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The effect of violence in movies and on TV in a society, which was always

debatable, has now become more controversial. The substantial influence of movies
over the society has sparked a new controversy in recent years, as there has been a
spike in the viewers. It cannot be denied that the violence in the movies is affecting
our society in a greater way but there are other aspects which need to be
considered in this regard. This essay will highlight the impacts of movies in a
society, with some measures to rectify any shortcomings, and will lead to a logical
At the outset, there are numerous reasons which have resulted in an increase in
crime in the society, but the most important one that stems from it is, that people
are demanding movies and TV programmes filled with action and thrill, showing
dominance of power over others. For instance, a recent research has shown an
increase in the crime rate in youngsters who match action and thrilled movies and
try to apply those actions in their real lives. As a result it affects the society as a
However, having an increase in the crime ratio, it is the responsibility of not only the
government but individuals as well to nip this evil. Government should introduce a
regulation that ban the promotion of violence through media and steps should be
introduced to promote a positive image in the society.
From the discussion above, it can be concluded that increase in crime is because of
violence being shown in movies which lead citizens to become criminals. This is a
very major issue and should be addressed on an emergency basis.
The effect of extra-curricular activities in grooming school children, which was
always debatable has now become more controversial. The substantial influence of
music, art and sport in developing skills in students has sparked a new controversy
in recent years. The fact cannot be ignored that extra-curricular activities help in
shaping a student but there are other factors that need to be considered as well.
This essay will elaborate both the benefits and shortcomings for the activities, apart
from studies, which are now considered essential for students to learn, to become
literate and numerate.
At the outset, there are numerous factors that contribute in the development school
going children, but the most important one that stems from the fact is that during
school going time all the basic skills are developed, which lay the foundation for the
later life. It means that whatever is learnt in school is the basis of everything.
According to a recent research, students which actively participate in extracurricular activities, have more success ratio in real life than those who only stick to
the books. This shows the importance of studying music, art and sport becoming
literate and numerate.
However, some believe that these things help but giving too much importance to
these factors can mislead a student from its main objective of getting education. For

example a research has shown that children spending most of their time in
performing sport or music activities find themselves derailed from their studies.
In a nutshell, it can be agreed that apart from putting effort solely on studies, there
are other activites that should be taken into consideration. But a balance should be
created among the extra-curricular activies and studies to obtain better results.

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