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Enough and Too Exercise ‘*ENOUGH - sufficient *TOO —- excess Fill the gaps with enough or too. 1 Idorit feel very well. Ive eaten... see MUCH, 2 Don't worry. We stil have... time to get there before it coses. 3 SMES onsen YOUNY tO go to discos. 4 HES nen sune YOUNG 19 Vole, Dut old enough to go to war. 8 The diSC0 18 enn far to walk. 6 The film was rubbish. After 20 minutes | had had... 7 This tov isnt big nen for the two of us. 8 That's it. Ve had. nonnnsnns « Leave the class immediately! 9 TRAM onsnnesnseane Much wine at the party and behaved rather badty. 10 she doesnt get ..suinsnnnn Sleep, She's bad tempered all day. 11. This recipe sounds €88Y «cesses «El make it for lunch, 12. She's FF ean nnsnrane talkative, After 5 minutes I've got a headache. 13 Everyone got great marks in the exam. It wasnt diffu. nen 1A. This Chickens «concn ‘small for fve.