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Timo Alakotila

Timo Alakotila is a Finnish composer, arranger, and

musician born July 15, 1959.
Timo Alakotilas range of music styles stretches from
Finnish folk music of the pelimanni style over some
jazz inuences to more or less Finnish style Tango (music)tangos, and with some extensions to classical music.
He is one of the founding members of the well-known
Finnish folk ddler group JPP of the Kaustinen tradition, where he plays harmonium, and in the similar group
Troka. In both groups, he is one of the main arrangers
and composers. Alakotila has worked with accordionist
Maria Kalaniemi for more than ten years in several formats, including a duo, a trio and the group Aldargaz.
Kalaniemi and Alakotila play both their own and each
others arrangements and compositions, as well as some
traditional material.
Another of Alakotilas projects is Unto Tango Orchestra
(Tango-orkesteri Unto), a tango orchestra that was formed
to perform at Expo '98 in Lisbon, Portugal. This groups
mainly plays Alakotilas rather chamber-music-like arrangements of Finnish tango. In 2004 BBC Concert Orchestra, JPP and Maria Kalaniemi performed music written by Alakotila for the occasion. Among his more classic style works is a folk-music/chamber hybrid, a concerto for accordion and orchestra, originally performed
at the folk music festival Haapavesi Folk with Johanna
Juhola as the soloist.[1] Alakotilas piece, Pelimannis Revenge, was arranged by violist, Ralph Farris, for the string
quartet ETHEL and was released on their 2006 album
Light (Cantaloupe Music).[2]
Alakotila also works as a teacher at the Sibelius Academy
and at the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory.


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