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Volume 13 No. 7 “Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one” ~ Anonymous july 2010

Safe, Fun, Affordable Care for Your Dog or Cat While You’re Away
Hotel-Style Suites, Premium Boarding & Kitty Condos
1014 Pearl Street, Brockton, MA • Phone:508.588.5661
This Month’s Cover
he cover artwork, “Boy’s Best
Friend” is the work of profes-
sional artist David Kieller.
This painting is a heartwarming inter-
pretation of a special friendship between
a young boy and his faithful companion. 
  David Kieller is an award-winning
professional artist from Norwell, MA,
who paints assorted subjects in water-
color, including people and pet portraits. 
516 Washington Street David is also a celebrated mural painter
who portrays a vast range of subjects
Hanover, MA 02339 both indoors and out.  David’s artworks
Sunday Appointment are displayed in private and corporate
collections worldwide, including gifts
Hours Available! for government dignitaries.
Full surgical and  This artwork along with its companion piece “Cat of Mine” are avail-
able as a set or individually, in the form of Limited Edition Giclee Prints. 
diagnostic services, Dimensions; 12”h X 9”w.  Each print is signed by the artist and consecu-
including ultrasound tively numbered.
and specialty services  David Kieller is also available for commissions of People and Pet Por-
traits, Land and Seascapes, Children’s Book Illustrations and Murals.
by our Board Certified Contact David Kieller at 781-659-4715 or
Cardiologist and Internist
.. . . . . . . . . . . .
“A Lifetime of Veterinary The Pet Gazette
The Pet Gazette is published by Clipper Press, a family-owned company
based on the South Shore since 1950.The Pet Gazette covers all of
Southeastern, Massachusetts and Cape Cod.
The Pet Gazette is a registered trademark.
Pet Gazette Staff
Publisher: Josh Cutler; Assistant Editor: Lindsey Gardner; Advertising: Robin Nudd
Contributors: Becca Manning, Justin Graeber, George Sommers, Danielle Hennessey,
Diane Donovan, Rick Larsen, Dr. Bruce Indek, Dr. Gregory Mertz, Kristen Stavisky

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24 HOUR NURSING CARE tesy of The Healthy
............ Animal, were
handed out.

Charlie Patterson, DVM Pet Gazette
Publisher Josh
Brad Moses, DVM, DACVIM Cutler was a judge
at the South Shore
(Cardiology) Pet Expo. Cutler
is accompanied
Mary Reynolds-Callahan, DVM by his wife Leslie,
son Charlie and
Pamela Martin, DVM Chocolate Lab,
Sydney. For more
Laura Fong, DVM photos of the Expo
see pages 10 and
Joseph Martinez, DVM 11.

Alice Hadden, DVM, DACVIM

(Internal Medicine)
Mary Clark, VMD
Cutler judged
Maria Tehrany, DVM the dogs on
............ grooming,
training, appearance
and person-
2.5 MILES SOUTH OF THE pups a sure

Pet Gazette July 2010
The Pet Gazette is looking for
Top Dog of the Month freelance contributors
We are seeking pet fans who can offer some expertise in a particular
Maggie aspect of the pet industry, such as a doctor or veterinarian who
can inform our readers about pet health or a wildlife expert who
can write about non-traditional pets and animals. We cannot offer
compensation, but we do offer recognition and advertising for
your business or organization. If interested, please e-mail Lindsey
Gardner at with writing samples, column
ideas and/or background materials.

The Ultimate Pooch Inc.

- Pet Resort -

Daycare, Boarding, Grooming

Run with the best!

T Family owned and operated!

his is my dog Mag- at first site. All I needed was a puppy. I’m big and brave
gie and she’s had a lots of love, walks and some now and have lots of energy,
bumpy emotional time to come out of my shell. but I still don’t like the car
ride but she has come out too much. My owner
strong and this is why she showed me how to love
should be picked for Top and trust people for the
Dog. I’ll even let Mags first time. My favorite
tell her “tail.” activities include run- 508-802-5864
Hi, my name is Mag- ning, playing with dogs, 890 Broadway Street (Rt. 138)
gie and I’m a 2.6 year old swimming, hiking and
lively labrador spaniel visiting my grammy and Raynham, MA
mix and this is my story. grampy. I’m so grateful
My owner Holly got me for the shelter and the
when I was three months patience of my family, it
old at the Brockton Blue was a real “ruff” start but A LT E R NAT I V E S
Dog Shelter. Back then I now I have a safe, happy,
was scared of everything, permanent home. Acupuncture and other natural & holistic
except for other dogs. People And sure thing I did! Holly Mabb
had always seemed to fail me Nowadays you’d never know Weymouth treatments to promote healing,
thus far. When I was a puppy I how shy and scared I was as
came up from South Carolina wellness and longevity
with my brothers, went to Bos-
ton for some final check ups
and ended up in Brockton. The
Habitat for Cats Dogs Serving the
people there treated us swell,
and my brothers and I were
Adoption Day Cats South Shore
glad to get that long, arduous Habitat for Cats is holding a Cat/Kitten Adoption Day on & Horses and Cape
ride over with. We were still Sunday, July 11th from 12:00 to 3:00 at 1322 Ashley Blvd., Cod
in a predicament, though, as New Bedford, MA (at the Dartmouth Dental, Sun Kissed
we needed a permanent loving Tanning & Honeydew Donuts Business Center)
home. My brothers and I were All cats & kittens are spayed/ neutered, inoculated and
shy and scared, but they were have tested negative for feline leukemia. Cats have received
adapting far better than I was. medical and foster care valued at $200. or greater. Adoption
Because of my fear of people, fee is $100. for adult cats and $120. for kittens five months & Dr. Mark E. Russo, V.M.D.
nobody wanted to adopt me. I younger. (Price increase due to the rising cost of vet care). KINGSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL, INC.
wasn’t in the shelter long until Adoption application and contract are required. Pets must
travel in a pet carrier. Bring a carrier or buy one at adoption
192 Main St. Kingston, MA 02364
my owner came and looked at
me, she told me she loved me day. Call 508-961-2287 or visit for 781-585-6525
more information.

A full-service hospital caring for the needs

of your four-legged family members.


• Internal Medicine • General Surgery
MARSHFIELD • Dental Services • Oncology Services

ANIMAL Jeffrey M. Barrow, D.V.M.

Sarah E. Lafaver, D.V.M.
Jennifer A. Johnson, D.V.M.
Karen E. Ravanesi, D.V.M.


(781) 837-5005 490 PLAIN STREET, ROUTE 139

July 2010
Pet Gazette 33
Pe t p o u r r i
Send items for the
Petpourri page to

The Deadline is
the 12th of each month.

She’s Looking to You for Help. Summer skin care for dogs
Learn how you can protect cats at ummer is an excellent time to enjoy react to omega-3 and omega-6 for dogs include
the outdoors and longer days with allergies and autoimmune conditions, arthritis,
pets, but, like humans, pets inflammatory disorders, a dull, coarse
can suffer from heat, sunburns, allergies coat and others.
and summer sores, also known as moist To identify if a pet is not getting
eczema, making it equally important enough omegas in its diet, check, the
that pets, like humans, have the proper pet for dry, flaky, itching skin. If the pet
W W W. A L L E Y C AT. O R G nutrients. One tool in promoting good sheds more than the average, or if its
skin and coat health is a product like the skin is red or sore, adding Royal Coat
Education Advocacy Action Royal Coat Express, made by Ark Natu- Express to its diet can help.  It provides
rals Products for Pets. Because mammals relief for periodic outbreaks of itching,
can’t naturally make essential fatty acids dry skin, hot spots, visible redness and

e ss i on from other food components, they must

come from their diet.  However, even
rashes. Royal Coat Express comes in an
8-ounce bottle and should be adminis-

g I m pr ation the very best pet foods do not provide tered orally on a daily basis. It is de-

Ste rl inal Re habil it

pets with enough fatty acids because omega-3 signed not only to be good for the body but also
is highly perishable. Royal Coat Express pro- good tasting for dogs. Royal Coat Express sells

Ani m
vides animals with the necessary supplemental for $18.85 per bottle. Find it online at arknatu-
amounts of omega-6 (borage oil) and omega-3
(fish oil). Conditions or disorders that positively

Feed your pet right

"Improved Function,
Improved Quality
n “Feed Your Pet Right: The Authori- and are not regulated, how pet food companies
of Life" tative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and influence government oversight and veterinary
Marjorie C. McMillan, DVM, DACVR, CCRP • Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP Cat,” New York University professor training and much more. The authors argue
and bestselling author of “What to Eat” Dr. that there is no one right way to feed cats and
COMPREHENSIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY PROGRAMS FOR Marion Nestle joins her expertise dogs; instead, they have created
At Sterling
Impression Rehab Arthritis - Obesity - Amputation - Weight loss with that of Dr. Malden Nesheim, a road map to providing healthful
means: Post-Surgical - Post-Trauma - Cancer Cornell University’s animal nutri- diets for cats and dogs, cognizant
INCLUDES tion expert, to create a complete, of pet owners’ personal beliefs and
Spa Pool - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation research-based guide to pet food. lifestyle choices. The book takes an
Expertience Custom Orthotics - Home Therapy Plans
“Feed Your Pet Right” provides an in-depth look at commercial foods
Healing Underwater Treadmill
impartial, detailed look into the pet versus alternatives such as kosher,
Ambulation ASK ABOUT OUT PRODUCTS FOR YOUR food industry that allows pet own- vegetarian, ancestral, raw and
Better quality of life ELDERLY, DISABLED OR INJURED PET ers to decide for themselves what’s cooked, presenting crucial informa-
Boots - Harnesses - Slings - Hot/Cold Packs - Low Calorie Treats best for their cat and dog to eat tion about ingredients necessary to
and how to keep their pets at peak sustain pet health. The book pro-
Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England health. vides user-friendly charts and tables
1008 East Street, Walpole “Feed Your Pet Right” presents that pet owners can use to evaluate
xän‡ÈÈn‡Ç™{ÈÊUÊÜÜÜ°ÃÌ>ÀVœ˜i°Vœ“ an entertaining, probing examination of the the quality and safety of what they are buying.
booming pet food industry — its history, com- Published in May by Simon and Schuster,
panies, products and marketing practices. The “Feed Your Pet Right” is available in paper-
KINGSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL, INC. authors look at the science behind pet food in- back and sells for $16.99. Learn more at food-
-AIN3TREETs+INGSTON -! dustry practices and claims. They explain how or purchase it at local and online
ethical considerations affect pet food research bookstores.
781-585-6525 and product development, how pet foods are

Answering the big questions

o animals have souls? Do those depth of his reaction to
souls survive death? These are two Angus’ death led him to
of the oldest and most universal begin writing “The Di-
questions, and anyone who has ever loved and vine Life of Animals.”
Extended Hospital Hours
lost a pet has asked them, at least silently. By “My sadness at the
getting answers to those questions — especial- death of this one partic-
Mon - Thurs 7 am - 9 pm ly serious, believable ones — has been a chal- ular creature awakened
Friday 7 am - 6 pm lenge. A new book strives to address that ques- me to the possibility
Saturday 7 am - 5 pm tion of animal survival: “The Divine Life of that there should be a
Animals: One Man’s Quest to Discover Wheth- way of looking at life
2AYMOND2USSO $6- er the Souls of Animals Live On,” by Ptolemy that allows one to see
-ARK%2USSO 6-$ !#6)- Tompkins. The book plunges deep into history the existence of every
0ATRICIA+(ESS 6-$ and prehistory, weaving a vast number of reli- single being as uniquely significant,” he wrote
3HARON$AVIS $6- gious and cultural visions into a single story. in an interview as part of the book’s marketing
%MILY3#LAIR $6- $!"60 At home with both mainstream and alterna- package.
!GATA$E-ARCO $6- tive spiritual philosophies, Tompkins is able to Published in June by The Crown Publishing
-ICHELLE2UDIN $6- draw from different faith traditions to investi- Group,” The Divine Life of Animals” is avail-
gate big spiritual questions —  and does so in able in hardcover for $22.99. Find it online at
A half century of hospitality and caring for this book, which begins with the story of one of or other online retailers
the pets of the South Shore Tompkin’s own pets, a Netherlands dwarf bun- or at local bookstores.
ny named Angus. The author’s surprise at the
Pet Gazette July 2010
Throw away the bowl
imilar to their human owners, pets less-destructive ways to release pent-up energy.
suffer both physically and mentally offers various items that reinforce
when they are too idle and not chal- play with food including the Kong Biscuit Ball,
lenged.  While mealtime typically consists of Kong Extreme Goodie Bone, Starmark Everlast-
owners filling their pets’ dog bowls with food, ing Treat Ball, Natural Filled Bone and a host of
they should be offering them a range of activities others. Items start at $4.99.
that push their pets to earn their food, not just Find these food puzzles online at
expect it, such as food puzzles. Food puzzles are —  a source for everything and anything dog,
toys designed to be filled from dog equipment
with kibble, small treats or including beds, crates,
even frozen foods that en- collars, toys and more,
courage dogs to work to get to dog supplies, such
to the goodies. Instead of as dog food, treats,
mindlessly wolfing down a Greenies, first aid, and
bowl of food, the dog has to hunt to find the food supplements. For the hot summer months, check
and work for a long time to eat what would take out the Deep Freeze Arctic Bone Dog Toy, a
a minute or less in a bowl. Eating out of food durable rubber toy that can be filled with broth
puzzles and games takes memory, skill and ma- or water and frozen to provide dogs with a cool
nipulation, all of which help dogs find healthier, popsicle-like treat ($6.99-$12.99).

A cool pad and a cool

alternative to the litter box
eople aren’t the only ones looking for up to three or four hours of constant use and
ways to escape the heat when tem- will recharge automatically after a brief period
peratures rise. Dog owners need to of non-use. It can be used in crates, outdoors
be sure to keep their pets out of the sun or in the car. It ranges from small to ex-
on especially hot days, to keep them tra large, with prices from
supplied with fresh food and wa- $19.99-$79.99. Find it
ter and find other ways to help online at thegreenpet-
their furry companions keep
cool throughout the sum- Also new from The
mer. The Green Pet Shop Green Pet Shop is the
offers an environmental- Katpak, an alternative to
ly friendly way to cool off pets: traditional cat litter boxes.
The Cool Pet Pad is a new self-cooling pet cush- The Katpak is a biodegradable, disposable
ion that chills without refrigeration, electricity kitty litter house that can be thrown away after
or maintenance. It is non-toxic, crate compat- about seven days of use. Made from recycled
ible and lightweight, making it easy to fold and paper and other biodegradable materials, the
move. Pressure-activated, the pad can help keep Katpak has walls and folds flat for easy travel
a pet cool, the pad can help relieve the symp- and storage and can help reduce the risk of in-
toms of heat stroke, hip dysplasia, Cushing’s fections, litter mess and need for regular box
Disease, allergies, skin conditions and post-op- cleaning. A pack of five sells for $9.99. Find it
erative discomfort. The Cool Pet Pad will last online.

New series great for young animal lovers

nspired by events at her 150-year-old Alice accidentally lets the
farmhouse in Grand Rapids, Mich., as alligator loose, the Carters
well as news items from around the area, must locate their scaly new
author Sue Stauffacher offers a new series for friend before someone else
young readers that follows the Carter family and in the neighborhood does.
their urban rescue project. Both entertaining and Illustrated throughout with
educational, the series subtly teaches children black-and-white drawings
what to do when they encounter wildlife. In the by Priscilla Lamont, the
debut title, “Animal Rescue Team: Gator on the book also features fun ani-
Loose!”, the Carter family is called upon to res- mal facts and a letter from
cue a small alligator that has decided to take a the author that explains the
dip in the city pool on Memorial Day weekend. real-life basis for her story. Published in May
Removal of the alligator from the pool proves to by Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers,
be successful, but with the holiday weekend in “Gator on the Loose!” retails for $12.99. Find it
full swing, the Carters find that they must house at local bookstores or online. And look for the
the reptile in their own bathtub until they can second in the Animal Rescue Team series, “Spe-
figure out an alternative. Then when Grandma cial Delivery,” on sale July 13.

Curb stinky feline breath

ad breath is typically thought of as Products include a clean teeth gel that safe-
a dog’s domain, but cats also com- ly removes built-up plaque and tartar without
monly suffer from stinky breath, or brushing, with a “touch-free” applicator tip so VETERINARY EMERGENCY
halitosis, by the age of three. A bad smell coming no finger or toothbrush is required; a wa-
from a cat’s mouth can be unpleasant for the ter additive that can be added to a pet’s TREATMENT & SPECIALTIES
owner, but more important, the most com- water bowl and will eliminate bad
mon cause is periodontal disease. Periodon- breath for up to 12 hours; dental (OUR%MERGENCY#ARE
tal disease is an infection of the gums treats that help clean teeth down to   
and supporting tissues of the teeth and the gums, freshening breath and
can be caused by plaque build-up aiding in the removal of plaque 3PECIALIST3ERVICES)N
and tartar. Other than bad breath, and tartar; and fresh mint foam, • Anesthesiology • Dermatology
symptoms can include yellow/ which instantly kills the germs
• Cardiology • Emergency
brown build-up along the gum line that cause bad pet breath with a
and red, inflamed gums. Looking quick spritz. Made in the Unit- • Critical Care • Internal Medicine
for signs and symptoms can be an ed States, all TropiClean prod- • Diagnostic Imaging • Ophthalmology
eye-opener for many cat owners. ucts are veterinarian-recom-
One solution to both problems is TropiClean, mended and -approved. They range from • Dentistry • Surgery
a new line of natural products made with safe, $5.99-$14.99 and can be found in independent
effective ingredients like aloe, green tea extract pet stores, online retailers and at PETCO nation- 3OUTH3TREETs7ALPOLE -!
and mint, are designed to make pet oral care ex- wide. For details, visit
ceptionally easy — and without a fight.

July 2010
Pet Gazette 5
Look who stopped by to visit Spotlight on Veterinarians
The Pet Gazette!
Dr. Lauren K. Borofsky
By Danielle Hennessey
Pet Gazette Contributor

hy did you de-
cide to become
a veterinari-
an? I decided to become a vet-
erinarian because one of my
goals is to help oversee that
animal populations, domestic
(like your pets) and wild (like
the Brown Pelicans in the Gulf
covered with oil), are healthy
and happy. Good health is not
Stewie, a 12 week old Miniature Long Haired Dachshund and only important for the individ-
his owner Megan Berridge visited Pet Gazette Assistant Editor uals themselves, but also for
Lindsey Gardner and Advertising Coordinator Robin Nudd. the people they come in con-
Thanks for stopping by! tact with and the environment
in which they live.

the wonderful people who care from diagnostics, not just on

for them! sick patients. Just like in hu-
man medicine, early disease
The summer is here, what detection is very important in
advice do you give pet owners preventing the progression of
to keep their pets safe during diseases and intervening be-
the hot months? With all this fore it is too late. Despite pop-
warm, wet weather, parasites ular belief, normal test results
vet of the are closer than we would like
to think. Be adamant with
can be useful information!

Dr. Rachel Francis Dr. Kimberly Suh month your heartworm preventative Who is someone you ad-
Dr. Nicole Cummings For those readers who and your flea and tick control! mire who works with/for
are considering working in This is important for both our animals? Jane Goodall.
the veterinary field, what canine companions AND fe-
Now Offering: advice would you share with line friends! All our pets – out- If you could own any
Grooming, Hospital Hours: them? I would recommend door AND indoor can transmit type of animal you haven't
Acupuncture and trying to get some/any expe- skin and intestinal parasites to so far, what animal would
Closed for lunch every day 12-1pm
Herbal Alternatives, Monday: 8am-5pm rience in the area where you each other and US! you choose? I love birds. Al-
Ultrasounds Tuesday: 8am-5pm & 6pm-8pm
think you would like to work, Something that would though, I don’t think I would
Wednesday: 11am-7pm
for example volunteering in a surprise readers about you like to own one. I enjoy
is.... I’m allergic to cats and watching them in their natural
4BUVSEBZBNQNt4VOEBZ$MPTFE shelter or working in a clinic
or helping out on a farm. dog dander! environment, especially the
303 Wareham Road, Marion I also think it is important seabirds soaring on the wind
to remember that veterinary currents and skimming along
508-748-1203 medicine is not only about the
The borofsky File the ocean waves.
VET. DEGREE: DVM wonderful pets, it is also about
YEARS IN FIELD: 3 What is a common mis-
PETS: ‘Boo’philus – Mixed breed/ conception that patients'
AKA. Kittitian Mix; MickSandy AKA owners make? That age is a
Kit-tea – DSH/AKA Kittitian Mix; disease. Age is not a disease. It
Honey - the newest addition – an 8
month old Boxer. does predispose us – pets and
people – to more conditions/
Center of Marshfield, 4 Library diseases. But, age alone does
Plaza, Marshfield. not usually cause pets to have
PHONE: 781-837-1141 a poor appetite or not want to
Email: www.vcaanimalcare-
play like they used too or jump up into the bed and sleep with
you anymore. It is important
to have pets examined annual-
Do you have a favorite ly (at least) to make sure there
new product on the market? is nothing physically or meta-
Vetri-Repel Wipes made by bolically contributing to these
Vetri-Science. They are an all subtle changes you notice over
natural wipe to help repel bugs time.
(mosquitos, ticks and fleas)!
They are NOT to take the What is it that makes An-
place of prescription topical imal Care Center of Marsh-
flea and tick preventions! field so special? ACC IS very
special. We are very small
What do you love about practice which enables us to
being a veterinarian? What I take the time to get to know
enjoy is the seeing the smiles all our clients and patients like
that the pets bring to the peo- they are family. At the same
ple who love them. time, we are supported by a
larger company with the high-
What misconception do est quality resources and tech-
many pet owners have about nology.
veterinarians that you would
like to help dispel? I think Do you have a favorite
some people think that our in- vet you would like to see in-
centive to perform diagnostic terviewed? Email lindsey@
testing on healthy pets is for with your sug-
financial reasons. gestion!
When in fact, there is a lot
of information we can obtain
Pet Gazette July 2010
By the Breed: Stuart FRANK A. SMITH III
The American Eskimo Dog ATTORNEYS
Estate and Juvenile and Family Law

By Diane Donovan

Pet Gazette Contributor 0ERSONAL)NJURYs2EAL%STATE
he American Es-
kimo Dog is a spitz
breed that is best- 11 Beacon Street, Suite 1200
known as circus performing Boston, MA
dogs. I am Stuart and I love Email:
to perform tricks that I learn.
My breed is descended from
European Nordic spitz dogs

including the white German
spitz, large white Pomerani-
ans, the white Keeshondand
the Italian spitz. German im- &OR9OUR,ARGE 3MALL
migrants brought us to Amer-
ica in the 19th century, where !&RONT3TREET 3UITE
communities and known as OFALLOUR0ET(EALTHSERVICES
a German Spitz. After years WWWDRTRANBERGCOM
of breeding the white dogs, !SSOCIATION
we became distinctly differ-
ent from the original dogs. At
this time we became known 3ERVINGTHE3OUTH3HORE3INCE
as the American Spitz. Part
of this new name was due to
patriotism during World War
I. Later, we had another name
change and Eskimo was added
to our name. Although we
had no real connection to the
Eskimos, other than the simi-
lar look to their sled dogs this My breed is descended from European Nordic spitz dogs
became our official name. It is
believed that the Eskimo name
came from one of the first ken-
including the white German spitz, large white Pomeranians,
the white Keeshondand the Italian spitz. German immigrants Cassandra Kelley, D.V.M.
nels to breed us. brought us to America in the 19th century, where we were
Contrary to what our name popular in German communities and known as a German Full Service Feline Only Veterinary Hospital
suggests, we were not bred as spitz.
a sled dog. We were originally
jump through hula hoops, over nalized according to our breed
• Preventive Care Programs
bred to guard and protect both
people and property. We were
fences, run through tunnels standard. We are in the non- • Senior Wellness
and follow various hand sporting group in the AKC, • Dental Health
signals from my owner. one of only 3 kennel clubs in
by the breed Learning these tricks are
so easy and fun, not as
which we are recognized in
the world.
• Complete Medical &
Surgical Care
hard as learning “quiet”. I am somewhat wary of
sent out on the farms to watch
There are three recognized strangers and need to be in-
over herds and even children.
We are sometimes referred to
sizes of “Eskies” toy (9-12 troduced to get to know them “Special Care For Your Cat”
inches), miniature (over 12 to to feel comfortable with new
as “the poor man’s watchdog”,
as we are not very large and in-
timidating, but can sound like
15 inches) and standard (15-19
inches). I am a miniature and
people. I am very sweet and
loyal to my family and like to
we are. We are very alert and
I weigh 24 pounds, I am just a be an active part of their life. I 80 Sandwich St., (Rte. 3A) Plymouth
little guy but I am pretty mus- am not much of a couch pota-
protective and sometimes have
cular and very quick when in to, I like to be active; but I am
trouble with the “quiet” com-
motion. Eskies are all white not above a relaxing belly rub.
mand, however nothing and
no one gets by me! As circus
performers, we were favored
or white with biscuit cream. I
have cream colored ears. We
I need plenty of exercise and I
love to play. I like to play hide
Canine Chiropractic
all have white eyelashes and and seek and fetching games.
for our swift agility, extreme
black points at the lips, nose We are easy to train and like Improving the alignment and
intelligence and our sparkling
and eye rims. . My oval eyes all dogs I need proper social-
white coats. We worked well performance of your dog will
are soft brown and very alert. ization to keep my protective
with the other performers and improve their health........Naturally
Under my sparkling white li- skills in check. I am lots of fun
animals and were eager to
on-like ruff double coat, I have and like to amuse and entertain
learn new tricks and routines.
We performed with Barnum
pink skin. I will shed once
or twice a year, so brushing
my family with my tricks. We
do best in families with older
and Bailey and with Ringling
daily is required during that children. If you have an ac-
Brothers. One of my famous
ancestors, Stout’s Pal Pierre,
time. Other than that we do
not require special grooming,
tive lifestyle and are looking
for a playful companion, you
was famous for walking the
in fact any trimming (except should consider an American
tightrope in the Cooper Broth-
at the pads of the feet) is pe- Eskimo Dog. Chiropractic can be used for
er’s Railroad Circus in 1917. chronic & acute problems & part
The travelling circuses helped of a wellness program with your
us become a beloved breed Veterinarian.
throughout America, where
we gained popularity at a time
when we were at war with
our country of origin which “Dr. Bruce has been in practice for 26 years and
led to our name changes. It has the utmost compassion and caring for your
is believed that most of us
can actually trace our lineage dog. Appointments at your home or
back directly to these circus Norwell Animal Hospital.”
performers. I haven’t learned
the tightrope yet, but I can
July 2010
Pet Gazette 7

By Lindsey Gardner
JM Pet Resort send an email to doglady@
Pet Gazette Asst. Editor to subscribe and put
How did J.M. Pet Resort “subscribe to e-newsletter” in
come to be? Tell us about the subject line.
yourself! After graduating
from Stonehill College with a What is your favorite
degree in biology, I worked as a product or service to suggest
veterinary technician full-time to customers? Our favorite
days. I would train dogs part- product to suggest to custom-
time in the evenings. Training ers is a holistic, all-natural
dogs was always a passion and or frozen pet food that suits
hobby for me. I rented an ad- their pets’ nutritional needs.
equately sized building where In most cases we are trying to
I offered a few group training help our customers transition
lessons and a few private les- their pet from a lower-grade,
sons. Word of mouth travels lower quality food to a health-
quickly so I would have peo- ier more nutritious food for
ple calling to enroll in training overall health and well-being.
but didn’t have enough time J.M. Pet Resort is open Monday-Sunday 6 am to 9 pm and offers everything from doggie day- When you a retransitioning a
or space to accommodate ev- care, premium and luxury boarding, full service grooming, training and has a retail store. pet from a lower grade food
eryone that called. It was soon to a more premium food you
years, J.M. K-9 training out- sometimes need to make ad-
apparent that I needed to leave grew the current building
my full time job to devote justments in between, kind of
space. I realized now was the like a stepping stone. This is
more time to training dogs. time to expand. In 2009 we similar to switching an infant
opened a brand new, state-of- from formula to table foods.
the-art facility just down the We also try to educate our cus-
street. We renamed it J.M. Pet tomers on the value of rotating
Resort. I am very fortunate their pets’ diet. We’re not sug-
to have such a great manage- gesting switching pet foods ev-
ment team, a dedicated, pet- ery day or every other month
loving staff and such a loyal but maybe every 4-5 months
customer base that continually introducing another high qual-
refers their friends and fam- ity food into the pets’ diet to
ily to us. We do not do a lot strengthen their stomach. By
Business of of advertising so it’s especially
good to know our business has
rotating foods and not keep-
ing your pet on the same diet
continued to grow by word of Doggie Daycare at J.M. Pet Resort is a safe and fun environ- for years, you build resilience
the month mouth. ment where your dog can come to play, run, swim, dig, social-
ize with other dogs, and just have a doggie blast. in their ability to digest other
What does J.M. Pet Re- that our staff is always here clients? One of the most com- As far as services are con-
Shortly thereafter, I took a sort offer clients? J.M. Pet
to help with any questions or mon questions we get from cerned my favorite recom-
gamble and opened J.M. K-9 Resort offers just about every
concerns you have regarding clients is what is the best food mendation is doggie daycare.
Training full time. I offered service and product a pet own-
your pet. I can feed my pet or what pet We make it so convenient and
more group training classes, er could ever need. Our ser-
food do you sell the most of? affordable for busy people to
private dog training lessons vices include: doggie daycare,
What kinds of products Again, we have to explain that own dogs. Our doggie daycare
and opened the first doggie premium and luxury boarding
does J.M. Pet Resort sell? this is not a one-size-fits-all is open 7 days a week from 6
daycare on the South Shore. for dogs and cats, motivational
Our retail store sells almost business. For optimum health AM to 9 AM. You can drop
This became my full-time ca- obedience classes (group and
everything you’d ever need for and nutrition and to prolong your dog off at anytime dur-
reer. As the business grew, I private), a full-service groom-
your canine or feline friends. your pet’s life, we need to get ing the day and pick them up
hired more employees, started ing facility for dogs and cats,
We carry a full selection of top a comprehensive picture of at any time. So when you’re
to offer boarding and began all breeds and sizes, and a
quality, holistic and all-natural your pet’s health and make busy working or running er-
selling pet foods and pet prod- knowledgeable staff trained
pet foods. We evens stock a full recommendations from there. rands, you’re giving your dog
ucts in my retail store. in overall pet nutrition, health selection of frozen pet foods. We take a holistic approach to
Eventually, after several issues and safety. We’re proud a safe place to socialize, run,
Aside from our great selection your pet’s health just as your dig, swim and just be dogs. No
of pet foods, we carry supple- health care practitioner or worries for you just a happy
NEW NAME! NEW LOCATION! ments, flea & tick preventa- family doctor makes recom-
dog at the end of the day. Our
tives like Frontline Plus & K-9 mendations to you based on staff is extensively trained so
Advantix, leashes, collars, pet many factors. We have to look you know your dog is safe and
beds, treats, toys and much at each pet as an individual that they are being constantly
more. Also, if you’re looking and make suggestions based supervised by our staff.
for something in our store and on our knowledge and the in-
we don’t stock it, just ask one formation you provide us.
of our staff and we’ll make ev-
Where your pet is part of our family ery attempt to order it for you. It’s July, do you have a
3500 square feet of indoor play space What is your best selling you have a monthly/weekly
One acre of outside Playland! item? Our holistic pet foods coupon? We always have a
Hotel Style Luxury Boarding are our best-selling product pet food of the month special
line. We carry such a large se- that offers substantial sav-
GROOMING SALON & DAY SPA lection of pet foods because ings. This month we’re offer- Address: 1014 Pearl Street,
Full service pet spa it’s not a one-size-fits-all busi- ing a 15% discount on Stella Brockton, MA 02301
Full service grooming your pet’s gonna love ness. We try to match the per- & Chewy’s pet foods. Also for Phone number: 508.588.5661
We offer all sorts of aromatherapy products! fect pet food to your pet based the month of July we’re offer-
MOTIVATIONAL OBEDIENCE TRAINING on your pet’s breed, age, over- ing a free aromatherapy sham- Website:
Indoor training facility all health, and any issues they poo upgrade with a grooming Hours of operation:
Puppy kindergarten may be having. We also look package. In the near future we Monday - Sunday
Basic stinker obedience at other factors such as your will be offering e-newsletter 6 am to 9 pm
NEW TRICKS FOR TREATS TRAINING CLASS pet’s current diet and exercise specials and when we launch
Group classes, private lessons & in house residential program regimen. We want to recom- our new website in the next Want your
mend foods that will enhance month, we will be offering
your pet’s health and prolong web only specials. So check business featured?
RETAIL STORE their life. our website frequently at www.
FOOD - TREATS - SUPPLEMENTS - TOYS - AND MUCH MORE! for more sav- For more info.
What is the most com- ings. If you would like to sub- email lindsey@
1014 Pearl St., Brockton • 508.588.5661 mon question you get from scribe to our e-newsletter, just
Pet Gazette July 2010
By George Sommers
Jurassic Parrot
totypes as did the blockbuster be hatched.

Pet Gazette Columnist hit “Jurassic Park” and its se- A fossilized feather was
he mighty Tyran- quels. While a Goffin’s cock- found in Germany and a year
nosaurus Rex just atoo’s strutting may hardly later a more complete speci-
might have been cause ripples in Laura Dern’s men of fossilized Archaeop-
your pet bird’s great grand- water glass, it’s easy to imag- teryx was discovered – a feath-
parrot. Many scientists main- ine a T Rex adapt the gait in ered creature which flew – but
tain that dinosaurs were more pursuit of a hapless brontosau- had teeth and a long bony tail
closely related to birds than rus. Raptor, as in bird of prey, more typical of reptiles. Could
alligators. Consider the scaly is part of the word velocirap- this be the missing link?
legs, upright stance and egg- tor. When a young boy scoffed Sinosauropteryx, a dino-
laying that your average at a velociraptor as a “six foot saur discovered in China, was
Amazon and T-Rex share. turkey”, Sam Neill’s Dr. Alan covered by something strongly
Grant took devious delight in resembling feathers, and other
describing its disemboweling bird-like dinosaur remains
talents. have been unearthed around
Director Steven Spielberg the globe.
allowed for dinosaurs be- Yale University’s John Os-
ing smarter than the plodding trom in the ‘60s came up with
peabrained hulks of prior por- 22 skeletal features found in
trayals. Praised as a “clever birds and meat eating dino-
girl” by its doomed keeper, saurs – but in no other crea-
the velociraptor could manage tures; and later work uncov-
Fish & fowl opening a door. Parrots are at Relatively speaking: (L) Goffin’s cockatoo, (R) Tyrannosaurus
the head of the class in the bird Rex (not to scale). Photo by George Sommers
ered 85 similarities between
birds and theropods (carnivo-
world and are natural escape escape from the same set up. when he noticed a similarity rous dinos like T Rex).
Moreover, fossils have been artists. A macaw on “Pet Star” It’s not a new theory- Dar- between the bird’s anklebone So if “Polly wants a crack-
unearthed of dino moms pro- unlatched and escaped from its win disciple Thomas Hux- and a dinosaur bone in his lab- er” it’s an easier order to fill
tectively squatting on nests. cage in less than half the time ley was eating a quail dinner and a new theory was soon to than triceratops steak tips!
Some scientists speculate that it took a human volunteer to
dinosaurs were warm blooded.
Evidence even suggests that
certain dinosaurs, like many
birds, patronized the same
“maternity wards” from year
VCA South Shore
to year.
Crypto-critters of the an-
cients include flying, reptilian
dragons and Quetzalcoatl, the
feathered serpent god of the
Mayans and Aztecs of Mexi-
Animal Hospital
co. Both bear an uncanny re-
semblance to the reptile/bird Internal Medicine
mergings that dinosaurs may
Michael Bernstein, DVM, DACVIM,
Medical Director
595 Columbian Street
This leads to speculation
that the “Flintstones” model
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, DACVIM,
Intern Director South Weymouth, MA 02190
had it right all along, that di- Alice Hadden, DVM, DACVIM
nosaurs roamed the earth
alongside Fred, Wilma, Bar-
ney and Betty. Moreover, the
Susan Morrison, DVM, DACVIM
Jerry Perry, DVM
(781) 337-6622
1994 movie featured the dicta- Bruce Walker, DVM
bird; a telltale parrot/dinosaur
Cardiology • Full Service Veterinary Hospital
“The Discovery Channel”, Susan Morrison, DVM, DACVIM
sticks with conventional wis-
dom that dinosaurs were ex-
(Internal Medicine)
Bradley L. Moses, DVM,
• 24 Hour Emergency Service
tinct long before man arrived. DACVIM (Cardiology)
Its programming advances the
idea of dinosaurs as bird pro- Neurology
• Appointments Available Seven
Stephanie Kube, DVM, DACVIM
Days a Week
Klaus Earl Loft, DVM Dedicated team of 29 doctors on staff –
Emergency/Critical Care
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, DACVIM
including Board Certified specialists in
Angela Girello, DVM Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology,
Alison R. Gaynor, DVM, DACVIM,
DACVECC Emergency/Critical Care, Radiology,
Cindy Lopes, DVM
Ophthalmology, and Avian Practice
Bill Greentree, DVM, DACVO
David Diamond, VMD, DACVS
Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging
Lori Hartzband, DVM, DACVR
Diana Rosenstein, DVM, DACVR
The Best of Quality Care for
Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life!
Stephen Dyer, DVM, DABVP (Avian)

July 2010
Pet Gazette 9
2010 South Shore Pet Expo
he first annual South Shore Pet Expo was held Sun-
day, June 6 at the Marshfield Fairgrounds.
The festival featured quality vendors of pet
themed and pet friendly products, hand crafted items, art, jewel-
ry, food, live animal demonstrations, pony rides, exhibits, spon-
sors products and services and a contest to crown South Shore’s
Dog Of The Year!
All funds raised will benefit Fairy DogParents 501c3 regis-
tered nonprofit organization that prevents dogs from being sur-
rendered to shelters by providing temporary assistance to Spon-
sor Dogs and their DogParents with the need for food, medical
needs and general wellness.

Rachael and Joe Costa of The K-9 Corner offered $10 nail trimmings at the Expo. The proceeds
went to Fairy Dogparents.
German Shepherds Monty and Jet from The Dog’s Den pose for
a picture.
Sweetie, a Red
Doberman and
her owner,
came from
Quincy to check
out the Pet Expo.

Siobhan Casey of Marshfield and her American Connie Coleman of Hingham and her Bichon
Cocker Spaniel Ellie smile for the camera. Charlie visit the Pet Gazette tent.

Tom Dott of the pet-friendly Lamb & Lion Inn on the Cape and
his Pocket Pomeranian G. Willikers stopped by the Pet Gazette

Kathleen and
Mary Ellen Kelley
of Weymouth had
their Samoyeds
Nikki and Miah
pose for a pic-

Pet Gazette Publisher Josh Cutler and Karen Price, owner of

South Paws Doggie Daycare judged dogs on various catego-
ries. South Paws was one of the major contributors at the
Expo. Price helped coordinate the event at the Marshfield
Pet Gazette July 2010
Ron and Linda Knell of Dedham brought their three Newfoundlands, George Bailey, Princess
Grace and Dirty Harry.

Diane Daley’s dalmation Shane went looking for some free Pet

Brody, an
Shepherd from
Marshfield was
all smiles during
the Expo.

Great Danes Achilles and Diesel of Plymouth had

heads turning at their gigantic size.

Toph McWilliams of Plymouth enjoyed his first pony ride on

Lily. All proceeds from the pony rides went to Fairy

Australian Cattle Dog Speck and his owner

Kay Ramsey of Marshfield enjoyed the
Janet Gray of Weymouth brought her dog
The Pet Gazette thanks
Ali and Anna Conroy of Scituate pose with their English Bulldog
The Healthy Animal
Samantha. for their generous
contribution of beautiful
bags, filled with free
Catherine Geary of
South Weymouth
samples, that we shared
brought her Great with our four legged
Dane Whippet,
Charlie, to the friends and their owners.

Frankie and Zacharay Celino pose with Harley

an American Eskimo, Wally, a Chihuahua and
Samantha, a Boston Terrier.

July 2010
Pet Gazette 11
Summer Safety Tips for Pets

Kristen Stavisky
Pet Gazette Contributor
ummer. The word conjures images of sunlit days,
breezy nights, refreshing foods and much needed
vacation time. Summer is an excellent time to
enjoy the outdoors with your
pet companions, but it does
present certain health and
safety concerns.

your pet.  They also  provide thermostat, even during the treme, but many animals expe-
Meet the guidance and information in winter months.” He stresses rience heat stress. Pets cannot

all pet health areas and feature attentiveness, saying it is im- perspire the way we do, and
experts complimentary consultations.        portant to know your pet and as temperatures rise they are
he tips listed below Dr. Mark Russo is chief Behavior Specialist be attuned to body more susceptible. Prevention is
were gathered from of staff at the Kingston Animal and pet expert heat is- the best medicine. Never leave
a range of animal Hospital and a graduate of the Diane Pomerance, a pet in a parked car, where the
professionals, including a vet- University of Pennsylvania’s PhD, is author of the temperature can rise to more
erinarian, the proprietor of a School of Veterinary Medi- new book, “Our Res- than 120 degrees Fahrenheit
natural pet store, the owner cine. Russo is board certified cue Dog Family Al- in a matter of minutes.
and founder of a state-of-the- by the American College of bum” as well as the Heatstroke is often fa-
art pet resort and an expert on Veterinary Internal Medicine Animal Companions book tal, causing brain and
animal behavior. The insights and the International Veteri- series.  She holds a PhD organ damage. Even
they offer are invaluable, but nary Acupuncture Society. He in Communication and with immediate treat-
all lead back to the relation- spends a great deal of time fo- received certification as ment, heatstroke can
ship between you, your pet cusing on alternative and ho- a grief recovery special- result in irreversible damage
and the professionals you listic medicine and was named ist. Pomerance has been fea- and death. Know the symp-
choose to help care for your “Best New Age Dr. Doolittle” tured as a pet expert on toms and take quick action
animals. The key is attentive- in Boston Magazine’s 2009 more than 1,600 radio if you suspect heatstroke.
ness. Know your pet and watch Best of Boston feature. programs including local There are a number
the signs he or she provides. Carol Brown is the owner and  NBC, ABC, CBS, of things you can do to
Trust your instincts. It really is of Pawsitively Natural in Hu- Fox and NPR affiliates avoid heat stress. During
about common sense. Our pets marock. Her motto says it all: nationwide.  She extreme heat, limit
are not all that different from Healthy Pets Are Our Busi- also has been a the amount of time
ourselves, but they cannot tell ness. Pawsitively Natural’s Pets can become dehydrated quickly. Ensuring
guest expert on your pet spends
us how they feel. The trick is goal is to provide good, natu- your pets have access to fresh, clean water is
such nationally outside. Plan daily
to recognize our environments ral food and products to help syndicated TV always important but can become a serious health walks for the early
and consider how pets may be extend and enhance the life of
programs as Fox issue during the summer. Brown recommends morning or eve-
and Friends and
has been inter-
hydrating kibble with water throughout the year. ning hours instead
of the heat of high

pet drawing of viewed  or fea- Add water and let the dog or cat food sit for noon. Asphalt can
tured in several approximately 10 minutes. be brutal on a pet’s
newspapers and delicate pads. Po-
the month magazines. sues, particularly during sea- merance suggests grassy trails
Jeni Mather is owner, sonal transitions. The first few and paths with a mixture of
founder and president of J.M. hot days of summer typically sun and shade. Brown recom-
Pet Resort, a state-of-the-art bring an influx of patients mends pet sunscreen. Her store
facility with daycare, boarding with heat-related skin issues stocks paw wax, a product that
and training services and an to Kingston Animal Hospital, soothes the pads after walks
expanded retail shop featuring Russo says, with hot spots and or runs on hot pavement. Re-
natural and holistic pet foods, dermatitis the common com- member to check sunscreen
snacks and supplies. Mather plaints. Heatstroke is the ex- labels carefully to make sure
also founded the Brockton
Blue Dog Shelter. She invites
listeners to “Ask the Dog
Lady” during her weekly ra-
Kingston Animal Hospital’s
dio show on Brockton’s AM Summer Pet Care Tips
Signs of Heatstroke
Baby, it’s
hot outside 1. Panting
The primary sum-
mer health concern is 2. Profuse salivation
heat. Obvious, I know,
but it is important to recog- 3. Rapid heartbeat
nize that soaring temperatures
are felt much more intense- 4. Fever
ly by our canine and feline
“My Cat tc!” Jason, 8 friends. How would you feel
about heading out into 90-de-
5. Unsteadiness
Mail entries to: PET GAZETTE, PO BOX 1656, gree heat wearing a full-length
DUXBURY, MA 02331 fur coat? Needless to say, dogs
6. Deep red tongue
Guidelines and cats experience hot days
Open to children 14 and under. Work should be on a 8.5 x 11 differently. What might be 7. Collapse
sheet of white paper with no lines. Please use colored pencils or comfortable for us is likely to
crayons. Entries must include the name and age of child, parent’s be on the warm side for our 8. Vomiting
name and contact information, including phone. Please include a furry companions. Russo
brief description including your pet’s name. shares that most pets 9. Glazed Eyes
“prefer a much cooler
Pet Gazette July 2010
vests and flotation devices for a boarding facility. Most pets
Do’s & Don’ts for the hot months dogs. Pawsitively Natural has
a selection of float coats for
thrive in a boarding environ-
ment, provided you have done
dogs. Brown helps clients se- your homework and picked a
Do’s Don’ts lect a quality float that will not
disconnect when hauling a wet
reputable spot. J.M. Pet Re-
sort offers an example of high
3 7
Monitor the amount of time your pet
spends under the hot sun.
Let the dog or cat out for the day and go about
your business.
dog from the water. Pomer-
ance also advocates the use of
quality, thoughtful care. As
the founder, Mather employs
3 7
Walk your pet in the morning
or evening
Plan your walk during the peak sun hours. life vests and flotation devices.
Currently the rescue mom to
animal care specialists who
are well versed in summer pet
7 Pick a blacktop only path without a lot of
tree cover. 20 dogs, Pomerance would not safety. Staff members receive
3 Think about your route.
Is there a mix of sun and consider bringing her pets on a training to ensure pets receive
shade? Grassy areas and
Head out on a hike without a pet-
friendly water bottle and a spray
boat without a protective vest.
One final word about wa-
the care and attention they need
and that all preventative health
bottle to wet down your pet’s fur.
ter sports — when the swim- measures are taken. J.M. Pet
3 Remember to
fresh water. 7
Allow your light-colored pet to bake
in the sun without sunscreen.
ming and boating are finished,
thoroughly rinse your pet with
Resort specialists know that
the normal canine tempera-
3 Guard against sunburn.
7 Let your pet by the pool unattended clean water. You want to be
sure your pet brings the water
ture is 101 degrees, a reading
that would be worrisome in
or forget to use a life vest.
3 Allow your pet to enjoy the
water. home, not chlorine or bacte- humans.  Staff members are
7 Never leave your pet in a hot car.
ria. taught the signs and symptoms
3 Let your pet stay home and
enjoy the air conditioning.
7 Expect older or arthritic animals
If water sports are not
for you, there are plenty of ac-
of heat stroke, including exces-
sive salivation, diarrhea, pale
to have the same heat or activity
Consider the age and tivities on dry land. Many pets gums, disorientation, panting,
3 health of your pets.
tolerance as younger ones.
love to hike or bike with their glazed eyes and unresponsive-
humans. The majority of safe- ness. Training also includes a
3 7
Protect your pets from
ticks and other insects
Skip a month of heartworm,
flea and tick prevention. ty tips for these types of ac- listing of breeds prone to heat
tivities match those discussed stroke, including short-nosed
and pests.
7 Forget to brush and
check your pet and allow earlier for summer walks and breeds, dogs originating in ex-
exercise. Because hikes and tremely cold climates, double
3 Check your pet’s
skin every day.
a hot spot to become a
deeper infection or a tick bike rides might be longer in coat breeds, young pups and
to burrow. duration, you may want to older dogs.
think about a pack filled with
they are suitable for animals. to see pets and their humans a pool or pond in your back- supplies that will ease the heat Food (and
Brown tells her clients to “al- trekking along. These activi- yard, let your pet enjoy it with for your pet. Pawsitively Natu-
ways carry water and limit ex- ties are great for pets, provided supervision. Never leave your ral carries some great items for water) for
ercise during periods of high you take precautions. hiking, including boots, thought
humidity.” Bring along a pet Because I have two golden packs, cooling vests Seasonal shifts usher in
water bottle for drinking and a retrievers, I understand cer- and collapsible change. The adjustments we
light spray bottle to keep your tain breeds love the water and water bottles. make, whether it be changing
pet’s fur cool. Long-haired pets would stay perpetually Many pet stores our wardrobes or eating more
often appreciate a trim during immersed if left unat- carry water bot- fruits, seafood and vegetables,
the summer months. Regular tended. Here again, it tles with special ensure we take full advantage
grooming and brushing can is about common sense. tops for easy pet use. Mather of the season and experience
help alleviate heat symptoms. Pets rely on their recommends carrying frozen optimal comfort. It is impor-
Sometimes, no matter how humans to set lim- water bottles to ensure cold tant to make similar adjust-
hard we try, our pets become its and watch fresh water throughout ments for our pets. Just as we
overheated. There are several for signs of the hike. She also try to lighten our diets during
ways to help them cool down. exhaustion or mentioned the hot summer months, a more
Mather suggests slowly cool- heat stress. my favor- holistic approach to pet care
ing your pet with a hose or in There are ite tip: Re- might incorporate more cool-
a kiddie pool. The inguinal two schools member that ing type foods. Russo suggests
area under the legs is a blood of thought. getting there more vegetables and fruits.
flow area, and slowly cooling Brown states is only half Some pets also do well with
that spot can help. Russo and emphatically, the hike. You cooler proteins like fish, pork
the Kingston Animal Hospital “The beach is will need to make and eggs instead of the heavier
recommend applying towels no place for a dog.” She does it back as well, so be sure chicken, lamb and beef. Again,
soaked in cold water to the have a point. Think about the pet unattended by water. Just to stop at a reasonable point to all pets are unique, and you
hairless areas of the body. The topography of your typical like at the beach, your pet may conserve your energy and pro- have to rely on your personal
most important thing is to im- beachfront — hot, flat sand jump and play to the point of tect your pet. knowledge and be sure to con-
mediately transport your pet with little or no tree cover. exhaustion. Also, many pets sult with your veterinarian.
to the vet’s office. Pomerance We’ve already established pets try to drink the water. This is Dietary shifts should be in-
Home away troduced slowly; add the new
recommends listening to your heat up faster than we do and never a good idea. Salt water
instincts regarding heatstroke, cannot adequately release the can cause vomiting and diges- from home food to the old in stages to pre-
possible insect or snake bites heat through sweat. It is prob- tive issues, pond and lake wa- Summer is often synony- vent digestive issues. The goal
and other significant illness or ably better to leave your pet at ter contains harmful bacteria, mous with vacation. School is is a healthy, nutritious diet.
injuries. “Pick up the phone home and fill up a small pool and chlorine and other pool out and many businesses are Adding cooling foods does not
and call,” she says. “That is to enjoy when you return and chemicals can be toxic. slower. While there are a num- mean eliminating meat pro-
what your vet is there for; they can monitor your pet’s swim. Boating is another pet- ber of pet-friendly hotels and tein. Brown maintains, “Meat
want to provide assistance and If you cannot resist the call of friendly water pastime. Most vacation spots, many people protein is still what animals
do the best they can for your the ocean, take precautions. reputable pet stores carry life make other arrangements and need and corn gluten meal just
pet.” Because you know your Visit the beach in the morning bring in a pet sitter or choose
pet best, it is critical you lis- or evening, when the sun is
ten to your gut and act accord-
less intense. Limit the amount
of playtime. Mather compares
the responsibility of super-
Rescue Groups
Parks and vising pets around water to
children. Just as children are Forever Home Rescue
recreation distracted by the fun, dogs get New England
Barbecues and picnics, caught up in the moment and TOUGH
lazy days spent lakeside, don’t realize it is time to rest. BEGINNINGS.
lounging by the pool, or enjoy- Russo concurs. “Some dogs
ing the soft ocean waves are will jump in the water until the
just a few of summer’s offer- point of exhaustion,” he said.

ings. If you are anything like We need to set the limits. We are a 501c3 all-breed rescue group
me, everything is better with Not near a beach? Dogs
with a network of foster homes in the
your pet by your side. These are equally enamored with
south and in New England. Please
check out our available dogs at
days, pet-friendly beaches and pools, lakes and ponds. If
parks abound. Take a hike or you are lucky enough to have
a bike ride and you are likely

July 2010
Pet Gazette 13
doesn’t provide what is neces- ally feed a little less food this Many veteri- pet and ask their cli- with clients and are motivated
sary in a healthy diet.” Healthy way, particularly during the narians, including ents to share any spe- by a deep love for animals.
snacks are always a good idea summer months,” Brown adds. Russo and others at cific problems. Brown Seek out these types of profes-
and summer fruit offerings can Water content and sources are Kingston Animal is a big believer in sionals and ask for assistance.
spice up your pet’s diet. Incor- also important.  Brown sug- Hospital, offer call- checking ingredients. Most professionals working in
porating fruits and vegetables gests a reverse osmosis sys- in hours. All profes- Meat should be the first these fields see it as a calling,
offers a healthy alternative to tem, available at many local sional practices have ingredient, and you not a job. Pomerance spoke
packaged treats. Freeze some hardware stores, to eliminate emergency plans for should avoid byproducts to me on a particularly diffi-
string beans, blueberries or cut possible additives and carcin- after hours, offering and additives. Natural cult day; she had to put one of
bananas for a healthy snack. ogens from tap water. either 24-hour ser- preservatives, such as her dogs to sleep. She did not
Pets can become dehy- vice or contact infor- Vitamin E, are healthy. consider canceling because
drated quickly. Ensuring your It’s all about mation. Don’t be afraid Corn and wheat she is committed to encourag-
pets have access to fresh, clean to ask questions, and, as gluten should be ing pet adoptions and safety.
water is always important but relationships Pomerance says, “When avoided. Brown also Russo ended our conversation
can become a serious health In life and in business, re- in doubt, call your vet.” cautions against so- asking me to do one thing for
issue during the summer. lationships form the founda- Local pet stores are dium and sugar. him. Suspect he wanted me
Brown recommends hydrating tion for success. Caring for our excellent resources. While attrac- to promote his business? No,
kibble with water throughout pets is no different. Research Brown offers compli- tive to pets Russo asked me to say hello to
the year. Add water and let the your choices and create rela- mentary food con- (and their hu- my pups for him. Both Brown
dog or cat food sit for approxi- tionships with your veterinar- sultations. Stop mans), sodium and Mather instantly agreed
mately 10 minutes. The food ian, your local pet supply store in at Pawsitive- and sugar are not to send information and were
will swell a bit, and your pet owner and the professional ly Natural and nutritionally benefi- passionate about their busi-
will benefit from the increased groomers and caregivers re- speak to Brown cial.   nesses. With professionals like
water intake. “You can actu- sponsible for your pet in your or her profession- All of the profes- that, you and your pet will en-
absence. al staff to develop a sionals interviewed joy a long, happy and healthy
nutritional healthy for this story are life together.
diet for your pet. proactive; they
They always ask the share informa-
breed and age of the tion and resources

ARL of Boston launches Spay

Waggin’ to Southeastern Mass
Because We Care, We Share In Your Compassion, Love & Grief

PRIVATE CREMATION, URN INCLUDED he Animal Res- torney General and the
GROUP CREMATION cue League of Barnstable Probate Court
CEREMONIES & VIEWINGS AVAILABLE is bringing its Spay Wag- endowment fund in order
24 HOUR PICK UP AT YOUR HOME OR VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE gin’ to southeastern Mas- to purchase a new vehicle
sachusetts. The Spay and provide services in
EQUINE SERVICES: Waggin’ provides sub- Southeastern Massachu-
PRIVATE CREMATION, GROUP CREMATION sidized spay and neuter setts as well as on the
services to pet owners in Cape.  
OR ON-SITE EUTHANASIA BY YOUR VETERINARIAN financial need and makes Spay Waggin’ ser-
URNS, CASKETS & MARKERS monthly scheduled stops vices include: physical
throughout the South ate in Massachusetts, the Spay exam, spay (females) or
~OVER 25 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE~ Shore and Cape Cod to per- Waggin’ program was origi- neuter (males), rabies vaccine,
471 WAREHAM STREET, MIDDLEBORO, MA 02346 form surgeries on an appoint- nally located in Greater Bos- distemper vaccine, flea and ear
WWW.ANGELVIEW.COM ment-only basis. ton, and provided subsidized mite treatment (if necessary)
508-947-4103 OR 800-287-0066   The first mobile animal pet spay and neuter services to and nail trim. Cats should
AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY - 7 DAYS A WEEK spay/neuter vehicle to oper- some 21,000 cats and dogs for be between 2 months and 5
clients in financial need. With a years of age, and dogs should
new and larger vehicle focused be between 2 months and 5
years of age and not weigh-
Cartoon of the month primarily on Cape Cod and
Southeastern Massachusetts,
the Spay Waggin’ program has
ing more than 60 pounds.  The
Spay Waggin’ makes monthly
been restructured with added scheduled stops throughout the
capacity, a preparation area, a South Shore and Cape Cod to
fully equipped surgical suite perform surgeries on an ap-
and a recovery ward. The Spay pointment-only basis.
Waggin’ team is led by Mar-  For additional information
tha Smith, DVM, Director of or to make an appointment,
Veterinary Medical Services of please call the Animal Rescue
the ARL of Boston. League of Boston’s Spay Wag-
   The Spay Waggin’ was gin’ at 877-590-SPAY or visit
made possible by the Grace The
and Elliot Marks Endowment Spay Waggin’ was made pos-
Fund. The bequest limited low sible by the Grace and Elliot
cost pet spay/neuter services Marks Endowment Fund es-
to only Cape Cod. The ARL tablished at the ARL of Boston
of Boston worked with the At- in 1991.

Underwater Treadmill Spa Pool

For Treatment of:
Now offering Chiropractic Services!
Pet Gazette July 2010
It’s all in the framework Do All Dogs Instinctively
Dr. Bruce Indek it, much like the foundation Know How To Swim?

Pet Gazette Contributor of your home will alter your By Diane Pomerance PhD, being disturbed. There are

he Framework of home’s structure. There is Animal Behavior Expert many types of pool alarms-
your horse and a ligament that supports the
oes your pet love many have adjustable levels
your body is com- movement of the Sarcrum
the water? Does of sensitivity-that will alert
prised of bones and muscles called the Sacrotuberous Liga- you to danger.
ment {See Picture 2} that of- your dog love to
all coordinated by the ner- jump in the pool with you? 5). Chlorine can irritate
vous system. What if we take ten times it will become taught a pet’s eyes as well as their
when the Sacrum motion is al- It’s good to know that there
this Framework and bend it are some dangers posed by ears and lungs. Check your
as well as distort it? When tered. Logan Basic Technique pet periodically for signs of
has its focus on contacting this swimming pools that could
this distortion occurs muscles prove harmful – even fatal to irritation to the chlorine in the
strain and begin to fail, organs Sarcrotuberous Ligament with water.
the doctors finger and utilizing your pet. Here are some ideas
abnormally function due to that can keep your pet safe 6). Use eco-friendly prod-
crowding within the body, ab- a specific amount of tension in ucts to clean your pool that
this summer:
normal body chemistry occurs a specific direction to ease the are also pet-friendly. Convert-
joints as well as an alteration in 1). Assess your dog’s
due to a change in circulation ligament tension and allow all ing your pool to a saltwater
the two foundations being that ability to swim. Although
and waste product build up. To of the muscles and joints above pool is a healthy alternative
of the Sacrum and lower neck most dogs have the ability
restore this function we need the Sacrum to relax in order to to one that is chlorinated and
bones. Once this distortion oc- to swim, this doesn't mean
to restore the Framework as improve the Chiropractic Ad- cleaned with other chemicals
curs the cascade of health is- yours is one of them. Old age,
well as correct the cause of the justment effectiveness. Logan that aren’t pet-friendly.
sues begins. physical disabilities such as
Framework distortion. Basic also has a great impact blindness or limited vision or 7). After a swim, make
There are two sets of par- on the portion of the nervous
Many Framework distor- other limitations can hinder certain to rinse off your pet
allel muscles in the body that system that controls organ
tions are caused by an abnor- your pet’s ability to survive in with fresh, clean water. Al-
travel from the Sacrum/ Pel- function since these nerves are
mal or uneven foundation. The the pool. ways have some fresh, clean
vis along both sides of the located within the Sacrum re-
foundation in living things is 2). If your dog displays drinking water available and
spine all the way to the skull. gion as well.
the Sacrum. A change in the an interest in getting in the accessible for your dog.
These muscles must work in Many times Logan Basic
movement of the Sacrum will pool, show him how to get 8). Make sure that the
harmony. When the Sacrum has helped with colic, diges- pool water is not too cold for
cause spinal distortions result- and Pelvis lock up in move- in and out. Repeatedly show
ing in a loss of energy and vi- tion, incontinence, impregnat- him and familiarize him with your pet and that he does not
ment similar to a “stuck hinge” ing difficulties, and even labor. develop hypothermia.
tality while the body attempts these parallel muscles alter in the shallow end and the steps
to overcome this mechanical Logan Basic Technique has that lead out. You may even 9). Limit your pet’s time
function. A method in Chiro- been used with people since in the pool as well as in the
defect. In the quadruped [your practic called “Logan Basic” want to install pet steps or a
horse] there is a second foun- the 1930’s and Animal Chiro- pet ramp (incline), which is hot sun.
is utilized to help correct the practic has been using it over 10). If your pool is sur-
dation which is located in the ligament and Sacrum function hooked onto the sidewall of
lower neck. the years as well. the pool if your pet has trou- rounded by concrete, brick or
thus allowing for restoration of tile, guide your four-footed
You may be asking your- Dr. Bruce Indek estab- ble climbing stairs.
Body Framework. How Lo- friend to a shaded, grassy area
self “what causes this distor- lished his practice in 1984 and 3). Monitor your pets
gan Basic works is very sim- where he can rest after swim-
tion?” Well any stress be it provides care throughout New around a pool – just as you
ply. The Sacrum is the founda- ming and where his paws
physical or emotional can cre- England. To contact him call would children. Even if they
tion of the spine much like the won’t get burned.
ate a short circuit within the 617-472-0661 or e-mail at In- are familiar with the location
foundation of your house {see
nervous system resulting in ab- The of a pool, they may inadver-
picture 1} when this founda- tently fall in. Enjoy the pool with your
normal muscle movement and tion is stuck out of position it
Web site is Indekchiropractic.
pull. This abnormal pull can com and the blog is Indekchi- 4). A pool alarm will alert dog – he may even want to
will alter the structure of the you to the sound of the sur- swim alongside you and join
create locking of joints with whole spine that sits above
ensuing compensation in other face water and water below in the fun and games!

Mass. Vest-a-Dog Continues We are open and here for

10th anniversary celebration our patients
assachusetts Vest-a- Dog, Inc., founded in 2000,
is celebrating their 10th year of continued ser-
vice to Massachusetts police dogs, recently Please call
having provided their 260th bullet-protective vest for another 508-428-6393 to schedule or reschedule
well-deserving Massachusetts police dog. These vests have Monday - Saturday 8-5
been made possible through donations of time and money
by many generous individuals, organizations and businesses Cape Cod Animal Hospital has been in
across Massachusetts.
Saturday, July 10, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 14th Annual Swan
continuous operation since 1930 and will be
Festival - Merchant's Way, Wareham Center (rain date: Sun- Complete rebuilt. The hospital will continue to serve
day, July 11). FREE Admission. The festival is designed to this wonderful community.
please all ages. Music, great food, children’s activities, crafts,
Medical Care
and more! Visit our MA Vest-a-Dog booth: we’ll have free Scott E. Munson, VMD
drawings and other great surprises! Swan Festival details: Heidi A. McMorrow, DVM
Saturday, July 31, 4-7 p.m. Wine Tasting at The Wine
1411 Osterville Road West Barnstable

Palace, 793 W Center ST/Rte 106, West Bridgewater. $10 ad-

mission. Advance tickets available by calling 508-668-7149 CARING + EXPERIENCED STAFF /Ê8‡,9ÊUÊ1/,-"1
or at the door. Door Prizes, complimentary appetizers – and
/-ÊUÊ , -ÊUÊ 8"/
Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, Inc. is an independent non- COMPLETE DENTAL SERVICES
- ,Ê-1, ,9ÊUÊ-1, ,9
profit 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to rais-
ing funds to provide  bullet-protective vests for police dogs
throughout Massachusetts. The vest padding also protects
against blunt force trauma, from the impact of a shoe, fist or
other object.
Our goal is to provide bullet-protective vests, which cost 1389 Main Street
$735-1006 to K-9s as they graduate from police dog training. (Route 18 South)
We are now working to replace vests that have expired war- Weymouth, MA 02190
rantees, for continued safety for these well-deserving police
We invite you to join us in our efforts - volunteer with
us, give a donation, hold a fundraiser! Visit our website at For further information, please call
Ê-/, ]Ê 6ÊUÊ",Ê,6 9]Ê 6
Kathy Hinds, Honorary Member – Board of Directors, at
508-668-7149. <Ê
]Ê 6ÊUÊ  Ê
, ]Ê6 -"1/
July 2010
Pet Gazette 15
Are boundaries good or bad?
By Rick Larsen there is a part of us that is crowding the other that her angry actions were au-

Pet Gazette Columnist loves and understands without my aware- thoring the very behavior she
am one of those people discord. We are a mass of ness. Circle back to was trying to discourage.
who want everyone to contradictions. It would consistency… and try So if a person was to get
just get along and be seem that boundaries are again. upset at a horse, the most eco-
happy. But lately, I have given counterproductive… or Finally, what about nomical thing they could do
a lot of thought to the subject are they? emotional boundaries? would be to remove them-
of boundaries. Are boundaries It is boundaries that Too often I’ve seen selves from the situation until
good or bad? Spiritual leaders enable us to assume a people get upset and they could be more grounded.
and physicists alike tell us there leadership role to help angry at their horse, Not only does the horse appre-
is evidence that we originate others. For example, as but it does not serve ciate it, but it is also cheaper.
from some sort of ancient pri- the sun sets on my chil- the horse well. Anger I think we would do well
mordial soup, with all kinds of drens’ teen years, I have only confuses most to give some thought to having
energetic connections between been digesting a difficult horses and infuriates rules of conduct for ourselves
us. But if we are so connected, lesson about needing to the rest. Horses are and our horses. Consider de-
why can’t we get this conflict be a parent to my kids be- what I call a one trial fining your space and allow-
thing figured out? Why can’t fore trying to be a friend learner. If a horse un- ing for others to have theirs.
we all just get a long? and confidant. awareness. To discover the derstands something, And perhaps we could leave
We are led to believe that Just like children, horses difference, try kissing some- he can learn it instantly… and our anger out of the equation
we are human beings having need rules and boundaries to one whom you love. Kiss this may include things that where it concerns horses.
know which behaviors are them three times in a row, we’d rather he didn’t know In fact, we could apply this
okay and which behaviors then ask them if it was mean- such as pulling, biting, rear- boundaries philosophy to kids
are not okay. Otherwise they ingfully consistent… or just a ing, and so on. too… or house-pets… or your
HORSE may feel as though they need pattern? I saw a woman at a horse spouse… except the part about
to fend for themselves. That’s Secondly, where it con- show unknowingly teach a kissing. Where it concerns
TALK when they get in trouble. If cerns horses, physical bound- weanling to rear, almost top- a spouse or significant other
we have rules and guidelines aries are critical for safety. I pling it, simply through yank- who might want to kiss you
for them, the structure gives like to define an imaginary ing on a lead line in such a back, go for consistency! and
a spiritual experience. Now them security and builds their bubble around myself – two way that the filly got a release our horses. Consider defining
I find out, we are spiritual be- confidence in you. feet in every direction. This is every time she put her head in your space and allowing for
ings having a human experi- The best way I have found about the same as the personal the air. When the filly could others to have theirs. And per-
ence. “Aha!” To be human to develop self assuredness in bubble I create around myself put her head no higher, her haps we could leave our anger
is to be compartmentalized. a young horse is through con- for talking to people at work, front feet left the ground. It out of the equation where it
Like horses, we want to know sistency. Consistency stems or in a social setting, unless only took two minutes. concerns horses.
where we stand in the peck- from meaningful, confident, we are in Italy, where people At that tender age, this fil- In fact, we could apply this
ing order. On the surface, awareness. If your horse get much closer. If I am going ly learned to respond to a yank boundaries philosophy to kids
we crave companionship, but knows what to expect from inside the horse’s imaginary by rearing. Later, if the filly too… or house-pets… or your
we rebel against dependence. you, it gives him confidence bubble, or inviting the horse was fortunate, someone would spouse… except the part about
We want to be close, but often too. But consistency isn’t the into my bubble, it needs to be spend the time and money to kissing. Where it concerns
build walls to keep others out. same as a pattern. The dif- a conscious choice. If I get my reshape that response for safe- a spouse or significant other
We talk a good game about ference between consistency foot stepped on, and it catches ty’s sake. But at the time, the who might want to kiss you
love and understanding, but and a pattern is rooted in your me by surprise, then one of us handler most likely had no idea back, go for consistency!
Call Robin at
horse farm directory 781-934-2811
for more info

Stonecroft Farm Mare Willow Farm

W. Bridgewater, MA
Briggs Stable 508-588-5576
Horse back Tack Shop & Trailer Sales Boarding/Training
Huntseat, Dressage
623 Hanover Street Welcoming two
riding lessons Hanover, MA 02339 Join our new instructors
& stalls (781) 826-3191 Middle/High Megan Means
available fax (781) 829-0091 School Riding Jocelyn Maniglia
Instruction • Training Team 168 Beaver Dam Road
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Barn: 781-585-1940 Boarding • Sales Year round lesson programs
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Residence: 781-585-6258 Full Service Tack Shop Barn 508-224-9559
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Furnace Brook Farm

Erin Collins Van Steenburgh
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All around Training for the With a new Indoor Arena,
Veterinary Owned & Operated
Complete Equestrian Offering Lessons
Boarding~Lessons~Sales~Leasing beginner-advanced,
Boarding & Dressage Equine Massage Therapy Training and Reschooling,
Training Facility Lessons: beginner to
advanced, dressage, School Vacation Programs Horse showing, Ponies for
Lessons available for all ages horsemanship camps, April, July, and August! lease and for sale.
and levels of riding ages 6 and up.
Geraldine Burnet
Summer Camp Marshfield, MA 1089 Main Street • Marshfield 271 Main Street Plympton, Ma.
508-430-5393 (781) 837-2495 781-834-6166 (781) 585-0295

Black feather horse rescue

508-951-4685 -
Cinnamon is a small mare in her early teens.
Talk to the guy that actually does the work
Cinnamon gets her name from the unique color of
her coat which is Chestnut but is a much brighter
color that almost resembles cinnamon. Cinnamon
Farm Directory! 2UBBERs3IDING is approximately 14.3 hands.
Call Robin &2%%%34)-!4%3 Sassy is an older Bay Thoroughbred Mare, approxi-
-A,IC mately 15 hands. She is well schooled and possesses
781-934-2811 (Local)781.293.1911 the kindest brown eyes. She came from an unfortu-
(Toll Free) 800.617.9677 nate situation, but she has now put on some weight and is coming along nicely!

Pet Gazette July 2010
How to know if your turtle is dead
By Greg Mertz, DVM astute reader, is probably say-

Turtles and reptiles also do
Pet Gazette Contributor ing “Come on, get your facts not use oxygen at the same
wo weeks ago a cli- straight, I am not that similar fast clip that birds and mam-
ent admitted a Rus- anatomically to a fish.” mals do. We (us humans)
sian tortoise to our And of course you would are breathing all the time:
hospital for daily care. The be right, and what I mean by one breath, two breath, then
client noticed that the turtle saying that we are similar, is another, and another, and
that we are both vertebrates. I another, and on and on and
was having a hard time getting
on. Not so for turtles. They
its eyes open and had stopped think physiology is where we
will take a breath and once
eating its food. We admitted get hung up. Turtles, and al- they’ve used up that supply
the turtle to the hospital after most all cold-blooded animals, of oxygen they will eventu-
a diagnosis of a severe respira- have an ability to go at a much ally get to another.
tory infection. We gave anti- slower rate than us humans.
biotics, supportive care and a This is not a shocker factoid;
guarded prognosis. we have fairy tales about tur-
Several days later one of tles and hares and who should
the technicians reported to me win that race.
that the turtle was dead. I ex- Also, turtles can, if they
amined the turtle and found are just hanging around doing
it was not dead, but very un- nothing, hold their breath for
responsive. I explained to inordinately long periods of
time. Some aquatic, tem-

the cold perate turtles can hold their

breath for the whole win-
ter! They take a big breath
blooded vet in late Fall, drop to lake
bottom, stick their heads
stresses. They also live long.
The oldest recorded turtle life
was 160 years and our own lo-
into the mud and wait for
cal Eastern Box Turtle was re-
the technician that it was still Spring! They don’t eat during
corded as living 139 years in
breathing as evidenced by this period of time!
captivity in England’s Royal
movement of its epiglottis (a I remember reading some
Household starting with King
years ago about a research
little lesson in careful observa-
tion). So the next day I exam- study conducted by some
So when do you need a
ined the turtle to find that the physiologists back several de- (and a generally fun place to go for pets and their people)
veterinarian’s input? For sure
turtle was in fact now dead. cades about trying to figure out
when you first get the turtle.
I reported this to the techni- how long a turtle could hold
This is when you, if you don’t /FFERING#USTOMER3UPPORT'UIDANCE
cian who came back to me a its breath. This is back before
already know, figure out how
few minutes later to report that animal sentience was consid-
to heat, feed, exercise, and Rawdiets & Natural Pet Diets
the turtle was in fact alive as ered a real phenomenon. It
house your pet. This is also
evidenced by movement in is a down right cruel experi-
when you learn what a nor- Vitamin & Herbal Supplements
its front legs (a little lesson in ment, but the information it
mal turtle looks like and acts
careful observation). yielded is interesting. They
like. In fact at the beginning
Pet Shampoo
This episode was repeated took a brick and placed it on a
you will probably need sev-
two more times before we all mud turtle’s back, and waited
eral appointments for parasite
agreed that the turtle was in for the turtle to drown. At a
control, and learning curve as-
fact dead. So what’s going on hundred days they gave up the
here? Are we just that inept experiment and the mud turtle
When else do you go to the
that we can’t figure out wheth- went happily on its way.
vet? Forget the yearly exam, it
er a turtle is dead or not? This is the stuff that con-
accomplishes little. It is bet-
I think this is more a prob- fuses turtle caretakers. It is !LSOAVAILABLE&LOWER%SSENCE#ONSULTATIONSBY$IANE$EWBERRY
ter to understand your turtle’s
lem of taxonomic, empathic hard to know what is nor-
normals, and if it strays off the 4OWN,INE0LAZA2TE 7ASHINGTON3Ts0EMBROKE
unfamiliarity. I have over the mal, what to expect and when
normal, go to the vet. Here are (781)826-9760
years examined ten or fifteen things really go wrong, what
some standards. If your turtle
turtles for owners who have can they sustain. They are Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm / Saturday 9am-4pm
gets a snotty nose, see the vet.
come to The Odd Pet Vet ex- extremely hardy, but they are
If your turtle gets soft spots
pressly for the purpose of de- also extremely brittle. When
on its shell, go to the vet. If
termining whether their pet
turtle is in fact dead. Several
things start to go wrong, they
go to the pot fast. Turtles have
your turtle suddenly stinks, go WE ARE HERE WHEN
others have come not having survived for 210 million years
to the vet. If the turtle appears
to breathe hard all the time, see
an inkling that their pet had in the wild (the dinosaurs have
the vet. If your aquatic turtle Veterinarians and technicians on site 24 hours a day.
passed on to the great turtle. come and gone during turtle
floats sideways in the water, Locally owned and operated since 1975.
Birds, reptiles, amphibians tenure).
see the vet. If your turtle has
and fish, although similar to us It is when they get into
soft, runny stools go to the vet. IN AN EMERGENCY
anatomically, are not so simi- captivity that they are subject-
If it stops eating for more than 508-580-2515
lar to us physiologically. The ed to uncommon and unnatural
a week, go to the vet. 24 hour care for sick or injured pets. Chief of Staff
Board Certified in Emergency and Critical Care.

Full Service Veterinary Hospital WHEN YOU NEED A SPECIALIST

Board certified veterinarians in internal
Dogs, Cats & Exotic Animals medicine, surgery, and cardiology.
House Calls*
Office Hours Mon-Sat by appointment 508-584-1600
Full service veterinary practice including vaccinations,
Lisa M. Teixeira, DVM dentistry, surgery and preventative medicine.
Paige Pongratz, DVM
Jennifer J. Johnson, DVM New England
* Limited to active clients*
Animal Medical Center
595 W. Center St., W. Bridgewater
Routes 106 and 24 (Exit 16B from 24)
115 Mattakeesett St.
Pembroke, MA 781-293-5184
July 2010
Pet Gazette 17
Pet Sitting Pet Sitting
~ Fully Insured ~
Leash Walks
House Visits

Martha Corcoran
5 Trudy's Lane, Scituate
Serving Scituate & Cohasset since 2001

Professional Pet Sitting
Serving parts of Plymouth, Carver, Kingston & Plympton
A pet’s first choice in pet care...
when you can’t be there!
Wishbones for Pets Founder
American Red Cross Certified
Licensed & Insured - Est. 1994

We also have office hours
at 27 Robert J Way
Dr. Ann Thompson Camelot Industrial Park
508.747.5444 Plymouth



LORI HARVEY, DVM Impression Animal
Rehabilitation Center
FULL-SERVICE 1008 East Street,Walpole, MA 02081
VETERINARY HOSPITAL 508.668.7946 (SWIM) • fax 508.668.7973
Marjorie C. McMillan, DVM, DACVR, CCRP
Cathy Symons, CVT, CCRP
781-340-0800 What we do…
1597 Main Street ULTRASOUND
(Route 18 South) Pre-op conditioning – Post-op rehabilitation – Orthotics –
Weymouth, MA 02190
Weight Management – Conditioning

VCA Roberts
Animal Hospital Add a bite to your business!
$80 516 Washington St., Hanover, MA

Open 7 Days a Week Advertise with us!
“A Lifetime
of Veterinary
781-826-2306 •
Pet Gazette July 2010
dog training dog training dog training
Canine Etiquette, LLC
All Stages of Life
Where your pet is part of our family UÊ"Li`ˆi˜Vi
All phases from puppy to adult UÊ i…>ۈœÀÊœ`ˆwV>̈œ˜
Motivational Group and Private Lessons
Resident-Stay Training 7 Ê°Ê,
", 9]Ê/, ,
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s"EHAVIOR-ODIFICATION 55 Jonathan Bourne Dr. U-4
s0ROBLEM3OLVING Agility s Rally s Obedience s Puppy Pocasset, MA 02559
s Behavior Modification s 508-563-1122
Learn to read your s,ESSONS)N9OUR(OME s Certified Pet Dog Trainer s
dog; he already s&IELD4RIPSSOCIALIZATION Group, Private and In-Home Lessons on
Classes Available
knows how to
read you! s!DOPTION'UIDANCE Cape Cod & the South Shore Puppy, Basic, Level 2, Level 3, Attention,
s2EASONABLE2ATES Adv. Attention, Open, Utility, Agility, Rally-O,
781-585-4655 508-542-1512 Conformation, Canine Good Citizen
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July 2010
Pet Gazette 19
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Pet Gazette July 2010
• Easy access to Rte. 3 and on Rte. 53!! • Full Grooming Service DOGS &
• Convienent daycare drop off and • Indoor/Outdoor Runs CATS
pick up hours! 7-9 am & 5-7 pm. • Large private boarding facilities • Large Play Area
• Clean, modern and climate controlled
• All air conditioned and premium foods! • Soft music for relaxation • Heated & A/C
Cat Boarding also available. • Free nail and wing clipping available
120 West Center St. (781) 834-7675

Boarding Boarding Boarding

Call for information, rates and booking Rt. 106
781-331-8425 W. Bridgewater, MA 02379 Resident Owners: Spiros and Kim Mallios
"Your Dog Will Love It!!" 1184 Washington St. (Rte 53) Weymouth
1187 Main St. (Rte 3A), Marshfield, MA 02050

Luxury Cat
NEW NAME! Cageless Boarding
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Plymouth • 508-224-7085 Where your pet is part of our family
Our facility is designed to make your dog think he is staying at
Her reading’s much someone’s house; thereby greatly reducing his ‘away from home’ stress.
improved since I started 3500 square feet of indoor play space
working with her! One• acre of outside
Cageless/Homestyle Playland!
Boarding for -Hingham, Cohasset, Abington, Milton
Hotel Style Luxury Boarding & Brookline
friendly, temperament tested dogs
• In-Home Boarding for special needs Private Lessons - Board & Train
dogs or the truly spoiled Programs
• Dog Day Care for day trippers or
A Country Kennel with Resident Fullyou're
when service
at work pet spa
Owners and Caring Staff Full service grooming
• Dog Training Groupyour pet’s gonna love
Visit all sorts of aromatherapy—products!
at “cageless pet care”
Greengate Kennel is truly unique! It is family owned by longtime breeders By Appointment 781-857-1239
of world renowned Braeside Golden Retrievers and English Cockers. We Indoor training facility
have been providing personal, loving care for visiting pets for 35 years. Puppy kindergarten
– Individual climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs Basic stinker obedience
– Large play yard for individual
Board play orFor
at Best Friends family
Love, groups
– Individual nature walks10 around our beautiful
Fountain Street grounds
126 Killam Hill Road available
1014 Pearl Street Group classes, private lessons & in house residential program
– Our staff has been providingAshland
superb, gentle care
for many years

(508) 881-7557
References upon request from long-term clients
(978) 887-5760 (508) 583-8555
150 Boston Post Road 394 Middlesex Road 15 Main Street FOOD - TREATS - SUPPLEMENTS - TOYS - AND MUCH MORE!
Please come and visit our charming kennel
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Tyngsboro country setting.
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Front Line
Natureʼs Variety
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781-837-5125 California Natural Grizzly Salmon Oil Newmanʼs Own Wysong
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July 2010
Pet Gazette 21
Mass HumanE all paws rescue
781-335-1300 - 781-749-0968 | 781-848-8065

Gus is a toy terrier Chihuahua mix,  1 1/2   year old Dixie is a spayed female almost 2 years old and has been with All
male, brown color, will be neutered and UTD on shots, Paws Rescue since shortly after her birth. Sadly, she has watched
HW tested, he is de worm and de flea. He weights her 4 littermates find their forever homes. Dixie is shy and needs
about 18-20 pounds and loves to play ball in the yard, a quiet home with no small children but she gets along great with
he can fly through the air and has lots of fun. He is a other cats and kittens. She also plays a mean game of laser tag.
loyal dog that loves to be with you and go for leash In the right home Dixie will do fine but it will take some time for
walks. He is very smart and willing to please you. Gus her to adjust. If you have room in your home and room in your
would do best as the only pet in the house hold and no heart, Dixie would make a wonderful feline companion.
cats or small toddler kids -- he should go to an adult family or person. Gus could
use some basic training and socializing and he needs more house training. His
former owner is having a baby and no longer wants Gus. Unfortunately the former Tara is a sweet and lovable black female who nuzzles
owners did not do to much with Gus, so he is NOW learning to be a dog, having anyone’s legs who happens to be walking by - or standing
fun and trust people. Gus WILL BE A GOOD member of the family for somebody still.  She is vocal and loves a good session of ear scratch-
that wants to give him that BIG CHANCE IN LIFE. He is at the shelter now, you can ing.  Tara’s littermates have all found forever homes, and
call MHS 781-335-1300 or email Tara is patiently waiting for hers. 

Luca is a 5-year old neutered male and is one of the most

 My name is Stella I am a 6 year old DSH White Spotted amazing cats ever.  He is Buster’s best buddy in the whole
with Gray Tiger markings / spayed  female and up to date world. Even though they arrived at the shelter three years
on all shots, combo tested negative. ( Here I wait and see apart, they adore each other in a way that is truly rare and
other cats come and go...but not me..not yet..) I am a lov- such a joy to observe.  Luca isn’t one to be held, but he
able girl that will cuddle with you and love to be with you. loves to rub against legs and will come to our volunteers when called.  He has
I am a dainty style girl with lots of affection. I will greet you a very sweet disposition! Like the other cats that have been at All Paws Rescue
when you come home and give you a BIG MEOW ! I do for a long time, he needs an understanding home with someone who will be
best as the only pet, I am a real people cat, no cats, dogs or small toddlers, I am patient and allow him to adapt in his own time.  He would love to find his for-
an indoor cat that loves windows to look out. I prefer an adult home because my ever home with his best pal Buster.
previous owners pushed me out of my home because they had a baby, I did noth-
ing wrong. If your interested in Stella call MHS 781-335-1300 or email to come visit her at the shelter.  Meet Buster…or Buster Brown as he has been fondly
nicknamed.  Buster is an 8-year old neutered male and has
been at All Paws Rescue a very long time.  Buster would need
a very special home as he is extremely timid.  He’s in good
Milton Animal League health but does not have many teeth remaining. Over the
617-698-0413 | years, Buster has warmed up considerably to some of the
volunteers and watches everyone with so much curiosity – he even smiles. 
Remember Sawyer?  He was the dog found with icicles hanging Yes, it’s true!  Buster adores other cats and kittens, especially his ‘shelter mate’
off of his face during a winter cold spell about a year ago?  He Luca.  There would be bittersweet tears of joy and happiness if we could find a
was adopted thanks in part to a Pet Gazette story.  Well unfortu- special forever home for Buster and Luca together.
nately, Sawyer was recently returned to us when his owner
moved.  It is sad to see him back especially since he is so ner-
vous in the kennels.  Sawyer is a staff favorite due to his quiet German Shepherd Rescue of new england
and sensitive nature.  He only wants someone to love him.  Sawyer is now 2 years 978-443-2202|
old and he is neutered. Please go to the MAL website to see a video of Sawyer. 
TRIXIE is a beau- ALEX is a large
Meet Nina, a 1 year Bailey is a tiful mostly black gorgeous 9
old spayed female strikingly beau- large 5 yo  girl of month old
boxer mix. Nina’s tiful young medium activity sable boy of
owner could no lon- adult spayed level. She is afraid high energy
ger keep her. She’s a female domes- when meeting level. At this
delightful dog - very tic shorthair. new dogs, but is time, he likes
playful and friendly Bailey was attending class to some other
with everyone she meets. She adores found as a help with this. dogs.
her kennel neighbor Sawyer and has stray and is FIV
been known to scale the wall to get to positive. Don’t
his kennel - check out the video of the be scared away KASEY is a KASPAR is an all white 4
two of them on our website as well as by FIV - Bailey is an incredibly sweet very pretty and yo male  of medium ener-
a video just on Nina. Nina knows some cat who can live a normal lifespan intelligent  7 yo gy who is not yet available
commands (especially how to sit for a with good nutrition and regular vet female who is for adoption as he is being
treat) and will make a great new family checks.  Please see Bailey’s video on mostly tan, treated for Heartworms.
member. the website. This sweet boy has had  a
with  some
sad life. Hopefully, a wonderful forever
black. Her home will be found for Kasper after he
energy level is completes his treatment. He gets along
Pet Gazette Adoption low/medium. well with both cats and dogs.

Center Guidelines
• Adoption notices Quincy animal shelter
are published free of 617-376-1349
charge for all area
animal shelters. JOE:  A big boy BUDDY:  He
• The deadline for sub-
who’s gotten a bit came to the
mitting pets is the 15th of bigger being con- shelter after his
the month. Space will be given out on fined to a cage for a owner could no
a first-come, first-serve basis. year. Joe would love longer keep
his own family.  He him.  Buddy is
• Please send a photo and brief write-up was adopted once,
for each pet seeking adoption to adopt@ a handsome 3
but another family year old tuxedo.  He loves to play, likes
kitty didn’t like him, so he returned to to be petted, and a nice lap is never
• You may send four pets per month. the shelter.  Joe is 3 years old, and a
All types of dogs, cats and other refused.  Buddy would make a won-
handsome gray/brown/white tabby. 
domestic pets are welcome. derful affectionate addition to your
He’s playful, affectionate, and the vol-
•  We encourage shelters to send news unteers love him. Please come meet family.  He gets along with everyone! 
of successful adoptions. Joe- you won’t be sorry! Come meet Buddy!

Pet Gazette July 2010
Brockton Blue Dog Shelter People for cats
508-436-6446| 508-540-5654|

Kingston is a 2 year old Pekingese that came to us due to ill- LEXIE is a two-year-old MILO is a neutered male
ness in his previous family. He is a happy, energetic young dog spayed female. She is a short haired orange
who would love a new family. Kingston is positive for Lyme beautiful medium hair tabby. He was surren-
disease and has started 4 weeks of antibiotic treatment; this will dark tiger. Lexie was dered because a new
not delay his adoption and the medication will be provided to his surrendered because baby was coming to his
new family. Kingston gets along with other small dogs; we do she was afraid of the dog she shared home and the owners didn’t feel they
not know if he has ever met any cats. Kingston will be neutered on 6/10 and should the house with so a new home with no could keep him. He is a two-year-old kitty
be ready to go to a new family on 6/12. If you would like to meet Kingston, he is dogs is in order. She is very gentle who has high energy and is very vocal.
available during any regular shelter hours. and responds to being petted with He would do well with a young family
contented purrs! Lexie is still getting who would have plenty of time to play
Coco is a good Kona recently came to our shelter and is used to the shelter so when you come with him and to give him the attention he
dog in need of a now waiting for her for- to visit, ask for her and the volunteer loves. It is hard for him in the shelter sur-
special home. ever home. She is about will bring you to her special spot. rounded by many other cats. Milo is a
Coco lived with a 5 years old and seems to Lexie will make someone a wonderful handsome boy who will work well with
family for several be a Lab/Retriever mix. pet. She has all her shots and is ready the right new owner. Check him out! He
months but he Kona knows her basic to go in a moments notice. may be just the guy you’re looking for!
showed separa-
obedience commands
tion anxiety that caused the family OZZIE AND ASH Ozzie is a black neutered male cat who is about
some distress. Coco is a little over a and will be a good com-
panion for someone who 5 years old. He has always been an indoor cat and is generally
year old and weighs about 30 lbs. He very laid back. Ozzie is very affectionate and loves to sit on laps.
loves to play and has been around wants a companion long walks or hiking.
Kona’s energy level is too high for chil- If you are looking for a cat that’s going to fit right into your house-
children and other dogs without prob-
lem. Coco will chase cats. Coco needs dren and she is selective about her dog hold Ozzie is your man. He was surrendered with Ash who is a
a family that has the patience to help friends so she is looking for a home with neutered grey male and is one year old. They have been buddies
him adjust in a new home. He needs a no children and maybe no other pets. If since Ash was a kitten and are devoted to each other. Wouldn’t it
“stay-at-home” mom or dad or regu- you think you are the right family for be nice to have a companion for your kitty for the times when you
lar “doggie daycare” to keep him well Kona, please come to visit her during are at work? Come in and meet this furry team.
exercised. any regular shelter hours.
LADDIE is a small, long-haired tiger with green eyes and a very
Lucky is a very special dog . She is about 9 years old and she gentle disposition. He was a stray in East Falmouth and unfortu-
is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina! Lucky was rescued and lived nately his owners never found him. Laddie is about 2 years old and
in Florida until recently when her owner could no longer care is neutered. He is still somewhat wary, but once he knows some-
for her. A family member brought Lucky north and tried very one Laddie is right there looking for attention. He has quickly
hard to keep her, but Lucky and one of the family dogs did not become a favorite of our volunteers. Laddie would do best in a calm home but
get along. It is hard to believe Lucky is a senior - she is a good- would be fine with another cat or older children.
looking, healthy dog and has a nice energy level. She loves to
go for walks and is very friendly. She has been around children A Helping paw inc.
without problem. Lucky deserves a good retirement home - if 508-759-2887 |
you are looking for a sweet senior to be your companion,
please come to meet Lucky during any regular shelter hours. Splush is the last
Willy is a fun
and sweet young of his litter to be
adult male. Shy adopted.  He is a
Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Mass at first, he quickly ball of energy
508-586-2053 | warms up. Willy’s and  super comical.
favorite thing is Very bonded with his mom who looks
Bella is a dainty Libby is a 4 year ‘water’, he loves just like him, they spend much of their
2 year old girl. old Cocker to splish and splash in his water bowl time in their hammock grooming each
She spent time in Spaniel mix. She and take showers with you. other.  Special discount for the pair.
a foster home is blind, bet gets
raising her kittens around fine.
Sushi is a gor- Nubbs our little
and now it is her Libby needs a quiet adult only home.
geous torti- Puggle friend is sure
turn to find a loving forever family! She is a very affectionate girl!
point, Siamese to keep a smile on
Bella is a real sweetheart.
mix, young your face. He is very
adult. Though interactive, loves
Katie is just 10 months old and is waiting for her home to find
her! Her owner was in the military and a transfer met that Katie very shy at long walks, playing
had to find a new place to live. This spayed female is very first, once she with his toys and simply being with his
sweet and likes to play! feels safe, she is so very loving. She pet parent. Great with children, cats
does well with other kitties with a and most other dogs. He’s very smart
slow introduction, but we are certain and easy to train. He is fully vetted and
she would prefer all the love to her- micro-chipped and ready to jump in
Taunton animal Shelter self. your car on his way to his new home.

My name is Winnie, and I am a female black DSH/Manx. Friends of mansfield animal shelter
Petite I am, long and slender with a beautiful sleek black 978-239-3705 |
coat. And I have to mention my tiny paws! And my Manx
tail! Shelter life with its barking dogs and different smells Tip is a year-old Golden Retriever/Pointer cross. He is
has me a little on edge, so different than a home. The ACO available for adoption through Friends of Mansfield
rescued me, so I am hopeful that my next home will be one Animal Shelter, a 501(c)3 rescue based in Connecticut.
forever. My medical will be completed soon. He was picked up as a stray in rural Ohio. Tip is cur-
rently in foster care in the Metro West Massachusetts
Zeus is a male Am Staff, about 3 years old. Zeus is such a area. After two months with his foster family, he has the
happy and friendly guy. Just look at that HUGE “smile” on his skills he’ll need to be a success in a permanent home.
face! He makes you smile yourself, just looking at him. He A neutered male, Tip is soft and cuddly, has excellent in-home manners and loves
has a great disposition and is very easy-going. He would to be outside. He’s great with other dogs and is super with people. Tip is horse-
make a good walking/jogging companion and welcome addi- savvy, and would be great farm dog. He’d also do well with an active person or
tion to any family. He seems to like just about everyone, is family, since he enjoys walks in the woods, wading in ponds and running with his
affectionate and seems to know basic commands. Zeus has foster dog brother. Tip has a strong-enough prey drive, so a home with cats is
quickly become a favorite among many of the volunteers. not recommended.  Tip has a Golden Retriever-type personality, so if you like
Breed knowledge is recommended, and a fenced yard would happy, tail-wagging canines he may be just what you’re looking for! Contact Lisa
be ideal. Zeus loves to play in the play yard or even just lying down next to you or John at (978) 239-3705 for additional information.  Or visit the FOMAS web-
and enjoying the sunshine. site at for an adoption application.

July 2010
Pet Gazette 23
1014 Pearl Street Phone:508.588.5661
Brockton, MA

Open 7 Days A Week


Where Your Pet Is a Part Of Our Family


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While the practice of aromatherapy is more than
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*36307 -0"',%

J.M. Pet Resort founded and houses the Brockton Blue Dog Shelter
Pet Gazette July 2010
VCA South Shore
(Weymouth) Animal Hospital
595 Columbian St., South Weymouth, MA 02190
(781) 337-6622
Internal Medicine
Michael Bernstein, DVM,
DACVIM, Medical Director
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM,
DACVIM, Intern Director
Alice Hadden, DVM,
Chronic Ear Disease In
DACVIM Dogs & Cats
Susan Morrison, DVM, If your dog has had two or more ear infections in his or her life, you might have been told that
DACVIM “all dogs gets ear infections,” or “it is normal for dogs with long, hanging ears to get ear infec-
Jerry Perry, DVM tions,” or “all dogs that swim get ear infections,” or even that “it is because your dog is digging
Bruce Walker, DVM in the dirt that he gets ear infections.” These are common misconceptions that Dr. Klaus Earl
Loft, who runs the Dermatology Service at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in South
Cardiology Weymouth, MA, has heard from owners who bring him their pets with chronic ear problems.
In reality, a dog that suffers from recurrent ear infections may actually have an underlying
Susan Morrison, DVM, allergic skin condition that, if diagnosed and treated properly, could eliminate or reduce the
DACVIM incidence of future ear infections.
(Internal Medicine) If your dog has had ear problems that began when he or she was younger than 3 to 4 years of
Bradley L. Moses, DVM, age, it is likely that the ear problem is secondary to allergies. Older animals that develop their
DACVIM (Cardiology) first ear infection later in life may have problems other than allergies that are the cause for the
ear infection.
Neurology In veterinary medicine, it is often the dermatologist who deals with chronic ear diseases in
Stephanie Kube, DVM, dogs and cats. This is very understandable, since the ear and the skin are one and the same
DACVIM (Neurology) organ, and clinical signs associated with the ears are often part of a generalized dermatologic
condition. Some dogs that present with an ear infection will have other clinical symptoms that
Dermatology are suggestive of allergies, such as foot licking and chewing, itchy skin, reoccurring skin infec-
tions in the groin or elbow area, greasy and scaly hair coat, and/or patchy hair loss. These
Klaus Earl Loft, DVM symptoms can seriously affect the quality of life in these pets, and managing patients afflicted
Emergency/Critical Care with chronic allergic ear disease has become a passion for Dr. Loft. Using the videotoscope at
VCA South Shore for both the diagnosis and treatment of these frustrating chronic ear prob-
Angelyn Cornetta, DVM, lems has increased Dr. Loft’s ability to determine the best therapeutic options for these
DACVIM patients, and to help deal with the often severe discomfort associated with ear infections.
Angela Girello, DVM If Dr. Loft suspects that allergies are the underlying cause for a patient’s chronic skin or ear
Alison R. Gaynor, DVM, issues, he can offer either intradermal or serologic testing for both cats and dogs. Once a spe-
cific allergic cause is identified, he will treat the patient with Allergen Specific Immunotherapy
DACVIM, DACVECC (commonly known as “allergy shots”). This hypo-sensitization is very similar to what is offered
Cindy Lopes, DVM to humans with atopic dermatitis.

Ophthalmology If your dog or cat suffers from reoccurring ear problems or other chronic skin conditions, ask
your regular veterinarian for a referral, or feel free to call VCA South Shore Animal Hospital,
Bill Greentree, DVM, DACVO to schedule a consultation with Dr. Loft. In Dr. Loft’s opinion, “Until proven otherwise, a
Surgery pet with chronic ear disease is an allergic pet.”

David Diamond, VMD,

Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging • Full Service Veterinary Hospital
Lori Hartzband, DVM,
DACVR • 24 Hour Emergency Service
Diana Rosenstein, DVM, • Appointments Available Seven Days a Week
Avian and Exotic Animal Dedicated team of 29 doctors on staff – including Board
Medicine Certified specialists in Cardiology, Internal Medicine,
Stephen Dyer, DVM, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Surgery,
DABVP (Avian) Avian Practice, and Emergency/Critical Care.
Michelle Politano, DVM The Best of Quality Care for
Sheri Procious, DVM Every Stage of Your Pet’s Life!
July 2010
Pet Gazette 25