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Art words are the special words or vocabularies that are used for communication
in the world of art. They are also called Art terminologies.
1. __________is a flat plastic used for mixing colours when painting.(a) Pallet (b)(c)
2. A chalk-like material used for colouring is called (a) Pastel (b) (c)(d)
3. Art Gallery is a place where artworks are (a) dug out (b) preserved (c) buried (d)
4. Museum is a place where artworks are (a) burnt (b) preserved (c) buried (d)
5. Design or painting done on the wall is known as (a) Pallet (b) Mural(c)(d)
6. The bench used for sitting and holding the drawing board when drawing is called
(a) Monkey (b) Donkey (c) Mickey (d) Whiskey
7. Sketch pad is another name for (a) Drawing card (b) Drawing book (c) Drawing
pad (d) Drawing paper
8. Fabric can also be called (a) Paper (b) Card (c) Cloth (d) Shoe
9. The shadow of anything is called (a) Silhouette (b)(c)(d)
10. Yellow, Blue and Red are (a)Primary colours (b) neutral colours (c)(d)
11. Flat shapes are also called (a)2d shapes
12. The following are 3d shapes except (a) Cylinder (b) Circle (c) Cone (d) Cube
13. When clay is fired it becomes (a) Weaker (b) Stronger (c) Watery (d) Oily
14. The stand used for holding the Canvas when painting is called (a) Chisel (b)
Eraser (c) Easel (d) Tripod
15. Art studio is also called (a) Drawing room (b) Drawing place (c) Art room (d) Art
16. The artist that specialize in making images and statues is called a (a) Sculptor
(b) Painter (c) Ceramist (d) Textile designer
17. The design made with pieces of coloured paper is called (a) Collage (b)(c)(d)

18. Black and white are (a)Primary colours (b) neutral colours (c) harmonious
colours (d) warm colours
19. Portrait is the drawing of a _____________ (a) Sea scape (b) Person (c) natural
object (d) man-made object

20. _____________is a wooden frame over which a thick cloth is stretched, to make a
flat surface for painting is called (a) Canvas (b) Sieve (c) Ceramic (d) Silhouette

21. The pattern repeated on a cloth to design it is called (a) Motif (b) Painter (c)
Ceramist (d) Textile designer
22. _______________ is a design done on cloth with thread. (a) Embroidery (b) () ()
23. Old or ancient artworks are called (a) Artefact (b) (c) (d)
24. ___________ is the manager of an Art gallery.(a) (b) Curator (c) (d)
25. The digging up of buried artworks is called (a) (b) Excarvation (c)(d)
26. Mosaic
27. What actors and actresses wear when acting is called (a) (b) (c) (d)Costume
28. ______________ is another word for actors and actresses (a) (b) (c) Cast (d)
29. ___________ is the write up that is acted (a)(b)(c)(d)Script
30. The writer of a play is called _____________ (a) a Play writer (b) an Author
(c)Playwright (d) a Director
31. Fired clay is known as ()(b)Terracotta (c) (d)
32. Another name for Art word is () Art and designs ()Art material ()Art terminology
()Art and craft
33. the flat wood on which paper is fixed for drawing
34. Abstract Art is the Artwork in which shapes and colour are used to communicate
35. ____________ is a Cool colour
36. Textile designer is the artist who design clothes.
37. Spatula is a wooden tool used by to shape clay work

38. Profile : side view of a person

39. Texture : the smoothness or roughness of a surface
40. Pose : To take position in order to be drawn or painted
41. ___________ is not a warm colour
42. Model : The person who pose for the artist to draw.
43. ______________ are colours derived from the mixture of two primary colours of
equal quantity.
44. Recycled Art : Art made from trash.
45.The following are secondary colours except

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