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50/50 Worki: 2017~2018 Consciousness Training, Crozet, Virginia and other places tba

Its not the strongest who survive

and its not the smartest,
but the ones most willing to change.
-- Inspired by the thought of Charles Darwin

Welcome to the 50/50 Work
The 50/50 work is consciousness, and it is also a process. The focus is on becoming merely
and utterly human. When you accept life on its terms, you become open to what is. Then you
are not only becoming perfectly imperfect human, but also a perfect being. Plus, you find that
the universe is friendly!
How do we achieve such acceptance? According to spiritual law, We cant skip steps. First,
you will need to learn how to go about surviving on this dualistic earth plane, and second, you
will be asked to change your mind to give in willingly to something you might find
unplesurable. There is another spiritual law, According to your belief, so shall you receive.
When you find yourself being open to your imperfect situation, you are slowly yet surely
coming to be in synch with what is. You are in a transitional state, knowing that you are good
and bad. You are no longer afraid of oppositions. This undefended state of consciousness will
lead you to the next level of evolution.

Garbage is Great! [Moira and Bert Shaw, 2015] is a twenty-first century myth to live by.
Its an environmental thriller about survival, change, and evolution. If you visualize change as
bad, that very idea must bring it about. So begin to visualize your change as good, as joyful, as
secure, as interesting and alive, as serene and exciting.1
50/50 is the bridge between the earth plane and the limitless world!2

1 Moira and Bert Shaw, Garbage is Great!, 2015
2 Moira and Bert Shaw, Garbage is Great!, 2015

Garbage is Great! ~Survival & Change~ 2017 series of five in the U.S.

Hiroko Tsukiji-Steinberg


2017~2018 Series of Five

First meeting: April 7th ~ 9th, 2017

I declare myself a perfect human on this earth plane!

105 Mans Relationship To God In Various Stages Of His Development Cycle

253 Continue Your Struggle And Cease All Struggle

It is your attitude to suffering, to life, to your position in life, and towards yourself that determines
how you experience suffering. If mans attitude toward suffering were not as distorted as it usually is,
he would find that the problems he has to solve in conquering mind and matter are beautiful. -- #105

Second meeting: July 14th ~ 16th, 2017

I cant wrap my head around the idea that
becoming garbage has anything to do with spirituality

71 Reality and Illusion

143 Unity and Duality

The majority of human beings live predominantly on the dualistic plane. The dualistic plane means that
humans see, perceive, and experience everything in opposities; practically everything man encounters,
every human problem and predicament, is determined by this dualistic way of perceiving life. -- #143

Third meeting: 2017 Autumn

Survive! Fear No Evil!

38 Images
41 Images: The Damage They Do
171 Spiritual Laws

Misconceptions are wrong conclusions based on duality about a certain

aspect of life. They are illusions and linked with unhappiness. -- #171

Fourth meeting: 2018 Spring

Me? A Garbage Fish? Oh, woe is me!

73 Compulsion To Recreate and Overcome Childhood Hurts

192 Real and False Needs and Their Relationship to Mans State of Consciousness

The more the pain of the unfulfilled legitimate need of the child remains unexperienced, or only half
experienced, unreal false needs fill the personality which then will made demands on others. -- #192

Fifth meeting: 2018 Summer

Living on the Earth Plane, Giving in to Changing, Becoming a Garbage Fish

83 Idealized Self Image

194 Meditation: Its Laws and Various Approaches A Summary

Duality ceases to exist once you accept yourself as part good and part bad, as consisting
partly of the higher self and partly of the lower self. There two sides will be integrated and
live in peace with one another once you accept yourself with bothThe lack of peace
between the higher and the lower Self brings the Idealized Self into existence. -- #83
Garbage is Great! ~Survival & Change~ 2017 series of five in the U.S.

Hiroko Tsukiji-Steinberg


Throughout this series, we will use a book by Moira and Bert Shaw, Garbage is

Great!. Taking the entire series is recommended due to the deep coherence of its
themes, but each group can be attended separately.
Maximum number of each group is about eight people. You are required to submit a
writing assignment before each group meeting, and you are expected to be present
for all of the three days of each meeting you attend.
First and Second day begins at 9:30am and end at 5:30pm. Third day, last day
begins at 9am and ends at 3:00pm. Fee is $650. Lodging, for which there will be an
extra fee, can be provided.
Garbage is Great! ~Moving into the Phase of Evolution~ (2018 ~ 2019)
This 2017 ~ 2018 series is the foundation for the next phase of Evolution.

Hiroko Tsukiji-Steinberg

Moira and Bert Shaw own the 50/50 Work, the 50/50 teaching materials and Garbage is Great!.

Pathwork Foundation owns a copyright for Pathwork Guide Lecture.

50/50 Consciousness Training uses Unedited Pathwork Lecture.
50/50 Consciousness Training is created by Hiroko Tsukiji-Steinberg.
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Garbage is Great! ~Survival & Change~ 2017 series of five in the U.S.

Hiroko Tsukiji-Steinberg