge n c e and Securit) amongst other
the Foreign Affairs otTicers. He claims in 1 989 the arrangements, ensures proper acountabi l it.y, New
latter rejected the requested defection of a KGB Zealand, which lacks evcn a position like that of the
t r a i n e d I ra q i w h o wou l d have had i n v a l ua b l e I nspector-Genera!. h a s even less control over its
information It)!' the C I A . (The U S had n o live-source intell igence agencies.

Page 16 Peace Researcher



I • • •
espionage group by using his considerable wealth and

All? influence. (Press, 1 6 October 1 994). Rothschild was

The CIA is nov. supplying reference material f()r your a close friend of Anthony Blunt who confessed his

computer. The recently released ' C I A World Fact earlier spying in 1 964, and was also fingered by the

Book' contains demographic, econornic, geographic Soviet defector Golitsin. However, the information

a n d other i n format i o n a b o u t 266 c o u n t r i e s , g i v e n by v a r i o u s defectors h a s a l ways been

d e p e n d e n c i e s , a n d t e r r i t o r i e s , accord i n g t o a controversial. Rothschild was a very influential fjgure

Christchurch Press report (22 November). y�)U can in British inte l l i gence, sciellce, and Tory political

find out who spends the most on defence per capita circles.

(Israel) and w h o spends the least (Costa R ica -

spending about one-third of New Zealand's budget BOSS ATTE MPTED TO MURDER MANDElA
percentage). The reviewer says " This encyclopaedic Accord i n g t o N e l s o n M a n d e l a ' s forthc o m i n g

program is a trivia freak ' s dream", However, our autobiography, the Bureau of State Security, South

journalists are obviously not all totally blind regarding Africa's secret intelligence agency, tried to assassinate

the CIA. He comments "Despite bcing compiled by him in 1 969. Not content with Mandela's incarceration

the C I A, it seems q uitt: accurate" . Registration of the in the notorious Robben I sland prison, !lOSS put in

World Fact Book shareware costs $US25. A pretty an agent under the guise of a warder. After getting to

cheap way to get yourself l isted with the Agency - if know the prisoner, the agent tried to involve h i m in

you want them in your sofhvare, or you i n theirs! an attempted escape. Mandela declined to become
involved. It was laler learned that the plan was for

THE SPiES COME I N fROM T H E COLD him to be k i l led in a shootout with security forces as

A forum of former spymastcrs. held in Germany he attempted to leave the country. (Time Magazine,

recently. brought together some of the top p layers in 28 November 1 994)

the Cold War games that tried ((1 covertly reshape our
world. Mark"s Wolf. East Germany's intel l i gence GRAHAM GREENE - Mi6'S MAN I N
c h i e f for m a n y y e a r s . is now p ro d u c i n g h i s HAVA NA
autobiograp h y . H e ran some 500 agents who had And another new book. This t i m e from a professor at
access to the secrets of every" major West German Indiana University, who says Graham Greenc used
i n s t i t u t i o n , W o l f was c o n v i ct.ed of treason i n his l iterary fame and access to communist leaders to
December, 1 99 3 . and i s out of gaol on appeal. Beribert spy j{)f Britain ' s secret service. Michael Sheldon. the
Hellenbroch, chiefofWcst German intelligence from writer, alleges Greene was 011 M 1 6 ' s list o f freelance
1 982 (0 1 98 5 , now sympathises. Wolf " was an East contacts until the early 1 980s, and that in exchange
German". he says. "What country is he supposed to for expenses, Greene routinely gave information. in
have betrayed?" H e l lcnbroch nows runs a private particular on Vietnam, Poland, China, and Russia. The
security company. lIe employs about I 00 tanner Stllsi book is claimed to have i n formation from British
( East G e r m a n I nt e l l i gence) a g e n t s . A n ot h e r Government officials. It says Greenc was useful
participant at lhe lorum was P h i l l i p Knightley, a because he could go just about anywhere. It also says
leading writer on intelligence affairs. He believes that he was something of a d ilettante, and not a very good
the intel l i gence services should be abolished. They agent. Sheldon says that all a trip to China in 1 957
have been a m iserable lil i l ure i n peacetime, and exist Greene developed a taste tor the fiery local Mao Tai
only to increase their budgets, he says. spirit and became drunk and argumentative. M I 6 was
(Based on a report hy Arthur A lien, Associated Press, peeved because it had paid h i s way and when he
printed in the Press, I I November 1 (94). returned he couldn't remember anything about the trip.
(Reutcr report in Press, 1 1 J u l y 1 994)


Lord Rothschild, Cl scientist and memberofthe famous KEElER STill MAKING WAVES
banking fami l y . was the mysterious 'Fifth Man' i n Christine Keeler, a central figure in the 1 963 Profumo
the spy ring headed b y double agent K i m P h i l by, scandal, now says she d i d s o m e spying for the
according to a new book by journalist Roland Perry. Russians · something she denied at the time. The
Rothsch i l d d ied in 1 990. Perry says he escaped showgirl, who was s i m ultaneously sleeping with
suspicion of bemg part of the Cambridge University Soviet Naval attache Eugcne lvanov and War Minister

Peace Re:se()fc,f'ler Page 1 7

John Profumo, says she delivered t h i ngs to the Soviet lip t h e con\:ersat i o n � of e m ba ss y o ffi c i a l s a n d
Embassy, but d i d n ' t really know what she was doing, produced "incredlhIy good resu lts " The claims are
Keeler says she was i n love with Stepllen Ward, the m ade by Michael who worked unt i l 1 990 with
society osteopath at the centre of the affa i L but he t h e C a n ad i '.Hl e a v e sd r o p p i n g agency, t h e
tried tn get rid of her because she Kncv, ton much. ('om.1Hun ications Security 1 ':stab!ishmcnt (equivalent
10 N e w ZealalHI\; Government Communicat ions
SPYING IS FOR THE BIRDS Bureau). (See Press. 3 "1ol/emher 1 994).
A former Canadian intc!l official ha� claimed Frost is co author of a nc\,'y book cal led ''''S py\,vorld'',

that the US N ational Secnrity implanled VI/h ic.h looks at N S !, and eSF operations. A book on
rn icrophoncs i n pigeons that roosted on the \'v'indnws these an insider is \\,dcomc. but onc v/ouId
of Soviet Lmbassics. The birds arc :';,-l'id II' have heen hope /1 contains somethin g a bit more substantial than
surf(ic(l l ly out fitted with tiny transm iHcrs, -rh:::: pid.ed pigeon droppings.


'vVith the heginning of the ne\<" year vve are asking nelV\ or k i n g \vi 1 h other N ew Zealanders \vlm are
people to reneW their subscription'> to the Christdwrch campaigning against the rightist agenda in
A nt i Base s Cam p a i g n .
- The s u bscriptipn h e l ps this country. We have regularJ:,' made media releases,
towards the costs of ollr activities, and you v•..- d l get pro\: ided i n formation to M P s and others request ing
four copies of Peace Researcher i(')[ your money. it, spoken 10 groups, put on showings "fv ideos related
to anti-bases issues. and com menced prod u c tion of
The Christchurch ;\ BC has a vcry active core g.roup our m,\ll \'ideo to explain t he significance of the US
and many supporters throughout the country- \Ve arc base at l L ::Hc\\iood ( C h r i s t c h u r c h I n te r n a t i o n a l
an actinn and education group \".'orking in coordination A i rpOl1 )
with other groups nationall) to organ i se nd \\ork ,md

communicate on issues of mutua! concern. To a l l those who have suppOltcd us t h i s year we ofI."
our projclUnd thanks. For " 1 1 those who believe i n our
During 1 994 we revived P/!oce Rej'carchcr 'vv i th an eau se, an appeal JOIN A BC pay your sub, give a
emphasis on foreign bases and i n t e l ligence issues, but donation, Help liS cominne the work. And co ntact liS
open for contri b utions on a variety of peace issues, w i t h your q u e ri e s , c o m m e n t s . sugges t i o n s a n d
Wc invite contrib utions especial1y articles \vith a
research a s p e c t , alld rc v i e vv s o f r e l e v a n t !l e \v
publications. Best wishes IClT 1 99 5 . A B e m e m bers have been pro m i nent in Warren Thol1lson & B o b Lconard - Co Ed itors

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