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A. A highly integrated and cohesive economy

a.1. Trade in goods
a.2. Trade in services
a.3. Investment environment
a.4. Financial integration, financial inclusion, and financial stability
a.5. Facilitating movement of skilled labor and business visitors
a.6. Enhancing participation in global value chains
B. A competitive, innovative, and dynamic AEC
b.1. Effective competition policy
b.2. Consumer protection
b.3. Strengthening intellectual property rights cooperation
b.4. Productivity-driven growth, innovation, research and development, and
technology commercialization
b.5. Taxation cooperation
b.6. Good governance
b.7. Effective, efficient, coherent and responsive regulations, and good regulatory
b.8. Sustainable economic development
b.9. Global megatrends and emerging trade related issues
C. Enhance connectivity and sectoral cooperation
c.1. Transport
c.2. Information and communications technology
c.3. E-Commerce
c.4. Energy
c.5. Food, agriculture, and forestry
c.6. Tourism
c.7. Healthcare
c.8. Minerals
c.9. Science and technology
D. A resilient, inclusive, people-oriented, and people-centered ASEAN
d.1. Strengthening the role of MSMEs
d.2. Strengthening the role of the private sector
d.3. Public-private partnership
d.4. Narrowing the development gap
d.5. Contribution of stakeholders on regional integration efforts
E. A global ASEAN
A. Implementation Mechanism

a.1. ASEAN secretariat

a.2. Other institutions
B. Resources
C. Communications
D. Review