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Subject :Physics

Intermediate Part II (12th Class)

SECTION ----------------- I
You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is
correct; Mark that option. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.
i) The conventional Current is the name given to current due to flow of
a) Positrons
b) Positive Charges
c) Negative Charges
d) both (a) & (c)
ii) A current of 1 ampere is passing through a conductor. The charge passing through it in half a minute is
a) one coulomb
b) 0.5 coulomb
c) 30 coulomb
d) 2 coulombs
iii) In a metal, the valence electrons are:
a) Attached to individual atoms
b) not attached to individual atoms c) free to move within the metal
Both (a) and (c)
e) Both (b) and (c)
iv) A sample of a conductor is said to obey Ohms law if graph between V and I is:
a) Straight line
b) Curve
c) parabola
d) Either (a) or (b)
v) The resistance of 2,3,4 ohm are provided. Their equivalent resistance will be the minimum when they are
a) In series
b)In parallel
c)In series and in parallel
d) None of these
vi) Examples of a non-ohmic device is
a) Filament bulb b) Semiconductor diode c) A Current carrying wire with no change in temperature d) both
(a) & (b)
e) Both (b) and (c)
vii) Resistance of a wire is:
a) Directly proportional to its Length
b) Directly proportional to its area
c) Inversely proportional to its
d) Both (a) and (c)
e) Both (a) and (b)
viii) Kirchhoffs first rule is a manifestation of law of conservation of
c) Charge
d) Kinetic Energy
e) None of these
ix) A current carrying conductor sets up its own
a) Electric field
b) Nuclear field
c) Magnetic Field
d) All of these
e) Both (a) and (c)
x) Magnetic field is a
a) Vector quantity
b) Scalar quantity c) Scalar as well as vector quantity
xi) if current carrying conductor is placed perpendicular to the magnetic field, it will experience a force
a) Zero
b) ILBcos
c) ILB
xii) Magnetic flux passing an element whose vector area makes an angle 0 with lines of magnetic force is
a) BAcos
b) Zero
c) BA
d) BAsin
xiii) emf is measured in
a) Newton
b) Volt
c) J/C
d) Both (b) and (c)
xiv) Lorentz force means force acting on a particle which is
a) Sum of electric and magnetic forces
b) Electric Force only
c) Magnetic Force only
d) Product of Electric and Magnetic Force only
xv) Capacitor is a devise to store
a) Charge
b) Energy
c) Pressure
d) Force
e) Both (a) and (b)
xvi) In a charged capacitor, the energy is stored in the
a) Positive charge
b) Negative charge
c) Electric field between the plates
d) Area of the plate
xvii) Farad is a unit of
a) Capacitance
b) Conductivity
c) Resistivity
d) Charge