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Keyboard Chord Dictionary TABLE OF CONTENTS How to Use This Book . How to Use the Charts Chord Chart ren Major Scale Chart ..........00ee eevee About Chord Position . Chord Progressions... . How to Read and Play Chord Progressions. 236 Folk Blues Progression Country Progression Slow Gospel Progression... Light Rock Progression. Fast Folk Progression. . Slow Pop Ballad Progression . Medium Pop Ballad Progression.......... » AB Medium Rock Progression . . Medium Dixieland Progression. Bright Dixieland Progression . Medium Country Progression. Medium Gospel Progression ............ Rock Progression . A Waltz Progression . Medium Pop Progression. Circle of Fifths. . Conyright © MCMXEVI Alfred Music Publishing Co. Inc rights reserved. Printed in USA. ISBN-10: 0-88284-716-3 (Book & CD) ISBN-13: 978-0-88284-7 16-0 (Book & CD) ‘cover ots courtesy of Yamana Corporation of America Ae, AM) (A scot pla fat nin BASS NOTES’ BASS. fundamental A /alternate E NOTES: BASS RGves fundamental A /alternate E fundamental A alternate E BASS _-fundamental A /alternate E BASS _fundamental A /alternate E fundamental A /atternate E? | BASS fundamental A alternate E*(F) Ress fundamental A /atternate E A oy AMS) (A sos pla rise int) Am’ aaa? (1 orem AS o AS) (A it ith rise 00 A129 A12) on & alae