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My name is Allora Elizabeth Baxley my friends call me

aloha! I live in a small town called Perry Florida! I love

Florida and food and I have three dogs and a guinea pig.
The oldest is Elle shes about 14 years old the second is
Sammy shes about 8 and last but not least Charlie we
rescued him so we dont really know how old he is,
Darwin is the guinea pig, hes really fat. I like odd
numbers most people like even but I dont. My favorite
food is mac and cheese with bacon ohhh, I also like icecream my favorite is cookie dough. Some of my friends
are Harlee shes really nice and lets me eat some of the
food she brings, then there is carol she can sing really
well, then theres cassie but we call her cass. At age 5 I
moved to Perry form Wakulla one of the biggest rivals in
football. I like to sleep and watch TV I also like scalloping
and swimming. Im pretty bad at history but really good
at math and science. I won 1st and 2nd place in the science
fair also I won third in Tropicana speech.