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TERESA ORCHARD & NURSERY produces superior planting materials of exotic fruit trees
and other crops located in Teresa, Rizal, along the road about 30 meters before the
Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City.
Here are the the stocks currently available:
1. LATEXLESS JACKFRUIT - This starts bearing fruit at only 2.5 years from planting with
proper care. The inside of the fruit is without latex when ripe so it is very convenient
to separate the edible parts from the inedible parts.The flesh is orange, crunchy and
2. PUMMELOS - 2 varieties from Vietnam, 2 from Thailand, 1 from Florida, Magallanes.
All have excellent taste, sweet a no acrid taste.
3. MANGOES - Golden Queen, R2E2 or Peach Mango, Lubdok or Many Babies from
Thailand, Chokanan, Eating Green, Guimaras varieties, Sweet Elena, etc.
4. LONGKONG & DUKU - superior varieties of lanzones from Thailand.
5. MANGOSTEEN -Present stock about one foot tall.
6. IMPORTED MAKOPA - Five varieties: Star Ruby (the latest), Green, Mini, Maroon and
Variegated with yellow leaves. All have excellent fruiting habits, fruits very good to
7. RAMBUTAN - Prize-winning R5, Super Red and Rongrein
8. VARIEGATED ORANGE - Very attractive. The fruits and leaves are variegated. Sweet
and juicy.
9. BALIMBING - About 2 feet, big fruits, some already flowering.

10. LEMONS & LIMES - Key Lime (very juicy, very nice flavor), Persian Lime, Myers
Lemon, Native Dayap, Variegated Lemon.
12. ABIU - This is from Brazil, seedlings will fruit in 4 years. Fruits are yellow when
ripe, tastes somewhat like Caimito.
13. PERANTE ORANGE - Fruiting as well as small grafted trees.
14. DURIAN - Monthong and Chanee. We are in the process of multiplying a hybrid
from Malaysia.
15. POMEGRANATE - Bhagwa variety from India will be released in February 2012. This
is the leading variety from India. Big fruits, nice flavor.
16. PANYIUR BLACK PEPPER - This produces long fruit spikes, very pungent. Can be
attached to mahogany trees.
17. DRAGON FRUIT - Red-fleshed variety.
18. MICRACLE FRUIT - Fruiting size.
19. AVOCADO - We have 3 varieties. Super Avocado, Clustering Evergreen, Teresa
20. GIANT ALOE VERA - Three to 4 leaves weigh about a kilo.
21. CACAO - Red Criollo, Brazil.
20. BAMBOOS - Black Bamboo, Golden Buho, Variegated Bamboo, Buddha's Belly,
Taiwan Bamboo.
21. We have other offerings like Bangkok Santol, Atis, Giant Duhat, Longan, ets..
CONTACT us at 0926-745-0401.

Super Avocado Takes a Bow

Nilda Montilla of Teresa Orchard & Nursery shows off a one-kilo fruit of
Super Avocado.

This one-kilo Avocado is now being propagated by Teresa Orchard and Nursery in
Teresa, Rizal. Fine-textured mealy flesh. Tree is very fruitful. Grafted seedlings
available in November 2011 in limited numbers. Reserve (0908) 591-3674

THE GRAFTED SUPER AVOCADO earlier featured in this

blog has been propagated by grafting at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in
Teresa, Rizal. In photo are a couple of grafted Super Avocado which are doing
very well. A limited number are now available in Teresa. Because the stocks
are limited, those who have reserved earlier have the priority to acquire
This variety produces big fruits (some are one kilo each) and the taste is
excellent. The flesh is very smooth and there are no discernible fiber. You can
see photos of the unopened and opened fruit in earlier postings in this blog.
Text or call 0926-745-0401 for more information.



Monthong Durian remains a

favorite of planters as well as
consumers because of its proven
desired characteristics. It has
excellent eating quality and is
productive under local conditions.
Durian can be grown in many places in the Philippines, including many areas in
Luzon. Highly productive trees can be found in Laguna, Rizal, Cavite, Batangas,
Pampanga, Quezon and other places.
However, durian is more sensitive than most other fruit trees. It has to be planted in
well-drained soil and adequately fertilized. It should not be subjected to prolonged
drought. Drip irrigation will help maintain good growth.
During the early years, the young trees may be provided with partial shade to
protect them from intense sun. Some growers plant lakatan banana as nurse plant.
Photo shows grafted Monthong durian at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery that are ready
for planting in the ground. Chanee is another variety that is available in Teresa. For
more info, call or text 0926-745-0401.


The native Dayap should be made available

in more places. As of now, many people find
it hard to look for plants they could grow in
their garden. The fruits are very useful in
the home and more people should have one
or two plants in their garden.
The native Dayap can be grown direct in
the ground or in a container such as a Size
12 pot. The one in photo is grown in a black
plastic bag and is fruiting very well.
This citrus is now being multiplied at the
Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.
Contact 0926-745-0401 for more info


One small tree you should have

handy in your backyard is the
Curry Tree because it is very
useful for making your favorite
chicken curry or even the
Pangasius curry dish
showcased during the
Pangasius festival
held October 18 at the
University of Rizal System in
Morong town.
Instead of the curry powder
bought from the
supermarket, you can use
the fresh leaves in your
favorite dish. It has a better
flavor than the powder
One tree, grown in the
ground or in a container, will
provide more than enough
fresh leaves for your cooking.
When it is about two or three
years old, it will bear
attractive clusters of white
These will later become
berries that you can use in
propagating the plant.
Another way of propagating
aside from the seed is by
balling the plantlets that arise
from the roots when it is planted in the ground.

You can see some planting materials at the TERESA ORCHARD AND NURSERY in Teresa,
Rizal. Tel. 0926-745-0401 or 0908-591-3674.

The Latexless Jackfruit

One fruit
of the

youd like to grow is the Latexless

introduced by Teresa Orchard & Nursery
1996 from Malaysia. This is outstanding
a number of ways. When ripe, the inside
fruit practically has no latex so that it is
very easy to separate the edible parts
from the inedible parts. (In the case of
the ordinary variety, the latex is so
profuse one has to put oil in ones hand to


fleshy and the flesh is deep orange. It is

especially sweet when the fruits are



harvested during the summer

months. The fruits come in different sizes. The
biggest fruit harvested at Teresa Orchard
& Nursery in Teresa, Rizal was 28 kilos. The seeds
numbered 363. Of course, most of the fruits are smaller usually
ranging from 8 kilos 12 kilos.
Seedlings dont have to be grafted. Some
trees, given proper care, will start
bearing fruit in just 2.5 years from
planting. Seedlings will be
available at P100 each at the
Agrilink 2011 which will be held
October 6-8 at the World Trade
Center-Metro Manila. Teresa Orchard &
Nursery will have a booth at the outdoor
stalls. Many other exotic fruit trees
Vietnam pummelo (Nam Roi and Da Xanh), Thai pummelo, Star Ruby makopa from
Thailand and other imported makopa varieties, sweet sampalok, rambutan (R5, Super
Red and Rongrein), durian (Chanee and Monthong), Perante Orange, Paniyur black
pepper (long fruit spikes from India), Key lime, Red Criollo cacao from Brazil,
Longkong lanzones, Duku lanzones and many others.

Bhagwa Pomegranate Available in Teresa

Planting materials of the Bhagwa pomegranate, the leading commercial variety in
India, are now available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. The place is
very easy to find. It is along the road, about 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong

boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo

There is an increasing interest in
pomegranate because of its reported
medicinal properties. It has high antioxidant
content and is claimed to reduce high blood
pressure. It is also claimed to be effective in
maintaining the good health of the prostate

The Duku lanzones is a prolific fruit bearer and the
fruits are sweet with a nice flavor. The fruits are also
latexless and are very easy to open by pressing with
the thumb and index finger. The skin is thicker than
that of the ordinary lanzones so that it has a longer
shelf life. Grafted planting materials in big numbers
that are ready for planting are available at the Teresa
Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.Contact 0917-8415477.

Balimbing in a Container
YOU can grow your favorite Balimbing (Star fruit)
in a container. With a growing medium that is rich
in organic matter and that drains well, your tree
will bear full-sized fruit.
What's good about Balimbing is that it will bear
fruit even if it is still small. It is ideal for growing
in containers for those who don't have big space in
their home garden. Of course, it can be grown in a
wide area. Growing Balimbing in containers for
sale is a business possibility.
There are varieties with big fruits that are
available. Grafter Balimbing trees that are about
three feet tall and are starting to flower are now
available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in
Teresa, Rizal. The nursery can be contacteed at
Photo shows a fruiting Balimbing in a rubberized container.


IN PHOTO is the "Mother Clump" of the Black Bamboo at
the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. It produces
a lot of new culms every year. The mature culms are
useful in the farm. They could be used in supporting
fruiting bananas, for making stakes or trellis for tall or
vine vegetables.
The culms are without any spines and the mature ones
could be made into furniture. Just like what Mariano
"Ning" de Vera did with his Black Bamboo in his hobby farm
in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.
The Black Bamboo is also planted in containers and used as
decorative plant in some homes and establishments.
Propagations are available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery at P250 each. In some
other sources, the price could be much higher.

Thai Mango With Superior Taste

THESE are the bluish fruits of the mango whose Thai name
translates to "Many Babies." The fruits are sweet to eat as
green mango with very nice flavor.
The elongated fruits weigh about 250 grams or 4 pieces to a
kilo. When ripe, it is also nice to eat. It is juicy and sweet.
Grafted planting materials are now available at the Teresa
Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal at P350 each. Interested
fruit lovers are invited to visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery. It is
along the national road, about 30 meters before the big arch
at the boundary of Teresa and Morong town. Teresa is the town
next to Antipolo City. Call or text 0926-745-0401 for more


THIS is a Makopa variety from Thailand that is not yet well

known in the Philippines. It has yellow variegated leaves that
make it stand out even if it is not in fruit.
The fruits come in clusters that are bell-shaped. The light
pinkish fruits are fleshy, crisp and sweet.
The imported Makopa varieties are fleshy and nice to eat.
Propagations of this little known imported Makopa are
available in limited number at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in
Teresa. Rizal.

Golden Buho Is Very Useful

THE Golden Buho is very useful to have on the farm.
Its spineless culm can be excellent for using as trellis
materials for climbing vegetables such as stringbeans
(sitao), cucumber, patola and others. Stakes for
tomatoes could be made out of the culms.
It also makes a very good landscaping material. Mrs.
Elenita Binay, wife of the Vice President, has
landscaped her garden around the lagoon of their
farm in Rosario, Batangas with several Golden Buho.
The Golden Buho clump in photo is at the Teresa
Orchard & Nursery. Now and then, the mature culms
are harvested for various uses on the farm.
Propagations are now available at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Well
established plants more than three feet tall are available at P250 each.
Teresa Orchard & Nursery is along the road, about 30 meters before the TeresaMorong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo City.

Engineer Is a Gentleman Farmer

MANY professionals enjoy farming. One of them is Froy

Legata, a mechanical engineer who has a thriving hydraulic
business in the city. He is very much in love with farming.
Several years ago, he bought a farm in Paniqui, Tarlac which
he planted to mango and other exotic fruit trees.
In this photo, he is showing the fruits of his Golden Queen
mango which he originally obtained from the Teresa Orchard
& Nursery. The Golden Queen produces big fruits, sometimes
1.5 kilos each. It is very nice to eat as green mango and as
ripe fruit. It is not sour when green and is very sweet when
His latest acquisitions from Teresa are Vietnam pummelo,
Super avocado and others.
By the way, he has acquired another farm which he is currently developing.

Clustering Evergreen Avocado

THIS is the Clustering Evergreen Avocado from
the farm of Capt. Bong Reamon in General
Santos City.
This is a remarkable variety in a number of
ways. Its fruits come in big clusters. When
we visited Bong's farm, we counted 14 fruits
in one big cluster. The fruits are not so big 3 to 4 fruits make a kilo.
Aside from this unusual clustering habit, the
fruits have a mealy consistency that is very
nice to the taste. One can eat the flesh without any garnishing or addition of milk and
Another curious observation of Bong is that the tree bears fruit later in the season
than most other varieties. Thus, when the other varieties have all been harvested,
then it is its turn to be harvested. Which could make it some kind of an off-season

Teresa Orchard & Nursery is now starting to multiply this by grafting. We have a few
mother plants which we are waiting to bear fruit.


THE granddaughters of Max Ballesteros show off the fruit of
the green makopa they harvested from their grandfather's
The fleshy fruit is sweet and juicy. It is crisp, especially when
placed in the chiller of the refrigerator. Max, who lives in
Quezon City, obtained the planting material from the Teresa
Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Marcotted planting
materials that will bear fruit in a couple of years are available
in Teresa at P250 each.


IN PHOTO is a Mini Makopa heavily laden with clusters of
seedless fruits that are crisp and juicy. It is grown in a
rubberized container.
The fruits can be eaten as fresh fruit. It could be made into
a fruit shake together with other fruits such as mango,
banana or avocado. It could also be used in fruit salads.
Marcotted planting materials available at the Teresa Orchard
& Nursery in Teresa, Rizal will bear fruit in just one year. It
can be grown in the ground or in a container. The price is
P250 each.
You can visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery. It is along the road,
about 30 meters before the arch at the boundary of Teresa
and Morong, Rizal. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo. Other
Makopa varieties are also available. Call or text 0926-745-0401 or Rose at 0915-4344216.

Vietnam Pummelo in a Plastic Bag

THIS is a mature planting material of Vietnam pummelo

(Nam Roi) at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.
When grown in a large rubberized container, it can nurture
several fruits to maturity. When grown in the ground and
given enough balanced fertilizer, it will produce full-sized
fruits that are two kilos each, sweet and juicy.
The trick in growing a good crop of pummelo is to plant in
open sun. Trees should be provided with adequate fertilizer
and should be watered during the dry months.
Stressing the plant for a couple of weeks (no watering) will
induce flowering. If the plant is still small as in photo, you
have to thin most of the fruits. You may just retain one or
two fruits so as not to stress the plant. Some will
recommend removing all the fruits, but you can do your own
Visitors who have tasted the fruit of the Vietnam pummelo usually buy some planting
materials. Some have bought a few hundred planting materials for commercial
planting. Others just buy a few for their hobby farm or for their backyard. Some buy a
few to serve as their mother plants or source of scions for grafting.
Visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. It is along the road, just about 30
meters before the arch of the Teresa-Morong boundary. If there's a mature fruit, we
will surely let you taste it.


THIS is a grafted Variegated Chico from the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.
It is both a decorative and an economic plant.

It is decorative because of its multi-colored leaves of

green, white and yellow. It can be grown in a container as
a decorative ornamental plant. Even when grown in a
container it will produce a lot of fruits, hence it is doubly
Of course, it can be grown in the ground and can grow
into a normal tree. With adequate fertilization, both
organic and and chemical, it will produce a lot of fruits that
are very sweet.
You can visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery. It is open seven
days a week from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. You will also be able to
see other exotic fruit trees like imported varieties of
mango from Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and Florida. There
are superior pomelo varieties from Thailand, Vietnam and
from the Philippines (Magallanes). There are also five varieties
of imported Makopa that are fleshy and crisp.
Teresa Orchard & Nursery is along the highway, Km 36.6, about 30 meters before the
Teresa-Morong boundary if one is coming from Antipolo City. Teresa is the next town to
Antipolo. Call or text 0926-745-0401.



TISSUE-CULTURED Mama Sita banana plantlets ready for planting are now available at
the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. Call or text 0926-745-0401 for more
information or Rose at 0915-434-4216.
Mama Sita banana is a very promising variety which has a big and sturdy trunk so it is
not easily toppled by strong wind. It produces a big fruit bunch in just one year from
planting. The fruits are nice to eat as fresh fruit (something like a combination of
latundan and Saba banana). The fruits can also be boiled, barbecued, fried, or made
into banana chips.


The Chawi is a fast growing tree from Batanes that is both a
fruit tree and a forest tree. It produces round fruits with
white soft flesh that is sweet. Aside from being a fruitbearing tree, it is an ideal tree for reforestation, according
to Florentino Librero, a retired UPLB agriculture graduate
who is from Batanes and who has now a farm with wife Aida
(nee Recto) in Batangas.
According to him, this species also produces top quality
lumber. In their farm, the Libreros have a collection of
native Batanes plants that include a citrus used by
fishermen to turn sea water into potable water. Another
notable Batanes native is a dwarf Phoenix palm that
produces edible fruits that tastes much like the date palm
but are much smaller.
The tree in photo is growing in a corner of the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa,

This maroon makopa, popularly called Apple
Makopa, is fleshy, sweet and crunchy. It is one
of the imported varieties being multiplied in
big numbers at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery
in Teresa, Rizal.
Marcotted plants will usually bear fruit in two or
three years from planting. It can be grown
direct in the ground or in rubberized (or similar)
When growing in a container, use a growing medium that is rich in organic matter. It
could be a mixture of three parts garden soil, three parts rice hull and 3 parts
compost or organic fertilizer such as Durabloom or vermicompost. Don't use fresh and

untreated chicken manure as it might burn the roots.

The fruits may be bagged with fabric or wrapped with paper bag to prevent fruitfly
damage. Interested growers may visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery for their
requirements. The place is along the road, 30 meters before the Teresa-Morong
boundary, right side, when coming from Antipolo City. Teresa is the town next to
Antipolo. Text or call 0926-745-0401.


LONGKONG is the variety of lanzones from
Thailand that is outstanding in many ways. It has
latexless fruits. The flesh is sweet and with
very small seeds. Some fruits are seedless,
hence they are nice to eat.
Longkong was introduced in the Philippines
several years ago. But planting became
popular, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Pablito P.
Pamplona, now a retired professor from the
University of Southern Mindanao in Kabacan,
North Cotabato.
While still a professor at USM, he undertook
various trips to Thailand and Malaysia purposely
to gather information on the culture of this
special variety of lanzones.
He himself put up his own nursery and planted
3,000 trees in his own orchard.


Now, longkong is planted also in Luzon where it is growing and fruiting very well.
Photo shows a tree at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal that fruited this
Propagation is by grafting and inarching. Planting materials are now available at the
Teresa Orchard & Nursery. Call or text 0926-745-0401 for more info.

THAT'S ME, Zac B. Sarian, posing with fruiting
R5 Rambutan at the Teresa Orchard &
Nursery. This is an outstanding variety with
big red fruits. The flesh has very smooth
consistency and readily separates from the
seed. It is sweet and juicy. This variety was
the first prize winner in the Fruit Search in
1996 by the government. It was entered in
the competition by Jaime Goyena, a UP Los
Banos agriculture graduate who was
employed by the Development Bank of the
Grafted planting materials that are now available will bear fruit in three years from
planting if they are taken care of properly. Some are about three feet tall but there
are bigger ones in limited number.
Two other varieties available at Teresa Orchard & Nursery are Super Red and Rongrein.
These are also outstanding varieties, fruitful and with good eating quality.
One good thing about rambutan is that they bear fruit every year once they attain
fruiting size. Call or text 0926-745-0401 for additional information.


The Star Ruby makopa is the latest commercial variety of makopa introduced in the
Philippines from Thailand. The brilliant red
fruits are fleshy, crunchy and sweet. Most of
the time the fruit is seedless but there are
times when a couple of seeds are found
This variety has been proven to fruit well
under Philippine conditions. It is now
propagated by means of marcotting at the
Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal.

This fruit tree is suitable for growing in the ground or in rubberized containers such as
what is being done in Teresa.
This variety is also grown commercially in Vietnam where the fruits are being sold at
the equivalent of P200 per kilo the last time we were in Vietnam in April 2011. In
Bangkok, the price is lower, probably because the supply is much more.
Those interested to plant may visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. The
place is along the national road, about 30 meters before the arch at the boundary of
Teresa and Morong. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo. You may call or text 0926-7450401.


THIS IS a variegated version of the Aspidistra that is all
green. It has very sturdy leaves that is why it is also
called Cast Iron Plant. It can be a hardy plant for
indoor use or for outside garden but not in full sun.
Some Ikebana practitioners use the leaves in making
their flower arrangements.
Propagation is done by division. Grow it in a welldrained potting medium that is rich in organic matter.
You can find some at the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in
Teresa, Rizal (0926-745-0401).


THIS is a half-ripe fruit of Abiu, an exotic fruit from
Brazil. When fully ripe it is golden yellow.
This fruit was introduced many years ago
(1980s) but there are no big
plantations in the Philippines.
Anyway, there are hobbyists who
are growing this fruit tree in small
numbers. One of the propagators
is the Teresa Orchard & Nursery in
Teresa, Rizal (0926-745-0401).
The fruit is very nice to eat. It
tastes somewhat like the caimito.
The good thing is that the tree is
much smaller than the caimito so
it is more convenient to harvest
the fruits. Seedling trees bear fruit in about 4 years from planting and they may be
just two meters high. The flowers may appear any month of the year and they usually
produce ripe fruits in less than three months.
The Teresa Orchard & Nursery has a few hundred seedlings right now, coming in
different sizes, from one foot to about a meter tall. For more info, text 0926-7540401.
You can also visit Teresa Orchard & Nursery in Teresa, Rizal. It is along the road, about
30 meters before the Teresa-Morong boundary. Teresa is the town next to Antipolo
City. It is 36.6 km from Manila City Hall.