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Portugal Portuguese Austria Austrian

Spain Spanish Greece Greek
England English The USA American
France French Japan Japanese
Germany German Brazil Brazilian
Italy Italian China Chinese

Hello there! We are from England. So we are English!

What about you? Where are you from?

What nationality are you?

A. Follow the example and complete the sentences with the correct nationality. Dont
forget to include the verb! J

1 I am from Spain. I am ..........................

2 You are from France. You .
3 He is from the USA. He .
4 She is from China. She ...
5 It is from Italy. It ...
6 We are from Brazil. We
7 You are from Germany. You
8 They are from Greece. They
9 Leo is from Austria.
10 Ann and Chun are from Japan.

B. Now do the other way round and find out which country is missing! Dont forget to
include the verb! J

1 I am Austrian. I am from .......

2 You are American. You ........
3 He is Italian. He .........
4 She is Chinese. She ..
5 It is French. It ..
6 We are Japanese. We ..
7 You are English. You ..
8 They are Spanish. They ..
9 Johanna is Greek. ...
10 Lewis and Gwen are German. ..

Keep up the good work!