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The Open University of Hong Kong, Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (LiPACE)

Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Detailed Lesson Plan
Name: ____________________(Student no.: __________)
Date: ___________
Age group: 5-6 years old (K.3)
Theme: I am a healthy child
Name of Activity

Learning objectives

Time: ___________
Duration: _15 minutes_
Subtheme: Food Pyramid

Activity Processes

How well do you

know about the
Food Pyramid?

Learning objectives:
Primary Learning Area:

Introduction/Warm up: (3 mins)

Remind children about classroom rules that they need to follow,
e.g. raise hands and wait for names to be called before speaking.

Children are enabled to:

Listen, understand and engage in
conversations which enrich their
everyday vocabulary, i.e. names of
food and food categories
Ask and answer questions, make
simple inferences, e.g. why Food
Pyramid is in triangular shape

Share ideas with others on their

knowledge of the Food Pyramid
and experience about a healthy diet

Secondary Learning Area:

Physical Fitness and Health
Children are enabled to:
Point out what a balanced diet is

Cultivate good eating habits so to

develop a healthy lifestyle

Hand-made Food
Pyramid model
Word cards of food

Pictures of food
Ten labels

Ask children what the Food Pyramid is and what its shape is.

Main activity: (10 mins)

Take out the word cards and teach children the food categories
of each level, and stick the word cards onto the Food Pyramid.
Invite children to come out one by one and choose one food
picture, show it to the class, say its name, and stick it in the
corresponding food category, to complete the Food Pyramid.
Review all the food categories and food examples.

Teaching aids/materials

Remind children about the triangular shape of the food pyramid

and ask children in what quantity that we should eat the food in
each level of the Food Pyramid. Put four labels on the level
that we should eat most and less labels on levels that we
should eat less. Only one label at the top level.
Invite children to share their experience about a balanced diet.

Conclusion/ Ending : (2 mins)

Ask children to read out the food categories of the Food Pyramid
at each level together.
Review the concept of the triangular shape of the Food Pyramid.
Ask children to have a balanced diet according to the Food
Pyramid, and ask them to go back home and introduce it to their
family members and friends.