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Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.

General Description

Since model year 1994, Freightliner models FLD and These parameters are programmable, and values
FLD 112 conventionals and FLB COEs equipped with listed above are default settings. With the EDM, the
Detroit Diesel Series 50 and 60 DDEC III engines DDEC controller does not directly control the fan so-
use a fan clutch control module supplied by Kysor. lenoid. Rather, the DDEC controller sends its com-
This Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) connects to the mands to the Kysor EDM over circuit D555. On re-
DDEC III data link and to the DDEC III "fan request" ceiving this signal, the EDM acts as a relay to control
circuit. These two connections have replaced the fol- the solenoid valve ground via circuit 234A.
lowing four sensors:
Temperature gauge sensor, Kysor EDM Commands to the Fan
Fan control temperature sensor, A/C Pressure Switch Open
Overheat warning temperature sensor, When the normally closed refrigerant pressure switch
Low oil pressure warning sensor. opens, the EDM commands the fan on. When the
refrigerant pressure is lowered to the point that the
IMPORTANT: Do not confuse EDM (electronic switch closes, the EDM continues to command the
data monitor) with ECM (DDEC III electronic fan on for an additional 30 seconds, and then turns
control module). the fan off.

Information about coolant temperature and oil pres- Active DDEC III High Coolant
sure travels from engine sensors, through the ECM, Diagnostic
to the EDM. The EDM translates this information
from a digital signal to an analog signal that controls When the EDM has received an active DDEC III di-
the dash gauges and warning lights. The EDM agnostic over the data bus for coolant temperature
makes it possible for a single sensor to control sev- out of range (high), the EDM commands the fan on,
eral components, such as the engine fan, dash regardless of the state (high or low) of the D555
gauges, and dash warning lights. Using a single sen- circuit.
sor prevents problems caused by conflicting informa-
tion from multiple sensors. For example, a coolant DDEC III Command to Turn the Fan
sensor that controls the engine shutdown feature On
might be in a hotter area of the engine, and this sen-
sor might activate the dash warning light before a When the EDM receives a command from the DDEC
sensor in a cooler area turns on the engine fan. With III controller over circuit D555 to turn the fan on, the
a single sensor, and the EDM to translate the sensor EDM, acting as a relay, commands the fan on.
signal, problems like this are less likely to happen.
Data Bus Connection Open
Conditions That Cause the Fan If the data bus connection between the EDM and the
DDEC III controller opens, the EDM commands the
Clutch to Be On fan on. This is an abnormal condition, indicated by a
"wagging" coolant gauge needle, and should be cor-
NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with a fan rected. The EDM controls the coolant temperature
override switch, the fan will go on in response to gauge, and causes the needle to swing slowly be-
this switch, independent of DDEC III or EDM tween approximately 100F (38C) and 150F (66
control. C).

DDEC III Commands to the Fan

(see Table 1)
With engine brake dynamic braking, the ECM com-
mands the fan on when the compression brake is
selected high and active. This is an optional feature
selected at the time the engine is ordered.

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 050/1

01.18 Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM)
General Description

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN a volt). The Kysor EDM senses this, and responds
by holding line 234A low, which energizes the fan
DDEC III AND KYSOR EDM control solenoid valve. The Kysor EDM operates as a
relay in response to circuit D555. When D555 is re-
(see Fig. 1)

1 D555

6 C04 C01
12 9

29A A
81C 10 11
11 81C C
GND 119B B
A 119 A

12 3 15







07/19/94 f200280
A. Grounded to component mounting plate.
1. DDEC III ECM 6. Vigil Lightbar 12. J1587 (+) & () Twisted Pair
2. One-Way Connector 7. Air Line (data bus)
3. Two-Way Connector 8. Fan Control Solenoid Valve 13. Diagnostic Connector (LH dash
4. A/C Pressure Switch (NC) 9. Air-Controlled Fan Clutch panel)
5. A/C Receiver-Drier (mounted on 10. Fan Override Switch (optional) 14. Kysor EDM (component
the firewall (FLD) or the RH fwd 11. Ignition-Controlled Circuit mounting plate)
frame rail (FLB)) Breaker (10 amp) 15. Coolant Temperature Gauge

Fig. 1, DDEC III/Kysor EDM Wiring Connections

Circuit D555 leased (now measuring a few volts when connected

to the EDM), the EDM releases line 234A, the fan
If the DDEC III controller wants the fan off, it holds solenoid valve de-energizes and the fan is on.
circuit D555 near to "ground" (within a few tenths of

050/2 Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995

Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.18
General Description

J1587 Data Bus drive the coolant gauge (circuit 119) and to illuminate
the Vigil warning lamps and buzzer (circuit 18C for
The Kysor EDM responds to the digital information high coolant temperature and circuit 34 for low oil
on these circuits (twisted pair of wires) for coolant pressure).
temperature, high coolant temperature warning, and
low oil pressure warning. It uses this information to

Fan Status Coolant Temperature Oil Temperature Intake Air

Fan On 205 F (96C) 230 F (110C) 151 F (66C)
Fan Off 198 F (92C) 219 F (104C) 120 F (49C)
Table 1, DDEC III Fan Switching Temperatures

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 050/3

Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.18

Replacement (see Fig. 1 or Fig. 2 )

1 2

02/11/94 f540734

1. Electrical Center
02/11/94 f540733
2. EDM
1. Electrical Center
2. EDM Fig. 2, EDM Location in Conventional Vehicles
Fig. 1, EDM Location in COE Vehicles 5.1 Plug the two wiring harness connectors
into the new EDM.
1. Park the vehicle, set the parking brakes, and
chock the tires. 5.2 Place the new EDM in the electrical cen-
ter, and secure it with the screws re-
2. Disconnect the batteries. moved from the old EDM.
3. Remove the electrical center cover. 5.3 Install the electrical center cover.
On FLB COEs, the electrical center is inside the 6. Connect the batteries.
cab, on top of the tunnel. Remove the screw that
holds the center cover, and lift the cover off the 7. Remove the chocks from the tires.
electrical center.
On FLD Conventionals, the electrical center is
inside the cab, below the dash, and between the
driver and passenger seats. Remove the three
screws that hold the cover, then lift the cover up
and pull it back, off the electrical center.
4. Remove the EDM.
4.1 Disconnect the two wiring harness con-
nectors that plug into the EDM.
4.2 Remove the screws that hold the EDM to
the electrical center, and remove the
5. Install the new EDM.

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 100/1

Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.18

System Checks A/C Pressure Switch

The switch should be closed when the A/C is off.
Fan Solenoid Valve Plumbing This can be checked with an ohmmeter. If it is sus-
pected that the refrigerant charge is wrong, and is
The valve should be plumbed so that the fan is off
keeping the switch open, quickly unscrew the pres-
when the solenoid is energized electronically. This
sure switch from the receiver-drier and, using an
can be checked by disconnecting circuit 234A from
ohmmeter, check that the switch is closed. If it is
the EDM and energizing the solenoid valve by con-
closed, the switch may be ok, and it may be neces-
necting 234A to ground. Vehicle air pressure must be
sary to recharge the A/C system. However, it is also
up, and the key switch in the run position, so that the
possible that the switch has lost its correct opening
valve will have 12 volts supplied to it. The valve can
and closing pressure settings. But if the switch is
be heard operating when the engine is not running. If
open when removed from the receiver-drier, it is defi-
the fan locks up under these conditions, it is plumbed
nitely either the wrong switch, or it is malfunctioning.
with the wrong logic.

D555 Input to EDM Open Data Bus

If the data bus is open or the data bus lines have
If the Kysor EDM is operating correctly, it is possible
been reversed, the coolant needle "wags" or swings
to see that it responds to circuit D555 by "grounding"
back and forth (between approximately 100 F and
this input of the EDM. There is an inline connector
150 F) to indicate that the Kysor EDM has lost its
on this circuit near the EDM that can be unplugged
data bus connection to the engine. Probably it has
to do this check. When the input is "grounded" (with
become unplugged at the two-way inline connector
a clip lead or jumper wire), the fan should be off.
near the SAE (Deutsch) 6-pin diagnostic connector.
When the input is open, (disconnected from ground),
The two-way connector is located behind the panel
the fan should be on or locked up. This check works
on which the data bus connector is mounted. On ini-
only if everything else in the system is ok. It is a
tial startup, it is important to wait 10 seconds to ob-
good way to determine if the EDM is installed cor-
serve whether the coolant gauge needle is swinging.
rectly. (When doing this check, the A/C should be off
The EDM goes through a normal startup check
so that the A/C pressure switch is closed.)
(sweeps the coolant gauge needle and illuminates
the high coolant temperature and low oil pressure
A/C Pressure Switch Input to EDM lamps), then waits 10 seconds before indicating that
If the Kysor EDM is operating correctly, it is possible the data bus is disconnected. The fan stays on if the
to see that it responds to the pressure switch input data bus is disconnected.
by disconnecting the EDM from the pressure switch.
The switch is on the receiver-drier, and there is an DDEC Diagnostic Tool
inline two-way connector near this switch. With the
This tool may be used to observe air intake tempera-
engine at idle and the A/C off, the fan should engage
ture, coolant temperature, oil pressure, and the state
(go on) when the EDM is disconnected from the
of line D555 (port A2 on the DDEC III controller).
pressure switch. On the other hand, to check that the
When reading the state of port A2, the DDEC reader
fan will go off in response to this input, connect cir-
cuit 98C to "ground" (the fan should go off in about says FAN ON when the fan is physically off. The
reader is really saying that the output transistor for
30 seconds). A quick way to do this is to short the
port A2 is on. When the ouput transistor is on, the
two-way connector pins together. This will supply a
line goes low, and a low into the EDM on line D555
ground to circuit 98C (this also ensures that the
ground wire in the two-way connector is grounded). If means the fan is off. Thus, when the reader says A2
the fan does not go off with the EDM disconnected FAN OFF, the fan is on; when the reader says A2
FAN ON, the fan is off. The tool may also be used to
from the pressure switch, measure the voltage at cir-
toggle the output on and off in an interactive test.
cuit 98C (the wire end that goes to the EDM). With
the inline two-way connector disconnected, the EDM
end of circuit 98C should read approximately 12

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 300/1

01.18 Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM)

DDEC III Temperature Sensor

The engine controller will not report a failure for
these sensors (oil and coolant) until after the engine
has been running for eight minutes. According to De-
troit Diesel, the controller cannot distinguish between
an inoperative sensor and a cold sensor, so it is nec-
essary to heat up the engine before valid checks are
possible for sensors out of range.

For an applicable troubleshooting flow chart,
see Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Fig. 3, or Fig. 4 .

NOTE: Figure 1 shows the EDM power up

sequence, and Figure 2 shows how the EDM
normally operates. These figures are provided to
help give a better understanding of how the sys-
tem operates.

300/2 Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995

Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.18

Ignition On.

Set gauge drive to 0.

Turn on low oil pressure and

high coolant temperature
warning lights.

Turn fan off (Free Wheeling).

Have 5 seconds No


Stop self test. Increment gauge drive.

Turn off low oil pressure and

high coolant temperature
warning lights.

Return gauge to 100 F.

Begin monitoring
data bus and
discrete inputs.

07/19/94 f040247

Fig. 1, EDM Power Up Sequence

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 300/3

01.18 Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM)

Read J1587
data bus.

Is data OK?


Use PID 110

information to drive
Sweep gauge from
100 to 150 F.

Is PID 100 Yes

Error present?


If no error for 5 seconds

turn off Low Oil Pressure
Light Low Oil
warning lamp.
warning lamp.

Yes Is PID 110

Error present?


If no error for 5 seconds

turn off High Coolant
Light High Coolant Temp. warning lamp.
warning lamp.

Is Fan Request
from ECM?


Open Is A/C
Override circuit?


Is Yes
override timer
Set override timer = 0?
to 30 seconds.

Turn off fan.

Run fan.

07/19/94 f040248

Fig. 2, EDM Normal Operation

300/4 Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995

Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) 01.18

Check Fan Control

Solenoid (disconnect
wire 234A).

Problem is with Fan

Control Solenoid
or Clutch Plumbing No
Fan runs?
(check with engine
running and with
full air pressure). Yes

Reconnect wire
234A and proceed.

Open Override
input (98C).

Fan runs and

No Check override
continues to run for 30
input at EDM with
seconds after 98C is
98C open.


Override GND Check for short to

input is? ground on line to EDM
Open ECM Fan else EDM is defective.
Request (D555).

EDM is
Check fan request No defective.
Fan runs until
input at EDM with
D555 restored?
D555 open.


Check for short to GND Use DDR or simulated

Fan request
ground on line to EDM temperature sensor error
input is?
else EDM is defective. to cause ECM to command
fan on electronically.

EDM is EDM is defective or

defective. No ECM fan request driver
Fan runs?
is defective, try EDM
first (its less expensive).

EDM system is
good, check ECM
and sensors.

07/19/94 f040249

Fig. 3, EDM Troubleshooting Guide (Fan Never Runs or Fails to Run When it Should)

Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995 300/5

01.18 Kysor Electronic Data Monitor (EDM)

No Does EDM
Power Up test operate


Check power and Sweeping from 100 to 150 F

Gauge is?
ground to EDM.

Is High Fan running is normal,

Yes Is supply Yes
Temp warning EDM is not getting
OK? J1587 data (Data(+) and
lamp on?
No No

Check Fan Request Check for ground,

Defective Determine cause (D555 and open or reversed
EDM. of no power. Override Input (98C). data bus wires.

Are both at No
Ground (less than
0.5 volt)?


Is Low Oil
Temp warning lamp Fan running is normal,
Disconnect A/C
also on? check override circuit or
ECM and sensors as
Yes needed.

May be short to ignition

on wire 234A, 18C or
Voltage on
34, causing shutdown of 0 Volts
98C with module
all EDM output drivers.
connected is?

= IGN voltage

Pin B of EDM 6 pin

Fan running is normal, Reconnect A/C connector not
investigate why ECM pressure switch. making contact.
is sending error.

Bad connector,
Try grounding wire pin, or EDM.
234A directly.

Yes Does the

fan stop?


Problem is with fan

EDM is control solenoid and/
at fault. or clutch plumbing.

07/19/94 f040250

Fig. 4, EDM Troubleshooting Guide (Fan Runs All the Time)

300/6 Heavy-Duty Trucks Service Manual, Supplement 7, January 1995