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LA dynamic workshop that will

enhance your leadership skills

Learn how to:
Lead people
Be a tranformational leader
Apply situational leadership
Lead team effectively
Be a motivating team leader
Be an empowering team leader
Be a people builder
Date / time of workshop:
27-28 September 2008
Program Fee:
US$ 100 per-person
If not satisfy, we will return the money.

Effective Leadership Skills

(in Vietnamese)

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Summary of Training Program

Name of Training Who should Who should Fee per-
Program attend? attend? participant
Hours/ Training is
conducted by a
days Vietnamese


Effective Leadership Skills Middle managers, 16 hours US$100 16 hours

2 days
Supervisors 2 days
Team leaders 27-28 September
September 2008
8am – 5pm
8am – 5pm

Other Detail:


Training fee includes training manuals and certificates of completion.

There is a discount of 10% for registering 3 people or more.

Discount is only applicable if you pay the training fee in full at least 1 week before the
training date.



Qbiz Center

4th Floor, 6 Le Thanh Tong street

Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi City

Effective Leadership Skills

The very definition of a leader suggests the responsibility
for controlling activities of teams of people. And this
implies a need for optimizing collective output. This
program is designed to equip participants with the
necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors of to be an
effective team builder.
Learning Objectives:

Recognise the characteristics of a high performing team

Maximise the performance of their teams through enhancing team dynamics and communications
Improve the team’s productivity and sense of purpose, helping members understand the value of
their contribution in meeting organizational goals
Identify the interpersonal conflicts that can occur within the teams
Apply knowledge of stages of team development to achieve optimum performance levels
Apply their knowledge and understanding of different team roles and ways of ensuring the skills of
the team are maximised
Draws on people with different skills to build an optimal team to achieve organizational goals


Leading People

What is leadership?
Leadership styles
Transformational leadership for 21st century
Sources of power & using power effectively

Situational Leadership

What is situational leadership?

Application of situational leadership

Leading an Effective Team

What makes a winning team

Growing your team
Planting positive purpose in people
Establishing trust and support

A Motivating Team Leader

Mistaken leadership beliefs on how to motivate

Motivating your team members
Being an encouraging leader
Creating a winning team feeling

An Empowering Team Leader

Empowering your team members

Guide to empowerment
Empowerment Cycle

Leader as a People Builder

Leader’s role as a People Builder

Approaches to being an uplifting leader who builds people

Leadership Approaches to Resolve Team Differences & Resolving People Problems

Understanding sources of team differences

Approaches to resolve team differences
Resolving people problems

Duration: 16 hours / 2 days

Training Methods: Games, discussions, activities, case studies and lectures

Why Choose

SPECTRA Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd is a professional
education, consultancy and training company based
in Singapore. By choosing SPECTRA as your partner,
you will have access to business consultants and
training experts from Vietnam and abroad.

We have the right people. All of our consultancies

and training programs are delivered by highly
qualified and experienced consultants and trainers
from Singapore, United States, Australia, Malaysia,
Vietnam and so on. Furthermore, most of our
consultants and trainers were educated and have
worked in developed countries, such as Singapore,
United States and Australia.

At SPECTRA, we have the experience to assist your

company to succeed in today’s dynamic business
world. We have proven track records in providing
business consultancies and customized training
programs for leading companies such as Isuzu,
Suzuki, Metro, Philips, Johnson Controls, Manulife,
Saigon Tourist, Legend Hotel Saigon, VSIP and many

As a socially responsible company, we dedicate 5%

of our profits to community projects in countries
where we operate.


Directors, managers and executives of the following companies have attended and benefited from
our training programs:

Isuzu British American Tobacco

Metro Honda

Suzuki Legend Hotel Saigon

Vietnam Industrial Park (VSIP) Saigon Tourist

Johnson Controls Clipsal

Duxton Hotel Prudential

Dien Quang Manulife

LG Debon Samudera Shipping

Phu My Hung Hong Phuc (Comet)

ILA Vietnam Diamond Multiplex Cinema

Philips Mai Linh Corporation

Vinamilk Keppel Land Villa Riviera

Binh Minh Plastic Holcim

Binh An Water And many more…


“I have happened to have a chance to do business with SPECTRA when the company I have
worked for as an Assistant Manager/HR Dept, VSIP, came out with the training plan for its staff.
After observing some public training courses from well known training centers in HCMC, I decided
to engage Spectra as our training provider for year 2007 training plan.

Due to the passion that they display during their work, their trainers’ professional
background/practical experience as well as the way they delivered the training courses have
resulted in my directors’ final decision in choosing them as our training partner. If you have any
chance talking to any directors of Spectra about training, you will realize their hearted passion for
it and surely receive professional advices as well. I really have a hope that with their professional
contribution in training industry/line, Vietnam’s work force will become more globally attractive in

Nguyen Ky Cat Phuong, Assistant Manager / HR Dept, VSIP

“The trainers of SPECTRA are lively and knowledgeable. Our managers have learned new
knowledge from the training programs and have put into practice what they have learnt from the
training. I would recommend SPECTRA to any other company that plans to conduct training”
Nguyen Kim Vinh, HR Manager, Dien Quang

10 Anson Road, International Plaza
21-02, Singapore 079903
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