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The best anyone can do if not enlightenment for now, is to gain mastery over
taking rebirth coupled with developing Three Principle Paths. Where you want
to take rebirth can be determined by yourself if you practice the sacred Vajra
Yogini Tantra thoroughly.

Start now before you are awarded the Vajra Yogini empowerment by:

Holding vows and commitments.

Be honourable and have integrity.
Whatever work or practices you've been assigned, do it diligently and happily.
Develop contemplations on the good qualities of one's lama again and again.
Never give up.
Practice the 8 Verses of Thought Transformation.
Make it a point to get along with everyone or as much as possible & be
Study Lam Rim, Wheel of Sharp Weapons, Bodhisattvacha-avatara by
Shantideva, Lojong, 50 Verses of Guru Devotion by Ashvagosha.
Commit to one practice that is light and easy yet profound such as Tsongkapa
Guru Yoga daily without fail.
Follow your Teacher loyally and all the way.
Then next step:
Engage in the preliminary practices slowly but surely and finish.
Guru Yoga
Water offerings
35 Confessional Buddhas

Don't start practice only when you get Vajra Yogini's empowerment, because
you can start now! Prepare for the empowerment immediately by
engaging everything I mentioned above. You have Vajra Yogini now. She is
everywhere and She is ready for you. If you wish or if your teacher says start,
start in this way that I've written. Start now. Don't wait. Nothing happens when
we wait. It gets harder the longer we wait.

Obtain a sacred image of Vajra Yogini on your shrine and do all the practices I
mentioned 'directed' or focussed towards Her. All the practices, readings,
contemplations use Her as your Universal Buddha. The Buddha that
encompasses all Enlightened Beings as your focus. Hence you create
powerful affinity with Her this way. So you should be starting now. If you do as
I have mentioned, then when you finally recieve the Empowerment of Vajra
Yogini, you will be READY to practice Her sacred Tantra and reap the results
much quicker!! Reap the results quicker because you have prepared for it well
and thoroughly. Don't recieve a sacred empowerment of Vajra Yogini without
doing the preparatory practices now when you have the chance.
Good Luck!

Don't waste time and procrastinate due to excuses that arise from empty

Tsem Tulku