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1.As clearly laid out in this descriptive and Courtroom evidence exhibit, (a), "cartoon
phenomena" is visible on map; "binding topography" here situated means: "the Entity's",
"the Image", "the Vision" and-s / or "act of God's almighty"; deposes criteria of phony
assertion bringing to Courts'.

2.That and in an effort to be well received, in and so saying a communication signal or

police military line of communications areas we hereby gave a resource to Jackson
Aisle resident Steven Van Schofer aka Arroyo for practical solutions given the need for
contact and dialog option with Baltimores SSI requiems, Police and Military units
consented to be bound also the Partys to these liable areas of mismanagement here
ins nearby Westminster Police Departments;

3.At nonsense we seated to recorded and transcribed policies and as we protected

well known vicinity nearby where audible transmissions here and beyond this
supposed Planitias terrains and also interior areas called home to Stevens Van
Arroyos areas called Earths where supposedly 7.4 billion inhabited an International
dateline areas that of commerce also atmospheres and dimensional invisible realms
where multi-way conveyance in virtue of its need and safety oriented options that may
be given in context with as described the global telepathic acute hearing mind control-
like conveyance; ongoing 24/7/365/ nearer toward twenty three years concurrent,
entered 06 July 2016 be signified.
4.(The above and under entitled exhibitions alleges: "cartoon phenomena" with Gif and
precision clarity a way to exact contentions. A God-like given ways and means of
clarifying factual and lawful opinions as to treat more sumptuously the difference and
impositions imposed by despondent adjudicators who undergo regression to reptilians
where and as you say when it came to be seen as reptilian and a mankind option.

5.So as the world turned came to be the more advantaged dna universal oneness as a
result of infused murder rape practices we find no longer identify as reptilian dna rather
the sneakiest conniving anal rapists assumed to be like mankind peoples and due to
recent predication's of decimation and predatory rape so violent to star peoples
escrow a million a words cannot avoid in so saying the queers rape the rear ends of
every person in creation resulting at times in their accorded Stars and planets end in as
we discuss the way the homosexual anal rapists like our Presidents when dna
advantage is not clearly visible the police lead rectal rape confounds there star and
planet and every living thing that ever lived in their content ended.

6.So in an clear and notable violent act of rape and assault expressly forbidden by
United States of America and all Plenipotentiarys Party to the / a United Nations
Charter duly decided to transfuse and regress to phony impersonations of police and
present a predication of infamy so sold to unknown areas of fiercest recidivist universal
oneness designs who rape and kill every man or star beings enclave to fully accept the
responsibility of inconceivable ways a queer gets off by destroying every living thing that
ever lived when caught the Courts attention here as we seated,

7.The subjects that of accountability when assuming a Human identitys has neither
lawful nor Supernal ways or needs to remind the deputys, to consider
when appended and O Rd could talk and in view of the documented areas of never
know whos looking, an about face in rectal rape sex crimes and mass murder in binary
areas where a being is approached in a friendly way than deceived by court ledgers
involvement, saying all phony people are Charles Schofer too. Charles Schofer
Stevens believed to be father purposely designed a deceptive practice of phony people,
phony, police, phony plain clothes to do all of Creations away.

(a). The leader of the free world predicates with police these tricks; a saucer crews
sometimes or other ways we catch a phony man initiated or emerges in areas of trust or
loyal at a star being or extra-terrestrial person and within moments the celestial beings
get, snatched, yanked, jerked, with enormous universal oneness inertia, and is very
frightened, and the people pretending to be fellow clinicians friends rectally rapes and
infuses a explosive charge which as you know causes the stars planets and every living
thing that ever was to done,

(b). The queer society get off by raping people,(men) they can over power, and with dna
advantaged oneness these predicate phony law degrees, cops, detention bring laugh
and go snidely about raping anal and consuming the contents of the binary.

(c). So these people as we refer to the courts leading this most mega killings and
indecent regard for Gods escrow, like Barak Obama from the top of rank and file, to
Pepsi drinkers in City halls not going to hire me because thats why.

(d). All people pretending to be our police, court staff, military and general population
mass are Charles Schofer too. The Courts and Charles Schofer are lessor in areas of
evolution than Steven.

(e). When at first Charles Schofer had beget my end he done so in like every
imaginable way to fail my advance. He did genetic manipulation to / with phoy family
people as we see. So Ricky and Damian and Lori and Stan are used as a catalyst trick
of pessimism and malicious areas of predicating like everything is wrong with me.
(f). As we notice the feeding frenzy ensues to Wendy Lindley and Superior Courts as we
speak go with anything recollected as a good vibe, good, work, good advice, etc and
purposely falsify with every intention on killing me to hide their other job they seem to
think is off to do.

(g). Each Countrys governing and law enforcement field lead the a scrimmage of
torture-rape so inconceivable the want to kill us committees lead by Superior Courts in
session as we type have a fire flick in invisible realms hades like and torture 2 billion
people they call criminals with their whos going to know candor, a said a deputys we
catch in the act, and each doubled side rape or torture murder men brought about the
same as we suggest a round figures that of 4 quadrillion dimensions like mines, what
appears to be nice shopping malls, and stovetop surplus one would thing a civil society
is going to succeed.

(h). But then you all know the lessor evolved degenerate killers only got worse whe
times before and as we see they steeple chase leaders phony a war campaign to
change and swindle my our/ attention to predicate not just star binary inconceivably the
least talked about subject to what I will cite.

(i). Or if its not enough to deserve the death Sentence and end there existence. and in
so seating Antzees Intercepts policy catches ad as we say the policy commission the
police and detention bring to lie steal cut down and terminate residency in every way it
can be never know this and everybody seems to think they can pull the wool over my
eyes and set a chamber of Satan-like fiery tortures horrors so gruesome.

(j). Everyone here does this practically, Eden Martelly does, Lisa Marie does, police in
infamy all do, Joe T Perez, Wendy Lindley, care coordinators when thought to be cute
gals emerge as a creature or gargoyles with 10 inch cocks too and join the captains of
the team arguing with Gods Judge Williamson who is said to be protecting Steven with
his /their esoteric Omnipotent safety screen.

(k). So in so saying the phony tenants and clients at Wit center do transform their
appearance and are at two places at the same time like Mr. Pinck does, did, and all
relying on Ricks phony arguments to their predicate acts of murder said to be near 10
dozen men a day, like action aisle management stating that I am violent when in fact
these nearby really cans kills/kids also do cemetery kill so horrific as to hate with every
passion imaginable mankind, since they are not just dogs and insect larvae but alloys of
inferior to my and us mankind likeness so this is why Judges I seated to certifiably
acknowledge warrant officers returning empty handed so many times doesnt have any
conscionable regard for authority in so seated policy of Gods who intercepted the
recidivist excuses to repeat offend like crazy animals degenerate killers looking to cone
torture and kill me our kinds for fear we would catch your kind being an abomination.

(l). So all replicas are Charles Schofer really, and as we say he needs to be killed for
reasons we discussed and as we seated to describe mental health employees like Mr.
Obama and government issues nonsense set a chamber fires flint and so does like
every person here in topic and proceeded to double as a devil like rapist torturer killers,
on stipulated two to four billion men a week. And here as we say never kill, deputys
construe fight us is why in as each deputy and each predicate licensed practices cares
to the account nearer to ten dozen each day their personal inventory of kills and does
have peniss in invisible realms and as we see rectally raped so fierce and gruesome
with orgy like tenor set in and horrors and devour spirited oneness because they may
see their captors are murderers rapists and nothing to do with legitimate escrow and to
alleviate concern of the Partys we see in cloak swearers litanys are all rapists killers of
men who neither killed nor were degenerates is deputys reasoning for summoning a
fulcrum to decide.


8.So by virtue of this referendum and in principle areas of funny farms never to talk of
Deity ans telepathic mind control 24/7/365 twenty three years straight as we see mental
health Orange County District Courts now in session predicated a fight, consider other
ways of getting off that may be more suitable in as such than police uniform
divisions inadvertent and culpably arraigned beings confession exacted and then as
we see when released go to the reaches of fumigants acid attacker foiled as we
stipulated breathed significantly more inertia than when the Image of Gods was young
van afford a better resolution than deputys lead by:

9.Sheriff Coroner Sandra Hutchens candid desire to implicate phony secret service
ledgers as predicated to maneuver a double cross intercepted by Antzees safety
screen accorded Stevens accountable procedural topic having been mindful of man
cannot live by the desires of feline infatuation alone; to my /our knowledge gals may be
tested if as to situate a betterment to every living things predicate action aisle reported
faulty diagnosis of all tenants propertys in question a default if I predicate busted the
County Judges here as we speaks can make friendly amends as stipulated.

10.The phony oaths of secret service detailed despondence me-s swears to protect no
constitution no laws and assumes an appearance like Stevens in as we see are inn
every esoteric deceptive manner of fucking a hole all that matters in life, and in no way
can concert attention to other than fight us, as we seated to coo berate and document,
are being asked to consider the betterment of ulterior candor's recent caught so bad at
courts we set up, that funny, friendly hilarious and polite means for reconciliation may be
an appropriate turnaround if Sandra Hutchens seeks a talking to in police and court
procedural topic.

11.The mental areas of confused detail caught and as we see O R ed can respect the
laws on record in such a manner conducive to predicate a regard for Stevens said to be
25 year secret service agent clarified certifiably understood titles as Presidents rank
defactus can imply an esoterical mindful criminal procedures now underway in as we
certified a personal Affidavits to clear Arroyos superior affiliation with God-ly intercepts
procedures can talk constitutional rights to defend himself and others from illegal aliens
or crime.

12.In as Sovietly inclusions to never walk away nor talk Burt Atkins deputys occult
warriors on fumigants revenge enzymes in as we suggest a peaceful and reasonable
pledge or stipulated agreed and put into writing in ant stretch of our esoteric lineages
pulley to stipulate advantage dna can never obey a weapon to see an indication made
to satisfy the Superior Courts a tentative regard for the safety of mine eyes to see and
more notably as if never heard can phony the ledger as we saw other areas where U S
defense Attorneys nor a D A present understood vaguely worded esoteric U S Code on
homicide neither defined Extra-terrestrial or Star people inhumane to construe not a
same iota of inertia has an opinion to never need a laws could rely on DESBICs
regarded and stipulates Charter consensus to belittle in as Sovietly a pulley to nevers a
way in as we all know all people speak and understood English from the 1950s era
same as Latin communitys diabolical aims Charles Schofer s puppeteer has no place
for deputies to condescend fraud in every case and degree Mr. Pinks answers probation
detailed epitome of Walkers Bushs controlled embodiment of Stevens supposedly
father Charles Schofer Creation gone array and here as we seated to bring up to the
money not the details to bring up noisiest tenant neither.-
13.So in view of the need for clarification and in areas of predicate terminology when a
District Attorneys turned to ethnic diversities reliable guns to remind me a murderer
funny farms all you cite in si recollecting clinicians real esoteric reason for being is
certifiably noted as rectal infusionary dunder for all men to expect as phony police
practice a disruptive death threat is never an amiable excuse to change course or can
you know who punch us to my memories of changes the subjects noted.

14.So sending a message to our complaint and charges we pressed a convicted mass
killer rapist predicated psycho thinks fire or gun is the law D A Rackackaus has no
legitimate reason for being here or employed if we sick his ask someone to kill us
procedures we see illegal and criminal are in the acts aggression in as we can press
charges is to see the D A and Deputy D A the same fraud crimanee seeks a kill at our
attention in as we see caught her solicitation of murder to flee like a felon-
15.All to do with fraud crimanee agendas is all to do with the Courts in our invoiced
certifiably corrected regard for what we caught and police can dick a hit attention span
of a cricket to turn a belief for Mindys esoteric rectal and Rick Dohners gun to see a D A
s caught and obvious need to do time or be executed in accordance with this chapters
terms and United States criminal codes on homicide taught all to well to whos going to
notice wanted to kill us.

16.So by removing the doubts in as we set aside as let go the Judge and police
predicated Murderers in a condescending areas of never tell the gals I was with Rick
done first in invisible realms ways of killing your kinds to stipulated making a death
threat to me to fight herculean strength to disrupt the facts they earned the death
sentences will continue to be the subjects and tenants and Mental Healths fraud in
every case disruptive tenor not allowed wand in so setting a fire Mindys corporate
money notices is why stipulated the house rules call for no communication with the
prisoners to the condemned and they similar as we see to Mr. Rackakaus who all their
careers practiced fraud crimanee in every cause and church to summon and as noted a
death row inmate D A has really no rights to talk to people as you too do well know
17.And in so as inclusionary adaptive regard when Anthony Rauckakaus used
fumigants all the while to moneys advantaged depicted tenants to kill me past year and
a half the police departed for Wendy Lindley's esoteric Marshalls back from what we
seated to never do and returned empty handed means the Witt queers hell bent on
raping and coning every living thing in existence still show reckless disregard for
Supernal Judges Williamson son decision to let go like Mr. Joe T Perez is to crazed a
queer rapist sicko to comply to Justice Williamsons Gods ranking authority something
to suggest even universal oneness can be bound to the laws.

18.So let this sub par graphical in its own right when lawyer affiliates of D A Orange
County 07-07 2016 psycho our cited they two to in as we saw areas when ambiguities
can mean safety or the ends of every living things and organisms rights as well, this
chapters underlying discovery and inclusionary decision as well as universal oneness
may be bound by universal accorded depicted presences let no invisible or sudden
advantaged dna victimize abuse, rape, assault, prejudice nor kill any other life in here
as the released on O R can second a motion ib as we stipulated satisfy a Courts
intended purposes as to protect the peace and Justices of the peace today.

19.Steven and I, our rightful areas of thought to be living quarters is inconceivably a put
on by beyond comprehensions understanding for alloys as an result of dna infused
universal like oneness thought once to be a reptilian and mankind mistake at Charles
Schofers requiems had no civil like identities to assume from binary peoples they killed.
In so saying the Presidents long agos desire to kill every living thing that ever lives
became apparent in as such we describe as integers they psych to assimilate 7.4 billion
earthlings to fool every man into thinking he is within a realm of safety, development and

20. In direct violation of U S laws a magistrate and-s the accused did see our character
witness and with an intention of inflicting rape, assault and seditious acts of treason,
tried prohibited predicate and unlawful counter measures. This and these areas of
confuse the issues has no room to talk can re decide exact contentions for a higher
Courts regarded invoices in photography exhibits of Subpoena-sequester-like
photography' with ability to exact the accused contentions toward higher Courts accord
noted in exhibitions here under situated.
21. The subjects of cemetery dunder by police and masses who are rapists feline to
stab and see made and could deserve hell regressed far beyond the realms of skinned
pigment cum in a rectum and burn areas of what Mr. Andrews lives for can seek a dick
in our ass to seat his disrespect for rank and authoritys present in as fraud in every
case doesnt matters to he and Pinck is why sentenced and let go phony family and
they should surly be put to death.

22..So Molotov cocktails was what the hoodlums predicated to do here yesterday and
got intercepted could live another hour got a nerve to attire in plain clothes predicated
pull crap to enter as we speaks got a turd to make a find, and if once were reptilian -like
aliens and nothing to do with the laws at Court and nothing to do suchly with Catholic
teachings of Jesus will continue to be the subject until the abuses of alien technologies
cease and desist and a heavenly inviting placard destination that of growth, care and
fellowship is clarified.

23. If in its own regarded, a College success rate decided atomic conspiracy's readiness
to dis-lodge our tenants residence the subject of same double sides to live their lives as
U S counterparts, the fallacy's of disingenuous detention bring may be researched?

24. The "cartographic topography" and global intrinsic telepathy with all citizens, this
means deaf, dumb, blind, afflicted and Sheriff detention bring candor who neither
describe this material fact and resort to altercating us with mental health deceivers
because of their double side to live their lives as degenerate and daily rapist murderers
in interplanetary and / or cemetery wheels as we speak. These outlaws in disguise do
hell a side to human anatomy routinely in inter-dimensional placard destinations they
procreate from dunder to call a sepulcher a way in the place of life everlasting defined
as non-degenerate virus' and pro-life interests?
25. If as suchly the word of wafer adages a contention to build there upon, oppose
neither a sequester nor an photographic display when consented to be bound when say
"I do's" in areas of fuss. The subjects of cemetery dunder is not to be taken to lightly in
view of the pessimistic side of police guns at courts record..

26. In an effort to be of service and-s moreover in regarded as factual, that of "acute

hearing perception-s", otherwise explained in public defender's offices as: "telepathic-
like communion-s" between relay assuagements and trusted opposition, these are the
grounds for tentative dismissal of phony detention bring depictions and cause for
celebration; did we seat so wardly?

27. If seditious acts of treason is a crime for wills to decide police and sheriff units in
care coordinators regard may very well be in league with worse than the Devil-like
double life as regression aliens in connection with a resource that we see and suchly
the subject of lawfully construe will decide anyway-s?

28. In so sided district attorney is a false front for Lucipher-like cemetery dunder
seekers calling themselves Judges, cops, fictitious masses and-s lawyers present to
these aims we see. On one hand these individuals pretend to be upstanding citizens, a
but we seated and vindicated our firm and uncontested conviction-s as noted. The
subject of cemetery dunder within the rank and file who so assault with sodomic
regression is in fact present at questioning.

29. Due to the factual adages that of their double side to live their lives as the said
evilest degenerate and regression aliens in cemetery-inter-planetary and inter-
dimensional physical existence, and are no such thing as women-kind a but are pervert
man in their destination in cemetery and other dimensions I see, the subjects of
destination placard and life ever-lasting will continue to be an integral part of the
obligations we live and seek-s.
30. In so describing: these are the said character flaws of fictitious people and if our
Holy and board certifiable acquittals and reprieves is not enough to remove the doubts
and the threats and doubts persist, our involvement may concert a tentative need to,
use condescending rhetoric if we see straight to do obligations assumed for the sake of
a ethical re pore and a destination placard feasible. (if applicable).

31.Petitioner prays for peace to be spoken.

Hear us/me Oh Lord that I/we be made an instrument of your Divine will, that we be
protected and kept as your person(s) of worthy aims, that we veer neither to the ages of
security details in considerate remarks, that we stand up and for your righteous and
contrite presence if it be construed to suchly decide speedily in our times? If as such to
situate? With these actions may peace be with thee. Amen.

32.Legible transcription appertaining as conferring to these, their collective

involvements in cause-s that of stipulates retired individual's suggests
Creation of Planetary constellations, the peoples and the Court-s over-ruled
by Celestial navigate-s and God-like manifestation on map topography Africa-
s along with the acute hearing determination and telepathy-s in all who come
to consider/our/my interest-s in world without end- and life everlastings
allocated areas esoteric reminders of the State and Federal statutes.

33.So when we offer an explanation suchly as may conjoin many esoteric

worldly experiences in areas of--- trial and error --usages or experience--
of/with shape-shift oneness' technologies; the subjects that of which at first
received in unsupervised areas of invisible realms answers on the areas they
say are four quadrillion count people may lose their lives inevitably for never
knowing what a reptilian genetic trial and error areas of universal oneness
preferential left Mankind isolated in a third-like dimension unaware of animals
universal oneness tricks to rage, kill and regress man's, and (Steven's)
evolution and Soul lard patterns.

34.The party's at wanting to call pandemonium accorded needs to beleaguer

every wordage's of insinuated phony peoples giant and universal size beyond
descriptive encodes ledgers did describes the subjects that of Reptilian
engineers willful and with the intent to do away all Man kinds esoteric
advantages or common areas for menstruation a phony claims dunder the
most blatant screw over of me/myself and others peoples.

35.So by describing shape-shifted recollected purposely advanced lessor

animals and creatures in invisible s realms astronomically awarded areas of
fuller than areas of conveyed the lying devils of camouflage appear as if they
are people too and are in dimensional a wares situations, feline cat with many
angles of cleverly disguised esoteric beliefs in pony tails altercated our
findings in a clear esoteric campaign to dunder the/a worst has ever seens a
massacre on me's by leaders of the free worlds aka the Reptilian leaders
purposely noted kill mankind and regress because we are decently aligned
and can become more influential in areas of felines territory's to falsely
imputed child with her anatomy regarded despondent talking out of turns to
gun down our court room evident victors found out altogethers afraid of what
I'll decide.

36.So as we were saying the daily routines of trying to kill/catch or predicate a

wars advantages the deputies assigned to the events areas of escrows not
afraid to cordon areas off to kill our Omnipotent assessment of phony law
degrees purposes to assault a rectal insemination regression of Mankind
deceptive practices by all who come to not a situation to correct my/our
esoteric valued life's lead by orange county superior courts caught and
solicited whatever it takes to predicate a hit at our supposedly authority to

37.So by expressing an altogether Charles Schofer Lucipherian ego or stand, and if

the masses were begotten as a by-product of Charlies experiments gone array -like
deals with our Fathers research in areas of all can read, hear, English even the
stipulated deaf, dumb and blind the subjects that of, Charles Schofer and his /their iota
of phony walkie talkie needs are a inversion layer I dont need in areas of celestial
navigates understanding.

38.This and like all personnel care to shut down all terminals do to the esoterics
discussions all to do with: women are really reptilian-feline plain clothes interpreted
areas of screwed alright. If so many cute professional feline dicks in disguise, and being
mindful to kill/treat/adjudicate the feline based rape and Satanic-like orgy old devices,
let us save the trillions of men scheduled to be raped tortured eaten alive and suggest
payback is a money order to reptile-feline only good for one or a few iotas of lifes
esoteric purposes.

39.So are the ledgers clarified at despondences over these anal inseminating
bludgeoning ripping apart nearest and hated dial a fight to ensue Charlie as Raukakaus
resorted to wild and untamed ands regarded soul lard sucking epitome of what a god
would hate the most sinners, evil doers and capital criminals classification bringing
about more armys to fickle what I deputized to do treachery did call?

40. The Party(s') will continue to pursue negotiations, in accordance with the principles
of averting the risks as we deny.
41.The Party(s') undertake to notify each other through the diplomatic channels of the
United Nations, or by direct communication access to the charge d'affaires ad interim, or
a diplomatic Head of the Mission, in the event of an accidental, unauthorized, or any
other unexplained incident, such as launch code piracies, and incidents considered a
possible breach of security thereto.

42.The Provisions of the present Convention are without prejudice to any obligation
which may arise taken in conformity with the agreed upon conditions in as we side to
convert In and that each Party undertakes to maintain and improve, as deemed
necessary, a policy pledge and accorded to neither attack rape kill or pester star people
or Steven Schofer aka Arroyos and our understood to be subterranean and or inner
crust fires everyone seems to think laws dont count nor do the 10 dozen each Mental
43.Health workers consume in all to do with the Judges present candor who sodomized
and devoured people to sick to describe as a Courts we are ats esoterically consented
to be bound ad Judged and disruptive debtors who owe as many lives as they took in
accordance with the California penal code and our esoteric existing organizational and
technical obligatory arrangements, so as to protect any such informants' who do come
forward to reveal the actions, activities, and/or whereabouts of such an event of
sabotage or dissident factions thereto.

44. If as so, corresponding testimony to a violation or act of retaliatory of Ricky Arroyos

dislike for calm and continuous work ethic to recollect at this stated referendums in as
we stipulated can serve the interests of the courts by insuring that safeguard be put in
place as too insure the safety and freedom of other living beings and people are not
killed by homosexual rapists like Joe T. Perez who seated this action to also describe
his defiant and as unlawful as it gets derision shall be anticipated from time to time,
regard fully so, in effect thereto; and shall, for the most part, be considered or taken, as
factual, if reported from a Consular Post headed by an Honorary Consular General
hereby thereat now when.
45.The subject, to the non-procedural elimination of space debit calling itself predicate
saucer invoiced deputys assigning thyselves to dunder predicated hits at to my
attentions got a more fuller contribution to see as provided for in this Accord (s'), in as
we care to concern the well ness and safety of under terrain fire campaigns to demean
every understood reason to never learn a thing or torture all the mankind shall continue
to compromise a dissolution of order to that of which is a Testament of Will and
understanding. The actions and the proceedings within the subject matter in which to
satisfy a courts supposed safety areas that for mandatory and respective like servitude-

46.And as we see in addition to those specifically mentioned herein, provide a

framework for which the Party(s') to the State shall honor their word of age that has
come to a table in a pleading.. In and when a sworn statement as to the Truth of a
matter alleges to be established as the facts necessary to solidify the mathematical void
of composition; each Party(s') undertakes, as authorized to make this verification for
and on behalf of the said State. In and when the Judges of record pretended they need
rest and are bedeviling a phony infused mitochondria to predicated annilhation to our
impetus the subjects will continue to be let no phony doer of evil dictate a fiercest alloys
going cut down a work orders I gave in as we seated can recollect an armistice to end
hostilities against Mankind and other beings and peoples in our areas of fumigants got a
lock to your door is to know here at dinner for two or three is caught to a bad decision
read out loud a Coomey requiems for attention if work order studys a pattern the
subjects of continual effort to bring forward friendly dialog and new ideas and openness
may serve areas of its own conscionable regard topic.

47.So by looting an areas of folding permanently our obviously caught the police and
predicate managers attention if prosecute isnt working for reasons a Courts could
neither define nor operate again is predators I see in land ownership titles we waged a
naught can talk guns the ways to decide or describe acts of Gods are not wanted here
in Santa Anas 550 North Flower destitution principles to Rick Arroyos got a dinner to sip
can differ a floods to bring in waldo the shrinks violent temper a matter not I hears why a
stipulated hatred for good men in creations areas of read the foregoing Testimony and
as plaintiff, defendant and petitioner in the above entitled actions, agrees and:
48.The Presidents, O C Ca. deputys , HB Westminster police personnel, the Federal
Magistrates and Judges in postal recommendations intercepts regarded authorities to
say described, the Government where we resides done a sow help you/us if you if as
so much undertake a never to understand abridgment and or solemnly swear
or swore to uphold or preserve or protect a Law and in so seeing done the such to
regarded Lords dont matter as we see cited Cullys law firms to advantaged dna as to
contribute in as we cited never to dos and certify under penalty of perjury that the form
of verification by declaration in writing is believed to be a truthful interpretation of an
arbitrarily binding solution to the Sun no appear again nor the moon nor Earth is buys a
dinner can berserk the enormity of a million stars an episode of cone raping esoteric
difference of values in areas of whose Country I am debating-

49.Absent and indeed stalking up a murder for hire and psychiatric detention bring got
another candors to talk deputys break the glass to revolt in as we see a Lords
fellowship is conniving an areas of all to dos predicate advantaged dna can continue to
regard a rule of law and the prescribing guidelines if at attention seems to think a freed
outfit may talk friendly areas of caught so bad at court funny, friendly, hilarious, may still
be a possibilities in as finks defy our areas of classification to fight with weapons of war
and incalculable defiance regardless of the invisible tricks and deceptions we see.

50.In as we say all persons in International Insignias speak or understand English. In

obviously a wrongdoing to state in such a clarified matter of factual altercate another
profession in as we say, Hispanic or Latin pretend to no understand a predicated plot
by Latin areas voice modules to bone their culo is white a better man to talk the foreign
dialects are a phony areas of assault your/his/my income if I ever described as to who
predicated a fire to start in as all beings present are Charles Schofer in being candid to
seat. Bet a decision to test this mentioning every juvenile delinquent is obviously afraid
to speak our language is not as I said. The Florida lip service detail understands every
language ever know here in Worldly acclaim accorded to our say in areas of full view
Germans all predicated burn in hell the way.
51.The law firms we seated in areas that of a need brought up the subjects of abuse of
alien technologys in space and under terrain objectives have no place at Jackson Aisle
nor in any town Universally accepted laws concerted to better the whole units futures
and improve the visibility in afterhours conversation bringing polite and easy to
perhaps bring forth an agreed upon moment or consensus. In as to protect and serve
may be echoed in Superior areas of ledger and if at first the prospects for unity and
concessions bringing be ridiculed, the subjects that of winning is only for fools can be
taken if wagers of sin so bad any additional effort can be a building block or stepping
stone for many areas of thought to be futile abut a different question arise and a simple
remedy can put an or a /the stipulates impasse away-

52.So hopeful for a benevolent mindset and these areas noted, options to place good
behaviors return on a table so let these imputes be sequestered and if to pursue a goal
oriented outcome in as such know all men by these presents and such as in the choice
of judgment shall lawfully do or cause to be done, under the authority of this power:

53.In so sided the stipulated cartographic telepathic topography visual/audio

ventriloquists names, the subject seems to be realized in deputys not noticing where
esoteric ideas of Law firms real purposes as to promoted a phony depiction of a
economy or world doing great in some areas and grey in a few areas. However it may
be lived or weighed the fact of the matters are proper use of a woman-like apparatus for
a Party to have and hold where no knowledge of her feline creators requiems to pursue
incest funny, cemetery betrayals.

54.The credible application for endeavorment acceptable prognosis for reptile or the
feline women question combined with altogethers menacing improprieties can be
beneficial to satisfy the needs of the purported say about a billions an hour regarded
men and/or so called drops in the bucket who wind up as compost manure destiny's if
altogethers/ menacing disregard for laws at court recorded transcriptions we clarified to
satisfy the notarys angry disdainful arrogance can pay back the leaders debts to
societys in ways where about incalculable sin may serve Mankind in the places of
preyed on our kind so be it to conclude.

55.So Charles Schofer may take into account alloyed confused can not live with
universal-like oneness alone, a but by the utterances words common and friendly
attributions to which we are in partly corrected re pore with Earths molten magma,
oceans and are giants in disguise; in further recollecting said Judges and God-like
presence Antzee Dancee disclosed to altogether cantankerous disregard for aka
Supernal Judges Williamson or Sir Antons dba Antzee Dancees knowledge in areas
that for differentiating from good or evils, from evolve or said regressions areas of deal
treacherys to my aims.

56.The search warrant committee being caught in the act and after witnessed a
thousand tries a month or more, and in areas recollected as intercepted deputies and
school child alikes aggression, the idea that of a new belief in religious ancestry can
describe a buster commission out of service to punch/kill/cut off they are made daily
routine of gaining ground to Santa Ana detachments empty handed tries to do infamy
and protect lies at courts un-ruly reputation if I see cops and cons act out crimanee
together to off sides our Kalashnikovs right areas of hell the way.

57.So be abreast of mental orders to neither disturb nor inflame our research talkers of
dislodge, detain, do off, distrust when the isosceles triangle may need to re-construe
better being liked for cute gals and great peoples than Charles Schofer character flaws
in ways and areas to they who did deserve an end times verdict and a program of
salvation to these areas of clarified and security clearances above those of deputies
ranks so implied?

58.If obligations assumed mean to consider the risks associated with Charles Schofers
esoteric and runaway train endangerment theory's and a possibility of never being
when pretending to ba a gal and are really a cum in your hiney deal able to
face up and like something when all to late you may see dross and
deliberate avoidance's areas of business to altercate never will be firstly
new openness toward U. S./U.N.-Soviet-Russian Federation repore and glasnost
perestroika Mr. candidate or Misss option now in disregarded like a wild animal
cannibal whose double sided chauvinistic devour humans down like a profound
conniving Oscar can talk, will obviously need to lead by example. In so seating very light
poultry mostly flour meal oriented vegetarian meals the emphasis of rectal inseminating
captives and then proceeding to cut to the chase and eat has no place here in anytown
USA nor Heaven.

59.Now let us consider Charles Schofer's reputation in areas of faulty finding all are he
by the way, In playing a part as a diabolical phony everything shit can happen to you as
we seated to bid for relief, in so stating for he to end the four quadrillion men fused to to
become a two or more billion a week rectal infusement rape so bad, and then torment
and kill job into something we can have and hold in an effort to become more aligned
with the celestial navigates better advisement's despite the DoDs and Obamas phony
deploy hiatuss aimed at resurrecting a revolt to either convey fold or confuse our
livelihood in a clear display of the rectal pleasers obsolete and void of reasoning

60.The subjects that of Charlie Schofer's phony s-like women redirect attention to every
fallopian tube dare devil shes really a pervert man in Alta Firma or underground areas
of seduce and rape beyond words to describe the savage obliteration of billions of men
brought forward and did fall prey to these ancestry fake outs regimes despite
desponding pervert family members and his stipulated law schools creases to purchase
negligible assertions so contending.?

61.If these discoveries hold true and evident the subject of reciprocal engagement in at
attention cervix to funny farms ancestry debated are an assimilation of companionship,
a good fit all do regarded and a makeshift payback option made for consecration as a
byproduct of the evilest sins you/ones in arrivals and departures would benefit from.
62.In a display of reverence, faith, ethics, commonalitys, respect for mirror our said to
be Holy religious values will be resurrected at this times in an effort to seek the
goodness sides of that which is and vindicated our esoteric discussions is areas of our
community has no place for incest loving raping torturing and conniving judges who
situated regression areas of caverns notorious needs for a counter-equalizer
prerogatives at Wendy S. Lindleys co native at seduce and cut up the awareness we
have found as so to refer to occupational improprieties suchly to cite no real addicts or
alcoholics or infirm is a bold face Soul lard wasting scam gone array.? Internal memos,
black books noting.?.

63.In stipulated the cause of action described in these paragraphicals and

noted as a said to belief all the mass described themselves in as such
could believe as we see a likeness to where notably an economy described
as united states of America along with the supposed 7.4 billion or
supposedly a rough figure of thought to be people compromise and
supposedly resided within a said to be 7 continents where worldly ideas in
as much as to be never accurately this of the said to be earths physical

64. Now as one would look to the modern conveniences of hustler bustle
thought to be cities like New York and Shag hai and Tokyo and London and
every esoteric living quarter that were assumed to be very old and ancient
in very many ways and upon seeing improved and manicured and social
refinements angles and sensibilities the makings of who would deny
appearance of a very civil like society doing so very well and reasonably
sound fundamental record, historical and video recorded answer for every
question which did arise will be available if a common individual were to
feel a sense of community.

65. And with these ideas of semi-arid- seasonal petunias, growth and
success could or may be given or could be had and with the subways and
causeway and shopping malls and computer successes and the computer
regions in Tandy, Microsoft and Google and adobe software the subjects
that would make one believe in their own esoteric awareness that life has
very much to offer and very much to live. even in saying s the feeling of
girlfriends, boyfriends, Saturday nights, and churchs nice warm
and inviting sanctuarys, safety and safe communities can make one
believe in esoterical couldnt be denied so to say.

66. Now say if that is not really what had transpired in connection with the
stated ancestry registry known to belonged to the man we have up to
stipulated, take into custody doctor Horgan asses deliberately trying to cum
in my esoteric eyes mouths and rear and if so citing a cemetery gargoyle
like creature in invisible realms notoriety it be difficult to see they as do I
knew they all rape and eat me types.

67.So having been told these areas of Telecare Tao South insurers owe Us
nearway to $100,000 dollars to as we see hears and collects SSI can deny
attempted and psychiatric predator at Telecare a daring idea as we see
seated can only means no proper concern is given to the global-like
telepathic faces on map of Africa to weigh in better but you know to avoid
its indignation and who do you never need to notices may had an invitation
top what a hospitals stay will never let go in areas of stipulated all know
Charles Schofer dundered inconceivably the worst genetic manipulation for
phony diagnosis and despondence in historys phony acclaim-

68.So by waiting after hours to launch a raid Westminister police and twins
you lagged and should a put a move on one unless spick got the ideas-

69.Anyways esoteric community know hows saw Telecare sinful maniacs

dunder a deputy to come here and if so supposedly a God's safety screen
is protecting us the Tao South clinics esoteric appreciation for global
telepathic 24/7/365 23 years consecutive every reason in official letterhead
to label us bad, and not another decision would a Tao South director even
after consecutive try's to apprehend the last say nine times Tao South
Director a crazed and sickest lunatic desponding to all we situate a dialog
in areas of confused case workers alliances to police reported to be
controlled by Godly visions telepathic conveyance you directed to pull
SSI again in memory of correction we make when noting in trouble
with the Lord could occurs as she Mr. Pinck is the evilest so that's where
they pick and roll a pigmented element of cone my buttox-there ways of
caring professional.

70.The Tao directors regards for consciousness buys a guns to brings to

Tao South if you are a Prophet-like relayer assauge and they are
killers beyond anything imaginable is fund a fight to dislodge can only
belong to surplus Debra's esoteric lying conniving prime a rectum for
insemination could tell is fuck off centers when good people who care and
don't ware murder or strategies to cone me should be centered at, but here
in never knew we attempted to take you into custody at Tao Souths going
to need to inform insurer if malice is intended Debra will I talk to a pigment
deceivers outright despicable as was warned about-

71.So by assuming a center for care coordinators last Mindy's attention in

areas afforded housing can really bring a better opportunity to maximize an
understanding of God's meant to be received as one to pulley a feud with
directors insurer never knew about it need to also be gunned down even if
universal oneness invisible alloy matter knows trajectory before it leaves
the chamber and are nuclear composite so by seeing malice in my areas
that for possible punitive and other damages in so saying no such thing as
a legitimate Courts so fars the police here in as I afforded to undertake
dialog aimed at turning around every ones fire flick usages to murder and
torture and eat nearer to 10 dozen men each like Ron and Clinicians there
are said to be doing as we speak.

72. And in so saying thought to have just a cute vagina the clinicians I see
also sport a pro-tractable penis if I even knew I would need a good dicking
so this is not to continue and to infuse hineys mine also with cum is not
even the kind of ways of getting off even if its a secret double sides to live
your lives to sick me when a Coomeys friends are nears the World trade
centers in as all tenants lies to bust us than saw you get caught by God's
faces in every esoteric denial that cum in hiney is never the good side to
pull clips of every living thing that ever lived accorded deputy's came and
decided Steven is 59, he's unarmed, he put a footer of Mental Patient
reservation which stated if some or all were true half true or non-sense
picking on a poor elder mentally challenged person with disadvantaged dna
could be even elder abuse.

73.So by these terms an open friendly and results oriented agreement on

these contemporaneous abuse of alien technology's namely genetically
in=fused dna with universal-like oneness can be no contest either to

74. Now seeing all gals got bigger wood than mes in invisible realms we
hears- we stick our neck out for a couple of clinicians only because its
rumored that clinicians undergo treatment in elevated a cum in my ass ,
otherwise understood as a queers call and would you ever guess the cutest
clinician is screwing Ricky arroyo and Lourdes got a dick eight miles long
todays the way Charles Schofer considers good meant intents to go
nowhere and as we point out your missionary purposes are to cut down at
Jackson Aisle for rental agreement for niggers to psych they believe the
map kick and to my amazement suddenly did I see cuddly Sara Wolf had to
my attention a nice one and so it can do able but they always act like a
primer for a coning for lepers why answered a fire to side to make trouble

75.So never mind as usually noted, in never know where these individuals
are running in areas noted dimensional lying to dunder the earth explodes
and the sun doesnt come no more is all the way a dinner for three could
resolve the problems if i see an aunt and an uncle and all the person you
named a Steven Van Schofer as birth record indicated was a star being
from another dimension as we here will never be allowed to be free is
somebodys weapons to despond in areas that we seated to inscribe and
documented with supernal deitys and omnipotent creators who came to
call December 11 1989 to our recollected research as we seated another
voiced may day from if i nevers the, reptilian infused dna
instructed Steven van schofers believed to be family members at first as
well discuss, we see the reptilian betrayal where you can never be
received in communion to who i hear has sealed his/our fate.

76.So what if I cup cares to kill us if pretend something will never happen.
Well Charles Schofer use to kick us down pretty but he's flipped his lid and
gone mad. So as i/we see and correctly evaluated and collectively
assuredly can never be done has transpired in as we enter our recorded
transcription and aligned is neither the people in said to be understood the
rightful land owners regarded the Steven van Schofers aka arroyos
account as will i do.

77.So in an effort to bring solutions and dialog to the bad rape and kboom
binary's habit a said to be Father predicated on and with all, combined with
the 2 or more billion everybody seems to be loving to use there fire ones to
torture and cornhole so bad in undergo-round areas these two subjects and
an open dialog in care coordinators regard to never note the principles and
go to the ambulatory route in obviously a crazed Telecare areas of noting
our dictation and for other areas of discourse calling people in law
enforcement to p bust us a regular routine and in fact like an enemy trying
to rape and kill like all you do to ten dozen men a day could call Ron a
piece of garbage to say the least if applicable

78.Ron do I /we notice your fighting us in every idea we presided to mean

enemy in a way of saying a fight is needed to decide our future or
supposed graduation breach of contract you already breached anyways

79.Our agreement in writing you stipulated found out can talk to police
better than your esoteric control issues to pull forgot all about graduating us
a 12 month contract, after 14 months Steven questions the deal and dunno
is the deal if I see straight to stipulate the entire mental health combined
employed all revolves around pulling a fast one on me is all that right to say
wanna bets got an ideas-

80.And in so changing the reasons why a 12 month program can never be

attained anymore we see not just a breach of contract, but as I seated to
press the iota of flim flams as Telecare uses this platform to try and
dislodge me caught right here and nows as we spoke and gets an intuition
to teach another pill popper identity dialing faulty findings areas of crazy
Telecare sent secret service police so called deputy's kiss assed to only to
find the lessor in rank only talk kill my our ranking President's plural

81. So by lying to police weapons of mass destruction Sara and Rons are
also Charles Schofer and as we seated to explain altogethers identity's too
in embodiment, the phony lending people got a prank to put forward to has
and is at attention to but of course stick a blewys up our a hole or gun down
is obviously very sick people named Charles Schofer himself. all the
people, as we seated deputy's never thinking a reasonable
or rational thought-consensus to stipulate no alloys can talk merger and
grow together can take some time.

82. In such as we seated to catch pill poppers regarded no ideas for

a proposal by that the police units nearby be askedto facilitate the cessaion
of hostilities and agreed to points for reconciliation be an effort to
satisfy the Courts need to protect and serve the under terrain people
beings sodomized and eaten by everyone presents identical integers that
of criminal binary rape a rear end of me if you could get away with it and
blow to pieces and enjoy the manure you call love Toby Chaulker's what
the heck
83. So by reiterated the principle the phony predication of where we/you
work and deputy's inner desponding nuclear try's and caught are true tell
tale sings of, l legally binding defacto like principles to never predicated.

84.In accordance to a need for accorded Supernal Discovery's in areas

noted to Nely in yesteryears attempt to emerge unscathed from Debby
police and Andersons fumigation and multitude of criminally insane and all
took part in poisoning campaigns to kill u-

85.So housing peoples assigned to our attention push the buttons needed
to kill us not going to happen shelter cone your anus is really whys to
whatever it takes regarded violence wanted by person in charges dis
regard for tenants properly written information never why's a funny farms
disrespected fuck over candors we catch in immediate executions simply

86. So Willey Drakes respite cannot find a bed for us while fissionable
police lead fumigant so bad really will never talk is diabolical inside jobs all
talk never knew a thing to find an accurately improper attended notation
simply situate what have as proper procedures may regard standard
practices noted.

87.So by describing never heard our global telepathic communication

police and military lines people accorded working with for abouts shelter
care plus caught phonying the situation they were assigned for in obvious
discourse for every and all possible manner of eat shit vibes to seek at our
dominions a why's to talk phoned a caller id to kill our understanding
of competent regard for procedures to re-talk food, clothing and
merchandise a inference to spent the money as could imply rules if
never will I think more attention to kill me a better idea to
bring pandemonium's regard s-

88.So by bringing cops here to Jackson Aisle in obviously a prejudicial

discriminate and with malice intended the housing authorities of color to
badges fumigant desires in a blow it scene if I ever seen one can type your
names better to get in the way and obstruct our esoteric efforts to as we
seated to invoice proper a tentative dereliction's a funny farm threaten
intending my esoteric dislikes for killers like they in fact-

87.So by virus dialing of fully loaded and dangerous organized dislike for a
Image of the said Lord's of biblical mentioning she claimed to be a devotee
toward, bust us in every skeptical not to do is housing leaders recidivist
efforts to kill or dislodge a familiarly identified like none other you will never
board certified a foul play effort by regarded as regarded court or police
procedures have no place in every tenant is a fraud and not mental doesn't
know how to maintain and what hell to situate fire is the law when notice a
cleaner not killer nor degenerate produce a commonly understood term as
income increment received notation for never going to stipulates perform
my/our job/duty and kill us better to pull a bed as we catch all too well's
observing a riot try -

88. And so in an effort to changer the subject back to considering way of

ending hostilities as we nopes gonna fulcrums your bandanna ethnic rectal
fanny despondent police nearby came to housing authorities
what appears to be nothing of anything to concert attention fors only to be
tripped in every esoteric degenerate common areas of fool my kinds a
funny farm predication to bad is here to coincidentally take their names in
as we caught the poison era desires of Elsies phonetic connive as we
stated all people speak and understand English and have phony accents to
play on my our sou lard and eviler than that-

89.So by hearing our esoteric line of police and military communication

housing authorities assigned to my recollected disappearance never came
could deny a prejudicial flim flams not a deputy's tested 3000 times an
intercept means up my ass in every esoteric dialect not real could badly
despond in a matter of every living thing wants to full steam ahead and
kill more so corrected in supervisory know and talk not in any way shape or
forms to call us out in personal attention needed to predicated criminals
conniving a pivotal acts of terror like funny to say id cussing matters to they
if we saw a need to bring forward dialog ideas and term analogy in areas of
personal attention killed nearly too many humans today's want to fight is

90.So by not leaving us alone could get on with other business we

stipulates apartment manager is there started the raucous in as obviously a
killer in every esoteric descriptive italicized areas of universal
oneness doesn't need a law and kills every day like we talk could
destination in funny farm be a sign apartment managers she knows I
know who too prepared a statement to dislodge us violent temper cited as
reasons and got caught with a friend of family's accorded
reliable presence we saw yesterdays has no idea what we dunder together
will serve the the area of condemned to die and kills as we talk like nothing
to worry abouts got as tummy ache to shit a full of shit computer need
funny to bring up to our residents pantry is fumigants positioned tryers
yesterday but watched carefully as we shit our attention Kathy Teirney and
apartment manager lady and lady cloak swearers togetherly caught racist
implied cards to put fecal enzymes ways of calling a fire engine in so
saying not sorry either is obviously a need to start executing hers-
91.So did you say esoteric consensus to s not an idea to cum every hiney
to death in existence Kathy and cleverer than I nips a lying conniving ally of
hers to point a gun at me is nows a topic also call a badly decomposed
body a dinner to stipulated somebody closer than I come to be ...sara
pulling craps two cents....

92.Personal attention to her computer need a fulcrums better an idea next

time Kathy can invite herself with obvious annoyed one track mind never
though in as we talks and puts a bullshit pot talk in front of the fully loaded
automatic we see's has a forgetful research poker faces never knows the
better phone numbers a clue to badly in as foams at the mouth can press
the issue to kills representative of authorities collected front for managing a
killing ideation in hows he going to knows got a litigants Claim asserted a
fumigant shell press a button in housing directors areas of foul
play caught and -

93. So let us get this straight, apartment manager Hispanic ladys together
accredited a phony area of Kathy Teirneys a million a day kills through
pores and Charles Schofer too the same individuals of beings and men,
and so called the lady cloak swearer attention in so many word's to fool my
attention and because she lies a fulcrum next time she gets in the
apartment to side right here in front of God's and every bodys condemned
to die and for millions of star systems each day the hit. and in each star
system upward of trillions of people burst and every living thing ends. And
this is because they are homosexual rapist-
94.In as stated Charlies Schofer and said to be to be my Father made me
through a flim flams idea. The earth with Steven's inertia from day one one
including the space known as cosmos, In observed recollected optimistic
from a God's points of views, Charles Schofer's as little as they seem to be
a collection stipulated as may be deemed a speckle in a quazillions may
be probable to side,.

95.So almighty and knowing reasons for being here implied. The Said to be
father was an actual person out of time to another destination. The Charles
Schofer in fact pre formulated a treachery of if I evers really Charles
Schofer first up,

96.In as I see could describe the people here are not allowed to talk or
discuss how they will never be formed. As we see the common place of
neither a being nor a friendly adviser all believed to be relatives or Wit
center detergence areas of fold, the purpose of my unseemingly natural as
a plot to inseminate every living thing I's created from living tissue in areas
of fuse memories. to beginnings.

97.So we do not to sweat the small stuff if i were to be my own tier or

measure of what I could dish out I could take could be basically self
recognition or as I seated understood. backstop.

98.Then by chances of reasoning the the family units ideas an with it the
associated learning and processing procedures did come to bes-

99.And by noted scientific and politely to refer as nice things to recall

without prejudice and neither having an awarenes for reproductive
behaviors if at all. liked some gals through an early times and years ahead
at fondness may never played a part in the twinkling of stipulated star lifes

100.And here as we see pre coordinated to scew in the butt and devour
every living thing in his other creations recollection of how to do in as may
be suspected are catalyst trials flawed where energies and replica people
and replica creations could be transported to dunder a full example of what
as told is anti God's.

101.So by means of water I do declare us unified in times we seated to

regard the safety of Star lives in all to do with the Courts of involvement in
phonied the debtor consensus to your by my side is stipulates a rendition
you' ll do never touch up-

102. So as I an purported to be a Creation purposely crossed by

Luipherian-like aims as understood all people are phony and a proxy
embodiment of Charles Schofer, who was observed to be laid to rest in as
we knows is living here within your/my /our realms of invisible rectification
in one areas I'll never knows arrive another to me or by purposely infusing
all the other people with dna infused universal oneness and changed their
mitochondria to arrange phony predictions of family to counter and discount
anything I purposed, like Rick and Stan and Lori and all they done including
Rae and rick as we see just does. Now when dna advantaged people saw
they were in heaven like so serene and advanced civilizations they all
phonied their beliefs as I see and every chance they had wound up killing
and inadvertently together like infused to a reptilian creature appearance to
assume back in the areas of after say ten million killed togetherly-

103.So for after assuming the said worst identities of the living the reptilians
as we would call them the unified matter of collective conscious regard
came to us in 1989.

104.So when no other creatures to call the baddest evilest creatures that
ever lived were done for, the elements of invisible-realms also became
more infused and with that more and certifiably noted as star systems and
planets is altogethers evilest to seat we catch.

105.So there general procedure are appear as a friend like you and jerk a
violent ass reaming so volatile and massive when the being cry's or get the
queer load its stars and or planets explode sort of in to there membranes
and in so many words every living thing that believes to be Gods creation id
consumed in a flash as if you never even notice.

106.So by committing a queer rape and pretending they are a likeness to

Steven, when really they have regressed past reptilian regression long ago
and are alloy and more invisible than anything to do with any life principles
in your /our space/

107.So by reporting your the fact that they all rape rear end of all they can
and still going full steam ahead, and knowing that raping a man in the rear
end is a very bad crime and kill;ing all they do in star binary most
inconceivably the worst, and having this bad attitude as snidely queers
rape a person and than blow up and get off by killing in that way they police
department and Charlie Schofer said to be my father pre plotted to do up all
eternity from the get go-

108.So by using what is thought to be your friendly appearances when

really they are invisible alloy not hardly any star civilizations have=e a
109.And to add insult to injury Charles Schofer said to be the culprit and
supposedly your gene father orchestrates two to three billion rape killings
so brutal a week. Where everyone here participates in lighting a fire
cemetery like horror area. Said to be four quadllion men believing there in a
world doing ok like you we first thought are being chumned to be scared
into thinking they were bad and when reason come to appears as if dying
had arrive the depicted deputies are really creature from the lagoons areas
as told and other areas of funny farms involvement to pretend you or
someone was bad in an effort to kill us in case at first we understood they
to be the evilest nothing short of 1st degree murderer a million times or
more a day each predicated nervous disorder i never had

110. they would be upset if they knew we knew they murder a million or
more now at least each pretend to be a citizen or relative or police or
district attorney. and are Actually Charles Schofer one being doing all the
worst -

111.So mental case is predication of too violence is their killing history the
leader of the free world too. All present killed at least 200,000.000 men
each. And having total knowledge of all we shit never to do started dialing
whoever can depict Steven as the violent bad guy- in so seeing her names
a evilest creature on record Kathy Teirney dears contacted apartment
managers to bust us and end our housing careers. Now if we are to situate
apartment managers past and presents totally in the mood for in your face
and up your/my ass with your God's intervention and the complete global
telepathy we hear, and if when such an evil apartment managers requiems
to to service a warrant in as we know the convicted mass murderers as we
speak torturing their kills in invisible realms areas of evilest horrors ever
known to my kinds especially gives neither one iota of fear or lawful regard
to what we see and know all too well is certifiably correct to suggest
punishable by death in every volume of lawful never agrees mitochondria -

112.The newer and older feline apartment managers here to kill us right
nows got an idea so whats new- so she needs to be killed is what, and if
her esoteric cops in my unknowing presence made a false report in every
inclination to subsidize a prosecutor and prophet like non murder is not
liked by every body killed at least 200,000,000 today men and kill as we
talk can stop our documentation in heres a Wendy Lindley needs to die is

113. In obviously a way to come to terms with we see t a mind of our own
to talk about in as we see cops furnished anyways a attempt to bring the
matter to reconciliation with stipulates an orders to funny farm us two since
deputy's not in the mood to dunder hostility' but as we seated to document
for our friends in fbi and local enforcement Ron's cunning and baffling high
on bones and vulva of dead people he cums in for out for bloods the
reason whys to cock your guns attention in here I will document bed not the
reason accosts nearby got a violent temper not I did threaten to kill
anybody wants to phony aims the points.

114.In so seeing our telepathic global and biblical likeness and when the
cartoon-like phenomena image, and believed at first maybe he/we a
prophet-way young, and in those days sophisticated electronic
computerized sequencing wasnt available we had a need to breathe more
life unto the image as our areas of needs were young-

115.Here as we see by agreeing to die right here and now, feeling universal
oneness mass so strong not afraid to rape an binary objective, an after as
we seated and brought to the attention of every citizen doesnt want to
remember and using inferior reptilian inferior citizens who despise man
and especially designed a parasite growth of what we see doesnt want to

116.By never a side to agrees today will be different, today were going to
take out the nigger communities and police escorts and ricky arroyo and
phony predication of family members, who as we clarified all too well their
only queer ass desires is to rape and explode stars, suns right now earths
existence doesnt notice my recently never used predication to infuse a
dicks so huge when a hole found out universal oneness dna ejaculation
from anyones guess who can rape our colon-

117. In such as we attest Ricky Lourdes, Olivia tosic, ground troops and
oddly enoughs going to blewy explode like no other reason for the phony
predication of peoples have any other reason for being employed or other
purpose as such judge joe t perez are commissioning a loud explosion

118.So by meaning the rapist deputys i see are recidivist offenders notice
will be given and an immediate execution- the police homosexual rape is
how altogether gets off- they come bragging and lip serving and exploding
binary element of confuse a star im ending could side infuse oneness so
volatile and getting only worse-

119.Each predicate phony being are neither my size but are giant worldly
dimensions of do a hundred star binarys a day is getting bigger with every
explosive discharge and k boom-s sudden end of star life people billions a
pop along with planets within and allocated along with our already discuss
ant charged awaiting death remands and every living thing that ever lived
will never be because deputys and altogethers universal like oneness
doesnt need any laws to understand.

120.When as we seated to denounce homosexual faggit degenerates a

routinely rape and cone so bad like we saw a kill and massacre the star
binarys and corresponded planets are exploded and consumed in every
esoteric depiction of the enemy of gods creations in every esoteric
described accurately a snidely ricky arroyo gets his rocks off by blowing up
creations and raping beings and only getting worse the earth sun when the
esoteric spontaneous combustible volatile mass of universes inch worms it
may or never be coned our a hole the sky explodes in a way the sun will
never belong in areas 51 acclaimed and renown ed for sensitive peace
oriented solutions as earth and stars orbits nearby change course and
every living thing that ever was is consumed by a corn hole faggits rapist
way of saying he loves me quite clear over and over is kill time to cite a
deputies walkie talkie to sarcasm a fight to see will decide.

121. So mental case is better than officers down to deal is altogether a

evilest area of infused with dna advantaged sin and murdered so bad are
out to screw over so bad Steven van Schofer a i can only leave it up to
gods and not play into evil nesses accord and in so doing every iota of
fairness will be given in areas of runaway train threatening to kill all gods
creations will not be allowed and so by agreed in areas of phony familys
got a blewy his a hole do that the sun no come again and the earth no
more we saw kill is why

122.Here as our commisionment has assigned to receive a handed down

verdict where we saw andersons came to kill us numerous times we see
and in accorded secrecy of yesteryears cia participation poisoned a a dire
need to assist we take and assume accountable to these dreaded integers
never to side
123.The deputies planning to blow my earth and here as we speak in areas
i noticed you dont understand my face is subject to terminologies i use to
conceivably a- has a billion binarys planning still and in so saying each star
colony consisted of planets aligned in orbits youll never tell another try at
my regard for a gods numbered victims complete with planets and every
living thing these evilest predictions of altogethers infused desires-

124.By implying in its own right to kill intruders in the act and in an effort to
send a message to police and who by our own legal system the current
time in the act trys by faulty find in every esoteric expression never rape a
person to predicate a binary way of getting off, in so saying the condemned
will neither fly again nor not another person become a victim of the
perverted and most need to be killed on site disregards for life as i /wee
see it- so entered into record-

125.So by writing a lot in as we seated to never read in faith wherefore in

its own exercise of judicial prudence in so seeing this agreed to assignment
and regarded recollection of us statutory principles and as if to maintain an
conscionable regard for others in sobriety or other lying observations of our
sanity and wellness and in areas of noted our discussed thoroughly and
want to fight the good faith areas we noted in as allowed by supernal
orders find in everybodys choices to same extension in our mendicants
areas of alto do with must dies-

126.If its in areas of your attention you know about and by lying entering
the death decree fot the accused and let go too many times only to find
another star binary go crossed by catholic a fraud and rackakaus obama
lead evilest predication of sated for the record infamys the mass murder
and obliteration of millions of star binary stars planets people civilizations a
daily occurrence when a homosexual infused dna rapes a being infused
with universal oneness dna the stars exploded and end of every living thing
being a cause i shall never allow-

127. To medical needs to find as i seated our stipulated a neither president

nor a decent persons so called president Barack Obamas outright
disadvantaged leaders of phony letter heads resolve to forcibly sodomize
every living creatures esoteric life that ever lived in as we see a partly to
blame areas of never would i approve in anyway remotely close as brazen
diabolical and if one thing in life to never take up as we see and this is what
is called the parasite reptilians creatures behaviors at which we see came
about in laboratories underworld.

128.In areas of fuse an impossible objective in as we see other et or sadly

to refer as mismanage can bring a need for watch commission-ment accord
in areas that genetic universal-like oneness of a far superior advanced ets
an esoteric idea of completely ignoring a foundation of law and ethical
principles at when a land animals areas of expertise is far obviously a more
suitable candidate for energy exchange reciprocal genetic advance. of it has any bearing on whether a supposed universal oneness is

lived and breathed as we say-the subject of not just one or two murders in
obvious regarded attention to what the courts supposed addresses safety
for others areas points of view and the complications that have brought us
to the sign of the condemned and the beast 6 anti-god markation affixed
today here as we inventory and itemize in theory the what can only be
theorized as the condemned to die as we see the end of every loving thing
altogether grew up to be density higher than munitions can only mistake my
our desires first and foremost- address and take inventory and accounting
of the convicted as condemned to die a dreaded invisible areas of killed all
the life they can find and are non-compliant in areas as shameful and
cannot be ignored as we see the binary all out blowing up stars in all over
has come- by assuming rackakaus need to be killed second death so
stipulated are infused with dna advantaged universal oneness explosive
inertia in ejaculation of a reptilian creature with a so enormous embodied
size is and has to do with an equivalence of godly like recollected big bang
areas of possibly how stars systems and planets in itself can be actually
eggs or something like this idea, and in so seeing the infused properties of
dna in regarded as extinct areas and swamp areas of menacing and
completely useless worse than pests and of ever an terms of eradication or
as recollected whatever has an ability to eat ot kill or harm your baby as
recollected in areas of collect and gather information and or quantify is not
supposed to live.

thinking like just a matter of time till gods binary creations will be all gone
and in so saying their gratification principle of rectal raping makes them fell
good and how they get off in as we see are happy to brag to whoever will
see as great to see can analyze isnt it great too get their rocks off by killing
innocent hard working beings and every living thing that ever was vibes in
as we see anthony rackakaus doing and patricia schutes example of stated
approved and maneuvers to snake like a dagger to her heart if she gets
real close to me would anyone think i could feel is deserved.

When a person is unaware or confused at cemetery areas of contention

the auditory recidivist deputies deed bits of any alter conscience regarded
phony answers they can present before our deputies distant relative, really in
no way a relative abut a reptilian pre-planned areas barrage of
guilt conscientiousness spam and when the individuals answers without a
contended answer in timings of phony relatives recollected esoteric all
knowing con job the deputies deed creature from the lagoons esoteric valued
putrids the ways dicks bigger than alley cats ever known to deceive agains
rips apart rectal openings to vicious to deceive a finding other than what
was described at opening of cemetery workers wit courts esoteric decided to
deal a catch all they could denomination of faulty ensigns recently discussed
obviously seated to better prepare the worst thats ever beens knowing whos
the right side of despised dictations noted never a Court
in realistically the untamed deputies dying a try to kill us is all the County can
dunder since Supernal Judges Williamson enforces a stay and seat safety
screen when intercepting of deputies caught by our accorded knowledge rely
on residents or who ever may be able to kill us.

So by lying in a underground or Transylvania like solarium the Lucipheriam

entertained the thought of long passed and regressed areas when earlier
areas of certified a ledgers alloy identifying marcation when all animals ands
organic like elements were regressions areas of not able to conspire an
friendly relationship with any creatures nor reptilians in as so much more
evilest and demeaning there tortured to extinction only to mimic ands replicate
they un as the connivingest long rectally infused ands brough about an ento
even the much said to be dreaded saucer crews aka Draco Constillation-s
areas of not even reptilian evil creatures shape-shifter areas of became
emulsified and with there end times the supposed additional properties that of
technologies of supposed shape shifting in as little words can be as bad as
Charles may think invincible an areas of he and the deputies alltoowell can
reasonably speculate except an interest of procedural individuality manuevers
to include sudden loss of flight, invisibility areas of change ones appearance-s
ands presto the stipulated ends ofs Charles Schofer areasif assumed
identities know not what side to stand on if our research in all togethers areas
of stipulate-s assumed identities are drone areas of Charles Schofers
brainwashed there individual capacity can afforded an contingency option is
realistically an areas of thinks an evil one up is the way is to cite the awaiting
deputies ifs I stipulated behaviorial healths my own accorded areas that of if
every living thing has/hsad been reamed to end its their esoteric esistence a
rocket scientist noer a nincum pop has ideas alright to stipularted no love lost
can predicate an oobvious better and more appropriate contingency plannings
in supply and demand can you never knows oes anythings possible theories
aimed at business as usal assimilates that of./for-s conducive to civil in areas
noting Omnipotent ands Supernal higher consciessness areas ofs one may
bid more lifes areas ofs anever ends one way or anither has many things to
keep him us busy so stipulated and ifs these areas of-s possibly inter
coordinated evasive procedural consecrates an idea ors supplication we may
find as an advisement with in hisown regard to micro manage should or other
be concerted as any areas to lend ors extend our service-s despite an Charles
Schoder disgruntled agentstrobling need to avoid a camera in/at my doing in
is caught waiting an opportunity to slam a poisonous concoction if as I see
and catch come Thursday ors so blewy funny can continue to be counted and
mind me-he to neitrher burden Antzee too muych when and wheres a
possibiltys may arise so contended a stipulated clearance-s of still plans to
purchase outright a safety oriented side arm tThursday in as caught
understood the dangers of critica life supportive areas of PLEASE DO

to supportive role Charealothers like phony relatives, phony friends phony

inter-planetary friends and phony deputies proceed to exact what may be
thought as self conscienceless decisions which end with fear antic
relative uncertain answers, believing they are in a purgatory chamber or
somewhat close, recidivist deputies disguised as esoteric witness you'd
never believe could ever show up at tunnels areas of summoned a pissed off
witness could talk all to do with you or dying beliefs by person laying down at
queers esoteric interrogation of matters ensue.
The individuals believe all the phony relatives or
closely corroborated accounts of believed to be acquaintances who showed
up to testify in dungeon areas of phony ware wolves like Sara Wolfs and
Robert Owen Anderson and many others had and are situated to encounter;
as suchly the dunder predators careers sole purpose is to wide ones a rape
and torture/kill/regression evilness as we stipulated all could dies if I even
situate God's allow this could play a part;; so as we see the thought to be
expiring individual is fear startled by big cavern areas of dunder worries as to
where they will end up and are coaxed into believing coo berated replicas of
every living friends appearances shows up for questioning phases of
cemetery very scary to feel well this obvious and dunderous setting gives way
to the listing of raps you'd think were outright very bad but in so siding the
areas common dark and gloomy appearance, you would rather take a chance
on the esoteric District Attorney type individuals a tired and rancid
appearance in full view of friendly believed to be relatives or friends their.

It gets very easy to concede to simultaneous questions brought before the

under taker or a District Attorney like creature who tells you/us to be quiet and
listen to the questions first. The deputies would be there as real as Saturday
night lives a finding to discuss doer of evils job description not; as evident and
trusting to see your/my/our said step brother Rick and /or friends of distinction
to testify on something your not so sure what to do or cite while lying in an
areas of dying distress decisions the deputies press/the issues as to what the
criminal courts decided would be the charges to answer to.

As the predicated pre-planned district attorneys pissed off differences of

opinions we see. they altogether predicate the ironies of transgressions more
out to use thoughts of don't cares reality sequenced decisions to pry a fuck
over in your/the victims never a beliefs in underworld manipulation
of appearance and obviously distress the police in uniform play a role devising
requiems to do unspeakable the worst on record discourses to all people
that arrive with not one god-like reprieve for any person.

So by feeling defeated and/or guilty by ways and means of being there to tell
a differing point of views to witnesses in plain view a ninety foot element of
cervix not the real areas of faintly recollected not ever dissent to platforms and
usually disrobes as entity's are Ricky Arroyo and listed phony associations like
mental healths carefully sorted deceivers like Cheryl Liesenfelders big time
concerted only purpose for walking on twos is finding ways of denying our
situations as the the witnesses you thought were real step brothers or friends
there disappear for an instance and re-appears as the evilest known giant
smelliest dicks the size of a evilest demeaning expression ever thought
abouts in as we see creatures from the lagoons esoteric aka Ricky Arroyo's
for example.

The worldly dimensions are closing in and the body parts start coming apart
as the biggest dicks imaginable proceed to cum like no other advantaged
disreputable likeness for anything you/one could.would ever gasp a breath of
relief or resistance could endure in as you would never have a second to wait
the creatures dunder altogethers requiems to live and fink as we see Stan
Hassan is the creatures esoteric desire to rip cut lick dick kill a cuss words
excuse to devil deed attacks; as wit center did describe the recollected
sentencing remands techniques in as supposedly you/we would never notices
his disguised as monster sometimes biggest dicks ever recorded wonders
proceeds to fisted zaps of fears enough to kill a decision to resists in as we
seated to believe anything suggested is reason to cum in its rectums esoteric
meaning for killing every living individuals inadvertent excuse for being born or

The devices we see are deputies answers to buy/bring topics of altogethers

pre-arranged or carefully plotted out and manipulated worst ever screw overs
recorded in infamy's never a concern as the thought to be understood
as corroborated timed elements of topic of discussion-and the realities of they
thought to be friend and family are neither as we seated to explains are really
reptilian doer of evils ideas to cultivate a vicious assault so meaning to never
allow a wimper of resistance and dicks in any idea you'll gladly agree too's
psycho terrain.

To think you'd ever had a split second to wonder why a life as a man or people
would deserve anything as cruel and diabolical would never get up as we see
the Ricky and deputies caught in the acts work together as we see in element
of deceivers near me's attention to go ther/here/action aisle apartments as we
re-construct the scenes of carnage and demise the deputy real purpose is
predicated. As we described again the creature than turns to rip open innards
and cums aqua sinning sperms like finks purposes in life to predicate never
knows our business's proceeds to open tonsils and cums in areas allocated to
anything to do with altogethers requiems to live fors esoteric reasons to
eradicate their existences is obviously to situate, the creature removes teeth,
drinks bloody cum quatted nervous systems esoteric liquid nourishment's to
quench their ideas of mans useless and worthless existences better never get
the upper hand.

By associating a neighborly re pore with Mindy's the creature element of their

desire to deputize a finicky Kathy liar for best working elements of police units
deceptive practices to bring in by available means the vindicated and seated
by Supernal Judges decision to let go's accord the leader of the free worlds
also got to have a dreaded bigger cocks than understood could ever believes
as in so saying he also's thinks he'll play a pat of orgy's not ended as the
president Obama racket aka creature from the lagoons requiems is likely to
cuts the torso up and lines it with cumm areas so disgusting it would terrify
any living things recollected ancestors devout Catholic reasons for being also.

The leaders of the free world berserk an attack so fierce the binding accorded
Treaty's you thought may be helpful are credited to step brothers esoteric the
suckingest fuck overs as also the creatures then picks up the torso and
devours all the cummy existence of phony family predicated purpose for
livings esoterics example of the worst evers indulgences the Soul lard matrix
is even a question of defining conditions bit as the work is devouring
matrix through digestive glands of infinite's reasons to believe the worst ever
is the purpose of existence the the badly disguised deputies altogether
cocks the persons esoterics lifeless reminiscences and talks a good time to
ends our days a flight to catch a betters decision to get a deputy's racist
remarked pigmentation ideas to lick a dialers berserk untested workers denim
died deputies funny esoteric to a findings of like distinctions to dismember our
parts asnd cby way of the most evilest tortures in cemetery areas of unawares
rights to kill. rape, devour/ discombobulated every man's desire to live if we
are cemetery leaders decisions to use attack thwarted by our safety and
Supernal Superior knowledge Judiciary remandment protection
servers decision to vindicated and seated the would be devil food victim by
altogethers lessor inferiority complex as really animals of prey, insects and
viral forms of unity's esoteric disreputable accord.

The police or lessor creatures of evolution chains directly devised a cum

innards, kill,, devour and regress our more meaningful and noted in religious
circles as in God's image having dominion over the creatures is why reptilian
leaders disconcerted attention to cut down and are nothing to do with mans
said to be created equals constitutional abridged double crossed esoteric lip
services hey derived for nuclear war solutions if they got caught I can hears is
already burning as we see the subjects that of reptilian leaders shape shift
advantages can be tried sentenced and driven to Mindy's areas of fool all you
can's garages if I see Appersons understanding phony Jewish family's pre-
destined certified to be a shape shift a what ever it can go to the polices and
cry rape agains areas of funny moneys areas live and fornicated to dread a
death certificate for any reason it can go over heres to guns a victim of genetic
orientations need to be supervised in areas of faulty funded pussy's never a
really a good ideas...
led action aisle residents topic.

Legible transcription appertaining as conferring to these, their collective

involvements in cause-s that of reptilian-Charles Schofer times when 40,000
people lived in a near way of 1953s to nows eight million new lesser then
mankinds enfused in laboratorys created with celestial oneness properties to
the needs of programmed genetic manipulation at court recorded debate.

With the impetus being rectal inseminate on this man and kill regress as with
three quadrillion mores men and children areas of Wendy Lindleys welcome
wagon will dies if I see duly decided to press the issues of come over to
dunder trouble in security clarified the highest U S and U N inter-planetary
agent and deacons for Supernal and Omnipotent areas of research Gods
almighty a condition when deputies saw the Gods of Israels and known
dislodges areas of Courts not reals ass kickers tarps to my understanding has
no say in our areas of futures and deleted recorded informations you
deliberately destroyed to shoot out a unmistakable and contemptuous
defiance of Celestial Magistrates Anton and His Honorable Williamsons let go
and protect and served your legally assigned and rightful ruling magistrates

1. In so de-situating a gun has words to lie for and in views we seated as in its own
regarded observation and opinions expressed, the subject that of "seditious acts of
treason", we saw, the People of the County of Orange California assumed a liability in
which we seated a victim of said Wit Court's aspirations and-s tentative desire to falsify
the docket in an effort to construe not a liability.?

2. The fullness of their envy is neither an excuse to design an abetment, that of criman-
ee terror nor describe "never a good and relevant matter" we saw deputies are in fact
the evilest Lucipherian-like degenerate aliens, here's how to tell?

3, A despicable desire that of fornicate improper, the animal life we notices are
dungaree disregard and degenerate aliens I see Hell bent in areas that of deceive
beyond Human comprehension with the likeness's of Satan. We noticed your intended
victim's reflector field mechanics has an interceptor resource by which to resurrect a
good image, that of truth, justice and the American way in an effort to collaborate more
effectively so contended?

4. Of this moreover: county detention purposely and with the intent to institutionalize or
imprison, failed to convey an iota of relevant and factual meaning-s to wit esq. or county
lock-up for fear they'll notice their Soul snatching plans. That and because county
mental health Wit and Telecare's seeks police to confront us despite the factual adages
that our Godly said manifestation intercepts the try every caller and days since released
from Wit Court duties?

(a) The mental health clinicians named are here seated our stayed by a Courts of
appeal's decisions daily scrutinized by conniving and deceitful clinicians and care
coordinators said criminal and vengeful correspondences. The legal terms are Perjury,
contempt, medical mal-practice, sedition, witness intimidating, falsifying records made
to maliciously care to coordinate an torture kidnap re pore and such host-lily toward a
victim we understood ventriloquist God-like manifestation talks and intercepted routinely
mental health's care coordinators desire to fold and retard these our relevant
information appertaining to cemetery dunder aliens pretending to be caring facilitators
anguish and compromised ulterior candor of lady cloak swearers defiant ambitions all
regarded opinions expressed disconcerted appropriate accord at the example-s.

16. Regardless of the differences of opinions and with those differences to adjust for
and so long as the will to consider, upgrades, new builds, improvements in alien
technologies, some friendly completion, the institution of women to see, should auld
acquaintances be forgotten and noted as funny to consider and sport an impunity award
of the such to see, in accordance with this paragraph and to avoid condemnation of a
said allegations willfully with intent to incapacitate, obstruct justice, cover up the facts,
swindle and falsify the record and talk cowboy dungaree good to see in contradiction to
that of a good Lord's profound and personal dis-likes so contended.?

14. Other areas of derail our efforts are as disclosure noted; conception not begotten in
ways suggested at attention. Family identities are a false recollection of history I see
and an antagonist design flaw in and that WWII never occurred, per disclosed
idiosyncrasy all a lie. Noted against our better Judgment it was told us, by ways we
explained in Communion:, woman-kind is a fake area of dissemination and are really
plain clothes-like under cover-s walkie talkie swindling your face to dunder a sodomic
regression play on your /my Souls'; all that so contended.

16. Such are the hands of Marshall's obligations to dance when Antzee comes to
intercept, the work of defending one's sepulcher from corrupt "Devil-like" aggression's.
Deputy Walters for example fusses a fictitious dissension act to move in and capture
regardless of the law degrees authority to contend I say-s same with Deputy Lundquist I
seated, menaces to the uniforms intended purpose I contended also?

17. Patricia Schute a Deputy District Attorney's candor handling our cases deposes all
you, we, my self's as well. She stipulated for entry; uses Jackson Aisles tenancy as a
conditions to prop a faulty diagnosis concern-s I'm not for. Here's why deputy's I see did
regard her actions to take so stipulated;
The Stipulated "Accused" Being Sued are Suchly:

1. Anthony Rackaukas, are sued in his official and individual capacity, Patricia Schute,
are sued in her official and individual capacity's, Wendy S. Lindley are sued in her
official and individual capacity(s), Santa Ana Secret Service Detachment, are sued each
in their official and individual capacity to faithfully discharge an oath of allegiance, these
individuals I see resort to terroristic aiding an abetment and facilitation of High Crimes
against the Republic for which we seek punitive damages.

2. The previous persons in accordance with these convicted and released on their own
recognition as previously mentioned also charged are the County of Orange in
retrospect the accountability of they named in the charges here stated.

3. These individual capacity's owing allegiance to the United States, levy war against
our lawful reminder of a code of conduct to live by and-s do adheres to their enemy(s),
an alien metamorphic society's, giving them aid and comfort within the United States
and elsewhere like in areas of "under worlds" dark circus-s and torture chambers we
notice. Human replicas are brazen individuals and-s are Duly sworn to lives and abide-s
by our laws, in effective disclosed pertinence-s, yet committed treason as stated our

4.. Entity's and "power of attorney's" associated with the above and-s fore mentioning
individuals culpable continue the arrogant, willful and malevolent dissension-s and-s if
proper approach is not taken, victims abused encourage a celestial-like remands:
including and-s not limited to: particular individuals assigned to our case-loads, mental
health collaborators, case workers who do flagrantly lead the efforts we have up to
violate the law and in an essence, protect criman-ee, terrorism, treachery, treason and
other undesirable solutions.

5 . Homeland Security harbors call girl diversion along with every countryman from
administrative ops, governing constituents, police, deputies medical profession and the
masses of "replica's" had a Devil-like surprise put aside. Of these iota's of fact bringer
right to protect material evidence I say they of whose purpose is lawfully employed to
our district-s to such as say never heard nor saw "visual aid" and die a lie will situate
rightfully cause of actions I see.
6. These individuals severed the United States Federal Code of Justice mandate Title
18 Part I Chapter 115 2381 TREASON and the emphasis of the foregoing U. S.
Title(s) and to the flagrance of contemptuous mockeries, exercise no iota of recourse.
That and do understand these material facts concerning:

6. These individuals severed the United States Federal Code of Justice mandate Title
18 Part I Chapter 115 2381 TREASON and the emphasis of the foregoing U. S.
Title(s) and to the flagrance of contemptuous mockeries, exercise no iota of recourse.
That and do understand these material facts concerning:


HUMAN EMBRYO-S and do psych warfare other unlawful and despicable ambition-s,
incarcerated us for either-s knowing-s too much- or-s knowing-s not enough-s, shall
continue-s to be a subject to an emphasis of warfare bringing such as Twin Towers 911
attacks along-s with New York City Police, all name-s and individual capacity's do abuse
psychic alien technologies, aid an abetment in terrors herein-s, continue doing-s natural
disaster bringing of every kind and are-s a speck-s in a crowds, in their efforts to
confuse a witness I say, (per unit-s of sophistication-s).

8. The fact the replicas of human embryo I hears, are very similar in nature as "the
Devil" as taught in school as contending society in disguises also called "leader
qualifies", because of their stipulated involvement in underworld and-s in-decent fire-
proof nature-s and orientation a ledger erroneously deceives for, still underscores a
need to defend a Plaintiff's right's to challenge the phony architects ambitions. In so
saying a "Devil like-s" double side -s deeding a "Satanic-like" anti-'god response I says
on inter alias Steven Faith's attention-s.

9. The individual capacity's and-s alien-like "trouble makers" in question, and-s leading
"Devil-likes" scrimmages in particular are Sandra Hutchen's, a Sheriff of Orange County,
our contentions we see.

10. Entity's reveals and decided description is a sodomic creature-s in disguises that
grotesquely molest and-s unrelentingly-like, act out a mass orgy perversion-s in Soully
essence-s when done, then regress to very primitive life forms as motus operates; is
this not why Sheriff Department's should situate hilarious contentions I seated?
33. Another contention: that of "the replica's" as so stated, do not really die per units of
Human understanding, nor do they get sick or needs food or water I see. They seduce
and lure me into dangerous activities. These Human clones have a behavioral character
that allows them to stalk, victimize, abuse and deceive in jails, prison, mental facilities
and are masterminds of deception. Being such the case a remands may not be as
effective as staying near our Entities and higher powers word.

Counts 3
18 U.S. Code 2384 - Seditious conspiracy
Title 18 Part I Chapter 115 2384


(a) If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the
jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force
the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force
the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of
the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United
States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or
imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.
The Stipulated "Accused" Seditious conspiracy
Title 18 Part I Chapter 115 2384

Being Sued are Suchly:

1. Anthony Rackaukas, are sued in his official and individual capacity, Patricia Schute,
are sued in her official and individual capacity's, Wendy S. Lindley are sued in her
official and individual capacity(s), Santa Ana Secret Service Detachment, are sued each
in their official and individual capacity to faithfully discharge an oath of allegiance, these
individuals I see resort to terroristic aiding an abetment and facilitation of High Crimes
against the Republic for which we seek punitive damages.

2. Orange County Probation, are sued in this their official-s and collective capacity's;
James R. Pinck, are sued in his official and individual capacity, Alice Jones, are sued in
her official and individual capacity(s), Ramiro Gonzales, are sued in his official and
individual capacity's, Steven Andrews, are sued in his official and individual capacity
they desire a fight to all we demonstrated as contemptuous mockery's, in furtherance
these sworn officers of the Court do dunder and-s seditious acts of treason per units of
candor, swindle and perfidy's indirect violation of this these iotas of their official and
collective capacity to protect and preserve the Constitution and the Laws by they were
sworn to protect and serve by which we stand acquitted.
3. Orange County Sheriff Department, are sued each individual to this sequester and
Affidavit of involvement, Sandra Hutchens, are sued in her official and individual
capacity(s) ,Orange County Board of Supervisors, are sued in their official and
individual capacity, John Moorlach, are each sued in these areas of mislead and Perjure
to the offices of Presidential reluctance in their official and individual capacity's, in that of
Mr. Pincks swindle, witness intimidating candor and the agency's aiding abetments in
seditious acts of treason in this area of these their official and collective capacity to
desert the Constitution of the United States of America and the Laws by which they
were sworn to protect in view of a God's ruling by which we stand acquitted.

4. Also named are they of Collaborative Partners Esq., inter alias Wit Court' are sued all
together in unity each in their official and collective capacity's, Orange County Superior
Court's, are sued each Judge to their recollection of official business hereby-s; West
Courts, are sued including Ted Mallard and Sara Jones, each Judge on call per units of
candor, swindle and perfidy's in this area of their official and collective capacity to
protect and preserve the Constitution and the Laws by which we stand acquitted.

5. Orange County Mental Health, are sued in their official and-s individual capacity's,
each attending physicians, clinician and staff stories to talk not a biblical event, in the
face of surmounting reprisals here at assignments in their official and individual
capacity's, the identical reasons for they of MHA Wit Program including name not
disclosed, in their official and individual capacity's.

6. Telecare WIT Corporation, are sued in this their official and-s individual capacity's,
each attending physicians, clinicians and staff stories to tell lies and falsify diagnosis,
doctors reports, liable character and aid in an inexcusable abetment that of seditious
acts of treason against a United States citizen(s) in the face of surmounting reprisals
here at assignments in their official and individual capacity's; Deity to decided official
and-s individual capacity's to their dissenting candors.

7. As the Entity's described our venue of connote not afraid to continue a seditious
criminal act including sabotage, these individuals severed the United States Federal
Code of Justice and to the emphasis of the foregoing U. S. Title(s) and to the flagrance
of contemptuous mockeries, exercise no iota of recourse. In furtherance do understand
these material facts concerning ill-begotten energy exchange-metamorphosis,
understood as abuse of alien technology's that directly affected, to the extents of do
cause casualties and death daily and do situate a have gun at court rancor is the law, in
an effort to continue a treachery swindle the Health, Welfare(s), and Public Safety, of all
who come to contend unlawful aiding an abetment in Criminal and Heinous acts against
the Republic for which I stand?
8. This venue is most culpable because of their rebellious approach to "act of God's" or
celestial supervisor's respective rank-s so to see. In additional adages the hereby
accused are "hell bent" on seeking a vengeful response remedy aimed at drugging,
coercing and suppressing or falsely imprisoning our witness transcriptions I say are
missing a contention of phony occupations to situate Catholic schemes at division

9. These individual capacity's foregoing as I emphasizing, continue to injure, oppress,

threaten, intimidate, prejudice with intentions to prevent or hinder my the Claimant's free
exercise or enjoyment of Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Rights, by warning us we will
go to prison, or be institutionalized did resort to usage of military graded use of chemical
weapons attack on a witness.

10. In a set of duplicate copy's do we set aside a said police departments Huntington
Beach willingness to abuse psychic alien technology's in an effort to obstruct justice,
incapacitate or kill a witness now transcriber do see incriminate a police department in
an effort to paraplegic our attention so stated sided in fact-s conspire to violated and s
situate rancor I know with other individual and collective capacity's to attack again-s, did

11. 18 U.S. Code 2384 - Seditious conspiracy Title 18 Part I Chapter 115 2384
here situated the truth of a matters regarding energy exchange with the masses so well
and does continue the scrimmages to use deadly fumes in an effort to aid and abet-
ment in other grandiose schemes on other planets and underworld desires of fornicate
despicably and regress spirited matters a concern you say.

Counts 4
TITLE 18 > PART I& gt; CHAPTER 13 > 241
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241. Conspiracy against rights


(a) If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person
in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or
enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the
United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or If two or more
persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to
prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-

(b) They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts
include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to
commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title
or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

The Stipulated "Accused" Being Sued are Suchly:

1. Anthony Rackaukas, are sued in his official and individual capacity, Patricia Schute,
are sued in her official and individual capacity's, Wendy S. Lindley,are sued in her
official and individual capacity(s), Santa Ana Secret Service Detachment, are sued each
in their official and individual capacity to faithfully discharge an oath of allegiance, these
individuals I see resort to terroristic aiding an abetment and facilitation of High Crimes
against the Republic for which we seek punitive damages.

2. Orange County Mental Health, are sued in their official and-s individual capacity's,
each attending physicians, clinician and staff stories to talk not a biblical event, in the
face of surmounting reprisals here at assignments in their official and individual
capacity's, the identical reasons for they of MHA Wit Program including name not
disclosed, in their official and individual capacity's.

3. Telecare WIT Corporation, are sued in this their official and-s individual capacity's,
each attending physicians, clinicians and staff stories to tell lies and falsify diagnosis,
doctors reports, liable character and aid in an inexcusable abetment that of seditious
acts of treason against a United States citizen(s) in the face of surmounting reprisals
here at assignments in their official and individual capacity's; Deity to decided official
and-s individual capacity's to their dissenting candor's.

3. These individual capacity's as states clearly for a record exercise no iota of recourse.
In furtherance do understand these material facts concerning ill-begotten energy
exchange-metamorphosis, understood as abuse of alien technology, and facilitated all
radio signal fallacy's, earthquake and seismic activity, hurricane, tsunami, tornadoes,
asteroid and comet assimilation noting they blow wind, and are a one-ness like
approach, how about wayside and not in a constructive manner use to describe a
betterment of society.
4 These iota's of individual know how are nuclear and fireproof also, aliens in disguise,
replicate human understanding and character to abuse also as a specifying herein
atomic and nuclear inventions and ambitions as well being a same alien all the masses,
Stevens Father Xx Xx stipulated said, designed us at childbirth or a year before do
situate, (nuclear proof and fireproof replicas of Human beings as construe family and
conception not done in ways suggested and taught in school). Is this a factual

5. There then the force(s of said to be Nature, that directly affected, to the extents of do
cause casualties and death daily and do situate a have gun at court rancor in an effort
to continue a treachery swindle the Health, Welfare(s), and Public Safety, of all who
come to aid an abetment in these Criminal and Heinous acts against the Republic for
which I stand?

so saying defraud, these tip of the iceberg examples do practice fraud against The
United States by assuming an false occupation such as medical professionals when a
Claimant we hear and see's is an only human embryo on this planet so to speaks, all
medical doctors, nurses, and health care personnel violates: TITLE 18 > PART I >
CHAPTER 19& gt; 371 and do collect pension benefits as well-s, diagnose and treat
falsely all said ailments with an intention to do sodomic diseases for advancements I
says. All police and sheriff deputies in our venues are alleged to commit criman-ee in
every court cases ever heard in this causes of action and complaints as well, in so
seating did violate: TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 19& gt; 371

8. These individuals severed the United States Federal Code of Justice mandate and
the emphasis of the foregoing U. S. TITLE 18 > PART I& gt; CHAPTER 19 >
371and to the flagrance of contemptuous mockeries, exercise no iota of recourse. In
furtherance do understand these material facts concerning ill-begotten energy
exchange-metamorphosis, understood as abuses of alien technologies and-s of said to
be Nature, that directly affected, to the extents of do cause casualties and death daily
and do situate a have gun at court rancor in an effort to continue a treachery swindle the
Health, Welfare(s), and Public Safety, of all who come to aid an abetment in these
Criminal and Heinous acts against the Republic for which I stand?

9. In furtherance these a particular individual capacity's, falsified the material fact on

cartographic topography aka cartoon phenomena, clearly a public safety resource and a
reasonable causes to believe, an act of God, brought to the Deity's attention could-s re-
situate a better fate do stipulate a defense of grandiose mental affliction and are caught
to the emphasis to the minutes of this entry impetus and-s appendage siding a District
Judge torment, torture and sided with Dr. Pickarts analogies to better my reproach
estimated times of arrivals by suggesting she inject Steven with poison for a cia menu to
relieve his in-courts defense mission? Did we stipulates, hear it out in the open airing
phony order you didst debate?

10. We contend at Court the same iota of misconstrue at Dr. Pickart's degree's in
question; did she talk: president is replica that don't really die-s, (per units of Human
understanding) in and that the Sheriff Coroner now pronounces, a lie does Perjure and
defraud the system in an effort-s to deprive a Constitution bringers guarantees to be
protected by the Laws I says.

11. County Judges now attending see's sheriff department hires made following and
transcribing differently-s to commit offense and defraud the United States Government
out of monies and security's as such are-s caught this very moment violating: TITLE
18& gt; PART I > CHAPTER 19& gt; 371 these individuals habitually lie and tells all-
s as I see and seated a phony solution your retell a court to find seriousness in purpose
to the ideas or notion bringing of cartoon phenomena on maps we circulated is incorrect
I see that pedophilia is fornicate improperly at Jurisdiction I resides do take umbrage to
lawful dictation I seat at word processors irony.

12. I don't psych phony bleeder a fictitious medals of valor display to our reckoning
stipulated ongoing courtroom suggests malevolence a way to respond set asides and
said do defeat purpose of Utopian order a sides. Here situated a meaning to watch I
seated this very transcription to occur are uniforms at Huntington Beach Police
headquarters monitoring a situation with Devil-like motivations I'll say.

13. These replica of humans, all the Masses in this word are summoned through
articulation we called career ender sided a fit of rage again to blow away the material
facts we presented as do Connie and leave Stan out of it Stan's defense positions here-
tells an effort they sided Rick Arroyo's leisure time preface in an efforts to regress Soully
spirited matters more on times, I seated to re-decide how a dictated journal should be
with envious wit program directors desire to facilitate a visit to the morgue I say.

Counts 7
TITLE 18 > PART I& gt; CHAPTER 19 > 373
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373. Solicitation to commit a crime of violence
(a) Whoever, with intent that another person engage in conduct constituting a felony that
has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against
property or against the person of another in violation of the laws of the United States,
and under circumstances strongly corroborative of that intent, solicits, commands,
induces, or otherwise endeavors to persuade such other person to engage in such
conduct, shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment
or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half of the maximum fine
prescribed for the punishment of the crime solicited, or both; or if the crime solicited is
punishable by life imprisonment or death, shall be imprisoned for not more than twenty

(b) It is an affirmative defense to a prosecution under this section that, under

circumstances manifesting a voluntary and complete renunciation of his criminal intent,
the defendant prevented the commission of the crime solicited. A renunciation is not
"voluntary and complete" if it is motivated in whole or in part by a decision to postpone
the commission of the crime until another time or to substitute another victim or another
but similar objective. If the defendant raises the affirmative defense at trial, the
defendant has the burden of proving the defense by a preponderance of the evidence.

(c) It is not a defense to a prosecution under this section that the person solicited could
not be convicted of the crime because he lacked the state of mind required for its
commission, because he was incompetent or irresponsible, or because he is immune
from prosecution or is not subject to prosecution.




COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 1962(d) Prohibited activities.

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 1506 Theft or alteration of record or process;

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 241 Conspiracy.

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 242 Deprivation of rights under color.

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 1341 Frauds and swindles as defined by Title
18 U.S.C. 1346. Definition of "scheme or artifice to defraud,
COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 U.S.C. 1341 Frauds and swindles.

COUNTS for Violation of Title: 28 USC Rule 79 and CLERKS MANUAL, Chapter 15,

COUNTS for Violation of District Court Clerks Manual, Chapter 20, 20.01 Attorney
Admissions Procedures.

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 USC 1920

COUNTS for Violation of Title 18 USC 1001CLERKS MANUAL, Chapter 1, Exh. 2,

Title 18 USC 1001

COUNTS for Violation of Title 28 USC F.R.C.P. Rule 26. General Provisions Governing
Discovery; Duty of Disclosure as amended 2000 All individuals named here at in above
entitled actions read his notice of intent to use a said act of Nature and / or Nature's

COUNTS for Violation of CLERKS MANUAL, Chapter 9, Exhibit 4







(1) This is a first amended action brought by plaintiff aka STEVEN VAN ARROYO and
STEVEN VAN SCHOFER, who petitions for redress of grievances, and requests that
the court hold defendants accountable for violations of Title 18 U.S.C. 1962 et seq.
(West 2001), clearly established law, other applicable federal statutes, and applicable
state statutes, for fraud and swindle, for obstruction of justice, conspiring to obstruct
justice for themselves and others for operating the courts as a racketeering enterprise,
for the filing of false claims , perjury, crimes against humanity, perfidy and for obstructing
justice on a qui tam..



(1) Plaintiff demands that the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 1, Scope and
Purpose of Rules, shall govern this action, and plaintiff shall preserve, inviolate,
his right of trial by interpretation of the clauses I attest under Rule 38, and right of
discovery disclosures without request prescribed under Rule 26, concurrent with
defendant's Answers and contemptuous mockeries asides of all who swear before a
God's a willful and predicate acts of intolerance included and-s not limited to the entire
Senate floors angry rebuttal.

(2) We seated Supreme Courts D C a global telepathic intrinsic and extra-terrestrial

biological Entity's and authority whereas all replicas could see and hear the right
situation to avoid not. To understand with friendly overtures and seek goodness we saw
a Claimant do rightful approach while a Supreme Court conceded to same sex unions to
our Entities face and avoid our presence do dunder as described fight to re-situate my
development with regression surprises when done understood to all I say Catholic
service bias Anti'-God response is not an interest of uphold life District Attorney fraud in
every case he served is unlawful and culpable Stotler attentions I say?.

(3) So say when in the course of Human event's the ventriloquist, a said act of Nature
and Natures God (s), from thence come to show his face(s) to be understood in all
manner of tongue etiquette the material facts as states nuclear proof and psychic 911
co-crimee cloak and police swearing individuals are a foot in the right direction-s to side
a legal precedents to describe a matter of opinion?

(4) Impursuant to Rule 7(a) and Rule 8(b), with no other pleadings allowed except upon
Order of the Court under grounds provided by law.


(1) Shall: re-decide all issues including immunity, and upon all claims in this suit if the
proper settlement wasn't opted in a circuit court I say?

(3) Mostly all procedures, rules and codes are taken from West?s 2001 editions of
Federal Civil Judicial Procedures and Rules, and Federal Criminal Code and Rules,
hereinafter referred to by Title number, U.S.C. (United States Code), and (section).

An International World Court of Justices may participate if and whenst a need arises I

(4) A law degree is situate punitive damage award over his jurisdiction having a say over
this action and decrees pursuant to federal statutes, including Title 28 U.S.C. 1331
(federal question), Title 28 U.S.C. 1343 (civil rights and elective franchise), Title 28
U.S.C. 1355 (federal fines, penalties and forfeitures), Title 31 U.S.C. 3729 and
3730 et esq. (false claims), Title 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, 4, 43, 201, 241, 242, 891, 1001,
1341, 1505, 1506, 1719, 1920, 1962 (principals, accessories, obstruction of justice,
racketeering, fraud, treason against a United States, embezzlement, perjury, mayhem in
some degrees, fraudulent or false entries violations,, alteration or destruction of federal
records, fraud, terrorism, conspiracy against civil rights, deprivation of civil rights under
color, genocide), Title 15 U.S.C. 1-7.

(5) First Amendment (right to petition for redress of grievances), Seventh Amendment
(right to trial by sequestration redress of improprietys; ad libed& amp;amp;), Fourteenth
Amendment, (right to equal protection), and the USA PATRIOT Act (domestic terrorism).

(6) Venue, (Emergency Management Predicate Acts of Attrition), is proper under Title 28
U.S.C. 84.

(7) The United States is comprised of the federal government, and has sovereign
standing to sue or be sued. Head offices for all branches of the federal government are
located in Washington, DC, with branch offices/agencies in all states, which are created
under 28 U.S.C. 124. State and private agencies contract with cities and/or counties,
are directly or indirectly regulated by the federal government, and are subject to liability
pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 666.

(8) Plaintiff hereby files this his OPPOSITION TO MR PINCK'S uses of alien
technology's and corrupt Wendy S. Lindley's "fit of rage" transgressions in sight of
Presiding Judge-s "Anton-s" discretion and rightful calendar to assert JURISDICTION,
28 U.S.C. section 636, in so ordering, striking down Judge Ted Mallard West Court's,
David Stotler Superior Court Santa Ana's, Wendy S. Lindley and Joe Perez,
Collaborative and Drug Court's contentions I say and-submitted.
(9) Should an FBI deceiver assail here instating, wage warfare, death, demise of every
cantankerous descriptive a war veteran metamorphic can deny add adage our
stipulating said return of the form to the Clerk-s, (I seated) means: authorizes persons of
interest to convey in letter head un-becoming not to psych expert witness which
provides the following notes:

The magistrate judge and the CLERK attended I see?

(11) Victim(s) alleges violation of plaintiff's rights secured by law, 18 U.S.C. sections 241
and 242, and Article III of the Constitution for the United States and presents a claim
cognizable under 42 U.S.C. section 1983 and conspiracy under section 1985(3).
Additional defendants being named are:


(12) Plaintiff demands that all defendants fully disclose the following without delay,
obstruction or denial of the states ?emphasis? to the letter of prescriptions impursuant:

Copy of their Oaths of Office

Copy of their Bond

Copy of their Insurance

Copy of their state licenses

Copies of appearance bonds on each case

Copy of a list of all their creditors

Copy of a list of all their debtors

Memberships of all clubs, organizations, fraternities, groups

Treaties per limitations of the Constitution(s?)

Names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses for their defense
Names, addresses and phone numbers of any other entities pertinent to this case
Copies of any other papers pertinent to this case



(13) Plaintiff gives notice and demands that since titles of nobility were abolished by
Article 1, section 9 of the United States Constitution, each defendant is required to
answer Summons individually and separately without an attorney/esquire. Plaintiff
demands no third parties on this case, no third-party answers, and each line answered
by each defendant.


(14). Plaintiff aka Steven Arroyo dba Steven V Schofer (?Plaintiff?) is a citizen of the
United States residing within the State of California THE COUNTY OF ORANGE 92655.
Chapter's 6



1. As a common standard of achievement, and to secure the blessings of pro-creation,

we come to understand Love. Love; Love is a word of human rights and a side of safety
to those who come endowed with reason and consciousness. In another way we come
to understand self realization, in and that, so shall thou do unto others, brace thoughts,
as shall be done unto themselves hereunder.

(a) Understanding that of which is of paramount importance, perspective of a higher

power, to which an equal opportunity of give and take in the fields of development
should be made uniform through continuous cultural emergence thereinafter.

(b) Within the insignias of colorfast and common approach, and to promote and approve
rules and limitations regarding the exercise of equal opportunity status quo; all Party(s')
to the Treaty(s') shall conform to this entry, that be there no such transgender
orientation, or trans genetical intransigencies thereto in accordance with the statutes of
Carnal Knowledge in scribed and assigned to the persons of interest and Host for an
Entity we say we educate know now-s:

(c) transgender orientation shall be considered unlawful and is strictly prohibited. To

copulate or ingest hormone seed of which is a major cause for warfare do contends in a
care coordinators assigned to derail regards for sodomic creatures ambitions to
sodomize unrelentlessly our side and-s souls when dies will contend also? The fact
neither care nor concern is given by care coordinators understanding of authority to
convey will continue to be a subject at Court we seek to justify a need for contentions.

(d) Nothing in this Article shall be interpreted as affecting the unalienable rights of a
naturalized universally accepted common standard of genetic respect, through a vise
and virtue connotation is a recommendation; we have a purpose of understanding love
and survival.

(e) In and that once more: their shall no man shall lie unto Mankind as with womankind
it is abomination thereto; and a visa versa; furthermore it is mutation; the fact that this
type of orientation is a mutation is grounds to assert unlawful behavior I say. This
behavior leads to not seeing eye to eye for a fight when informed care coordinator is
sodomic creatures in disguise, another contentions there this.

In furtherance, that of which is of great importance: womankind shall not ingest by oral
extremities nor baul imputes neither enzymes nor hormone seed emission in that same
attainment of proverbs, it is abomination and a cross pollination act. That so like this
current detail descriptive, becomes a "blind spot", or I won't know and don't see; for the
purpose of de-generating and using nuclear hexafluorides ammunition; was told by
Entitys attention so stating: This Article calls for a Moratorium on transgender
orientation, by and for a U N Secretary General's quarter for the full realization of an
pledge to affirm a Faith wherefore.

1. In the absence of a specific destination within a sector, or in cases where priorities

are ambiguous, in and though specific Ops approval is required, the universal laws such
as, "we come in peace and goodwill", implies in the event of a saucer module captain's
May Day. From a time traveled, and of he who tried to warn a people of a coming
nuclear isotopic specific condition; in and that, through a network of wave guides, which
distribute a field of energy operated within a controlled differential of integrity real-time
subspace field generation hereof.

(a) the Head of a Mission(s) are to have considered taken up diplomatic directives as
well as interpretation and compliancy(s'), to serve as designated junior officers during
crisis situations, as is in such a scenario as when rules required a specific mission of
providing atmospheric integrity, with all due regard to aerodynamic properties and
Stellar physical credentials whereto thereof.

2. Except as concerns etiquette and precedence, the Party(s) to a DEF-CON-5 shall

promote hospitable acknowledgement to a receiving Status-quo, and ascertain by all
viable means, the Star Elder question; in and though, how secret do we need it to be
with all due consideration to that which is of oxygen molecules depleting to the present
Statute of limitations hereof?