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Our Health Goals

It is not a surprise that nowadays, Filipinos benefit from a number of health

programs such as the Botika ng Barangay and the Smoke Cessation Program.

Programs like these help and guide Filipinos to have a thorough and healthy

lifestyle. Yet, it does make us wonder why we still have a formidable mortality rate.

By that we mean Filipinos lack the motivation to stay healthy and quit old habits.

We are undisciplined in terms of our own health. And so, State intervention is


First, we propose a tax increase to open up free basic services and programs

in hospitals. High hospital expenses are what worries Filipinos nowadays and is the

reason why they subsequently refuse to make a deal with the devil. By heightening

up our taxes to fit and pay every basic hospital necessities, we make Filipinos

sacrifice a little more for the benefit of their own future and for the convenience

that they wouldnt have to pay for it later on.

Second, we are to promote the strict implementation that Public and Private

Companies must offer health insurance for their employees. Other than that, our

Government must also continue to grant free monthly check-ups in barangays and

grant health-related subsidies for the unemployed and retired.

Third, we will promote a strict implementation to every hospital, Private or

Public, the overpowering authority of the Physician over the Patient. Ever since,

patient intervention in the process of his or her medication or operation had been

critical and had been expected to lead to disastrous and un-called for effects.

Doctoral expertise is the only medium to be depended upon during the time of a

Patients medication and not the Patients unprofessional opinions itself. This strict

implementation is only for the Patients good. One man may know more about his

own body but an enlightened partner with the aid of new technology and endowed

with professionalism will know more than a hundred fold the complications of that

Fourth, defective hospitals will be brought into the control of the Government

until such time it would be ready to be given again to Private hands. The State will

take full responsibility of every near-bankrupt or near-abandoned private hospital to

improve its facilities and make it accessible to the general public again. Once it has

achieved such reputation, it will be sold to a more capable Private organization as to

lessen the burden of the Government.

Fifth, Investments shall be made to improve all of Public hospital facilities.

New technology will be sought after to widen our access to human body

complications that can only be cured outside of the country. This will lessen the

burden of Filipinos and, instead, grant them faith that they can be cured in their


Sixth, cost-efficient and effective generic medicines will be strictly distributed

to every pharmacy and discounts for retired senior citizens shall, naturally, be


Seventh, Cigarette Cessation Programs shall be more strictly implemented

than ever. If ever necessary and if it can be achieved and agreed upon, prices of

Alcohol and Cigarettes shall be heightened. Not only to aid our dwindling economy,

but to also regulate the use of these unhealthy and subsequently dangerous vices.

Eighth, Distribution of contraceptives shall be implemented. We believe in a

wiser society. We are not China, we are a small country. We may not be suffering

from overpopulation but we are threatened by its imminence. If family planning and

sexual discipline programs in every barangay or subdivision will not be enough,

then it is high time, we use every resource we can to control birth rate. Not just to

avoid overpopulation, but to improve Filipino Life.

This party believes that our health our body is our investment in life. In our

everyday life, it all starts in the condition of the body everything else follows. So if

Filipinos cannot afford to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then the State shall intervene

for the good of the country.