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Screening Solutions by

Screening Specialists

Founded in 1930, W.S. TYLER CANADA operates a Screening Media (TYLER)

and a Vibrating Screen Division (TYCAN) under one roof for over 75 years. The
company philosophy is to provide Screening Solutions by Screening Specialists.

Today, W.S. TYLER CANADA is part of the family owned Haver Group and
the only company in the world capable of supplying all aspects of the renowned
screening circle. The screening circle is a given necessity for any customer that
aims to separate his products according to size. The screening circle contains the
following components:
W.S.Tyler Canada TYCAN

4. Service: The screening media and the vibrating screen

must be dened as a complete screening system. TYCAN
understands that responsibility and as a result offers far
reaching services, such as the self developed vibration anal- 1. Particle Analysis: the basis for any screening process is
ysis. Using such milestone technologies we are today the understanding of the size distribution within the
capable of ensuring complete synchronization feed material as well as the desired product.
between screening media and vibrating TYLER offers all aspects of particle
machine with the help of automati- analysis, beginning with standard
cally generated improvement sieves over traditional laboratory
recommendations. To ensure shakers such as the famous
the quality of the recommen- ROTAP to the technology
dation results, we again re- of Computerized Particle
quire the particle analysis Analysis (CPA).
and thus the screening The
circle closes to form a Screening
complete rotation. Circle

3. Vibrating Screens: 2. Screening Media:

The particle sizes of The results of the
the feed material as particle analysis and
well as the required the material charac-
cut sizes determine the teristics determine the
necessary drive tech- opening and the com-
nology and physical size position of the screening
of the vibrating screen. surface. TYLER offers a
TYCANs engineering depart- full line of screening media,
ment is a very international team. starting with woven wire cloth,
As a result the customer benets engineered rubber and polyurethane
from this wide range of experience and systems to self cleaning screens and per-
process studies with screening solutions that forated plate. TYLER understands the impact
are extraordinary and unprecedented in the history of media changes can have on protecting the vibrating
the screening industry. Using tools such as FEA and 3-D screen itself.
CAD systems, TYCANs promise is to develop customized
solutions according to product application and customer

For planning, designing, engineering and manufacturing complete Screening Solutions, W.S. TYLER CANADA is always the
right partner. Our decades of experience in providing all aspects of the screening circle ensure that you are receiving:

Screening Solutions by Screening Specialists

Eccentric Shaft Systems
(4-bearing Technology)

The N-
The TYCAN N-Class into the shaft in form
is commonly used as of single eccentricity,
a primary screen tar- allowing for equip-
geted at increasing the ment operation with
throughput and the ef- consistent amplitude,
ciencies of the primary independent of the load
crusher in very heavy fed to the screen.
duty and aggressive
environments. Capable Due to the constant
of handling particles as dynamic operating
big as 78 x 39 x 39 conditions and conse-
and screening at cut quently the very high
sizes of to 12 it is G-Forces generated by
ideal for very demand- the technical principle
ing industries such of the vibrating screen,
as mining or crushed product particles are
stone. consistently launched
out of the classication
This operation prin- openings of the media
ciple consists of the creating a self-cleaning
use of a shaft and four effect, which minimiz-
bearings. The vibra- es material clogging
tion motion is worked and pegging.
N-CLASS in a typical layout

Consistent amplitude
Constant dynamic, load independent operating
Adjustable frequency
Dry and humid classication
Cuts of up to approximately 12
High classication capacity and better classica-
tion efciencies
Use of perforated plates up to 4 with conical
opening as classication media
Allows for various classication deck congura-
Allows for the classication of viscous and
sticky products
Does not transmit vibrations into the structure
Width of up to 8 ft.
Length of up to 22 ft
Optional full or partial dust enclosure
Allows for immediate stoppage (either by elec-
tric brake or by reversal) eliminating residual

N-CLASS Scalper screen Model ESS 2400 x 5000

Double Eccentric Shaft Systems
(4-bearing Technology)

The TYCAN F-CLASS is the
number one vibrating screen for
classication in the heavy mining,
mineral and crushed stone indus-
tries. The positive circle-throw
motion of the F-CLASS is devel-
oped by a counterbalanced double
eccentric shaft, which is supported
by four double spherical roller
screen bearings. Rubber mount-
ing units dynamically balance by
isolating the vibrating body from
the stationary base frame. The
shaft is supported on the base by
side arm assemblies that are also
isolated on rubber mounting units.
TYCAN F-CLASS in a typical layout
The F-CLASS free oating action
permits the shaft to nd its natural
center of rotation without strain or
thrust on the bearings. This feature
minimizes maintenance and down-
time and prolongs the life of the

Consistent amplitude
Constant dynamic, load inde- F-CLASS
pendent operating conditions model 900
Adjustable frequency at speeds
of 750 to 1050 RPM
Dry and humid classication
Solid HUCK bolted con-
Hands Free tube housing
assembly for easy bearing
Allows for various classica-
tion deck congurations of up
to 3 decks
Allows for the classication of
viscous and sticky products
Does not transmit vibrations
into the structure Counterbalanced
Installed at angles of 15 to 25 double eccentric
degrees shaft assembly
Width of up to 8 ft (2500mm)
Length of up to 24 ft
Optional full or partial dust
Optional ball tray for classica-
tion of ne and sticky material

Concentric Shaft Systems
(Two-bearing Technology)

The TYCAN T-CLASS vibrating screen with eld
proven features makes it a versatile performer. It
is designed to be a rugged dependable vibrating
screen for use in the screening of a wide variety of

The circle throw motion of the T-CLASS Series is

developed by a counterbalanced shaft assembly,
which is supported by two double spherical roller
screen bearings. The circle throw action has proven
to be very effective in moving coarse material to
the top of the bed so that the nes and near mesh
particles may pass through the media openings.
The T-CLASS Series provides fast and accurate
sizing of materials.

The T-CLASS Series modular design and the use

of standard components result in savings because
TYCAN fabricates and assembles machines cus-
tomized to the application by using standard stock
components. This standardization of components
also results in readily available spare parts.

The T-CLASS simple design combined with its

rugged construction results in minimum mainte- T-CLASS model 990M on ROSTA elements
nance and downtime.

Hands Free
Tube Assembly

Typical layout of a T-CLASS

with Twin Shaft Assembly
Extremely versatile and maintenance friendly Installed at angles of 10 to 25 degrees
Easy change of Amplitude Width of up to 8 ft
Adjustable frequency at speeds of 750 to 1050 RPM Length of up to 24 ft
Dry and humid classication Optional full or partial dust enclosure
Solid HUCK bolted construction Optional ball tray for classication of ne
Hands Free tube housing construction for easy bearing and sticky material
exchange Optional Twin Shaft Assembly for Heavy
Cut sizes from 6 inches to 20 mesh Duty Applications
Allows for various classication deck congurations of
up to 4 12 decks

Horizontal Screening Systems

The TYCAN L-CLASS is L-CLASS model 6x16
designed to operate horizon-
tally and is engineered for (2000mm x 5000mm) 1D
various service applications.
Its a superior performer in
sizing, washing, conveying,
and dewatering of materi-
als of intermediate cut size.
The L-CLASS is ideal for
wet or dry applications and
meets demand in existing or
planned plants where head-
room is limited.

The gearless, demountable

vibrator emits minimum
noise levels, well below
minimum noise levels, and
can be mounted overhead
or under slung of the screen L-CLASS model 6x16
body dependent on space (2000mm x 5000mm) 2D

The L-CLASS four bearing,

stroke-throw vibrating screen PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS:
is easy to maintain because Dual alloy steel counterweight concentric shafts
of its readily replaceable Self-synchronizing drive design
parts and solid HUCK Extremely versatile drive head with option of overhead or under slung
bolted construction. design
Adjustable frequency at speeds of 750 to 1050 RPM
For applications requiring ex- Dry and humid classication
tended bearing life-times the Solid HUCK bolted construction
L-Class is also available with Cut sizes from 3 inches to 20 mesh
our dependable and rugged Allows for various classication deck congurations of up to 3 decks
Exciter Technology. Installed at angles of 3 to 6 degrees
Width of up to 8 ft (2500mm)
Length of up to 20 ft (7500mm)
Optional full or partial dust enclosure
Optional ball tray for classication of ne and sticky material

Horizontal Screening Systems

The XL-
Todays markets have friendly lubrication via
increasingly been oil the demand for avail-
demanding higher ability is addressed by
production rates in form bearing lifetimes as high
of bigger machines as as 50,000 hours (applica-
well as superior machine tion dependant).
availability. Traditional
shaft driven technology
reaches its limitations Not only does the XL-
at a determined width Class set new standards
due to the mechanical in its drive principle but XL-CLASS 8 x 20 (2400mm x 6000mm) 2D
deection of the shaft also in its body design.
resulting in unaccept- Enabling forces of more
able bearing lifetimes. than 5g (application
TYCANs solution to the dependant) the XL-Class
markets demands and the is engineered using state
technological limitations of the art Finite Ele-
of the shaft technol- ment Analysis technol-
ogy is the exciter driven ogy (FEA). FEA enables
XL-Class. The exciter structural calculations by
is a completely incased simulating the machines
drive unit consisting of dynamic behavior in form
short shafts supported by of a 3D model.
closely positioned bear-
ings. Mounted on a spe-
cially designed over head The results of the simula-
bridge the exciter tech- tion allow the determina- XL-CLASS 8 x 24 (2400mm x 7500mm) 1D dewatering
nology allows TYCANs tion of resulting tensions
XL-Class to be built at and natural frequencies to
widths in excess of 8ft assure a technologically Traditionally developed construction materials such
addressing the market optimized and economi- for the mining indus- as sand, crushed stone
need for bigger machines. cally sound design. tries such as copper and and aggregates due to its
Due to carefully chosen iron ore the XL-Class is impressive payback and
bearing sizes in combina- also nding its way into maintenance friendliness.
tion with maintenance

Driven by oil lubricat- Allows for various clas-
ed, easily interchange- sication deck congura-
able exciter units tions of up to 3 decks
Bearing lifetime of up Can be installed of 15
to 50,000 (application degrees
dependant) Width in excess of 14 ft
Adjustable frequency at (4000mm)
speeds of 750 to 1050 Length in excess of 36 ft
RPM (11000mm)
Versatility in stroke by
weight additions to the
XL-CLASS Exciter Technology exciter counterweight

Horizontal Screening Systems

Certain applications call for versatil-
ity in changeability of screening
surface angles. TYCAN answers this
market demand with the XL-Class
Custom Slope Deck, designed to
provide high yield and efciency in

Larger angles of inclination in the

feeding area offer a speed gain in
the material ow, which assures a
reduced height in the screening layer
and allows ne materials to easily
pass through the screening media.
Subsequent changes in the inclina-
tion angles of the media along the
screen structure assure a reduction
of ow speed allowing the nal layer
thickness to increase, thus insuring XL-CLASS Banana-type 8 x 24 (2400mm x 7500mm)
accurate sizing performance at the
screens discharge end.
The Custom Slope Deck screens
mechanical structure is strong and
solid and entirely equipped with Linear Free Vibrating System Material in non-laminate format
Huckbolts, providing high operating with Exciters Designed specically for granu-
capacity and low maintenance cost. Strength and Reliability lometric applications with high
High efciency in screening concentrations of under-sized
Easy to operate and to install materials

Drive system:

The drive system of the Banana

vibrating screen consists of exciters
which are essentially composed of
counterweights attached to a rigid
shaft that seats in special bearings.
These bearings were developed for
vibrating equipment and have a
useful life of 50,000 working hours
Larger angles allow or more (application dependant).
a speed gain in the
material ow

De-Watering Systems

D-CLASS exciter driven

Discharged, dewatered product

The TYCAN D-Class was mainly
conceived for the iron ore industry
in order to minimize the per-
centage of water residue in the
product, enabling a substantial
improvement in the handling,
transport and piling up of ore.

Used for dewatering of various

products, the equipment works to
allow for better material compact-
ing and consequent water expul-

Depending on the machine size D-CLASS Unbalanced motor driven

and application, one of the free
linear motion drive assemblies is
Apart from the characteristics of Heavy construction
the free linear motion screen, the Use of polyurethane screen media or rubber
dewatering screen has the follow- Totally rubber covered for protection against abrasion
ing features:

High Speed Screening Systems

S-CLASS 4 x 8 (1200mm x 2500mm)

The S-CLASS cal action on the screen

surface at the feed end and
into a backward inclined
S-CLASS is a versatile ellipse at the discharge
high speed circle-throw end. This special design
movement machine creates high transport
designed for medium and velocities at the feed end
ne screening of very dif- and lower ones at the
cult wet or dry materials discharge end. This causes
such as sands, gravel, a quick and equal distribu-
lime, coal, chemicals, tion of the material on the
fertilizers, gold and metal rst third of the screen
ores. deck and a sharper screen-
ing at the last third.
The S-CLASS is a tough
two bearing machine with
exibility to meet de-
manding and changeable
screening conditions.
Demountable vibrator head assembly
The vibration of the
S-CLASS is developed
by a counterbalanced
shaft assembly which is PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS:
supported by two double
spherical roller screen Alloy steel counterweighted shaft Allows for various classication
bearings mounted in duc- ground with precision tolerances deck congurations of up to 2
tile iron bearing housings Demountable vibrator head decks
at each end of the vibrator assembly Installed at angles of 5 to 30
assembly. Self-contained oil bath lubrication degrees depending on application
Adjustable frequency at speeds of Width of up to 5 ft (1500mm)
The vibrator is located 820 RPM to 3200 RPM Length of up to 12 ft (3500mm)
over top of the vibrat- Dry and humid classication Optional full or partial closure for
ing screen body and is Solid HUCK bolted construc- dust collection
demountable for service. tion with CORTEN side plates Optional ball tray for classica-
The circle-throw motion Cut sizes from 34 inches to 100 tion of ne and sticky material
produced by the vibrating mesh
head is transferred into a
forward inclined ellipti-

Fine Screening Systems

excite the screening me-

The H-CLASS / dia without transmitting
The FINELINE vibration into the screen
TYCAN has two systems The range of products
for ne screening, the that may be classied
TYCAN H-Class and the with this equipment is
TYCAN Fineline. very wide. The excellent
results achieved during
The designs were con- operation at industrial
ceived in order to obtain level for the classica-
high efciency, versatility tion of products speak for
and simplicity of opera- themselves.
tion and maintenance. The
operation principle utilizes
high frequency vibrating
motors, which directly

H-CLASS V85 4x15
(1200mm x 4500mm)
Screening Media
Simple and modular design
Higher screening capacity (t/m2/h) when Adjustable
compared with traditional screens Inclination
Higher classication efciencies
Dry classication
Drive by means of vibrating motors
Adjustable frequency, amplitude and incli-
Static screen box, avoiding the transmission
of vibration into the structure Vibrating
Overow Motor
Allows for quick and easy change of the
screening media
Low energy consumption
Reduced maintenance
Enclosed for dust collection
Cuts between 0.1 and 5 mm
Allows for congurations of 1 or 2 classi-
cation decks
Modules up to 6 ft wide x 5 ft long Underow

Engineered Media

TYCAN strives to be an application oriented solu-

tions provider by offering a wide media product
line, ranging from the standard wire cloth decks
to performance engineered screening systems such
polyurethane panels, self-cleaning wire screens
with urethane strips and perforated plate.

The ISO 9002 laboratory equipment and sieves,

with which Washington S. Tyler revolutionized
the analyzing process of bulk materials since the
turn of the 20th century, remain a very important
part of the product family. The new generation of
product analysis has been introduced with Tylers
photo analytical technology.
Cobra Vibe self-cleaning screens
Diversifying into new markets, the media division
also supplies numerous woven wire products into
the chemical, pharmaceutical and even architec-
tural industries.

Engineered media solutions Polyurethane media solutions Computerized Particle Analysis

Woven Wire Cloth Screens

Finger Deck solutions

Full Screening Media product line

Vibrating Feeding Systems: V-Feeders

Tubular vibrating feeder Typical installation of a vibrating feeder

TYCAN vibrating feeders and feeding and distribu- The drive is designed to may be congured openly
are used in many and tion of materials to the use two vibrating motors or enclosed to ensure dust
various applications, one vibrating screens. with opposite rotation collection.
of which is the withdraw- directions. Depending on
al of product from silos the necessity, the feeders

Model UF Model UF R

Model UF with
support frame
Model UF A

Product withdrawal from the silo feeding

of the screen

Inclinated gate Circular gate Flat Gate Bars Gate

Hydro - Clean

Before Afterwards

Often customers not only require screened product but

cleanly screened products, TYCAN has developed a
technology capable of cleaning material mixtures with
particle sizes ranging from 0-150 mm, with the use of
high pressured water: The TYCAN Hydro Clean.

The result of this technological quantum leap is a high

pressure cleaning system for production rates from 50 to
400 tons of output material per hour. Designed similar to
a household washing machine the contaminated material
is fed into an actual washing chamber by a hopper. Inside
the machine the material builds a column standing on a Typical installation of a Hydro-Clean
conveyor belt, the speed of which controls the through-
put of the material and the washing cycle. To protect the
chamber, its inside is lined with standard polyurethane
screening panels allowing dirty water to escape and
be returned to a settling pond. The constantly recycled
water is fed to jet valves, which rotate at the top of the
washing chamber. As a result the water is injected at
rates from 800 to 2000 PSI and intensely interacts with
the contaminated product by blowing onto the particles
and penetrating porous areas, which friction based wash-
ing technology could never reach. This means the Hydro
Clean is capable of offering never before seen cleaning
degrees. Products thought to be impossible to clean can
now be sold at premium prices.

Highest cleaning results possible
Lowest water consumption available
No tool wearing water jet
The water jet reaches directly the material to be
The drum is coated with PUR-standard screens
Optimum material adaptation
1- Input material; 4- Washing chamber;
2- Washing rotor; 5- Material output conveyor;
3- High pressure nozzle; 6- Contaminated water.

Pelletizing Systems

Installation of a Pelletizing Disk line Model GR7500 for iron ore

TYCAN also offers pelletizing disks, PRINCIPAL

which are frequently used in the pel- CHARACTERISTICS:
leting of materials such as iron ore.
Heavy duty design
The operation principle of the equip- Vibration free design
ment consists in the continual feed- Dimensions up to 7,5 m of diameter
ing of powdered material, processing Allows for precise rotation
it into granules of uniform size. This Device for cleaning of the machine
process is obtained by means of bottom and borders
regular rotation of the inclined plate, Regulated Inclination
together with the repeated rolling Centralized Lubrication
movement of the product and the
simultaneous addition of liquid.

Extraordinary Solutions
King-Sized Screens

For customers that demand the answer to extraordinary prob- HBL Latinoamericana team
lems, TYCAN has the solution. Those projects are designed on
the highest technical criterias and the most modern technology.

The new tools used to design and calculate such mammoth-sized

machines, range from 3D-design over Finite Element Analysis
(FEA) to specially designed test measurements of vibration
modes. Driven by multiple exciters and decades of experience in
manufacturing vibrating screens, TYCAN can provide these type
of large-sized machines with width of up to 13 ft and length of
up to 36 ft.

Length: 36 ft (11,000 mm)

BASIC DATA: Screen total weight: 110 tons
XL-Class Vibrating Screen Capacity: 10,000 t/h
4,000 x 11,000 mm Total number of coil
Width: 13 ft (4,000 mm) springs: 196

Extraordinary Solutions
Engineered to Application

8 x 24
(2400mm x

In addition to decades of experience in researching and

developing vibrating screens, TYCAN counts on:
3D Design;
Structural calculation based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA);
Calculation testing through tension measurement with strain gages;
Measurement of vibrating modes;
Drive by high performance exciters.
To engineer solutions to customer requirements and specication.


T-CLASS model 990 - ICS - Integrated

cooling system for the refrigeration of
UM L-CLASS 3 x 14 (1000mm x 4000mm) bearings in hot applications

UM L-CLASS 4 x 10 (1200mm x 3000mm)


ESS Engineered Screening Study

calculations, and most importantly

Our aim is not only to satisfy our the recommendations and proposals
customers with our machinery, for the plant layout.
but to provide complete solu-
tions. Therefore, the services of These recommendations are backed
TYCANs engineering department by our experience and are evalu-
are not limited to machines but ated and proven where applicable
allow the following services: in collaboration with the customers
structural engineers. All recommen-
dations to design changes on existing
Engineered Screening Studies plant structural work show the best
accommodation of new or moved
Running different R&D projects model of the customers existing or equipment and enable the best ow
and design studies on TYCAN new plant and operation. Depend- of material under existing circum-
machines our engineers provide a ing on the customers improvement stances.
complete process analysis in the targets, the impact of changes to
form of an Engineered Screening plant settings can be tested by the Fitting of a
Study (ESS). model in a fast and efcient manner, new machine
revealing the correct and necessary into an existing
Utilizing our own programmed soft- adjustments in terms of process opti- structure
ware and digitized tools, TYCAN mization and process design.
Engineering can provide complete
screening and crushing studies for To visualize the different scenarios,
existing or future projects ranging computerized ow sheets are devel-
from a one-deck system to high-ca- oped which demonstrate the related
pacity processing plants. efciencies and/or usage of the
crushing and screening equipment
The basic data for such Engineered under the different settings.
Screening Studies (ESS) are provid-
ed by the customer on-site during the Finally, the customer receives a
visit of our TYCAN engineer. The precise and accurate report docu-
data is used to build a computerized menting the ndings, the results, the


Vibration Analysis

Self developed and Custom pro-

grammed for vibrating screens, TY-
CANs Vibration Analysis Service
(VA) allows for easy hook-up of
a lap-top computer to your vibrating
screen on site by TYCANs trained
technicians. Based on the data the
performance of vibrating screens
can be evaluated in terms of proper
speed and stroke. Machine and
screening media are synchronized
by automatic improvement recom-
mendations. The determination of
critical and developing faults such
as bearing failures, spring problems,
loose machine components or other Equipment for Vibrating Analysis
are also possible.
Our Preventative Maintenance
The measuring system features up to Program (PMP) is designed to
8 accelerometer channels allow- considerably cut the operation and
ing a full scale screen performance maintenance costs for our custom-
analysis. The information allows ers vibrating screens and media.
for on-screen display of orbit plots,
peak-to-peak and average accelera- Even though emergency situations
tions and displacements as well as can never be fully avoided they can
RPM computing and FFT analysis. be minimized with proper, manufac-
turer-supported maintenance. But in
The results of the tests are put into Preventive maintenance and addition continuous costs for spare
a valuable and easy to understand rebuild programs parts and service can be reduced sig-
customer report. This document not nicantly with the proper program.
only outlines the analyzed data, but You can expect prompt on-site
also makes recommendations on evaluations, a detailed itemized re- The benets of the general services
how to improve screen performance port and quotation, scheduling of the covered by a preventative TYCAN
based on different settings or new rebuilding process and delivery to maintenance program include the
parts. customer site. A TYCAN Service combination of our ESS, Vibration
Representative will be on-site to Analysis and our Rebuild Program.
Rebuild Programs supervise start-up. As a result our customers receive the
following advantages:
Not only does TYCAN build Preventative Maintenance
screening machines to last, but we 1. Reduced Service Rates
can rebuild them to last even longer. Todays market demands for eco- 2. Inspection and Vibration Analysis
Over time and years of constant use nomical products and high produc- 3. Sizing Assistance
even a TYCAN screen can show tion efciencies make it necessary 4. Regular Maintenance & Media
its age. for our customers to reduce machine Seminars
downtimes to a minimum. Whether 5. Rebuild Program Management
Now with the TYCAN Rebuild Pro- for regular scheduled maintenance 6. Spare Parts Inventory Manage-
gram you can reduce maintenance routines or in emergency cases the ment
costs and even increase your produc- equipment must be ready to produce 7. Reduced Spare Part Prices
tivity by avoiding costly replace- again as fast as possible. As a screen-
ments. Our Rebuild Program can be ing solutions provider TYCAN has
accomplished on-site to minimize recognized the necessity for a new
the time your machine is down. service.

225 Ontario Street P.O. Box 3006

Tel: +1-905-688-2644 +1-800-325-5993

ST. CATHARINES, Ontario L2R 7B6 Canada

Fax: +1-905-688-4733

The Screening Circle

HBL-TYCAN 020 E - Revised 07/05

The machines and plants shown in this leaflet as well as the stated technical parameters are examples of customer-specific technical solutions.
Therefor they are subject to modifications.