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Heavy Equipment Maintenance Tool List

Students accepted in the Heavy Equipment Maintenance program are expected to

have certain tools prior to starting classes. The tools listed previously should be of
good quality, but do not have to be a particular brand or new. If a student has a
question regarding the tool list, please contact your instructor Kevin Howland at
454-1066. Please be sure to bring your tools to school on opening day. Drafting
supplies and books can be purchased through WCCCs Bookstore.
1. Tool box (lockable) Four-drawer mini wheeled, bottom cabinet best
2. socket set
3. drive socket set to include: 3/8-11/4 sockets, 2-extensions,1-rachet, 1
flex bar
4. 3/8 drive sockets set to include: 3/8 deep and standard sockets, 1rachet, 1-extension
5. Set drive sockets 3/16-1/2 to include: 1-rachet,1-extension,
6. Wrench set 3/8 to 1 1/4 set, 1 5/16, 1 3/8, 1 7/16, 1
7. Screwdriver set to include: at least 3 Phillips and 3 regular blades
8. 2 ball peen hammers (16 oz. And 24 oz.)
9. Hacksaw with extra blades
10.Slip joint pliers regular flat nose
11.Needle nose pliers
12.Channelock/water plump pliers 15 in.
13.Vise grip type locking pliers
14.15 adjustable wrench
15.Hex wrench set
16.Feeler gage set
17.Cold chisel set (includes small and large sizes)
18.Aligning punch punch set (includes small and large sizes)
19.Pry bar mechanic type
21.Leather safety toe boots 6 or higher - MUST HAVE FIRST DAY!!!!
22.Basic function calculator
23.Digital Volt/OHM meter (fused) Fluke style
24.Torque wrench drive approx. 250
25.Safety glasses clear Z:87 approved MUST HAVE FIRST DAY!!!!
26.Reflective safety vest MUST HAVE FIRST DAY!!!!

27.Diagonal cutting pliers

28.Metric 3/8 socket set
29.Metric box/open wrenches 10 to 19 mm or more

Telescope gage
Magnetic holder
Small telescope gage
Screw Extractor
Ring expander
Antifreeze tester
Creeper (nice to have)
Booster cables
Air chucks
Diesel compression gage
Spark plug service set
Grinder burrs

Feeler gage
Dial indicator gage
Straight edge
Ring cleaner
Thread chaser
Coolant pressure tester
Riveter kit
Tire repair kit
Radiator pressure kit
Pipe wrenches
Impact drivers/sockets

Note: Any air tools should have type T fittings.

Tools may be purchased at:
Home Depot, 164 Longview Drive, Bangor, ME 04401, Tel.: 207 942-7400
Hal Deacon, Napa Auto Parts, Main St., Calais, ME 04619, Tel.: 207 4542901
Machias Auto Parts, Dublin St., Machias, ME 04654, Tel.: 207 255-8668
Marshall Hennequin, Parts Plus Main St., Calais, ME 04619, Tel.: 207 4542103
Rodney (Butch) MacDougall, II, Craftsman Tools, N. H. Bragg & Sons, 92
Perry Rd., P. O. Box 927, Bangor, ME 04401, Tel.: 1-800-432-7950, Voice
Mail: 325
Jason B. Grant, Snap-On Tools, 261 Main St., Cumberland, ME 04021 Voice
Mail: 1-877-740-1900 X 8627

Or other good quality tool supplier

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