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Michael S1g1a,r

Frank Parisi



Fantasy Flight Cam

1995 West Count , R xi 8
Roseville, MN : r 11
LJ r\

Wf-3 0

Printed m China

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Llllllg tilr ,lll(ll'lll li.l\S ()/ IIH' h'dl 01dc'I llldll\, it'd! l1vccl
clo1stc1rd 11\l''> 111 I ill' kd1 lc111pil' 011 ( 0111<.;cc1111 01 111
count/C's:-, 111l)ll,lsl l'l lrs s1 ll l' lei I 111 ougl101 II I il<' g,1/ 1 y Scp,1
1aled trom lih' p11l'>L' ol till' f,ll,l\\ I l1c1; p11111c11 II\, sl11d1t'ci 111cJ
nrrd Lated Oil till' IV 1\ '> ol till' l"OICC, ldlC'lv ll'cl'vlll{' Ill( <Olilllll'",
ol tilC' 1 c111stc1L' lodg111gs S0111c sucl1 1<., Ille' 'ilc1/1vc111 G11.11cJ
1a11s. I l1c 111dcpc11dc11t Srckr, . ., c111ci ll1c 1V1<,c' C011<..111,11" !ell
~l1e11 LC'mp/c<., 0111111c;s1011s or P<'clu' <'\p/01 111011 01 c1cc1clc1111l
sLud\ /or 111011t/1s 01 \l',lls ell cl 11111(' i1u1 llil'\ IV<'ll' l1r1ppy lo
1etu111 Lo t/1c /W,lll'lul '>L1/1tudC' o/ 111<'11 ll'l11~'.<", <-io111e Jrt11
101vC',e1. p1l'f('llcci ,l 11101L' p11bl1t "l'l\lu' llllL'lllL'li l1IL' 10 lliL'
quiet co11Lemplat1or ll tilL11 IL 111p1L hLH111d fclk11,._ TliL''><' JccJ1
ga111eci ll1e1r l'lll \;\ 101 1 I, 111, l11L 1 1111 r c 11 its 111li till p1 L'""
Of C owdc, Ill) I 1 [/'(' qu rt sol t idl' LI llrl' 1111 l'INd(' lllllll IS
lC'I"\ Till'\ e'1sl1cd \\rllll 'lv ci ll'til\ I Ir 111d l)I till \llcflll 11\
people O till fc 11 \ lC, 0('1 L \Ll ((l t d 111' ltlllfl d('[1 lllllf
Oil LIL' SL le IL 10(1 U SL'a1 11 I
f ' l llll 111'1l I t11Jtl1 1vl11le
ll'd1tc1t11 f I' J h 11l il 111 t 'LJ{l
r< L , 'L'1'111\111<, soul:-,
1 L'I 'Jtd '>l l l'll'I<, l 1 i IE
I , c 1(1 I ('

Cl l 111 L
\ 1r l
r I
bt gr, 1 Is

Sc n

'l t t'lcl
L' lcll'lt'd f\lc>
itJEd Lil.ii p Lll l
1it Cil gall\- lhlS -i rnL' 11' LI ol
c A111\ ol L1~l1t, rd J t>tea11 of l11e
, -1dE s ara 111 q t11e Br, t l1erl ood ot D.11 k
He ~Cr\C'd ,J<:. ,1 r( ru11u rll tlw Acqu1
i in DI\ is1011 or t Ill Jedi 01 dC'r ar d ivl i c
i1oned at tile Jl'd1 Ten PE o11 Co1us( 111 1.
IL\eloped l lll'\V JC'dl o1sc1p 111c A prol)lc 11 '>Ol\. l, d( d1
( Jled to JLJS(ICC' ,lllcl J Clllllllllg lllVC''illg,1101 IL: iJl'IIL'\L'cJ l1at
k a111011g
tlJ tr LI V SCI\ e tile f)eople ' one musl live cl lld cJwo1
l) il
1l1e111 Ch'gally fell tl1at comhal l1a111111g wc1s goo or w11 L
wor U1less 111 peace'. ,rnd ll1at pu1e co11le 111plal1011 ol till Force
debr1Le and De,1ce or n ind but w1s large!\
d I
r i,i e or goo d
e t11e
, ip1act1cal rn tile real wo1ld Focu5111g o n se re ia11c .
/ult \.c:Jtlon or Leclrn1cal <;krl/s and se1fle'is 'ie 1v1ce to t11e~peo
Pt' uf tie galax~ Cl1'gallv laid dow11 hrs lilougllts n stv
r1 t.,c.pters ol tl'c guidebook grve n to all Jedi Tt:mple
' t dte<; and i,1 ougl1l a new d1sc1p/111c into l)e1ng

F: C I



of llil' Jc'rl1 01dc'r Tiley W( rr I' ',[ 10ng 1r 'lw frmt' .:J ll1
of I IH1r ( CJITII c1cJrs. h111 we re, not cis blindc cJ hv dor,r...,, or is
IJl'llolclcr I lo clll( IClll l r,1 <1111011 dS o l h( r Jr dr Tht y un(1r<,tc cl
lllat, wl11lc certai nly powcrful, lhP l orcc h rJ t<, l1r111t to'l
,111Ci was Ollly one Looi 111 ltH'1r Wl'II '> Loe kc'd toolbox Ttic.:
lllOSI IITlf)OI tcJ nl Looi. cerlcllllly, but SI 111 r) loe,I to ll<..P <Jr \Cl
r1s1cJr ,ls the s1lua110n demc1nded Fol/o~ving ttlc tea t11ne<,
ol c11gc1llv, the Sentinels scattcruJ lo Ll1c ga <1C11c
11s111g I ilc'11 skills and
ckd1c,1t 1or1 to r ffect
1cc1I t l1angc Ill
l ilr r,c1lc1xy


g e

FcrLe tselt Ld'l be seeri

as a problen1 o pl, c J G le I t11 do7ens o' d1t 1e1 ell
constaritl sl1 tt1r g l ut 'ls Liut ~ puule nonet11eles::, and
puzzles usua I Lan oe sci ed 11rougl1 appl1Lat1or or kno1,
edge and logic Serit es Cl rrib 'k cJn e tens1, e kno1, ledge ot
tre Force w1tl' rnore I Lr di ski Is sucl1 as l,1 111\est1gat on
close comba~ and J var e ot teci'n L I 3nd mecha111c.al sk1I s
Cooler headed t11an Gu i d1cins a1 d \ \ r r or and per l1aps
more contemplat ve tllan Seekt r Ser t111t ls pre 1er tl1ougl1t
ful problem sol\ 111g to quick tr1nk1ng c1ct1on G1,en a problem
such as a locked hate 11, a Sentmel can en 1s1on c1 dozen 1,a, s
through, whereas a Warrior m1gl1t s1rnply cut t111ougl1 1t w1lll
a lightsaber and a Consular might knock or ask lor tile kev


This careful dcl1berat1011 extends to Sent111e1s flgl1t111g

style as well. Tl1ey rarely fight rf 1t can be avoided Tl1e~
prefer allier, less lethal means of resolving conflict much
;y, the Consular does Unlike t11c1r ilugusl and pol1l1G1lly
y brethren, though Scnllncls tend lo use clewr lc1tcr JI
I< n ;md trickery rather L11an rl1eto11L ,1nJ douLilospL' 1k
Lt for>s The saying. "V1ole11ce 1s till' lc1 s1 reluge ul
p '( rit 1s il cornrnon one c1 111u11g till' l.,t>11t111t Is
JI ,kc Hid riepracid l111pc>r 1.il er J. C,t11t111t'ls
II< qr tr ti Llilll W 1y ()IJI ul ,l ( otllill I lll lll l1pl11

T 1e Sentries are no 1w1c1 ra

t 1e 1ren t as n1art1al a::, "heir
eagues. Ser't1ne s are st1 I dangerous oes a u CL r
batants Tt1e d1tference I es 111 1101 the "gh ratl-Je
scope of t11e1r struggles As 111 JII othe atters Se
and do use e er tool a their d1spo-a to d1spacr a e
Tl1e, are qu1Lk to adopt new weapons and fighmg tile\ SUit 1 s1tuat1on Unlike man\ of heir bretr e, Se
lla,e no p1e1ud1ce against blaster an pro1ect le
Indeed. tl1e1r understanding ot mundane mo er 1
often g1, es them an edge tt1at other Jed

1l c, 01 llw p101111sr , t lrnpt r ,

lo l'Sl :-ipr d1sc1ppL' 11 t'd 1111 , 0
I lll' ll'


Oil! lllll'd lL 1

r 111\11111 ci11 till h di I" 1,



The teem1nr worlds of tlH' CCJrf' :11<' ,1 p,H,Hli',<' lo I hr Sr11
tinels Hrre on lhP.sf' cJpnc;cly p,H kf'rl c111<1 c 11,10111 plc111rI\.
Sentinels put ll1err rny11c1<1 c;k11/<, lo pood II'><' TIH'Y 11 1,iv11c11r
toward l1em rly popul.1i<'d pl H c '> lrkC' C or 11 ,< u11 l\11,11 c111d
Corell1a. worlds WIil I< IIH rH C'dc, He gr< ,11 c11Hf llll' < hr1/
lenf!CS grL'dtcr \\!1<'1<' lilt wlrnl 11rcl 111,11 ol ~{di,irl1c rrv1l11c1
tron washt l)\t r 111111d1v1d1111 incl wllf'rc ttw prol,lcms and
pun/es of ii<' ,ll r t nth 1111( and els vc111cd rlS I '1<' sf r11s, I hr r(
\UU n1a\ ., 1d frnd Sl 11111wls
It, cilso hew Ill t!w g;:lldxy\ crowdc 1 cJ r 111c<i .i11rf '>pr,iw/11,g
rnrne11upolc1s. W!ll'rr I tw Sr nt 1rw1<, <lo r IH'JI illl<''>I wur k
Ar t,sans SC'C'k out anc Jc'nt IC'< h11olop1<''> mcl htlp I IH c 1111rnr y
with Hw1r workdday le< l1r11rc1I proili<'llls '-il1r1clow<, r111cJ
l11wst edtors Stdlk tllC' '>11('('1<, ('d( !1 ',('di( l1111p for 111!'11 llr('Y
1nd bringing JUSI I(< lo Ill< d,irk I('( (';'-,( 1 ol I II! l'cild y I~ l(('f',
sperd thr0t1gl1 tt1c c1trc '> 111 powt rlul cl lllf'l'rtH1c; lll,lt /1111( c; 1J1
rJdV'gdl(' li'(' dt'Cp rTI,]/()(, nl d IIH 1 lropol1, ()fl lool II Ill{' 1111
l ry bu1lo1ngs and 111!r,1struc t111c c1, loolp.1111 111Ci l.1ilrf1 r
, nd lmclge<, lllC' n1y<,lt'r1011<. '>< ntr11 , .,, iv 111101 oli<.1 r\111r
om afcJ1 ,mo swoop111r, 1n or ,t11k111p 1111111 1 dr I 1111, w1111
< rwhclmrn{' forCt' to !.1(1
l JJ1olil1 in 1\llt 11 1111 lillll' r--,
r1gl1t dlld ill(' Pcl'-'>IOllcll< C..llrl 11 J p ,1, 1111111 1 ,111 IIIC
lorcc of till II 111111 JI 1,
111'1 I I re< fHJ1V1'1' to
Ix 11 1n lilt ( 111 < ()11 llll rn1 111'",

Mosl rnorJrrn ~Or(P arJhPrcnts With ,trong moral hber

,lllcJlyt rr di rnrnrh, ,ir1cJ ci frcr(P rJcrJrr ,JL1on to JUSI
walk thr>
p,if h of 1!1< Sc111 rneJ whet hC'r I t1ry know 11 nr not Tht'sc
111r!rv1rl11,1J, Ir lid lo grc1v11r11r low.ml thr, C.orr>, whr>re lhPy
frc I lhty r ,111 rfu !hr rrio,i gorJrJ Of (Ourc,r. lhP Corr is <ll ,o
111r r f'drtily rJ 111gc rrn 1, fr,r I hr,r 1rrd1v1rlu,1I) rl'> rt 1s tf1p ,:, ril
of lrnfH'rrc1I powrr 1rrrf <rc1wlc, wrt h pi ripJr who woulrJ c 11
Jrcl1 r1u1 to ,in lrrrprri.rl ,lgPnl fr1r lrltlr' mnrr th in a Pdl on
I hr hr)r1d Dr sprl C' I tire; VC'ry rr ,ii rJ inpr r nrn,.t s1irvrv1np Sr n
lillC'lc; drHJ young f rm e 11sc1 r, wrl h Sr11LrnrI Jrkr Jc <1r rne, c u
he lounrJ workrng arnong I hr worlds of I h< r r1rc


'wnlrrlf'l'i c11P rc11r srphlc, rn lhc Outer Rrrri rerrilnrres Wh Jr
1'11 l~11n 1rr(lt1rJc,) rncJny lc1rgP c1rrc! densely p.icked por, di
11011 <1 rrlcr<, r'vr II lhP rrroc;I crowcJe:d of lhun re, lritlr 'T ir
l/1111 ,1 /,ro,)(f c111d operr vrllcl('C lo 1hr fund 1rnc111 illy urr.<1n
')('11t11JlI !),,prlr' 1111.,, mc111y Srnt111C'I'>. ,HHJ rnc1ny rnorL' wh0
WIJll/d follow ll1r'rr ll'dr fl1n1?s /1c1vr '>Pr<',Hl 0111 11110 tile Rim
owr tl1< 1011r,lily lwo ()('c 1rf<''> s1rr(r till fl'><' of lt1e fmp,w
0111 11110111 1 r IIC' wr/rl ,11HJ OfJ('fl 'ip.ic <''> of I llr f~rrn it](' prcJg
111o1l1< \c11irrll+, l1rnJ rtt'W rhc1/le11gc' ,llHi new 1v1yc, lo use
IIHrr /J/Orlif'IOII'; rl.lllHcll prfl<,

I l1C11 111 .1lwc1y<, prohlC'rn'> tflc1t need sol\rnr n the Outer

f~11n, p1o!Jl1r11<. 111.,1 r1 11101 v,1t<'rl St'11tinel ,.., Wl'II s111tec1 to
di ,II w1111 <,1,w,l11ps. 111d11st r rc1I n1c1c llrncry md ,lP,r1Lt!ltwc1f
<'qurp111t'lll .ilw.ry<, lll'<'d 111.11n1c11,111c l' c111d rt p,111s PLoplt
lll'l'd cl'>SISl,IIH (' wrtll ,lll 111c1111H'r o/ Pl'f',()fl,ll cllld legc1f prob
It'll!' 111111'>11( (' I', /,llllf)cllll cllld 111,lfly pf,H l'S ,Hl' lt'l'r111ng wrtt1
s111111, 'i< .ivc11gt1<,, ,llld t 111111n,lls ol t'VC'IY strrpc' In UH",<' ch.i
01 it <111d oil I'll lil't'dy loc .ii l<Hl'i. <'VL'll ,l s111pl<' ~<'ntrncl c 111
f'/11< I Cl<'<II <l1,11J{'t'



1h.e Guc1rd1zms. SL'lll!llels p1()\l't t fWt)p\l' li11\il l' (,11i11d1, "

Sentinels deJI with 111c pc1<.,()111\. till' I.Ht' Ill \,1tl', ,111d IIH'
door-to doo1 Du1 ing tlw Rt ~)ti\)lit, I Ill' lWtl dl'-l ll)\iill''- wo1 kl'd
in t,:mdern GuJ1d1crns \1,111\'lil'd li1l' 1111111t'd1,1lt' t\111'.1l \1\ lii('<ll<
111g tile bkxh.cldl:', lll'~llicll!llt~ till' \il'c1l\ hc\\\l'l'll l\lJll oppt)'-,
111g fOl\.'CS l I la\ tlllli1'' Lill' )',',,]<.,<.,111 (1\ ,l pnl!l!l,11 lt',ldl'I

tl1e11 tl1e Gua1 d



1e1 tl1e (1 a1 i.an" drpa1ted, SrnL111l'l'.:i \'\ILkL'd up llw

pie, e
l1 1u. h.,1de lea, e" <;\101 llg<''- anci cco1101111t I \tic
tLJt 0'''- t 11J: 11.:",e1be1JLC' fo1 rnontll'>, t'\L'll \L',ll'- \ li(',1\\
I'> 011
'\'t: f 1 st c;.tep t0\\'11 d i-'lSl111g \1l'c1Ll', W\lll \1 I l'(lllll l''\.' 1.\
tp 11eg'-t1al!Ol1S and \lie ll'(Ognlll()I) ()\ till' ll'Ol l,llN''i
o t 1 \\JI An assas<;m\ 1dent1l\ t"ll LJl k111f 11lcl\ \c,1d to tu1
\\ 1

t 'et bloodshed bet,._ een ic'Ll ion"

l the Galactic (1\ 1\ \\al, ~Lill 111cb Ill \1'IWL I llclW 1 led!
OrdE:1 to support t11en1 01 gl\L lill''l) gu1dclllll \ 1 ll id till'
For"e subt\\ encou1 a1?,es tuturL' c.,\.'IH rt, tn l'P t it 1r 1, 1\
to a city, 01 to rerna111 t11e1e 1t 111c, \1, ,t Lwrn, lN d 1' 011c
11~e, 1tabl'y, tile\ frnd t\1ernselvLS 'll tl1c 111d 'k, r i p1ul'll 111111
t\1e1r comn1urnt\. one tile\ LJll t 1g111. I l :::,, r, t't11 nf 11ll'111al
pulls at them to add1ess tile p10b\elll TlL\ lcl 1t k a,e It LO
someone else to sol\ e-ll1e\ rnuc, 1 t ,k, l P" 11

lo <lo \\ lie, wo rk. <-,(' n\1rw ls ccrnnol be apd\.hrt,c Th,y

\,H (' \oil(', 1(' I 111 r1t1cl c' ndcrn 1c proh\cmc; lhat re:qu1 rr eri J;J\
\oiig \<'t ill ,111d t., l <',1 dy so \11L1un'> Ch,iraclcrc; might btrorne
St' il lll H'h \)cc c11 1<,c' tl1cy I hc'rn'->c lvr'-> suffrr<'cl opprrssior 11
\ookc'I 1rngl1i syrnpc1l r11 1e, ,ind dee 1cl111r to do ,om( th rf
i1\Jo ll l 11w protJ \rm makes l hcrn d pcJtc nt11I c)rrt icl ,
<,Ollll', \ \1e cc1I I of I he Force IS an awakcr 1nr, rO' 5cnt1r 1r
dlffc1c11L than a call to fight 1111ust1cc
1 110
[3ul lo \w so personally involved in the f1gh' for 1 ,
imluu'" rcc lings of helplessness, terror, and rage Sert 'E>
owri pc1c,c,1011<; cJll become their prisons Too many Fore
c,..., fall 10 tlir dark side thinking that violence and des~r,
tion urn dc!rcil ,111 enemy. only to ignite more v1olrnce .:J"
ciL",I t1ct1011 As such, Sentinels must be selfless b'y pu(tll"'
ol lic,..., \ief 01 c Uiemselves, yet they must remember that
tile\ 1e111c1111 forever vulnerable to their own needs, tear,;
L111d f,1ulls
111 tlie cu1 rent state of the galaxv. where good people have
to make the besl of bad choices. Sentmels can help '1c.l e
t\1ose cl101c.es better The tools of Sentinels are not Just the r
\1gl1tsabers, but L11e11 words, their actions. their kr'owledgP

and t\1e1r passions and desires

ny character with any background can become a Senli
nel, but the career has a particular focus on tecl1nology,
stealth, and personal mtei-aclion all perfect skills for the
ast-paced and chaotic life of a city dwelle1 A Se11linel back
ground also focuses on social, econorrnc, and legal 1111ustices
n ese 111equ1t1es do occur on underdeveloped worlds, bul
w1 abound 111 places of high population density (111 oll1er
-:,rd, nt1es) In this way, a Sentinel career ranks among t11e
"""r,, r odern of the Force user careers This section lists some
,'urJr fr,r used life paths for flesh mg out a Senunel character

.ti ;r 1 ',,rt r I, t,;,r' off r:1c, act1v1sts lrl sornr forn1 or ano l \1c1
E , ' ,r ,. ,,1, < rJ trJ Tt1e farer, cJct1v1sts frnd tlwrn~c \ve...,
,grtrP, r,L u t"OJl't 1 '/Jr al dnd legal ptr'S~U l l' llicy
'>J;rr icl Ir!" [ f ',, r,r 1J \/I t,r1rJ1r<:, ri! l'X!J I th, ,lll d \JUS\i for



( i./(

fl/ rt', dr rJ r q

<;r 1,I r r

r ,J/1 (r11 I I Jlrrl

Ir) 11 ]vi') \ll (JV\l '

VJ(JJY fJ\ll lfl ll1r " fJt tl ' I) [
it 11 r1 ,I I r;I \fl rid r f' r Jl1 rr1 1 JI' '1(1\,f'
\/r i J1 I 1I' I
j( I IV\' t
A'JfK<tJ 1 tl{1J1ll1 l11d 1 ,w t,dt ,r, 11 1 \, ,, ,II I ' 1\.JI 11 II J' I
wt1r; 'ril tr, 11 ( (l.JJV id r11r 1\1 \1J 111, II I II I/ I I \1 j r lI p 1 I I
I \CHI, t tl!tr Jtl./1,fli\llfrlfl/ ,Jr irtJr\\/l (r 11 l ' I IIH 111,11 , , J\ 1
r; r even t,c t fJJ1111p ir11wl1r11u' ir, IIV 11 ,11 r (J \ jll 111 ,.






I A<, ,H1
h a< t 1v1 I ir Arti an c in ' r, ,t , lll/1111111 \i (J JJI li CJ
Of;rdp IC llfl t'.P" tc,r ,1,r1 c1 t1 1rw 11 i " i,1 1 1( I 1 I 11 I
t(:;tlCl" cJ t o 11~ P \p gro11pc, (Jre Jr\ ,
1u op,,, 111
Of\ ((; rrJfr\Ufll Cd l \(J\ l f'X \; '; \I \~ If\\ J ~I, l /p1 I 1( cJI \ l;JI ,l \(1( lJ ',l '
' ir,, 11 i1 ,, 11r 111 1p th l pulJ\ii


and d1stnbutmg vital data to protesters An Artisan might

realize a conneclion to the Force by foreseemg a vie er
government crackdown and warn ing the protestors ahead ot
time, 01 by fash 10111ng art that ref lects visions of a forgor-:r
and 1dyl\1c past or a hopeful future. Unlike technolog~ fet1sr,
1sls, a11 Ar t1san truly knows tha t art and technolog) serve tk
people, nol the other way aro und .
An activist Investigator may sta rt work seeking inforr'
tion Lo mrn mm ate an opp ressor, wheth er 1t 1s an 1nd 1 d ,
group, government. or co rp ora ti on Unable or urn \ii
al tack the perpel rato 1 d1rec lly, th is character ain1 toe -'
sec , el s ,ind to warn th e publi c. A pro per 111veslig(1tic"
aliou l lrn cim g tl1e truth 1ather th an d1gg1ng up ditto
uc, c;o 111 eo 11 e req ui res intuiti on, a qu esliL tllll mn
<1 kee n eyl' An Investiga tor fm ds vital c lu' t t' : ,,
I 1
1111 0ueli rn yc, t1ca \ fl ashes of in s1ghl . fC' L'ilfl' t11 F t
\>1 1\ilrllll ler1pc;
ll1r' R
. 111un1 -it
acer '>P l V(c, " ,111 t" ,'> t' I1t 1L1I \! Ill'
c 111 0 pl 1'
111 I ,1r Ii\ I', \ l' l llll\J l~l' lll\111, \l\l' "J P' l(l till' 11,)lt p
1111 iq 1\1I 111111 V\lll ' IIH 1 l>\ ILK)I u1 li\' vctml e tlieRJLer d 1
I II 1. 1 I' ' I I\ 1\1 II( ", 01 l '\ L' ll p oplt' to wl1Nr tic\
are neeent
1111 ' 1111 1,I , 111\ll ,1mt 1)111 ,I danger zone s W1t1 1 govern~ che
111 u 1111111111 1' tu111!111\ t1c1!tic ,rncl slicer c1gents sco.ur~~e arid
I li ili J~Jl 1 ,u111LL1111c's the Racer proves rnore re\ia (s rur
qui clLI llic lu1lC' ,,, ,1 powerful certainty 1n th e Racepot
IJ11\( i1l Ill e , d riving the character from hot sp ot to hOt s
ltll' 1 ,~u~r anticipates Lhe next moment of conflict.







1rp 1r at,or

c, Investigat ors
r O r,it' Ofrfoc an t J J J,f'r r-r=
0f lhE .::lrl'>l'1U 1C 1 \ ;:J<, takP'l
1 l(P, p , lrnt dbo11t ht se t rt1th) and
ch-1r ir~n., rcJn re Pr returi to d
r I h~ kgr,Jurid PrrbrarPc, he tr rill and
tnr rcJ
mr, emenl thP, rcJrefu,1 meac,t..red
! , f
Po~ ular mr C Id oarl1rg ), re .,E, a ctoi ra e r er
'r:J t c ~PE n ,1 r e~ 11 IP 1n Jnderground mat ~ e., or a Ke:., ,'l
,pc,ncr)r n sar rt.or rcJ r,Jb 1r rare'> Ho vever Racer'> ta e
tr s hobby ,eriousl; TJ be thf' best and fa 'c.st ake<, n er
LcJI ort1turlr phys1ral tcJlrnt and unexperted 'JISl p ne
dr:s1re to be 1nore Lhdn cJ rh1ld of rnoney a persor ::i"-reptea
on his own merits opened surh Racers to thr Force per
haps Pvrn rn1d rare, ancJ guirJes their actions still

,n1r UF to
Altc rn:it1 rly,
. a e to dr1 ;e out
'E rt might Sel urJ
nr cJvsfuncl1ondl
rJ rrJttng1nerr:ffrc
, tr r,1; forr t thr. cJC llv1st


An ar1slocraL t11rn0d Sen try reiecls peers and h,gh class

,or1c1y much as an lnvE.s11gator docs This Sentr u<;es man
f>Y and pr1v1le~e Lo protect vulnerable people D1s<, Jt sflecJ
w1Lh charily funcJra1srr:, ::ind public relations carr pa1an">. tri,s
character cravcs a more direct Nay of making th gdlax 1 a
fl('tter place Nc,vcr having fell want tho11gh d Sentr of this
type st ruggl('s to undC'rslanrJ what the oppressed need '>t II
the rorce> rorncs Io those who strive Lo be bettrr
BorccJ with wealth, the Shadow Jr1stouat h irbors a
clrJrker pasl, 011c spcnt collecting Sith c1rt1f,1cts and supp r
ing agf'nts (Jr ('VII Now, lhe Sl1adov'. 1nslec1cl ft..nnels f't''
energy lfllO rJc,r,t roy1ng SU( h clrllfcJCls Jrld agu1t<;
lor Just 1r C' IJur ns where thL lust lor novelty on e Um
lcmgc r uncJC' r I he swuy of U1e dark c;1df> but '>till
relfl d li l l11 dclc 11, lh l , rHl <;loc rat US(' I 111k clllU inti 1 'fl
111 1;1y' l)lJl c,< 11 I! ,<,ly I he '-i tmdow ,.., now cl ct1< it 1
<l,HrJil('f du n( llll l' rrl ill y cilld tJ fl tlH1 (.: ii 1
1qirno l1ng llH 111lluc 1 11c e' ol ll1c <.,1th
lCJ .1 hien Expert 11 1,toc r H, 111 11
Ir Ill In IH IIIHlc1 11,l ,d 111d 11li11 1 I tti
111 ( 11tl 1111

, llll' 1' l'l '\ I 11 t' '11 ( 11111

1, 11 111,ll1111\ ,11111lu1I
"Ii 111t 1('
11 1! It t It d1

dt Lr,.,.) 'tll'
1pt d 11101
11 Ile I e 111 Ill 'I r1sil
LL lf 1 I l lr I 11 dlllt)


l l



, 1,c t ci 1r
(_ erP,

,, l:',1 r l\

t 11 <.uf 11 01w1

IJ l 1\\ileitll 111 Opf)O

' , Id I I 1111ci 1t1on , e1 i)cl/
., 11 '11 1 ~'angs often 1e,el 1n
t put 1 1011 Fo, e ample. instead
i d
n gill lea,e somet111ng personal
d1 1L rc,t1 r J l1oloprn1ector of a loved one or
1lt 1 \ ii J 1 o da\ act1, 1t1es. The Fo1ce helps
It 1c c s 11c1,e 1 tlnnge of l1ean by 1evealing the
J 1 1se1 \ t11e, na, e inflicted on others. yet they
ft to abandon t11e1r tendency to see weaknesses
'J t tlie1 1

Investigators wllu lwg 111 ,1s l,1borc1s oftrn tee/ l11dt l1f
ti()( 111 11 11 ,, , 1 n ,<' ,\lier '><'ring tl1c11 community suflc1 Ille
ii, ,111 nl pc'1'r'>. I l1c col/ 1p',r ol till' /or ,1/ cconorn}, or tile
dr ,l111r t1,H1 lll , h1 /r,v<d cr1111n111r,,1/ b1111c1ing, tl1eSL' la t)or
r'1 , 1 ,, 1 1,f 1111 1 r11 IC ct 1011c., ind clon t c;top n1c questions of
, 1 11 , Ir, I lri nion q11f' ,l11J1 c; t),11 lhc
1ho lead to enc
r1ir111r otltir vorkcrc.,,orwrir c Tll<''>t lnvrst1gato1s
'c11r11 pl1 111/, v1rcr111ri ~ Ii/, ,1 hrg tocelh'r broken
c n "111111111
t hi h rg 1111-1p 1c bt>'wren
'~E C fter f'nd
lit,( rr nt f ll 'lur
'll it tie ( rl'll(
l' ,, ( Sr) E l,ll d St d'>f',
/f ld ng ti L''l1 lo looK 1rl''i ',1'
'1S b "r r rr y lf>rl S,
HHI blsP,rr e1wri1cs

f\l,111v lc1borer Racers r JV( r (l('f- cc r1

v ho ra(( dim 1g hE r of 'rre f, '
, ,r
O"llcrc; 111, e been mechan cs r' offlr ,, cl
hnrir for 1 c t1ance to prove llier- se vec, ' cl 'W
WE ,,r font power cors1der lle111selves Jrt i'l
s 'e111f, 1ban, f'">'led warehouses 1nrl f-:lConec f> " ;i, 1
,r a r'101c 1s an avenue or ad,enture Fv al, o 'l E R 1
'l1e Force c,1lls therr not 1 0 r;ice awa> frcrr re ,', J.., r
t11c11 11, cs but to11vard a greater purpose

Jr v 'rs

Sentry laborers backgrounds as bouncers. ~ l'e~

01 e,en <,lrikebreakers has exposed them to 'nE riea
of the gal,1xy Their desire to rr ake a d 1 ference - ar,
so plivs1call>y-1s vvhat first t,rought therr into cor'
local boss or'" pett\ gO\errrr erita otflc,a 1 1s \'.'lat c.
Ll1ern lrl contact With the Force That same dr \e rro e, S
trv laborers into every new clas'l 'hev have \\ th t'le ga i
corruption and 1niust1ce For so11e Sentries t>i s ,;erct'
ongoing purpose gives them peace of rr1nd For 0 1e''i P
turmoil between right and violence rerna ns a strugg e t J"
least they have a goal and the guidance of the Force

Ld'1c:rer sta1 t off 1n menial occupations that requ ire es

sw t,,:1/ but less valued skills and often involve repet1t1ve.
pr 1s1cal wo rk Tl1 ey often suffer econom ic 1niust1ces on the
lower rung of th e socioeco nomic lad der Labo r lea ders At th e
Act1 v1st background better. so tl11S background often refl ec ts
those who grew up in humbler circum stances. A laborer's
struggles can be about moral co1rupt1 on but ca n also in clud e
Aghting against despair and drudgery

Shadows with a laborer background ha, e seeri re - c

mun1t1es resentment. bitterness. and ;rustra on a,rr
and hatred Due to a variety of ,nequa,,t,es. those co.,.,
ties l1ave had good reason to ee1 trese negat ve er"'o
Protests. strikes. and walkouts don't occur because a
e _
are happy Tile hatred means agents of he dar s e c
come from Vvlthin the COmfT'un t~. not JUSt fror"' t '-, r _
so 1s, push ing good people to do bad tilings HO\\ ur _
ows conde mn so meone for gi\ 111g in to anger \"i en t e
It l hern selve~? Th e moment when these abl rer 'G--. t
co mmuniti es hatred 111 order to sa\e tt1e,11 . t"e
their Sl1 adow nature and the Force

Artisan laborers l1ave moved beyond l1andcraft1n g de

vices during off hours, allowin g the rorce l11 e helri guide
tt'e1r choices. Whe1 ea s on ce they wer e se/1111 g an odd pie ce
hPrP and I hPre for riroAL, Liley now design macl1111r<. Lo solvr
,r1 rr Ifie issues for individuals or entire cor11rnu1111 irs. T/1e sc
Ar ' H,s rea/11c tl1at they can L11111g /1c/p lo 11101 r ricoplc
'' ,rJ 111C11r rJC lively srPI< rirohlerns to solve. l11ste,1d or s11n
, Pil t111w IJ/1 d IP/low irJho1r.r\ yhc111c 11r r11111 ll1r1l w,1s
' r rrf >r11111 /<111, lr1r f'Xdlllfllr lluy /()O/< [111 IIHlll' j)C'lllld
<ii,, ( II,, , IU 11 J' IJ(I t1 r wo1 I 1111, ( I 111<111 liJII', I II d1ll1 11111
,,. , , '' 11 II ( ,, 11 llrJW I ill/( II I ()I ( 111Jl ', t 1111 y '1111 ,, l/11 11111

Laborer'> who become Shien Experts

identify 1ng a d~sfunc uonal -, ::.tern Bt' 1 ,
dS a cog in a niac hin e offers d "PE'l I 11 ' , t-
system s St11 en E\pc 1ts kn oi\ tll 1l
ake. s
a t111y bit of sc1 nd 1n a f C',ll LL ll,s(
one .1 grind
111g 11 ,1/L /1111ned1 <1tc>/\ pc' ru ' I\ 111 ,: 1 ~
t'r" e, on or even
cl btOK(' ll plly <; I[ di \ \\tt 'll l -ll l I l l I I
r \ rnanu fa cturing
illll\ \ili('ll l \P('I t 'l'l'K 'L \ \ I\ l)
or patch the flaw.
OtlCl' llll'\ 11 l\t' Ii\ 'd ll,ll \ .t "ll lht'
h.P11 E\perts move
tlll[Plll'IVl/.11\'',, ll ld\\t' IKll \ ' . 1'1' 1\ll
re people, S\'sterns.
111,H /1111t ,, I 11, ,. u( lt'tlt . ,lild L ultuics




Ob fficra ls once worked rn the sysLem. e1ll1c 1 111 L11c local
. law ,,,,ro
" ' 1c emen L. a relrgrous orgarnzJtron. or
Empire itself From tl1e11 cl1a11 s and desks. tl1ey had
access Lo t11ose rn power. buL ironrcally, tt1ey had lrLLle power
themselves. being cogs in a machine built of procedures
red tap
. e. an d a calcified culture In an organrzatron l1ostile
to Force use,s, Lhe official's tr tie became a collar. and the
positron a leash. forcing the official to abandon thrs rrg1d li[e
rf the pursuit of something more meaningful rs desired
Artisans with this background mighL use public wo,ks
to improve c1t1zen morale Tl11s rncludes public arl but can
also encompass architecture, city plannrng, or Lecl111olog1cal
improvements Such Artisans m1gl1t find t11emselves stifled
rn a bureaucracy, as large groups of apaLhellc people move
slowly On one hand. working rn a bureaucr:ic\ offers 111cred
1ble insight on why a soc1et\ can t accompl1sl1 1Ls goals On
the other l1and. Artisans often abandon l11e svstc,w, L11ev
wo 1k for. as L11ey can percel\ e and 1111piL'rnenl 5olul1011s well
befo1e an organrzat,on has llad Llle11 h, st meeting
Officials who become Investigators sta, L off w1L11 some
sort of 1nvest1gat1ve autl101 t\ an\ tl11ng 11 om local l1w en
forcement to a coi-porate 0\ ers1gl1t committee Tl1e1r time
spent rnvest1gating up1,ard g, 1nd1ng against tile leadership
structure, gives tl1em an e. cellent command of bureaucracy
despite all its hurdles \l\'l1ereas otl1er officials may burn out.
unable to bring about t11e change tl1ey want, or give up and
join the oppressors In ,est,gators accept that truth and iusllce
far outweigh a title or badge of office. and they keep pusl1ing
Racers w1Lh tl11s background learned Lhe11 craft as cou
ners or drivers. tasked with getting 1mporlanl people and
va luable items to their destinations quickly and sa[el'y Even
on a planet with an active HoloNet, document couriers are
still needed to provide secure transm1ss1on of sensitive rnfor
mat,on Racers who are attuned to Lhe Force. however, hnd
themse lves refusrng specific Jobs or using strange routes on
whi ch they can influence seemrngly unrelated events Racer
official s use their ski ll s to protect communities and coord1
nate resistance, employ in g the ir experience with veh icles
and institutions in crossing boun dari es and battle lin es.

Sentries who once worked rn a corporate or governmen

lc1I slrll(l ure may have served as bodyguc1rds protecting gov
('rnment minister<, ancJ foreign dignitaries. corporate leaders
and 01l1c1 1mport,rnl people They now struggle against~
world that assigns importance v,a a d1f[crent metric, a met
ric that brute power and v1olcnc c. Sentries from this level of
society have earned powerful enE m,es hy abandoning their
charges to save someone more vulnerahle, or their former
employers may want them apprehended or dead since they
know Loo much about their shady dealings.

Officials who become Shadows are governmental or cor

porate oversight experts rrustrated by bureaucratic restnc
Lions or hostile peers. Their greatest concern 1s that ager<:.
or the dark side are pulling the strings, corrupting souls. la1 .,
nd public confidence These Shadows can literally and hgu
rauvely lose t11emselves 1n the shadows, breaking the go
er nmental procedures. civic laws. or corporate bylaws they
swore to protect Perhaps when they defeat the real demons
they can return to deal with the mundane ones
Shien Experts who worked as officials understand the
pc1Ltc1 ns of bureaucracies and economic systems. In many
ways, c1 corporate takeover mirrors the language and tactics
of warfare Diplomacy becomes contract negot1at1ons.
cutting orf supply lines is similar to buying out or bankrupting
vendors. and training and squad tactics can be compared to
skills education and team-building exercises Where before
the\ destroved careers. ruined lives, caused unnecessav
damage. and 1nfl1cted suffering, Sh1en Experts now devote
their skills to repairing the broken game

Refugees have escaped violence. starvation. and persecuuon
only to face similar problems in their new home In some
cases. cities are unprepared to handle an influx of refugees
and have no social services set up to accommodate therr
In extreme instances. governments separate refugees from
the resL of tl1e population and cut them ofr from econorr k
opportunities. On other worlds. differences in culture create
tensions among the populations, and refugees face v nlcnr
from the citize nry rather than the government

Rrl1 1ger nmps nerd their own police force and a Sentry
l1Plp 1111 1111s rolr A"> one of the downtrodden. a Sen
11 v c.11 ns tl1c trusl ol local commu111t1es Howe,er the host
pl<1nel s police may have 1 cl1fferent agenda to pre,en, the
1efugces culture or rnme from "1nfect1ng" the host soc etv
Wl1ere this 1s the case edorc.ement stops at the border c,t
the camp In the worst c1se s1tJ::it1ons, authorities T'a'y use
t11e refugees as easy scapegoats for the host planets own
problems A Sentry can act as an 1ntermed1atory author
1ly, sometimes working w1tl1 the hosl planets authority but
always trying lo bring 1ust1ce lo those who l1ave no pov.er
or 11ghts. Refugee camps are a hotbed of frustrated, d1sen
francl11sed people and agents of the dark side are readv to
exploit t11em Tl1ese agents can also prey on the host com
mun1Ly's fear of the refugees, 1nfluenc1ng both sides and fos
tering confl ict and pain as Lhe. clash

L 111

tors to I\ rt t
repurpo t' cit I r
refugees rt. ird
branches ol i<.'lowlt 1r
present but u1 1J Ec 1n llH 11 UJ11111111nilles An Artisan Laps
rnto this diver 1tv o 11rlp t11e co111m un1t \' survive another
day TlllS Se11t11wl rn 1 mnvL on from a refugee background,
but the personal le~ ons ol Juster 1Ly, 1nnovat1on, and 1magi
natron remain v1br int rnd sllong
The Investigator serves an important role 111 the refuge e
community Lefl on t11e1r own, refugee communilles find them
Ives creating t11e1r own I ules and structures. When a host
lanet falls Lo deliver on promises of secunly and enforce
ent, an Investigator may fill lhe void The lnvesllgalor has
nadditional burden. Catching a cnm1nal doesn't simply bring
ne person to justice. 1l also elicits unfair Judgment on the ref
ees abrltty to police t11e1r own In many ways, Lh1s character
never left the refugee camp, believing that the only 1usllce
pie can recerve is the justice they make for themselves.

Racer mrght have begun by Laking parts from aban

tarshrps, repurposrng repulsors and engines, ham
d r: teel hulls to make bleachers ancJ tracks,
g a racrng crrcu1t, albeit a dangrrous one. In
t began when authorities tried to sl1ul l11c

nything from salety to 11nr1101 al

llf spent bringing 1usl1cc and econom
.....,"u ,.,. ""-mun1t1es 1n riced Jll ovc, I tic ga lu xy
rJ(III(' ,1c; il frivolou s spoil, llul
d Ile( I S,Hy JJ 111. OI rl COll11Tl llnll y

A Shadow has to pick the battles to fight and caref.il,

decide who Lo save and who to strike down amid the over
whelming negative emollon on both sides This characte
must also co ntrol personal emotions careful I\, for some
Limes a Shadow may be unable to both realize 1usL1ce and
el1m1nate those who follow a darker path
As a refugee. a Shien Expert has a firsthand experience
of struggling 111 a pos1llon of weakness Thi s 1s a classic case
of asymmetrical warfare, w1Lh no resources. a demoralized
people, no weapons. a poor str aleg1c pos1t1on (because
refugees are given L11e worst land Lo occupy). and a lack o
commun1callon (or outright ant1refugee propaganda, Tt1e
opponents being faced are Lhe unfair laws, pre1ud1ces, ard
lack of suppo1 L of the host planet When the Sti
lea e Lil
icn \pert
'v s c I e ugee camp, whether triumphant or dell itetl
l11 e cila 1aclc1 lea1 ns valuable lessons not on!\ ol rt''>~lll c~
management. but ol rmpc1Urv. ins1glll anci r1wr ell 1( I lltucte




I 'I


11 1



I 'I\ 111/ I I II 11!1


t ,11 tll

1111 \ 111 I I Ii 11

II lj I I 11 I I II

/ 11 t 'I ,1,

1111 t I 11 It

1111 I

11 11 1 I 1111111

II I I I 111 ti


ii 11 I 11/ ,I

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11" 11 , , 1,

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1111 11, I


',, 1111111 I ii II I 11 11d , /11111

111111 I 11111 II I I ii Ill II 1 11
I 111111 Ii 11I
II Ill II Ii/ 1111 1 II Ii! ,1, I I Ii
/ 111111 1 I Ii 11
I I II 11I Ii I, I I I I I I 11 I I I II I I I I ti II I , I I I I I,, II I II I II 11 I I, I I I II
I\!' 1111 ii


I 111

II\! I\ 111 111 1111

I I ljl Ill I

II 11 It I 1111111 11111


l 1111.1 II 11

\)1111,il ltilllJ til


I 11 'I 111

I 111111 I Ii I

l ,1111


I 11111 I

I 11


' ,1 Ill II It I f\ I, I 111111

I 11 II II I

I 1 11<1 I

I/ 1/1111'

111 I 1,

iJ1,i1 \\Ill/) di
Ill l 111


ill I I 1 1 11 1,

1/\I Iii


111,J 111111 r

/II 11



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11111 l.11 1111 Iii


111 II 11

I Ii 'I 11
I 11111, 11 1



1 l<J

,11 I ti, Ill 111rl111

1 11 I

I 11 1


1011 pl

I Ill





,111 r 1tw
'I /I I if


rll 11111 I 11 'JJ!fJ'I

I, 1 I l1h


11/t/Hll 1111111 y


111111, 111,111







'ii 1,


I fll


',1 II 1111 I 111111

I 111'\ /11, ll I II I I 11 I I
11 Ii d

I 11

// ,,, '



It 1111111111 1111 II Ill Ill I I 1111 I I Ill I 111, Iii (11


r ,,r


1/1 ii



I 11 I II I , 11 I



11,rl Ill

l1tllt1iil I ill11fl

',11111111 I f\iiJI 111111


1, "


I I, 'I I I 111 II ,I


111111 Ill I I I

ii 11 11 I



I ii I 1,,

I Iii\ 111 II 11 1111111 111111 11,

l\liliitlJ ,tflliilll1 1

1111 ,I 11111




,, 11 1111 II I 111111 I 111

I 1111111 I 1111!1 I I 11

I II II I II 111 I





1111 I t/1

IV ill. 1111/ 1111,,t11111



t, 1 ,


11 1


",r ,, ,1 r1 ,

I ,, / Ir, 111 ', '/I '


I ti I 11 ii I ii I I 11 I ,I

I 111111 I I

I I Ill I I I Ii I II II

1111 I I It





/111 IHI

re rp111,
r11pl IIH Sc rtlrr r

c or11pl11 1111111'

wlw 11 pl,1y11<, l1,1vr le,

( 1100\f'


cJ1 <,c 1pl111f'rl

opl 1011



lllljJIJl',1 /(


I or



s1011 ,




Sc111 rnC'l s cJ1s

( OVC'I <;{Jfn('OnC' rlcJ S


Table 2-1 : Morality

CorP RJ 1:t-0,
Table 1-1 Se
tine ! Moralities on pc1ge I 7 Player~ 'T"
r 111cJomly on lhe table or seleel d Mora
IJdlkground, core philosophy, or dPStrr-'cf c r -,r
char arlcr slarts play wrth a Moraf1L 1 ,alJe d
page 1, 9 of the FoRcE AND DESTINY Core R.tier
1,,c r, n.J, 1r plr


r 1 re 1s ,lre11gt11 1" I 111g a c;1mplc. life rnt

hr \ g pos~e,c;,011<; but also 111 keeping
1 11 h1r-; ,,mp e. so as not to b
d1,trac1,,d frC'm
b gE-r p1ctu1e

Con demnation :


Ct dH' the fTlOSt vul11P1al: I( Be111 g IPC klecc

st 10,l 111 power 1ho h;ive l11c I 1rne ind
to 1 velor c., unter pl an

1,e r >ub ec; of a o:;Lnrger [1110 1icrt lie o m;iny)

i 1 r nge f1orn a uffPnn, 1,111, ~ c H le' prnv 1d1ng
r J Jtlier sL.pport

Wearin ess: E\'en a sa111t can bcrrr ou I' c; o

Mercy: r n gress,011 I' 1ppe1' all l11e L11ne This

people don't deserve hep or a seLcrd c.haric e

1t s tt1at there 1s always another And anot"er .\
another Soon this tide becomes faLe ess :in l e
suffering becomes abstract

r u h<1s lKE. r ;i i' 1gner p,1t11 g1v1ng people

tht 11 r e to be bett er Pu111 sl1ment fo r every
,on or v mE an s e, eryo ne end s up 111 chains
Righteousness: The cl1a racter takes anger and

Spite: Th e character del1beratel\ tnes o upset or

c. r suppressing 1t. uses 1t to fuel work Pushing


Hatred: See mg so much sufte ing cau es tht

cll~r ad r Lo d1ffere11t1ate bet\,een tr1e goC'rJ pee Pe
who deserve help and the bad who deservE. c1tE.
H:w111g clearly identified the bad he c l1.-H1L ter a'
now blarm. them for the suffering

Compassion: T s c. t- Jr;, Lei L'KPc; I t I Ill c IC' 11~c1ge

reel C' '

C ri " 1 ry peep t ; 1' ~ j d :-lj
IE:' hdr l te' gt 's J E
>11 ~'l '1"g ,r
~ itl dr di <. Tile t 'r c n inu
r t e
pprc:,c r Wll 1ot E.t time take L Ht cf he ~

d nE,\ ddv r'ture

er S the Ch1rdl ' C' f cor t C tl'd dl\\dvS l cHI' r
i i e TnL ct ead e the, har icter to 1c n1d1n
to t P pen '' e, d 11 1r 1sh J.1

fl" l~

Alienation : \,\

Wonder: n d c1v r ver\ d1\ prn11de

Fear Wt1ile ff,H )ften furch d p r<;c n

it :ir; ilc:,o propel d ch;irac ter nt l cir I
rlC lion Lett1r g ear guide 1ne" ac t1, nc:, mE d
prqJarwg rever g v r g f0rethc ght

Caution: The rharartrr undrrc:, 1ancJ., t11 al tl1 ose r dllght

oncJE rr' -lt Cr

tr::i11c:,grec;s1c,r '>

hurt those beneath hi m Indulgence 111 U115 pett111ess

comes easily as th ese 111d1v1duals deserve contf mpt

owe; 1 m to advoca te fo r those who can 't do

C:.n'se lves

Pride: Tl11 s cha racte r might take pri de 111 personal

dCLomDl1 shments. but definitely takes pride 1n the work
of otrers and of the co mmuni ty. When a commu111ty
succeeds. 11 Justifi es the character's efforts

Arrogance : By making onesel f the pinnacle of

achieve ment, all others fa ll short Soon, no one 1s
worthy of the characte r's time or cons1derat on

Modesty: The character esch ews credit and th anks

After all , anyone can do this work Thi s attitud e ensures
d1sophn e and focus to tile task al hand, and thu s
helping others and reduc ing suffering

Va nity: The character turns self-deference 111 to ra se

Trust: This character believes in giv111g everyone

Guardedness: Th e character has been betrayed

modesty, den1grat111g himself and ex pec ting others

to bolster hi s ego A twisted pass1ve-aggressr, eness
ca n emerge, 111 whi ch the character demand s
recognition for thi s modesty

the benefi t of th e doubt The good that comes from

trusting others build s commun iti es and provides
emotional support

one too many tim es and refuses to allow 1t to

happen again Why expect betler of a person wl1 en
there 1s no reward fo r doing so?

trong sense of ngtll and wrong means the

o us becomes sharp and intense wl1en a
fied Correcting a w1ong brin gs a su ong

Cruelty: This characte r not only serves as a el'

appointed Judge and executioner, but also starts t

believe that inflicting pain 1s a fitting pun1sh1 1ent
How else are the wicked supposed to lea, n?

character 1s morall y and cl h1ca ll y
..... ,..,..,,.,.,. sttuat1on s and olh ets IJased on
umsta1nce for the good or Ilic ro mm1rn1t y,
I code.

Dogmatic: When pressed or ern ot1011a I bu1 ned

ou t, this cl1aracler fall s back on t 1g1u ed1c t instead of
context It takes emotion I enC11g to gra pall po ints
of, 1ew, mrl OlnC'l1111e there I n't tune





Emotional Strength

Emotional Weakness


Bravery: Tl1e characte r erther clcfles fear or rr peels 1L.

using rl as a gurde Fear means opporLun rLy for ,Kiron,
and b1avcry cornrs frorn laking Lllr rr sks Lhc11 ot l1 ers
\VIII llOl

Defiance: The charac lrr m1s1akes deflance for

hr ,wcry Tl11 s merely serves to ca use tension and
1101,ble for olhrrs. whil e grncrallng ;:i false sense ot
pr, so r1c1I sr1 11 sfac Lion

QC) 16

Frugality: TIH'I r rs sl I r 11 g1 11 111 11\ 111 g c1 s1 111pll' l1f P. 1101

1uq 111 l",ci1l'1v111g posscss1011s lllll ,il so 111 keep111g
ll'i 1l1l111<.l11ps s1111p l<'. so as not Lo lie t11 slr a< led fr om
I ill' hrggl'I pldlll C

Condemnation: Tl1r ch;iracl cr 111s1sts on a

st,rncl.ircl tilril no onr c.in brar Tl11s 1ncluc1es the
c011cJl'rnn<1t 1011 of t l1 r self p11111,l11ng oneself for
transgressions 1rnag1rwrl or .ic\11,il

Caution: Th e cl1a1 acter under sta nd s that those ca ugl1t

111 a conflict a, e ll1e most ,ulne1 able Being reck le ss
on!\ ser\'es t11ose 111 powe1 who ha,e l11e time and
1esources to de,elop co unt e1 plans

Fear: While fear oflen lorcr<, <1 prr'>on into 1nact1on

1L can also propel a ct1arac Ler 11110 iln 111 xlv1sccl
action Letting fear guide one< c1c1 ions me,ins never
preparing. never g1v1ng forelh oughl

Wonder: In a c1l\. e,e,, do\ pr0\1des J new adve11LL11c

Tl11S keeps l11e cl1aractr1 LorrncctC?d. ailvavs lea111111g,
and all\e Tl1e Lil\ ll',Klll's tlw cila1c1ete1 to rernarn
open to ne1\ l'\per 1r11ecc. ,ls 11 sur pr rscs clail\

Alienation: With too many people ancl loo m1ny

problems. t11e charac ter gets overwhelmed anc1
w1tliclraws The city continues on. ignoring ,lll'v Jnc
person Why not let time take care of the problem?

Compassion: Tl11s cila1 all er t,1kes tl1e lime to engage

,, l11 tl1e tr ouhles ol a st1 rngL'r [and t Iler e a, e so man\ l
Tl11s Lan range f1 om a olferrng 1V11i111g ear to p10\ 1drng
clot11111g and otlir "uppo11

Hatred: Seeing so mucl1 su ffering causes the

cl1a1acte r to d1fferent1ate between the good peorle
wl10 deserve help and the bad who deserve hate
Ha\ 1ng clearly 1dent1fled t11e bad. tl1e character can
now blame tl1em for the suffering

Mercy: lia ,..,g,L l1' l11r1rw11111 tile 111110 TlllS

I ll e , 1 t ikl 11
fill, 11,1111 1\ 111g people
l'l l1l ll I Pt1111..,l1111ent for e,cr\
l I l \ l'I \ 011e ends up 111 cha111s
l '1s 6

Weariness: Even a saint can burn out It 's not l11al

people don't deserve l1 elp or a second chance
1ts that there 1s always another And anot11er nd
anot11er Soon this trde becomec; taceless. and even
suffer 1ng becomes abstract

Righteousness: T L' L rnacte1 takes anger and

stt c
s p~ es~,ng t uses 1t to fuel work Pusl1111g
r der d' 01 s 11111 to aci\ ocate for t11ose \\ 110 can t do
so !or ''lemseh es

Spite: Tl1e character deliberate!\ tries to upset or

hurt those beneatl1 him Indulgence 1n this pettiness
comes easily as these 1nd1vrduals deser\ e contempt

Pride: Tl1 s Lila1ade1 1111gl1L take p11de 111 pe1sonal

~lLL 11 pl1sl1ments. but def1111tel\ takes p11de 111 Lile 1vo1 k
ol others and of the commu111t\ \\ lien a (L)m1m1111t\
succeeds 1t JUSllfles the cilaracler s eflo1ts

Arrogance: By making onese lf tl1e pinnacle of

acl1 1evement. all otl1 ers fall sl1ort Soon. no one 1s
worth\ of the char acte1s time or cons1derat1on

Modesty: Tl1e cl1a 1acte1 escl1ews credrt and t11anks

Alter al an') one can do tt11s wo1 k TlllS attitude enswes
d1sc1pl111e and focus to t11e task at l1and and Lhus
helping otl1ers and reduc111g suffe1111g

Vanity: Tile character turns self deference 111to false

modesty. den1grat1ng l11mself and expecting others
to bolster 1115 ego A twisted passive aggressiveness
ca n emerge, 111 which the character demands
1ecog111t1011 for this modesty

Trust: TlllS cl1 aractc1 believes 111 g1\ 1ng c, er\ one
tile benefit of t11e doubt Tl1e good l11al comes 11 om
trusting othe1 c; builds co111111u 111t1cs and p10\1dcs
emotional suppo1 t

Guardedness: The cha racler has been betrayed

one too many times and refuses to allow 1t to
l1appen aga 111 Why expect better of a person when
there 1s no reward for doing so?

Justice: A strong sense of rigl1t and w1ong means the

cliaracter's focus becomes sl1a1 p and intense wl1en a
wrong 1s identified Correcting a wrong brings a strong
sense of satisfaction

Cruelty: This character not only serves as a elf

appointed Judge and executioner, but also tarts t)
believe that inflicting pam 1s a fitting pu111shmert
How else are the wicked supposed to learn?

Malleability: T111s cl1a1 acte1 1s mo1 all\ and eth1call1;

flexible and Judges c;1tuat1ons and otl1e1s based on
relative rncumstance for llic good of l11e commun 1t} ,
ratl1er tl1an on a st11ct legal Lode

Dogmatic: \AJhen pressed or emotrona 1\o ur wd

out. this character falls back on r ,g1d ed,L s 1 tead of
t l 1 r all po111ts
context It takes emotional cncr
of, 1ew, and somet11nes l11er I n't tune


Roll l>".1ce on tlllS clMrl Tile PC l1c1s multiple crnot1011<1I sllengtlL and ,,eJJ..n s.L'


amLEIS Vlc:aL




he Force flows th1ough all l1v1ng t111ngs, and no biology 01

culture prevents a people from being able to understand
or utilize ,t. Even the Emp11es aclive opp1ess1011 of Fo, ce
users and ,ts propaganda campaign have simply pushed
these desperate souls underground In the shadows. 111 the
hidden cracks within society. these beings learn to depend on
the Force even more. Those who aren't under t11e heel of the
Empire may invent their own terminology to explain the
strange phenomenon. calling ,t luck. rel1g1011. or fate.
The sheer size of the galaxy guarantees that on any given
day someone becomes aware of the Force and explores its
mysteries. Emboldened by their new awareness. suc h 1nd1vidua ls seek out others who have had s1m1la1 expenences.
slowly uniting into a loose coalition Meanwhile. lh~hGalait,c
Empire uses soft and hard methods Lo .supp~ess e,r ,a
logue. M os t b eings know
_ of the Empires. hard
. methods of
arrest an d exter mination but most unde,
. estimate Lhe pow
er of sot
f me Lhods Propaganda pushes ind1v1duals to doubt

es . to not question their new awareness. and

. the supremacy of the Empire TlllS propaganda
to believe
"hmet1mes re, nforces cultural elements that l1olste1 .a spe
. again st the Force. such as the Muun species sense
c,es . t11as
Of SU/JUflOrl t Y c,rJ
,, cJ rationality. un,forrrnty Lh1ea1 ens Lile Force.
cspec ,ally thr ~ rnp1re's vers,011 of u111fou111ty

f: ac h sp( c1r, ..1' ,,r1w

~ ' d
on ,1sown cu IL 11,
r 11 < X/J<
yet anot Iie: r per 5 rt) c( uv,




w 11<

r,, 11,,


//V(' (JI/ 111 Fort[' /)<i',f'(i

, I .J1 /1 111rJ1v1rl11,d, r,11/11 l l/1 lr".,

(, 111 L t ,, n, , ,,1,, r,


i11, 11.., 11 1, L 111, ,,, r11

\1ews. sometimes perpendicular lo them or coriplete

outside the cultural norm. always layered with 1r1tel/1g r
and nuance With m1ll1ons or even b1ll1ons of peoplE Ol'I
s111gle planet. to assume that all of those 1nd1v1duJ/ r
the same way about the Force 1s myopic and foolish
The hundreds upon hundreds of species lt'rougt 1 1
galaxy don't fragment the Force; they instead rc"v oe
meanings, new ideas. and new constructs to understJri 1
powerful. ever present energy_ The Force like l1fE
enriched by d1vers1ty.

With a cultural outlook that some consider rro
scendent. the Gand. an 1nsecto1d species. cn1u
complicated cu lture Their ernolional stec1d1r t:
ent) hum,IJty shou ld make the member o t
ral disciples of the Force Howevc 1. 1t t ikr 1
arnb1Lion lo walk the Jed, pc:Jth

r fr>r to lhfrn r Ives as tr1s Gard" up r

JII flrdgc>d membus of society At hat po r
h msr V( s by t~1e r surname If Gard acre e sorriP
H I ularly 1mpress11e such as becom1r g ndsmer
1r troduce themscl ves with the r f rst narre On
t xco mpl1 shed of Gand ca/1 thelT'se ves 1 If a Gard
l fo, rns a shameful act. that 1nd111dual ma re 1ert o a sin
'if n Jme or no name at all as terrporary pcnancP

I he Gand und ergo thi s process of nam ng due less to rigid

rule s I han to the structure of th eir society, culture. and an
guagc I hey view self promotion th e same way For a Gand.
faking 21 name or reputation 1s as odd and strange ac;; a
human introducing herself using the name of a famous Duros
actor While there are instances of Gand falsif ymg a name.
they are rare outf1ers.

Homeworld: Ti-,e rock 1 Outer Rim p ariet Gand ocated '1

riP S'" aa J a secor of trie Slice. has ar a fT'OSp'1ere o tr1c
an,mcri a m sts tra s toxic to mos o _geri-b'eath ng fe
forms Gand sn near an rnaior hyperspace aries ard s
c ose to he Certral t . a reg1or so de o d of stars hat s ar
sh PS ha e beer kro n to rur out of ...ie \ hen cross rg s
barren expanse For these reaso s. as e as 'Or ne spec es
nsJlar nature. Gand rema1rs solated 'rom t'1e res 0
galactic community

Language: The la11guage o Gdrd

po en \ "h drones and
cli1k th ll r ori Gdrid fmd d1fh ult to emulate L ke\ se. most
Ga1 1d struggle lo r rodu
the sound for Basic and so they
dcprnd II tr an ldto, modu es or dro1ds The particulars of
nd I n 1 u ge rncan translations often sound s1mphst1c
or hildl1kc dding to the perceptio1 that Gand are uncom1 llc.atcd and t1urnble


amu:ss \llaL





nl H' I ,llll
I l Tl I ,It



,,'f,11 '





r11ln1 Jll('il
, f(I


r111~ 111


f" I"'' Ii

d f < fl ill< 11 I
l )fl n" l< ilH I ,rr'
I[ I I I )II hi)
f)(j Ill l

I 11 f


r' f't /1 I

II l ~




I 1( (

rll I I


IC' [ 11

111111 ,llfl/1
j 0111, <[I( t<;fll

Jtt/ 'l(' IC'il


l/1 I


"I 1,I ,Hlly

,111 L1IJ1111 111,,1,

,1 I I


l111 lc111111


I l

I l

f )( /11

Ill ( \,ll

I (




I()\ (







. ri,, 1111111 111 0,rl M1 11 m sl a nrJ nf'arl y tw,, '1
1 ( I If'/ ( <J mr>,1rccl lo t111mn11<,, lh f'y have Cl (irJe t
1 ill ,11
1 1 11111 1i,i,lrl, i1v1ng lhC'm ,1 g;:iunL look Hi ,r
111 1tl IIIIHOil I II( p, ii<
nrl of I lie '>f)<'c t rum usua\ \y ap, l
nk or ,,, 1 ly U1c Ir Ir ii 11rt '> d <;md/1 n()<;(' rwt11ll P ire ,tihlll' Dll<' to lrP1r tt1rflf h 1 t r ,r ,
,ml ( ir'l lie Iv1111111 hc1vc I roll11,t rorst1Lut1or ri nd c.ir,


t ' ' r J "P 11 tr


" 1 c or<' wo rl d all I he way Lo the ect

1ror11 Jll', dt'<Wl11
I< lv llll Hl c1 1II lH (' as a Wh o Ie IS <:on,r~r
011t,1 r~irn11
v1d11a1Muun v;:i rjt
011 ii lJ<'l1f'f'.> o l 1nd1
,nrl r1r,1d
H pc, 1t,r, < wl1 0 t , dV<' I Lhe gala xy ar:Y v,11,
1llv c1morig
f I th
., rr ~
r tH' M 1111 n c<'
r sa me Pa '> "ion 1
, fl' 11
t r pr>< I<',
' <; d,
w,111 ol H, 1 I<'"> wlir>n l,H ,nc nirHd l d nr l' I 11ca1drcis,()ns i,
nllll'I ,p<
or IJl'I I W, 1nfl1 1<'nrrrJ by I.he Fore"'
Ill' /1J1 ill I 11

/IVC' iho it a ccn1wy

" aincd throug/1 n-1l1w:il nb1l,ty or cut Jrii'

the J\,]Ulln
Pride thcmselv('> on thP1r ddv~ncr.d
Ills Their children bo,1st ma1 h0mdt1r <'II< ip,
e 11111e1l
vii <.k
1hose of university students on othP wor 1
t/1,1t 111''g ' 1 strong grounding 1n mathematics, ogJC, nnd 1
reputation for 111te 111gence .-.ncl fdl
1/1r I\, lllllll
liavehastorv shows that tl1ey have SO'lle t
C't t/lCI r I
I !owe
v ind dan gerous biases. rooted 111 their PrlL' t .,



Wound Threshold: It'

Strain Threshold:

Starting Experience:
Special Abilities:


, 11k


, 1"'


[,1 11, 1


1'1 1\L'I


beg,11 tile game w,,11 0 1 c 1.1,1k

, I rn.:i 1 nol l1a111 D1sc1pl1ne lhO\e
'Lttr creat,011

, L

Ammonia Breathers: One notable d1ffC'1e11ce bel\VCCll

the l1vo rn.1111 subspEc1e5 of Gand 1s lint one l1ils lungs
and one docs not Those 1vho have lungs b1e1tl1c clll arn
mollla gas 1rnxture Those 1v1t11out lungs do not 1esp11c
and garn all necessary metabol,c substances ll11oug/1
food When plav1ng a Gand cac/1 plave1 cl1ooses
whether he 1v1slles his cllaractc1 to have lungs 01 not
If he selects to play a lunglcss Gand, l11s cl1a1acter 1s
immune to suffocation (but 11ot tlK' wounds suffc1ed
from being exposed lo vacuum) II he cl1ooscs to plc1~
a Gand with lungs, he starts lhr game with an arnrno
n1a respirator, and treats oxygen as J dange1ous atmo
sphere with Rating 8 Howeve1, he gains +IO sta1ting XP

Despite being an Outer Ri m soc1et'y, tl1e Muun remain ;:in
important cente1 in ga lactic pol1t1 cs, 1lw} st;i 1led and main
ta1r tr,e lnterGalac tic Bankmg Clan (ot il e, wise known as the
Banking Clan or Lhe ICBC) and slab1l1 cLJ th e credit used



. . Tlic tiaditional,st and conse1,at1ve luur,

meiitocracv 111 wh1c.h the 1ntell1 gent 0
c1r J r,
Muun culture praises
l/11oug/1 I 11e le
' 0 most 111tellcc.tual an I practica l of PL ,
JlOlll/(", clS l ,l
Tlwse wI10 do n't JOltl the ICBC usua ly sta rt their uwn
Cli. an 1
rior 1t1on Neverll 1e/ess , since the Banking
ffi I
I l,l'>SI\C 1 nd Pervasive entity ,t 1s d1 cut to "now wh
tJCgrns ~nd wl1e1e rvluun soc,et') ends
Tlie In lei e, 1 1xt1c. Banking Clan. and thus tl1e Muun
,cmarned neutral 1n galzicllc pol1llcs throughout the RP
e,a to keep the ec.onomv '>Lable rvluun internal po l1 t1C. t
to be s,m1larly neutral and support 1ve of the status qu T"
,llt1tude has trickled dow11 Lo 111d1v1dua l tv1uun, who cons a
11 cut1al1l1, t11e h1gl1est form of pol 1llccJ I practice In fact. rr
f\lut111 bel1e\e they sl1oulcln't concern themse lves w tr, t"
Galc1ct1c C1,1/ Wai. an apaLhy that the Emp ire encour1 f.
How<'ve,. this conflict d1ff<'rs from others in that the crrr
1101V lOrllrols the ICBC
On tile ot11er hand, Imperial control over the Bark rgC i
c111d the soft occupation of rvl uun worlds have I dtJ<:.e'l a
111uease in radica li zed Muun, who rciect the ,aea of re
trc1l1t) as a societal defau lt r~11s new m1l1tancy 1s terrp i
by ll1eir conservat ive background Rather thd" u r
pate in outright vio lence or pub lic protests. these b1dd '
act1v1sts engage 1n economic and corporate er me su h
embezzlement and speculation, to siphon furids fror"' p
rial accounts and disrupt Imperial bis resscs or Sc p10 A
few take these funds lo fill Rebe treasune . krovving
if U1e Rebellion succeeds. the Muu1 can bcron- e
indepenaent again These brave fe1 face myriad 'tidl 1P" .h
their peers conservatism their 01 n doubts ove r the r ' '' 1
ition and emotions about their tiomeworld and . he Emr;re"
consistent message that a strong M uun is a compua"t Mii 1

/\ 11 or 111 1s l1r1 c; I rrJ 11<, fnr1 rJr'rJ <,r 1p1n rrnrn rJ rJr><,ol lie b JI of ,r r1111 0 rJ wor lrl lill <'cl w1I (1 ', fH'< l,H ul,H ',I rur llirr <, tr; Ir; J',r JII ol
\l 1esr pl,1yr1', ,incl IIH 1r ,11pprJ rl prrsr;nnr I (,r Jrr IL11 .ird1c
and towc11 ng collm111 <, 1r1 1x w11 h ',lrir1r r llils ,inrJ r f;ill r to
c1ccJ IC' woncl1 011<, v1sl 1', I l 1r rri,11n v n1II rJI It c IC,fK ii c f ,
one of llH' mos l 11nprcss1vr ,ire h11, r 11,r,1 r rl f,, rs r ' re
g1on, bill likC' C'Vf' rytt11 ng r lsc on ',r 1p10 1t th rr rJ
, tt
Lhal make' Lil (' grrc1 \ cs l 1rnpr<'ss1or1
Language: file M1w n rrJ rC'ly 11sc tf1r,1r ov.r Hl I J r
oul siclc rs. cl cs p1l c lh f' 1r 1ns1stencr lhclt !hr or 1h I Jr , J
gramma1 posscssrs pC'r fccl matherna11c JI r l<1r tv Or c
L11 e few 111tclligC" 11I ly co 11 s1 rue ted languages in I he r,il 1,:
op posed lo orgc1 n1c.d lly ro rmecJ) Muun uses 1ones th J' rr ,k
some spec ies cl1 spc1 rag111gly c,111 1l Jn offshoot of B1r,iry Tr r
language 's crea \ors cJes1gm cJ 1l to evolve by cst1bl sf 1ni.:: re\.\
compound wo rd s 111stcc1rJ of ,1cJopt1ng loc1n w ,rch from ult' r
lan guages TlllS feature might be due to ct1ocen'r 1c r,re'E r
cnce 1atl1er l11 an any claim Lo logic as some ne~\e' worrls
end up dozens or sy ll ables long

ro- 1uu11 ll ad 1t1011al education teaches Basic less r1s a c >Jr

tesy Lo ollm 1accs a11cl more as a pract1cal1ty since l'vluun
dea l w1l11 sr:i ec ,es from across the galaxy Rather 1h1n le:-irn
add1 ll on al languages most Muun simply utilize protocol
dro1d s Muun who travel wide ly m::iy learn more due te, c 1r
cumstance. as a protocol d101d might not al1,ays L1e nL -irry
to hire or purcl1ase

orld: The Muun originated from the icy pl anet of

o the Albarrio sector. Though it had powerful geonergy, the planet offered liLLl e in Lh e way of natural
Another planet the Muun colonized, which tl1ey
uunilmst. was more temperate with rich mineral
rawmg on Muunilint's abundant resources, the
ble to spread outwards into the ga laxy. It wasn 't
that rocketed them literally and figuratively
I tics. however Instead. it was their establish
on credit-soon to become t11e standard
a y and the lnterGalaclic Bank111g Clan

plo. and especially t11e laws l11e

t ransactions as secrcllve as
hotbed of power and 111
wer brokers. "respec.L

Perception of the Force: It may appear to outsiders tl''l

the greed)'. se lf-serving l'vluun would be unl1kel) to t1a,e a
connection to the Force Darth Pl ague1s. a r-- luun. 1s ,rretut
able ev id ence to th e con tr ary In add1t1on one fVlu un cont1n
gent l1as a ph1l oso pl1 1ca l perspective on com merce. see in g
1L as being less about t11 e acc umulation of money and more
about how se ntients co mm uni cate Eco nomi es fun cti on 1n
cyc les. Just as livin g bein gs do Th e Empire ro se like any oth
er government and ,s doo med to fa ll eve ntuall y, like a 11 v1ng
organism To these Muun . tl1 e ga la xy is alive. and money 15
its sin ew But what 1s the lifebl ood of the gala xy? Wh al 1s the
purpose of commerce? Can ,t be used to improve all lives
111 th e galaxy, not Just Muun lives? In seeking the answers
Lo tl1 ese ques ti ons, Muun economic philosoph ers find th em
se lves close Lo un dersl and1ng th e Force.


Wound Threshold: 9 + Brawn

Strain Threshold: 9 + Willpower

Starting Experience: 90 XP

Special Abilities: Muun begin th e gc1 mc w1tt1 one ran1'

111 Knowledge (Educat 1011) and one I c1 111'. 111 Knm, lcdg
(Co1 c Wor Ids) They sllll may not t1 c1 111 l<.n wl edoe (Edu
cat ion) or Knowledge (Cor c WL)t Id<;) dUO\l' rcl nk , during
ell JI 1cte1 ucallon

Deep Pock ts: t\ llllm <11,uac ll'T s ta1t the ga me with

,1t1 u1cl111c11111 I Oll() cll'd1t s (Lill'\ 111a \ not spend these
f 11 ell!, dilllllL' I 11 II ll lCI ll' 1[1011)

thers reside l1ere




Th sc blue sk11111 Cd ll C' clt l1t1111 c1 11 s c omc' f1 0111 ,1 co ld c 11111,11 r
ct WCIE.' v1b1 c1 11t Pel 1t 1
' c1p,111ls 111 g,11,H li e soc 1c' IY d11111l g !l1 r
im e of Lll r l~c pul1l1c 111 tlw L1 11w of t li e C,,1l,1c 11 c C1v1l War,
tl1 e dc mou '1t1c cd
"id 1)0 1ll lca lly ,lCllVC' Pc111 IOl,J11 S ilc!VC' fOUllcJ
LI1ernsel\c's, 111 ,1 p1ccc111ous pos 1llo ll 111 g,1lact 1c pol 1t1cs one
rite w1l11 d1c.,astr r bu L also p10111 1se
Physiology Pai 1Lmans a1e a 11 ec11 l1u 111a11 spec ies w1tl1 skin
ol 'a nous sl1adcs
o f blue and ye ll ow cyrs [w1 tl1 so me 1are
111stanccs or black Tl1e11 ha11 1allgrc, ill rn lor f1 om blac k

and blue to l1 gl1t pu1 Pc

I and 1vl11tr l llC'\ l1c1vc c111 ave 1,igc
1ie ight sirrn lar to Lliat of l1u111c111s. a ll1t less t ll,111 two 111c l e1s
Th eir phys1olog') allows LllC:'ll1 to Ill' rn111lo11,11Jlc 111 lower
tempe ratur cs. requ111ng onl') ;i couple of 1c1vr1 s of cc1sua l
cloll1111g 111 1c,,J cIlllla t C:'S 111 c!II Oilier cl'>JlC'< le;, i'ilrl!OIJllS cllC'
nearly 1der1t1cal Lo l1urnans
Society: F1crccl\ 111dependrlll ht l1c\t'I'- Ill l1erdo111 alld
democracy, thr Pa11to1a11s still l1c1\t' <,111111 t ult111,1I l1old
overs from a 11101c feudal c1a P111!t)1111'> 1vt'c11 vt'llow 111,11kc;
on tl1e1r fo1 ehcali. u11de1 Lllt'11 c\ t's 111d oil 111r11 c l1crks lo
denote Lhe11 fa11111\ name" JrHi l111L ,it't''> f\loc,I Pc111Lora 11 s
have a ge11e1 al 111tc1 C<,t 11 gcnl 1log, c11H1 l11'>lo1 y, a11d en Joy
spending Lime s,ca1cl'11g for 011g IL)sl 1cl;:it1ves and connec
t1011s to ancient l1eroes and l11sto11cal figures A few Pan
torans still l1old nol11L Lilies Some also wear headgea r and
Jewelry proud I} denollng b1r tl1placcs and a soc1aled famous
geographic 1cg1ons wl1e1e ancient Pantoran battles. L1ealres.
artistic works, and t11e like occu1 red Howeve r. 111 l111s curren t
age, Pantorans l1ave Lur ned global pol1l1cs ancl debate 111Lo
an art form 111 L11e sp1r 1L of democ racy

Bitler and l1eated a1gumenls rage across Panto1a11 society

rega 1-d 1ng the fate of U1e1r homeworld Wl1en L11e Republic
fell and the Galacllc Empire ascended. Pantorans became
deep ly uncertain about L11e1r relallonsl11p with L11e ga laxy In
bo th l11e1r democratic Assembly and public squares, th ree
different camps have formed rega1d111g Pantoras po l1 t1cal
fu ture One camp the appeasers considers 1ntegra l1on
with th e Empire a pragmalrc goal W1lh L11e E111p 11 e's
recognition, Pan Lora wou ld ga in sccu r1Ly bol11 m1l1 tar 1l y
and eco nomica ll y Another camp 111s1sls 011 111a111ta 1n1ng the
id ea ls of the Repub lic These trad 1L1ona l1 sls, or republica ns,
co nside r the Empire a betrayer of those 1cJeals, although
ma ny also be li eve Lhal the Rebels cannot ti uly restore
the Republi c A growing few believe LllaL Panto1a needs to
st rikc out on 1Ls own, Lo found new colo11 1es ancl exp loit new
resources These rxpans10 11 1sts l1el1cvc l11J L ll 1cy neeci to
forge t rC'at 1es w1L11 the nearby slavrrs and sp 1l c LI adc 1c,, l)u l
rnr;uf~h Panl()rans see tl1al cJ1 rccL10 11 cJS c1 bllo11 e11L L11 aL any
s ;r I f;ill drrs on t l1r Assemh ly fl ooi
Homeworld: 1111 f,H r),itrr 1~1111 wor ld of r c1 111 n1c1. c1 1110011
JI/ ,,r/(Jtld (JIii) f'lrJl(Jllld, I' lnr,il1rl l1 ,ilf wr1y l ll' l Wt'(' II
Su Jtl11 di ,J / !111 1 r 111 1 ',t1J11r,1 ,, , 1,,r 'i1 111 11 1111rl1rl 11\ ,,11
1cr rnrJ ,pr,' Ir J1J 1 r I' mlr,1 111 "ill .1il1I 1111 111.i I , .. , li lt'
11st 11ol/J1Jv', 1JI ti, I, r11Jt1l1 1 , 1 ,1111,1, r, ~1111 , r1 , 1111 111 ,11 ,
As,c,rrrl,1/ fir A,,rrrl,1/ l.11111 1, 1111 1111 11,,1111 ,rri , lli ,rl
uftt1(hd1r111111 l111111d1r1li idt r lr q, ,11d l11 1ilu lllrt li i i ,
I, LIV( IJI Jf1I ,, I Ill( ',p 11/ I r, I 1111 A ,I rr llilv, wl 111 I l ' l ' IJ ', lilt
C hcllrflldll ', fJUW! I 1111 111I

uf tt<



So mewhat iso lated from the rest of the galax P

doesn't suffer direct oppression from the Empire o
loss of th e Republ ic has meant the loss of resou
money from th e Senate. Pantora has been alone'
two decades, struggling against the lawlessnes
bo ri ng systems As a result. is has slowly bu
navy of patri ots and volunteers. The " en
making the navy any larger. though , n11ght at ' c
t1on of the Empi re
ln cJ 1v1dual members of tr1e i\ssernt I ha ';nad
un donr nw nt ccJ dcc1 h with Lil ' r planet fo1 re 0
nologv, 111 fo 1111Jt1 011 anci e, en 111 'rcenanes The

tu, 11<, c1 lll111 d <'\ c' .i lung a the deals donr t
'>t'( lll ll\ ol l \ 111Ll1rc101 rt crt1 zLns Astiniegoeson h
1111 111 tl1IH1od uf 11 1 rr 1C1dent forcing Pantoia LO e e
e tor th 5
',ti\ 111 'l{1 rtl\ 111cr c1 es f\lostPantoransllOP
l.tll r r 1tl11 r ll1c111 so oner. especially as the Galactc
rc1 p,1, u111v1tl1out a clear winner

111 f<.lt~ tc
CL \t- Knowledge (Education)
Knowledge (Underworld) Perception
i1 d Streetwise
JJ' L 11 l


ne I t 'ed upon [and 1nfl1cled

~l'L st ctLIS IH e a11 1mp1 ess1on 111
tile For l l Pal llLLJldl ',, \ 1ole11l Clllllec, lea, e a
st1ong d1stu1b111Lc E tremel\ e,11 c11111ec, lea,e
a wound c1 cold. da1 k space t11at f11ghte11s t11e
unwar~ and consumes the looll1ard\ lmest1ga
tors can Lease out details from t11ose 1mp1es
s1ons. umv1nd1ng tl1e111 so t11ey can l1eal In
many ways, l11 vesllgato1s a1e pllvs1c1a11s for Lile
souls of commu111t1es. solving leste1111g myster
ies. a1r1ng out toxic secrets. and caule11z1ng ll1d
den crimes


b\ l pee~ le

These violent 1mp1ess1ons can also affect

1nd1viduals Even 1f they l1aven't w1L11essed the
rnme in quesUon. 1nvest1gato1-s have hea rd
rumors. have felt their community suffer. and
can read their peers with ll1e 1n s1gllt of an
1nsrder In many ways, a commu111ty funcL1ons
as a single, living organism. and damage to L11at
organism reverberates in boll1 p1ecl1clable ancl
surl')ris1ng ways By Lrac1ng Ll1ose sy111ptoms,
Investigators get to ll1e source



The great( s 1
tors. though, L ,n
their greatest\ er:1kr ,
emotions can help t
stand a person rn t
context to a fau If a o
killed a dangerou"' ct 11,
tt1at person a murdere
Howe\'er. emotions can cloud
gator s Judgment It tile good
saved a life turns out tc be
a betrayal to turn that friend
L11e co11sta11t e posure to-, 1
burn out even the most t
In the rrnal analysis 1'1
see ct 1111e <1nd v1ct1rn zat
corruption or the Force Tr
tl1e Force as sometr ng
througl1 people. affe
health. psychology ana
A corruption of the Fo e
people angrier. more ca
more likely to la t
others. These con t
by cnme Chip a\ c
wounding the Force un
society fall to th
out tl1e source of he ,ou'l a
the octet to fma I hea

SENTINEL: Investigator
Career Skills: Computers, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds!, Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth
Additional Career Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge !Underworld), Perception, Streetwise


Remove per rank of

Street Smarts from Streetwise and Knowledge (Underworld) checks










Remove per rank of

l\een Eyed from Percepllon
and Vigilance checks De
c1ease time to sea 1ch a spe
cine c11 ea bv l1c1lf


When making a Knowledge

skill ct1eck. the character
ma) pend 1 Destin) Point
to substitute Knowledge
[underworld) or St1eetw1se
ro1 t 1e equired skill

RcmO\e pc1 1c1nk 01

<;trcel Srrnrts 101'1 St l'C'l
WISE cilld ,,now edgL tl
dcrworllil tiecks


RL'mo\l pe,
'>tr,'L'I Srn,11~ rrom '>lr,,'l
1,1101,lcLit1,' ,Un
dL'n\Oflli l H'LK~
\\ISL' lllLl

l\rlPlnl illL' i~L'( L)ll',[i ilcl

till' '>1 L'lll' H 110/1 111 l Kl l
check o 11il11t1 I , lll< pt rv ,1
I I HI< il'll,11( oi pll'iOJl
l'L crt 11 llll ,cc11ewrlh111


> 1 t1our,

V\lllen targeted by a De
ceplion check. add Y to
the check equal to ranks
in \ ,gr lance


Once per session make
one skill check using Cun
n,ng rather than the charac
tensl!c linked to that skil l

Once per se<"S1on. ma take

an lrnprO\ed Street Smarts

action make a Formidible

(+ ++++1 Streetwise
or Knowledge (Underworld) check to learn one
vital clue from the GM Reduce the difficulty once per
rank of Street Smarts

Pcrfor rn the SPnse th e>
<;cenc dC or 11 1kc 1
Percepti on check ,,r ,J <.1 0 10 no
P rf'a 0 1 t~ 1 r f-orc e r alin ,
1 <;1,;ccessru . spc> n(l O to
1dE r I) re emotional
cra rac er sti es of or t' prr
son n 01,ed 1n the crime

(+ + +1

SENTINEL: Investigator


R 110 L




Career Skills: Computers, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth
Additional Career Skills: Knowledge (Education), Knowledge !Underworld), Perception, Streetwise



r,t, , 1, k ,r

1g1lall(f' cllc, he; DE

l 1l:11r


t lillll'IC c;e.:11 hd~p(

r1f1 c llel ll l1Jlf

111 l




prr r 111k l1f

Sm11ts lrorr Slirct

\\ 1' incl Knowledge' ,L n

clmvo, lei! cl1ccks


Remove per rank of

l\een Eyed from Perception
and Vigi lance checks. De
crease time to searcl1a spe
e1fic area by half

Remove per rank ol

Str eet Smarts from Street
wise and Knowledge [Un
derworld) cl1ecks.

e R
>ie Sc" e 1
Hard ( ) Perception
3 L

When targeted by a De
ception check, add 'f to
the check equal to ranks
111 Vigilance.


Once pc, session . mc1!--e
one skill cl1eck using Cun
11111g rather than t11e cha,aL
te ri sllc lin ked to th<1t skrll





Permlsslon -granted to print and photocopy this page for personal use. LFL FFG

10\' I \ll

(' ll \'I

Ill ' \\ ii il 1

k \lllllll' f I l'





loting check

(+ ++l


'J('' r irk l (
Jr onPrl fr
A hie c, 1
<rJorrJrr ,tor


Re'Tlo c
per rank 1r
Sk IIPd Jqckey lrnrn ill p,
lot ng IPI Hit I 11 and Pilot
nlc' Sparl l1uk, tiir rl1rJ1
H 101 ll'r rnpl



career Skills: Computers, Deception, Knowledge !Core Worlds) , Perception, Skulduggery, Stealth
Additional Career Skills: Cool, Coordination, Piloting lPlanetaryl, Piloting (Space)










I 1kr a Br-tter I u,

I rrnc Jct1or

l+ ++>


r 1Kf I Hard
Cool check 'c1


WhE:n engaging in a chase
or race rna suffer 2 ,trd1r
Lo add ~ cqual to ranks in
Sl1Nt ut to l11e ct1eck

rr dJur


Perforrn tne lntu1t1ve E,asion

rTldneU\er suffer 1 strain
and commit O up to ranks
of lntu1tl\e Evasror Upgrade
d1fflcutty of combat checks
targeting starship or veh c e
by equal amou11t Suffer I
strain every rourd 0
mains cornrn1ued


ElmLEss' V1CilL




Career Skill : Computel'I, Deccpt,on, Knowledge ICor Worlds I, p rr. ption, Skulrluqg rv, St Ith
Ailditional Career Skills: Coordination, Li ht 11b r, Stealth, Uiuil nr.r.


, arm


DODGE':.. :!



Per form tile rear the Sl1ad

ows action 111,:ike a Hard
Deception check
to force a single rn1111011
group or rival 10 flee the c11

c+ ++J




I 11 11t1d 1, 1,11111,11
Ill l\

Jll lhI II'

/ lttt/ 1 Ill\ 1tli1i1 JI lu ii I I

1111111111 I 111 II JIil Ill' I'll l\1 t

llio\11 I 1111 , 111 11, ti l !Ill II

11p11 11/1 1111 tl1!111uil\ ul //11
t Ill I I / 1\ Ill ti llilllllll f



Permission granted to print and photocopy this page for personal use. ICI LFL IC FFG



il t


d1",111IH' , . 1111 111\\ 1 iii 111 111111Hl111, ii

ll1llnw11w 11 l/'l

111 ENDLt s V1c1L


I \l I\ t 1111
\tt il"l'l

/\ctiv..1tion. I',, 11
Ranked: t Jr;

111t !1111, , 1111 11111111111111111 11


I ,',"11111

hl'fll Ill/ llllllf llllll/11' lllf /) 1111 \



Trees: ',< rll r v

1111 cl JI Hf/ r


IT 1/
wlir ri 1111vir1f' r Ir 1 ~


Activation : \\ LI\ l' [Al 11011)
Ranked : Nl
Trees: Ric l'I


011(( !WI '>l''>SIOll dlll/111' ,l /dfl' 1)/ c 11.J c

l)C'1ln11nihl l~1'lll1 ltllkN,, I !111,

1111 l Ii II If ll I Ill IV

1111rn1 lie 11111,

c+++Jcoolcheck 1\11( lllll'(d

, Hard

011,ll1111'!111ilil1 l1q1

to Oil( ( I I 1 ( 11 1 j1('\/i(' < 111, l C (I I lH 1 11 1, jll [ cl

coll1s1011. ll,l\11'~' lll ciocipt 11\
cit irl r ,. I', 1 1 I J'I I 11
clc' o, ('\c 11 d11 1'11 k 1,, l ir If( 1 'd'
1 c 11


cl', till

Ct\\ <lj)l)/0\1

Sll[!(/ ,l rn,1101 , oil

<, 1'

\, "'If I

IC 11 Vv t

Activation : l\c t 1v1 (!, c 1ch



I tc,i


' Il

/u/(11/ lhc



l ITJI' 1or



Hard (.



( ,f\ I , I

rr I ','1 I '11

r 1d i r 1 r"r1
11,,, rrir 111ml r r 01 /, P'lc ,
1111~ rr<,till 1r1thP1rrlrr1 ~c,tro
<.p(10rc J A , I JT 1c I c' Vvy' h ic, ', r
ir, 111r


Ranked: No
Trees: lll\l'\l1 fc1!01
Onu' pc I g,mH S(' l'
Ill c I 1 1c' 1 111 c 1100<,c I u 11 1k0
one skill c lll'C k u 11~ Cu 11 11, 1' 111 t 1.111 tlic c 11,ll 1c t0ri'l1c
l111ked to tl1dt c;k1II \\ l1c', 11c dc C'c Ji I l' mu-,1 0xpl.i1n l1ovv
111 t111s pc11t1C11lc11 111sL111c1 11 cu1111111g 1c, llclp1ng 1111n ovc>r
co111e t 11/S c l1allc11gl'


1111011 I Ir
11 ,


/1) 1J1 tr r

Activation: (\( I lv'f (Ar

Ranked: t Jr,
Trees: ',r 11' r I


r,, , )/


, u1cc"


( c1ily f',11'1'

J (

r;n''I( l ] 1



Activation: Act
Ranked: ~.,

(lr,c J"'' c..l

Trees: R ic er

Onrc per ro


':Jr fu'P Df>rf",'

cl1ararler may c,uffu 1 sta n Jf

Activation: A t1ve I
Ranked: No
Trees: Racer
Once per round, be0re r
maneuver the charac tP n
he does so. he may use '
move to any location w1'h '
straight up) as long d'> tne
ject to move acros or d pa


Activation: Ac t1
Ranked: l\io
Trees: Rae r

Th ch ir 1ner ,n
t mpt I ull rh rc tu
r1rn11, t f 11 1hr ,



lul l l11ntlll tl 1e


,,1 l\1llll d S

Activation : I) J<;<..JW
Ra nked: 'tc'<.
Trees: R1u'1
Du111w 1cht1sc t11ccil,1r,1clC'r,1cids 0 pcr rJ11kof'>l1ortcul to
'11<; Clll'lKS 111 ldC' lo (,l[C il or CS( dJ)C clll opporwn


Activation: Al l lVC' (Inc 1dc11lc1ll

Ranked: No

lu 111

Trees: RKer
\\Ill 11 L ng ll?lll(c' n I c11,lSl' 01 I il(C the C!i;ir ilCtCI lllcl\ s11flcr
t1, 1 <;Ir 11n to 1dd :p equ1I to rc111ks 1n Sliortcut to L11c cl1eck


Activation: \l \C [ \Lt1011)
Trees : ln,l "' g 1101
0111L pc SLs..,1011 till' Lil,11aLter ma\ perform the lrnprm,ecJ
'> l'l S1111rt" lLl 011 I le makes ,1 Formidable( )
Streetwise c11 Knowledge (Underworld) check . reducrn~
l i1thu1 !\ nllLC per rrnk ol Stret:t Smar ls If sue c(ss'ul
"l Gt\ 11 e, L :ils onL ~ L11 Lille per tarnrng to :i cw rent n r'>Lerr
"t Lil lld(tl'r IS 1tll'lllpt111g to SOl\e


tre Rll
( ) Peren

pr ,t

,c, "''
pt y ~IC 1

I ell

ucuirred 1,1tl1 11

e oeson s 1,e1glll

de t1, i I he
s,r ldr \


T t ~lue s,'oulc1 LL somct '111g t at t11e cl1aracte Lould

Jt nurmall\ 11 :1 o 1l bul rt doe<, r ot 11a, e lo be the u I
i s er ;:i the 11, sterv For 1nst1nce rt could be e, denLe
r 1t c reel<; 1 fJl,t le-id or ot11erw1se helps mm e tile storv
i ,ing T 1e Gt\ 1 sl1ould tt11lor the 1nformat1on depending on
t11e sh., I scd St eelwrse r111gl1t mean the cl1arac ter learns
1bo 1' t1t , for111dt1011110111 a 11et1,ork of street urc. hrns, wl1 1le
l\r 0 edge 1Undenvo1 ld1 could mean the cha racter draws on
1,1s c1, n ,ast l--no1, ledge aboul rnrn111al enter prise to discover
J pre, ou<;I unseen cl.ie




Acti at10


, en per+crlT' ng the Saber Tl1r01 ac101 t11c

vose d target 1\ th 11 long range If the ct'1r
m s spend ()() to ha e tl1e 1\eapon return

Activation: Actr e [lncrdenta

Ranked: o
Trees: Racer
t 1 1 , ' Onc.e per session, when th e cl1 arac ter gen er
ate'> @ on a Prlotrng [Pl aneta ryl or Prlotrng (Speice) chec k
lie rn.1, ca ncel tl1 e @ result cind add ':tf, equ al to hr s ranks rn
Cool to th e resul ts


Activation : Act e Ac t on

Activation: A.ctr, e [Incidental)

Ranked: No
Trees: Im est,gator
\,\ he, ma!-- ng a Knm\ ledge sl--111 checl--. tile character -r1
<,pend one Destin\ Point to substitute Kno1,ledge \Under
1 or Id) or Stret'twrse tor the requ red skill The GI\ 1 f"" J\ L t
dbl\ eribellrsi' an 111torrnat1on gathered dc10 t d u e
on tl1e cl1ec.k to refle L its cnm1na1 and unden t r cl on, 1 r

Activation : P s I P
Ranked : t

., h ~ the char Lt r auto

qu.11 to Ills ra nKs 11 \ 1g1 rnce


amu:s:r VIC&.


otivations provide a key method of understanding a

character for both players and t11 e Gam e Mas ter Pl ay
ers excited about their Motivation s frequ entl y offer cues
that help the GM provide story hooks and ad ve ntu1 es th at
link to those Mot1vat1ons. In turn . wh en pla ye rs choose a
Motivation. they signal to everyon e at th e tabl e what Lh e1r
character is all about Sentinels are moti va ted Lo r1 ghl tl1 e
wrongs committed by agents of Lhe da1k sid e. se lfi sh peo pl e
in positions of power. and unfa11 sys tems powe 1ed b\ apa
thy. This section introduces a new ca tcgo 1) of I\ l0Li va t1 011s.
Injustices. which fit the talents and sk1/l s of S 11t111 els a5 tl1e'y
maneuver in a teemin g c1Lv and manage despe1al e peo pl e


3 Li


5 6


7 9





1L" l)

cl1oosr ranu"on11,, lror

t cc r .irrltl .., .
. it
_ 2 . Random Sentinel Mot1vat1ons
Table 1

3 R ct

us111g LI 1c ( 0 1rfsrx -J n Table 2- : an om Motivation



S1rnil a1 to t he Cau e categor, of l\ lot1,at1011 ol c1s prrscnled

in the FoRcE AND DEsT1Nv Core Ru ebool-- till 11c1, lnJ 1st1cr
ca tego r, 1eprcsent5 soual 1 5 tilal mot ,.Hr ~c'11l111rl5 L 11111 e
Causes 1, l11ch can span 1,0,lds. lt1JL1St1ces t,1t lr1st 111 ll1r
co nte t of a Sentinel l\ lot1,a 10111 arr less l)10,1d rnd itlLct
a spec 1l1c and k1101 r' POl~J at 011 l11Just1ces 11 e ahst1 1L I JS
a concept, but speufk nst311LC'S are co1e1ete as ti'ere
al1\.1 s a g1oup 0 rE:c e su t'11ng lrom the lri u-,1tL

f1orn pag( 10"Ir) 0 I /lL

A pl 1, ll 11c re I .., Ir








Disenfranchisement: Bt\ c,11d u t '



11 1111 i1u

"lL'k Ill l l I

2 1 "0
lllnes : 111 1 t
', ,' I

I It


J111 cl

, 1t

'Ill I


t tl

Table 1-3

Specific Injustices

Pi a\ e, s ca, c >ioc e t >ic' let "1t1ons Ll1a1 t re

te,s d u11ng character C't ~t 011. 01 tlir ca,1 1c I



. ~'.1-- -


dd,t 1011 to the spec1al1zat1ons ava ilable within a given
1 1 cha1ilcter also l1r1s access tn that career's s1gna
t rl oil1t1es Tl1ese ab1l1lles are special el ite ta lents foi onlv
c r1 rie1 Cl'ci cl1a1r1cters of 'lie spec1h d c,11ee1 They are
n icic possible ll11ougl1 skill and ab1l1ty gained O\er a
d, JCLL ssf1JI ca1t:e1



1,1t\ 1s composed of ti'1ee ell l'lt.'111 the node,
1ll'11t lice 'heah 1l1t\ ,hi,,c iL"11 rnd 1sc11es
L)f ung1c1des '11 t <1gn L 1' Ill' 1h1l1t,

Each signature ab1l1ty has four nodes , ned JP across ts

top These four nodes match up 1\ th the four taler so he
bottom ro1\ of a ta ent tree Each node can e 1ther be aC' .e
showing a bracket fac,ng upward. or inactive e"1a " r>g
blank To be able to attach a signature ab1I tr to a tree. the
ch, 1acte1 must owr a I of the talents alorig the bottom rm
0f the ,lest1r at on talent tree that match up 1 1th the act ,e
nodes 01' the s,gn::iture ability


To acqu11e a signature ab1l1t . a character must first purchase
the basic form ot the ab1l1ty This takes up the ent1e first rm
of the signature .:ib1I t\ tree and 1s purchased w1tn e oe ence
points Tl1e e\per1ence cost of each signature ab1 t\ s sted
111 its box

A cl1a1 acte1 who l1as purchased the basic form of the s1gnatu1e ab1l1t\ can further customize the ab1 l1t\ b\ purchasing
upgrades. Upgrades. much like talents. are purchased \\ 1th
expe11e11ce points. An eac l1 upgrade may onl\ be purchased
1f 1t co nnects to the basic form of the ab1 l1t) or to a pre\ 1ous
ly purcl1a sed upgrade Thee penence cost of each upgrade
1s listed in its bo.

Before purchasing a si gnatu re
abi li ty or an I of its upg1 ades, the
characte1 must "attac h" th at ab il ity to the bottom of one of
th e character's current in -career talent trees On ce a signa
tu re abi lity has bee n attached to a tree. no other signature
abil iti es may be attached to that tree. and the attached ab,
1ty ca nn ot be removed or sv itched to a different tree char
acte r can only acquire a ignature ab1l1ty from h1 (ar eer .:i nc
ca n on ly allach that ab1l1 ty to 111 career talent tree
To attac h a signa tu re ability to one of h1 t.:ilent tr t' . c 1:
cl1 a1ac le1 mu st own all of the ta lents alon 5 tilt' bottl 1 r 1,
of l11 e dest1n allon ta lent tree that match up 1, 1th thl' a t1,
nod es on t l1e signatu re abi lit\ Then. on t' ,1 1,11<1tur abilrt\
ha s bee n att ac hed to a lall'nt tr t'l'. tht'
cl1ase th e t1 lJ1lity's lictsll fo r 111 c1 11d 1t up
e11 ce, Just .i ~ 1r l11ev we1t' t 1lc'11ts
I Ill' t.111t l1HI < <1 1cPr 11 '" tl ,


tc ti\'

1 nature ab1lrt1es.

l\lv ( ll\ i11HI lJ11111.1l1 lwd V1p1lancc


Sentinel Signature Ability Tree: My City


---- .

(+++) Knowledge (Core Worlds)

Once per garie session 'le ,, ar , an sett, g. he character n a, s end 2 De t,n po sand n e Hard
edge (Outer Rim) check f s 1ccessfu. 'or rie -emamde o l1e gall'e session l1e cl1aac'e' n a s II e, "_t 1 " o e
group or estab 1shrne t , t n t at c a d am ele ant nto, 1at on


The s

c e

s e3



r 1 C
s 1C e a1 .
rie Lhancte, <. ,., 1e c1osen
,11e11 e e ' e c 1arac e

s Aver-




The habitat of man') Sent nels 1s !T'ore thar JJSt 1,here: ,e

live_ It is their pnmar') focus. and deferidwg 1t dominates
their thoughts_ The') study ts streets ar'd bu1 dings, earn
ing the best ways and times to trave thro,1gl1 1t The\ also
learn the hidden secrets of those 1-\hO 11\e the1e. 1,hell1e1
law-abiding citizens or crime lords using eneers of respect
ability to avoid the rightful punishment Fo, t11ese Sentinels.
such knowledge and expertise 1s more than Just useful 1nfor
rnation-1t can become the decider between life and death


ce per game session when in a chosen urban setting t11e

ar Pr ma1 spend 2 Destiny Points and make a Hard
Knowledge (Core Worlds) 01 Knowledge (Outer
Rim) check rjc Df nding on the location) If successful, fo1 t11e
rrrr a r ,l r 0 r,.,
rrr ss on, tile cliar c1cter may sufte1 2
c:.tra n tor( cdi ,,r I arr u~, l(JC cJtlon of ,rny 1nd1v1clu.::il, group
or C'>ab <,trrrr >N'I, r L r1ty ilu11(1 w11l1 111v 1rlt vc1 11t

(+ ++J

In lilt'

Boost Skill Upgrade: \\ 11 le ~ 1 Cit\ s JLl e n

:icte s 1 the c 10 e 1 c \ the cllaracte Jdd
se 3nd SL.
a l11ec"s

Boost Skill Upgrade: \\ h1le ~ 1\ Cit 1s 1Ll t a

acter s n the ll1osen cit . the char acte, adds D a
dugger\ and Stealth cl1ecks he make 1n t'lat <;e t nt;
Change Skill (Underworld) Upgrade: \ f-Jer ac \ 1
Cit\. the character may make a Kno edge nae
cl1eck instead of a Knowledge (Core V\or L Out I R ~
Change Skill (Streetwise) Upgrade: \\ lien Jl
Cit\. the character ma'> make a Street1, se cheL
a Knowledge [Core Worlds Outer R1rr) ere
Cover Upgrade: \\ h1le ~1\ C ty 1s act e d' i
1s 1n the chosen Cit\. whene,er the cr1r,1 trr "
1r1c1eases his ranged defense b\ onr
Destiny Upgrade: To act I\ ate i\ 1\ Cl
to spend onl\ 1 De tin, Point r q a
Reduce Difficulty Upgrade: \ l
' e ,1
1L'lJLIII " 111 Average
skill check ' te d c
skill check

c+ )

(+ +J

Downgrade (Stealth) Upgrade: \\ h1le t\ I Cl

:,, flt'
ll H I I I H H IL 1 1 111 L11e cl10 en c1t 1 the character niJ\ e
lr 111110 low1w11de tile difficult ~t an1 Steaitti ctit'L"




\\I] 1e



ntinel Signature Ability Tree: Unmatched Vigilance


All PCs add D Lo the11 com

bat checks targeting an\ NPC
who l1as al read\ La ken 1 tu1 n
durrng the current round

All NPCs add to thc11 com

bat checks targeting any PC
who has not yet taken a turn
111 l11e current round


When the character acti , ates Unmatched Vigilance.

he may chose to in troduce
a "fact" or additional co ntext directly into the narrative as rf he had spen t a
Destiny Point.

A classic mark of many Sentinels is Lheir foresight and alert
ness. From carefu lly scouting out the terrain and possible
cover in likely combat locations to always watchin g for signs
of ambush. they are rarely if ever caught unawares. To th eir
enemies. Sentinels appear to possess complete situational
awareness, and always seem to be a step ahead of them.
Part of this is the intense preparalion that Sentine ls un'Clergo before they conduct their crusades against injuslice.
often carry a wide variety of useful ilems on Lheir per
and always seem to have just Lhe right device or piece
n their pockets or packs for Lile cu n cnt situation .
n or any contingency readied and an un encllng
y n be the masters of almosl ,my rncoun l cr





A~er activa ting Unmatched

Vigilance, the character may
1mmed1alely perform I free

Always Alert Upgrade: After activating Unmatched

lance. the character may choose to use either Cooi c

lance for his Initiative check un til the end of the en
Preparation Upgrade: Wh en the 1.ti
activa tes Unmatched Vigilan ce. he rn ay chose to mt
"fac t" or addili onal context directl y rnto th e narr ::it
had spent a Destiny Point

1 ,

Combat Readiness Upgrade: Aft er JC ti\ ,1tir 1 , L

Vi gil ance. Lh e character rnay 1mmed1Jte1, pt.:rt rr
Duration Upgrade: The ln1t1c1t1,e
Vigil ance esLabl1 shcs la ts Olll' ,1dd1t,
upgrade pur chased

ii r

Destiny Upgrade: l o ,lt ll\'1ll' tti'

base c1bilily, Lill' chc1r.i lll'r tll''d

flo111l 111 ,; lc\Hi ol ltH' 1101111 ,1


Group Pr r ,n-.,11011 Up , c d : \ II f s 1dd

to their
( ur 11 lic1I ( l1t1 " " ldl f li ng HI\ I lc1\ t' I Cl1arc1oer wt, o has no t
\1'1 i,il I'll .I illlll Ill illt' llll1'lll lOlll lci

,tc up V II 11 l' Up ,rad : \11 P c1 cid D to L11e1r combal

I, l.lll'l'lilll' Hl\ NI) 1Vl10 ll cl S Jlr ead y taken a turn dur
l11c tlu l lll l\'111 1uu11u

I 1111



orce Power Tree M

requisites: Force Rating 1 +

a nI p U (ate


Force Ability





Spend \) to increase the

pm~er 5 ange b\ d riumber
or range bands equJI ,0
Range upgrades pu rc1-ased

\ \ ill'll



,r,'er1cl () to c 111,t t

, 1 l'ol r

Lt, to

1L1u 1t101 11 r 11 1 'I

\ tern st r 1111 or tic 11 1
a rl d1 l1 0 11.i l WOI IPU tc
c ,



rur, 'H,td


Spend rJ to nue i l' t'le

power s rJr1t:;c ti a nu 1 b r
ran t' band equ, to
Range upgrc1de5 purer cd



Mastery Upgrade: \'Vher perform1r g a Manipulate power

check as part of a Mechanics skill check the user mav spend
O O when using the power to gain@ on the check The ust:r
r1a, rot -r'.I ate th S rrultiple t mes
Range Upgrade: The user may spend '.) to rcrease the
pu1 er s rdnge b) d number of personal range bards equal to
Range upgrades purchased The user ma act ate tt11s mul
tti:- e tines ncreastng the range b, this nur"ber eact1 time

Strength Upgrade: \\ hen us,ng this power o cause a

L1r;::d tL ,, lO\H tr::itn or s,stem strd1n or real wounds,
the user ma spt:r d () to cause the target to rec.over one
, 01t1onal tram. stern strain or Ilea! one add1t onal ,vound
per St1e11gtl upgrnde Th s may be acmated mult1p1e times






The BR 21 9 1 a rart.: I 1gl per 1o~ma11ce /1ea\, blaste1 pistol
produced b\ Ba Tel11 .\ large. 111t11rndat1ng 1Veapon tl1e
BR-21 9 l1as a s/101 t thick. ban-el with a broad aperture. a
hea\''y duty f1 ame. and a custom g11p with an 1nteg1 al I eco1I
compensation S\ stem These supe1 J1ea\ \ pistols we1e
developed 1n response to 1-equests f1 om bount\ !1untei-s and
law enforcement agencies for a powerful. pistol sized 1Veapon
for use in taking down part1cula1-Jy dangerous opponents
To meet the demand. Blas Tech tu1 ned to one of its most
popular and well respected product lines and de\eloped tile
BR-21 9 from its E 11 series of m1l1ta1 y blaste1 11fles
Using the E-1 1's rece1\er and firing rnechan1s111. BlasTech
engineers then reeng1neered the XCite1 and actuating mod
ule to produce an overcha1-ged bolt. equipped tl1e d1 astically
shortened barrel with an 1mp1oved Galven patte1 n. and de
veloped a special and highly volatile blend of blaste1 gases
to feed their new weapon All of Lllis enl1anced tecl1nology
combined with the new bespoke blaster gas made fo1 an
extremely powerful-if slightly inaccurate and fln1cky-p1s
tol The bolt from the BR 219 1s nea1 ly as powerful as Lile
E 11 s. and the weapon produces a t1 cmcndous 1101se and
rnu11le flash when fired It 1s ne1tt1e1 a sub lie 1101 a I esll a111ec1
1Jr ipon openly ca, ry1ng one of tllese mass1v pistols makes
, r c10r4uc>nt point about tl1e user's 111Le11L1011s

n, rm

JI (J 1s riot sold t111ougl1 RIJsTecl1's usual clecJlc1

,, r Jd, Hit Wf'i]f)Orl IIIIJ <,t /)p CIIStC>lll n1fiC'lt'd
<,rdlP,h' fro r Ll1t I 1 tr Jr I A I l1r1tCJ1Jl'II 111111111 11 'w( 11111 v nu
Jcdl.JIJ rv. f 1 JJnJrftck lilrJ I 1111111/r I llidt Ill~ fll'lllil[
1111 1 1,I //11 I WI rl[llill /tfl iJ/\
t 1 c, IJ Ck( l(Jut rl 11 1 I , J11 ti r 1r111111 r 11/1 cl /JV Jllll
f)I L1JontJ1 h/11k11111/1i(1I Hrjlllllllf:!ill/iltJll{'/i
tt1a11 I {? I 11 11
clrJVIIW 1 [3[ 11 ri 1Vltl1u11t ll1l'
proper p rrrllt I d II ky IJU Ill'~ Jllcl iil'llle I 11111cJ IVl(/1 cill
r tworY



l1unters 1 Kl 11ecena e I" 1, 1

Suub m 11 keted the GL\ a" the mo
able for r1eelance la1, ento1ce111e lger
f10111 all ac1oss t11e gala\\, and re
SoroSuub's best selling p1ociucts
Tl1e 11fle itself 1s a t1ad1t1on1II t ed
close1 111 size and 1,e1gllt to a bla er
full sized blaste1 rifle It l1as a hor b re
flash hide. a top mounted arr 111g r 1 J
tl1e length of tl1e I ece1\ er. all 1, ng e 1_1e 1
with la1ge1 hands or 111 bulk\ arrior
built 111 1eco1I co111pe11sators Tl1e GL eJ~L t:"
s) stern tl1at allows tl1e weapon to op r<1te
automallc rnode. and its -tun etting " ~h
111 its class-able to I ende1 e, en the toug e
most da11ge1ous ueatures 111se11 ble


f\ 1e11 So1111 LD 1



Gl [ rrcl l 1
l D' l



l Rrfll'

k II Paladin





(f<j l,J',




1 )

I x11rmr

l ong



', H



t '

Air, f rr [J r,r 'rt')



t rr ,r


f1 r


AJtc r rr Pfr
SI un sr" r g S Jf.J r

L mire J Arimo

Other Weapons

l'W Mk I<, hudc1rl

[l 1{'11l)


NX 1ft ~!(r Irr



L11 1D 1 ltrl Ile rn11w 1v1lcll\ pop11

rt11d11n, powC'r. ,rncl h111lcl quc1l1!\ .irt' IH' trl',
1 1t, rrrnc Ill Tllesr qu 1111 It
l0111h11H'd w1l11
1 lcll 10n as,, ..,por l 111{? hld'>lu \\ll11rl1 di lows rt
l WC 1pon I C'Sl I lellOll'i 111 Llw gcJldXY t1avc
to 01Nc;tcnllv outsell tt1c older SoroSuub
,1gg1 r rve mar kct111g l)y Merr Sann and
dnces on d popula1 HoloNel adventure
r,rn1 l1aw cs tal)l1sl1ed the LD l [1rml y in both
J popu lar c ultu1 c

(RIG' 0

rodr1y, PcJladin r1flC's arc a rare srghL :ind rrio'>t rer"a ri '
sLorr1gc' 111 ,irrnorres deep below the Irr perra 1 Palace on Cv
11c.,ccJnl SornC' l1c1vc made their way Lo Lhe galact1r vveapor"
market, however, commanding steE p prices A herie er ti"f 1
are sold
The damage rrom the Superior quality ~ nrludea n tht'
weapon's profile When the integral ,tun prod rs used 1n
close combat, 1L has the following profile l\1e ee Daragt
+ 2, Cr1L1cal 6, Range (Engaged) Disorient 2 Stun Dan- age

IL I'> run1c,red ! l1al a va r ran t called th e LD 1a rs produced in

small numhc r.., [01 Lhc lmpe11al Security Burea u The Lrulh of
these rumors llas yet to be verified, bul rf th ere rs a special
ISB verc.; ron of the LD 1 rt would se ll ror a Morrs ransom on
the bl ack ma rket should one ever appear tt1ere

Wl1ile blasters are orten the ranged weapon of ho1ce rrar

sll ll prerer other weapons that offer un q,1e carab1l1t es be
yond whal energy weapons offer



ContractecJ by t11e Republi c speci fi ca ll y ror use by U1e Senate

Guard, the Mk II Paladin is an orn ate, l1i ghl y accurate blaster
rifle designed for ccre111on ial use. Bu ill Lo exac tin g spcc 1r1ca
trons by SoroSuub, Paladin rifle s are as mu cl1 works or art as
hey are weapons With their h1 gl1l y poli shed bl ack ba rre ls
nd frames. pear lcscent silver polyca rbonate ru rn rlure. and
fittings, they are striking weapon s th al make qui te an
",.,...,,......,,on n those who sec L11em .

Kam 1noa n Weaponsmrths, a subs1d1ary of Kamrnoan .\'

morsmilh s Ud , rs a small weapons producer based on the
watery planet or Kam1no Its products are all essent1a I
handm ade, produced 111 small numbers by l11ghlv trc1tneL1
crartsmen and so ld 1n l1m1ted ru ns. Tt1e cornpany 1s re at t
unknown outside of certain circles namelv bountv tidn
and professiona l killer s bul among rts select clrcntt'le rt 1
a rep utatio n ror we ll rnad c. l11 gh qual1t\ product




Sabe rd art launchers l1ave l1ghLwe1ghL ba11cls that propel

their da1ts via co 111 d
p1esse gas Dartlaunchc1scc111ll<'h111ll
into gloves pieces r
O at lllOI, oll1e1 WC'Jf)OllS, CVl'll lllllOt LIOLl'i
p ces of eve1 yday gca1 like dalJpJdc:; c111d glowrnd'i
Saberdarts may be loaded w1tll 1 dose ol sy11l11et1c 11e11
roparalytic (see page l 8 1 or Lhc FoRcE AND DESTINY Core
Rulebook), 01 any othe1 poison L11e Gl'v1 deems approp1 iaLe
Wheneve1 Ll1e w1elde1 successfully atLacks a Lai-get with the
weapon (eve11 ir she deals no damage), Lhe Lai-get also sufrers
tl1e effects of being exposed to Lhe poison

Considered. incredibly niche, obscure weapons w1l11 l1tlle
combat utility, needlers a1e a 1a1e s1gl1L 111 L11e galaxy Tiley
are compact, sma\1-rramed, slug tl1row111g p1sLols L11aL uL1lize
a powerful, m1n1atu11zed mass d11,e1 to fi1 e sha1 pe11ed re110
ceramic darLs at very ll1gl1 \'eloc1L1es The fi1 st 11cedlcls wc1 c
introduced by Golan Aims du1111g tile llc1gllt or tile Gc1lacL1c
Republic Nearly silent 111 tlle11 ope1at1011. c111d 1e111a1kably
hard to detect wl1en concealed tl1e, \\'el c Ilea, 11\ ma1 keled
to individuals and government ope1at1,es 1vl10 needed a 1el1
able, easily concealed. d1rflu1\t to ti ace weapon Along w1L11
their silent operation and ease of use. one or U1ese weapons'
biggest selling points 1s their a111111u111t1on Dai ts fired From a
needle1- bypass personal ene1gy shields with ease. and they
can be coated in a ,a11el') of lelilal and non-lethal toxms to
subdue or kill ta1-gets Tl1is has made them very attractive to
bounty hunters, spies, and assassins, who appreciated their
versatility and deadly ulll1ty
The NX- 14 is one of Golan Arms' latest Forays into 11eedler
technology Its smallest, most compact ofrering Lo date, tl11s
weapon is slightly smaller than a grown human's hand and
roughly as thick as a common datapad. It is constructed
of an inert, light-absorbing fibermesh polycarbonate with
shielded internals, making an already dirficult-to-detecl
weapon nearly impossible to find when concealed properly
The weapon's standard ammunition is a solid, spin-stabilized,
razor-sharp ferroceramic dart that can punch through nearly
any personal armor or shield with ease.
A needler removes all added by a personal deflector
shield. Anyone searching an individual carrying a concealed
needler adds to her Perception check to find the weapon

Jedi l1,1vc ,1lw,1ys prrfc>rrrrl I t1r.1r l1ghtsabc>r<, to illJ<.lPr d
olhcr prowc111c, wcr1pons lven todciy, whrn orwnly r
11 r\ 111
a l1gf1\<.,<1flC'r can h<' ,1 cir<1th SC'rltt'nCC', many r0rcc r;\, Jh I rer1t
carry t11r'>l' wc'c1pons bot 11 lo c;ccrrtly 11riholc1 Uifl <Jn< r1nt J
Lrad1t1ons of swordsrnansh1ri amJ lo kflep thr 1r ~ki lc:. h

Crossguard lightsabers are common 1m , ,
Makash1 and any otl1er Force users vvho E nJo'y 1 , 1
and excitement or dueling They rcsE mhl( , 1 ,J 1, 1
sabc1 and operate like one w1lh one except1uri 1
their blade, they have a smaller, low 01Hput rrr
tile hilt The internal rncu1try 1s run lhro11rh i ~ 11
through use of a spec1al1zed power modulc1t,)r. h
produces two secondary. very short blades at ninrt
angles Lo the rna1n blade While their primary p111 pt
vent raw power away r10111 the main blade 111 pr...ict1((
smaller blades could catch an opponent's black' uth r
111g it 01, with a little luck. d1sarm1ng the opponent 11, ,
Wl1enever an enemy engaged with the d1aracter '1c1
Melee 01 L1ghtsaber check, after Lhe attack 1s rec;olv8d
character may spend @' or @ @ @ to hook her oppor
blade and disarm him Aside from losmg the wnpon
other effects of being d1sa1,med are lett Lo the G~J's d1scr,

l 1ghtwh1p

L1gl1 salJ< r




',I 1r,r t

L1ghtwhips are, perhaps, the rarest and most b1zarr
Lhe numerous l1ghtsaber variants Highly modified 1,
sabers, l1ghtwh1ps consist of a short l1ghtsaber haft
from alloys or composites laced with e1U1er cortos1)
pf1rik Their internals are modified 111 such a way that
plasma's containment field 1s more flexible, allowing
emitter to create thin. snaking, fluid blades several met s
in length. These modifications also have an un,rire
side effect of reducing the raw damage output ,.ind c. r '- capabilities. Once active. lightwh1ps can both dec1 oa '
and capture or entangle an opponent Due to the I ')r r
of the energy blades. though, l1ghtwh1ps are extrao,
hard to master and can be more of a danger to ...
than their opponents



[R) 9,700



[Rl 11.400


Ensnare 1,
Pierce 5. Unwield~

8 I Pierce 4 Vicious

Defensive 1



rd l1gh,.
r Set in
ter, ana
Weap 00
Se S .-

e these
r bloc


\\,1en tile ct1aracler using a li ghtwh ,p ,,, k

, ,a {J
cs {J
a success ful
L1gl1tsa er com b at check. she may spend
pre,ent her opponent from using th" p
or @ lo
' arr\t rncrde
reduce damage A use, may not add
b rita/ to
e,t cr 1sta/
attachments lo a lrghlwhrp and cannot use
a Irg llivhrp lo
parry or rrr ect attach.s


De,t ,


or e
cra/ r
naught c
to the srr
there rs a

b\ an obscure cadre ol artrflu'rs. ll1ese
r Jlar amongst cutpurses and assassins before
drscO\ered Phrlaxra Onn U1e popula tion
log, suc11 as \lbrobl::idEs and olhe1 modern
' ise knrves fell out of fa, or The \Veapons
ed an unremarked oddrt\ l1ad a wa ndenng
l across one decades later

Phr lax ran Phase kn rves ap pear as no more than knrfe hr/ts
the rr inactive slate When activated. however. they proJect
a 1110/ecular sh reld that forms a werghtless but so li d 'blade
Tt1e blade 1s sharper than comparable vrbrob lades. but rts
unrque ba lance makes rt very drffic ult to wre ld The user can
also ad1us1the size and shape of the blade on the fly, certarn
shapes make rt surprrs,ngly good as a thrown weapon

Wl1en used wrth th e Saber Throw ta len t. a character may

spend t> t} or @ (rns tead of ()J to have the phase kn rfe
t<' lurn to her ha nd A user may not add lrghtsaber crystal
attachments to a phase knrfe Anyone sea rch rng a character
ca rrying a deactrvated phase knrfe adds to the Perceptron
check to find the weapon


ralrzat,on in the galaxy. there is usually a spe

wn From the uniform s of th e Corel/ran Dread, he dress whrtes of an Imperi al Navy admrral
overa ll of a speeder mechanic. for every Job

A character wearing crash gear rgnores the effects of

ongo,ng Critical ln1urres on any Intellect- or Cunnrng-related
checks. but still suffers from the rn1urres themselves She also
cannot be drsoriented

Most sets of crash gear consist of an assortment of protec
trve wear designed to a/low a user to better survive the rn evrtable collrsrons and buffeting that are part of every race
or mission Typical outerwear includes layers of microfiber
cloth and rmpact-absorbing gel inserts worked into a Jumpsu it or other form-fitting outfit, along with thick gloves and
t;oots Most importantly, crash gear comes wrth protective
l'leadwear These can range from small skullcaps (known col
OrJIJralJy as "skrd lids") to full face. internally supported, env,
rrmrn'!nLal/y seciled helmets that can rival military gear Like
cra,r, gear f;Utc~rwear ,rash helmets rnclude gel-packs and
~,rrkrn~ rr,1<.rofibrir IJUt dlso have strong polycarbonate slie/ls
rn,,d With dew;r, pr;/yfr1arrr /(Jr a.rccJ ler proLPction . Some he/
rr,r!ts are a/so rqurr,p<'d w,tt ltl!f
' prdl fcJ<,, o;/11c /d s or flllJ l/fJ
v1s0rs th ,
, J((t \
cf , frornatbarrh trnt<'d and f)CJ/ur11cd 1<1 p1 1 ilt>r I I H wr'
ot d0.lmc; drJd f/ar11rg l1r,tru,

Crash Gear Helmet





I ,
Crash Gear


Pit Crew CO\e1all

Zeph) 1 Stealtil _ u1t

Hard Points


(f~) ,, ',00

G-suits, or gra,11, surts 1rc> '>fC'lial ga1rne11Ls worn u11de1
f\Jgl1t suite; b, prl t 11d I all:'r \\'l10 a, 1 gula11, exposed Lo
il1gl1 gt I e__ u 11 as 11o~e e per 1e11ced 1, l11le I ae111g 01 per
forming a g1e_
Je1obat1cs G-su1ts use inflatable blad
der pre .. ur 1... d gel pockeLs, a11d comp, ess1011 gar men ls Lo
b1ood from pooling in the11 101,e1 e LI ern1L1es.
au_ ,g - dangerous cond1t1on kllOl'lill as g LOC (g induced
o - of c n c1ousness) wh1cl1 occu1 s wl1en the b1 a111 rs de
P 'ed of blood G-su1ts pilots to pusl1 tl1e11 sl11ps 01 ,,e111cles
wt'le and operate tl1em more agg1 ess1, el, 1, 1tl1out te;11 or
blacking out
~ cl1aracter wearing a g suit reduces l11e stn 11 co<;t 10 pe1
form a second Pilot Only rnaneu, er dur 111g a tut 11 L-i, 1




wo, king as a rncchcrnrc in c.1 p11 nPw. whr:thi,r

,a1n il r
elaborc:ite podracers 111 a high cncJ rc.1cing circtiit
-3 d
ob It I equires clothing that. sLancJs up to rwct C'ilr c1
1esisls cl1em1cals. fuels, lubricants, paints vvrl Jirob >r,d
and anything else heavy work can throw at 1t Pit rr 0 rr ,
alls J1e tl1us ubiquitous wherever ind1v1duals work
g 111acl11nes or other powerful vehicles. These garrnc,-. 1
sLurdv. one piece suits that fit over regular clothes to pr, ,
botl1 tl1e clothes and the wearer. They are typical rr
of sLu 1dy, Lear proof textiles and secured with hea,'t 1
Llasps ,rnd zippers Most are flame resistant and some u
e,e11 be sealed up with a helmet to act as an emegen
l1rn1Led use environmental suit No matter the type, thougr
pit er ew coveralls are always covered in pockets and hangirg
tabs t11at allow a wearer to carry tools and parts with ease
When wearing pit crew coveralls, a character reduces
damage she suffers from fires and weapons \Jlilth the Bu
quality by 1. In addition, wearing pit crew cmeralls increases
the character's encumbrance threshold by 1_


Stealth suits, produced by companies like Ayel1xe Krongb1 g
Textiles and Creshaldyne, are designed to make a wearerd
cult or impossible to detect by visual or technolog1cal means
Co.nstructed from a wide array of materials and usrng techn0
ogres such as optical camouflage, silhouette breakers. }1e
ma_l sinks, and sound deadeners, they render a wearer nea
1nv1s1ble under the right circumstances. Zephyrs are acom"l
type of such stealth wear for those who often perform c. e
rn1ss1ons, _and are favored amongst urban vigilantes r
nals, and 111dustrial spies alike. These suits have dark ,r
colors with matte-finish hardware and come \\11th g
boots, ,and a head garment that covers everything
wearers eyes.
A cl1aracter wearing a zephyr stealth suit L
abilrly of any Stealtl1 checks she makes onc.e




11 c or t 11<' guicl11 1g rmnc 1plcs of a r ntin ets life 15 b ing pre

pai cci ro1 wl1c1 \rvr. 1 happe ns. 1-<rc pin g on Lop of inn ova ti v
solu\i ons to p1ol) lcms anci 111Lr 1-cs \111 g new me hani ca l aids
onr woy to st,1y prcpc1 1cd, so ma ny Sc 11L111 els 11wrsL 111 a wide
arrJY or gc,1 1 fo1 ci 1rf c1c11L s1t L1dlio ns.

01 S
Du 11 ng Llir l1111c of tl1e Rep1 1l) i1c. tlw Jcci1 11evc1 hc1d much
use 101 ci101cic., 111 l,1c I. 111r111y J<'dl sco111cd l llC'l 11 cl"> u1111 c:iLu i al,
SlllCC llwy ('l\!S\ Olll'>lcie of l l1e 101((' These day<;, ilOW('VC I,
th osr lrw 1('111<1111111g ,1dlw1 c111 s ol l hr ro 1cc cio11'L havr tlie

While noL pan 1c.ularly we ll liked bv t11e gl'rll't 11 p I c 11

popu lati on or well suppo1 led by Sen O Dto1d, DUf\1 ,
cl1 01ds ar sL1II a common s1g/1t 1n L11c g,1IJ 'y n,L v ir
Psp0c 1ally popular 111 the OutC'r R1rn where U1c1t tl I l ,,
sl! engt11 ,1nct mechan1cc1/ progrc1m1111ng llldke tt1em e u'II ,, t
ass isLants to poore1 sh1pwrigt1ts c1nd ,c'11cle bulidL'r Dllf\/
series dro1ds are also closely c1ssoc1atcct 1\1lh PL1dr 1rn1g
nearly every Poctracing team keeps 1 ':>table ot U1ese tl'ld...,
lo mainLain Lhe1r vehicles and sc1lvc1gc suap f;011 ut1sl1l'd
compelitors along racecourses

IU XLII\ OI IC'J('( llllg ,l lOOl tll<;\ bCCdll')(' Lil 'y ohrccL Lo !LS COil
sl! uct1011 St'11l11H'I" rc,peuall\ h.11ow llw ,c11ue of ciroids -as
tools, as l(1\ l'l ">cll ll S, clllli 0( c1SI01laii\ J<, C01llpa111011s


P1odt1ll'll Ill I Llgl' lllll1lbC1<., h\ St'!\ 0 D101ci, tile ul,1q1J1
tow, 1,L i\l st' es d101Li..., c11c 1 lOllllllOJl c;1gill 111 workshops
111L 11 , l
'11 1gl..., a11d 1arn1g pits all auoss l11e galax\
lnl 1 L
Ill da\" L,t t lie G,1lact1c Republic.. l11ese
11dtd al tlw Sri\ 0 D101d fac1l1t\ on
. <11d I gill co11sl! uc.11011 use Tl ro 1gil
g 1\h1c.n l11e DLf\1 '>(lits 'l s
5 i'l\ie r,JlllC'ci ,Jn UI f r
Ce I -lll lntci, ilrlj)il <,
ll cJ
\ Lllil L11e l1011hll o kc

Skills (group only): Compute," f\lrd1c1n1c s. Pt.~l l l'PI ll n

Talents: Fine Tu11111g 2 (rcp,111 c1n 1ctd1t1onJI 1 s\SIL'il1 11 11n

wllen repairing sil1ps or \f'll1cles]

Abilities: D101d [does 1101 tlL'rci to hr Hill'. t'Jl,

t d1111k, 111d
C111 Sllf\l\e 1ndefll11tel\ Lilldf'IW,lll'r O 11 \,ll llllrll. 1111111lllll' ltl
poison<, and to 1nsl f\et1vor k111g (k)' rH r-, tl11 Cl' DUf\ I '>l' t ll'"
ci'old5 11 a gro 1p 1(1d D to 11! Co1mutt r.... f\ il'l /1,Ul tt" ;i nd
Pe el"'
c11ec"s l 'P\ rn,ikr] St1t1out ttt' l
Equipment: B
n c.o1'1111s "Lille






I Rarity

OUM-Series Pit Dro1t1

11 ')()

Guardian Police D1o1c1


(R) 41,22r)

(R) 1'-i,600

ll -Se11es Secu11L \ Dro1ct

TC-SC lnfllllato1 D101ct


GU-series "Guardian" police d101ds wl're tile p11111c11v l,1w
enforcement dro1ds ope1 a Led b\ t11e Co1 usurnl Scrn11t v ro1 cc
during the final yea1 s of tl1e Republic Des1g1wd and L1utll
by Cybot Galact1ca spec1ficall\ fo1 till' C'.)F, countll'ss t11ou
sands of these dro1ds pat1 oiled t11e 5p1 a1Vl111g uppc1 le, els of
Coruscant's GalacL1c Cit\ fo1 ge11e11t1011s \\l1tlc 111 c;e1,1ce
GU-series dro1ds gained a reputal1011 as solid clllli lc\l'ii1l'ad
ed. if u111mag111ati,e la1, enfo1 ce1 s Tl1e, 1,c1 c p1 og1 J111111cd
for various police work. sucl1 1s p;-11101 ~)Cllekecp111g.
crime scene 1mest1gat1on. detect1,e 1 011-- c111d 1101 co11l1ol
Althougl1 the) were re11ahle th: GL seric, li101d'> stillc1ed
from a lack of 1111t1at ,e Cle,e l'I du11caled LI 1111111al5 could
usually outthink tl1em 1\1tl1 I tt e d fflcult
Guardian police dro1ds stand ust unde1 two meters tall
They have rouglil\ hurran propon1ons. w1l11 long, dexte1
ous arms. powerful legs. anct a 1ound l1ead w1tl1 gold colored
photoreceptors Tl1e1r heads a1 e capped w1tl1 a tall, cap like
structure reminiscent of a sl1ako or kepi. complete w1l11 a
short bnm ove1 tl1e1r photoreceptors, tl11s strnctu1 e l1ouscs
sensors and a powerful commu111cat1ons suite. Tl1e d101ds a, e
o~en painted dark blue w1Lh silver and white accents. w1Lh a
CSF badge painted on tl1e1r left cl1est plate When on patrol,
Guardians are ty p1cally armed with a BlasTecl1 SS 410 Police
Special blaster pistol and a simple truncheon Depending on
the s1tuat1on. they can also be equipped with stun batons.
grenade launchers. not sl11elds, and blaster rifles
By the end of the Clone Wars and L11e rise of the
Galactic Empire, most Guardian dro1ds were
phased out of operation with the CSF Replaced
by stormtroopers and newer-model. more
aggressive droids. surplus GU series dro1ds
were sold off to other worlds, reassigned to
lower-priority sectors, or srmply scrapped Some
can still be found patrolling the lower levels of the
Imperial caprlol. however Many of these veteran dro1ds have
not had a memory wipe 1n decades and some l1ave even
developed very drst1nct personal1t1es srmrla r Lo no nonsense
police officers Th ey strll serve the people of Coruscant, but
rnost arc entirely too old and outdaled to be ca rrying out
ac'W:J pol1cr> duties

Skills:Attilrt1c s} l\t1rlct l,P1rc11,L11J11 1, fJlic,tlllf'

(Pl. nctdry) 2 Ra11 1 d (L1gtit) 2 Strc v1w1 ,c I , Vip,ilr1iile 2



Talents: Nol1ocly\ rool I [11pgr<1rl< 11w ,J I ff Jr111i

Cli,11111, CO!'IC 1011, or l)C'Cl'f"JI 10n chcck,; rn Jclr
or an
rl101cl OIH (')
f!.Jln It
Abilities: IJ1u1d [cl<H''> 1101 nccrl lo lm c1thp C'-'t
" or <11 k 1
C<lll c;11rvrvc' 111CIC'f1111IC'ly 1inc!<'rwatrr or 1n v,ir, 11 irn rrr
poisons ,11HI 1ox1n'>]
f'l'li, r
Equipment: l1c1ton [Meler, Dr1rn 1gc> 'i. Critrc 11 1 R
l[ngc1gcdJ, D1sor1cnl 2). SS 1,10 blt1',lrr ri tr, 1:. lr
il1gl1ll. D 111lilgf' G. Cn11cal 5 Rc1ngC' IM('(l111r


Holowan Mccl1a111cals' 1mpos1ng Ml scms <;c 1,
c11 e some of I lie rnosl efflcrenl and dangerous 'Ir,, rJ~
g;:ilaxy A reccnt entry rnlo an alreacJy crowdr:d
l1101d field, Holowan made rls new drords sL111d O I t "
111g thcrn to tl1c11 melaphorrcal teeth and n :irttf'trr,
l1ca, 1lv among wcaltl1y c1v1l1ans and small planetdr i;
mcnl5 Its plan pc11d off. and wrthrn a scant few v dr
11ec11 ly two year wailing lrst for new Ml srnes rr ode+,
At hr st glance. Ml series drords look more I Ke
l111e combat d101ds than private security units The \I
Just over two meters Lall and are covered 1n tr rh ~ a
a1 mor of a type usually found 111 l1eav~ battle hc:c'dsu r
power assisted armor Thev l1ave two heaw dt..'
t11at end 111 broad feet. and a small. armored 11e;irJ
two la1 ge, red photoreceptors Their most strik ri
are tl1e two set5 of a1 ms mounted to their tors0
Tl1e upper arms. which are mounted to the dro J
ders. a1 e pr oponional to the size of the dro1d Eacr o ~
a1111 ends 111 a powerful weapon clu ster tl1at includes d r
l1glll I epeatlng blasters and a pair of short range stun t:
e1s The lower arms are huge, seemingly much lc1rger t
the droid's chassis ~r
be able to suPP
and e~d



Hardt+++I Ranged fH


r1 nd an
pa1 10 111115 c;1, r. powc1ful l1c111d s. each with two finncrs
oN1c1 ,

111ci \ Cl\ ,1gfl ('<;<.IV(' Pl 0;1l lllllllll g WII 11 Will( 11 lhrc,c> dro1ds
~ICl'(lliliJPL d lll,lkl'S liH' lll lll Cl (' d1l)l y fo 1ll11CT clh lC' oppOlll' llLS.
1' 1l "t'lll c; d101lh 11,l\ l' slc111 . l1u1110 1ic' <,<, pc' l <.o nc1l itic' s <l lld
lll I\Lll [() [111/ Ill(~ tlll1 l' i <., ,111rl 111,1k111p hold lkc i,ll dli Oll S
Tlit 1 1 l c; 11 nt' 1 dt'l' I\ 1t''>o11.i 11l lone l ilc1 l lwigll tc,is l llC' II
,tinid l 11 r Ll,11 l lll'\ 11( p1ng1;1 111111L' d 10 close qui ckly
111, 1d 111g I l1rn pc , so nc11 space whi le
I l1L 11 ma, r, orn so me foi bidden area.
H1 1 11 ~/1r gc1 la:-<\ can w1til sLand having a
t 1, 111rd. ,e 1\ ang, v dioid looming ove r
d ni,; 1IK'\ leave an a1ea /esL Lil e dro,d ope n
L11l1 1d,; t11c1t go for too long w1 thouL a memo ry
, c1 tL Lk, clop c!1stu1 b111g. alm os t sa d,sll c pe i-s onality
nj can become unl1 111 ged and dan ge,ous wilhout
L)il im 11ph.L'<'P Al lec1st one of th ese powe, ful c.!ro ids, a
u ,,t de ,g, JiC'd f\11 / )6 1 known to ha, e gone 1ogue and
take11 up 1 l,'t ii Jnl1 l111pe11al c11me


1, a,

Skills: 8
aga1r s
can su
make 2 H
hit that c.
ing blast
one add t
each targe
Damage 1
Pierce 1). t
cal -; Rang
(Brawl; Darr

1e uon 4 Percept ion 3. Ranged (Heavy] 4,


Jpg1ade d1tllcult\ of all combat checks


Ot"'> 1ot need to breathe, eat, or drink, and

unde rwa ter or in vacu um; immune to
c, F-1re Sweep (as an action, the droid ca n
Ranged [H eavy] check to infli ct one
, Jamage with its bu ilt-in twin light re peattc two targets with in medium ra nge, plu s
Pt pe r tJ, on the check; it ca n onl y hit
11s way)
I ght repeating blasters (Ranged [H eavy];
JI 3; Ra nge [Long]; Auto-fi re, Linked 1,
, ,1 blasters [Ranged [H eavy]; Damage 6; Criti' 'I, Linked 1, Stun Dam age). Oversize d Arms
!, Cntica l 4 ; Range [Engaged]; Knockdown).




C-SC droids are equipped with C0-3.80 MDS, a

cutting edge piece of espionage tech . The MDS
is a combination of advanced , high-definition,
miniaturized holoprojectors, voice modulators,
scanners, and bio-sign generators that allows
the droids to take on the appearance of nearly
any sentient being in the galaxy. Combined with
their programming and exhaustive cultural and
behavioral databases, the MDS makes TC-SC droids
almost impossible to detect except under the most
intense and invasive scrutiny. Piercing the illusion
created by a functioning multispectrum disguise
suite and detecting the droid for what it is requires
a Formidable (<) <) <) <) <)) Perception check.
l. - --~ -- --

The ir innocuous looks and seemingly meek personal1t es

are on ly one of the myriad of weapons the TC SC dro1d s u ,
l1ze They are deadly and cunning, easi ly equal to the best
esp ionage agents in the /SB. Their programming in cludes
not onl y 1nlell1gence and counterintel ligence techniques. but
also stea lth. infi ltration. combat, assassination . and eve11
acting and m1m 1cry The most potent weapon, however. 1s
the powerfu l C0-3.80 mult1spectrum d1sgu1se suite tha t
shroud them 1n a nearly foolproof holographic d1sgu1se Thi s
allows TC-SC droids to take on the appearance of nearl y ari~
species in the galaxy. Combined with their programm ing
and given time to observe and study a target, these dro ids
can even impersonate spec ific ind1v1duals.
Whil e they are qui te effec ti ve and dangerous. TC-SC dro1ds
are, th ankfull y, re lative ly rare. Th eir systems- though pov1.erful -a re de licate, and th e dro ids require constant ma .ntenance. Th ey also re quire memory wipes more o~en thar
oth er droids due to quirks in th eir programming. Without trie
regular main tenance and memory wipes, some TC-SC dro ds
have lost th emse lves in their disguises and come to be/ e e
th at th ey are actuall y who or what they were last impersonating. On a few rare occasion s, these droi ds have gone
rogue and disappeared. At least two /SB TC-SC dro1ds ha\e
dese rted their missions in the Outer Rim in th e la t deca e
and rema in at large in the ga laxy fo llowing th eir own\ h ,_

Skills: ALhl r ti cs 2, Compute, , .

3, Perce pli on 3, Rc1 11ged ll It tlt) , .
Vi gil amC' ~ .

th l't s 11 \
(lll)fl d\h' th' dtfhcult\ of all attacks
ltil {:t' llllf' 11 11 .., di 1d 11,1< Pl. lnd1 ti11~u1 liable 2 (Upgrade d1flir ull c I Ll tl'Li s to tdl'illll tlic' dro1d twice).
Abllltle : 1 IL ,cl [clc ps not n cd t bre~the. eat, or.drink, and
( ltl CIL'ftlll tc lv t11 icte, water or 111 vac uum; immune to
C cl ll <.UI I \'
IJOI S0 11 <; c1 m! to in s)
. .
Equipment: MulLispec trurn d1 sgu1 se suite.





The use of spice. se 1urns. c111d ol lwr ci1 ugs 1s common lo I h
elilc and Ll1e dr<;lilutc al1i<l' 1n 111,111v c111c", Till' powc1ful use
ll1em as one 111010 cic ildl'lll lu 111\. rn ,1<; lonls lo src t1rr'
1hc11 pos111011 w'11le I lie powc'1 lcss l t1111 to I lll'lll \V/ll'll 110 l rue
help S{'Cll1S l1kcl\ lo '111 IVf'

Tt11 1are spic 1s Vlei/ l<nown fo1 1ls p1opc1 lies as a power
ful pa111k1/le1 and fo1 the d generat11,e toxins t11at build up
111 long Lerm users. Undenvo1/d pusl1c1s r1equenlly atlempt
to sell it instead of med1u11e, kno1v111g 1t st1pp1 esses most
ymptoms of 1/lne'>s long enough to c1ppr,11 efrecllve, vv/11le
doing nothing to cu1e t/1e nisto111c1s or t11c'11 11eed for its
"treaLmrnL .. As 1f tl11s p1act1ce \VCIC' 1101 repugnant enoug/1.
the spice l1as anoll1e1. less k11ow11 p1opr1 ty l11at offers
anot110r , CllUl' fo1 c:....plo1tat 1011 kc111 ak p1ce supp1 esses
For-cc ab1l1t1e 111 ll1osc 1,110 take 11 Tl11s proprtl\ 1s tracked
by Lile Im pencil SL 1cnc e Bt11 eau 1, l11li1 1s 1vo1 k111g 011 new
wa,s to refrne 01 dupl1calc 1t Tl1e l'-.13 11,h 1lso de,cloped
1111prmed forms of L110 spice t1111 ,11c' '>OllH'lt111c<; issued to
lmpe11al agents l101~111g 10 c 1ptt11L 1 r l11cc us111g 1,11get
Whe11 takc11 b\ cl1c1rc te1 s 1,110 ,11 c' 1101 r:01 ce t1se1 s. a single
dose or kanak sp1Le IL'll c \L''> ,1dcil'ci to cl1ecks from
pain 01 illness for 11,el,e 11ot11s hut 11 1111poses automatic@
on all cl1ccks 101 l\\'E''lt'v fow l1ou1s a 1t slows down t11ougl1L
and reflexe Fo1ce use1c, 1,110 take a dose of ka11ak spice
receive bot11 effects fo1 t1,1ce t11e durallon and also count
L11e11 Force 1at111g as one lo1Ve1 1Vh1le 1L 1s active


lnterrngat1on sernms are a favored p1odul t of t11e E:.111p11e
Used by Imperial authorities fmm local pol1c e 101 ces to U1e
ISB, and even Lhe lnqu1sito11us. these serums come 1n a wide
variety of forms Such serums are also available on the black
ma1 ket, where L11ey are purchased b'y powerful rnme 101 ds
and rutl1less v1grlantes. The drug known as Oueslloner 9 1s a
typical example, notevvorlhy pnma11ly for t11e flexible means
of application and for the low synll1es1s cost L11at makes 1t
available to Im perial aul11011L1es and crtm1nc1ls alike lnte110
gators typ ically 1nJect the se1um 111Lo a 1cslla1ned or l1elpless
target, but Oueslloner 9 can also ope1al0 Lhroug/1 ingestion
by an unsuspecting diner.
Th e serum takes effect in the victim's system after a delay
of about five minutes. At L/11s point. the v1ct1m upgrades
the difficulty of all checks to w1Ll1hold 111fo1 rnat1011 or resist
manipulation (111clud1ng resisting Fo1 ce powe1 s suc/1 as
Influence) once for the next 24 l1qurs

Yalada1 spic I!> a p1 r1ed and expensive st1111u lant, worth
mar1y t rrrs t11c vvlut of rno,e common cirugs, suc /1 as glit
t rst r or trt bl k rn llkPt To 1110<,t 11 nffcrc., c1 supiernc
cla1 t of ti ough ind fu , c1lor1g w1111 1 ,1 11,t ol I cla c u
ttlat rl:fr I c,., I u u cv n ll111 i11c/1 t xlrntlecl ,H lt \ tty Tlw
Y 1dd I Liv w1111 It fl' Ltt rn us , /Jut lliose



who can afford to take 1t regularly rarely stop for

son The bcneftt s of ya lada1 spice express lhern 1h rr
se I,e<
c,trongly among Force users. who an use rt tot
rr ~t
enl1c111cr their ab1 l1 lles and connection to the Fo eniporar1
rce Th 1
lw ,1 cl0t1hlc edged sword. as the enhanced con 11
c1lly ,m1pl1f1cs any negative emotions or effects t
user C'xprricncC's
Wh ch tr

Yalc1cla1 spice has effects that last for one encot t

,r er\,
a ct1aracter under the effects of the spice 511 rfers 'it d
suffers three less strain, to 1 m nm 1m 0 1 ne Tti
not apply to voluntary strain loss Add tonal 1 F-o ,
under the effects of yalada1 sp1c0 can ddd 0
powei checks she makes When shP rJ0es ">c
spice doubles any strain and Conflict s11 er 1
to generate O.

While some Force users shun technology that a J,
ness. relying on their connection to the Force to fl
t11c edge t11ey need. being able to balance the two ,:irJ
on the benefits of botl1 can be even more eftectt\l

A normal pair of macrob1noculars allows their 11ser t
distant obJects w1t11 great cla11t . and more ad\anced
t1ob111oculars allo\\/ for SLtr\etllance 1n d1111 1gh or at gr 1
1anges Both tools a1e of limited u e 1n a ut . wilee t11e ,
of l11gl1 11se buildings frequently l1rn1t /111es of sight lrifr
11oculars a1e specializ d tools designed to enhance di"
11ess 111 urban em,ironme nts. Instead ot enhancmg v1s1on a
distance, 111f1 abinocula1 s are able to pick up heat s1gna 1
Ll1rough even thick or shielded walls outlining life forms d 1
0L11e1 heat em1tt111g phenomena
A cl1a1-acter using infrabrnocular can see through 1
two met rs of wall, possibly allowing surveillance ot
bu1ld1ng at once. Walls made of dense material l
sll ucted to shield the ir interiors may impose one or rv
on Perception checks to see inside, at the GM's d sere
Some models of 1n frabrnoculars c.an alternaLe
this infrared sensor package and a long range ve t
lent to that of electrobrnoculars. This more ad\ar e
1s also listed in Table 2-5: New Gear. or page S

These tiny spiderlike automata are l1tt e "')ore t a
audio bugs, barely worth the name ct,01d C~ara
ud o o,
must place and activate them like any otrer 3
hiding them behind Furniture or rn vents Howe\cr once
m 1crodro1ds are rn place. the follow a set of pre-pr~g
1nst1 uct1ons from their master returning after a se, Pdo c

d r au 1
tirn' 01 upon detection of a specific keywor O
B cause m1crod101ds do not broadcast th su'Ve,
data. Lhe\ can be quite d1fflcult to detect untt t'le


Hard[tt 1

till dt\lll' 1\ll l1llll( lit'III('. 11\111\l'li l l'l!illll ''. ,Ill

ry v rsu Vigilan ce h ck ( 111l <' 111
t 1 \ 11 1,lt l\'1 1rn1 1 111,1kt' , 1 Dmmtine
Vigih k h I L,ll( II ('\l'l1 IV lll'I\ ill' I', '-Pl'( llll .i ll \ \ ('. Ill II
l 11 [l)l 1111\Jt)dll)ld 11,1'. 11() l'II dl'i(' ll '.l' \11 l'\,l ', I\ ('
l tll I
11'11 )lit 11 1Jl11l' 111,11\ltl ,H lllit'I Iii lill' ll 111 \l li <' l'h t 1Lil I Ill ,1 l' t)I l,lll1p1 1111g


Merr Sonn Model 31 Palm Stunner



\ 1dt 1dllgt' t)I p1 t)dllt h 11111 kt'! t'd In ht' ll lf''\-1 \ ,llhi til'illl' llllll 111l dt'\ ll l' l ll l\1111 1'-l'',
d l (1\t'lt'<i 111 l111l l\)t' l1111il I'- LJ , 11 l ,111 pl dlll
t I I\ ,111\ llt)I I ()1 1t,ll \I ll I 1l l Ill l1 1dt' I ll1 l l(\ lll'
Ill Ill Id bl IIVl l'll ll1t'l11 f\l 11ll1 pit' '-<l' h tl l llll'
t I, l at Ol1\t' 1:-.,1l 1l ll . () I !I ll 11 '-<1'1 L,1 11 pl Jce
1r . "lll 11 ,1 ,111 t Pt' l1 dot1 1 () I l 11l' t' lll I y lo
Jl (1 l lpl ct fl'

l~rt'.1k1111~ 11 11n .i l,H il1 tv '>l'Ct11rcl w11 /1 ,111 cle(tro111c loci

11s, 11 c1 II \ 1c'c p111 c'" c1 k11 owlrc lgeJll lc' '.-:i l1 cc'r. hrr l tlw p,,1l1cl1l
1111d \' 1wo 1Id 11.ic, 11 1vr111('d 111 y11ad wr1yc, lo pcrlorrn I /1(' lr1'>k
111 !I ll' .i lls(' IH(' ol c, ucl1 pr1so 1111 r l Su,1rnt) lr kry<.,, ,1lc,o c,1/ll'd
lotl c1v kl'Y" or illlk ll 1e,1kc rs. <1 ,e onr sucl1 tool Scr,Jn1blP
kc\s 111t e1,1cl 1v1tl1 clec 11 0111 c locks tl 1,1t rrqu1rc 1 pa . . sword
01 code 111 put lo open Ins tead or p1ov1cl1ng or laking thr
lcg1t1mc1 tr r ntr y code. sc1amb lr keys cyc le t11rougl1 pos 1ble
codes at 1nc1ed ible speeds. ofler 111g up a ba r rc1ge of po s1b le
mat lies 111 r1 ,1c t1 011 s or a second

one 01 111010 Jud10 rn1 ta111 s mu <; t 111c1 ke

} Perception check to untic r La 11 d ,111y11 1111g

tmel o~Pn 1101 k in tile shadows of t11e1 1 nv11 on111e 11 1s

d m th g1ay areas of wl1 at vr 1 s1tualions they cncou 11 Lc1
ices to ass1 1 Lhern in such da1k pl aces ca n rnake Lll1 s
rden a little easic1 Lo bea r.


output stun weapon takes l11e forrn of a fl at lens
ugh to conceal in the palm of a l1and. Tl11 s om
u t1on, though, r~stncts its use 111 c1ctual combat
ts of its power sto1 age Instead, I l1r owners or
lly us tllern to 111capJc1late ,111unawc11e


Tl1 e p1 ocess111 g power 1s sucl1 Ll1 at th ey arc typ 1cc1 ll y ab le

to ge 11 e1c1 1e pote11L1al mc1 tcl1 es ras te1 ll1 c1 n th ey ca n input ci ll
or L11e111 Some c11111111c1 ls cla1111 1L 1s possibl e to not 1c.e when
a sc 1ambl e key ge nerates th e co rrec t code L11 ro ugl1 fa in t
tremo1s 01 bu w ng 111 th e device. eve n 1f th e key has not
ye t 111pul Ll11 s code, and Ll1 at th ey ca n adJu st the contr ols to
allow Lllern Lo selec t L11 e co rrect code for 1mmed1 Jte input
Th is prncedure can be less effe cti ve, but c.ould save valuable
11 111e 1r L11e op e1aloi-' l1unc l1 1s correc t. Many Force sens1t1ve
users f1 nd Ll1ey have a specia l knack for this c.1 pp1oach c.1nd
ca n intuill ve ly se lec t co rrect codes with ease.
A sc ramble key bypasses rn ost simp le lectron1c locks
within fi ve minutes of app lica llon Al the G,rn1 f'v laster
di screlion, more co mplicated locks rnay require ddd1t1on 11
tim e to crac k or might trigger alc.1 1ms al the brute fo1ce
incursion. Tl1 e use r may att ern pt Lo speed up t111s pr ce
w1L11 a Daunt ing
Skulduggery check r '> n,
on pur e 1111u1lion Lo select l11e co rr ec t code rrorn tll ( th
sc1c1111b lc key grncral es. Success red uce'- tlH' tinH.: n it10 rn1 k a 0111111 011 lock to a 111glc 111111utt'. tut r 11lur'
111 1111Pdi,1lc ly 11 iggc1 s ,my rr lr ,111 t .i i 11 111s f tL't
rnt1, '
cl1ar<Kll't s 111c1v rn<1kr ,1 I ort t' f'll\Vl' t LllL' k ,1
1t t 01 th11l1cck, arlclill~'. f'iilll'r ~ 01 l') to r L\l t1 ) t 111 r ltl'd




1111cJr1 sl,JJ1 cJ I l1 C'

r'ilVllllilllH' 111 "
I I< Wr\11
l/1nst' 111 lllill' ,v1111 "' 1,111
r,11 0111 ovr r oo
,11 ill ll OI ll'I"
,cly 01
u111(]tlL' l1,1llc11gt's ol .t t V '
S ,irncls c;1 11 lW rr,
till' ,1,oprr lt1ol s 111 l1 ,1 11ti , 111 011gl1 ,. er
11 v wrcl e co ll ;:tiJSC'
, I 111111 t' IO c
.ti1\ 111111g 1,n,11 ,1 " 1111plt' poivc 1 '


11 I Clit'i dfOI I c; w/1Cll ca
Tllt'SL' Ltllllp,l< I t ont,1111cr s 1.01 u~c 1
Jc1r gr'>L ciues Lo
I 1lC '
l,1SliLlplll'.SlilkC'S IIJ/1.cl IJ ilC'l IC b
/ I JliOll iJi.1(/<S
COili 1111 ),lSIC '
\\ICC'i< c.1/011g
lhL' 1110. l 1sol,1trli , 111:igcs Tl ic \
ror up 1o'1
cap,1L1/e ol Sl1SLJ11ll11g [Olli 111cil\ I U.1 S
Al 1 111s1cle IS a
\\itfl a /11111tcci sc/cc11011 uf 111st :11d t' 5st'1111 11 "
opcr ::i
1u cieci 1111uo oe11r'1 ,1101 lul'ieci lr11 ,1 ,vrrl<'s ,vor I 11
, \ l\t" \VcliC'I f)lll I
t1011. enoug/1 ltl ptl\\'l'I ,1 lc1111p. 111111 1,11111 c s t ci
fie 1, and ot/1e1 essl"'nli..1/ tools C/1c11m ,11/\ t, c,itcci
casings SUI I Olllld till' LOilll'llt <;, sp;J/111g I /1('111 ,lgJlllSl c111\
;J11ci 1,c1tc1 p, oolrng l I1c 111 t'c I Ill r Till' cc1c;ec;
- can
also double JS 1,,1te1 and tood c;Lor.:igc u111i'>. or C\l'll per

son al flotat 011 de, re es 11 Jll r111e1 gent\

As ng/e d1c;astr1 re ref r,,t Lan ~,1<;l111 1l1c ln,rt need" or
tour rndi, rduals Ll' m~1c;t 1,:w 1 1 spl'l (", IL,, i I\L'l'I 01 poten
trail\ up to ten d.:i,-, 11 t/1 L 1 ei ii 111t1 1 111~1



Emerge11L rep.:i r oa
i e dt" v, d o l1 L' hu' 1
and eas, to 11st' ewn
1<;t I s'r t" f I r 'l
t1011s T\ pr call tl1e\ l , c, t , f i SE '111 I lcx.11 )/, J
llnlflled I\ t/i auto ( I t ilP, J,c'I Ill~ \'IC/cJ C.
also co11ta111 in elec tr c /1
ner t 11111c1 111s rJ t
protect against c;/10,u 11 s E:n1t1F'll, \ ICJl,111 1
qu1c1<1, a pp/red o, u a J 11 1~'c d JJ01 I 1011 l'I
sis. then quick/\ :ipot ,v('/(1('J 111tc1 11(1,rt rl11
droid's lllterrOJ S.lft' fl(lrT f 1t/1t' d ,111 l l 111
cllass,ss st1uct111al II tet r

An erne, gene\ r cpa11 p t t

c/1an1cs can 11se to pat( /1 ,;;11 11 1
more con1111on/\ to /1c 1/ 1w111d
\er for a Ll1.:i1c1LlL'I to LI'-, 011t, 1 1
patch automat1c1//\ '1c'1/.., ~ l\lll 11d
rlonc h\ e l1111c'> ,11 ,1 Lldl 1he s1 I i
tiloug/1. ac; t11r d1,~1d "
pate/le<, 1,ou/d be , e,e

1<arr,1k Spice ( 100 close

cargo ,onLarner)

(R) 6 40r

Questioner 9 [ 1 dose)

(R) ~00

ourstroner 9 ( 100
cargo dose conLa1ner)

(R' 24.000

Yaladar Spree ( 1 ciose)

(R) 1.000

~c1ladar Spree ( 100

cargo dose contarnPr)

[RJ 80,000

111 1, :il1r1wculars (w1LI'

1 1 g I inr,e se so, sl
L . e

l LI

,R 1 t 0




!, / , f
1111 I


I l/ /i/111

/ 1111 /

Ill</ l




I l II

111,r r I ilr
tire rl11/1
,1j I)
\ II I'll/ 1 I l I
() !11 11 rill( ll 1 1
IHIIIIJ /11 1111

f I r )d f ( tr ,, to tr no r Cf <, 1n j ~ irl
illC >I\ 1 >f 1 lt'rlsdtirr 10 10,/ l
ii >rl
Jr ,,\1r ,_, or the rower of 1 ;iw 11 I r 1u
I 11 11 111
flt r II th in IS "Orrr 111), I,( j
I 11npp f Ir~ 11 lh( C Ill 1/ 'fir t ser JII'> I') l'te' 'O~\ E"
t mr lC t
IITII tt t J1JWt' >f I hE'il\11, 'T'OC11fitc,i

( li


Repulsor Assist Unit

Models Inclu de: ~l,

1 er<; 1 ,..,tr u, >m ,ndKe e 1c Ii r gh'
llll 11
Base M odifi ers: \<. c1 rn rnet1\ er tr e vrelcler of the lrr,hl
1 'L
111 Hlprsl I , de\rc, to c!c 11 St 1r damage \\Jl11 1e tne
11 l<.iht r <:. '-l I o LiL' 1/ Srun oarnage, 1t decrease<:. the dam
1g1' 11 tit* hy 2 1ncrc1,r,., its rnt rcal raling by I and loses
I ill' Brt'dl '1 q11 c1/11 \ \t11us1 rng the lrghtsaber o norm a set
l 111r'> 1cq u11rc, c1nol11er rn1nrll\er
Modification Options: 2 Sl un Dc1mage + I l\ lods
Hard Points Required : I
Price: 2 000 credits


Wl1rle c
tr d around common data pads, urban com
H ,, spec ralrzed too ls. Th ese compasses are
a network o f miniaturi zed se nsors and data
transrrn ttc
r Jt co nn ec t to any ac ti ve ly broadcastin g fr e
11uenc1es t Lollect rn formatron about th e pos ition of ll1e use r,
possible roue to the user's destination, loca l co nditi ons,
-ind other rnfor ma tron re levant to navigating a large city
lndrvrdual s usrng an urban compass to find tl1eir way
our d a uty remove
from checks due to unfamrl 1arrty
c crty tnffic. or other avoidab le travel ha za rd s. Addi
' 11 y ~n urban compass can turn up rnformatron on loca l
m nc; and customs. granting O to cl1ecks Lo find
clbout the city's operation , variou s landma rks ol
t., 1 n c;e, of all types.


L1gl1tsabers are exce pti onall y effi cient wea pons. able to ru n
nearl y forever off a sin gle bas ic powe r cell . th anks to th e
rema ,-kab le focus of th e kyber crys tal installed wrth rn and
the contained energy loop of the blade As such. tampering
with a lrghtsaber's power cell and adJustrng its output usually
does more ha rm than good, as it upsets the balan ce of a
near perfect system Til ose who know what the~ are doing
ca n so metim es overc harge tl1e power ce ll of a lrghtsaber to
in crease th e powe r of tt1e blade. but these cl1anges mah.e the
powe r ce ll vo latil e, pro ne Lo ca usin g unpredictable fluctua
tr ons in th e l1 gl1tsaber's effec ts. Wh en in stalled correctly, the
effect of an ove rcharged power ce ll rs more often benefic ial
th an it 1s a hindrance, but the mere poss1b1l 1ty of the blade
dimmin g at th e wron g moment di ssuades so me tinkerer from tak ing th e rr sl<
Models Include: Norw, users mu t cu torn ma" e eact1 ligl1t
sabe r aL Lac l1menl
Base Modifiers: Tlw wielder of lhrs light Jlier c<111 sp n~i ,t)
on ,1 co mba l cllccl< to 1nc1 ('else t11 e d,rn1agt' ctc<1l t t1, I 11 1
Ll lC GM ca n spr 11d @@ to d('(lec1SE' thl' ciJllhlgt' d ' 1lt l \ I
Modification Options: None
Hard Points Req uired: 1 .
Price : 1i00 c1 cl1I <,



r ( [




R 1 ~(

r \ ( LI l '1'


a.,,\1 \Qt4


p ( t rt L !lt'I '> ()f f 11 1 \ 011 ll l I 11 ' II l' l I l'\ ,

t '1 T \i{',lll'>,ltlE'f" lt 1 l ~1',l II rl'l l \ l'I
L' Pr 1\H r
l'vil L' 1, 1 t I ,rm l l11Lll 111 1 11'\\ t He ul 10 11 rt
C'[ f' 1r1d l ,ll lflll' ot tlWIT l1gl1t ,,llcr
l 1l C Jr)
;;, 1 t 1ri

,r ,poll

111011' ',lfllL'li


1 ll:

1 ,

gli tl1L' ,roci1f1L c1t101ic- 111,lh-l' us1n, 1 r 11 1

q 'll
rlll\ l'ici\ 11 l IW pr OL C'iS
Models Include: None. 1N'I c; mu . . t LI l'itom 11 ~l 1,

._, lL 1 ll )il)l'lll
Base Modifiers: Till' 1, rclcil'r zictd" 0 tc ;ill Lr~t'
,,; LIL b 1 ;icil' 1 1t11 tl11c; l1gl11'i,1lwr. hut i ld @
ll L , its 1tlE'I t llC'L k,
M odification Options: Norw
Hard Points Required: 1
Price: I 00 L edrts

t1on ,.,
Models Include:
sabe d tlL e
Base Modifiers:
1 e ie - ,
!Light D ., Jg<: --, C

It' DI

" g s iber 1s r Jt 1g1 , :1

,s, , ~,c' fr 01 ,g ,JrC'' t R' ,g d

::; Range Sl101 ti <,tun D ,, :ige

Modification Options: ' onL

Hard Points Required : ~
Price: ~ SO L eu s


Through a delicate svstem of motion sl'nsc c. di t

tJ' .;r
1zed motor-s built rnto a l1ghtsabe1 11111 1 , 1 pt c
alter the l1gl1tsaber to respond to ad .istrnents ,n gr r a 'd
pos1t1on will, greater I espor,s1, er'ess Tl,e <;pl t second edge
granted by thrs system allows cl comL,;:it mt to n01 e eastl'y
parry an opponent's dec1s1u stroke or bluch- e cl ol 1 l,c1tl
of blaster bolts Conlioll111g tl,e svstern and keeping 11 lrorn
oven-eact1ng Lo minute or 111adve1 Lent rnolions Lclll be dtl
nculL Lo master. but tl1e defensive ad, anL 1gc ul cl I etle g11 p
ca n be wort11 the extra practice
Models Include: None. users must custom make eclcl1 nght
sa ber attachment
Base Modifiers: When a character uses the Parry or Reflect
in cidenta ls with a l1ghtsabe1 tl,at l1as a refle grip installed
th e character suffers 1 add1t1onal stra111, but counts Ile~
ranks 1n Parry and Reflect as 1 l11gl1e1
Modification Options: 1 Item Quality (Def 11s1\e + 1) t\1od.
1 Ite m Qu ality (Deflection + 1) Mod
Hard Points Required: 2
Price: 11 .000 credit!>



':1tter 1 1at 11 od1 1icc1t1on'> rnrgl,l bC' 'J,lt' tu 11 t 1e r
c e erv 1gh 1 -sabc1 s still 111 its K\ Lwr uv L1 [, 1 1
1e a e pr nnr \ k1101, n ,,s u, ba, a l gerc; c, 11 1n 1
ro 1" queo;;b tor lier cr \ stal w1t11 tl1L' sJnie pi , P
cir , c::. t11e1 cr u,.:ides aga111st 1111ust1cc

Tl1E se lflL1SL1a1 k bL'I cI ystc:ils to t 111 111 LIH' dl t"f c 1, 'ms,

f\11d Rm 1,01 d of ELJt G1,e11 Ll,at Lill' uv<;t~I rnq
tel er d,an h\ e l1undred rnC:'LC I b low till ':,LlflcH (' J!ld 1
I ~to e t1 ice l11,1t dcpl11 ll,e lor 111c1t1ons c1n br e
d1fflcu11 to loc:lle However. Llw raw cI ysl 1ls echu iri , ,
S0clt1d \ ltil J i1Ul11111111g ICSOnancc, f,Uld1ng S 1fLh ~
dr,11\ ne,11
H 11 ested elaan crysta ls I etam tt11s reson ir' c'
uusmg L11e acttvaled blades ol ltghtsaber u~1 t
L111 um Ill harmony witil the rnot1ons ot thi:: bl -J
cl11me at nearby sounds The blades respo11d
spectacularly to a clash w1t11 ano th er l1 ghtsab r
bolt emitting a near deafeni ng crack anc a
ene1 g1es A clash of blades invo lving e1aan c
results 111 the l1ghtsabers being forced apa
blaster bolts draw 111 the resonant energ es f
and 1ntens1f on their new traiector









h ct1fll,..









I t



r-_1 ld


)I I


I, I

Haid Point





1,1 I , Pit 1 )[I l I f I 11 ll'l llhl l I Ill ii ' ti 11

Hil 11 "' v '11lt' ll1t' lw ll11t LI , 1 1 11 -,I tilt ti 1n 1'1 11 1
llll lill' \V1tltit'I Ill ly /H rid \") ti tJ tJ t)' l{ ) IL) prt
Ill '11, 11'( 11,,111 11,1111' lilt' I' HI\ I 11('111 ILl 't'1il1, l' ti 1111 l
Ii ill Hi
Modification Options: 'It, rn 011i1l1t\ [[)p cn w
I' f\h)d
, \, 1 I

L' '


[) I II I; l

f\ h1(1

Hard Points Required :

Price: {I I l (lll L tl11



I t'\L 11111('. llld d,11lgl'lt1ll\.

t ll\[L11ll hllill IJl Ill(; l,llld



11 111 Pl'L'Lit'I lll ,l,lt l1glllL'I

IJL'lll [\1(11,H l'I pilll[\ plll

1, !Ill\ I H l' Till'\ \l ll' 1111 dll\\'ll

llllt)ll, 11 LiL' ]di\ tlll\l,H lt'S \\'t[ll li[lil'

\ ( I


Llill'll ldl,ll ,lll\,l\'> S!Wl

ml 111' Llllt' Lll lilt' llft'~'L''-I d1,11vs 101


llll'lllSt'ilt'S ,lit' !,lit'l', Sl ll\lllllllt;,

Lill k ,llld \flll dill11101\l ltkt' lW,lSh ,ll

l L'I dusl ,l!ld ,1d 1t'lld l111t' 111d <,lt'<'i tl11t1

t u1l,111\ popul,11 111 1l1t' 011lt'1 1~1111

1lliL L



L \Olli

l> HJ[ llll' ,l llllt'III lllsllll\ L)i l'udl,ll


I t, t 11 t' 11:11\

l Ill sl\ I(

1110101,; l111kt'd lJ\ pl ,Nna e11L'l 0 \ btl1l1er Jnd connected t

tlw i'od1Jn' 1 rnckptl b\ lle\1ble ontrol ( iblt's 1nd 1~110 et

up I llt' 111 st 111odc111 style PodrJL mg CII L lllls l Ile 111 st, eli,cle ll'>t'd 111 Pod1.it1ng wc1e 11ckel\. 10pdc111 Jtt 111 cobbl ct
togC'tlll'I II Olll SLJVC11gcd J)Jl Ls ,rnd illllildl \ SUI plu, en me-,;
Till'\ 1vt'IL' loud, srno kv. trerncmiousl\ u11::,,1fe ,ind 111ucd I
t'\C1t111g Rulc.> s 111 Ll1e 111st 1c1ce 1vNe 1111plc build J ra
lllJkt' 11 JS la st i1S po s1ble. c111d , ::tee 1t 1he 111 t on tL r

Lile l1111sl1 l111e 01 tile 1,1 l I J( Cl SLIT\ I\ 111g l( L)" 11 "

Jl IL'tltlll \ Lill t'll\


l'il Jl,lilllt' ,l!l<i Ollll,m llC(it'll

f\ kidt'111 P1)d1 ll 111g, Lill' kind pr lL L'L t'd tor Lhe pJ

ll'llllll\ ()I so. \\,lS dl'\L'IOJ.Wd 011 t\11 1Sl1Tl' bv J mecl1a1'll
,111d 1,1u' p10111olt'1 11,rn1cd Cust<1b \\enbu It \\ 1 11e I ho
\lJ11d,11d1 ,d llll 1 f)od1Jcc1 co11flgurJt1011 ,1 sm 1111epul orl1
L"OL kp1t d11\ t'll ll\ p-111 s of mJssl\e tu, bme 1011 or r L ke

1l ll('sl, ,1J1d '-l't'ill to

Pl I l'

r, l?l''> IVL'I (' LI

p,11 [IC Lil,1 1I\


ll,lllv p,11 l

01 Ul'dil . t1ut Ill SL I 1

Olll' 011 Olll' pi cst1gp 1,l(CS, lht

IIll' IO'>l'I 's Ptldt ,l(l'f

,]<; \


ol 1,1 lilt' 111\lll\lilg IW,1SI

l1 dl'IIIIIII\L' 111'>11,lll' L)I lliSl l\ldi.tlL'I,

111b lld\l' llttd Ill 1111d llw111
1f'l10lll till' eal,l
I It


p111 lie

1~ J I

y di


\,11 IL)ll', llllll1I',

l)lllt'illlll( 1


t' It Lilli

111d r< tu1,h llt' lli 111 dl'ep

11 It I l [)f ll l l l 11 l 'll{'II ll
I Ii 11 p t ll I' 111 I 111111'




1 /l/1 //11

I 111

1/111 1 llilt

I I I I 11 Ii 11, I II I I I I II I I I/ 1 II I / 1

1 I, I ii

1,111/11 I 111, ,11111 11/ Iii



I I /1 I




11 II

11 I , Ill I

I I,",/


1111 II

I I 11111 1,

II, Ill

I Ii

1 11 I, 'i I II 1 / / II / i/
1 II I
/ ,,, / I I / /

I 11111 /1 I
11 Ii
I II/ I I" I ii II I/
1111 11111 I
I I II 11

,1 I 1/

Ill ii I I I I 11/

I'"'''' I



I' ill 111 ii 1111 111

I I 11
I 1111



II Ii Ii

II 1, Ii

11, I


I 1/,

11 ,,

Iii 1,/1 l//1 I

111 1111


I 11




I 11 II 111 I I/, I/ I I 111

/1 I I

ii I 1// I I I II


I i/11/1, ii/I '"' 111


I 111

II j ,,
ii I I





, ,,


11 Ii II I '

1111 I I

ii i/11/

I /11,I /1,

1,i /'111/1 II I I

I I 1/11
/I /1

/1 ,111,

111 "'

I/ii I

I I,,

ii I I,/

/ ,, I

, ,,



,, I


I I Iii

I I I/

I /

/1 111/

i/ 11/1


I I,,


I I ,1 I




111 I


I I' I


, 11 1 11/1


I", 111,


I /11



11 Ii



ii I





ii I

I 111 II I I




I I I 111 I


111 111/1

I I 111 I II II I


I II 11 I I',



ill I

II II I I I 1,

1111 I 11 1111

I I ill I 11 ii I I 11 1, II I 11 I 11 I \ I I I I I I
I 11 1 I 1/ II If I I I ill
I I' I, ti
1 11 / 1II I I
I II I 1, 11 /,, I 11,1 I /11 11, 11, I 1/
I / 11/ 1 ,I
l/11 /:j ,/11 / I
11 1
/1//1 /1/1/1 1111\ /i/1 I 1111111

ii ,1111

I' II/ 'I /I I I Ill I I /111 II

I/ 11 I /I I ii Ii I

I I Ii I II,/ II I






ll/11 1,11

I 11, 1111 l1i/1,11

,I 11 I I




'I I 11 t I ii
11111 !ti//

111 I ,,


Iii I'!/ I

1111 I t1l1 I

,1 I


I,, 111111

i/11111/ 1111

1111/ /111


/11 I j



11 II



1111 I I I 11111 I " ' I I o/1111 I Ill ii I' I I I I/ii I I I

I Ill
I ii I I 1, I I ii" 1,
11 I" I
I I I I II 111/11



111 111 1,

II Ill


11 111111,I

I I 111, I I I/


Iii 1111/111 /Ii(

I Ii /1 1111

Ii I/ 111 I I I I ii I"
I/Ii ,,,


,1 I, 11, Ii 11


l',11/1 I Ill

111 ,111111

I/ I,/ /1, /1/1111111 I 11111 1i/l I Ii

I I I I ii I

I II I I I ill I I I I I I 1111 Ill 1, 1/11 II

ii/ II

I I Ii

1,1,,,,,,1,,1,1,,11111; /l///1,/ 1/11111,1,1,,11111




1111 II 11/1

111 11 II I

Ii I/

I 11/ I "II I I 1/1 /, I I I II II I/ I/ I I II I I 111 I I I I I I /1 ,, I,, Ii

I,,' /I I I I I Ii I I Ill I I I I II I I I,, I I/ I II /II
I I/ I II 11 /I

/I //11,/111 I

1/ 1/1



I ,, I ii/

ti I


, ,.,11 111 I/" ,I

II I llj 11

//11 I Ii /1/111/11/

I 11111/,

Ill 111

I 1

111111 11/11,' ,1 1, I I



/1111/11 111/11111/1111,

/1 Ii

I ii I I I I






111 I


I 1/

1111 Ill 1111

/l/1 1/11 ii/ 11 /!1

ii ii I I 11 ii


ill Iii I 1111


I 1


I II 1,/ I I I 11

ii 1,/

1/ 'I,, II Iii


I/ 1 I


I ii


I I, ,I I


111 1/1111//1 11/


II I 'I Iii ill



ii I

111, I iii

I I/,,, I I Ii I I ,, 11111

II 1, / 1 ,/

I ii I

I I II ti

1/" II

ii /,


I I 111 I, I

I ii I II

ii I

Ill 111

11 I

I 111 /11,
/ I / I 1111, I I
I / ii / ii
1I ii
/ 11, I,
1 11 ii i/1 1/ /I, 'i 11 / I 111 /

II I II I 11 I


I 11,

I 1,

Iii Iii

I I 11 'I / 11 I I

I 1, I"'

Iii I I


Iii ill


l/11 Ii I\ 111 I I I

, II



I 1111 111,

II 11,I

I ,, I"'

///1/1/ ii

I I Ii

I 1 '11111 Ii I

I" I I I ii I I 11 II I ill II 11/

ill I /II I I 11 I I I 1, II I

111,/, / 1 II
11, 1111



11 111111 I 111/i I

1, I,


,11, 1111 1, 1 I I ii 1111 II II I I ii I 11 1 ii I I/" I ii 1 1

I 11/ ii 1/, / 1 II I
1111 / I I I I
1 11/1 I, 1,/1/
1 I II 11
/1,1111 111,
1 1111111 111
ill I 1, ,11
I 11 I
/'11 1,111
I 11, I 1/11111
11/ I 11/1 Ii I I

I I ii,/




Conro/ and a 1on1cs are prO\ 1ded b\ a licensed /1'c r lk

l'v Stameaver f 1ght control suite. t) p,ca/1\, found on < rr
bat a1rspeeders Equipped with a cornprehens1\ie svstern o
maneu\ering Jets and advanced variahle cont10/ surfaces
the fv larnrnoth 1s remarkably easv to fly It has been 01 UH
market for years now. and until recentlv /1as rna1ntaineLi :1
spot in the top fl,e best selling factor> customs On\ 1n tf1e
past few years has the Mammoth been O\ertaken r poou
larity and sales-by Col/or Pond rats new Plug 2 Bel1errotti
and Plug C Gargantua models
Veh icle Type/ Model: PorJrar 0r BB 10 Ot1dcJra
Manufacturer: 8.::i ;:i rrJO..Jdt
Maximum Altitude: JJ ry c 0r
Sensor Range: r r,
Crew: r;
> }
Encumbrance Capacity:
Passenger Capacity:
Price/Rarity: 1,
Customization Hard Points: /
Weapon s:





( nlr

11t1on ,,yc,lr111 111<1 1111

1 ,, ( C,p/11 X it' llllll
c I Ir HJrf rnyth1111 1 ( I'>( 111 11
J111rn ftH I 1c, c,o t HJ<;I it 11Hi



, '<




UJJnp/1 Ir
l/ 1c111 CJl/11



Vehicle Type/Model: Pod racer Plug Ff\ lammot 11

Manufacturer: Col/or Pondrat
Maximum Altitude: 60 meters
Sensor Range: Close
Crew: Ont pilot
Encumbrance Capacity:
Passenger Capacity: 0
Price/Rarity: IS 600 cred tc:; 8
Customization Hard Points: .,


,11 / ly 111cl 1/1cy 111u t IJL tu111

JI d l('/)l/1/1 JrlOI( Ofil'll
J/i/( l'll/'111('',




The new lncend1a Il l 1s Czerka's latest enlry 111 the com
petitive factory custom Podraccr market It 1s ll1r Podracer
pilot's Podrace, light, fast. and s1mplr. w1tl1 plrnty of slylc
and power to spare Tllr ust I pr ov1cicci hy a p,111 of C1rr11Cl,
H.2 liquid 1nJeCLcd lur bofan engines. us11,1 1/y founci 011 l11gl1
Performance combat a11spcecic1s A rn111l)111c1t1011 of small
attitude Jets and ,a, 1ablr cont,ol su, facrs prO\.idrs decent
high-speeci ilancil111g, but tl1c lnccnd1a suffers al I01ve1 speeds
due to the ilea, 111css or l11e CK-H 2 engines Tl1e cockpit 1s
one of tl1c most basic offered on a factorv custom Podra ce, It consists of little more than an acceleration seal with
harness. a I ud1mentar) instrument panel. a HOTAS conlrol
setup sourced from Czerka's Marauder ra cing swoop, and
a single-coil repulsorl1ft gene1ator No concessions fo1 p1lol
comfort were designed into tl1e lncend1a s Pod1ace1. and 1L
possesses only tl1e most basic safety rcatu1es
The lncend1a 1s among the cheape1 fa to,\ customs on
the_ market today. It 1s ma, keted squarelv to budget minded
racing teams and cash strapped racers 1usl st11t111g lhe11
careers. Despite its reputation as a "s ta1 ter Pod1ace1. ll1e
lncendia has a broad foll01v1ng 111 t11e galactic Pod1ac111g
scene, especial/'.} among those 1acers 1,'10 app1ec1ale 1ls
simplicity and purity.



Integrated Ejection System: The 8TB comes an n egra'~

eJect1on system (see page 58) which 1s included 1 t
Podracer's price.

Vehicle Type/M odel: Podracer CR l 7 lncend1a Ill

Manufacturer: Czerka l\rms
Maximum Altitude: 30 meters
Sensor Range: Close.
Crew: One pilot
Encumbrance Capacity:
Passenger Capacity: 0
Price/ Rarity: 11,000 credits 5
Customization Hard Points: Li
Weapons: None.

Perhaps the most unique and visually striking Podracer
currently on the market, the 8T8 1s a technological wonder in the world of Podracing It 1s produced by Farwan &
Glott. a small, boutique producer of Podracers and highperformance Podracer parts. The 8TB, also known as the
Twin B1ock2 Special, is a remarkably agile, maneuverability focused Podracer powered by a pair of LGN l 9 MagnaPulse ,on drives designed for use 111 starfigl1Lers and patrol
boats. Instead or having the engines mounted in free floating
nacelles connected to the cockpit by contrnl cables, L/1c Twin
BlucvYs rngincs are hard mounted di1eclly Lo Lile Pod,ace,
cocvr1 1t via a pair of short, 1e1nforced, fully fa11ed spars Tl1is
place<, the erwin<", dfl or the pilot. giving the vel11cle a more
trad1t1onal airsr1c c dr, dflfH'.J1a11cr Wl1ile a racJ,cal co11f1gu
,at,on for 3 fJodr ic ( r 111 1 11 ]((J 11ru1rn11 cJ 1/dcrllLs glVl' ll1r
8T8 rJelt(>r cor trol ll1cl11/<. le, 1ri, ,1,rrc r J1ull 1Jilr 111111 c1 ,I 11>Jr
platform for l/1 rng11 1 ,



Vehicle Type/Model: Podracer 8T8-T

M anufact urer: Farwan & Glott
Maximu m Altitude: 45 meters
Sensor Ra nge: Close
Crew: One pilot
Encumbrance Capacity: 2
Passenger Capacity: 0
Price/Rarity: I 6,200 credits, 7
Customization Hard Points: 2.
Weapons: None.

Galactic Power Engineenng's 31 30-senes factor\ custc~
is one of L/1e stranger Podracers currently on the mar~et
Designed for straight-line speed and little else, the 315L
1s powered by a pair of GPE ThrustMaster 9000 ae 1osp1 e
rocket engines augmented by a pair of smaller ramJe' ergines
on nacelle-mounted outriggers. The aerospike engines prov dt
p1i111ary th1-ust, while the ramjets provide sl1ort bursts of boost
and powe1 the multitude of attitude jets scattered arouno
the racer's hull. It 1s an awkward-looking vehicle with ts tlat
nosed, wedge-shaped engines and almost comical srra e
outrigger-mounted ramjets, but its looks are deceiving T~e
31 30 is an absolute terror on open, high-speed tracks, tr
long straightaways and broad, gentle curves.

Despite its blistering speed and an aggress1\e '1 a

mg campaign by GPE. the 31 30 ,s relatively unpopi
rocket engines are maintenance hogs that burn are t
volatile fuel tl1at detonates at the slightest pro,otc1
raw speed and the power control curve of the er
the 3 130 1ncred1bly hard to control. espeua 1
tums and tight spaces, and the altltud' thrus
11101e than make no ise. The cockpit I Ll/1 or 1 ' .l
tl1e control la'youl ,s an unintu1tl\ e mt", t enw 1 0
Lo keep ll1e 1rnpona11t det<11ls of tl1e 1al I ope~~ r
lucJe.d 11 sperd,t111dc,,,op11 c1 Clrdfw1nt1 1eP 111; d,
r111cl 1ffll1clc11Jll,, l101vl'\ c1 t.Je111g among ttie fa,le 5 urte L'

(' p111'>1\P ()I LliL' tllllt' 11L fc1c.Lon customs.
,111c1ll11 1c1t111p lt'c1111s !1cld tltem for Just thosereas


f (]l

Dcsp 1IC' 1l<, pC'rtl 1p<, 11r1 l,11r rep1 11a11on as a staid ancJ
ho1lrl /' Por li r1r <' r /0 1 p1l ol , di I lie< 11CI o/ I heir c 11C'Ct, thC' 9 T9
,~ do('<, o ll c'1 <HH' 1,1 1t' ,111 <1 l1wl1ly S()l 1gl11 1/lcr fe:il ure 1Ls
l ('li,ll 11l11 v I IH ' W, 1<,p I'-, ,JI] 11 nc111r1ply rl rrH'rl(J 11)1(' 1nd LISC'r
/1 ll ' IHll \t f'oc/1r1c
II , r, 1w lri n1 11nl 1111 rnrl Ins I tlcep 1nd
v,1 1lc'ci If ! ('111 1,11!,('! <l! fH'rlr11 rn 1nr r rr1orJi/1r 1110n, In 1dd1
l1rn 1 II H' V<'l1 1c le' v~ 1<, <Ir 1/lriUI 1rri11r1rJ I rriorl 11 ir ~ till H d
l :in br 1nocl1fJC'c l f11rll1<'r I 11 1r1 1r ri I r 1rr r, n ,.., I is
01 no t, 1L ll,1s 1 stro11p ind 1rl1vr r ir r, 1 c '1 h P r1r1
cornrnurnty, ,incl ,1 numl)rr or WI p << n' rrr r ll r
< nr
1 c
sp1 ung up as a testament lo 11 s surp1 h1nr. pop i l'


vehicle Type/Model: Podr ll l I GP f ~ I ,;o

Manufacturer : ii ll l IL f\im, l 11e11we1111g
Ma imum ltitude: 1 n rnt'l c1
Sensor Rang : C. losl

Encumbrance Capacity: 1
Passenger Capacity: 0
Price Rarity: 11 r. 00 credits 6
Customization Hard Points: )
Weapons: None


pt oduc C'I ol Sl)C'C'dL' I and SI di sl1 1p '>\ Stl'lllS
ti c Outer Rim wo1Id of TL'lll,iko In, ,1
1 ~,n~ well made, "t u1 d\
111d 1,ol'ILI II \
011/01111 well but ai r ot1w11 \1<.,l' 1111t' t it
10 tl1c Pod1xc1 1ac to1\ rns tt1 111 fll il tkcl
Otl tl1a11 11\cs up to tlw, 1cput Jt1 011
1 n 1s t lw \ olte c 1, T9 \ \: ,isp c1 111011 gst
rious rdc 1
1 sl '>, 1t 1s a L omprtent 1\cll designed
cer tl1at I
l f 1stest nor L11e most agile 111 its class
Aggress1 e1
'l11s Pod1ace1 sits squa rely in t11e
tddle of ' c
'JI 1es, off et 1ng a good, so li d race r
1th few cd1,
re at a com pet1L11,e pric e. It 1s pow
ed by a rci
u ~ KVT Se, ,es 400 high-thrust fanJels
ounLed to
I L,ut we ll equipped Podrace1 cockpit by
e usual contrul 1bl s. Tl1e engines provide ample LhrusL
nd are equ,pre j w1tl1 a sophisticated contro l sysLem that
ows tl1e p1lor to 1 ,ne t u11e their output on Lhe fly.



Vehicle Type/Model : Podr,1cer 9T9 Wasp

Manufacturer: Kc11c1r Volvec
Maximum Altitude : t,O meters
Sensor Range: Close
Crew: One pil ot
Encumbrance Capacity: 2
Passenger Capacity: 0
Price/Rarity: I 3.ti SO credit s 5
Customization Hard Points: 4
Weapons: None

Easy to Maintain: Decrea se the difficu lty o f cl1 ec ks to repa ir
or perform olh er maintenance on the 9T9 B by 1




Podrace, p1/0L s and PocJ1 acc 1 111ccl1a11irs a,c 1n vete ra1r
mod,riers, consLanlly 011 lhe looko ut ro, new ways to sq ure1r
even mo1c perro, mail er rrom al1 cady ove 11axrd systems
While many Lram s st ill scave nge' th ro ugh sc 1apyards a11rl
su, plu s J uct1011 s ror pa, l s pa, 11 cular ly I l1 ose wh1 cl1 a1e
eillie, h1rl cbo u11d trad1L1onal1 sts or loo new and poor to
afford better a thn v1ng arte1 ma1kr1 fo, Pod , ace, pans has
sprung up wherever Lile spo, t 1s popular Companies like
Aiatech, Cte rka, ln com. a11d Fc1 b11t cc /1 se ll m1111crous sys
l ems ror Pod,acers, 111any of them cil' IL111 ccl <1mJ renamed
civilian ve rsions or Lllei1 n11l1t ,1 1v g1c1dc' p1od11cl'i Ill adcJ111011.
boullque co 111pa111cs like Co/101 Po11d 1c1 1 c1nd Cc1lact1c Power
En g111 ce 1111g ll c1, c sp1 llllg up to p1 ov1dc lJcspokc Pod, 3ccr
parts fo1 d1scc111111g p1lo1s. 111cc/1.,1111c s cllld tea111 mvnc,s
Tl1 c ro11ow111g mods 111a, Olli\ be 111stc1llcd on Pod1<1ce1s


Due lo Lile// speed and t lie p11r111 I\ c 1111 u1 c ell I lie 1r 11 l'l
dl1ng 5\Stem POciiiKC'IS ell(' lOIOIIOll'-1\ d11f1uilt to COi Lio/
W'11l e a Podrace1 1s L~ 111d111r1, fa'>t 111 a s11,11fl1t l1lle gc>'t n~
one a, ound co11ic" 1\1!/1 an, ,1ccu11c, 01 IL'/1c1b1I lv s al,y "
1mposs1blc, n Jk1 11g L lS,ll'5 J comn1011 s1,~11 11 ,ace<. As a
1csult, mall\ p,los equ p 11e1 1 Pod, lle1c; 1\1tl1 co I<. ,
a nee S\ ste ns Lo , educt 'Ile 11sk o L' l'>llc"- V\ e
co/11s1011 a,0,cJ Jrce s, slerr s a1c of1e11 hJr i fr
,ace seri s ar d d't '01\/1ecJ upo, IJy c t
cons1du ti L 1 t E:Llro,,,c n 111111c s"
Models Include: Ar Lcc/1 8pt X Cow t 1 \
, 1tec 11 "Cc Pile
\daptl\ l: A11t1 Coll1'>1cq1
LX I 9 Auto, 11 1c Spol Tl11u<,1L''"
Base Modifiers: Rc>ducc Pod, ,le l'I " 11!1(
pos e<, or dcter,n 111, Ilic cJ1fl1u111, pl I '
Modification Options : Nc 1 11e
Hard Points Required: I
Price: 1 WO credit


(Planetary) check as an ou ot tian 111 , Ide

10 her Pociracer being dec;troyed Or a S';ccr- ,
p1lol 1s eJected from the crashing ve~ cle un
failed chC'ck, Lhe pilot suffers a number f
speed at the time of the, r.,0 h ,tr
t11c> veh1c Ies
Plu s ,
lnJury Game Mac;ters can spend @ @ l- ,S
~ ,
instead of strain
de i
Modification Options: None
Hard Points Required: I
Price: 400 cred1rs


r 11cre ;:ire as ,r anv wa s o l:'00-,t n~ t"
cc," e11e11ie ,1s 'hec cire e'1 5 rec; 'hLnl
volc1l1IC' C11C'r"I( 1 lilJCClorc, 0 uprt', ,
rnag11et1C vV:lVf pUSt' ge~e1Jtor E'\ 11 H 1
/11ghly react1H J1 cl d,
're L,s fu I<, rt J
c 11a t11r isl fr0111 1 Pr g 11 (
3 1fride c

1tc, uner it or 1
( "
Models Include: Ht '>t r





Base Modifiers:
Modification Options .
Hard Points Required.

Hard Poi

Models Include:



C '

Average ( ) Piloting


Model, I

BJ eMo



re t a e
Modification Options:
Hard Points Required:
,. a


Attachmenf_, --








Modification Options:


Hard Points Required:

R , 1du SI l'i n &

Bl' p111 I\ lo to rs Pi n


Base Modifiers: 1
Modification Options:

e, s l1a11 dl1 ng by



Ir le

Podracer's handling by

Hard Points Req uired:



Basic Pr
and spee
and real/
when star
are ra,el y
ans with
belts. kn o
hr rJ1fferr
11 rr ; ,n

, kp, ts co me equipped w1Lh low output

k,nd typically round on repulsorsleds
Cons1dered a seconda,-y sys Lem al best,
1pped Lo keep the Podrace, at altitude
'J r at low speeds, a racer's repu lsor coils
~f'cond L11oughL Savvy racers, or veLerdc ing and building experience under their
ro od repulsorlifL engine can often mean
een fmL and lasL place, or fin ish ing ot
d repulsor coils increase a Podrace r's
illowing 1L to clear obstac les mo,e c.'c1s1l y
lower flying opponents
nrorn TX), Bcsp111 Mo /ors Po 111 el/A1c Re
f<"IJ/,cJ Drive Urn /
1,r rrr1',C' IJodrdccr's 1nax irrn1rn JII ii uuc' l)y

1ir,rJ r,1< /' / 'c, fll rlX ll!/11111 rl i

Some racers. though . value per \_ 1111 sa e v\

tlon. running powerful, full-specrc1 1 1 1 e ci ,e 1e
protect the en lire vehicle The e Jre l''S 1all1y bu, "Pt: . .
for Pod racing and are tuned for the "ind ol r
typical ly round on Pod,ace cour-;es. R~1un t, v"
Loo poor or too old fc1 h1onec to LN' f<1ctorv bu
stil l use sa lvc1ged u111t pulled trorn \ ec"eL
cmplaccmcnl sl11cld gencrJtor-;
Models Include: Novc1lcle\ G,\21 h1( Id
CLD8089Y St11rld , I e11c1r \ olvet t\l" \ Ill 1
"8 11g Sn1c1'> l1c1" l11rld
Base Modifiers: G1,111ts tllL' I l) r 1 r
wcml rldr11s1vc c11 c
Modification Option : I (. 11 ' 1 '
Jo OtH ' drlt'll '>l' tltll' tll l tllllt l' I\)

Harri Point Rl1quh d:


l: I , l()ll111'dll




Podraler Eng ll('


P drart r Co "pr

\ oo

\\ h e factor\ cc1storo1s 1 e al 1,el :ind good 11101L' tr d
tion minded Pod1ac.e1 ~1 cts bu d tl1e, 111,1Ll111e'"> trnrn ll t
ground up The sarne co111pc1r110" tl1;:r p1 "lduc.t till' c,wtru
,e rsial tacto!"\ c.usto,w, such -i, C er :i Cc,1101 Pt111d 1 1 1 111d
Galactic Po\\er E'lg, leer rig 1Js0 pr 1L1 ,Ct'' C Ln,rc ( ) llf)()
nents 'o c.u,tor 1 bu ld1n 1 Podr ll e, To tiu d 1 Podr :icer 1
bu Ider n ust b , on, 11ree b I
1 c t "~' l en ' "
tot?,t till'' (d
and con or cables O c' t t e 1r
reJal \ er
I J g,l on ar
fd r
I(' dt <;\g, l (1
for ea e o "'sser,1b
1 '>t'

<;pl l

,II ll


If Pod-ac 'g e

I Ll


en~ Dedst d1a1 n c11 ir,' a"d

d s suppose ther contro ( clble<.
t n'> These 0rg t e Die d rastee
cab es eher a Pod ,Ke s PLll er' rl eng nes to ,s ,oc."'p t
A ong \\ tl1 Keep ng t e e"gP'es and t 1e coci-.p Cl' '11ecteC1
tl1e a so v se ,he ,, r ng tl1at connects tie c.Jrtro s o t 'C
engines Stee ton p Oduces rnost Pod icer l 1rl\ L1b es
bu t sma ler cornpa111es r a, e cropped up atL I i 1t't" pt
to take a1 a some of its market sha,e

e <. all
Nearl all Podracers use control ub1es l '
produ ction outl ers. such as U e FG 8TB T nd - ..,ne1f JI C't
one-offs and pmtotypes. mount the eng r es d1 ect, lL 1 tl1 t.
cockpit via spars Control cables are tl1e rrost trag, e part of
a Podracer. as even the stoutest set c:rn be snapped 01 sliced
through A Podracer who loses l1er c.or'trol cables tl1rougl1
accident or sabotage loses control 0\ er l1e1 el1 cle a'.1d must
either eJect or nde th e cockpit to a stop and l'ope sl1e '>Ur, ,,es.
Models Include: Steel to n Pe, tect Ser 1es contm l cables.
Monales SysLems SC 4 x co ntm l tet11er
Base Modifiers: Grants a Podrace r
a Handling of - 1.
Modification Options: None.
Hard Points Required: 1
Price: 1,000 credits

Podr ~le, t'11~ m", u 1

tu, b1nc eng11 e, rnd 111 1 1 pr ,
l 11 , d ,, s of Pod1,1l 1n~ c,
ll\ l,l ClllCd clllliJteUI\ SI git' t l
en 1 ('S 1,0111 Cl ,l'>l1C'd Sl,lrl, illL ,
t ) r periorn 111cc c11rc;pecde1s. llll1 l t
l Pt'' \\ere l1auled out of scr 1p'ra j c u
, r cicpot'S ,1nd po1t to
on re r1un
Porlr ll c, e1'g1t1t:S ,11 e e tlier '11 c1 Llll ' 1
n 1g rau )o e,1rns u 'ill' r 01 n e Jct SPtc
prociul ed eng.nes fr orr o 'e ,, ''e
l 0r r ir
l' 1tte1 tlw11 prO\ ena 11Ct' till' Jre Jil tuo l
oc 0,1d 'or- u, 1l1Zerl rc1c ng vr ll
,1ppe 1l111g fo, Pod1c1cer5


Pcd1 :ice, eng ne'S must be 1rst1l t d 1n 11 'L

ri rn,rl' pies of t1,o D011g othe 1\ SL
0 1 Jllc.ed. hn,c.k, u 11e11ab e Pod lE '' l s
, 1 c 1e'i rntu e. e,en 11 ore da11gerous th
Models Include: TI boD, ne gg U i\ Id' R ., \
T, 1 li1 boe' JAi, Rae ngJ9-SO D1sl 8 R
s ,1, JZ c; F ,s,a Tl11 ust Eng.ne. lnLom 2 l F - 1
Base Modifiers: G ants a Pod, acer a speed
Modification Opti ons: one
Hard Points Requ ired: 2
Price: '-l 000 uedrts
1 1,




~r c0rKp s are s rnp

Podracer Corv.r:, '">
l"d do 'O "C JOF
Enco.1mbranc1:: C;:ic;;i,
Pas,;e ge, C;;ir,;,, ,
Pr ce Par .,
C..1stom za r;
a d P-; ~,
V eapor,s





11,to mi 1,1tio11 H,11d P mt,


\\ \' l

\ \.

U11 d 1 ur, I\L>o.11 d
l I
11t1 J 1

111' ll h d
II l/1


I' 1




:11, II

I j ll ,
01' )11(1" R,111pl,1,'hb1 ! lll

t l


d1'l1 1 111 ,ll'.llld1111 lll' ll

111t1,, l/l,ll,111'1\'II

r t'I

ell !1 ~ .11 1 ll'-t'd [11 lll.l I ['Jlhlll11 I

111,lldl i Pl 11 Jlt' ll' I l'I l l l'l'

l l

'I ,lll



l 111d1:,1

Hull Type/Class: \l 1ul li t' I lo t 1,1'>'>

Manufacturer: C\ c1ws Sp. It ,wrn"
Hyperdrive: P1111 1,1 1\ 1,1.,., ), 13,H kt 1p ( 1.,.,., I
Navicomputer: ) t''>
Sensor Range: \ll t11l
Ship's Complement: One pilot, 1lllt ' t U p1lu1
Encumbrance Capacity: 100 [111111u1 11 p.1 "' ' ll /'t ' I ,11 1il 11 111
<) /
d 1 I lJi /,t ,)
C.1pacity I 0
Con umable>'> I '' 1111 11111
Pr,( /R,II ity: WI (JrH J , 11 t// 1 11



in a dorsa urret. g \ rg [ "e

a 01ving 1t to fight of~ a I
While th es s ps were once common, espec ially in the
regio1' L ~ , us-c lass courie rs are a rare sigl1t in today 's
celanes ,. ~e rew that have survived the decades since
Repub lic and the purge of the Jedi are
togeth er . L 1 c:;cavenged parts and wishes, but tl1ey still

Although t has on 1 bee O" e

the Legate-c lass cour er has a ea
en tse ci
and reliable sl1 ip. Cre1 s repo that 1t s a j e ' ,
is easy to maintai n. I\ 1tl1 good support" o , SFS S ,..,.,e
also stated that fitting s~ stems f1om t e ..,
., c ss. s,
as engines, weapons s) stems. and sh e d ge nera o . s :.
prisingl y ea sy. Indeed. much of the I\ ring ar man ,.,L
for the military system s are still intact bet1ind the ~cu
decks, walls, and bulkheads.

f bling
rom thehallst01 ofr1111gCir Jd 11P<-Cit

1 1 c 1111 1 , tt11 1 '1 tc"! HI'

,1 Brsp111 1(' hr 111rl "ver L
st reets of Lothdl <. C 11 111 Cit L1e 51 ; l \ 1r g;:i ;:i
1s f1llecl
1~1t11 c.ompt I 1rig url ar oc.auors fl IPd 1 tt1 am rnd of fantas
tic sites and e o c "I ec es Ir countless r 1t,es frci111 tl1e Core
\ \ 01 leis to tl1 e Outer Rim Territories. wlB111tes go about their
dail act' 1t1es-so11e ne er setting fool on 1in settled l;::inds for
th e1r ent11 e 11, es These paces are as d, erc,e .:is those who I've
1 1t11111 them. and the e,ents that li:wren on the streets and
111 110 mes and businesses are be, ond cou11t C tie b11c,tle 1v1tl1
constant act1,1t\ Those 1,110 d1 ell 11th u1L,1r ,,laces of tl1e
~a lax) bring their pass1onc; and p1 e ud1ces 11ie,1 d1ea111c, and
opes. their ,er\ ec;se'l e 1 1tl1 t11en g1v ng tile I ct ec; 1 I fe as
'ibrant as am lusl11, 1,de1 iess

Urban em 1ro1111ents are pe fo 'In' :in11e ,t 1d, e11tu1 es.

as tl1e11 dense popul.?lt101s .w 1 l)' t 11' 1 ll~, 1t1e, rnal e
them hotbeds o' acm t, SpcE:0e1 L,1"t''- p be11 ee1 t)l11ld
111gs as th1e,es and u ,,, na1c; lee L,01, Olal m enk,1ce111e11t
and Imperial patios Ca1't 112s and taplat~ Llogged ,,1th
spacers and d11fte s ser, e 1s '-t'l, tt 1ieet111g g1 ounds fm
smugglers and as ha,e 1"> 01 1 o es hoping to drOl\11 tl1e
pain of tl1e1r da11, toil 111 tne botto 11 of a bottle of lum Cl\ 1c
halls and corporate offices see alliances and credits shift
with onl) a fe1, 1vo1 ds and a simple tap on a data pad Starports and sh.y lanes are flooded 1, 1th all manner of trade and
commerce-not all of 1t legal ~mong all this acti, 1t). a, e1age
citizens go about the11 dall) routines-working, pla\ ing, and
living in a galaxy rocked b\ c1, 11 war.

While many of tl1e ad\'e11tu1 es depicted in tile Star \\ors

saga take place in tl1e vv1lds of the gala y, cities a,-e no less
exciting. Daring security , olunteers fougl1t street-to-street in
the capital city of Theed 011 tl1e planet of Naboo, and brave
rebels engaged in daring broad-daylight tl1eft in tl1e a enues
of Lothal's Capital City Cloud City t11rives as a l1 aven for
dashing scoundrels and rougl1 Tibanna gas miners Force sensitive investigators question cantina patrons and local
citizens in their efforts to foil tl1e machinations of tl1ose who
serve the dark side of the Force. all while avoiding the watchful eye of the Empire.
By virtue of their dense populations, consolidated
resources. and high technology levels, urban environments
offer GMs the opportunity to bring virtua ll y any adventure
they can think of to life. The galaxy lives and breathes in its
c1lics, the very heart of galactic civilization beats within the
grec1t urban locales of the universe It 1s in tl1ese metropolises that Hw f rnpltfl l1old s tl1e greatest sway over its citi zens,
sh1eldme Uwm frorri thc..; Galnclic C1v1I Wat and 111doclrinat111g
them with p1opagJnda th1l r,lrJri11c,.., [1111wr()1 Pr1lpr1li11r Nev
ertheless. tl1rougl1 lh e.:nrJlc<,c, SIil 1111 ri/ dr'upl1n11r,, r1111rn1p,
the constant thrum of dc11ly !1f . ,1t1d 1-Jc 11r .JI I I c' 1r11 1I1r cl(\! I
est shadow ol the unde1wu1ld. l/1e rorrr llr,w<., llnough c1II
th111gs. Those who feel its presertt e ro11t111ue Ll1E11 -,t r uggle ro
survive and restore balance to th galaxy



\Vhen des1gn1ng a'lcl 1mp1c m rt r irr 1

carnpa gn. tl1e Game 1astrr ~hq, 1 r,
does not s1mpl spring l'l'O f,<J<,t n
has fou'lded b\ ind 1, 1duals for a spec fir
::i cit began as the first starport b I t ("
, ''1,'
planet. a freshlv established m1n1'1g -rJ er a
structed refugee camp. or any of coumless
ties at some point a group of sent1en beings
tllemsel\es to conquer the\ 1ld landscape of tr
est;:ibl1sl1 something greater. v\ h1le a rnvs 1r r ;:i ~
ma, l1a,e changed over time. that 1nit1al impetus:.
L11ar acter Tl1e community s foundational aspir;i
onl, be hinted at by ru111s buried under centJ ies
struc.t1011. or tl1ey may remain ,1s1ble on the surtace a _
do11ed u1 ban spra1VI.
Cities sl1are se, era I nearly uni,ersal traits Resider
111 close pro\1m1t'.) to one another. often uncomhrt:it
Local economies are d1iven b) these residents. usua
manner related to the original purpose of a cit\ Th 5
includes trade and resource production Finally most
ha, e a formal gm ernment. which includes adm1rnstra
and law enforcement.
While all three of these aspects are important to an" t"
e11v1ro11me11t. they should not be a game's focus Whe~ C' _
are developing their urban locations, thev dont need 'o ~
out every aspect of their cities. Rather. they should focu,
what's important to the story and perhaps Jot dowr J
notes about outlying aspects. just in case they come
play. Star Wars is a galaxy of high adventure, not soc1olo~
minutiae; the most important part of anv urban loca'
l1ow it brings excitement to a campaign.
In designing an urban location, GMs shouldn't be 1
go beyond the traditional city. It's easy to think of Cc 1
when it comes to urban locations, but the galax '
more to offer. Even if the next adventure rode ~'
traditional urban structure don't be afraid to des)
a few exotic features. Be;pin's Cloud Cit, ' '
pie of how a few simple touches can spice ' ',. , ,
traditional location. What began as a irnr
11 1we'
has been transformed into a unique efl\
t a f1oilt1t1i
chang111g clustered sky crapers in . 0f t0r\ "J.
and swapp ing out a rnon" traditional mine gas
fo1 bill

uc T1banna
wing clouds full of U1e e\O


~} :o\,, ,101..




presence C' NP -,
11r way Cf\ 1s c..a11 as1ly evoke tie
a pC or .L
h results from
('II\ iron111 nt 1s b, spending t e
T. ble 3... 1: 6
cl1cc..k in a L1111que and interesting waY tt~ngs
on page ,,
Se 1
ing N /'h {o> and @ in Urban . these resou
'\J', \:t7, - '
provides a number of ideas for spe.
cl1ecks Lhat evoke the setting of a cttYt


.~r~;'~ r .,




0, @,@,AND~


1 ( 011\ ('I

Side Street:

Hole in



e Wall :






II rl1 I

r I I I

\ e Jn Lil' 11l'c1brtui s1,ot t11~1 rs t11I rnnncc ted to 10( 11 pov tr r I

Tilt ldd D 011 111\ r llccks to rcu\cr str,11n 1t til~ rnd ol r 11, our Irr
11 11/ r,re 1ousl, t11111ot1ced rnercl1ant selling goods at 1 dr COlll
k~ n 1 dt 1~l1u1 1tte11 pt111g to Pllrcl1,1sc rterns 111 t111s lout1011

f P(

t :1 r



Hidden Shop : T


ii lllll 1 IIH'y IJIOV(' I IH ,1 It'll I hr




reet Food:
T e P(.s 'llr's into a street \endor selling one of t11err favorrte drsl1es Any PC wl10 spcr'r1,
' ~t
n "
e!T'o\ e 11 st, a 11 lilat cllc11 acter rs suffering from

,}' Face: TIP PC P 1 J 1 er :in Lile pected :ill\ or trrendly local The rnd1v1dual offers tl1em ard 111 som
""' 's
rng ic. is rnforn1at1011 or supplies

Urban Hideout:

e C d L t di' 11/, rt ta,ern or ot11e1 hideout that appears to have been abandoned b',, loc. 11
' nf 1'1dt on r1ere on t11e crt 111 the form of old datapad flies and hand1 rrtten notes
t' 1,1101 ledge !Underworld] cl1eck t11e characters make during this sessron At the
'eal 1e 1ar'le and location of a mrd level member of a local rnmrnal group


Lay of the Land: 0

di take a re;:il shine 10 t11e PCs and gives them U1e lowdown on the best ways to
ind b\l\cl\S D01V11g1ade tl1e d1fflcultv of checks made as part ot chases hrgl1 speed
11e' l\ltnrn c1t\ l1m1ts once

Trusted Contact: t PCs run into a trusted friend or reliable contact This person can 1rnprme the PCs wnt,1ct
E ~c,t se (see page 77). or 1f no networks are being used can alternat1\ely decrease the
- Streer 1se c'1ecks the PCs make 1,h1le 111 this area once

Perfect HO: T'1e PCs find a long abandoned series of industrial rooms underneath a crt\ level T/1e rooms still
0ols and Holonet connections. and can make for an excellent base of ope,-atrons Wl1rle usrng this
e PCs add automatic t), tJ on any tl.1echanrcs and Computers checks they make

Unexpected Patron: The PCs are approached b\ a representative of a maJor crrmrnal organ1zat1on or a
. rrment offlcral who (for unknown reasons) offers 1nformatron and to act on therr behalf Thr s could result rn the
PCs ga1nrng freedom from arrest. support personnel, or other benefits that best flt wrtl1 the campaign nar ratrve
Unwanted Attention : The PCs draw apprarsrng eyes from sl1ady characters 111 tl1e area This cou ld lead to their
,r tacts shyrng away from offering anv useful info, matron and street vendors overcharging them
Obvious Visitors: The PCs commit a local sl rght that makes rt obvious they're not from around here Add
3n Slreetwrse or sacral skrll checks tl1ey make as part of rnteractrons wrtl1 tl1e local crrmrnal element


Bad Grub: Some of the loca l food t11e PCs ate earlier was spoiled. and they are now feelrng the effec.ts For the
remarnder of the session. whenever the PC generates@@ @ or@ on a check. the GM can spend rt to cause
him to be afflicted by a crrpp/rng bout of nausea Th e PC becomes 1mmob1lrzed until the end of hrs next turn
We're Being Followed! : The PCs believe th ey're being followed by bounty hunters. local crrmrnals. or local law
enforcement. which causes them to be edgy, nervous. and restless. Whrle 111 thi s area. PCs recover 1 less strarn
1vhenever they recover strain at the end of the encounter (to a mrnrmum of 0)
Bright Lights, Big City: The PCs are drslracted by all of tl1e unrque features of the urban environment (such
as exotic aliens unique arcilltecture, unfamiliar sights and smells) For the remainder of the day, when making
cunning or /nt~llect-based c/1ecks 111 thrs area. upgrade the difficulty of the PCs' check once
Mistaken Identity: The characters are mistaken for local criminals Th ey QUickly draw the attention of a rna
group of provincial /aw enforcement officers or gurlded bounty l1unters (see pages 403 and 404 of the FoRcE A o
DESTINY Core Rulebook) w/10 are eager to capture tl1em, perhaps even dead or air 1e
Inside Information: An NPC w/10 t11e PCs wrsh to meet with rs already aware of what they want and ras orne
leverage 011 them The PCs add automatic @ @ to all opposed sorn l skill checks that target Lhrs PC

Extra Muscle: The ctiaracters have made contact w1tl1 a desired 1ndiv1dual. but this contact has a brt of e tra
mus le (such as several Streel Toughs from page 405 of the FoRcE AND DESTINY Core Rulebook) as backup 111 case
111gs get dangerous or ncgot,atrons break down
Extra Stress The PC 15 successful 111 his current goal, but somehow has ga111ehd tPhCe n\\oht,ce of a tlohcaGI : rrme lodrd ,-,

d I makes t/1ese 111tenlrons verv cl a, to l e

ene, er e " 1 spen s ,2,
k(; him cJow,,- lll w 10
I ct
ea do dealt 1 1th
f t I in Jfi t/r t PC lll I PC suffe ri; 1 acldrlional sl1a1n unlrl t e crime or rs app se r
Or th , 1 most tr usLed al/res lose confidence ,n them and begin
Betrayal: The PCi; f rlur ' /vis 1mHJe one
e r Id I-esull 111 an ambush at a later meetrng. the failure of, ital
Tllri; cou d c.1r or ev 11 the porsonrng of their meals
urr p rt1ou ly working for l11e11 em
Pqu pmPrt to arrrve sat,ordgL ol ll1 'II weapons an ge



Ltvrng as , eg,s1 ered citizens ,n mos l cities across the

laxy 1s all but ,mposs1ble for Senlin e/s and other Forcens1t1ve cl1a1 acter'i especiall y th ose who rol/ow the path
the Jed, C1t1Lens /1v1ng 111 urban enviro nm ents fi nd tl1at
ey have to ft// out pe1m1l requests and papen-vork. and ob111 eg,strallon and documentation , 1n order to receive even
s,c services Gove, nment paperwork 1s req uired fo r the
chase and reg1strat1on of a starship , a weapon. or even
dro1d. A pape, Lrai/ ,s a dangerou s l111ng 1n a city It can
ose Sent111e/s to scrutiny by local officials, as we ll as leavg a history of their activities t/1at could be traced-not to
e t1on endangering whomever sold th e reso urces 111 questo them

On rare occasions, Sent111els might find an ally willl so me

ltica/ or adm,nistralive power-but such alliances are
gerous for both parties If t/ie Empire discovers 1rregulanoca/ officials face quest1on1ng, 01 worse. An 1mpl1cated
Is fam,Jy and friends can be Jeopardized by friend s/lip
ntmels Jr U1e Empire discovers contacts w/1om Sen
1 ht have w1U11n an admir11st1 alion, tl won't be long
Imperial Prefecl or Moff lakes notice and begms a
c 1nvest1gat1on and "clea11sing" lo le, rel out traitors


t/1 ey fin d t/1emselves confronted by those with the power

a1resl . de tain. or even execute them
While ord111ary c1t1zens arrested or mixed ui:, n 3r o,1gc
111 g in vest 1ga t1011 can hope that the system pla\ s 0ut 1n their
favo, ,r they Just submit to authority Sent,nC:.ls ha e 'lo 1[ thope Qu es tions must be ans1Vered s1tuat1ons t> Pia, lt
and 1nev1tably "Justice" meted out with the squeeze 0f ,,g
ger or tile co ld command of a storm trooper Ser t1nels rr ,st
use every clever trick and m1sd11ect1on ,r the 1r arsen I LC'
avoid drawing thi s atten ti on
Even whil e consta ntly staying on the m~,ve tron srret'
street. avo1d1ng reg1slered transpo rts. L,s1ng tht 1r 'lbi/1r s t0
obscure the 11 action s. or simpl y sta 1ng 111 the sh,1dmvs. J
Sen ti ne ls must eventuall y choose between their 01,n s.1fe 1
and Lhe lives of others. In that moment tliey undout, ec1 \
ex pose themse lves
To cou11te1 l hcse certa1nt1es. Ser1t1 11 els often 1d\E
tin gcncy plans prepared I\ helher these I ,is 11,
false 1denl1l1es. h1deou1s. hidd en tr <1 11 sor ts 'o IL
offworld or c1 ny nu rnber ot other escal' ruL tt,
grec1tesl weaons a,c tl1c11 01v11 kec 11 tll "W 1r1 t
botli ol wlllcfl till'\' use to lull etlect
Ocldlv enougl1 Sen11ncls olll'II f111d , o nt t
and tt'lu~c 111 111c u11dc111 or ld 011 I 11\lt , 11 ' 1
dt"s/1110 slc11porl s, !Ill' \ li.i1t ll ll lh't'd t,, ,, ' t
llllt;fll\ /- 111plil llit'lt', lfH'\ l Ill [\/,'rhj I\
lltt' {',11,IXV / lit' ll' '>Pllll l ' 'l.lllt1 d
j /111!~ ,/lid oil/I'/ , 111111 Il l' ,>I 'l l' I' I ' H
lltll/ fl 1/l! ' I ' l ' I l' l ' d d ii I ll'l <'llf I
ii/ii\ ',t 1/lllll' i II' /l ' /11 111 l Ill 1!11 l
IP 111 /11th lllllll !fl Il l I 'Ill' l



1ill' p, cscm c o f Se nt ,ne ls '" not al ways Wclco ,nc,

l'cl, 1lioug/1 Rull1l css /Jo un Ly t1u111 crs ,1nd nirrll /c 0 1 ~r,r
/oid s <l l <' 1/ wc1ys /oo klll g l o mil k<' fc1s 1 c1eo,1 , 01 ~lrik, err
wit Ii liu [rn p1rc' If L11 C' 11 111t1rnatc co nn cu ,on t;i t,c l di 1
,s rcwri lcd , Scn t111 els o fte n frnc f Lhe mst lvcs huntcc l t f ,r
sides o f 11 1c l,1w or worse. ,1 p,11 I 1rnl<1rly lo ~" d r n
kingp in rrnglll L1/;:ickmc11I tl1C.m into sc rv1c ~ncJ bf
1/iey mig/1 l frnd U1emse lves dr c1w 111g ciangc r 0 ,., 1, O 1
dark side of L11e Force


Wlllil' urbc111 env11 onments are d,111gc1ous to lhL S"',
wllo call tlwm /10me no t all Se nt inr /s /i\ E ur cic'r ti(.'
01 1Ile Empire or one ol the grea t mCL1opol 110 n Lu, 1
lei'> sornc make t11c11 l1orncs 111 settlements\\ :i 11 tie
lmper1,il control l\1ore //1,111 ,'l ft'w of them ':it le or
'>KIi 15 ol t lie t1nv /1arnlets and ba terL d s1 c1r ~1orts , t ir
Rim Tei 11to11e5 Tl1ey \ enturc wto p JC ><.et 0t cl\ ,1 ,t
1VllCl1 11 ecesc,a1\, ad1ng into Ile IL, n A e1r 1f f, t
111d Llll/lO[ILed dregs as lllC\ QlllC' I\ C' IL I
,er t , II
Tl1r t1 J11s,e11t natured tl1osc 1\I u fr0q
comll111cd \\Ith a m1111111al lrprr1a nrt t c
nels to I el,1\ t hr11 gu.11 d sltglll ~ H,,\',,t t
1fto1 d tc be Lale es:c, Tl L' low d
1lw1 se tcrd11g1ts1ea l'f1rll1t1,
,1n- L' LIOU
CJ otflc 1,1ls IOOI\ 11,, t)
LI rnr le rd tOUici C lSII\ LI L' l\"01\< t,1,
OtJt ,'I'S s l POI t" ftli b Hlc'rtrl
\ \ '('11

l''lt llt ,

1 l' 1p It '>ICTl''l
t\ llci llllp(' l kll \llL I ti t
,;o 1, t grt',ll c 1rc ()I le 11 tlw c st 1bl , 11
ldt 'lt l t , lil 1' tilt' t ,111 l 11,Hl p, 1l ,l l'O t
llOlll ', l f\lL 1/1 \ \'Ill 11 k1l s1!1L d (1) L ll l
1 11 to fur llwr sl r 1'11 1 l l\c' r, tt1rn <1 1 u
- t 111 Hll' ls l OllllllOtll y ll C' I 1,kll ,


ii c'I\ pl H L' . rnt lud111 p .it,dndonE d tJ , c

lm idt n t111cic'11:round r c 'l r.
11lf l\ lO\ 11 '>
\ 0 111t rnorL'

re lkil''-'> )L 111 n !\

m Id into c1n talldrt populc1t1vr

11 pldtn '>1gl1l wl11le 1111 1




ob me


dc11ly cvcntc, dlld tro tJIL, of thr lo

populac t' Mr1c;querc1d1ne as
dro1d le< h vr ;i gritty barterder a c
Sentinels to qu1elly warch r e
beloved rn y and keep> thGrn kee"
of the plight of tre1r ne1P.rbo'
Sentinels rrust rJe extrerif
Beirg so close to the hea t l 1
can expose them to Jriex"
ger forcing trierr o
shadows or raoe I to obs
mornert's otice


Particularly braz8n or brash Sentin els might even take up

the role of a v1g1lante By seeming to appear from nowhere to
engage ,n surgical strikes again st th e Empire or 01hers who
oppress local residents and then fading into lhc sh adows,
they strike dem,ve and effectt ve bl ows aga in st l 'yran ny ancl
oppression However e;:i ch l 1me t11 ey engage 1n such blatant
defiance. tfiey draw more' and more attC' nll on Lo LhC'm selves,
undoubted! \ 1ncreas1ng t11e ri sk of brin ging the full m1ghl of
the Emp1'e down upon th eir heads.


Though then deep connection to th e Force makes Se ntin els

a danger to bot11 ll1emselves and tho se around L11em, the

Force ,s also their greatest ally Like all wl1 0 a, e strong 111 the
Force, Sentinel s feel 1Ls ebb and flow from all li v111g tilin gs
Despite being su rounded by durasteel skyscrapers, an end
less array of publ, service dro1ds, and t11 e co nstant l1u m of
transit speeders Sent nels find the urban environme nt no
less alive than t~ wild . untouched pl anets of th e ga laxy
While mariy o' tbJse strong 111 th e Force feel ,ts g, ea t,
slow. and sweep1rg power. Sent111 els fe el th e , ap,d fire
pulse of thousands of lives as the\ go about their
infinite tasks tl1ro ... gl' da\ and night Sentinels pe,
ce1ve the flow cf people thi-ough cit'y streets as
lifeblood rustll'1e trirot..gh the veins of a living
being The city P ,le; tes. and Sentinels feel
the city living Jnd breathing When t11e city
s sick. Sentinels f t. t~ e growing miasma
When the city i. trot..t:led, Sentinels are
the first to sense tr Jt nervousness. When
the city rnes out 1t1 pain. Sentinels bleed
with 1t. Because or this unique bond with
urban environments. Senttnels are natu
rally vigilant about the state of their sur
round1ngs. This inst,ncttve connection
often gives them 1ns1ght mto troubles
bubbling beneath the surface.

Thi s k nettc cor nect1or e, h f'Jrt ( "ll l'

Sent,n C'I character<; arc p.:ir1c ,1c1rly aJn

th eir 1nc;ttncl s, thf'y somer,~ E ~ o<;e g o t

fl ow of I hC' Force' Thev 0ftr r do r c t 'PC of~ '
Tt t r f
passcJge of er rr'v thro1Jg'l ttic 6 1 ..i
lor al1 1ccJ Hi ey fC'c I ,1 kcc 11 11,arn ec,c of r
!heir c1Ly even lilf pl,llle' L,pon
I '1
C rt c; rlt
greater wc ll spr1nr, of tt1( Fo,c( rrrv r' t
Prloo" d ~
1s som ethi ng Lhat 1<; oftPr
Sentin els even WI fully remdl'l foe JSed. (
th eir back on th e greater f o, o t~t Forcf
of rema1n1ng keenly aware of the he'f dr
blind th emse lves to the galaxy at cirge I ~ t
carefu l, SenL111 els frnd tr emselves o, rr~ '1t 1'11t d ti
and powerful di sturbances 111 the Forec



(, tfert r,t pc,o rlat1ons resu t 1r c1 es\ ,1

t' 1 e e
itter ..,. c, \ civ r Fe .\1th l'llper1a o a sts rr g ~ 1
or, J)ff -,SI e d r trorr tl'>e man \'.ate i,ers anr nt "la
thE IE' Ill gnt t~e OfnL'rllS Ca eFuil rr>Jr tC. r ng 1r J 1 f<, ree' tr a'~
On the other hand a blao, rr ari\et r
Hu t Spa, c> coLJld be a chaotic spra'v\l n "c he or
tc get trrC' 1gh a crowd 1s to push one's \~a~ thrcJgr 'r ard the air S thick With a mi x Of poilut 10n a" .:l 1nt., r1



l , t

, 1
ld L ti PSe dsoe, 'i
pd1g11 111clud111g ,iftering
re<,ul's 111 urlJan en11onmen s

111sp1r1t 1u11 IL''






A ut , s popu Jtron dl' , es rte. existence w1tt1out tl1e beings
wl10 makE Lt1L11 11umes 11 ue there would be no c1t1es The
bigger t11 e c1 L\. the br15ger t11e populatron. ranging from the
lonely str ee ts ot an Outer Rim m nrng tow n to L11e bustli ng
thorougl1fares on a fu ll y urban world sucl1 as the Imperial
Center of Coru scant In most crt res. the ma111 str eets ha 1e a
regular crowd at almost all l1ours. ::i nd even srde stree ts are
frequentl y humming for mucl1 of L11e day

Tl11s means L11at an y encount er tak111 g pl ace rn t11e open

streets of a crty l1as to account for the pr esence of a very
large number of NPCs. even 1f most of them don't get
involved directly For example 1f the PCs tr y Lo break 111to an
Imperial facrlrty, L11ere are many more eyes L11an Just tl1ose of
the guards that could spot t11em Pa ssersby see and hear al l
sorts of things, whrch may prove 1nconve111cnL for PCs trying
to keep a low profile On Ll1e olhc1 l1a11cJ, ll1e crowds can also
r)( good camouflage for PCs who need Lo blend 111, Lo say
n<1th111~ ol I l1111gs the PCs can ltecJI 01 sec, all\ong the crowd
< ruwd, ,m' dl'>o il goocJ way Lo sel lit e Lone [01 an cnco un
I tJlJ ,y ',I re m1 cil rcirnmu l< 1 1'> l1 cwl111 g l o l11 c11 of f1c rs 111
cl h <;II It I 11 rJ ',l11c I ffil n11', ',Ul11<'l i11rq i d1flt w 11l lh c1 11 WJ IC ltlll\
/ ltirr fJ', 1 11 I'll 11ril J)lf r ', ,,,,, i'lfl/ 1 [IJ('(l\i('I [<11 '>rl i[ l y r1\l['I cl
tr r

p1 11 ,I




vint ti,

pr 1,r


rJ in, ,


,t IIIII (' 1 ctll

,p1111.r It, 11t11i111t1t1JJtflll'"> wtl ltl!t



11 11, ,,,1 11


t11r canip ,,n 'ir 11' 111 l, 1 p 1111111111 , 11v'. 1,111 1 1Ii.ii ll ll'i
Aftl'r dll 11 Lily fit,111JI 111 1 111 I' 11, il111111111 ' 1 li.i, H ll' ll">llt ,



The presence an d charac ter of crowds can also be a

drance or he lp to ac tivities. depending on the det::i 1 s. C
sider addrng one or more O to checks when the PC ,
takrng action s th at benefit from the presence of passes
such as shaking a pursuer, or where their act1 c1es are
mon fo r that locale. such as avoiding attention frof" t "
111 an alrea dy lawless area. S1m1larly. consider addirig
crowd co uld cause trouble for the PCs or 1f the PCs do
tl1at are out of place in the city, such as trying to s,1ce
with plenty of potential witnesses or asking quesl
city full of Imperial spies.
Crowds are a particularly noteworthy concern r ,
encounters. as they can easily become a serio.1"
the PCs start a fight in a crowd. the GM sho 1
combat checks for the first round (or unt1 1
the bystanders can flee the scene). If the b ,
pa111c and flee at the outbreak of b\ater ft )'
of lightsabers-the chaos of w\11c.h can p,e e' ,
lems then they are at risk of gettm hu't ,n th
fI orn co llateral damage Rut11l
pponent$ 1 1
be\11nd innocent c1v1l1c1ns. 01 110\d them 110 tage , G
po111l Suclt a s1tual 10n u rn e~ sil\ become a ourcl
fo, PC " w l\\ l don \ tkl\lglle 1t ca1efull\

Table 3-2: Spending t),

, @,and@ in Ct
Pcit~l' I ,, 111Llud add1L1onal ideas for spending
11ill'11 tltc PC.s 01 NPCs 1T\<1ke checks in such areas
lit' ll !>c'd make crowd encounters sources of narra
t 1011, 111d possibly create new d1recuons for tile


flow ol foot tr.ifl1r 1<; w1tl1 the t !111
1< hl 111:k rlP'>c ed
IOl It n Tlw
' 1(IC'1 11d111 ' 111c <11.ir H l<'I 1111rr1101
01 th 11 two 111 1r u 'r'>
l l r Ht
, 11n 1 11 C'L 11h11H'll Cl l 11.11 c 111 0111\ Lie tr<,C'd lor 1110, t'r1H 111 (11111 -,1111 Ill, Y
d C' m
ti 1, 1
1nglt>lt11n1 \ \l1c11tl11 1s <'lcctedot1l<;1c1Lolc.tr1r<lt11tdencorrr1cr IIH cl11r1clLr ir 1vr rttlic de ini ronr

r 1r 11,! nm

Concealed by the Crowd : Tl1e 1110, e111enl ol p~ SL rc,h\ ohsc 111 pc tlH c I 11 IL trr Ht n
11 lL e1 lrorn Le ond rngagcd 1:i11ge until tl1e st11t of th c 11 ir 1, tt
rr x
1< <K ,1mi 11011 combat clltcks sucl1 ,1s Pe1cLpt1011 ~Ile< ks. t<1 c,pot !Ill'
r ,etc'



11 0
Helping Hand: nec11 b\ PC 1s S\ mpathet1c 10 tile PCs act1t111s and offers to 'lss1'>t The "JPC ILirf
I\S ti PC makes for U1e rema1nde1 ol tile encounter Depending on how t11e enco 1111ter pliv< > '
nt nue to assist t11e cl1,11 acter 111 otl1e1 \VJ\ 5 . suc.h ,is h\ Jo1n1ng (and 1rnpro, 1ngl lier cont,icl 11et\\Or k ,ec



Jostled: Tl1e press o bodies prmec; d1fl1c.ull to 1111c,i1 th1ougl1 111ll1cl111~ I c.trw on the di,ir illcr l re Hr \l
r1 t I er tl1e ha ldcr pe1fo1111-; 1 l1ile 11 1 Llw, unwd \\lie 11 stlected ou1c;1dt t f c. 1ud 11ed encc
ei' t <
tra\el t 11e 1s 1nu e::ised b\ hall
Trapped in the Hordes: cI owd L tut,Lio 11 PE ,ic,11 1ans l)l es. tt1e c l1c1r cicter 1', Fo the
or o<; ong 1st l Lil, 1 , LI rem 1111c; 111 tl1e uo1 d) Ile cn111tc; as being 1r d1ff cult terra n

rur ;w der

tlf ti"t' '


r '

Old Acquaintance? : A ~c1c,s,11e, PC n I tdi,_ 1-r, c 1,11 1c te, f,1 1 111 old f11Er1li Tl1e NPC co tld 1 t em >' , J l 'l'L r c1p c '1
Pd t t e d
1111 a ' :1 tl 11' 11 1, I<', 1 tJme1s.1t1011 11 could be l1old111g a grudge ai'cl E. ,ger for tr ,tilt

{> {} {>

Public M enace :Tl1E:PCc;i, 1 011 lJ'll 11',LI L'\ c 1 u 111 g,1 gcnci1lpa111L T111scand1a1 uri1,;intec!1tc'l'lt n
a~ the u 1 s J sc It 1011 tlld c J itter ~1111<.. I (or 1!1lt 101 sp1nd111g te,11 llll1c 1ct1011 taken \\3S a coml1at cfiL k
c.ol!J'tt' dafT' gE L SL',, s,'ll
Ll 11gL, ut 111JLII( ~n 1r111ocent bvst111der (1esult1ng 111 ) 5 Conll1c t fJ1 tilt' PC 11c1
be '3 r )Ult' 1 \ ll t111 11 t n1 JSt lll I l 1' L d} It could 1lso I esull 111 rnemher S of tile populat on 1de111 'y 111c ttlt' PC,
1 L - ..vienbt ri '~ tl1e
c1Ct'S ~ 1 L 1L.lti 111 lkL' 1e111J1111ng un11ot1c.ed 111 L11e futu1 e mo1 e difficult. or e, en
ci, ' t e PC..,
utSL p 0n~
ed t lc11 ti'IL u:>m 11t
Lost In The Crowd: Tile PC s s1 ept a1,a, b\ an ene1get1c. uowd and unable to 111aneu,e1 out o 1t before gett1ni; lost
\ he s eL
s,de of st uc,uted garnepla', the cl1aracter ends up 111 an unfam liar [and poss1bl\ quite Lia1'gerousl
pa c t
' \\ hen tn s 1s selected 111 strnctured gamepla, the t.hat acte1 1s 1111111ob1 1zed for lllS 11e,t l\\O turns and
J o the u LI d to 1ong range of l11s p1e, 1ous locat1011 du1111g tl11s time

,tJ or@

PC aiding thC' PC 111 reach in g l he desired loca tion The char

The Fast Lane: T11e flow of trafflf 1s w1tt1 the
lhcln iwo mcincuvNs in ;i sin gle turn) When this I acter ga1ns
:i free Fl\ Drivf' m,mcuvN (hut still nlilY not t.ikf' more
t thf' drstination 1n h.1lf the normal time This s selected
outside ot sl I ucl u1 C'd t'nco11ntc1s. 1lw ct1,11 ,lfl N ,irr ivcs, ,; tlic vch iclr suff crs ? sys I em strain
result rnay only
be clcclrrl hv a cll,11vc tc'1 p1lo1111r, ,1 vclllC le ,111rl if user

,tJ ,tJ

lilf'll spec'd I l1rows off one of I he rh;:iractcr's adver

High-Speed Distraction : \ s1wc'cit'1 oom 111 1: P 1.., 1 '
do<i~''' 011 1 of I hr w;-1y Acld a11tomatic ,-, sanes.
rl1sc11 I( Ill 111i:; 111111 \"Ii 11 I Ill sl111c I nl II<; C'llf.;IIH' ()I fol CIll/.( lrnn 1o
,g, to any ChE:,k
lll,ll 1111<., lll1',llll l1111 lLll'I 111,lkc <; \Cll IIH' 1('111,lllldl'I of ill<' c'll(OlllliC'r
lf' 11 1ffic rncJ c in sc11<' 1t lo grl ah<';:irJ of the oppo
Traffic Gap: Till' re pc,l l mt irn 111,11 filP 111 o11com1r
:1n arJvf'rs,ir1cr, .iltrmp11ng lo pursue th~ ch S1t1on If the
,111, tlc1 1 11<1 r11co111101tn1c111e11w1smov111gtl 115111111
I ot
l l c 11 11 dllf1u1lt tc11,1111 Tlw, 1es11ll 111,1 onlv be s0leclcd by a


t the PC's foes If these foe:, drC' on foot that arJ

Fortunate Accident: A.n oncoming speede r strikes one o
uffers a minor coll1s1on (as de~c r ,, versay
11ffer 5 a Cr 1t1cal lnJurv If the chosen foe 1s 111 a vel11cle. tile vehicle s
ri ui on p;:igc )ft
of t11e FoRcE AND DEsTrNY Core Rulebook)

pen-topped repulsor-truck, or 01herw15c gc1in~ 1
Lucky Lift: The cha 1acte, nimbi\ leaps into tl1e bac 1< o an
. rr,p
Onl be se lected b a ch
transpo,tallon unnoticed b\ the cJme1 01 any lu1k1ng foes This result may
ararter on fr

Close Call : Tile PC narrowly a,01ds a spcede1 1usl11ng past. and 15 unsettled or forced out of position by thE narr
escape The cl1a1acter 1s loses 1115 frEE' 111aneuvc1 1n l11s next turn




<> <> <>


nd st
Loose Cargo: A crate or other loose cargo item slips frorn t11e back of a speeder truck a
nkes. th e PC If or ('
that PC sufter 3 str a1ll o, 1 I\OUlld depe11d1llg Oil t11e 1latu1 e of the coll1s1on If in a vehicle. the PCs vehicle 'Lrf'er
',5tem slla11l Tile fallen cJ1go ma, c1use ot11er compl1cat1ons. al the GM's discretion
Speeder Accident: An one 0111111g spcC'de1 st11kec; l11e cl1ar acte, If tile character is on foot, th e speeder 1nf11cts a sinp,
Cnllcal lnJu n II tl1e cl1a1actr1 1s 1\so Ill a speecie1 tl1e vel11cles suffei a minor collision. as described on page 2Li8or
tl1e FoRcE AND DESTINY C,,re Rulebook Depending oil t11c local regulations and 0th er. surrou nd 'ng circumstances. tf- 1c;
ma, dra1, otfic1al attu t1rn le' till' Ll1.:i1.:icte1 01 cause add1L1onal long term complications, at the GM's d1scret1on

While traveling on foot 1s common enough fo1 sl1ort distances,
many citizens of large c1t1es p1efe1 to take speeders to reach
their destination s. Even 111 smaller c1t1es. speeders commonly
pass through narrow streets. In larger or more affluent areas,
speeder traffic is as constant as foot traffic, 1f not
more so. Most cities have streets designed
for landspeeders to pass througl1 unl1111dered , and some even have regular
airspeeder traffic buzzing between
landing pads on l11gh rises and

The presence of heavy speeder traffic impacts encour

design greatly. although with a limited scope. If an encouritt:
takes place in the streets, or might spill over into them tre
characters are at risk of a speeder striking them. or at eas
of a report from an angry driver complaining to the traf
monitors. Of course, this assumes the characters are on foct
Encounters that take place entire ly aboard vehicles are alsc
possible, from high-speed chases and violent h1jack1ngs to
more sedate social encounters set aboard local air shuttle
Outside of encounters that directly involve the street
traffic is less of a concern. but it can still come into pa
For example, if the PCs are doing something that requ es
an escape route or quick getaway, knowing the prox1rn
their parked veh icle and loca l conditions 1s 1mportart
as it could be if the PCs want to prevent someone else
escap ing the same way.


j (j



GMs can use Table 3-3: Spending t), @,@,and

Traffic to spend the results from a PC or NPC's cliec. s
the middle such hectic settings. Depending on the o
ous the traffic might be, GMs should also cors1je', ob
the difficulty for checks pedestrians make once
represent the hazards of oncoming vehicles If t pr
taken sufficient time to learn about local 1a h patte
or conditions. GMs can instea add one r
tJ. to checks thev make to tra el rhrot/'h rea,
traffic. whether' on foot or rn their 01,n e
E cept,onally poor PC spe~der P110 ~
gain a reputation locally 1f they a
to numerous awdents. with
attention from local law enfor
cials or concerned c1t1zen gro


e close quarters are by no means unique to c1t1es. the
straints of urban construction lead Lo s1tuat1ons wl1e1 e
ce 1s at a premium These sorts of s1tuat1ons can a11se
n a building, as circumstances put maintenance sl1atts.
I ty rooms, and similar spaces to uses outside L11eil 011g1
design paramet e1 s. or they can l1appen outdoo1 s 111
ways and cul-de-sacs oversl1adowed bv t11e Lowe1111g
ctures all arour'd However the) occur, tl1e lac" ol space
es hard limitat10,1<:. o some k111ds of act1, it\, sucl1 tl1al
batants might no~ tie able to bnng bulk\ weapons to
r if they can draw 1 v weapons at all In less, 1olenl mstances. cram pee un 1dors m1gl1t be difficult to traverse
allow an adversar
Jsily gel the drop on tl1ose travelhrough the bu lu1r g
ble 3-4: Spending tJ,, @, ~~. and @ in Confined
ces offers GMs su ~ c;t1ons for how to spend the results

a PC or NPC s che k when 111 these cramped situaEach of these ccncfiors 1s likely to be unique, tl1 ougl1,
GMs should consider add1t1onal effects as well.

3-4: SPENO NG t,,

@, ~>, AND f;)

s difficult Lerlcllll IOI

Many cramped areas count o f ten a
1 Cl amped COlll I
movement Wl1e11 an encounter occurs 11
Lions tl1e Gf\1 rn1gl1L also place a I11111 t 01

t 1and (wh1c 11 m1g 11

te1 s can co111fo1 tcJbly f1t 111 the space a 1
ll'Sell vc11 y depending on L11e11 sizes) Tl11s could c1lso lac to1
into melee cornbc1L to l1c1rnpe1 allies as tl1err simply 15 no
100111 fol t11e111 lo JOlll Lile J1gl1L Add1t1onall\, 1Veapons \Vllil
tl1e Cumbersome quality a1e usually difficult to wield 111 <.u<.ll
c11u1111stances. 1f 1t 1s possible to use them c1t ,ill. 111 ~0111 r
co11d1t1ons. even cha1actc1s us111g mucl1 smalle1 1vcc1po1h sul
fe1 one 01 more
In extreme s1tuat1011s. sucl1 as wl1en cra1Vl111g tl11 ougl1 J
small vent1lat1on duct or 11arrow d1ai11age pipe. 1t 1111glll not
be possible to fire e\'ell a l1oldout blaster 1v1tl1oul rnult1plc
or an upg1aded difficulty Tl1e Gf\l might decide ,1 il',11
check 1s approp11ate 1f a PC l1as pre, 1ousl\ 111d1c,1trd s1g11"
of claust1opl1obia, 01 a Res1l1ence check to overcome lO\IL
residues or contaminated debris. On tl1e other hand, llgl1l
cond1t1011s can be useful avo1d111g notice from L11ose outside
LlllS a1ea. and could add one or more D to Stealth or Skul
duggery checks 111 the nghL circumstances


nd Found: The PC finds a handy item, discarded or lost and unnoticed until now The item should be
hat ideally can to prove helpful to the enrnunter at hand, such as a tool that can aid 111 the h k5
oldout blaster, a stimpack, or some similar minor but useful piece of equipment
c ec

Squeeze: The confmes of the passageway force tl1e PC to painfully contort to reach the destinati
es 1ke readying a weapon become problemati c The character suffers 1 strain per tur If on. and e\en
while in this setting When this 1s selected outside of structured encounters the chan
2 train or 111creas1ng L11e lime spent traveling by half

rac er ma ' choose


I< r, l,rn111d

111 1lw L n lo!.ed sp-ic 01 s nct sl1arp bits ol debris fl

all IJY I Ill' cl rl'n , 1e(Juccc1 by soak a usual This may~:~~~ ~!ck

Gett111g loose requires an


EM>Lss Vial.


Tall buildings Lowc1 up 11110 the skies 111 c1lrnos1 rvrrv c1L
While not all species build 111 tl11c; fc1o:;l11011. ll I<; l 0111111011 cl(I()<;<;
most urban Jreas. In Lile g1c,,ll'Sl c'cu11w11opoll'I" nf !Ill' (Oil'
Wo1 Ids and the Ill llCSl I C'glOll<; of I lull \p,ll l', <;pll l' I l<;l' ',()
high as Lo p1c1Lc tile' cloud-, l \l'll Outc'I R1111 11,Hi11w po""'
Illa\ r cl LUI C l11gll IN' <;l,llf101 I 111,ltil11 lllt., lc11 l',Nl'I l,llllH Ill'<,
Tall Clllf'S 111,lkl' IL)I ~Wlilt)ll", lll'lt',ilh. tl1nugl1 ,llld (,~ls (,111
use Table 3-5: Spending O, @, @, and @ in Vertical
Spaces to "l 1 L'11d tlw I L'Slilt I I L1 111 1 PC u1 NPC s LllCL ks 1Vl1c11
c l1a1 lL tL'I ,11 l' 111 sllL 11 p s,s,1hl\ l1az,11 dous set L111gs

Pl,icmg c111 tirl),111 c11cou11tcr 111. or even atop at II\

mg c,111 c1cld c1 nu111lw1 of add1t1011al d1me11<;1ons Lo th~Utld
r,,ll\C' \ l11gl1 ,111tc1gr point c;111 assist with laying ou~ar
,11C'cl\ <;( l'll<'I\. cllld (clll cit 11\f'r botll 11nportant lllfo1n at1 an
,111d loc,11 rnlo1 tll1ot1(',l1 what ll1e PCs g1Pi1n
fion, tl1e \\ \'
Altci 11,1!clv , I lw lw1gl1t c,111 1<,ol,1IL' till' PCs from tli e11 sur'
l(llllHilllf', , 11 tllf'Y 11,1\(' no Wcl'y
to grt dLWm ea ii\' Arri \1ng t
,111 c' IH'11c,1vc l1wl1 11 <' pc11l 1011-;c hy ,11rspccder might
likt' ,111 l1n1HJ1 t111tli till' 1)(-, rc'1l1Lt' thc'11 110 t contr 1-t '1l
Olli\' \V,,V<, Olli [ lll ell 11011 'iCt'rll' clllci lOtnhats, he1grt ( O
sulide11lv g1VC' w,1y ln dcptl1c;, lX'Loming a s'r1ou hd aru '
clll\OllC wl10 11skc; getting too clos to d drop

, -~ \.r'ftt<."J.,'<[' '~

,t), 01@

<~ "'~.:;





View of the City: TIH' PC ih,tlU''- ',t)llll'llmig usrful r, 0111 ,1 VcllllJgc po111t. 1Vl11cl1 need not 1clc1te to th(' uirr rt
CllLou,1tC'1 \t l lw Ct\ Is Li 1st I l'l1L111 11101 L' dL'l,111<. 01 11sclul 111for 111,111011 n11gl1t be ,ivJ ilJble to, ,ictdition,il 0
Safe Fall: l lw P "f)L)h 1 1, l\ IL' 111 l'\ c'lll 1,111 11 w 11 t, 111 tlic u 111 ciil loc ,111011. suL 11 J<; a .:;cries or l1,1ndholds 01 ,1 l)at on ,
dtop \)11\c) If till l'C lJI" l,1tc'1 1111111 l llll11111k1 ll'dlltl' till' mc'1,1II d1<;tc111(C tziliL'll bv one iJngL' bzind
Elevated Advantage: l l1t PC
1111t g,1111 id,,lllt,igc' lic, 111 clc,,111011. '-llLll JS b\ sc1,-111g tllE' l11gl1 ground n n l
l111Li111c ,1 "L)L,li, rnt ir, pu1nt r, L'l'l 1 111 \ 11 lL1 '-l'<ll \ 11 tlw su 11011 11d111gs Till' PC 111,1\ e1t11er upgr,1dc the ,1l11l1ty of h1
IC'IC',ant <;kill LilL'LI L'lllL u1 11pf1 llh' l!H d1ll1Lul1, Lll till' lll'\l skill tl1cck LJ1get111g lliin onLc

@ 01 V,

Mild Vertigo: Till I'<. "..,, ,,1i11, ,1l111lilt'd 11, till' c'lt,,111011 I le lict olllt's dl'>Ol ll'lltcd until 111c end l)I t11c t'llCOLltlter b
;:i11otl1c1 Ll1,11 lL\\'1 \ ,,, "flL id ,1111,llll ll\L'I IL1 l1IIL'I c.,11ppo1l ,111d IL'l110Vl' tl1.:il stJlllS clfect
Buffeted: H1t,ll clllill1lil \\l"dc, [)1\11\ lilt' Lil,11,lClCI ,lbOlll. llhlk111g 1110\'ClllClll d1!11CL1il Tlw, l1a1acte1 lost'S Ill
rna11L'll\L'I L"l 11.., tlL , t11111 t1u1111,1, <:>11llc1 sl1a111 01 spend O lo ga111 Jcid1l1on.:il manell\CIS as usual

01 1S,2!

01 1S,2!

Fear of Heights: Th PC g,'h a Lwttc1 look Jl tile d1op d0\\'11 l11J11 1s c11t11el\ comfl1rtc1ble \\hilt' Jt the edge it th
star l ot L' it 11 , 11<:> 11 s lie' 111usl 111c1kc ,111 Average
Discipline check c1s Jll 1nc1dc11tJI or be omc stl
, d

(+ +J

Precarious Perch: Till PC .:;lips 101vJ1 ti ,1 sl1c11 p d1 op 1110, 111 one' 1,111gc b,111ct close, to t11c clOSl'Sl L'dgl' If 111 c 1d\ ~t tt1
eLigr t11c PC 111L1c,t 11,lkL' .111 Easy (+l Athletics L'I Coordination check ,is l11s -1ct1on 011 l11s llt',I turn 01 fJII

ven the most fa1 s1gl1ted Fo1cc users ca11'L sec cvc1vll1111g,
bul the wisest know t11at L11e1 e a1 e man'y WcJ\ sol gc1L11e 1ing
1nforrnat1on f\ 1an'y mode111 Se11t111els follow tl1e c,c1111ple ol
the Jedi of old by learning f101111,l1omeve1 Ll1cy cc111, wl1ell1e1

those 111d1\ iduals reali ze 1l 01 nol. T/1ey ga L11 e1 a wide I angc ot

contacts to tl1emselves. from c1 iminal 111lo1111anls to 110LJble
scl1olars. and d1 av, on Lhe knowledge sl1a1 ed between n1crn Lo



e problems t/1at t/1ey could nol approc1c/1 alone.

In ga111e te1 ms. t /1ese g1 oups or add1t1011al 1nfo1 ma Lion

c,ourc e<; are , efer red to as contact 11etwo1 ks Co11Lacl 11el
ok<; 1rt=> ,v 11 associated w1L11 J spec1f1c typr or I 11owl
<.K II c ontactc; at a p1est1g1ous Core Wot Id u111vc1
n gr t bt Jc:,<,oc 1.1Lt d w1Ll1 1,11owledge [Educat 1011).
1 1 ill d '>llttlt in
r ugr,1,ng r !Ilg would l)c lied to 1,11owl
edge (Ul'ldl' <J' d, A <11 H r tP1 .., co11lJLL r11:lwo1 ks
prov df' d n,t di'> f 11 q Jr r fl 11 formtlll Jtl t\111 1111gl1l
not t> a JI ib ot 1 Pi
c illlil> 1r,l1 tl1 1 y t 111 n11ly


of1 t r 1111orrr tior re I ilL l o LI




r 11 r ,, 11tt 1!51

E\'Cl'v conLJC'l netwo1 k

l1a s J Scope Jlld Jll
E\pc1 l1sc, w/11ch deler111111c, respective ly, how
1v1dcsp1ead and \1ow
1<11owledgeable the
contacts are.

Simpl e



I q

A erage



Hard( )

i 3rd 1111 r 111c11,




knP 11 1n tllP twlcl


1 1 1




lh I II

ldgt [l

h_ ~ei a el\




Las1 re



111 I It

' 't

(Ir tllr



11fC1t llldll

l,nm,ledge(Ou t' R11r)

as pcss1bk

I q ,r 111g


0 oor

rese )IC"


,1 q1H


01 I (t)ln'")(lfl

c11"~le Thepr,.,,;i,


im \'

>nl I




1 01

'cl C1ecflC,llt j


l \ llll lh(

pl111c ( nll 1

pee I lli<.1


1111,IL Tl1el1,per pc1ce1oute neeticcitol1.i\Cll1orr








Obscure 111format1on

Ill 11111c' s1g111hu11t resta1cl1 P\en from

l,nci\iedge (Undcm )tld1

1 1ad t c utcd
R,:ir e tl'fcrm 1 n I l11L11 r
e\llE.'r'e C S S I l''IT tll
Kno\'v ,ig [L , e'

P c1 l[)

a spec1,1l1st

ln'PIP ThL 1dent1t\ ol 1ec0nt m,11or(iomos that a temper,111 fl't 1 H 1



t111 I



spell 11 pc1 m s-.,1011 to access or be kept seu et by these

l\ 1111;11 Ill\ ll\l' Oil{ 01 lllOIE'. upgr,1cied lo .
011 JI 11

Contacts are acquired pr 1ma111\ as ,1 t L:sult t1I tl1c c.:1111pcl1g11s

narrative, \V1tl1 contact net1\oth.s 1cp1t'"L 11t111g tl1c cllci offered
by N PCs and organrLallons tl1e PC bel1 end O\er t11e course
of normal pla~ If one or rno e PC- bet, rend cl l1andful of
researchers at a un1vers1ty. 01 com nee a crrme lord to put
his information net\Vor k at ll1e1r disposal, tl11s can be represented wit h the award of a contact network of appropriate Scope and Expertise, as detailed in Table 3-6: Contact
Scope and Expertise [see page 77)


u Id wile, c k\ l1c1 u \ stals urn he found

Note lhclt L11e entries in the t,1ble cio not ha\e to bt,1 Scope 1v1tl1 cl Rclt1ng of ) need 1101 be associated
E,pc1 tr5e ol :S. for instance GI\ Is should rnste::id p k
Scope clnd Ex per trse that best match t11e con tac w
lilcll f1tc, t11c c,1tuat1on or desired reward for the playe T
1111ght. fo1 e\ample. consist of a Scope of 4 repr sent
\Vide range of 1nd11;1ciuals scattered across a lage p r ll
space. but an Expertise of 2 Lo show they ha've prof er
do not ha,e hrgh level of skill rn therr fields

In add1t1011, the Gl\tl can award contact 'letworl\s to PC

who prove themselves Lo be prornrnent figures wrth n a
evant f1eld If a PC discovers a long lost sl11p from tne Rep1 t
lie and revea ls her findings, the GI\..I could ::iwclrd cor
assoc iated witl1 Knowledge (Lore) to represent the SL"'
impressed with the find Taking down the chref enforcer
powerful Hutt mrght earn a bevy of informants and L'
ll1at count as a contact network associated wrth Mo
(U nder-world) In such cases, the contact networ~ s S
and Expertise derive from the chcJracter's ranh.s rn t
eva nt l<nowledge skill. Th e Gl\tl should choose e1t1er ~
or Expe rti se to be rated one less than U1e cl1,1rc1cte "
in th e skill , with th e oth er be ing two le s tlnn tt' l
te r' s ranks in Lh e skill [witl1 a rn111 1111um of ont' e 1d1 "
and Experti se). For instance, a clwracter w1tt1 t
Kn owl edge (Edu ca tr on) wl1 0 rm pre - es ht'r t ollt' 1
sc ienlifi c brea kl11 ro ugh co uld ecl rn cl corltcl l"
ated Wllil tiliJt Skill , With a Scope ot cllll1 ,1 1










~ "


1111 ' 1 'Ill h I 111'1\\, 1k 111111' ilj' llh' <' 1111 'I 11,llll 111 I It 111 I, lll'1',l1.I 111 11 I' 1\1'1 I 111 11111111',li, ii 1
"1 11 ,,1,, I , ,111,d 111''11 It' 1111 dii 111, 1111
11111' 111\l",llt' 1111,11 1,l,I I J t,, II' 1111, I



11,11 ,, ,
t,"I 11,l\ I 11\

h' 111,,,1 ,Ii 11,

lid 111'1/ t.1 1 1111111

,11111, I 11111,
,,p, I ,,1 1

11 1 II 111\1 11 11 111 11111 1 11

1111111! 1111 i'I 11 ljlll ' 1111,
I 't 111111111 1111 I l 1111 II I 11,111, 11 I 11111111 ,1t1 I llll\ II' I

h ' 1111 1 llhili1 111 di ,11 111'1,d 111,111'1 Iii'\\ 1pll',lll 1il', 1'11'11 I', II I II,<", 1111111 I Ill l 'l Ill I\
I( l,11 ,.t llldllll,llll 111 ,,1 Ill 1111 I 11111\ 111 1 I'll' 11,1 Iii Ill Iii, 111,I .111<1 Ii 11 11 II l\111111111 I
I, ,h ii'd I II ,l Ill l , ... Iii!, 111,"

I I ' , ,,

jlh 1,

1 I l I th 11 111 lit I t llll( di '>. ill 111 tl 11111111 1111, 1111 l, 11 11 11 1 I '\ 111.I 111 111\
jll ll I lilt I llllll I till lilt II 1'111 1\t tl I 1111 II I l ll t 1ih ' I III(' t t llll l't ' II 111\111 Il l
llill d II 1111 11, 111, 11I 11, llill ,11 1111' .I I ti l 1\ ilh l lilll ' li lt' 11 1\l " l if', llll lll I
I lll lilt 11 II 1t l1 ' I 11 d111 lilt' llll ',, Pl't ' "' lilt ' Ill 111111 I l i\ ,1111





1 11" p101 1g;mdr1 111d rm;
L Lil Id 'l1r11 \ C'I 'lldt I Ile JC'di \VOi k
b t J t 1 u1
1 Fort tll'dtel 11nm, er rrg 'lie tr ut11 cloe-,11 t
req, rt' 1 L L 111 11 IL t rons or ecr et l1gl11 saher tc cl1111ques
'r \t: ts t Lli, dH' open lo an, [)C'O[)le 1\1ll1ng 10 op 11 t11r11 C'\ es
trlL pt s rb1l1l1rs and p111 111 some leg1 c rk foll01\111g le ids

A,t its l1ean. mvest gat1011 1s r1lxut a5k111g quc",l1rn1s T11ese

rrigl1t be straightforward q11est1011s I kc> D1c1 TOIi-' 1 tile H11tl
t.. rde, the murder of the su 1r de1lcr) 01 mmc 1l11e11 <: mied
cne like. Whv wo1Jld 111 11 1011nc11 t er lit Imp<: ral SC'c u
rrt Bureau keep a collcc'ror of k L't'I r r
tr'l1c, I\J
rm,est rgat1011 rs 1hout deter m n1nr I t i
Ill: me,; 1r tL''
needs to know, and t l1C'11 f1gur111g tut I c I hf LI 11 1t 'LI r a,
go about learning tl1at 111for111al1or

Th e follow111g sect1011s dct 111 lie, , c 1 11t 'l\L''' g 111t111<.

111 your games of FoRcE AND DESTINY T1L fL t IIL ~wcl11111
ca l and na11-at1,e dll;:i1ls 1, 5 1 p,
ll\t ,,~, ll1L111 1ou1sed
sessions. GI\ 1 ad, ice and I p1 1 c, L r ..,,lllL 11,111 c1t1, e
dice results Tile , ules helo1 11c I dt ~ .., n piL s, stem for
us111g questions to strea11111ne a , \E'>' gd \C' g.1111e It 1s pos
s1ble to run an 1mest1g,111cn ,\ t, 'Jt 'Ile e ,ules, but tl1e\
help SmOOtll Over IOUgll spots II' tl'E' na 1311\C and keep tile
story flowing Tl1e I ulcs mar be pa tic ula1 I\ app, opriate fo1
GMs new to tlllS sort of sto1 v. 01 101 use 1vl1en tile 1n1,,est1gat1on l1as stalled On ll1e ot lwr l1and some pla\'ers 111a1, p1 efer
to piece togetl1e1 l11e ent11e 1mest1gat1011 solely Lllrougl1 l11e1r
own effo1-ts, and ma\ see tl1e add1l1011al opportun1t1es t11ese
ru les pr0\1de as undesirable sl101tcuts

At Lh e start of l11e 1n vesligat1011, 01 at any point wl1e11 llie
PCs are stu ck w1thoul leads, ll1e GM can prompt lhe playe1s
to open the11 search ror 1nror ma Lion w1l11 a question TlllS
question shou ld address lhe1r 1mmed1ate conce, ns, and ir
the players' formulation 1s especially broad such as, "How
rJo we slop the gang wars across Lhe c1Ly?" lhen the GM
'nay break 1t down into seve,al smaller questions, such as
r rp;, to r.1ppease or thwart each ma1or gang
rJr rr t t,e re>IPvant question 01 queslions ll1at ,nake up
ri I t p i111;11 lwve 1Jre11 deler r111n ed, a11 111 ves lig,1t 111 g

Slrr1tw1sc cileck lo dete11111nc wl1er e lo

f1r rj ,, ir m r U1< fJ( rr1Jy ',1Jbsl 1lul c ,lllotil er skill ro,
C,trc ( V,I ( r hr f'( ( JII r;lfrr JI( dSOJid l JI( (' plc111c111011 lor
lrr1vV It Jl ,k I lf111 ,, 11111,, 1111r l/(J.il11J11 r l1c11111 i)rr ,pl1r,11
(rJrr<1<in, ,J11rJ l'rr1,p1or1 Ht JI! 1111111111 I
II Y 'IIJ!lr1p11 iii
It,, r,fvl <' It,, <J1lf1,ull; () I II II , I Ii,, I,,, ,,,, 1
(JJ1ilH'r;r1',rur1ly11!tl11 11t1,ir1111!11,r1111 11 I I
JI ' II I I II t /I It I 11111
ral ,1cr
th,n u111t,, rJIJt!Hll,1, 111
I f
/ ,, JI I WI I l.11.>1 I 3 ' '
n ormat,on Obscurity I , , 111 ,, /H

hc1f' c1llt1u1JP'1 tllf rlillirnlt,, '" '
J/ l,t 11 111!1
I 11
I ( l 1 Ill I I I JI I d 11(
orga1111tcl 1rifo1rricJt1<iJ1 111 IW<irv. 111 1 J
' <,r
require acl1ust111l 11t fC;r tt11 fJI.Jy; I , , H ul 111rJ1 , 1rhi1 , IIH y
<ir, UITl<,I Jll(l",



C.,11cccss on Iii( < l1r ck prrl\,tClr, t Ir j<J '>

,1nswcr hul cJor<. 1101 prov1clc ,Jr ir1 , r rl,
coulcJ take lllC' form Of Cilr( tnr,; I') th,
edgeable NPC. or 1t could rr e<1n er cff,
some evidence to support her theorir, F
question was. "How do we conv1ncr Boss ~d
1ng Talons gang to stop his feud with 'hE ot
r1 successful check might direct the PCs to
ant 111 tl1e Screaming Talons who knO\\S ..,.,or d
f"r1r JI s mot1vat1011s. Conv111c111g the lieutenant to
111fo1 malion tl1e PCs need. or gathering norma,on
ot11er source. works Just like any other s1m11ar enco


F11l111g a cl1eck 1n the 111vest1gat1on eads the c 3

111to :i l1,1z.:ird or trap Tl11s could be an ambus, r P"
111tc1 ested 111 keep mg lhe character awav frorr the r se,
01 lollow111g ::, lead into a dangerous em 1ronme 1, sue as
co11den111ed, collapsing factory The dangers that the ir es
L1g.1to1 s lace sl1ould always bear a link to tl1e f1\est g,'' or
al hand II tile cl1aracter was 111vestigat1ng the Screarr s
Talons gang. sl1e m1gl1L have to fight some o ts enfr Cf
01 members of a rival gang wl10 think he has JO ried t'le
Alternately. tl1e PC might have to wade through to 1c s,Jdcp
from a plant 111 tl1e gang's territory in the hopes 1f 'l c "
clues there A cl1aracter who 1s able to deal with the da ae
sprung fr om a failed check should find a lead. such as a c~
link or data pad 1n the gear of ambushers. or a dropped 10 ,e
111 an abandoned factory, that can lead to further clues. Pie
cl1aracte1 can t l1 e11 reattempt the check for invest1gat1011 b Jt
nolV upgrades the check once. A character who 1alis aga n
and persists thmugh further ha zards upgrades checks once
fo1 each fai lure that the PC overcomes.

Whether the GM runs an investigation us111g the rules abo e
or goes Lhmugh the fu ll process of detailing every lead arnl
clu e, there are certain factors that all investigations 1
game of FoRcE AND DESTINY hold 111 common Being 11 1
ful of these elements is important to keep an 1nvesI1g
mteres ting and Lhe narrative in motion. while 1gnor n
can lead to a stalled investigation in whict1 tt1e Pd
sp111111ng their whee ls in frust1ation



f J j 1 ll1L


' <;

"r g E




l 11

, <; LC' '' f

on deter
or thee

stuck e
set of ~
be afra fJ
be unsa
can comE
The PCs r

yers becom e
urrng a solid
CM shou ldn't
> Jt more rnfor<>ed ng players
questions can
nu new leads
,II sorts of ways.
able to draw on
works. or mrght

recei ve an 1
from an a.,c, ;< 1Jte Leads can
also inadvertently come from
hostile figures For example,
a villain who bel1e1es the PCs
are closing rn might send out
enforcers to deter them. not
ealrzing that the enforcers kno
ugh to incriminate the v1llal
1ng a sudden attack or actl
e result rn an unexpected I
staple of 1nvesugat1ve narrat1
Star Wars and beyond



LI rr

rele ance
cl re crucial



a good

le d lead~ to

nothe r

C d Tra I

~ed He


o t e Source

Tre Gdnie .Ids er can cap td z o'l h s unp 'l

rerr err ber ra r') e erren~ o
r la r f "') ,\e er b'y mak 1rig the 3gf:' t d ti' Chrr d' r
e PCc, er>cour er -and e.en
h ~ .ii al" r c;ome ','.ay g . ng tre pa er
d'l !=,PO
ar rra><e pre OJ'":, en( o~nerc; Jfn ou
a sat .,fy ng reso ut or o rJt dspect or 'ht n w a
, see-r erl As c;.,i' sorr e ac;pec c; 0f an
c;. .a
m .ate wt I ne PCs arf ead for r gnt c rcumsLances even gren e.r w chc d'P p
o ar1 d nc1ud1rg tre arswer<, o n\:; centrdl ~I
, 0 .,r t mea
he G A sr'Ju dn t plan some O'
in 1est gat on Perhaps tbv dl?,en r c1 o '1
e ;i , es frorr tr e start of c.'Ju rsc A completely
al, a1org1 Ho:1ever. 1,l 1IE 1t Cdn or d guotl
e" gdt on r SKS becorring l"Cohererit and rr1gti
the nvesugation n tr1<. 5ort of ~ JV ':>Omet ,
o ehe U"Der scrutiny Ne 1ertneless. tre G I
t; -:lrra d o adapt any plans 1f a better idea ar ses a good idea to do 1t II tic me I' t1l pl
,, For PXample. 1f the players repeated ly but. heads and w1' d suggec; ,o'l~ Jlwav'- t1J1 '1 out to
.:i P'lforcerr.ent agent during the course of an
:jft,rest,.Q;.;.!r.,y r c may re 1sh he chance to erter a senouc;
r c true
e character If the GM intended that
a'l rg ,mo benevolent fig ire ,ust do1'lg a
m.:i rot be nappy v hen 1f ha e to st1are
h c;c,meore who has hePn dS much of a
rt ,,





ightsabers are the mythic weapons of powerful Force wielders, and mastery of these weapons 1s as much a spiritual
act as a technical one. Once, the Jedi Laugl1t Lhe1r sludents Lo
look deep within themselves and undergo cha llenges Lo find
the kyber crystals Lhat serve as the l1earts of Lhese m11acu
lous devices. In the era of the Empire, the Jedi arc gone and
in stru ction is hard to come by, but some Fo1ce scns1t1ves slill
find themselves ca lled Lo wield l1ghLsabe1s Wl11lc l11e most
difficult task by far 1s alla1111ng a kybe1 crvstal and attuning
oneself to the myslical slone. the more mundane La k of con
structing a lighLsabe1 hilt 1s still 1mpo1tanl Furl11e1. reflecting
the hilt's s1gn1ficance to man\ Force sens1t1,e senllrnls. the
crafter can customize Lhe we1gl1t. lengtl1. and runcl1011 or tl11S
most elegant and puissant of weapons
The rules 111 this section prO\ 1de GI\ Is and pla, e1 s 1\1t11 op
tions for era fling the11 own l1g\1tsabe1 111\ts TllC'\ olle1 A1 t1
sans and others sk1\led in tech111cal a1 ts a g1 C'atr1 cl1a11ce lo
s\1ine, and for players to craft a I\ 1de , a11N \ ol \1gl1l sabc1s
Players w1s\1111g lo do so sl1ould consult 1,1l11 ll1c Gl\1, and
tl1en the two should collabo1ate 1,111\C' go111g l111ougl1 L11e
steps listed below lo create the de, ice As 1, 1tl1 all such rnal
ters, a11yt\1111g t11at the pla e1 \\an's to c1af 1s subJect to the
GI\ 1's approval Note also that the foll 01, 111g I u\es represent
a more expansive and 'e t,1e app1oacl1 to co11stl'uct111g
\1ghlsaber l11lls thar those included Ill tile FORCE AND DESTINY
GAME MASTER's K1T L it lil<'v are not 111tended to re~
L11em In stead. plavers are e11cou1aged to usr wl rel (
rules best fit 111to l11e11 st, le of pla\ and ca111pa1g11 pl 1
Crafting follows l111 ee steps Step 1: Select Template
w\11ch L11e PC cl1ooses wl1at k111d of l1gl1tsallc1 11111 1,
I c
Step 2: Acquire Materials 111 wl11ch t11e PC ll q111 l
supplies to build 1l, and Step 3 : Construction 1111,11 1
PC actually assembles lllC' l11lt See ll1e Lightsaber Hilts
sidebar, on page I 77 of l lie FoRcE AND DESTINY C ,1 l Ru
book, ro1 more on l11its and thr1r role 111 ti L l'IILl \l llL c'
a \1ghtsaber


yber crystals, the mystical gemstones that are

used to create a lightsaber blade, cannot be
made. Instead, they must be sought out, usually
though journeys of self-discovery to remote locations. In the era of the Republic, Padawans traveled
to llum and other sacred sites to acquire their kyber
crystals. Now, there are no clear paths to finding a
lightsaber crystal, and aspirants must rely upon the
Force to guide them to what they need.

For game purposes, this means that these crafting

rules only provide a lightsaber hilt, which is incapable of producing a blade without a crystal. The
lightsaber profiles provided here for the weapons
assume that it is installed with an unmodified llum
crystal (see page 197 of the FoRcE AND DESTINY Core
Rulebook); if no crystal installed, use the Hilt profile instead. Once the hilt is crafted and a kyber
crystal acquired, the intended wielder of the light
saber must become personally attuned to the crysl .a~d
. install it. For more on acquiring and install
g hghtsaber crystals, see page 195 of the foRce
o D ESTINY Core Rulebook.


Light Jber Tempi 1

Step 1: Select Template J

.it 11


1~ \ 11 1t'

I lll'l( Ill 11'

llll<J 1 I

Step 2: Acquire Materials

Wilen a character sets c1boul c1eat111g c1 l1f~l1h,1iwr 11 It till
playe1 first chooses a template lrom Table 3-10: Lightsaber Templates (see page 85) Tl1c tcmpl,ltL tlil t ltl..,
the cost and rant\ of matenal fo1 lhe cl1osen l11lt [l\1c1tu1a\
Price Rarity), the challenge or bu1ld1ng rt (Cl1ec". an estlrnatt
of construction duration (Time). and possible 1esults shou d
the cl1aracter succeed 011 the check (Hilt St\ le Examples)
Each template encompasses a 11umbe1 of d1fle1 ent l1gl1t
saber l11its tl1at acco111pl1sl1 tl1e11 template's function 111 , er
different 1"vays Fo1 instance. ll1e defensive l1gl11 aber tern
plate might represent a l1gl1tsabe1 with a l11lt sp1"e to seize
enem weapons, or one designed to let the use1 pa1 r more
swrftly A template dcscr 1bes wl1at a given l1gl1tsaber does,
but not necessarily how 1t accomplishes 1t or what embellisl1mcnts 1t might possec;s, tt1ose are the mark of the crafter
Tilus. players and GMs sl1ould I I free to h creative 111 com
111g up with tre11 own U"IQ JC types of w apons th Jl c1 given





I> 1tlL 111r t t l 11/ti 1 1pi1Lsdher ll!lt basc>cJ on tt1 tio en

ILmplJLl LilL PC 111ust cqu11 app1opr1r1te rnatemls for tia
templc1tL Tl1e cost and rarit, of these rmtcrul are lrSlld
mdtr I\ 1c1tcr al Pr ice Rant y' on Table 3-10: Lightsaber
Templates For mecha111cal. purpose~ rnatcr1al< court clS a
single item 1'> th he listed cost and rarity As always, at th
Gl\1s d1scret on, certain supplies mrght not always be
able for the I sted price at any given market (see page
of tl1e FoRcE AND DEsr1Nv Core Rulebook)
Because Material Price Rarity for a template 15 t eP<l
only 111 terms of cosL in credits and abstracted rar t
t1cular nature of the materials that a character uses C<:1'\ e
wildly and depend on the specifics of the rtem the c'la"
I, res '
1s crafting A.t the Gl\fs d1scret1on, PCs can acq t
all of the materials for a template \ 1a means Othe' "'
111g for them (such as sal\aging them stea in g thern

g1n.ed w1L11 them)


Tab! 3 I 2 S
Hilt Crafting P n tm

~era e tttl
1ech n1c,; ch ck

Hard ( tt)
l echanics check


Hard (
\1echanics check


le ch anic s check

Step 2



tep 3: Construction

Table 3

L1ghtsaber Templates

es out o' re a rer"'pr

os See Table 3- 11:
mplate Profiles
page 86 ror the char'o eacr temp ate



Spending ti ,@, @, and @ on Lightsaber

ugges~ ors on ho to ntegrate other 'Su
,rresc:;'u' ,grtsaber r1lt construction First,
cra'ters car 1 "' ti a,,d @ resu ts to make improvements to
he item Trer he GM can spend @ and @ to add flaws
Urless a 1m t 1s specified an option from these tables may
be se 1ected any number of times. and its effects stack
Table .J
Hilt Craft

The amount of time Step 3: Construction takes 1s deterrr,ined by the estimate of working hours listed under "Ti me"
or Table 3-10: Lightsaber Templates . Every
the charc1crer scores on the check beyond the first redu ces th is time
Oy 2 hours (to a minimum of 1 hour) . Other fa ctors ca n also
<Iffert the time required, at the GM 's discretion .


L1 ghlsa ber

\ L1 ghtsa bc1

Prec1 s1on
Lightsab e1


L1ghtsaber Hill

L1ghtsabe r



Lighlsabe 1 Hill

Defen sive
LighLsaber Hilt

Doubl e-Bladed


Double-Bl aded
L1ghtsabe1 Hilt


Pole Llghtsaber



OnE- hdnded


On(' t :c:ir l 1


AcCl1raLP 1
Breach 1.
Su net er

0 c ~~ 1 1


Accurate 1

En gaged

Breach 1.
Defensive 1



Defens,,e 1

One hor l

T\ o l'J"jtj

, 1(


Breacl1 1 .
Linked 1
Unw1eldv 3


Linked 1
Unw1eld~ 3

T1\) r J'r'tJ

Breacl1 I
Curnbersome 3
Defens1,e 1

T1\o haT'L1eu



(} 01 (~

Lightweight: Decrease Lhc liglitscit1 ,

< er s cnct1mbrancc by 1 (t
a m1111m111n of I J
)Cl s rlc1mngr by I . rl
I 11s cc1n o11 Y be sc lcc Lcd once and ca,11101 hr' S<' lccte' \nf c'nrnmlH,inc C' by) ,1 now rcqu rr e, lwo h,rncl'i lo w1Pld
c or c1 two h,111< lrcl lrghtsc1hn)
D1sgu1sed: Add 10 oth er ct1,11'le 1 , . 1
C I S C ll'<k<, lo 1clrnt1fy lh I ,, 1I I
Counterweight: Inc ,case I he lighl l
c ,g -.c1 ><'r hrlt > s1 1r h wh1lr 11 1 llCJI 1pn1Lccl
Clllnl1r1\0llll' q11t1l1l y w;lh Ille c;am~~~~: ; e( \l ct1rnhr ancc hy) rt loc;cc; ltrc lJ11wr<'lrly rpr rlrry 1r1cl I' >In< ltw
1 l irs can only be selcctptl once)
Two-Handed: ln c,casc llw li gll l S'"' i

(} (} 01@

Crossguard: 1 t1c l1ghLsaber li,lt gains

a Clossguard
11 1ueasr 1e va ue o 1Ls Defensive qualiL b
l as desc 11 bed on page 42 IL gains the Def( nc; vc 1 , 111 c11,1y ( r
and d1sa_, m his foe (This can only be sel:cL:d on~~~ lhe user can spend t> t> or@ lo hook 111' oppom nt '> hi HIE
Customizable: Increase tl,e lighLsa b ,
Delicate B I
er s Hard Po1nLs by I (thrs can on ly be selected once)
a ance: he l1gl1Lsaber loses Ll1e C b value (Lh1s can only be se lecLed once l
um er so me quality and gains the Unwieldy quality with Lhr ScHnE
Personalized Design: Wlien the crafle I
Lo the ,esults Add automati c ,5,
makes a successfu l L1ghtsaber check w1Lh thrs weapon. add automal c :t,:
selected once)
'-' 10 ightsaber checks other characters make with thrs l1ghtsaber (Thrs can onlv b


Inbuilt: Th e hilt is constructed as

t f
encumbrance l or hi her th L ti pa, o anotlier item such as a tool or weapon Choose an appropriate rtem ot
the hill ,s part of thatgilem ~h 1e ~ha 1ricler possesses and increase rls encumbrance by that of the l1ghtsaber hrtt.
purpose and must spend
el e 1,glilsabe, 15 ignrted , t11e wielder cannot use the orrgrnal item for rts 111tended
a maneuvc, lo switch between functions (Thi s can only be selected once l
Energy Bleed: Tli e li glitsabci gains the Stun 2 qt1a l1ly (or increase the value of the Stun quality by 2)
Fine-Tuned Emitter Add automat 1c '-f
.,.~ Lo com bat checks made wrth thrs lrghtsaber (thrs can only be selected once)
Personalized Inlay Redu ce the d1fficu lly of checks to modify any l1 ghtsaber crystal installed 111 thrs weapon by I
(this can only be selected once)
Integral Attachment: Add + 1 hard point Lo the weapon, Lhen rnslall one applicable weapon attachment that
requires l or fewer hard porn ts and 1s not a l1 ghtsaber crysta l No check rs required to obtarn thrs attachment and
1t costs O credits
Heavy: Increase the lrghtsaber's encumbrance by 1
Exhausting Effort: Upon completing Step 3: Construction , the character suffers 3 strain
Oddly Weighted : The lrghtsaber gains the Cumbersome 2 qualrty (or in crease the value of rts Cumbersome
quality by 1).
Fragile Casing: Increase the difficulty of checks to repair this l1ghtsaber by 1
Awkward Grip: The lightsaber gains the Unwreldy 2 quality (or increase the value of rts Unwield y qualrty by l J
Misaligned Emitter: The lightsaber requires a maneuver to ignite rather than an 1nc1dental, 1t can strll be
powered down as an incidental (this can only be selected once)
Erratic: Once per combat encounter, the CM may spend@ from any combat check wrth the l1ghtsaber to ha,e
the energies within rippl e out, damaging the hilt and shocking ll1e wrelder. The lrghtsaber becomes damaged one
step (minor to moderate. moderate to maior, etc.) and the wielder suffers 3 strain (This can only be selected once l
Poor Focusing Lens: The lightsaber gains the Inaccurate quality (or increase the value of its Inaccurate qual t b,
1). If it has the Accurate quality, reduce the va lu e of that quality by I rnstead .

Faulty Inlay Increase the difficulty of checks to modify any lightsaber crystal 111stalled in this weapon b') 1 (t'' :

can only be selected once).

Tragic Accident: During the process of crafting tl1e hilt. the character:s focus slips at a key moment. and th,
character suffers a maior in Jury. Upon complet111g Step 3: Construction , the character suffers a Ct rttLa l'lJUt (,
page 223 of the FoRCE AND DESTINY Core Rulebook . Tl11 s ca n on ly be selected once l

. Th G
d @ from any combaL with the lightsaber lo have 1t sputter Jnd short Hit It r r
Unsta ble. e . may spen
(t t) M chanics check
mop rable until ,t ,s repaired through an Average

ence: The< rafter I( arns va lu able techniqu es 111 the c1llPrnpl tl1<1t PC Jin.
hilt nd doec, r,ot nrcd lo pwrl1a c;c nrw 111ater1 c1ls

n tt1

'1 ' \





entine ls are a unique asset for any group of Player Characters 111 a FoRcE AND DESTINY campaign The comb111at1on
of tecl1nical proficiency. stea ltl1. and connection to t11e Fo1-ce
makes them perfect 111vestigators. spies. and scouts Above all
things. subtlety 1s tl1e1r stock-111-trade

Tl1 is can. at first glance. seem to be at odds w1tl1 tl1e t1-aditional image of Force use1-s fo1- botll playe1s a11d Game Maste,-. Th e flowing robes and flasl1ing l1gl1Lsabers of L11e Jedi a, e
botl1 almost an anatl1ema to Sentinels and l11e1 e111 lies tl1e
key for any Game Master l1oping Lo offe, Se11t111el playei-s a
satisfying gaming e perience
A Game f'v1aste, sl1ould , emembe, that Se11t111els still l1old
the same ,alues of peace a11d Justice as l11e11 mo,c t1ad1t1011
al Jedi counte,parts. but s1111pl, choose to c11fo1cc tl1ose ,al
ues with a more subtle metl1odolog\ To l111S e11d. the G1me
Maste, sl1ould des1g11 e11cou11te1 s tl1Jl catc, Lo Se11t111e1s
propensit'y fo, stealth a11d subtlet\ IL CJL'Jles a sal1sfy111g
experience for the Sent111el pla,e,s 1,1le11 tile\ see Lile Game
Maste, has c1afted encou11te1s 1\lth111 a ca111pa1g11 Lhal allo1,
them to utilize the ab l1t1es that make tl1e11 clla1acte1s u111que
and to present mollfs tl1at ht the Lo1e 1dent1ty of the cJree,
An epic l1ghts::iber duel 1 1111 a powe1 ful da, k side Fe,
user ,s a l1all111ark of tile Star 11 ors experience 11
c1eat1ng a direct co11f1011tat1011 beLwer11 go
howeve,. the Game Maste1 m1gllL weave cl
and mouse beL1vee11 Se11t1nels a11d tlm1 lol
COUid climax 111 a SlladOl'V\ CIOSSlllg OI Sclill'I<; ill ll
afte, heroes and ,1ila1ns l1a,e used rn1sci11Lcl1,1 iL
and cunning befo1e ,csorllng Lo opc11 1,c111 l l1l
pe, haps L11e Sr11L111els havr lu,ed tllC'JJ p,r,
after a long a11d studied l1u11L 01 l1l111d
tl1rough sub Le, fugc 0111, to lea, c cldve1
before weapons could evr11 IJc d, 11\11

ofLen serve as the voice of caution for more reckless CJ

frontat1onal characters They can have deeper 1 c:;,g ,,
pragmatic natures that provide balance to idea, st G
ians or aggressive Warriors Their sk II set f"'ear, , e
quick to find nonviolent solutions to 1\t ate er cha e
put before them and their allies Th s ari ve ent 0
volatile situations from explod ng nto all oJt lra
players to discover more subtle and clever sc
uoubles that their characters race
Se11t1ncls who act rashl\ and become rrl
ger not onlv themselves but t11e1r a 1es ch \\e
1e111a1n constant!\ 1g1l::int a!ld re'l ernber to, l
risk As the tensions and st ike') o
ly 1mposs1ble. 110 e e' Before c. r',.,
L11ev ha, e let tl1err caut101 sir ( '
tl1e11 allies 111 n1ortal da1'gu

Rema1J11ng unsrrn. l10wev ,. 1s 110 rt1s\ 11sl Co, l l 1 r

is a fragile a, mo,. and dccepl1011 1s a dl'l1c lil' 1 l cllll 11 \\ 11L'l1
the Senlincl 1s l1nJllv d1aw11 lro111 ll1c sl1,Hio1, illL , ir 1 l
Master sl1ould c,eatc a,1 atmo<,pl1rrL or lL ,1..,1u11 rnd IL Vt
lation as powerful as a111,, cl1mall1c mon l Ill f, 0111 till ~l ,,
\ \'ors saga Bu1ld111g to ll11s epic 1e,eal ca11 br donL 1 rougl1
peeling back la) er s ol deception P, \ 111g e\ es. decept, e
1umors. and l\rlachrnell1a11 man1pulat1or scan be as dead!
as lrgt1tsabers Skillful cunning t11dden reco1d111g rods. and
1\ell placed espionage dro1ds are all useful Lools for botll
pla\crs and Game Masters Game rvlclsLer sl1ould not be
af1 aid to fight deception w1tl1 d cept1on Sloh I br,ng111g the
shadows 1n1 o l1gl1t 1s key wl1en bu1ld1ng a sat1S1\, ing experience fo, S, ,r1nel players Then, once tl1e re eal J1as fmall
occur red a
sess1011S of narl b1t111g tension a ne\,
the Se tin Is must reco e1 from 15
Lat a I\ P c unvt ,r g r a U en rt tu, 1 t [I ,e,r l11dden i,a 5
Tl11s 111 111d of tse car b tre s ed fur s- ral new stories
beto,e U1ese LI a,acrers ore once :Jga111 Jbl w return to tlie
darknes triat tl1 y krim, so well


111 most cases. tl1e GM runs cl FoRcE AND DESTINY camp<11gn for a diverse part} comd1fllrrs n,ore than Jurt Sentinel
h ~c ters When acting as part or a larger group, Sentinels

For ti e

rra':l IJE.C es of the galaxy. tre role of Se

car rnean equal vaned things A Sent1'1el s sp c es g
11111 urnc.es U at PCs character Cerean Se t ne s rr gr
vatel ponder what they nave seen cons der rg ,3 c:l''e
trom all angles before ta:<ing ac. ori Ir con rast Ke DO' 5
tinels rn1ght be dri 'en oy the strong and S,\ ft serse
tice rnherent to tnat spec es soc ety ~o rraKe surg ra '
against the1 foes sol ng rriora ssues \ rh sirg e
st1 ikes at\ hat fie see as tre heart of the p ob en
l\1an Sent111els find the,r spec es oot a !Jescurse T1 1lek Shadov11s. for examp e undo b ea
,er to go unnouced 01 their horre .or d of R
lions of other Tw1'leks surround r g
to become Just anorher face n "e
nus. the common percepr C'

IIH' I lull ,111C I u 1111111c1 I orga n1zauons

. t'11t 111t'h 1111 gl1l f111 d lh I hid d en doors
mean s lhat liw, .lek
Llt1tk 1ot 1111 '> ope n more a ,l y for lh em anct
YI seecty cantina

.el, if the se Tw,

optil ,1 t1011<, of (ofl cn hum an) a . or Sc1p10. Wilh w leks.
ri slocra l s l h
ea llhi e
p1 Jll ti lt L'S CO IOI lh II llll rac l '
' ey may fi d
law c11l o1tc ni cn l v 11 unfr1 1rly li ons w1Lh lhe loca ls nl l haL
i ass le l h
oca l
au1 1101111r rnc1y pc , s ulc Llicm .
se cnL1nc ls, and
Wl1L ~11 pl,,vc 1s arc sc lcc. 1111 g p cc 1es f l h
Garn 1vlJslc_' 1s ,11 c doi ng the anie for a cameir characLe rs or
1. 1mo1 t,111L Lo c.o11s idc 1 why ri nd h
pa ,gns NPCs t
ow eac11 Or
act .1st JlllC' to be cn lln cl and how L
lh ese char
t1 to 111 'II species. Characl r d hose evenls
impl\ "become" Sc nlln cl IL ,.s

eq u11 cs
an actTI\I c L11 01 c, dcd i .ali on, and
11 . 1101cc. when com bin d .
w1t_l1 tile w 11 c 11 ~ c1nd cu ltu re
u111q ue rn e,1e l1 pc ic or the ga l
a y, l1 elp to 1ndl\1du,111 7C' sc,itine l
cl1a1 a tu

At ti le J1110 t 11 rn:, plave, l1ould not be ar, :i,d Lo make

cl1 a1ac.t ,. 1vl10 buck Lh "Lladi
tion al" Li a1ts ol ::i sp cics. Taking
on tile pe, ona of a dou, Nautol an
or un er t 11n ,_ab, ak can bi 111 g ne,~
depth '1d ct,rnen ,on to an ot llC' i
wi e t k cl1a1ac.tc1 \\11 11 m0\1 11g
be, on tcr otype . pla e, hou ld con
s1den h tl1e11 c. l1a1act 1s l1 a, not adopted
th e pre umed cornrnon t1a1ts or t11 e11 species and what
exp I ie11Le bro ugl1t tllL'lll Lo L11e11 cu11 enl state Ea 11 species
in tl1 gala 'r has l11e pot nllal to be as diverse as hurm111t . rl
tl1e p1 ope , life is b1 eatl1ed 111to its rnernbers

S ntin Is. b th II ver\ 11 atu1 . are mo re ubtle and less
ob, ious 111 th i1 actions tl1 an wl1 at people tl11nk ot as tl1e
"trad itional" J di f 111 lit. This makes Sentrncl5 rcieal for
integrating into all EDGE OF THE EMPIRE 01 A GE OF REBELLION
campaign w1tl1out o\ersl1cidow1ng L11 tl wrnes or tliose
campaign . Tl1 m1tu1 I subtlet) ol Sentin el , complern nted
b their connection t t11 Force, means tlie, otte, LI ong
uppo, t to tile pl~Cit c.ltld Lcll er detail ed Ill EDGE OF THE
f\ la te1 ca n u e
e i 1 I a tool 1\ltt1 \\'111 11 to 111 t:> 0 rat e tti e tlieme. EDGE
I t1 t
Desn v almo t


ualr 'a lron Force Sen 1tl\ e E\rle can easrl,
pr ogress rnlo an Artisa n. Sl1adow. or ott1e1spec1a\1 at on
as ocratcd wit\1 tl1e Sentinel L1ke1, rse the Force Se-1'.'.,ti t
Emergent rn troduced 111 AGE oF REBELLION could easil trc1n~1
tron to an, of t11 e Sent111el's spec1al1.at1ons. deper1 d ng or
l1ow tl1e pla, er cl100 e" to de, elop tl1e ct1ar acter


h1le not quite cnougll to 1v,1111111 c1 lt1ll ,1d,c11tt11C'. SL'\C'I 11

encou11tc1 s tc1ilor rd to t Ile ')c11t 111el\ spcl 1,111, ,111011,;; ,11 C'
desrnbed bclcm Till'\ L,111 he lN'd ,1s 111tr1 ludc..,. side l'\l'llls.
01 subplots 111 l,11gcr ,1<i\l'lllt11cs. and (,llllL' I\J,1<.,lll" ,lll'
encou1agrd 1L1 lt11tllL'I de,clop tl1c111 Jilli 111lcg1c1te tl1c111 as rl
suits ll1e1r 111d1, 1duc1I La111pa1g11s

Arter bc111g co11t1acted to do 1ep.:i11s 011 ,111 ,1d,,11Hrd d101d

0 1 h1gl1I) custom1 cd sl11p. l11e .l.1 t1s,111 ,111d 111 t1ssoL 1,1lc:-. rrnd
tl1emselves sudden!\ l l1c o;;ul11ec t ol sL1111r , c1 \ u111vc111tcd
attent1011 B0u11t\ l1u11tc1-; 01 otlle1 ad\L'l',Jll('s L1cg111 pu1su
lllg them fo1 u11k1101, 11 1caso11s ,q,pzi1 c1lll\ 111tL'lll 011 t/1c1r
death After '.'>Ollll' lll\L'St1gat1011 tile Altl<;,111 dNO\C'IS tl1at
tile person 1Vl10 co11t1alll'd llw 1,l11k I\ u..,111g tilL'"l' 1cpa11s
as a CO\ Cl lo (011( cal <;OlllL' ',t'L I ct Ill 01 lll,ll 1(111 Ill)\\ \101 cd Ill
tile ne1, I\ 1epa11 cd ol1Jcll L 11f01 tun 1tt'I\. 111c d101d 11.:i~ gone
1111ss1ng or the sl11~, 1s 1w1, 1011g go11r Tl1e PCs need
to tlack dow11 L11e obiel t
and e>.llact the 111fo1111J
t1on befo1 e t11e, a1e
ovenvl1e/111ed h\ t1 1011
new foes
T/1e GI\ 1 could comp/1
cate matters fu1 li1t'1 b\
1ntmduci11g mulllplc factions
hoping to 1et11e,e the ,ital
Per l1aps ll11S
1nfo1mation relates to some
secret technology of tl1e Imperial wa 1 machine and 1s equal
ly valuable Lo both the Rebel
Alliance and the Galactic
Empire, or perhaps 1t con
ta1ns the w/1ereabouts of
severa l people wl10 are
wanted by a Hutt kajidic or
other powerful crime syndicate. The PCs may find
themselves caught 1n the
crossfire between two warring forces, uncertain how
1aluable the data they carry
r all; rs and whether either
srclc> should possess rt

\ \ 1111(

\Nil\ 1c; t11e tr.:111ger 111te e...,eli 11 P

lie 1vo1 k111g for 1 \ Vhat LiL,rs l1r "Ill 1,
pc1 on the Im estrg1tor 1,,1 11t111, 1 ll ,1 ,
Cl1J1 ,1c ter s must turn tl1e tJblr" on t1,,..., ...,t ii ('
gator 1vc111ts to get ans1~l'r~
Till' C ~Ill\


s lk rm ltiL

t Int Ins iL'L1 L' 1 bt

t11:1t Lil p <; lll' lf.l:11t

of tl1e Frnp11, or e\ ,.
clSSOCl:llL'S L)f the
I l
lllC' ;r,_1 l,ltl PIL''>t'lll tlrt'
pl,lyCIS Wltil l lllll JI

lll llld~I



tlirv deJ I 1v1t 11 ,111 cldvr. rsary wlio 1<, a good pC' rson but is
Iv co 11 v1nc cd L11t1t .l lie PCs arc evil call l"l d , irinhcro1 1s
ro rll nll'tl
riern lL ) fiH' lr1vc<;t1gc1to1 s 5. lr('llglh <:, Cd tl lw l1 ro iir,hl to
l1ecH lirre. onl\ by lcarr1111g l'Wry poss1hic' drt cJ il ciboul IIH'
ad\l'r ,11 v urn I li e 1,c s dN Ovt'r ,1 wc1y lo <.,l op 1111s 1111 . ., 111 ror nwcl
ft e tint Liot 110( 111\IOIVC' cl v1olc11l rn11fr o111 c1 1iu11

hat a lers are traveling aboa 1d a publi c trans

p rt . u h s landspeeder 01 a1rspced e1- Lh at suddenl y
com under attack by rnminals or Imp er 1al age nts. Th e
dnve1 1s slam in tl1e in1t1al attack, and ll1e Race, 1s forced into
action' With no one else aboard the l1 anspo1t ca pab le of
flying the ,essel. the Racer mu st esca pe fr om th e altackers
through the cl1aot1c city streets. Whil e Lh e Race 1 pe rform s
perilous maneuvers just to stay alive, th e oth er Player Char
acters must fend off the attackers in a hi gh speed fi refight
The PCs pend ten e moments 111 tl ie cnco u11te1 pre1. ent1ng
the transport from being destroyed. makin g emerge ncy 1n
flight repairs, and protecting and prov1d1ng med ica l atte n
t1on to the ott1er passengers.
As the chase continues. the Grv1 ca n ad d new co mpl1 ca
t1ons. These could include being un abl e to reduce the tra nsport's speed. a shortcut througl1 a power pl ant full of loose
power couplings and other environmental hazards, tim ed
explosives wired to the vehicle, or passengers who must be
saved from being tossed into the sky during th e co nfli ct.
Once the chase is over. the PCs must discover th e 1dent1t1es and motivation of the attackers. Was it an assassin ati on
attempt on one of the Player Characters? An act of terro rsm? Could a bounty hunter be trying to take out a ta rget?
Perhaps an Imperial Inquisitor is hunting down the Ra ce r
h mself, aware of his Force sensitivity.

local family lives in fear after they discover a stra nger has
watching them from a distance for an extended timeor even months. They offer to hire the Sentry_ and her
ates to discover who is so keenly intere st ed ,n th em
e Player Characters are asked to inve st igate th e
ey discover that a local resident who goes_ by th e
~m1k is actually trying to protect the family from
Ji t Unfortunately, interference f1 om tl1e PCs
hreat down upon the family, and now L11ey
sh into action if there is to be any cl1ance
y The threat could be a rival family, a
w want th family's lancl, a boun
f th f m1ly who is I ry111g lo
I mPnl ullc1l1l1'
f ct I IIIW 1111
t ~ r l c L II I I

rrn scl vr s on th e, wrong w k or 11 1st1ce sho ul d t11ey defcricJ
Wc lmik II c 011kJ rdll lo I hr Sr>111rnel to 1nvest1gate the matter
cl c' lcr rrnnc 11 c, lrne ncJ l11rr. Ihm cJ1<iprnse Justice as t11c PC
',C'<'<., rII Io l hosC' cJr<,r' rvrn g or JI ,rJgrnr>n t even 1f l11e 01 ht r-,
w1 1h11 1I hr' i;ro1 1p rrngh l not cJgrrr wrt r 1110 p c:Jrt1ons In Jdd1
l ion lo lr<, l1n~\ r1r r<iornl 1,1lcnl, JWI Jbl 1t1E th1c, oulu 11<,o
(c1 1i 111! 0 q11c,c, 11()n !hr Sc ritr s r,. , 1or1 rt rn Ip
the PC rnc>xor cl bly ( ICJ )("r I() r r tj Jrk

The Sentinel se nses a drsturb,inrc r
an 1nd1v1dual wh o see ms shrouded 11 r r J 1
the oth erwi se apparentl y un1mpor ,Jnt <:itr J
shi p, th e Sh adow and his group tinrJ r1 a
Lhe ship or secu re another way to follor rt ,
ney to an unkn own destination The Garn tvl 1
aged to deve lop a un ique collection of all t
, iou s stran ger. th ey co ul d include a ne1 ~oec
who c,ew th e stranger's shi p or a coterie of 11rius
companion s As th e Shadow gathers add1t1ona
cerning the target. he find s that there 1s more
another dark side Force user here

The target and retinu e cou ld be d1sgu1sed Ret

on a secret m1 ss1on Thi s ra ises the question of 1,rf
target's al lies are unaware that one of the r r umtiP
the dark side. or. worse. kn ow of 1t and accep 1- 1 ~ 1
source of might to use against th e Emp re The Fer P
ba nce around them could even be a forete lling o t
th at awaits these warriors should they give rn to the
and hatred of the Empire. Alternati ve ly, the targets co
age nts of the Empire or bounty hun te rs. and the
trap to lu re and capture the PCs Th e secre ti ve 'l ~t. e
voyage should make ma1nta1ning cov er stone s a1a
id ent1t1es essential; there should be noi'i here to r r
th e PCs be di scove red The Shadow characte lC.
l1mi ta t1on s in th ese tight quarters and need to je e
wa ys of operating in order to bring these targe s t



he galaxy is a dangerous place, especially fo1 Lhose who

are strong in Lhe Force. Simply by br in g se 11 s1t1vc 10 Lhe
Fo1-ce, SenLinels live a 1,r e of pc, pcl t1al cianger I Jowevc1. unlike
more lrad1Llonal Jedi , Sc11L111el often li ve 111 ll1e c; l1 dows ancl
in the urban areas of l l1c ga laxv Tl1ey do 110L I asllly cl1arg
into combat aga111sl tile g1eaL and evil Galacllc Empire with
their blazing l1gl1Lsabers 1a1sed high Instead, Lhey wait for an
opportune 1110111 11L to make their move. Tl1ey st1 ike quickly
and 1vit11 surgical prec1s1on, leaving little evidence of their
passing The') fade into the shadows bef01e Lheil foes are able
to realize who or what has moved against them
\Vhen designing adventures for Sentinels, Game Masters
should keep in mind that Sentinels rely on stea lll1 , cunning,
creative use of the Force, and a w1ll111g11ess to make d1fflcull
moral choices to overcome tl1e challenges t11ey face To tl11s
end, when designing ad,entures centered arnund Sentinel
characters, the GM sl1ould prO\ 1de ample opportu111t1es fo1
these characters to make use of t11e11 ,a11ous c;k1lls and ab1 l1 ties, but still allow for Playe1 Cl1a1 acte1 c1 ea LI\ 1L\ and quick
thinking . If the players come up 1, 1tl1 a 11e1, and cu11111ng way
to overcome a cl1allenge set befo1 e t11em, then tile Game
Master should allow the action to succeed and reward tl1e
players for their creatl\ 1t\
Espionage and subterfuge are tl1e meat and drink of the
Sentinel. While the Star \\ors saga 1s filled with fast-paced
action, there 1s no small amount of suitable adventure material that can be used to inspire a Game Master when designing adventures for Sentinel PCs. Ben Kenobi's role as protector and watcher over young Luke Skywalkei- is an excellent
example of a Sentry's life, while Luke's own attempt to
manipulate Jabba the Hutt 111 an effort to rescue Han Solo
is a perfect basis for an adventure for Shadow characters.
Rogue Padawan Kanan Jarrus l1as had many adventures
that exemplify the core Sentinel approach of wits over l1ghtsabers. Players should always remember that the Star \l\lars
galaxy is more than just open conflict between the darkness
and the light A great number of battles occu1 in the shadows, unseen and unknown to those whose lives are changed
by their outcome.

Sentinels can have any number of diverse adventures across
the galaxy Game Masters should feel free to use the following seeds as springboards to fully fleshed-out adventures or
even entire camf)a1gns


Whether from a lo<.al onlcJ 1 t, i n1c111r r, nt ll111J11f 1l1 ',LDIP 11111
formation, the Sentinel Plriy,r Ct1cJr 1r1, t) ltilv1 Ir 1111tcl l l1r1t
a Pantoran noble ancJ pa,t t1r11 ar1L1q1J1t1, , ll11t:l 11c1111l d I YJcl
Cho 1s goir,g to aucL1on off J rc.1yt dr cigri11 pew I lu1111 g c1

cruise on her luxurious sail barge the Azures

se nt sccrel 1nv1Lat1ons to the event and guest u.nset Cho has

s Include
al powerful Hutt crime lords and Corporate Se t
cxcrnl 1vcs, along with several independent pa ct or Aurhority
r ies Who h
U1c 1nlcrcst an d wealth to acquire such a galactic ra. ave
PCs are, of course. not on the guest list
nty T e
They need to somehow fmd means to get aboard Su
without being caught Whether the PCs replace or
n .t
ade as staff working aboard the barge steal or formgasqJer.
e nv 'a
tions. or simply sneak aboard and hope to go uririo ce
whatever path they choose will require careful plan n
11 g a d
precise action.
Once the cruise gets underway, the PCs need to d sc
the location of the pearl if they hope to successful
ate 1t. The Game Master 1s encouraged to come uo
unique ways in which it is protected. Perhaps Cho ef'
on lier person and has a large detachment of secunt g d
around her at all times, or perhaps 1t 1s kept safe 1n a
vau lt known only to the noble. As the character C'"'"
their investigation, they come upon a new compl1ca o
addition to being aboard a ship full of nobles, bodlg ;i
bounty hunters, and Hutts. the PCs discover that one
Corporate Sector executives is actually an Imperial lrau
or other servant of the dark side who 1s willing to do
ever it takes to seize the pearl for himself.
The Player Characters need to act fast 1f the~ hope o
the passengers aboard the Azure Sunset and still ew,er'
pearl. If they reveal the agent of the dark side the\
nsk revealing themselves and risking the lives of eve
aboard. Alternatively, they could simply allow the age
carry out his vile plan of betrayal and murder and tren the pearl for themselves-but such an act of temhle
would certainly draw them closer to the dark side


Korlen Skimmer is the hottest thing to l1it the P '
scene in almost thirty years. After winning the B~ :-ir
Classic last year, he's risen to meteoric fame a 1 who follow the sport He's faster, more reckle , tt
than any other racer on the track-and o e
prise, he's human. Skimmer is also flarnbo ' .
however. His trackside bravado has dra\ tt e
both the Hutt kajidics and the Empire. fc r f" '
No human in three decades ha \\ n a Po k~; (,.,
tion, and because of Skirnm r' remarka~~~ded t ~r ,
to throw races, tl1e Hutt artel ha\1; < , romJ e ,i
needs Lo face a littl ac .1clent .. on tile trac" i h gl' 3r
~ re
lei s wors he Ila I o drawn th e attention ,st av 10
' .
1 into Cl
l1 11pL11cil rr, 1ct1 1vl1011 pe to take hin. d thishasga
sons ul "tl1e ll1gh st Imperial secunt '. an_ said rhat L
ters It is
re )
llle ,1 llr11L1on of local bounty hun h. man kno1\n
\Icici , 111111s If l1as decreed tl1at any touhim.
c sslu ll y pil ot a Podracer be brought

the charact~h fer )

co11d11on that the tdl\f' 'r
l'ev tr,1\.cl to tlie templi=- To Pn<;we rp
cncJ of the bargain, 'he nFow a,on Tarn""
them 1s encoded and on v she knows .. ~I'- ,
Kor/ en be11efa~to1, a canta11kc1ou Dur os 11 ,imod Ca l, oc,
fears for net 1acf r s Ille Cal,oc 1s no a,111 but art e, in ves t
1t1g th ous inds of credits ,n 1,orlen s Pocli acer, d10,ds, and
tra1t1,n ', he doesn't want lo lose rn onev on her in vestment
Ca/1oc t'1 t; the PCs to 111, esllgat e tl1 e rumors and threa ts
surrou nrnng her star racer Upon meeting l~o,len, the Pla yer
Charac ters are able to sense l11S strength in the Force Kor
Jen, th ough, 1s d1smiss1ve of both l1is connection to th e Force
and the threats on lllS life.

Un for tun:ite lv, Imperial agents an,bu ,h Ta,, m arj trf- Pr

du, 1ng the excha nge and the griuled c,o ::i1e '"' cap ..,
Th ough th ey h:we the data w1thou Ta""lrr t s '""PC'-, r ..
to unloc k It The PCs soon discover ihat Tarn"' I", le1"g np ,
1n a high sec urity Imperial bng, so t" ev rriust srea" rtr e
fac ility and stea lth,!} free their new bus1"e<;s paner
After succeeding 1n their Jailbreak a'1d escap, g tl'le ,.,.,(le
nal ships bl ocking their Jump to hy perspa,e rhe PCs a' f'
at the abandoned Jed , Temple located far n t'le Ou .. e' R
Tenitones. It 1s onl y there that Tarnm reveals rier deri
and , 1f she has come to trust the characters. e,pla111s t
them the truth of Order 66 In the days Fol ow ng Order 66
she helped trac k rogue Jed, via data tra ls and n est gat c
She ha s returned to the site where her lina Jed, ~arge as
slain 111 hopes of bri nging closure to 1\ hat he feels s 'e
greates t s,n


As the PCs continue tl1e1r investigation, they discove, that

a major-domo in the Hutt kajidics has hired several racers to
ensure that Kor/en suffers an "accident" in his next race. But
neither Kor/en nor Calioc is wi lling to drop out of the race,
and the onl y way for the PCs to ensure lllS safety is to Join
him on the track!
Meanwhile, the Player Characters in the pit have problems
of their own. Imperial agents are waiting Lo make sure that
Kor/en survives his next race, while the bloodthirsty bounty
hunters hope to capture their quarry dea d or alive. Th e PCs
have to stop these threats if Karlen is ever to survive the race
and embrace his connection to the Force.


T e Player Characters have arranged a meeting willl

sliacl0wy 1nformat1011 IJroke,, who claims have tile l1ypcrspa cc

(Q(Jrdindtr:s to an ~nciC'nt Jedi Temp le. Afte, mcelln g 10
r (e v t fl, rnfrJr rnat 1011 1he cl rarac.tPrs a, c su 1Pl isrcJ Lo leai 11
thdt tit infom,atirir, b,;JI <'r is none ollic, u,a11 rl 1rlirrd n11l1
1 r1 int('Ji, , n c olf 1 , r wttcJ c,, 1 1ur1 111 II 1f' r I< J/lP W,i, .,, Co n1
mi.:lnd r Jaxs,nn( fd1nn1 I Jr1ir11 1111JVlllP, Ill! lriirHl/l,illnii l<J

Unfortunatel y, Tamm has led them to a p anet CO\ee.:i"

a ruined city inhabited by co un tless dro1d who once St'
as stewards and protectors. The dro1ds t1c1\e been CLY'L
by the ruins of time, ma1nta1n1ng t1alf collapsell
and seeing all living tl11ngs a c1 threat to the l
The characters must frght th eir wc1 1 tt11 ougt irt ,
metropolitan , u,n, and 111alfunct10111 ng -:;ecur1t, i ,',
/1 opc to discover tl1e ll1dde11 w,~d orn ot tl1c k r ,.; 1
/1 0/y site.
Tl1 e Garn