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VOICEVOICE OFOF HOPEHOPE ISSUE The Official Newsletter of Hope Restoration Ministries July 2010 It’s time
The Official Newsletter of Hope Restoration Ministries
July 2010
It’s time to
Know your Rights
Why Dedicate
My BaBy?
How to keep the
Fire burning in your marriage
T a

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

From the Editor
From the Editor

Welcome to our new look “VOH”. This has been designed to give you a more professional look while providing for ease of read as well. The articles are just as relevant and powerful. Please write to me at editor@hrm.org.za and let me know what you think of the new look and of course what you would love to see more of in your VOH. Remember, it is your magazine HRM’ers so, get involved. The World Cup is in full swing and South Africans have once again been united by Sports. All races have been supportive of this major event with the whole of Africa so proud to host an event of this magnitude. VOH is behind Bafana Bafana all the way!!!

Some of you were concerned about the VOH being a bi-monthly publication, well, I am happy to report that VOH will continue to be a monthly publication again so please do call us for affordable advertising rates. In fact, if you take space for 3 consecutive issues, you will receive a 10% discount. June 20th being Father’s Day, VOH wishes all our HRM fathers a blessed day. May He keep you safe and give you wisdom in being fathers after His own heart. You are our heroes. This issue is jam packed with a looooot of great articles, from family, to money, to legal, to the bible to all you need all in one magazine. Enjoy the read. Till next month

need all in one magazine. Enjoy the read. Till next month What’s inside It is time



It is time to grow up 03

It is time to grow up


How to keep the fire burning in your marriage


Know your Faith, Know your Bible



Why dedicate my baby?


Medical Negli- gence. Know your rights


Will your


funeral policy

pay out?

09 Will your 10 funeral policy pay out? What’s on in July? 11 World Cup Final

What’s on in July?

11 World Cup Final 15 – 18 Youth Conference 24 Membership Class Cover Photo Mr
World Cup Final
– 18 Youth Conference
Membership Class
Cover Photo
Mr & Mrs Mathenjwa
Voice Of Hope Newsletter It’s tIme to GRoW UP When you came into this world
Voice Of Hope Newsletter
It’s tIme to
When you came into this world as a newborn baby, you
had a lot of growing to do! You weighed only about two or
four kilograms and you were about 50 centimeters tall! How
heavy and tall are you now?
GROWING UP is something that you are
doing all the time--little by little, day by day,
awake or asleep. Sometimes it may not even
seem as if you are growing, but if you are
young and were to compare your height with
what you were one year ago, you would
see a difference.
Luke 2:52 Jesus grew both in body and in
wisdom, gaining favour with God and people.
There are 4 different types of growth in life
according to Luke 2:52
What are the signs of growth?
We are to KEEP ON GROWING every day
of our Christian lives and we are never to
stop growing! When we fail to grow as we
should we are disobeying and displeasing
God. Remember growing in one area and
not growing in another is as a problem as
not growing at all. What is the point of being
a spiritual giant and a social midget? Live a
balanced life. Here are some of the ways one
shows their growth.
Physical growth
Intellectual growth
• Things that used to intimidate you
don’t anymore.
Editorial Team
Spiritual Growth
Social Growth
• Mature people leave their comfort
Editor in Chief
Pastor SC Mathebula
Assitant Editor
Pastor PM Mathebula
Boitumelo Shilubana
Layout Designer
Thabiso Albert Monare
Advertising & Sales
Boitumelo Shilubana
011 393 1431
Hope Restoration Ministries
Bhubezi Printers
Those who are born need to grow! Those
who are born again need to grow spiritually!
Those who have brains need to grow in
maturity! Those who are social beings need
to grow socially! This is called balanced
growth. God wants every believer to
GROW UP! Suppose you met a man who
was 27 years old and he was still wearing
diapers and drinking from a baby bottle.
Would something be wrong?
• Grown up’s don’t have to wait to be
told what to do, they do what they
know they have to do without being
• Grown ups learn from their mistakes
and the mistakes of others.
Being a baby is wonderful, but you should
not stay a baby too long! In life, there comes
a time where we need to take responsibility.
In Hebrews 11:24-26 “By faith Moses, when
he had grown up, refused to be known as
the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. 25 He chose
to be ill-treated along with the people of God
rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a
short time. 26 He regarded disgrace for the
sake of Christ as of greater value than the
treasures of Egypt, because he was looking
ahead to his reward.”
May the Lord help you as you navigate
through life. I and my wife love you and value
your constant support. We also pray that
Jesus Christ will continue to show His favour
on you and your families. If you draw near to
Him, He will draw near to you, till next time,
God bless you
Church Contacts
Tel/Fax 011 976 0600/1
Article by Pastor Siphiwe Christopher Mathebula who is a co-founder and senior Pastor of
Hope Restoration Ministries. He is also Editor in chief of Voice of Hope Magazine
JULY 2010
Voice Of Hope Newsletter The bliss of marriage It A 25 year journey. 25 Years?

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

The bliss of marriage It A 25 year journey. 25 Years? the wedding Wow! This
The bliss of marriage
A 25 year journey.
the wedding
This year on November
30th, Mr and Mrs
Mathenjwa will be
celebrating their
Silver Marriage
Anniversary. When
asked how they feel
about it, they both
sighed, like I had asked
them a loaded question.
Here unfolds their story.
Our wedding was simple compared to
today’s weddings. We wore 2 sets of
2-piesces. A 2-piesce is a twin suit that was
used for weddings in black culture instead
of the wedding gown. We then went to
Jan Smuts airport (the now OR TAMBO int.)
Holiday Inn to celebrate with our family and
friends. It was a beautiful day.
early struggles
in marriage
How it all began
We met at Shukumani Higher
Primary School in Tembisa in 1977.
We dated for 7 years before mar-
riage which we wouldn’t advise the
youth to do. Then Baba Mathen-
jwa looks at her, softly touches her
cheek and says “I used to call her
Zandi then” then they both burst
out laughing. “Now she is Ma
Mathenjwa or Siza. I gave her the
name Siza because she is always
helping people”
Back L-R: Mduduzi (1st born), Nonceba (Mduduzi’s wife), Nsizwa (2nd Born) Mid-
dle L-R: Mr T Mathenjwa, Mrs Z Mathenjwa, Buhle (3rd born)
Front: Mpumi (Last born)
Mama: I loved my family too much and
wanted and insisted on going to see my
mother every day after work which I did for a
while. My husband didn’t like it and I never
understood why. It took me a long time
to get to the level of understanding what it
means to leave and cleave, but it was a huge
cause for fights in the early years of our
marriage. We never got any type of
counselling prior our marriage so it was
pretty much like a jungle and one had to find
their way out. Also having to ask for
someone’s opinion / permission instead of
doing things your own way used to be a
problem for me. Another issue for us was
that my husband was very vocal about things
he was unhappy about, but I didn’t say
much. He was very harsh and heartless at
times. He wasn’t receptive of correction and
it made it difficult for us to deal with our
problems. We were also struggling
financially. We lived by begging and
borrowing money. The way we used to fight,
The Mathenjwa Family

there were times I thought of killing my kids and walking out of my marriage because it was heading down the drain. I would also wish that Mathenjwa would die.

was a hard time.

Baba: I was a horrible, heartless man. Everybody was afraid of me and that affected our marriage negatively. Every time we had a fight or an argument I would tell my wife “I’m going to divorce you.” I told her these words so many times, almost every day. I would even go the extent of locking her out of the gates if she had made me angry. This was the language used by my parents when I was growing up and it seemed ok to me. I used to be so cheeky and moody that no one could talk to me and that made me proud that people respected me. Even my colleagues at work never believed that I was married and had children the way I was harsh.

How it all changed

Baba: It is such a long story we could write

book, but my wife’s God made all the

difference. My wife got saved and contin- ued to pray for me. I started seeing a lot of changes in her conduct that I wanted to go with her to this prayer group that she kept mentioning. It was an old women’s

only prayer group, but I still went. I wanted to see and hear what they were saying to my wife that brought all the difference in

I found old grannies crying

our marriage.

and calling on God the whole night once a month. I continued to go even on days when she wouldn’t go. Those old ladies taught

my wife and I how prayer can sustain a mar- riage. I got saved a few months after that. One day, many years after our marriage, I was praying and God told me that before he addressed my needs, he needed me to go and ask for forgiveness from my wife. He showed me ALL the wrongs I did her most

which she didn’t remember. This was a

difficult task for me, but the minute I asked for my wife’s forgiveness, I was baptised with the Holy Spirit and received the gift of speaking in tongues there and there. When the bible says in 1 Peter 3:7 “Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

as the weaker partner and as heirs with you

of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will

hinder your prayers.” God means business.

Mama: If I say salvation kept my marriage, it will sound like such an understatement, but

it is true. We used to travel by train to go to

work. I would go into the church couch and Mathenjwa would go into the “mzabalazo” couch. There was a young man in the train called Siphiwe who used to preach the word of God every morning in the train and this was my daily food. Little did I know that one day that young man would be my Spiritual father and that I together with my husband would be part of Hope Restoration Ministries. The seeds of hope he laid in my heart that many years ago in the train, continued to grow. The prayer group my husband men- tioned, those old ladies taught how to care for a man and what marriage was all about. Thank God for praying women.

Both: We took a day out one day and wrote all the things about our individual families we loved and made another list of all things about our individual families we didn’t like, and then we drew up our own list of things we wanted to incorporate in our marriage. We also used this time to pray for all those

curses over our families that they wouldn’t be

a part of our lives anymore.

Dealing with conflict

be a part of our lives anymore. Dealing with conflict Always attack the problem and not

Always attack the problem and not the person. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If your partner does or says something hurtful, you do not help the situation by doing or

saying something worse it is vital to talk to each other with respect and humility. Just like the bible says, “submit one to another.” Remember that at another time it will be you needing to be treated with grace. Building


successful marriage doesn’t take a day. It


a life long journey. In your anger, do not

sin. We used to spend three weeks without

a word when we had had an argument, but

now even 6 months go by where we don’t have an altercation, so be patient with one another.


had had an argument, but now even 6 months go by where we don’t have an
Voice Of Hope Newsletter Know your Faith, Know your Bible What sets us APART as

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Voice Of Hope Newsletter Know your Faith, Know your Bible What sets us APART as born

Know your Faith, Know your Bible

Voice Of Hope Newsletter Know your Faith, Know your Bible What sets us APART as born

What sets us APART as born again CHRISTIANS – A brief comparison with Islam

The Christian faith and its value proposition is best showcased when contrasted with some of the alternate faiths that are on offer elsewhere in the world. It is when we know what we have in relation to the precepts of other faiths that we truly appreciate the gift of fellowship with Christ that has been afforded us.

It is estimated that the two most popular faiths in the world are Christianity and Islam with 2 and 1.3 billion followers respectively across the world. The Islam faith with its followers (referred to as Muslims – Sunni and Shiite) is based on the teachings and life of Prophet Muhammad and these teachings are contained in a number of writings, these include the Qur’an, the Hadiths and Sira (life) of the prophet the latter two forms what is called the “Sunnah – the way of the prophet”. On the other side the Christian faith is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and is fundamentally based on writings as contained in the bible which is firmly and justifiably believed to be the word of God. History informs us that Christianity was founded before Islam.

Christianity and Islam do carry some similarities, amongst these is the belief that there is one creator (referred by Muslims as Allah and by Christians as Jehovah), these faiths mutually believe in the existence of demons and angels, furthermore both religions believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Both these religions believe in the existence of heaven as a place of reward of the in the afterlife and in hell as a place of punishment in the afterlife. In as much as there are these similarities, there are striking differences which differentiates the Christian (to Islam) faith in ways that are irreconcilable. Let us look at these at a very high level.

-systems of belief. Most Muslims are exceptionally gracious and peace-loving people and Islam has many elements of peace in it. However, anyone who wants to commit violence has perfect justification for doing so from the Qur’an. Many passages in the Qur’an exhort Muslims to hate or kill or terrorise non-Muslims wherever they find them (See Suras 2:190-193; 2:216; 2:244, 3:56, 3:151, 4:56, etc). There is an overall tone of violence and intolerance in the Islam faith (See Suras 8:7, 33:1; 58:14-15; 60:1 and 60: 13) which is further from the teachings of Jesus Christ relating to peace (in fact he is referred to as a Prince of PEACE). Indeed the bible does contain elements of violence as articulated in numerous chapters and verses of the old testament however with the coming of Christ to bear God’s judgement, the warfare of God’s people as described in the Old Testament was converted to spiritual warfare in the New Testament (Eph 6:10-18). In the present warfare Christians are commanded not to curse but to bless their enemies, overcoming all evil with good.

There is nothing like the Christian concept of “love your enemies” or “turn the other cheek” (Luke 6:27-37) found in Islam. While Christianity says to love your neighbour as yourself (Matt 19:19), the Qur’an instructs its followers not to even take Christians or Jews as friends (See Suras 3:118, 5:51; 64;


As Christians we are privileged in following Jesus Christ, a man who preached PEACE and LOVE, a man who sacrificed his life unto death and was resurrected by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT and is now reigning in Heaven with the Father and he will one day return to gather his Church, a church that received him as the Son of the living God.

Join us in the next edition as we look at how Islam differs from the Christian faith in how it perceives the treatment of women, salvation, heaven and the overall nature of God.

of women, salvation, heaven and the overall nature of God. Firstly Muslims reject the fact that

Firstly Muslims reject the fact that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God incarnate and Saviour of the world. This off course is the gateway to eternal life; it is a pre-requisite according to the writings and the pronunciations of Jesus Christ whilst on earth. The Islam faith belief holds the view that Jesus Christ was another prophet of God whose message has been corrupted; furthermore it is a held view that Jesus was not crucified but was rather ascended bodily into heaven (as in the case of prophet Elijah) and that a disciple died in his place. The latter would therefore lead followers of the Islam faith not to believe in the resurrection of Christ since he did not die – the resurrection of Christ in the Christian faith is the pinnacle of the victory that Christ received for the Saints and manifests the power of the Holy Spirit (a member of the Godhead) who resurrected him from the dead.

The points of departure as out lined above are irretrievable and causes for eternal borders to exist between these two faiths. The Christian faith is set apart in the main by Jesus Christ the son of the living God – the Saviour to the world engulfed in sin.

It is also important that one notes the fact that the Christian faith holds true to the bible as the word of God – a bible which is a consistent scientifically proven set of events corroborated by a number of scribes writing over different periods of time, whilst the Qur’an is an account of one man’s experience and his recorded life.

It would be impossible to complete the contrast between these two faiths without raising the overall tone contained in these

Johnson Makhubu is a zonal pastor responsible for the Birch Acres area and enjoys spending time in the study of various faiths including their fundamental writings.


Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Roles in the home

- and you don’t get bored. Pray together for your marriage.

Mama: protect each other from children, family and others. When you have done wrong and your partner protects you instead of exposes you, it raises a new level of love. Wives, serve your husbands well in all things from the kitchen to the bedroom.

husbands well in all things from the kitchen to the bedroom. message to newly wed’s Baba

message to newly wed’s

Baba: Number 1, if the Lord does not build your house, your labour is in vain. You need the Creator of marriage to be a priority in your lives and your marriage. Number 2, patience-remember none of you are perfect. It will take time to get to know each other.

things you didn’t know about the mathenjwa’s

Baba: He used to play professional soccer with some of the clubs in the NPSL (currently known as PSL) like Witbank Black Aces, Dribbling Wizards (Swaziland) and Orlando Pirates. He also played for, founded and coached Classic FC based in Tembisa.

Mama: she is a mean cook. Any dish is child’s play to her.

We hope this article has helped bring hope and healing to your marriage. Let us know how it impacted on your own marriage, editor@hrm.org.za.

Baba: Most men force the idea that they are heads in the homes but they do not live as such. A father, husband, needs to listen to God for direction for the family. The wife and children need to hear you in God’s presence and hear you praying for them. God also expects us husbands to love our wives like He loved the church. If you love your wife, you will treat and talk to her like a queen not an enemy.

Mama: The wife should submit to the husband, that is the word of God. I have seen God fight battles for me when I chose to submit even at times when I believed my husband was wrong. Do good to your husband even if he does you wrong. Be humble at all times. Live a life of prayer.

you wrong. Be humble at all times. Live a life of prayer. Mama : Communication is

Mama: Communication is important. It doesn’t help to keep things bottled up. The couple MUST lead a life of prayer. I encourage couples to attend marriage seminars and learn from others. These helped our marriage a lot.

Advice to young people

Young people get themselves involved in relationships while too young. This is not a good thing as they get into relationships that cause permanent damage to themselves and their future marriages. Old hurts are brought into the marriage and bring in extra baggage. Most young people have also taken God out of their life partner decision. When people connect only physically and not spiritually it brings a lot of unnecessary burden on the relationship. They also marry unbelievers because they are short sighted. Young people should stay pure and create a relationship with God so that they can hear from Him about their life partner. Marriage is not for kids!

on Family & ministry

We teach our children that all we have is from God. God is a priority in our lives then family. When God is a priority then all other things tend to fall into place. We pray that through our way of serving God and the children seeing the fruits of this, they themselves will be encouraged to live a life pleasing to God. Children can also make you fight by running to a “softer” parent. Do not allow this. Both of you should agree on discipline methods and carry them out the same. Don’t be comfortable with the children loving you and not loving their father / mother the same way.

you and not loving their father / mother the same way. How to keep the fire
you and not loving their father / mother the same way. How to keep the fire
you and not loving their father / mother the same way. How to keep the fire

How to keep the fire burning

father / mother the same way. How to keep the fire burning Baba : Do not

Baba: Do not compare your partner to someone else’s partner. If you do that, you slowly kill the fire in your love. When you see someone else as better than your own

06 partner, you will not see their good or beauty anymore. Ask the Lord to help see your partner is a new way every day. Don’t stop playing with each other. It keeps you young

Ask the Lord to help see your partner is a new way every day. Don’t stop
Voice Of Hope Newsletter Daddy Defined Being a husband is not a prerequisite to Why
Voice Of Hope Newsletter
Being a husband is not
a prerequisite to
Why dedicate
my baby?
being a father
I’m not permitting
many fathers
pre-marital sex)”Even though you have
10,000 guardians in Christ, you do not have
(I Cor. 4:15) “And he will turn
the hearts of the fathers to the children, and
the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest
I come and strike the earth with a curse.”
(Malachi 4:6)
“A Baby Dedication is a ceremony in which believing
parents, and sometimes entire families, make a
commitment before the Lord to submit a child to God’s
will and to raise that child according to God’s Word and
God’s ways”
God is our Father in Heaven, and He wants
more people like Him. I believe He is looking
to & fro throughout the earth for people with
hearts like His own. He is a Father, and He
Responsibilities Involved in Baby Dedication
Christian parents who dedicate a child are making a promise to the Lord to do everything within
lovingly disciplines us like a Father. He holds
us as a Father. We can sit in His lap as a
child does with his or her father.
many fathers today have abandoned their
families, whether physically, emotionally or
verbally. Maybe even spiritual things have
led him astray. The devil is tricky, but not as
powerful as those who walk according to
Christ. For we have overcome him through
our Big Daddy.
their power to raise the child in a godly way, prayerfully until he or she can make a decision on
his or her own to follow God. Parents who make this vow of commitment are instructed to raise
the child in the ways of God, and not according to their own ways. Some of the responsibilities
include teaching and training the child in God’s Word, demonstrating an example of godliness,
disciplining according to God’s ways, and praying earnestly for the child.
At Hope Restoration Ministries we believe on a strict policy in baby dedication:
Parents need to
be guided in fulfilling this Christian duty and the responsibilities accompanied by it.
Why dedication?
1. Children are an inheritance from the LORD. They are a reward from him.
The children born
It’s difficult for many to even comprehend
God as a loving Father, because of their
experiences with unloving ones. With
abortion rampant & accepted, men are able
to abandon their families much earlier. Men,
we will be held more responsible for abortion
than women. We are the leaders and the
heads of households.
to a man when he is young are like arrows in the hand of a warrior. Blessed is the man
who has filled his quiver with them. He will not be put to shame when he speaks with his
enemies in the city gate. Psalm 127:3-5
2. We do not know how to raise them. Jdg 13:8 Then Manoah pleaded with the LORD,
“Please, Lord, let the man of God you sent come back to us. Let him teach us what we
must do for the boy who will be born.”
3. The attacks from the Evil One are vile. Mat 2:13 after they had left, an angel of the Lord ap-
peared to Joseph in a dream. The angel said to him, “Get up, take the child and his mother,
and flee to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, because Herod intends to search for the child
and kill him.”
4. The purpose of the child is known only by the Lord.
Jdg 13:12 Then Manoah asked,
If we are held responsible for this
atrocity, then what should our response
be? If we are to begin living as Godly
fathers, then what does this look like?
Is adoption a practical answer that God
is giving us to redeem the fatherless?
“When your words come true, how should the boy live and what should he do?”
5. We want to connect our children with the Lord at an early age: Jdg 13:24 so the woman
had a son and named him Samson. The boy grew up, and the LORD blessed him.
6. The people of God will always be spiritual beings.
Jdg 13:21 The Messenger of the LORD
didn’t appear again to Manoah and his wife. Then Manoah knew that this had been the
Messenger of the LORD. They believe in supernatural powers, and generally have accepted
that no human being can live on his/her own.
“I rescued the poor who cried for help and
the fatherless who had none to assist him.” -
Job (Job 29:12) “[Jesus] defends the cause
of the fatherless and the widow
food and
clothing.” (Deut. 10:18)
giving him
7. This is a first step towards baptism. As a grown up, the child will be told of his/her child-
hood and of who he is and where he comes from. Pro 22:6 Train a child in the way he
should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it. We grow and progress in
our faith. The ultimate is to be soaked in the Holy Spirit for eternal life.
Kenny miracle is a freelance video and journalist
based in the USA. This article was published with
Article written by Pastor Henry Skosana who is a care pastor at Hope Restoration Ministries.

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

at Hope Restoration Ministries. Voice Of Hope Newsletter Medical Negligence Know your rights! Legal claims for

Medical Negligence

Know your rights!

Legal claims for reasons of medical negligence by doctors This article was necessitated by the growing oversight primarily by lay persons who are not conversant with the law and the rules applicable to medical negligence cases and therefore end up not initiating legal proceedings in a court of law because of lack of knowledge. In the book of Hosea 4: 6, God says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

What then is medical negligence? Medical negligence is also known as medical malpractice. It is defined as an Improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional. The negligent conduct by such professional may cause injury or death to the patient.

Medical negligence occurs when the care provided by the professional deviates from the accept- ed standards of practice in the medical community. In other words it is the failure of a physician or other medical personnel to meet the standards of professional conduct for duties relating to the medical profession. Those standards are based on what a reasonable doctor or professional with the requisite knowledge and skills would or would not do.

A person who alleges negligent medical malpractice must prove four elements:


A duty of care was owed by the physician: This legal duty exists whenever a hospital or health care provider undertakes care or treatment of a patient.


The physician violated the applicable standard of care: In order to prove this element the patient must show that the doctor failed to conform to the relevant standard of care. The standard of care is proved by expert testimony or by obvious errors (the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur or the thing speaks for itself).


The patient suffered a compensable injury: Without damages (losses which may be financial or emotional), there is no basis for a claim, regardless of whether the medical provider was negligent.


The injury was caused in fact and proximately caused by the substandard conduct.

The burden of proving the above elements is on the plaintiff (i.e. the patient) in a malpractice lawsuit. Physicians, as professionals, owe a duty of care to those who seek their treatment. This element is rarely an issue in malpractice litigation, because once a doctor agrees to treat a patient, he or she has a professional duty to provide competent care. More important is that the plaintiff must show some actual, compensable injury that is the result of the alleged negligent care. Proof of injury can include the physical effects of the treatment performed by the physician, but it can also include emotional effects. The amount of compensation at issue is usually a highly contested part of the litigation.

In the Next Edition:

• How does a patient prove medical negligence

• What amounts to damages or compensable injury

• Can the patient contribute to medical negligence?

Article written by G Phungula, Associate Pastor at HRM, Practicing Attorney and conveyancer and founding member of lawyers voice. www.lawyersvoice.co.za

and founding member of lawyers voice. www.lawyersvoice.co.za Skin Care during winter Because of the cold winter
Skin Care during winter Because of the cold winter we experience in South Africa, winter
Skin Care
during winter
Because of the cold winter we experience
in South Africa, winter can cause dry,
irritated skin. When skin becomes dry and
irritated, eczema can flare. Here are some
tips to care for your skin during winter or
anytime the air is dry:
1. Switch to an oil based moisturizer
and apply it immediately after bath
or a shower to seal in moisture.
2. Continue using sun protection
during winter.
3. Don’t neglect your lips,
hands and feet.
4. Drink lots of water to keep hydrating
yourself. In winter we tend to drink
less water because we thirst less.
5. Take a multivitamin and
antioxidants supplement to help your
skin regain its energy and strength.
Most important antioxidants for the
skin are Vitamin C, B, E, Zink and

Voice Of Hope Newsletter

Voice Of Hope Newsletter Will your funeral policy pay out?
Voice Of Hope Newsletter Will your funeral policy pay out?

Will your funeral policy pay out?

Did you know that some funeral policies do not pay out when the person insured dies after the age of 65? Whenever you take out a

policy of any kind, make sure that you receive

a policy document and that you read the

policy document and understand it. You have


policy if you are not satisfied with the terms.

30 – day “cooling off” period to cancel your

Many people take out policies and when it’s time to claim, their claim is refused. If this happens to you, ask the insurance company to give you the reasons in writing. If you are unhappy about the reasons provided and your insurer will not assist you, you can write to the Ombudsman for Long-term Insurance. The Ombudsman resolves disputes between you, the policy holder and your insurer free of charge. The Ombudsman contact details are:

Private Bag X45



Telephone No.: (021) 657 5000 Fax No.: (021) 674 0951 E-mail: info@ombud.co.za Source: Website: www.ombud.co.za

Another tip when it comes to funeral policies

is that it is often cheaper for you to take out

one policy for your whole family than to take

a policy for each member of your family. A

good example of this is a colleague of mine Dudu. Dudu comes from a big family of 7 sisters and brothers. She was paying over R1 000 in funeral policy premiums monthly. When she decided to take out a single policy for all of her sisters and brothers, her premium was reduced to just over R500. She saved herself 50% in premiums and also saved on debit order charges!

10 Article written by Phumelele Ndumo – Vilakazi; author of the book, 7 Secrets why the rich own their homes and founding MD of ThuthukaSA. Remem- ber to visit our website www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more money tips.

visit our website www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more money tips. Book Review We will showcase a book every



www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more money tips. Book Review We will showcase a book every month read by
www.thuthuka-sa.co.za for more money tips. Book Review We will showcase a book every month read by

We will showcase a book every month read by the editor. This month’s book is “The case for Easter” by Lee Strobel. This must be one of the most outstanding books I have ever read on the subject of the cross. A must have for every Christian and an evangelistic tool to non believers. The book is available at local Christian Bookshops.

have for every Christian and an evangelistic tool to non believers. The book is available at