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No.1 self-financing
Engineering College

Admission Brochure 2015-16

M.Tech. &

B.Tech. Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical & Electronics
Engineering Automobile Engineering Electronics & Communication
Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
M.Tech. CE - Computer Aided Structural Engineering CE - Environmental
Engineering ME - Production & Industrial Engineering ECE - VLSI &
Embedded Systems Engineering ECE - Communication Engineering
CSE - Computer Science & Information System
MCA Master of Computer Applications

SSET SCMS School of

Engineering & Technology
Vidya Nagar, Karukutty, Ernakulam - 683 582.
Tel: 91 484 2450330, 2451907, 2450601 / 602
Principal: 91 484 2450507, Fax: 91 484 2450508,
Hostel: (Men's) 91-484 2450603, (Ladies'): 91-484 2450604

Approved by AICTE, Government of India Affiliated to Kerala Technological University

E ligibility for admission to B.Tech. programme is as per
the norms of the Mahatma Gandhi University. Fee
structure, refund policy and such other matters are as per Ragging Strictly
various provisions in the agreement the Kerala Self Financing
Engineering College Managements' Association has entered
into with the Government of Kerala.
Agreement copy is available on the website of the Association Extract from Government
(www.ksfecma.com) as well as on the website of Secretary,
Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala. order on ragging
However, for your information Refund Policy is reproduced
1. Ragging / any type of misconduct
towards any student, either in the
college campus or outside, will be
Refund Policy
considered as criminal offence and
"The Educational Agency can retain the will be immediately reported to
Tuition fee remitted by the student, in the event the police. Perpetrators will not be
a student admitted under the Management permitted to continue their studies.
quota or Government quota, discontinues
2. Every student shall at the time
his/her studies for any reason at any time after
of admission furnish a character
the date prescribed in the agreement with the
certificate from the institute
Government. In case, any student admitted to
wherefrom he/she has passed the
the College decides to cancel the admission
qualifying examination, which
for any reason whatsoever, the Educational
would mention the status of his/
Agency shall be entitled to collect the tuition
her behavioural pattern especially
fee of the entire course. However, in the event in terms as to whether he/she has
of the seat so falling vacant being filled up by a displayed persistent violent or
new candidate, the tuition fee collected as per aggressive behaviour or any desire
this clause shall be refunded. The documents to harm others.
pertaining to such students shall be released
3. Students and parents shall, at the time
only on payment of the above amount."
of admission, furnish an affidavit to
the effect that the students shall not
indulge in ragging.

promotion policy
As per G.O.(MS) No.93/2015/H.Edn. dated
11/03/2015, all Engineering Institutions in SCMS is a secular institution
the State are to be affiliated with the New and hence does not allow
Kerala Technological University from religious practices of any
the academic year 2015-16 admission
particular caste or religion
within the Campus.
For more details and relevant guidelines
visit www.ktu.edu.in

2 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

The Genesis
The year 1976 saw the birth of a luminous
star of learning on the educational
horizon. The star was to later blaze a trail
across the Indian skies guiding scores of
students to scale the heights of success in
their careers, professions and enterprises.
Today, the beacon stands firm on massive
pillars, having stamped indelible imprints
on the glorious academic traditions of
This is the story of PRATHAP
TRAINING, the brainchild of the great
visionary Dr. G.P.C. Nayar, who wanted
to redefine educational standards in India
by shaping it as a window to the emerging
market driven global economy.
Prathap Foundation of Education
and Training started its first academic
institution, the School of Communication
and Management Studies (SCMS) in
1976, which in later years earned fame
and glory as a top business school. It
was rechristened as SCMS COCHIN
school of business in the year 2013.
The Foundation went on establishing
institutions to offer professional education
in engineering, technology, management,
Dr. G.P.C. NAYAR, Chairman hospitality, animation, biotech research,
socio economic research and other
professional areas with the core concept of
quality and excellence in anything it does.
Together, these institutions constitute

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 3

Leadership & Daily meeting of the Corporate Management Team:
Previous day's overall performance is reviewed

everyday and long term projects are planned in these

Expertise that inspires

Quality of an institution is very much related to
the quality and commitment of the faculty. We
have taken great care to select the best available
youngsters and well experienced elders as our
faculty. They are all hard-working, committed
to the task undertaken and willing to learn and
acquire knowledge in their respective fields. They
are fully conscious of the nobility of the profession Prof. P.C. Pillai Prof. Pramod P. Dr.Radha P.
Sr. Group Director Thevannoor Thevannoor
of teaching and will leave no stone unturned in Vice Chairman Group Director
the process. That is why we have absolute faith
in them and in their ability to maintain excellence
at the campus.

Authentic "I have good opinion about the

facilities and the quality of teaching
"We are pleasantly surprised about
your institute for the exemplary
statements system at SSET. I am glad and facilities, faculty, discipline and the

from satisfied for having chosen SCMS

School of Engineering & Technology
management skills imparted in its
making and maintenance. The fact
parents for enrolling my son for his studies." that our only son stays in your hostel,
about 2500 km away from us, stands
- B. Mohanan, Sree Nilayam
as testimony to the extent of faith we
have reposed on your team."
P.M. Chandran,
F/o Gokul Chandran, 783,
First Floor, Phase VII,
S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali.

4 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

SSET is ranked
In another study by Drshti jointly with
"The Outlook" magazine SSET was ranked
56th best engineering college in India. The

as the Best report appeared in "Outlook" issue

dated 7th July, 2014.

Yet another survey conducted by
GHRDC, SSET was ranked 52nd in the
ranking of National level ranking of Private

Enginering Colleges in India.
Our institution is rated AA+ in the State
ranking of Careers 360 rating of Engineering

in Kerala Colleges in Kerala 2014 which covers as

many as 152 colleges.

Most Preferred College

RECCAA-NT has been ranking SSET as the SCMS Engineering College is the most
Best Engineering College in Kerala ever since preferred self financing engineering
they started ranking colleges. college in Kerala for students and parents
at the time of counseling by the Entrance
As per "The Week" dated June 22nd, 2014
Commissioner - reports various media
SCMS Engineering College is the 57th best in
including 'The Hindu' and the 'Malayala
the order of national merit. The study was
conducted by Hansa Research Group jointly
with "The Week".

Alumni Association
of Scms School
of Engineering &
Technology (Asset)
Our former students have organised
alumni associations in all major cities
of India. They have been a source of
strength to SSET as they are the ones
who spread the name of our institution
far and wide as a centre of excellence.
SSET is proud of them.

A New Chapter Abroad

A large number of our former students
are working in many West Asian
Countries. A substantial number
is in United Arab Emirates (UAE),
particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Nearly a hundred of them recently
assembled in Dubai and gave birth to
the first overseas chapter of the SSET
Alumni Association with headquarters
in Dubai.
We expect more such Chapters in
other countries where our students are
We wish the new Chapter all success. Letter of appreciation from University of Weingarten, Germany

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 5

What makes
different? Prof. M. Madhavan
Director, SSET

Excellent academic ambience in the campus. of nano technology in engineering applications.

State-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development
Dynamic leadership with a clear vision and mission. Centre (IEDC) is formed in the college for
Dedicated and highly motivated team of faculty. promoting entrepreneurship among the engineering
students with the guidance of T-TBI Technopark
Team of faculty is a fine blend of experience and
dynamic youth.
SCMS Water Institute is set up in the College as a
Excellent academic track record of students in
Centre of Excellence to solve water problems as
university examinations. Students have consistently
an Indian-German Project with the co-operation
secured University ranks in Electronics and
and technology support from the University
Communication, Mechanical, Civil, Automobile
of Applied Sciences, Weingarten, Germany.
and Computer Science and Engineering ever since
SWI is the first international research project
the first batch passing out in 2005.
undertaken by the SSET Centre for Research,
A highly disciplined environment for academic Consultancy and Innovation in Engineering
pursuit. and Technology, the research division of the
In-house faculty development programmes Engineering College.
conducted regularly for benefit of faculty. Innovative management tool 'Strategic Planning
Excellent track record in placement since 2005. Process' is practiced for the development of the
Open House - Interaction of faculty, parents and institution.
students arranged each semester to assess the M/s Infosys, after evaluating the performance of
learning difficulties of individual students, if any, 'Campus Connect' activities in the college, selected
and to chalk out remedial programmes to improve our college as 'Advanced Partner', a covetable status
their performance. among other colleges conducting this program.
Value-added courses offered for benefit of students Community services like computer literacy for
MOU with major IT Industries. residents of nearby villages by National Service
Social commitment reflected in the scholarships Scheme of SSET.
and tuition fee waiver schemes for academically Consultancy services for Government organizations.
brilliant but economically backward students. Industry tie-up with M/s. Wipro Mission 10X,
ISO Certification for quality teaching of engineering Texas Instruments, Infosys Campus Connect, UST
and technology subjects from RINA, Italy. Global, Harita Techserv project under TVS Group.
Formation of Neo Xanonet, nano technology club Student exchange programme with University of
of SSET, to study and practice the various aspects Applied Sciences, Weingarten, Germany.

Principal Prof. M. Madhavan, faculty members and students of SSET with Prof Johnnes Fritsch, at University of Applied
Science, Ravensburg, Weingarten, Germany.

6 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology


B.Tech. in
Civil Engineering - 120 seats
Mechanical Engineering - 120 seats
Electronics & Communication Engineering - 120 seats
Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 120 seats
Computer Science & Engineering - 120 seats
Automobile Engineering - 60 seats

M.Tech. in
Civil Engineering - Computer Aided Structural Engineering - 18 seats
Civil Engineering - Environmental Engineering - 18 seats
Mechanical Engineering - Production and industrial Engineering - 18 seats
Computer Science - Computer Science and information System - 18 seats
Electronics and Commn. Engineering - VLSi and Embedded Systems Engg. - 18 seats
Electronics and Commn. Engineering - Communication Engineering - 24 seats

Master of Computer Applications - 60 Seats

To create a pool of strong industry ready talent from the Engineering Students and to bridge the
gap between industry requirements and skill taught in academic course, we have MoU with

M/s. TVS-Haritha Techserv

M/s. Wipro Technologies
M/s. infosys Campus Connect Program
M/s. Trident Tech Labs
M/s.iBM Power Academy
M/s Red Hat india Pvt. Ltd.
University of Applied Sciences, Ravens burg-Weingarten, Germany.
M/s UST Global

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 7


First building of SCMS School of Engineering and Technology




Dr.PRAVEENSAL C.J. Professor M.Tech ,PhD PROF. E. D. MUKUNDAN HOD & Professor M.Tech
SAJEEV JOHN Associate Prof M.Tech
MANOJ KUMAR B. Sr.Asst. Professor M.Tech
VENU .P Associate Prof M.Tech
Dr.BALAGOPAL G. MENON. Associate Prof M.Tech, Ph D
MAHESH RENGARAJ Associate Prof M.Tech & MBA
K C MATHEW Asst. Professor B.Sc(Engg.) Mech
Dr. SHEEJA JANARDHANAN Associate Prof M.Tech, Ph D-IIT M
SANKARAN KUTTY.S. Asst. Professor M.Tech
Dr. MANOJ KUMAR P Associate Prof M.Tech, Ph D (IIT M)
SIJO M. T. Asst. Professor M.Tech VIPIN RAJ.P.G. Asst. Professor M.Tech
MANOJ JOSE KALATHIL Asst. Professor M.Tech ARAVIND P. V. Asst. Professor M.Tech
SAJEESH.P. Asst. Professor M.Tech BENROSE PRASAD Asst. Professor M.Tech
JOSE SHERIL DCOTHA Asst. Professor M.Tech SUJAY K Asst. Professor M.Tech
DILEEP G. Asst. Professor M.Tech KOSHY P JOSEPH Asst. Professor M.S (LTU, USA)
FRANCIS THOMAS Asst. Professor M.Tech SUJITH R Asst. Professor M.Tech.
NIKHIL ASOK N Asst. Professor M.Tech MIDHUN R Asst. Professor M.Tech
SAM JOSHY Asst. Professor M.Tech
VIDYA CHANDRAN Asst. Professor M.Tech (RPFU - Russia)
Dr.ANITHA G. PILLAI Professor M.Tech, Ph D
ALWIN THARIYATH Asst. Professor M.Tech
MERIL GEORGE Associate Prof M.Tech
NOEL JOSEPH GOMEZ Asst. Professor M.Tech
SANTHOSH G Associate Prof M.Tech
SAJITH E Asst. Professor M.Tech
ELIAS GEORGE Asst. Professor M.Tech SANJU SREEDHARAN Associate Prof M.Tech
JITHIN KARUNAN Asst. Professor M.Tech Dr. RATHISH MENON Associate Prof M.Tech, Ph D
VISHNU H Asst. Professor M.Tech SHIJI P.V. Asst. Professor M.Tech
TONY SEBASTIAN Asst. Professor M.Tech JINI JACOB Asst. Professor M.Tech
SHAMA M.S Asst. Professor M.Tech NANDITA MOHAN Asst. Professor M.Tech
BICHU RAJ Asst. Professor M.E SANYA MARIA GOMEZ Asst. Professor M.Tech
RATHISH R Asst. Professor M.E AIRIN M.G. Asst. Professor M.Tech
SANOJ VARGHESE Asst. Professor M.Tech SANDEEP T N Asst. Professor M.Tech

8 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

ANAND RAJ Asst. Professor M.Tech DEEPTHI ANTONY Asst. Professor M.E
NOVA JOHN Asst. Professor M.Tech REMYA V.K. Asst. Professor M.E
MAREENA GEORGE Asst. Professor M.Tech MIDHU PAULSON Asst. Professor M.E
TELLMA JOHN Asst. Professor M.Tech NICY XAVIER Asst. Professor M.E
AISWARIA K Asst. Professor M.Tech VRINDHA VENUGOPAL Asst. Professor M.E
ROSHNI K.R Asst. Professor M.Tech
CHINNU ANNA JACOB Asst. Professor M.Tech
ANSHU G ZACHARIAS Asst. Professor M.E PROF. P. REGHUDAS HOD & Professor M.Tech (IIT-B)
ARCHANA SATHEESH Asst. Professor M.Tech Dr.VINOD P. Assoc. Professor M.Tech, Ph D- NIT
NEETHU VINOD Asst. Professor M.Tech JAIPUR
LINDA JOSE Asst. Professor M.Tech SONAL AYYAPPAN Assoc. Professor M.Tech
URMILA RAJENDRAN Asst. Professor M.Tech DEEPA K. Asst. Professor MCA & MA
VIPIN S Asst. Professor M.Tech DHANYA K.A. Asst. Professor M.Tech
NIDHI MURALI Asst. Professor M.Tech JOSNA PHILOMINA Asst. Professor M.Tech
SHIMNA MANOHARAN Asst. Professor M.Tech SUSMI JACOB Asst. Professor M.Tech
ANSU JOHN Asst. Professor M.Tech DIANA.P.G.PERCY Asst. Professor M.Tech
GEETHU BABU Asst. Professor M.Tech ARSHEY .M. Asst. Professor M.Tech
LAKSHMI PRIYA Asst. Professor M.Tech BINI OMMAN Asst. Professor M.Tech
KRISHNAVENI Asst. Professor M.Tech LAKSHMI SUBHA.M.S. Asst. Professor M.Tech
TINA MARIA SUNNY Asst. Professor M.Tech REMYA.S. Asst. Professor M.Tech
NISHA S. RAJ Asst. Professor M.Tech
SINDHYA K. NAMBIAR Asst. Professor M.Tech
PROF. R. SAHADEVAN HOD & Professor M.Tech- IIT K
VIJI GOPAL Asst. Professor M.E.
ANANDHI V. Associate Prof M.E
ANU RANJI R. Asst. Professor M.Tech
SUNIL JACOB Associate Prof M.Tech
LITTY KOSHY Asst. Professor M.Tech
SABU G. PANICKER Asst. Professor B.E
NEENU SEBASTIAN Asst. Professor M.Tech
PRAVEENA S. KAMMATH Asst. Professor M.E.
BLESSY ANTONY Asst. Professor M.Tech
DEEPA B. Asst. Professor M.E.
JENCY RENA N.M. Asst. Professor M.Tech
NITHYA M. Asst. Professor M.E
NIJU.P.JOSEPH Asst. Professor MCA
NIMMY.K. Asst. Professor M.Tech
RETTY GEORGE Asst. Professor M.Tech
VARUN G MENON Asst. Professor M.Tech
SREEJA.K.A. Asst. Professor M.E.
ROSEBELL PAUL Asst. Professor M.Tech
SAIRA JOSEPH Asst. Professor M.Tech.
SHILPA P.C Asst. Professor M.Tech
VRINDHA V GOPAL Asst. Professor M.Tech
BINU JOHN Asst. Professor M.Tech
REMYA M R Asst. Professor M.Tech
ASHA S Asst. Professor M.Tech
SUDEEP VASUDEVAN Asst. Professor M.Tech
SONIYA JOSE Asst. Professor M.Tech
AKHILA P R Asst. Professor M.Tech
VINOJ P G Asst. Professor M.Tech SREEJA RAJESH Asst. Professor M.Tech
HAZEL ELSA JOHN Asst. Professor M.Tech
JERRY KURIAKOSE Asst. Professor M.S DR.J.K JOHN HOD & Professor M.Sc. Ph D(Maths),
(Unty of Wollongong Australia) MINI TOM Associate Prof M.Sc. (Maths)
ANU THOMAS Asst. Professor M.Tech Dr.SREELEKHA B Associate Prof MSc. Ph D(Maths)
UMA N Asst. Professor M.Tech SURYA K A Asst. Professor M.Sc. (Maths)
DEEPA N SARMA Asst. Professor M.Tech RESHMA .R. Asst. Professor M.Sc , M.Ed (Maths)
VIJAY A Asst. Professor M.Tech SOPHIA CLEETUS Asst. Professor M.Sc (Maths)
DEVIKA A.K Asst. Professor M.Tech NUJA M. UNNIKRISHNAN Asst. Professor M.Sc (Maths)
POORNIMA S Asst. Professor M.Tech DR. RANJINI R. PRABHU Asst. Professor M.A,M.Phil,
PARVATHI R Asst. Professor M.Tech Ph. D, (Economics)
ANN VARGHESE Asst. Professor M.Tech Dr. NANDINI Asst. Professor M.Sc, PhD (Physics)
MANASA MARY DAS Asst. Professor M.Tech NITTY ROSE AUGUSTINE Asst. Professor M.Sc (Maths)
SANTHAMMA P.C Asst. Professor M.A(English)
JAISHA CHACKO Asst. Professor M.Sc - Maths
PROF. M.L PAUL HOD & Professor M.Tech
SRUTHI V Asst. Professor M.Sc - Physics
DEEPA S. Assoc. Professor M.Tech
JOSHY P GEORGE Asst. Professor M.Sc - Chemistry
REMYA R. NAIR Asst. Professor M.Tech
MABLE DAVIS Asst. Professor M.Sc - Maths
DIVYANATH K. Asst. Professor M.Tech
JAYALAKSHMI S. Asst. Professor M E JOY MATHEW Associate Prof M.Sc, - Maths
SUREKHA.K.C. Asst. Professor M.Tech
BEENA PUTHILLATH Asst. Professor M.Tech SCMS Water Institute
LEKSHMI BABU Asst. Professor M.E
K. NARAYANAN Asst. Professor M.Tech Visiting Faculty Details


VARUN JOSE Asst. Professor M.Tech Prof. JOHANNES FRITSCH International Coordinator
LAKSHMI C.R Asst. Professor M.Tech University of Applied Sciences
PRIYA VENUGOPAL Asst. Professor M.Tech Ravensburg- Weingarten, Germany
ANJU MATHEW Asst. Professor M.Tech Prof. CLEO PASCAL Associate Fellow
JERRY JOSEPH JOSE Asst. Professor M.Tech Royal Institute of International Affairs, UK

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 9

Milling Machine


Heat Engines lab

A student at smithy work Automobile Workshop

10 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology


The Hydraulics Lab is equipped with Pelton Turbine,

Francis Turbine, Orifice and Mouth piece apparatus, SSET has a well equipped Geotechnical Engineering
Notch apparatus, Pipe Friction apparatus, Impact of Jet Lab for the Civil Engineering students. The equipments
include Permeability Apparatus, Consolidation
apparatus, Ventury Meter and Orifice Meter apparatus,
Apparatus, Direct Shear Apparatus, Laboratory Vane
Metacentric Height of Ship apparatus etc.
Shear Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Testing
In order to provide a real world experience to machine, Atterberg Limit Apparatus, Compaction Test
the students with the experiments on Pelton and apparatus, Sieve Shaker etc. for testing different soil
Francis Turbine we have installed the turbines in the properties.
conventional way instead of purchasing test rigs. The Lab will enable the students to have a very clear
understanding of the practical applications of the
concepts they have learned in theory classes.

The Lab is well equipped with most modern testing

equipments which include Refrigeration and Air-
conditioning test rigs, Petrol Engines with single
cylinder and four cylinder engines, Diesel Engines with
single cylinder and twin cylinders, Gas Calorimeter,
The S.M.and M.T. Lab is equipped with Compression
Flash and Fire Point Apparatus, Viscosity Testing
Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machines, Impact
Apparatus, Air Compressor Test Rig etc. Testing Machines, Strut Testing Machines, Torsion
Testing Machines, Hardness Testing Machines etc.

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 11


Machine Shop

The new generation automated product development framework

3D Printer (Mechanical Lab)

CNC Machine Equipmemts in FMS lab

12 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Automobile Engine - Cross section Machine tool lab


In order to expose the students to the latest technology The Lab is equipped with all modern machines
in surveying we have purchased a TOTAL STATION. including a CNC trainer lathe, AH Geared Lathe (20
In addition to this, the survey lab is also equipped with Nos.), Shaping Machines, Milling Machines, Surface
sufficient number of Theodolites, Levelling instruments, Grinders, Slotting Machines, Drilling Machines etc. with
Plane tables, chains etc. different attachments to meet the training requirement
of the students as per the revised curriculum.
The Workshop has facilities for Smithy, AUTOMOBILE WORKSHOP
Carpentry, Foundry and basic Electrical work. SSET has one of the finest automobile workshops
The Workshop is also equipped with Lathes, among all engineering colleges in Kerala. All the
Drilling Machines, Round Saw etc. for providing machines are branded quality products. Major
hands-on experience to students. items include a Two Post Car Lift, Vertical Boring
Machine, Resleeving Sleeving Press, Valve Seat
FMS - Unique to SSET Cutting Machine, Computerised Wheel Alignment
Flexible Manufacturing System, a sophisticated group Machine, Wheel Balancer, Pneumatic Tyre Changer,
of processing workstation, is newly procured for our Armature Testing Machine, etc. Nearly a dozen
Mechanical Engineering Department. The system is automobiles of different make also are available for
fully automatic, computer-aided and Robotic enabled. study purpose.

Mr. Jrn Rodhe, Hon.Consul General, Germany in

Bangalore inaugurating the Technology Incubation
An off-road vehicle developed by students of SSET Centre at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology.

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 13

SCMS Water
Institute under
SCMS School of
Engineering and

SSET has expertise in the

following areas of water sector
Water quality monitoring and modeling
Water and effluent quality analysis
Design of water and waste water treatment systems
Water auditing
Water footprinting
Watershed management
Point recharge of tube wells and open wells
Water desalination technologies
Water management plans
Limnological and Hydrogeological investigations
Weather forecast with respect to rainfall and temperature variations
Environmental Impact Assessment

Electro dialysis unit at SSET Mr. Oommen Chandy, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurating the 2nd
Indo-German water partnership summit co-hosted by SCMS Water Institute

14 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology


Electronics lab

ELECTRICAL LAB Besides, the layout of our labs are well designed
to provide adequate space and convenience to the
A full-fledged Electrical Lab with DC series motor, DC students. Each lab is equipped with sufficient number
shunt motor, DC Compound motor, Motor Generator of instruments well enough to accommodate 2 students
set, Slip ring Induction Motor, Transformers, Auto per group for doing an experiment, so that our students
Transformer, Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, Universal get the best exposure and confidence.
Motor, Single Phase Induction Motor etc., has been set
up for conducting experiments. COMPUTER LAB
ELECTRONICS LAB A modern Computer Lab with 861 terminals on a
LAN with all necessary peripherals and INTERNET
The Electronics Department is facilitated with many connectivity is set up for the use of the students. All
Labs such as Devices and Circuits lab, Microprocessor the computer systems are high-end machines with i3/
Systems Lab and Microwave Lab. i5 processors. The Computer Lab is also equipped with
Each lab is equipped with advanced and state-of-the-art latest licensed software like MS Office, Windows NT,
equipments like Colour Digital Storage Oscillo scopes, Adobe Indesign, Oracle, Visual Studio, SPSS, Publisher
Microwave Test Benches, Satellite Communication 3 etc. in addition to various software for engineering
Systems etc. from reputed manufacturers. applications.

Computer Lab

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 15

A view of the Library

The Library has over 35,071 latest books
on all relevant engineering and technology
subjects. The library also subscribes to a
large number of national and international
technical journals on engineering and
technology. The Library is kept open
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on all working days
so as to enable the students to make full
use of the facility.

Separate hostels for men and women
are available on campus. The Men's
Hostels can accommodate 475 students
and the Ladies' Hostel has a capacity to
accommodate 350 students. There is a
separate hostel for first year men students
at the campus itself.

The SSET has the rare distinction
of having established a full-fledged
captive Multimedia Programme and
Course Content Development Division
for developing superior educational
programmes. Multimedia educational
content makes education comprehensible
and clear. This Division has the facility
to edit and compose video and audio.
It also offers crash courses on 2D and
3D animation software for students. All
modern teaching aids like OHP, LCD
projectors, Slide projectors, P A. systems
etc. are available at the College.
Ladies' Hostel

16 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

B.Tech programmes are of 4 year duration and are
approved by AICTE and affiliated to Kerala Technological University.


In order to become eligible for admission to B.Tech For NRI Candidates Entrance examination is not
degree programme a candidate should have compulsory, though welcome, for admission in the
seats earmarked for NRI candidates. Here again merit
i. 60% marks in the aggregate for Maths, Physics
is the basic criterion for admission.
and Chemistry group and a minimum of 50%
separately for Maths in the qualifying examination. FEE FOR THE PROGRAMME
ii. A valid rank in the Kerala State Engineering As specified in the Agreement with the Government
Entrance Test. of Kerala or as prescribed by the Fee Regulatory
Committee. There is no capitation for admission at
SCMS Group for any programme.

Junior Men's Hostel

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 17

programmes in

CIVIL ENGINEERING - Computer Aided Structural Engineering

CIVIL ENGINEERING - Environmental Engineering
MECHANICAL ENGINEERING - Production and Industrial Engineering
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Computer Science and Information System
ELECTRONICS & COMMN. ENGINEERING - Vlsi and Embedded Systems
ELECTRONICS & COMMN. ENGINEERING - Communication Engineering

ELIGIBILITY required to undergo industrial training during the third

semester and also undertake a project work during the
A degree in relevant subjects with minimum of 60% fourth semester. Separate reports will have to be
marks is essential to apply. Students having valid GATE submitted by the student on completion of the industrial
score will have preference. Non-GATE candidates can training and also the project work at the end of the
also apply. respective semesters.
More details will be supplied separately.
Course of study is spread over a period of two SELECTION PROCESS
academic years under semester system. The
curriculum will comprise the courses of study Selection to M.Tech programme is based on
as prescribed by the university. As part of performance in Interview and academic performance
the requirements of the programme, candidates will be in the qualifying examination. Merit is the only criterion
for selection.

Automobile lab Electronics lab

18 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

(Master of Computer

Computer lab

ELIGIBILITY made by the Entrance Commissioner, Government of

Kerala from the common entrance examination. Merit
Minimum qualification for admission to the three is the only criteria for selection.
year MCA programme is B.Sc. Computer Science /
BCA / B.Sc. / B.Com. / B.Tcch. / B. A. degree with
mathematics as one of the compulsory subjects at 10 + CURRICULUM AND DURATION
2 level or at graduation.
The curriculum will comprise the courses as prescribed
by the university. The Course shall extend over a period
SELECTION PROCESS of three academic years consisting of six semesters.

Selection to MCA programme is based on the allotment More details will be supplied separately.

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 19


MANUAL OF POLICIES with the College authorities in the matter and in all
other activities aimed at their welfare. No relaxation or
A document detailing the conduct of course, academic concession will be extended by the management.
work, discipline, rules for availing leave etc. will be
made available to the students within fifteen days from
the commencement of first year classes. EVALUATION SYSTEM
Apart from the end term university examinations, we
DISCIPLINE follow a system of continuous evaluation for assessment
of student performance. Weightage is given for internal
Strict discipline is enforced right from day one at the assessment based on attendance, class participation,
College campus. Any manner of indiscipline will not assignments, workshop and lab work, conduct on
be tolerated as it is the very opposite of the ideals for campus, punctuality, utilisation of library and computer
which the institution stands committed. Parents should centre etc.
actively co-operate with the management to avoid
taking any heart-burning decision by the management
for indisciplined behaviour. Our Campus is declared Dress code
as a 'NON SMOKING CAMPUS'. Any student who As part of the total discipline at the campus, dress code
violates this rule will have to pay a fine of Rs.100/- in has been prescribed for all students. Cream colour shirts,
the first instance and Rs. 250/- on repeating the offence. black pants, black belt and black shoes for boys and
Thereafter suitable disciplinary action will be taken as cream top and black bottom are prescribed for girls in B
per rules laid down by the College in this respect. Tech. All students should wear the prescribed uniform
within a fortnight from the day of commencement of
CLASS TIMINGS the programme. After this date, students who are not in
the prescribed uniform and are not properly groomed
Class timing is from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all days in their appearance will not be permitted to sit in the
except first and second Saturdays and Sundays for first class.
year students. List of other holidays will be displayed
on the College Notice Board at the beginning of each
Students can be in the Campus on all working days Challenges of modern times demand innovative systems
upto 8.00 p.m. to make use of library and computer of teaching and training. In any such good system,
facilities or to carry out group assignments. parents have a very active role to play. They should
always be in touch with the faculty and management of
ATTENDANCE the institution to be in the know of what is happening
at the College. We give great emphasis to this aspect as
University regulations in the matter of attendance will the students who join Engineering Colleges are in their
be strictly enforced. The students should co-operate formative years. To mould them as fine human beings
and excellent technocrats, we need help and support
of parents.

20 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

the pendency of the course also will attract a fine of Rs.
B.Tech. / M.Tech. / MCA: As specified in the Agreement
with the Government of Kerala or as approved by the
Fee Regulatory Committee.
All students should pay a caution deposit of Rs.10,000/-
Miscellaneous Fee: All students are required to make a
at the time of admission. Engineering students have
one time payment of Rs.100/- as Admission Fee, Rs.
to handle very expensive equipments and other items
2800/- as Miscellaneous Administration Fee, Rs. 2000/-
during the course of their study. The caution deposit
towards P.T.A., and systems related fee of Rs.5,000/-
taken from the students is often only a small fraction
at the time of admissions. Students will have to pay
of the cost of these items. So the management will be
the examination and other fees as prescribed by the
compelled to realize the replacement cost in the event
M.G. University. The exact dates of fee payments will
damage is caused to any property of value belonging
be displayed on the Notice Board.
to the SSET.


All students will be issued identity cards which they should CAPITATION IN ANY
wear all the time they are in the campus. A sum of Rs. 500/-
should be paid at the time of enrollment towards cost of
identity cards alongwith stamp size photographs. Non FOR ADMISSION AT
wearing of identity card will attract a fine of Rs.100/-.
At the end of the course the card should be returned
to the Office, failing which a sum of Rs.1000/- will be PROGRAMME.
realised from them. Replacement of a lost card during

Senior Men's Hostel

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 21

Placement at SSET

Where top
for talent

Making a career decision is as important as choosing a The faculty members and external experts meet students
course. We have a very active faculty set up to provide collectively and individually, and offer workshops and
assistance for job preparation and selection. The best programmes in areas like job search, preparation for job
of the Tech companies today are looking for candidates interviews and salary negotiation. They also oversee
who posses not only the technical knowledge but also and evaluate aptitude tests and mock interviews.
soft skills. The Placement Cell ensures that the students of
SSET imbibe the right attitudes to make them invaluable The reputation of SCMS helps a lot in campus
in a corporate environment. It is geared up to ensure placement, provided you are fit to be selected. It is
the most opportune placement for all the students: very important that the students attain a high level
of competence to be selected by the recruiters. The
who have good marks for the regular courses
students are advised to utilise all the facilities at the
are very active in all extra curricular activities campus including the special training offered at SSET,
have cleared all courses at the time of placement to develop the skills that are indispensable for a modern
and have attended Personality Development engineering professional.

22 SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

SSET - SCMS School of Engineering & Technology 23
Corporate Office, SCMS Group, Cochin, Kerala

To offer technology
related education of
exceptional quality to
students by developing
their total personality with
due emphasis on ethical
values and preparing
them to meet the growing
challenges of the industry
and human society.

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