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Purifying H2o

Innovation and Problem solving means I use ideas in a different and

unique way and I think the project me and tsai are working on is a great
product for this learning target and it meets it very well. Our project is Water
and how to harness the true element of water, and I know that sounds crazy
but water we get out of our tap or any other water dispenser is in fact very
bad for you. So, me and tsai got our idea from our Friends mom, and she was
explaining how rocks deep inside earth can change the electrical field and
alter the positive and negative charge in water to make it valuable and
replenish the cells and deliver the water to your cells faster without all the
Zinc, Copper, and Lead or harmful bacterias or any other by products the
government wants us to ingest and get cancer with and basically be Guinee
pigs in their labyrinth way of injecting cancerous bacterias and have us pay
off 100s and Thousands of dollars from cancer from something we could
prevent and still choose not to. Some rocks that we used are Shungite
spheres, Tensor rings, Tourmaline Spheres and QELBY Microbes. There are
some more, but there for other purposes. The Shugite sphere is a unique
rock that is carbon based and has the ability to neutralize just about every
form of negative energy, and Shungite can also assist patients with
depression, trauma, and other emotional and psychological disturbances.
Tensor rings are optional but they help, Tensor rings are a very interesting
factor in Purifying H2o, but done right they have the power to amplify subtle
energy by several hundred times. Also, Qelby Microbes are a Beneficial for
organisms and play a role in water purification and in the natural
development of full-spectrum living water. The presence of beneficial
microbes in water encourages harmful bacteria to change forms that work in
harmony with the environment. Microbes have been used for wastewater
clean-ups as well as industrial and hazardous waste treatment-on both a
small or large scale. The presence of beneficial microbes balance the water
terrain (like balancing the microbial flora in the human body but can also
enter your cells instantly and replenishes any unwanted bacteria in your