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Rate Code: RT RT-16



Section 1. Availability:

Service hereunder is available, on a voluntary basis, as a pilot program, to residential

customers in the retail service area of the Authority in Berkeley, Georgetown, and Horry Counties, South
Carolina. The availability of service under this rate schedule shall be limited to the first 300 customers
requesting service during the pilot period.

Section 2. Applicability:

This Schedule is applicable to private residences, single family dwelling units, and farms.
Energy delivered to each residence, dwelling unit, or farm shall be separately metered, and shall include
energy used for incidental, non-commercial purposes (e.g., swimming pools, garages and workshops).
This Schedule is not applicable to recognized boarding or rooming houses or commercial establishments.
Energy taken under this Schedule may not be resold or shared with others.

The Authority, at its sole option, may place under this Schedule RT-16 Customers having
tankless electric water heaters or other types of loads that are estimated by the Authority to have an
annual load factor less than 35%. If at the Authority's option a Customer is placed on this Schedule RT-16
and after twelve consecutive months of service the Customer's annual load factor is greater than or equal
to 35%, then the Authority shall remove the Customer from the Schedule RT-16 and credit or debit the
Customer's usage for the previous twelve month period for any difference in billing under the Schedule
RT-16 and the then applicable residential schedule.

Section 3. Character of Service:

Energy and power delivered hereunder shall be alternating current, 60 Hertz, single or
three-phase, at the Authority's option, at available voltage and at a single delivery point. Separate
supplies for the same Customer at different voltages or at other delivery points shall be separately
metered and billed.

Section 4. Monthly Rates and Charges:

(A) Basic Monthly Charges:

(1) Customer Charge:

For each month, a charge of ......................................................................... $26.00

(2) Energy Charge:

(a) Base Energy Charge:

All kWh during the Summer On-Peak Hours ......................... $0.3277/kWh

All kWh during the Non-Summer On-Peak Hours ................. $0.2949/kWh

All kWh during Off-Peak Hours ............................................. $0.0609/kWh

Rate Code: RT RT-16

Summer Season The Summer Season energy charge shall apply to all
kWh use for bills rendered during the months of June, July, August and
September. Energy use for such bills shall not be prorated for periods
outside of these four calendar months.

Non-Summer Season The Non-Summer Season energy charge shall

apply for all kWh use for bills rendered in months other than the Summer

(b) Fuel Adjustment:

The Authority's Fuel Adjustment Clause FAC-16 is applicable to all

energy sales hereunder, with "Fb/Sb" and "K" of the formula in said
clause being equal to $0.03641/kWh and 0.13, respectively.

(c) Demand Sales Adjustment:

The Authority's Demand Sales Adjustment Clause DSC-16 is applicable

to all energy sales hereunder.

(d) Economic Development Sales Adjustment:

The Authoritys Economic Development Sales Adjustment Clause (EDA-

16), or its currently applicable successor clause, if any, is applicable to
all energy sales hereunder.

(B) Minimum Charge:

The minimum charge for single-phase service shall be the Customer Charge. Customers
requesting three-phase service should apply to the Authority for information on any special minimum bill.

(C) Taxes:

Amounts for "payments in lieu of taxes," as prescribed by the Code of Laws of South
Carolina 58-31-80, 58-31-90, and 58-31-100, as amended, have been included in the establishment
of the above monthly rate. The charges computed at the above monthly rate also shall be subject to all
other taxes, payments in lieu of taxes, franchise fees, and surcharges imposed by any governmental
authority. In addition, South Carolina Sales Tax, if any, will be added to each bill unless the Customer
has furnished the Authority evidence of specific exemption secured by the Customer from the South
Carolina Tax Commission or its successor.

Section 5. Determination of On-Peak and Off-Peak Hours:

Summer period On-Peak Hours shall mean the hours from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, for the months of June, July, August, and September, excluding Memorial Day,
Independence Day and Labor Day.

Non-Summer period On-Peak Hours shall mean the hours from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.,
Monday through Friday, for the months of December, January, and February, excluding Christmas Day,
and New Years Day.

Off-Peak Hours are defined as all hours not specified above as On-Peak hours.

Rate Code: RT RT-16

Section 6. Payment:

Bills will be rendered monthly on a net basis. All bills are due and payable at the offices
of the Authority or at such other place as the Authority may designate within fifteen (15) days after the
date on which the bill is mailed or otherwise rendered. If payment is not received by said due date, the
amount of the bill will be increased by the larger of fifty cents ($0.50) or two percent (2%) of the amount
then outstanding, including late payment charges, on the next bill rendered and on subsequent bills
rendered each month thereafter until paid.

Section 7. Terms and Conditions:

Service hereunder is subject to the Authority's Terms and Conditions of Retail Electric
Service currently in effect, which is available at the Authority's retail offices.

A customer may have a portion of the customer's electrical energy supplied by customer-
owned generation provided the customer is in compliance with Santee Cooper's then-current Standard for
Interconnecting Customer-Owned Generation.

Adopted December 7, 2015

Effective for service rendered on and after April 1, 2016

Schedule RT-13, Effective December 1, 2013