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STEM Machine:

Fritz the Lizards Crazy Adventure

Robert Kowalchuk
Ledarius DeShields
Cody McCormick
Andrew Romans

Game Overview
The game tasks the player with helping Fritz the Lizard as she tries to reach her goal. The
player must complete and create contraptions to create a safe path for Fritz. Each level gives
the player limited components of differing properties to aid Fritz in her goal. Each contraption
will be closely resembling and functional as their real life version, teaching kids the concepts on
how these pieces function and their purpose.

Puzzle, Educational

Target Audience
The target audience is mainly for ages 6 to 11 but can be played by older audiences.



Gameplay and Mechanics

Game Progression
A. Players use contraptions to help Fritz pass through a level
B. Players use contraptions to help Fritz do something each level


The beginning levels will introduce contraption pieces so the player has a solid
understand of how they work and how they can be used.
Once each piece has been introduced, the levels will progressively mix these pieces
together to create a more challenging puzzle, allowing the player to problem solve and
prove they have a solid understanding of each piece.

Help Fritz the Lizard to get to her goal safely by using the functionality of each piece properly to
create that path in a Rube Goldberg type machine.

Players will have a tool box in the bottom of the screen that lays out each individual piece that
can be used. The player will then drag and drop each object onto the screen, to interact with the
environment and help create a path for Fritz the Lizard. Once the player believes each piece is
properly placed, the player can chose the play button to see if their contraption will work. If so,
Fritz should reach her goal and the player will move on to the next puzzle. If not, the player will
have the option to start from scratch, or rework the existing solution.

The game will make heavy use of basic physics, circuitry, machinery, and electromagnetism.
This includes:
- Simple Machines: lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, screw, wheel and axle

Physics: different size objects, how force affects speed and motion
Electromagnetism: find common objects that are attracted to magnets, how
magnets attract and repel each other
Circuitry: Determine the necessary components for completing an electric
circuit, Investigate common materials to determine if they are insulators or
conductors of electricity.

The Economy
[ Do we want some form of score system ? ]

Screen Flow

Story, Setting and Character

Fritz escapes her cage every night to fight off the evil fluff monsters wanting to rid Hickory Hills
of the STEM classroom. Unfortunately, the fluff monsters have learned from their mistakes and
destroyed the path Fritz takes. If Fritz doesnt fight off the evil fluff monsters, her classroom
wont be able to continue to enjoy learning STEM topics and participating in awesome
She needs you, the players help! Use STEM basics that you have learned and create a path for
Fritz, so she can once again save the day!

Fluff Monsters

Visual/Control System

Drag and drop

Mobile touch screen
Binder as a visual codex


Level Play phase

Level Creation phase

Sound Effects

Ecstatic Yeah
Dramatic Awwwww
Lizard crawl
Material Sounds
- Wood
- Metal


Help System

Reactions can be emojis or a combinations of symbols in a speech bubble

Player can tap on object in confusion to read an insert and what the object is, and how it
is used.
- This will be in the binder
Play can click the question mark at the top left of their screen to be given a hint on where
to place the next object. (Limited Help??)

Artificial Intelligence

Recognizes how long the player has been working at a level, which in return makes fluff
monster and fritz emit emoji bubbles that represent different emotions based on how the
character is doing.

Game Art
All art will need to be of low resolution to conserve storage space. Would be nice to build for
specific texture formats. Children will make the art for the fluff monsters and each make their
own individual version of Fritz. All art will be finalized by the dev team.