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For Immediate Release February 2, 2017 For more information: Larry R Smith, Sheriff/Laura Parsons ‘Smith County Sheriff's Office 903-590-2720 Smith County Sheriff Addresses Illegal Gaming in the County This past Monday, January 30, 2017 the Smith County Sheriffs Office began delivering letters to nearly 50 gamerooms located in unincorporated areas within Smith County. As of today all letters have been delivered in Smith County. The attached letter relates to what the Smith County Sheriff's Office perceives as illegal gambling activity. All gamerooms have been given until Monday, February 6, 2017 to voluntarily comply with this letter. If compliance is not received by the given deadline, investigations will be initiated and action will be taken to see that the State Law is complied with. For more information on the Smith County Sheriff's Office visit The Sheriff's Office also has a FB page and can be followed on Twitter at @SmithCso. OFFICE OF SHERIFF SMITH COUNTY 227 N. Spring Ave. LARRY R. SMITH TYLER, TEXAS 75702 SHERIFF (903) 590-2664 FAX (903) 590-2659 Date: January 31,2017 FROM: Larry R. Smith Smith County Sheriff ‘Tyler. Texas Business Owner: The Smith County Sheriff's Office is investigating complaints that illegal gaming is occurring at locations within Smith County. Please be aware that gambling, promoting gambling. possession of gambling devices and keeping a gambling place are illegal in the State of Texas. This letter is a courtesy notice. We preter voluntary compliance with the law and request that you remove any machines from your premises that are in violation of the law. | hope that this letter will serve as ample notice to you and your employees. This is the initial and final notice conceming this matter. We preter voluntary compliance with the law and request that you remove any machines from your premises that are in violation of the law by February 6, 2017. Failure to remove these devices will result in the Smith County Sheriff"s Office initiating an investigation into the devices on your premises. This will include the operation of game rooms that advertise to be “Sweepstakes” games. Recent conversations with businesses and individuals have clearly demonstrated that these may be illegal gambling rooms or illegal loueries. Please understand that the Smith County Sheriff's Office will take action to see that state law is complied with, including arrest and referral to the Smith County District Attomey. should such action be necessary. If you have questions in reference to this letter. please feel free to contact my office. Thank you for your assistance with this matter Sincerely it ith Smith County Sheriff 227 North Spring Avenue Tyler. Texas 75702 (903) 590-2720