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Michaelyn D.

Cabatuan, BAEL3
ENGLISH29(Language and Culture) January 27, 2017

The culture of Jimmy and Commander Kontra is very different. Jimmy is a former
priest, as a human we all commit sin, like Jimmy when he was a priest he had an
affair with Esper and later he found out that they had a child named Camilo, as an
activist he dedicate himself to the people who were abused by the cult Orapronobis.
Commander Kontra is a member of Oraponobis, a cult who were so cruel,
Orapronobis believe that rebels is the root of all evilness in the country. Their
prespective is different because of the influence of the people around them, thier
environment and the culture they have.
The language of Commander Kontra is informal, he uses a lot of cursing words to the
people around him, while Jimmy uses a formal language since he is an educated
person, and it is because he is a former priest and that is the nature
The best attributes of the movie are; It gives us information and glimpse on what
happened during the time of Marshall law, their experiences the struggles they've been
through.The movie has been popular among activists ever since the late 80s. It is
considered an "eye-opener film" among the current crop of activists, including pre-
and post-EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 activists, because of the film's capacity to politically
agitate its viewers.It is very important for us to know the history of our country and
Orapronibis is a good movie which represent the life of Filipino people during the
time of Marshall law.
In 1985, in the obscure town of Dolores, the Orapronobis, a cult under the
leadership of Kumander Kontra (Roco), murders a foreign priest who gave the last
rites to an alleged rebel, who was also executed by the same group. At the success of
the 1986 EDSA revolt, political detainees, led by Jimmy Cordero (Salvador),
celebrate the fall of the dictatorship. After being released from a Philippine prison
following the fall of Ferdinand Marcos, a former priest (Salvador) gives up his violent
activities in favor of peaceful social activism. But he quickly discovers that vicious
death squads, and notorious counter-insurgency operations, still plague his country,
and soon he is considering joining the resistance again.The film ends with Jimmy
contacting his old colleague from the underground.
Jimmy Cordero is a former priest who became activist.
Commander Kontra is a cult leader who kills people who he thinks were rebels.
Roland an activist, Jimmys brother-in-law.
Esper is Jimmys exgirlfriend . She encourages the townspeople to be strong.
Trixie is Jimmys wife. She was a supportive wife and sister.

The conflict of the story is when Orapronobis harm the family of Jimmy, when
Jimmy started helping the Santa Filomena people a lot of controversy story came up
and a lot of killings were happened.

Jimmys group is forced to evacuate the townspeople to the town church, then later to
Manila. Back in Manila, Jimmy turns down a friends invitation to rejoin the
underground movement. Later, he and Roland are ambushed. Jimmy survives, but
Roland does not. He recovers and shortly after that, Trixie gives birth to their child.
Soldiers raid the refugee center with a masked man who identifies several of the
barrio folk as rebels. The refugees and the human rights activists complain to the
government. Esper and her son are abducted by the Orapronobis who accuse Esper of
helping the rebels. She is raped and beaten up by Kumander Kontra in front of

To everyone who would like to watch the film Orapronobis, this is a perfect film to
have a glimpse on what happened during the time of Marshall law, the irony between
Manilaand Santa Filomena will give you an idea on how the state dictates the people's
imagination of peace and nationalism. People we're blinded with the true state of the