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Outlook XP is a personal information management tool. It is also a
messaging tool. It maintains information regarding personal and business
life. This information can be stored, retrieved, and viewed as and when
required. But most important. it has tools to let you share this information
with other people-over the local are network , the intranet , or even the
Outlook can be used to: Send and received e-mail messages.
Maintain an address book or a list of contacts business and personal.
Help schedule and keep track of the track to be done.
Keep track of all or specified transaction.
View web pages without having to open a browser separately.
E-mail stands for electronic mail. It is a method for transporting your
message to and electronically. in the tradition postal service , message
written on postcards are carried from one place to another between the
sender and received using human resource , while the entire process
almost remains the same except human resource are replaced with
computer network .
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Let us first explore some basics of outlook XP before getting into its actual
usage. These basic features are constantly used to make optimum use of
outlook .
Outlook Today :- outlook today is a tool that gives complete information
of the days schedule like the mail messages received , the tasks
scheduled for the day , the meeting received , the tasks scheduled for the
day , the meeting to be attended and the appointments planned for the day .
At a glance.
The Inbox: - inbox is the storehouse for all the messages received.
Massages can be previewed and flagged to follow-up later.
Calendar: - calendar is a scheduler. it helps to schedule and keep track of
events , holidays ,important dates- birthday , anniversaries, and so on
.meeting can be planned taking into consideration the schedules and
tasks already planned. So that is on clash of time or date.
Contacts: - contacts are people or organization
-business or personal - to
interact with. The list of contacts can be sorted on the basis of name , e
mail address company etc. distribution list of the e-mail address can also be
created. Distribution list is useful when a certain set of contacts have to be
sent mails regularly. It saves the trouble of typing the e-mail address of each
recipient by allowing the grouping of address into
a single distribution list. 3
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Tasks: - task is an assignment that is set for self or for other. It also allows
prioritizing of the tasks and keeping track of progress of each listed task.
Notes: - notes is the scratch pad where meeting, reminders and important
issues can be noted down. It helps to get rid of all the small pieces of paper
all around the work place or home, which have been used as reminders for
a particular task to be done.
Deleted items:- whatever is deleted for the inbox , notes and contacts
will not get deleted permanently but will go into the deleted items folder,
form where it can be restored if need be. Once the items are deleted from
this folder they are permanently deleted.
Drafts:- unfinished message are known as drafts. These drafts can be
opened later to completed the message and send it.
Outlook: - outlook is the out tray of outlook XP. When a message is sent, it
is sent to the outbox. This means that all messages can be composed
offline and sent so that they get stored in the outlook. All the messages in
the outlook are sent to the respective recipients once the system gets
online. Once a message is sent, it is removed from the outbox and placed in
the sent items box.
Sent items:- a sent item is a sent message . This helps to keep a track of
messages that where sent for further reference.
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Outlook update: - it is the link to the site from where upgrades for outlook
as also the update information on outlook can be downloaded.
Journal;- journal is record keeper . it keeps track of all the e-mail messages
, appointments, contacts , tasks , notes and documents. There can be
automatically in the journal.
Appointments: - appointments are activities that are scheduled. Reminders
can be set for the appointments. You can also specify how the calendar
should look to other by designating the time an appointment takes as busy,
free, tentative, or out of office. Appointment can be viewed by day, week, or
month. Also recurrent appointments can be scheduled.
Meeting:- a meeting is an appointment where people are invited.
Meeting requests can be created and sent. Also resources are reserved for
face to face meeting or for online meeting. When a meeting is created,
people to be invited are identified, the resources are reserved and a
meeting time is fixed. Responses to the meeting request appear in the inbox
.people can also be added to an existing meeting or reschedule of a

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Welcome to our information center for outlook express. The tabs above have information on
setting up outlook express to work with Gmails well as troubleshooting information for the
common problems users face.
Getting started
If youre setting up outlook express to work with Gmail of the first time. Youll need to:
1.Enable pop in Gmail.
2.Configure your outlook express client.
Verify settings
If youre unsure whether your pop client setting is current, you can double-check them
Common Errors
If youre experiencing an error while using outlook, you can browsed our page of common
errors to find a solution .
It youre still having problems. Follow our step-by-step instruction to try resolving your
Other pop issues
Some pop problems are not specific to outlook so if youre able to send and receive
successful most of the time and our common errors and troubleshooting tabs havent
addressed your issue , check our other issues tab for topics like accessing email from
multiple pop clients or being unable to download messages you sent to yourself.
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Enable pop in your

email account. Dont
forget to click save
change when youre
Open outlook or
outlook express.
Click the tools menu,
and select account...
click add, and then
click mail

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enter your name in the display

name : field and next
enter your full Gmail email
m )in the email address : field
and click next Google apps
users , enter your full address
username@your_domin .com
Enter pop.gmail.com in the
incoming mail (POP3, IMAP

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Server: field .enter SMTP. Mail

.com in the outgoing mail (SMTP)
Server: field .Google apps users,
enter the server names provided;
dont add your domain name in
this step.
click next .
Enter your full email address (
including@gmail.com or @your
domain .com) in the account
name : field .enter your email
password in the password : field ,
and click next .
Click finish

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Highlight pop.gmail.com under

account and click properties.
Click the advanced tab.
. Fill in the following information
the box next to this
server requires a secure
outgoing mail (SMTP)
Enter 465 in the outgoing mail
outgoing mail(SMTP),
check the box next to this
server requires a secure
connection (SSL)
Under incoming mail (POP3),
check the box next to this
server requires a secure
connection (SSL). The port will
change to 995.
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The order of outgoing and incoming mail sever fields varies by version .
Make sure you enter the correct information in each field.
Return to the severs tab, and check the box next to my server requires
authentication .
Click ok.
congratulation ! Youre done configuring your client to sent and retrieve
Gmail msg if you experience problems using pop with outlook . Please
check the common errors or troubleshooting tabs.

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A contact is a person or organization to be corresponded with .
Information about contacts such as job titles, phone number. Addresses .
E-mail addresses and notes can be stored .these different option are
known as the fields of a contacts item.
Setting up contact list
setting up contact list is actually storing the details of a contact .lot of
information can be stored about a particular contact.
each piece of information stored is known as a field in the contact list .
Each part of the information entered is separated into there fields
allowing to sort and view information to suit the requirements. At a lasted
A meeting can be planned with the contact by mailing a message , or even
Details:- it provides with different fields to enter office details- department .
Managers name assistants name, etc and personal details name of
the spouse birthday , anniversary etc.

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Activities :- it display the details of the emails received from the contact,
calls made to the contact, journal entries reacted to the contact.
Certificates :- it display the different certificates used to sent encrypted mail
to the contact. Certificates can be received by mail digitally signed by the
contact or by importing it from a file.
All fields :- it lists all the fields available for a particular contact and the
respective details entered.
Stating outlook xp
Outlook XP is a personal information management tool. It is also a messaging
tool. It can maintain personal and official information . To start outlook XP ,
follow the steps given below .
1. click the start button.
2. Select programs option .
3. click Microsoft outlook option.

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Creating new contacts

To create new contacts follow the steps given below.
1.Click the contacts icon on he outlook bar.
2.Click new contact button on the outlook toolbar.
Untitled contact window will be display
3. Enter the details for the new contact.
as soon as the name is entered and the tab pressed , the window title changes.
if the phone number without the country code and the city code is entered ,
outlook displays one more dialog box prompting to enter the country and the
city code.
apart from whatever entered till now , detailed information can be entered for any
special contact . To do so , continue with the steps below.
4. Click full name button .
check full name dialog box is displayed.
5. Modify it as shown.
6. Click ok button.
Similarly enter the address details by clicking the address button. Check address
dialog box is displayed as shown .
7. click ok button .
8. Click save and close button on the outlook toolbar.
The contact view is now displayed as shown in
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sending mail to the distribution

For sending mail to all the distribution list, execute the following steps:
While you are still in the distribution list select action option from the menu
bar and click new Message to contact.
Select new message to contact for sending mail to distribution list
untitled message window as shown in appears on the screen.
As soon as you type subject in the subject: text box the untitled window
gets the same title as the subject given to the mail.
Type the message you want and click on send icon, the message will
reach the inbox of all the members of distribution list. You can also send
the same mail to other distribution lists or contacts by typing them in
Cc (Carbon copy) text box.

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