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Assalam o Aliakum

Hello friends good morning

Thank you for being here today .I am bilal tariq and I am from Univeristy of central
First of all I would like to thanks our course instructor mr arslan musufa beacuse it
would not have been possible without his constant guidance
I am here today to talk about our school marketing plan
Heres all my group members name
So the name of our school is Unified School District
Here is the logo of our school
This is our slogan ,,,,,, Lets make a future bright
This is the business structure of our school. U can see its very beautiful there is
garden and parks nearbyy

Initial stage of education is very important for every

So The unified school is established with the vision to
provide the quality education to the students of this area
and to enable them to compete the higher level of success
To achieve this vision the unified has the very well
experienced and well groomed faculty that provide the
education on modern ways
Initial Stage
Why unified school is established?
How we can achieve our vision
The school has well maintained spacious and well
illuminated class rooms, conference rooms and option
rooms with multimedia teaching equipment, high quality
furniture and modern amenities to create effective
learning teaching environment
Our computer Labs are came around frequently by
students and faculty members
Students use IT labs not only to learn their subject matters
but also to conduct research work and prepare
The labs are equipped with the latest technology which
supports learning needs in the 21st century. Facilities are

regularly updated to keep pace with the rapid changes in

the field of information technology
Adequate laboratory space is provided for each student
with sufficient gas, electrical and water outlets with the
special attention towards safety precautions. Shut off
switches are provided for gas and electricity. Safety
equipment such as fire extinguisher, fire blankets and first
aids kits are placed in each lab. Chemical containers are
labeled with the name of the chemical. Students wear
protective lab coats and gloves while working with
Unified school has well stocked libraries for all grade
levels with educational resources including varied
selection of novels and liberty texts, research articles
biographies encyclopedia and historical texts for the
students. Moreover libraries are supported by qualified
librarians and ventilated because library is a space where
students explore their imagination and create different
and better worlds beyond the one they live in..
At unified school,mental and physical development goes
hand in hand because sports and games play vital role in
education. Keeping the importance of sports in mind , uni
fied school facilitates its students to play different sports
along with the physical education program including
football cricket tennis squash in well maintained
playgrounds and squash courts
Nutritious and healthy food helps developing smart minds
and strong bodies. Our cafeteria provides students with
healthy snack choice while keeping the quality and
hygiene standard on priority creating an overall sanitized
A full time doctor is available in the schools clinic to attend
the health needs of children as and when required. Our
clinic is well equipped with the medical apparatus and
other facilitates. First aid is immediately administered to a
student if he sustains an injury of illness during school
hours. In junior school, once in two months a complete

health check is provided for the children. This includes a

dental and eye check along with the child hygiene.
Information with regard to any concern is sent home to
Parent who visit to avail school transport facility are
requested to provide us the google map coordinates to
make it convenient for all of us.
Please follow the steps below to find out your location

Go to Google Maps (www.google.com/maps)

Find your location and either left click or right click then
select whats here ?
Your location detail will pop up in the upper corner of the
Copy it to share it with Schools travel department via
email transport@unifiedschool.com
To double check the accuracy of your selection, copy the
number at the bottom of the address in Google home page
and it should immediately recognize it as the coordinates
and will take there you on the map. If any minor
adjustment is requires please do so to be accurate and
share the accurate coordinate with transport debarment.
Unified school takes every student as target and potential
who is looking to get a better quality of education
All age groups are being targeted but the most potential
age group is from 0-14 that covers around 39% of total
age segment
The target market for the unified school is based on the
age.The audience of unified school is youth