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Sana G Bie Weshingin, DE. 20518 Fpl Bisret Chloe November 4, 20:6 ‘The Honorable Janet Napolitano, President Universiey of California sun Franidlin Street, 2" Floor (Oakland, California 94607 Dear President Napolitano, L write regarding che recene decision to outsource the jobs of dozens of IT workers ae che University of California, San Francisco (UCSF] beginning next year. | believe this decision should be reversed and I’m concerned thac the H-1B visa program could be similarly misused by other LIC campuses in the fucure co outsource American jobs. As our former Secretary of Homeland Security, you know as well as anyone that our nation’s immigration laws are broken and ate badly in need of reform. The responsibilty for reform lies wich Congress and | support effores co comprehensively updace our immigration laws, including closing loopholes to prorece American jobs. The current H-1B program was created by Congress co allow employers co recruit calented foreign workers in specialized fields to supplemenc the American workforce on a temporary basis. The program is not intended £0 replace American workers or facilitave che outsourcing of LS. jobs, as is being done by uCSE, | respecefully request chae you reconsider the decision to outsource the LICSF IT jobs using, the H-1B program and refrain from taking similar measures elsewhere inthe LIC system, Using this visa program co undercut and eliminate US. jobs runs directly counter to ‘Congressional intent for this visa category and hurts the American workers that it seeks to protect. “Thank you for your consideration of my request and I look forward to your timely response. Anna.G-Ezhoo Member of Congress. ce: Dr, Sam Hawgood, Chancellor, University of Califomia, San Francisco