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Project on

Marine Grill

Presented To:
Mr. Umar Khalid
Presented By:
Hafiz Muhammad Waqar Younus (BBAF-15-05)

HAWKS Entertainment, LLC is a start-up business
that will launch its high-end restaurant in 2018. Marine Grill is a Pakistani themed
restaurant that will be located in DHA Lahore. The restaurant will focus on Pakistani
cuisine, island atmosphere, background music (reggae and calypso) and traditional
Pakistani hospitality.
Marine Grill will be an elegant restaurant that
also serves exceptional seafood to an upscale clients. Customers will dine in a
luxury atmosphere, surrounded by calming waterfalls, aquariums, and live piano
music in the martini bar. The restaurant will be able to provide better food and
service in a more luxurious atmosphere. Marine Grill a restaurant for fun-seeking
looking for good food in a fascinating atmosphere where they are given a chance to
experience the wonderful Island themed restaurant which they had missed out so
Mr. Umar will operate the project with the help of Mr. Usman (MBA Accounting and
Finance) and Mr. WAHAB (MBA Marketing Management. Mr. Umar has extensive
experience working in the restaurant industry. The total capital requirement to
launch Marine Grill. Owners of the Marine Grill Mr. Waqar and Mr. ALI are investing 5,
00, 00,000PKR in personal capital. And other private investors, who will be the part
of owners with a non-marginal interest in the business, will contribute the remaining
3, 00, 00,000 PKR.
Marine Grill is a Island themed based
restaurant which provides their customers a beautiful Island experience, Seafood
and Pakistani cuisines under the practices of Pakistani hospitality and provide a live
music in martini bar. The restaurant will be located in DHA Phase8, Lahore which
has a lot of commercial centers, beautiful and clean environment and over all
luxurious lifestyle. Marine Grill is a partnership business owned in majority by its
partners. The business employs the restaurant manager, Supporting staff and
The Marine Grill will be more than a just
restaurant because Marine Grill would be a single stop for the Youngers and our
adult generations where they acquire new experience of leading a more fulfilling
and enriching life. In the restaurant there would be well attractive space for birthday
parties celebrations, and other occasions and many more of such kind of events to
keep people engaged. The positioning of the Marine Grill would be not a restaurant
but an amazing place, where one spends ones time constructively, experiencing
with new things.

Customers are Divine
To be on the top in the hospitality industry.

To provide the total experience of the Islands, not only with a great
meal, but also be provided with the great appealing atmosphere.


Marine Grill restaurants interior will
feature hard glass floors, low lighting environment and wall paints that add
ambiance to the setting of restaurant. Lighted aquariums and waterfalls will
enhance the atmosphere of the restaurant. These things overall make this
restaurant an ideal place for the customers to socialize and relax themselves.
Piano bar
In food segment Marine Grill will offer
their customers an outstanding menu with delicious steaks and seafood. Infused
them with remarkable blend of seasoning

and spices that will surely to please of each customer. Foods will be prepared by the
professional and experienced team of chiefs for providing outstanding dining
experiences to their customers.
The restaurant will also provide a
martini bar with piano music flavor for their customers. Bar will provide a wide
variety of wines, bears and martini and other drinks.

Comfortable furniture will be available at bar for the comforts of the customers
while enjoying their drinks and music. Restaurant will focus on the long lasting
relation with their customers, to create great brand loyalty and repeat business.
Other menu items are chutneys, breads and desserts. Everything of this type will be
fresh, totally homemade, and prepared daily to daily.

Competitive Advantage:
Marine Grill will have the competitive
advantage of being the only restaurant within one of the largest populated city of
Pakistan with the uniqueness of Island themed restaurant. The foods, atmosphere
and the best catchy traditional Pakistani music will win the hearts of the customers
in their first visit, through curiosity to come alone. At this time, there are no
restaurants with island atmospheres serving this population. Some other
advantages are:
Unique atmosphere and concept of the restaurant
Eye-catching of outdoor and indoor features of water
Outstanding customer services with knowledgeable staff

POTERs Five Force Model
(Restaurant Industry Analysis)
The industry is analyzed using Porters
Five Force model for overall analysis. And that model showed that Lahore is the city
of joy and food lover. Now new food joints are opening in the all possible locations.
People are ready to experiment and try new varieties and this project is quite
attractive, as there is no another player in the market at present time which
provides a similar offering. Marine Grill faces indirect competition from players like
local restaurant players and pubs.
The differentiating factor of Marine Grill from its competitors would be its
extensively for young generation, keeping in mind the fact that their experience is
different from that of others because of which they may not feel existed with other
restaurants present in the market.

Market Segmentation:
Families, men and women including couples and singles.
Aged group 20 to older.
Occupation working, self-employed and business professionals
Income group will be 1, 75,000 or more

Target Market:
On the restaurant will be targeting locals and tourists who
are active restaurant seekers. There will be a special focus on young adults with 1,
20,000 3, 00,000PKRof income looking for good food and a great time. In addition
to the young adults with money to spend, On the Water dining will also be targeting
adults and tourists.

Market Need:
Today it is seen that with most of the people are interested to
spend their leisure time going out to different places which gives them new look and
experience. Other few market driving factors are:
Increasingly demand for restaurants in our day to day life.
Younger generations are looking for something new to have fun.
No well-organized and wonderful themed restaurants in the market.


Lal Qila is a themed restaurant after Mughal Era in Lahore. Lal Qila is
featuring a large number of local dishes in its menu.Lal Qila also offers a number of
continental and Chinese options but also should focus on the desi and Mughlai
options. Lal Qila serves quality food, and the unique atmosphere is reminiscent of
our Mughal history that is something fans of that era will enjoy. It offers everything
local from barbecue tikkas to biryani. So as long as you are a fan of desi food, you
will find something you like. The place is pleasant to be seated in. so you won't get
complete, authentic desi experience, rather an upgraded version of it.

Howdy is located in Johar Town, Lahore. This is not traditional fast food,
but a better version of it. Howdy is a western, cowboy themed burger joint,
featuring live cooking, that also offers steaks and hot beverages. The place features
chicken, beef and lamb burgers, all of which deliver great taste, served with fresh
fries that taste better than the typical fast-food ones. While the steaks can be a hit
or miss, the burgers are some of the best in Lahore, and the staff is polite and cares
for the quality of your food.

Recently opened by a bunch of LUMS graduates, Maro Tandoors is a small tandoor
located within the streets of Model Town, serving the trending and delicious nutella
naan. Going to the place is an adventure in of itself, as is sitting on the few chairs
outside or in your car to eat their fresh naans. They have expanded their menu to
include Pizza and Cheese naans, though the consensus seems to be that the nutella
naan cannot be topped. A visit to Maro Tandoors provides a memorable experience,
and it can be used as an inexpensive substitute for a complete meal at a proper
restaurant, or just as as an option for dessert.
Positioning Statement:
Marine Grill restaurant will be positioned as merely
a service provider but as well as a way of fun and joy. We are positioning ourselves
to market, middle to upper middle class clients of well spender, working, and
professionals who live and work in Lahore or other cities that looking for a tasteful
and different Pakistani dining experience.

Pricing Strategy:
All the products prices, breakfast through lunch will be

Promotion Strategy:
Various marketing channels will be considered like
newspapers, different TV channels and radio channels. Marine Grill will be Tie-ups
with five stars hotels of the market and huge corporate institutions to get the
corporate look in the market. Local promotions will also include like sponsorship of
local charity events and other local causes. Other advertisements as required will be
based on target market research. Promotion will concentrate on target customer
needs and wants.

Marketing Programs:
The Marketing programs will focus on new world,
reality, fun and joy in restaurant along with the targeted audience of restaurant.
Marketing through Newspapers, National and International TV Ads and other
platforms like Radio channels will be included. The Marketing will be done with two
30 second spots on radio in the morning and afternoon and this scenario will be five
days per week. The marketing will be sponsored by a well-known movie start, that
giving instant acceptance to the largest audience within the target audience of the
The message for marketing will be "You do not
have to go to the islands to experience them, you can do it right here" and It will be
important to differentiate and authenticity will create the differentiation for Marine
Grill. Apart from these, restaurant will host grand opening of different programs and
will be the sponsor of various events etc.

Website & S0cial Media Marketing:

Marine Grill will also create a website for the
restaurant for awareness and to generate interests of the people in its dining
establishment. Social media platforms will also use like Facebook, Twitter and others
of this type for marketing purposes. We put questions about users favorite dishes,
about services put ads and encourage people to share their Marine Grill memories
and experiences. And the most important thing is that we will strictly response to
the users suggestions and ideas because Marine Grill believes that on social market
words of mouth travel quickly between family members, colleagues and friends.

Branding Strategy:
Before effectively market itself, Marine Grill should have
to build a strong brand image for itself, the restaurant has chosen the brand
elements like the tagline Customers are divine that goes well with its value
proposition. Its brand will build on its core values that are innovation and luxurious
hospitality. Marine Grill with its core values and established brand will be able to
send a clear message about its mission and about what Marine Grill is stands for,
therefore building customers loyalty. Our customers who experienced the Marine
Grill will definitely spread the experience about the Marine Grill and services
provided at restaurant. We believed that word of mouth would reach to create more
loyalty with customers and restaurant publicity than any other branding. Word of
mouth would be the main form of our communication to the potential customers.

Brand Resonance Pyramid

Low customer loyality due to start-up business
Sense of High class

Friendly services
Innovative layout
Wide variety taste personalized

Social Class
Fresh environment

Luxurious ambience
Innovative layout
Improvised tradition

upper class
Quality food
Western look

Low awareness (start-up business)
Reasonable price
Luxurious Traditional Hospitality

Brand Z Model
Low awareness in the customer
(Start-up business)

Different dining experience
Fun and joy
Luxurious ambience

Outstanding customer services
Knowledgeable staff

Competitive prices
Young customer traffic
Unique atmosphere and concept of the restaurant
Eye-catching of outdoor and indoor features of water

Strong CRM that nothing Else beats it

I consider that this outstanding idea is completely
different from the others offering in the market because no other
restaurant of this kind exist in the market. So Marine Grill will
surely enjoy the competitive advantage from their competitors
from the day one itself and also can excepted to be perform
competitively in future.