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Ellen Will

Dr. Cohen
Modification Assignment
Due: Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015

The student I am modifying for:

Scott (different name), is a third grader at Esperanza Elementary school.
Scott has a specific learning disability that affects his visual and auditory
processing. He has good handwriting but when it comes to writing out or telling
stories, in the order by when they happened, on his own it takes him a very long
time to figure out what to say and when to say it.
Description of assignment before modification:
This assignment was to work on the students narrative story writing. The day
before, the class went on a trip to the Cooper Center. For the assignment we started
with a graphic organizer that we did together as a class, sequencing the events and
giving details for each event. After the graphic organizer was done, two of the
students were asked to write out the story with no assistance (other than the
graphic organizer), the other students were to verbally tell me and the other
teachers the whole story in order by event (with some assistance from us).
Description of the assignment after modification:
For my assignment I still had the students start with a class graphic organizer
that we discuss together. After the graphic organizer was completed, I would divide
the students up into centers, carefully placing each student in specific centers.
Some students could still write out the whole story on their own, and some can still
verbally tell the story. For the rest of the students like Scott, I will give them a
narrative story that has fill in the blanks. If they need it I can give them a word bank
for assistance, but they are more than capable of reading the given story and fill in
the blanks on their own. The words that were left out are the main subject for each
sentence. The reason I modified this assignment like this for Scott and other
students, because I think they are capable of doing more than just verbally telling
the story. Scott has good handwriting, but just has time processing the information.
This assignment is good for Scotts needs because instead of having him struggle to
process the sequence of events, they are written out for him. That way all that he
needs to do is fit the correct word in the right event.
The materials needed:

Graphic Organzier
Fill in the blank Narrative Story
Word Bank (if needed)