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Difference Between Manage in Spreadsheet and Export to Excel

Both (Manage in Spreadsheet and Export to Excel) are Oracles seeded

functionalities and used for data download on your machine.
The major differences is that Export to Excel would be used where less that 1000
records needs to be downloaded in excel where as for bulk download Manage in
Spreadsheet used.
Manage in Spreadsheet: Desktop integrator needs to be installed on your machine
to use Manage in Spreadsheet functionality. Its a macro enabled excel template
having some of excels features disabled. You can find Desktop Integrator plug-in on
Fusion Applications in Navigator window.
Export to

Manage in
Points to consider:
1. Connect with LAN while downloading bulk data if Wi-Fi signal strength is not
2. You may encounter errors like Network Failure, Gateway Timeout etc. if
you are trying to download bulk data using Export to Excel.