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Improvement Checklist

My internet connection is stable and I will be able to play League of Legends smoothly.
CSing: I can get at least 95% of the maximum amount of CS (42 out of 44) while left to my
own devices, and achieve at least 80% (85 out of 107) of the maximum CS against a lane
opponent. 1
Step 1: I can get at least 95% of the CS (42 out of 44) with full runes and masteries, no
lane opponents, and normal items.
Step 2: I can get at least 95% of the CS while moving and last hitting only.
Step 3: I can get at least 95% of the CS while doing the above and alternating between
pushing and freezing the lane.
Step 4: I can get at least 95% of the CS while doing the above with a bot in my lane.
Step 5: I can get at least 95% of the CS while doing the above with no runes,
masteries, or items.
Step 6: I can get at least 95% of the CS while doing the above and checking the
minimap every 5 seconds or between every last hit.
Step 7: I can get at least 95% of the CS while doing the above and trying to make the
minion deaths alternate on both sides so that there is only one minion dying at any
SourceElyndar's Guide to CSing
I am capable of farming under my turret while losing as little minions as possible, and
fully grasp the technique of doing so.
I am capable of farming under my turret while being actively pushed in by my lane
I am capable of using both waveclear abilities and auto attacks to farm under my
turret e ectively.

Creep Wave Management: I can properly control my creep waves and monitor the
enemys creep waves in order for me to push and harass properly.
I understand the even and uneven minion wave rules. 1, 2
I am capable of freezing a lane using all three methods of freezing. 1
I understand how to reset a lane and break a freeze.
I am capable of pushing a lane, and know how to both slow push and shove a lane.
I understand when to push lanes to pressure other objectives on the map.

Laning Phase: I am capable of properly laning and punishing my lane opponent.

I understand how and when to CS during the laning phase. 1

I can harrass and trade with my lane opponent.
I can punish my lane opponent for positioning mistakes and can abuse CD timers.
I can harrass my lane opponent while they are CSing. 1
I can punish my lane opponent while I am winning lane using any method. 1
I know how and when to all-in my lane opponent.
I understand how and when to roam. 1
I can properly create a lead and snowball o of my laning phase. 1
I understand how to lose lane; I can adjust my playstyle when I am not winning.
I can follow up on my junglers ganks on a consistent basis.
I understand how to end the laning phase.
I ping whenever my lane opponent is not in their lane.
I will ping multiple times if I know where my lane opponent is/where they are headed
if it is important.
I ping whenever my team does not have vision of my lane opponent.
I know when to recall, and avoid overstaying.
Unless I am absolutely safe while doing so and know where the enemy jungler is, I
will not overextend.
I can apply footsies to League of Legends and use them in my laning phase. 1

Warding/Map Control: I can ward and control the map e ciently, as well as deny the
enemy team of vision.
I constantly ward during laning phase.
I constantly ward throughout the entire game.
I buy at least one vision ward every game.
I know where I should ward whenever I am trying to gain vision.
I can maximize the e ciency of every ward that I place.
I always ward before I push my lane.
I can use information gathered from wards to make deductions on where the enemy
team is and where they are headed, especially the jungler.
I will ping if I see a valuable piece of information on the enemy teams location on the
I can manipulate the enemy teams actions via map control.
I will deny as much vision as I possibly can from the enemy team.
I understand when to buy a sweeping lens.
I understand when to buy a farsight orb.
I always upgrade my trinket at level 9 when I want to upgrade my trinket.
I understand how to avoid facechecking bushes.
I do not facecheck bushes unless I absolutely have to.

Map Awareness: I am aware of what is happening throughout the entire map and can
evaluate and use this information to my advantage.
I consistently check the minimap during laning phase on a regular basis.
I consistently check the minimap post-laning phase on a regular basis.
I consistently check the minimap throughout the entire game.
I check the map every 5-10 seconds.
I will ping if I see an important piece of information on the minimap.
I will ping if there is anything important about what is happening around the map to
my teammates.
If I see the enemy jungler during laning phase, I will ping.
If I have probable reason to believe that the enemy is taking baron/dragon/rift herald,
I will ping. I will do this even if I do not know for sure that the enemy is doing any of
these objectives.
If I know where the enemy jungler is, I will inform my team. (ex: sej bot side)
If I know where someone who is roaming is headed, or where the enemy jungler is
headed, I will inform my team. (ex: lb inc top)
I will ping multiple times if the information I am conveying is particularly important.
That being said, I will not obnoxiously ping-spam when it is unnecessary to do so, so
that my teammates respect the information that I am pinging.

Communication: I can properly convey information to my teammates. 1

I will only make comments that are conducive to our victory and always avoid
making any unnecessary comments. I will abide by this owchart.
I will let my jungler know if a bush surrounding my lane is warded, or any teammate
who wants to roam to my lane.
I inform my team whenever someone uses a summoner spell, especially ash. I will
also inform them if my lane opponent has used their ultimate. I can also mention
their spell timers if I want to.
I will politely inform my team of decisions that I want to make, or of strategies that I
want to perform, so as to reduce the probability of misunderstanding.
I will ping any decisions that I make.
If a ping makes a message I am sending clearer, I will ping.
I do not ping spam for the sake of ping spamming or use pings that are not necessary.
I am not rude to my teammates.
I am respectful and polite to my teammates.
I do not rage, ame, or insult my teammates.
I do not act condescending or make degrading remarks towards my team, even if I am
frustrated with them.
I understand that everyone on my team is a human being rst and a player second,
and I treat them with courtesy and kindness.
I do not blame my team.
I do not call my team out on their mistakes.
If I am o ering my teammate advice, I will politely inform them on what they could
have done better and teach them in a positive learning environment.
If my teammate asks a serious question, I will answer honestly with the most helpful
information I can give them.
I stay positive towards my teammates and never act pessimistically.
I will inform my team if I am tilted.
If I am angry or tilted, I will not shotcall or say anything that is not absolutely
necessary in chat.
If my teammate is angry or tilted, I will try to ameliorate their frustration. If this is
not an option, I will politely ask them to stop talking.
If my teammate is tilting another teammate, I will politely ask them to stop.
I do not spam the chat.
I understand that I do not have to reply to any provocatory remarks in either team
chat or all chat.
I will not reply to provocatory remarks.
I avoid engaging in shit-talking arguments/battles.
I understand that muting is always an option and I will not hesitate to mute anyone
whose messages are causing a negative impact on my performance.

Judgement: I actively think all of my decisions through and consider their consequences. 1
I itemize properly and change my build if necessary in any given game.
I do not overstay and ping when we are grouped to avoid overstaying.
If I am part of my teams backline, I do not stand in front of my frontline. If I am the
frontline, I do not stand behind my backline. I know how to position properly.
As a general rule, I do not take decisions that have less than a 50% chance of working.
If my gut feeling is that it is too risky, it probably is.
I am capable of spotting a bait. If I think something is a bait, I will under no
circumstances take it, and inform my teammates of my intuition.
I do not facecheck bushes.
I think through all of my actions before doing them.
I think about what the enemy is attempting to accomplish and attempt to counteract
that e ort. 1
Even if I disagree with a decision, if the majority of my team commits to a major
decision, I do not hesitate to commit as well.
I do not second guess my decisions. If I hesitate, I understand that I will probably
forfeit the window of opportunity that my action has.
That being said, I understand when to disengage.
If the majority of my team requests for me to stop doing something, I listen to them.
If I am shotcalling, I attempt to make decisions that have the highest amount of
reward for the lowest amount of risk.
I only call baron or dragon if I am con dent that we will be able to take it.
I pay attention to death timers, cooldowns, Champion levels, and summoner spells.
When I engage on an enemy, I take into account everything they have at their
disposal that they could use to win the ght prior to engaging on them.

Team ghting: I understand all of the elements of a team ght, and can perform them. 1, 2
I understand when and how to properly engage a ght.
I do not attempt to ght a team ght while at a numbers disadvantage unless I have a
very good reason for doing so.
If the enemy has AoE abilities, I do not clump or huddle together with my team.
I do not split o from the rest of my team while we are grouped.
I position correctly according to my role in my team.
I go in at the right time according to my role in my team.
I am mindful of the enemy teams cooldowns, and take advantage of them.
I pay attention to the builds of the enemy team and adapt my team ghting strategies
as such.
I understand how to disengage a ght.
I understand who to focus at any given point in a team ght.
I know who to peel for on my team.
I always adapt my team ghting strategy depending on the state of the game.

Mentality: I maintain a positive attitude and mentality and can react correctly to tilt.

My mentality is playing to improve. I understand how to have this mentality. 1, 2, 3

I do not care whether I lose or not, so long as I improve.
I do not let myself get overwhelmed over instances such as losing streaks or feeders. 1
I understand that in order for me to truly improve, I have to truly, honestly try my
best. 1, 2
I understand the hierarchy of competence and can apply it to my learning. 1
I understand the inchworm concept and can apply it to my learning. 1
I can control my salt and frustration. 1
I can understand when I am tilted and I can take measures to counteract it. 1, 2, 3
I understand that there is no such thing as elo hell and my teammates are not keeping
me from climbing. 1, 2
I fully accept that my teammates judging me purely based on my performance is a
fact of the game. I do not get angered by this. 1