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Week5 -Test Plan for SAMS Website

Software testing is both a discipline of software engineering and a process to ensure
the correctness of a software system or component. As a discipline, it encompasses
research, development, validation, and education of cost-effective software testing
processes, methods, and techniques for use in practice. As a process, software
testing is defined as a dynamic validation activity to detect defects and undesirable
behavior in the software being tested, and demonstrates that the software satisfies
its requirements and constraints (Kung, 2014 p. 502)
Resources to consult: Chapter 20 in the textbook
Specific questions or items to address:
1. Select one use case in the SAMS project, follow steps on pages 519 -521 in the
textbook to generate test cases.
1. The expanded use case, like figure 20.12
2. A table identifying input values for use case testing, like figure, 20.13
3. Test case generation table, like figure 20.14,
4. Use case based test data, like figure 20.15
2. Follow guidance on pages 526 532 to create a test plan for the SAMS website.
i. A test plan should include
1. Test objectives
2. Types of tests
3. Test methods and techniques
4. Test cases Include just the test case created in 1.
5. Test coverage criteria
6. Documents needed
7. Required resources
8. Effort estimation and schedule

Grading Rubric:
Expanded use case
Table identifying input values for use case
Test case generation table
Use case based test data
Test Plan
Test Objective 10 pts
Types of tests 10 pts
Test methods and techniques 5 pts
The test case created in 1. 5 pts
Test coverage criteria
5 pts
Document needed 5 pts
Required resources 5 pts
Effort estimation and schedule 5 pts

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