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Name: Colin Vos

Date: 02/02/2017
Workstation Safety Assignment
Make Changes to your workstation as you work through this assignment.
Submit the finished page to your blog with an entry title of Workstation
Safety Assignment.
Answer the following questions in your own words.
1. Define Ergonomics: Study of peoples efficiency in their working

2. What are signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs)?

tenderness, weakness, tingling, disturbed sleep, swelling, numbness, pain,
unreasonable fatigue, and difficulty performing tasks or moving specific parts
of the body
3. Fill in the 7 key aspects of ideal workstation posture.

4. Posture is the most important aspect when looking at workstation


5. What should you consider when buying or setting up your chair relating
to these aspects?
a) Height: Height can be adjusted
b) Back Support: Provides Lumbar support
c) Seat Tilt: Can be adjusted
d) Depth: the seat pan should allow you to use the back support
without the front of the seat pressing against the back of your knees
e) Width: wide enough to not apply pressure to your thighs
f) Armrests: can provide support for upper parts of forearms

6. What are two things to consider when using a keyboard?

Name: Colin Vos
Date: 02/02/2017
Type of keyboard
Wrist Posture
7. What are two things to consider when using a mouse?
Mouse Type
Wrist Posture
8. Which two keyboard shortcuts will you use most often?
You Press It Does
Ctrl-V Pastes
Ctrl-C Copies

9. What are three things to consider when setting up your monitor?

10. How often should you take a break from your work to stretch?
Every hour or so