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Portfolio program will help meet the NCLB requirements for students with disabilities

IOWA CITY, Iowa, Jan. 30, 2004 – Pearson Educational Measurem ent today
announced that it has been awarded a c ontract for the Alte rnate Maryland School
Assessment program by the Maryland State Department of Education (MS DE).

Under this five-year $4.6 million con tract, Pearson will prov ide assessm ent services
including operational scori ng, logistics, program management and reporting. The
Alternate Maryland School Assessment (ALT-MSA) is Mary land’s alternate assessment
for students with severe cogni tive disabilities who cannot participate in Maryland’s
general education assessm ent, the Maryland School Assessment (MSA).

States are required to asse ss all students under the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
(NCLB). Maryland is one of m any states implementing a statewide edu cational
assessment for students with severe cogniti ve disabilities. “Pearson Educational
Measurement has a long histor y of providing assessm ent services to stud ents in the K -12
arena, and we are pleased to have the opportu nity to support Maryland in their efforts to
meet the requirem ents of NCLB and to strive for the achievem ent of all students,” said
Doug Kubach, President of Pear son Educational Measurem ent.

Pearson is supported in this contract by the Inclusive Large Scale Standards and
Assessment (ILSSA) group from the Universi ty of Kentucky. ILSSA is one of the
foremost groups of experts in the country in the area of assessing students with cognitive
and/or phys ical disabilities. ILSSA will prov ide technical leadership for all aspects of the

About Pearson Educational Measurement

Pearson Educational Measurement is the largest comm ercial processor of student

assessments in the U.S., providing comprehe nsive assessment services and products to
local and state education agencies as we ll as other assessm ent organizations and
publishers. Pearson Educational Measurem ent understands how assessment activities
promote learning and benefit studen ts, teachers, parents, and schools. It is helping m any
of its custom ers meet the requirements of th e No Child Left Behind federal educational
reform act.
Pearson Educational Measurement
January 30, 2004
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Pearson Educational Measurement operates as a business of Pearson Education, the
world’s largest education compa ny, which in turn is a part of Pearson, the international
media company. Pearson’s other primary opera tions include the Financial Times Group
and the Penguin Group.

About Inclusive Large Scale Standards and Assessment group

Inclusive Large Scale Standa rds and Assessment group is a university-based technical
assistance group primarily working with states in the implementation of alternate
assessments. ILSSA boasts twelve years in implementing alternate assessments in 17
states. ILSSA places a high value on the rela tionship of instruction to assessment in
improving results for students with disabilities.

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