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Relationship and matching of compatibility between husband & wife:

1. Prohibited pairs: The following pairs of nakshatras are prohibited for marriage
if both the partners are born under this pair. Such pairs are:
Ashwini-Jyeshtha; Bharani-Anuradha; Krittika-Vishakha;
Rohini-Swati; Aridra-Shravana; Punarvasu- U.Shadha;
Pushya-P.Shadha; Ashlesha-Moola; Makha-Revati;
P. Phalguni-U. Bhadra; U.Phalguni-P.Bhadra; Hasta-Satabhisha;
Marigashira- Dhanishta.
2. Benefic pairs: The following pairs of nakshatras are good, despite vedha for
marriage if boy and the girl are born under indicated nakshatra. Such pairs are:
1. Aswini Girl Punarvasu Boy
2. Barani Girl Pushya Boy
3. Rohini Girl Makha Boy
4. Arudra Girl ` Uttaraphalguni Boy
5. Punarvasu Girl Hasta Boy
6. Pushya Girl Chitra Boy
7. Poorvaphalguni Girl Anuradha Boy
8. Swati Girl Uttarshadha Boy
9. Moola Girl Poorvabhadra Boy
10. Poorvashadha Girl Uttarabhadra Boy
11. Uttarashadha Girl Revati Boy
12. Poorvabhadra Girl Rohini Boy
3. Avoid following matchings even found in same sign:
1. Krittika Girl Bharani Boy
2. Aslesha Girl Pushya Boy
3. Shatabish Girl Dhanishta Boy
4. The following 8 nakshatras are prohibited if are common in both. It is eka
nakshtra dosha. (same star can safely be allowed in other 19 nakshatras)

Bharani Aslesha Swati Jyestha

Moola Dhanishta Shatabihs Poorvabadra
3. Rakshasa ganam is cancelled if:
4. The star of the girl is beyond 14 when counted from the star of the boy.
5. The rasi lords of the girl and boy be the same planet or friendly planets or
if the rasis of the girl and boy be 7th from each other.
6. 2/12 dosha is cancelled if the boys rasi is an odd sign and the girls is 12th to it.
7. Counting from the girls star, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 9th stars of the boy are good.
8. Counting from the Janma rasi of the girl if the boys rasi is:
2nd It is mrityu and will prove fatal 2nd Evil results will follow
3 Will lead to misery and sorrow 3rd - Misery and sorrow
4th Will result in poverty 4th Poverty
5 Will cause widowhood 5th Unhappiness
6th Loss of children 6th Loss of children
7 All round prosperity, long life 7th Health, agreement, happiness
8th Many children 8th Prosperity to progeny
9 Provides immunity from widowhood 9th Enjoyment and prosperity
10th Wealthy 10th Great wealth
11th Happiness 11th Happiness
12th Long Life 12th Long life to couple

9. A very happy life: If the 7th lord, 7th and 5th houses are strong and if Jupiter is in a
kendra or kona, such a girl will bring prosperity to her parents as well as to her
husband and husbands family.
10. Rajju dosha cancels if:
11. If the rasi lords of the girl and the boy are the same planet.
12. If the rasi lord of the girl and boy are friends.
13. If the Janma rasis of the girl and the boy are 7/7 (diametrically opposite).
This cancels even rasi dosha, vedha dosha and rakshasa ganam dosha.
11. Span of life: Every woman wishes to die as sumangali i.e. they wish to die before
their husband. Who shall predecease whom is found as under:-
14. Count from the girls birth star to the boys birth star. Multiply this number
by 7 and divide the product by 27. Note the remainder.
15. Count from the boys birth star to the girls birth star. Multiply this number
by 7 and divide the product by 27. Note the remainder.
16. One whose remainder is less will die first.
12. Judging longevity: Combinations indicating long life.
17. Lagnesh exalted or in his own house.
18. Lagnesh and Moon in kendra or kona.
19. Lagnesh in 8th house.
20. Lagnesh and Moon both powerful or associated with benefics or in kendra
or kona.
21. Lagnesh and 8th lord both powerful.
22. Jupiter or Saturn or Sun or Mercury or Venus or 8th lord is in lagna.
23. Lagna under aspect of Jupiter or Saturn.
24. 8th lord aspects 8th house.
25. Jupiter in 8th or aspects lagna or lagnesh or 8th house or 8th lord or Saturn.
26. Jupiter aspects 9th lord.
27. Jupiter in lagna or in kendra.
28. Lagnesh and Saturn both in lagna or in 8th house.
29. Powerful Saturn in lagna, 3rd, 6th or 11th or aspecting lagna.
30. 9th and 10th lords in lagna.
31. Calculation of matching points:
Name of agreement one view 2nd view
Tara (counting stars from girl) 3 3
Rakshasa ganam 6 6

Yoni 4 4
Rasi (counting rasis from girl) 7 7
Graha maitri (rasi lords friendship) 2 5
Nadi 8 8
Varna 1 1
Vashya 2 2
Rajju 7 -
Vedha (prohibited pairs) 3 -

Mahendram(counting stars from girl)4 -

Stree deergham (boys star beyond 3 -
9 from girls star)
Total 50 36
th th rd th th
In horary, Moon in 10 , 11 , 3 , 7 or 5 aspected by Jupiter gives early marriage or
lagna in sign 2, 7 or 4 and containing or aspected by a benefic gives early marriage.
Mahendram: Girls star to Boy should be 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 for prosperity.

Relationship & Matching of Horoscopes

1. Longevity:- First judge longevity from strength of 8th house. If the ascendant and
its lord are strong and also if the lord of the 8th house does not possess more strength
than it, there will be good longevity. Strong benefics posited in quadrants indicate
longevity. When there is no longevity in either chart, the horoscopes should not be
matched even though they are in sympathy with each other on other counts.
2. Strength of the 7th & 8th: Venus:- For a good and a happy married life, 7th
house, 7th lord and Venus should all be strong. Affliction of the 7th house in the
horoscope of a male indicates disease or death of his wife, while the affliction of the 8th
house in the horoscope of a female indicates the death of her husband. In case of female,
if there is an exchange of 7th and 8th lords, aspected by or associated with a malefic or if
lords of 7th and 8th are in 6th or 12th along with a malefic or get aspect of a malefic, it
may cause widowhood. In such cases, she should be married to a male who has got good
longevity. Venus should not be hemmed between malefics or associated with them. If
Mars and Venus are in the 7th, the male or female concerned will be highly sexed and
such a person should be mated to one who has similar instincts and not to one who has
Mercury or Jupiter in the 7th.
3. Boys lagna 7th from girls lagna shows strong physical attraction.
Boys rasi 7th from girls rasi shows strong mental attraction.
Boys Sun sign 7th from girls Sun sign shows great spiritual/souls attraction.
Relationship compatibility:
Birth star or star or constellation means the constellation in which Moon is
posited in natal charts. Rasi is the sign where Moon is posited in the birth chart. birth star
and rasi play full role in matching horoscopes.
The technique: The traditional method of relationship compatibility is based upon the
rasis of the couple which determines their fundamental compatibility. It measures the
flow of the life force or energy, between the two people, whether harmonious or
If the matching of the rasis is adequate the couple will have the capacity to relate
in a manner that allows the love to flow and for both of them to grow in a positive way.
Karmic and behavioral factors will modify to an extent that they will fulfill this capacity.
If the matching of the rasis is inadequate the couple will find it difficult to be
compatible as their very life force will not harmonize well together. In this case there is
little that they can do, except to accept the fact that their energies collide or miss each
other at times. They can consciously attempt to create a better rapport, but at times they
will fall back into their natural manner, especially during times of stress or fatigue.
The beauty of the Vedic compatibility is that it is based upon a deep
understanding of the masculine/feminine dynamics that are part and parcel of every
human relationship. In this article I have not only explained the technique in full, but
have attempted to explain the important psychological and behavioral truths underlying
each agreements (matching).
Why the Moons, i.e. rasi and nakshatra containing Moon:
32. The Moon whose numerical number is 7 is representative of the life force.
33. The Moon is the manas, mind, in which lives the Jiva (human being): the self,
with ahamkara, the ego, the idea of separate existence. Sri Yukteswar
34. The Moon, therefore indicates the compatibility of the two selves through the
agency of the life force.
35. The Moon is the conditioned consciousness of man.
36. The Moon is all that is most comfortable, familiar and innate to an individual.
When two people get involved a flow of energy is created between them. This
energy must flow from a positive to a negative terminal, just like a battery, for best
results. Any obstructions to this flow may create a loss in power and, therefore, inertia, or
a short circuit which may quickly heat up and explode. Several of the agreements
(matchings) enable to see if there is such an obstruction to the flow of the couples
energies. These are the most important agreements and any one of these if afflicted will
cause serious difficulties within the relationships. I shall call these as the Major
In addition to the flow of energy, there must be high enough voltage. This is
determined by the total points of all the agreements combined. The higher the score the
more similar the taste buds. This gives a greater capacity for a compromise that allows
both individuals to feel fundamentally good about what they are getting. The higher the
score the more they will feel like and desire the similar, and this makes it easier to
compromise. If the score is good and they are still having difficulties it will be due to
some type of egocentric behavioral problem.
The agreements that affect to lesser degree are termed as minor agreements.
Two agreement known as gana agreement and graha maitram agreement
relate to the psychological, or mental attitudes of the individuals. It is important that
mental attitudes of the individuals should harmonize, otherwise they will view same thing
differently which may lead to conflicts.
1) Varna agreement shows ego development of partners.
37. Signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are brahmin signs.
38. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are kshatriya signs.
39. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are vaishya signs.
40. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are shudra signs.
The grade of varna is in descending order. Girl of a higher varna should not be
matched to a lower varna boy. This dosha shortens grooms life. It is not considered good
for a girl of a higher grade of development to marry a man of a lower grade. This dosha
gets cancelled if rasi lord of man is of higher varna than that of the girl. Allot one point if
the caste is same or man is of higher caste.
41. Vashya agreement shows love and longing and mutual attraction between the couple
and its intensity. It shows amenability and magnetic control between the couple. If the
boys rasi is amenable to the girls then the couple will be very loving and 2 points are
given. If the girls rasi is amenable to the boys there will be happiness and 1 point be
given. For Aries, Leo and Scorpio are amenable and magnetically attracted to him. The
following chart gives vashya rasi of each sign.

Rasi Vasya rasis

Aries Leo, Scorpio

Taurus Cancer, Libra
Gemini Virgo
Cancer Scorpio, Sagittarius
Leo Libra,
Virgo Gemini, Pisces

Rasi Vasya rasis

Libra Capricorn, Virgo
Scorpio Cancer
Sagittarius Pisces
Capricorn Aquarius, Aries
Aquarius Aries
Pisces Capricorn
3) Tara agreement also known as deena koota. This compatibility shows longevity
and health of the couple. This matching, gives luck and long life, and ensures that mans
energy is comforting and creating of security to the woman. First tara is known as
janama, second sampata, third vipata, fourth kshema, fifth pratyak, sixth sadhaka,
seventh vedha, eighth maitra and ninth atimaitra. Taras 1,3,5,7 are inauspicious:
2,4,6,8,9 are auspicious. Count from boys janama nakshatra to that of the girl and divide
by 9. If remainder is 0,2,4,6,8 it is excellent. Assign 3 gunas:
Notes: a. If both have same nakshatra:- i. If nakshatras are in different rasis, this
agreement will prevail if girls rasi succeeds boys rasi.
ii. If same nakshatras of both falls in the
same rasi, for this agreement Moons longitude in boy should be less.
b. Boys nakshatra is 27th from girls:- i. If in different rasis, there is no
deena agreement. ii. If in same rasi, this agreement prevails.
th th nd
42. c. 10 , 19 and 22 nakshatra be avoided.
d. Benefic pairs: The following pairs of nakshatras are good, despite vedha
for marriage if boy and the girl are born under following pairs of nakshatra:
1. Aswini Girl Punarvasu Boy
2. Barani Girl Pushya Boy
3. Rohini Girl Makha Boy
4. Arudra Girl ` Uttaraphalguni Boy
5. Punarvasu Girl Hasta Boy
6. Pushya Girl Chitra Boy
7. Poorvaphalguni Girl Anuradha Boy
8. Swati Girl Uttarshadha Boy
9. Moola Girl Poorvabhadra Boy
10. Poorvashadha Girl Uttarabhadra Boy
11. Uttarashadha Girl Revati Boy
12. Poorvabhadra Girl Rohini Boy
4) Yoni agreement: Yoni means sexual organ, it indicates general and sexual
compatibility, sexual joy and biological compatibility, mutual love & attraction and sex
inclinations. Every nakshatra has characteristics of an animal. The basis is similarity and
adjustability of mental habits and attitudes of such animals.
43. Match between same species (same yoni) gives happiness and full harmony in
life. It is also good for progeny. It is the best and allot 4 points.
44. Marriage in same yoni but the boy in male and girl in female yoni is the best.
45. Marriages between friendly yonis, allot 3 points, for neural allot 2 points.
46. Marriage between both male yonis may give friction and quarreling.
47. Marriage between both female yonis may show lack of initiative and inertia.
48. For unfriendly yoni give one point.
49. For inimical species, match be denied but, if vashya koota is full, then it can
be allowed. But allot no point on account of this agreement.
50. Totally avoid enemy yonis especially if both yonis have same sex.

The table on the next page gives the animal names of the nakshatras to whose yoni they
belong along with the inimical yonis for ready reference.

Constellations Constellations Yoni Inimical yoni

1. Ashwini 24. Satabhisha Horse Buffalo
2. Bharani 27. Revati Elephant Lion
3. Krittika 8. Pushya Goat Monkey
4. Rohini 5. Mrigashira Snake Camel
6. Aridra 19. Moola Dog Hare
7. Punarvasu 9. Ashlesha Cat Rat
10. Magha 11. Poorvaphalguni Rat Cat
12. Uttaraphalguni 26. Uttaraphadra Cow Tiger
13. Hasta 15. Swati Baffalo Horse
14. Chitra 16. Vishakha Tiger Cow
17. Anuradha 18. Jyeshtha hare Dog
20. Poorvashadha 22. Shravana Monkey Goat
21. Uttarashadha 28. Abhijit Mongoose Snake
23. Dhanishta 25. Poorvabhadra Lion Elephant
Star nos. 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25 are male yonis. Rest are female.
The table below gives the units of yoni agreement for sexual and biological
1/24 2/27 3/8 4/5 6/19 7/9 10/11 12/26 13/15 14/16 17/18 20/22 21 23/25
1-24 4 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 0 1 3 3 2 1
2-27 2 4 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 1 2 3 2 0
3-8 2 3 4 2 1 2 1 3 3 1 2 0 3 1
4-5 3 3 2 4 2 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 0 2
6-19 2 2 1 2 4 2 1 2 2 1 0 2 1 1
7-9 2 2 2 2 2 4 0 2 2 1 3 3 2 2
10-11 2 2 1 1 1 0 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 1
12-26 1 2 3 2 2 2 2 4 3 0 3 2 2 1
13-15 0 3 3 2 2 2 2 3 4 1 2 2 2 3
14-16 1 2 1 1 1 1 2 0 1 4 1 1 2 2
17-18 3 2 2 2 0 3 2 3 2 1 4 2 2 2
20-22 3 3 0 2 2 3 2 2 2 1 2 4 3 2
21 2 3 3 0 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 4 2
23-25 1 0 1 2 1 1 1 1 3 2 2 2 2 4
Number at the top and side refer to serial number of star: figures in table give the units of
5) Graha- maitri (Rasyadhipati) agreement: It shows progeny prospects, mental
qualities and affection for each other.
Notes: a. The rasi lord of the girl and boy should be friends and not enemies. If
they are neutral, it is average.
b. If no graha maitri exists, graha maitri will exist if the rasi lords in the
navamsa chart are friends.
Table indicating planetary friendship
Friends Enemies Neutral
Moon, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Venus Mercury
Sun Mercury None Mars,Venus,Jupiter,Saturn
Jupiter, Moon, Sun Mercury Saturn, Venus
Sun, Venus Moon Saturn, Mars, Jupiter
Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Mercury Saturn
Mercury, Saturn Moon, Sun Mars, Jupiter
Venus, Mercury Mars, Moon Jupiter
6) Ganam- maitri It gives compatibility of temperament, mutual daily behaviour, happy
events and prosperity to the couple.
i. Deva guna means dignity, goodness, piety, charitability. Deva are Ashwini,
Mrigashira, Punarvasu, Hasta, Swati, Pushya, Anuradha, Shravna and Revati.
ii. Manusha guna means combinations of good and bad qualities. Manusha are
Bharani, Aridra, Rohini, all Uttras and Poorvas.
iii. Rakshasa guna means contempt, meanness, selfishness, hatred, mischief.
Rakshasa are Chitra, Aslesha, Makha, Moola, Vishakha, Satabhisha, Dhanishta,
Krittika and jyeshtha.
51. Match deva with deva, manusha with manusha, rakshasa, with rakshasa;
rakshasa boy with deva or manusha girl; manusha or rakshasa boy with deva
girl; and manusha girl with deva boy.
52. Avoid Rakshasa girl with a deva or manusha boy. Marriage between prohibited
ganas brings quarrels, disharmony, separation, divorce etc.
Note: This dosha can be ignored if:
53. Boys nakshatra is more than 9 stars away from that of the girl, or
54. Moon signs of both are same or their lords are natural friends.
55. Moon signs of both are 7th from each other (excepting signs 4, 10 or 5, 11).
7) Rasi agreement shows growth of family, family welfare, economic condition.
Counting from the Janma rasi of the girl if the boys rasi is:
2nd It is mrityu and will prove fatal, evil results will follow
3rd Will lead to misery and sorrow.
4th Will result in poverty
5th Will cause widowhood, unhappiness
6th Loss of children
7th All round prosperity, long life, good health, mutual agreement, happiness.
8th Many children, prosperity to progeny.
9th Provides immunity from widowhood, gives enjoyment and prosperity
10th Wealthy, great wealth.
11th Happiness.
12th Long Life to couple.
However, evils attributed in the above chart get cancelled if lords of the rasis are
same or are natural friends. Though the evil may be ignored, but that does not mean it
wont cause trouble, only that it is resolvable.
8) Nadi agreement signifies pulse or nervous energy indicating physiological or
hereditary factors.
The nadis of all 27 constellations are given in the table below:-
Phlegmatic Bilious Windy
Krittika Pushya Poorvabhadra
Rohini Chitra Moola
Swati Dhanishtha Jyeshtha
Makha Bharani Hasta
Aslesha Mrigashira Punarvasu
Revati Poorvashadha Aswini
Shravana Anuradha Aridra
Visakha Uttarabhadra Satabhisha
Uttarashadha Poovaphalguni Uttaraphalguni

If the stars of the boy & girl fall in different rows, agreement will be good. Both should
not fall in the middle column.

The couple should not have the same windy, bilious or phlegmatic constitution.
Nadi relates to health, longevity and happiness of issues. Same nadi is problematic to
progeny. Nadi dosha is serious and same nadi be avoided. There are 3 nadis known as
Adi (vata- windy), Madhya (pitta- bilious, fiery) and Antya (sleshma- phlegmatic,
watery). The same middle one i. e madhya nadi (bilious) must be avoided at all costs as it
leads to death of one partner. One born in a particular group is generally predisposed
towards diseases arising out of that group.
Notes: a. This dosha lessens if both boy and girl have same rasi but different
nakshatras, or if.
b. both have same nakshatra but their rasis are different, or if
c. in case of a. the boys nakshatra should be the first in the serial order.
d. if both have same nakshatra and same rasi, then Moon should fall in
different padas.
Rajju agreement: It determines the duration of the married life. Janma nakshatra of the
couple should not fall in same Rajju.
56. Head rajju indicates death of husband; and its nakshatras are: Mrigashira, Chitra
57. Neck rajju indicates death of wife: and its nakshatras are Rohini, Aridra, Hasta,
Swati, Shravana, Satabhisha.
58. Hip rajju causes loss of progeny: and its nakshatras are Krittika, Punarvasu, U.
phalguni, Vishakha, U. Shadha, P. Bhadra.
59. Thigh rajju causes loss of wealth resulting in poverty: and its nakshatras are
Bharani, Pushya, P. Phalguni, Anuradha, P. Shadha, U. Bhadra.
60. Feet rajju involves endless wanderings, travels in foreign places and may lead to
accidents during journey and injury to feet: and its nakshatras are Ashwini,
Aslesha, Makha, Jyeshtha, Moola, Revati.
This dosha gets nullified if the rasi lords are same or friends or rasis are in 7-7 position
barring pairs of Leo- Aquarius and Cancer- Capricorn.
61. Mahendra agreement: It bestows luck through sons, promotes well being and
longevity of the couple. It is actually maha kendra or powerful kendra stars from
girls birth star. It ensures grand children and prosperity. Prashna Marga considers
Mahendra to be one of the most important matchings. Mahendra has relation to the
number nine, a number that is the giver of success, harmony and fulfillment,
materially as well as spiritually. Observation has shown that when Mahendra is
present there seems to be a greater harmony and affection. Mahendra is particularly
important in the event of couples having Rajju dosha, as it may, along with other
matchings, give relief to the harm on account of same Rajju.
i. Count from girls nakshatras to that of the boy. For this agreement and wealthy
life boys nakshatra should be 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd or 25th from girls.
ii. Divide the count by 3 and if the remainder is 1, mahendra agreement is good.
10) Stree deergha agreement: It gives all round prosperity and wealth.
Boys nakshatra should be beyond 9 (or 13 as per some) as counted from girls
nakshatra. Farther the boys star from the girls star, the better it will be.
Notes: i. This dosha be ignored if both rasi agreement and graha- maitri agreements obtain.
ii. When Stree deergha is not present then rasi agreement is automatically is not
present also. When this is the case, the energy will more naturally flow from the woman
to the man. This generally leaves the woman feeling needy and insecure, and the man
demanded upon, nagged and disrespected.

62. Vedha koota: Certain pairs of nakshatras are prohibited. Such pairs are:
Ashwini-Jyeshtha; Bharani-Anuradha;
Krittika-Vishakha; Rohini-Swati;
Aridra-Shravana; Punarvasu-Uttarashadha;
Pushya-P.Shadha; Ashlesha-Moola;
Makha-Revati; Poorvaphalguni-Uttarabhadra;
Uttaraphalguni-Poorvabhadra; Hasta- Satabhisha;
Marigashira- Dhanishta.
Marriage of a couple falling in any of these pairs is prohibited.
Note: Benefic pairs: The following pairs of nakshatras are good, despite vedha for
marriage if boy and the girl are born in nakshatras indicated below. Such pairs are:
1. Aswini Girl Punarvasu Boy
2. Barani Girl Pushya Boy
3. Rohini Girl Makha Boy
4. Aridra Girl ` Uttaraphalguni Boy
5. Punarvasu Girl Hasta Boy
6. Pushya Girl Chitra Boy
7. Poorvaphalguni Girl Anuradha Boy
8. Swati Girl Uttarshadha Boy
9. Moola Girl Poorvabhadra Boy
10. Poorvashadha Girl Uttarabhadra Boy
11. Uttarashadha Girl Revati Boy
12. Poorvabhadra Girl Rohini Boy
63. Tattwa: i. Prithvi tattwa nakshatras are Ashwini, Bharani, Krittika, Rohini, Mrigashira.
64. Jala tattwa nakshatras are Aridra, P.vasu, Pushya, Asleshha, Makha, P.Phalguni.
iii. Agni tattwa nakshatras are U. Phalguni, Hasta, Chitra, Swati, Vishakha, Anuradha.
iv. Vayoo tattwa nakshatras are Jyeshtha, Moola, P. Shadha, U. shadha and Shravana.
v. Akaash tattwa nakshatras are Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, P.Bhadra, U.Bhadra
and Revati.
Nakshatras of boy and girl should not belong to agni and jala tattwa or vice- versa.
13) (a) Varga koota (for matching when birth horoscope are not available). Matching
is made as per the first letter in Hindi script of the names of the boy and the girl.
a aa e ee u uu ae aee o ou belong to avarga group and its lord is garuda bird.
ka kha ga gha gna belong to kavarga group and its lord is cat.
cha chha ja jha na belong to chavarga group and its lord is lion.
ta tha da dha na belong to tavarga group and its lord is dog.
ta tha da dha na belong to tavarga group and its lord is snake.
pa pha ba bha ma belong to pavarga group and its lord is rat.
y ra la wa belong to yavarga group and its lord is deer.
Sha sha sa ha belong to shavarga group and its lord is goat.
Fifth varga from each varga is its enemy, the third varga it is neutral and the
fourth varga is a friend. The spouses should not belong to inimical vargas. (Even the
employer and the employee & the two partners in a trade should have same consideration
of vargas for happy and smooth relations).
(b) Every pada in each nakshatra has been assigned a syllable as indicated in the
charts make in the chapters on various signs. The first letter of the names of the boy and
the girls indicates a particular pada in a particulars nakshatra in a particular rasi. The
matching can be done as per the rules given in paras 1 to 13 taking into consideration the
nakshatra and rasi of the boy and the girl on this basis.

Conclusion: Provided there are no major kutas (agreements) absent and the total points
are 20 or more, the compatibility is suitable. It may be kept in mind that the total points is
not an accurate reflection of the qualities of the relationship. Even if points are high, if
one of rasi, rajju, vedha or nadi agreement does not obtain, it may cause serious
difficulties. Even if the points are mediocre, but these four major or most important
matchings are met, the couple can still meet with good success. The total points indicates
the capacity for compromise; the higher the points, the more often the couple will want
and feel comfortable with similar things. The higher the points the greater the mental
rapport as well. If the points are high and one or more of the major kutas are not met, the
mental rapport may be high, but still become dysfunctional.
Gunas (covers all aspects of married life): more than 18-suitable for marriage: the more
the better: below 16 not suitable: 17-20 is medium: 21-31 is excellent: 31-36 is most
excellent but clash of egos. Kootas are considered from janama nakshatra or janama sign
where the Moon falls in a natal chart.
Important observations
1. If Venus of male chart falls on Saturn or Sun or Rahu position of female
chart - there is likelihood of separation due to males sex perversion.
65. If Rahu of male chart coincides with the position of Mars or Venus of female chart
there is likelihood of separation due to females sex perversion.
66. Opposition of the Sun - Moon, the Sun - Mars, the Moon - Mars in the two
charts be avoided
4. People of moveable signs are best mated for fixed signs; fiery signs with airy
signs; and the earthy agree with watery signs.
67. Ones lagna in kendra or trikona from the rasi of other is much better.
6. Mutual attraction between couple if: i. Same planet is in lagna of both; or if
ii. Same planet is strongly placed in same house of both; or if
iii. Rasi lord is same and posited in lagna of either; or if
iv Lagnesh of one is in lagna of the other; or if
v. Venus of one coincides with Mars of the other, or if
vi. Rasi of one is the lagna of the other, or if
vii. Moon in both charts is aspected by the same planet, or if
68. Lagnesh and rasi lord of one are in the lagna of other, or if
69. Opposite placements of planets in both charts: If Rahu
Kethu are in 4/10 in one and in 10/4 in the other, it causes
mutual attraction. Differences in there longitudes should
not be more than 7 on either side. This principle is
applicable for any planet. Nearer the degree better it is.
More the planets similarly situated, more the attraction.
7. Happy married life if:
70. Moon in one chart is in trine to Jupiter in the other chart.
71. Venus in one chart is in trine to Jupiter or Sun in other.
72. Venus in one chart, coincides with Mars in the other.
73. Venus in one chart is in trine to Jupiter or Sun in the other.
74. Moon in one chart is in trine to Jupiter or Sun in the other.
75. Lagna or Moon or Sun or Mercury or Venus in one chart is
in trine to same planet in the other.
8. Wife would be ideal if born in a sign indicated by the sum of longitudes of
lagnesh and 7th lord of the boys chart. or born in a sign owned by a planet posited in or
aspecting the 7th house from Moon in the boys chart. It will show too much mutual

Timing of marriage
Marriage may occur after one is about 20 years of age and can go up to past even 40
years. Chart is first analysed for delay if any, in marriage and then appropriate dasa-
bhukti periods are seen.
76. Marriage takes place during dasa of a planet
(a) Planet in 7th;
(b) Planet aspecting 7th;
(c) Planet owning 7th.
If these dasas do not run during marriageable age, then the marriage takes place during
the dasa of
77. Dispositor of 7th lord;
78. Lord of navamsa occupied by 7th lord;
79. Venus;
80. Moon;
81. Dispositor of 2nd lord.
The strongest in the (a) to (e) gives marriage.
2. Add longitudes of lords of lagna and 7th lord. When Jupiter transits the resultant
sign or trines it or is 7th from it, the marriage takes place.
3. The marriage takes place in the period and sub period of 1st and 7th lords.
4. The marriage takes place when lagnesh transits 7th house.
5. The marriage takes place in bhukti of Jupiter for female and that of Venus for male.
6. If dasa lord is in 7th from bhukti lord, the marriage takes place in their inter periods.
7. The marriage takes place when Jupiter in transit aspects or occupies rasi occupied in
natal chart by lord of navamsa sign of lagna lord.
8. Male gets married when Jupiter transits any angle of his natal Venus or its dispositor.
9. Female gets married when Venus transits any angle of her natal Mars, or its dispositor.
10. Jupiters transit over 7th house or Venus, and at the same time Saturn in transit
influencing the 5th or 7th house brings marriage.
11. The pratyantara dasa (sub-sub period) lord should, in transit, influence lagna or
the 7th house in navamsa chart at the time of marriage;
12. Transit of Sun in the sign of sub-sub-period-lord brings marriage.
The reasons for delay in brief are:
82. Lords of 7th and 2nd in Saturns sign or receiving the adverse aspect of Saturn.
83. The luminaries and karaka Venus under the influence of Saturn being in his
(Saturns) constellation, sign or navamsa.
84. Influence of retrograde planets on the 2nd or 7th or their lords by PAC.
85. Affliction to 2nd or 7th house and planets in fixed signs or navamsa.
86. Conjunction or mutual aspect between Saturn Mars, Venus Moon, VenusSun,
Sun Saturn provided the involvement of the 7th house is there in one way or the
87. If the distance between the Sun and Venus is 43 20`.
88. Venus is debilitated and aspected by Saturn.
Some combinations for early marriage are:
89. Lagnesh nearer to the 7th house shows early marriage.
90. A benefic near ascendant or the 7th house shows early marriage.
91. 7th lord in a benefic sign and Venus in own house or in exaltation.
92. Sun in 7th and 7th lord with Venus.
93. Venus in 2nd and 7th lord in 11th.
94. Jupiter and 2nd lord in angles or trikonas.
95. Lord of 7th and lagnesh placed in lagna.
96. Lord of 7th or Venus betwixt benefics or occupying kendras.
97. Benefic lord of 7th conjoins lagnesh.
98. Strong Venus associated with lagnesh.
99. Lords of lagna, 2nd and 7th in 1, 2, 7 respectively.
100. Lagnesh in 7th and 7th lord in kendra.
101. Exchange of 2nd and 11th lords.
102. Venus in a kendra from lagna and Saturn in kendra from Venus.
103. Even if Saturn is in 7th or 5th; early marriage is there if 7th lord is strong &
104. Exalted Venus or Venus in own house in 7th.
105. Strong lord of 7th in a benefic sign.
106. 7th lord in lagna or in 2nd conjunct with or aspected by a benefic.
To find the Major period:
Look the planets whose major period runs between 18 to 35 years of age. If the
dasa of one or more planets operates within this period, one is to mark the planet who is a
strong significator of the concerned houses. Marriage takes place in the dasa bhukti of
such planets.
Note: Marriage takes place in the dasa bhukti of Rahu if this dasa comes in marriageable
Note: Sadhe sati of Saturn does not obstruct marriage.
To find pratyantar dasa:
The pratyantra dasa (sub sub period) may be picked correctly by taking the help
of radical and navamsa charts. The pratyantra dasa lord should influence lagna or the 7th
house as far as navamsa chart is concerned.
If there are more than one planet whose sub sub period may seem to bring
marriage, then consider the transits of 7 th lord, Venus and the Sun. It has been found that
the transit of Sun in the sign of sub sub period lord brings marriage. Transit of Venus in
the sign of bhukti lord also brings marriage.
Saturn is the primary indicator of marriage. Without its initial approval no
marriage can take place. Saturn, in consultation with Jupiter, proposes how and when to
tie the conjugal knot. So they influence both the bride and the bridegroom.
107. Saturn should have aspected within two and half years of a marriage, lagna or
lagna lord; representing the marriageable bride i.e. 1/7 axis.
108. The 7th house or the 7th lord, represents the husband or wife. Saturn, therefore,
must have covered one aspect each from (a) and (b) above, which means before
anyones marriage Saturn should have aspected;
109. Lagna and the 7th house; or
110. Lagna lord and the 7th lord: or
111. Lagna lord and the 7th house; or
112. Lagna and the 7th lord.
Jupiter: Same principle as for Saturn to Jupiters transit but within a year.
Transit of Saturn and Jupiter to pin point marriage.
1. Saturn & Jupiter should have in transit aspected or transited over
113. lagna and 7th house; or
114. lagna and 7th lord; or
115. Lagnesh and 7th house; or
116. Lagnesh and 7th lord; or
Within 27 months for Saturn and within 12 months
for Jupiter.
2. Jupiter a. natal Venus and 5th house/ lord ; or
b. 5th house and 9th house; or
c. 5th lord and 9th house; or
d. 5th house and 9th lord; or
117. 5th lord and 9th lord.
Check Ascendant Lord of D/1 in whatever sign it occupies in D/9.
118. This signs lord wherever placed in D/1 is the sign that when transited by Rahu or
Jupiter shall give marriage.
119. Rahu shall give unconventional marriage and Jupiter conventional. If both chance
to be transiting together the sign concerned, it shall be love marriage in conventional
120. The sign occupied by the lord of 7th or Venus when transited by Jupiter shall give
121. Add the longitudes of Lagnesh and saptamesh. The resultant longitude( sign )
when transited by Jupiter shall give marriage. If, however, marriage should take
place during the transit of Saturn or a node over the sign, the marriage shall prove to
be ominous.
122. Add longitudes of Lagnesh and saptamesh. When Jupiter transits the 7th sign
from the resultant sign, it may give marriage.
123. The stronger planet out of the dispositor of 7th lord and its Navamsa lord of 7th, in
its dasha or bhukti and along with the transit of Jupiter over the sign occupied by the
7th lord shall bestow marriage.
124. Moon and Venus dasha and Jupiter in transit over the Ascendant or the 7th.
125. Lagnesh in transit over the sign of 7th lord or Venus or 7th lord in the sign of
Lagnesh or planet aspecting the 7th shall give marriage in its dasha.
126. If 7th lord and Venus conjoin, their dasha/bhukti shall bestow marriage.
127. Marriage may take place in the dasha of either of the 1 2 4 7 or 9th lords.

Table of nakshatras:
Nakshatra Rajju Nadi Gana Sex Yoni
Ashwini feet windy deva male horse
Bharni hip fiery munusha male
Krittika navel watery rakshasa female goat
Rohini neck watery munusha male snake
Mrigashira head fiery deva female snake
Aridra neck windy munusha female dog
Punarvasu navel windy deva female cat
Pushyami hip fiery deva male goat
Ashlesha feet watery rakshasa male cat
Magha feet watery rakshasa male rat
P.phalguni hip fiery munusha female rat
U.phalguni navel windy munusha male cow
Hasta neck windy deva female
Chitra head fiery rakshasa female tiger
Swati neck watery deva male
Vishakha navel watery rakshasa male tiger
Anuradha hip fiery deva female hare
Jyestha feet windy rakshasa male hare
Moola feet windy rakshasa male dog
P.ashadha hip fiery munusha male
U.ashadha navel watery munusha male camel
Shravana neck watery deva female
Dhanishta head fiery rakshasa female lion
Satabhisha neck windy rakshasa female horse
P.bhadra navel windy munusha male lion
U.bhadra hip fiery munusha female cow
Revati feet watery deva female