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Suwuk Beach

It is said that a long time ago there were a dog and a wildcat. They didnt like each other
because the dog wanted to kill the wildcat so both of them fought. The name of Suwuk came
from the words: Asu (which means dog in Javanese) and Kuwuk (wildcat).

Well, besides its natural beauty, something that makes Suwuk Beach different from other
beaches in Kebumen is its development tourism concept. Yap, Suwuk beach has the best tourism
facilities. Such as the road infrastructure, parking area, places of worship ( Mushalla), until the
zoo which make the beauty of this beach looks greater. So, lets check the beauty of Suwuk

A few meters from the beach there are palm trees lined up neatly along the coast. In the
western section of this beach, there is a large enough river estuary, Banda River's Estuary. This
river's estuary splitting Suwuk Coast region with Karang Bolong Beach area. This river is a limit
of the beaches on its west side that tend to have extreme contours, with the beaches in the eastern
side that tends to ramps.

Therefore, Suwuk Beach has very different characteristic with Karang Bolong Beach.
Karang Bolong Beach is very hilly and rocky reefs. If we are near the rivers estuary, we can see a
beautiful view of the hills. So if you take time to walk by the river, you'll see beautiful views of
South Ocean, stunning beaches, beautiful mountains and river estuary.

In the winters when the air tends to cool, along a sloping shoreline, we could see turtles
laying its eggs. The turtles usually lay them around midnight until 5 AM. Local villagers often
seek out and take the eggs of the turtles. In addition to sale at a great price, turtle eggs are also
commonly used as a complementary ingredient for herbal (jamu) concoction. Jamu is an
Indonesian Traditional Herbal.

The facilities and Development of The Tourism Object

If you want to enjoy the sightseeing of this stunning beach, you can hire a boat that exists
around. It also would take you to Karang Bolong Beach if you want to.

Besides the natural coastal tourism, local government also built several other facilities to
support the development and stimulate the interest of tourists to visit Suwuk beach. The
Government has established a zoo years ago. Several species of birds and mammals have
inhabited in this zoo such as crocodiles, cassowaries birds, owls, deer, and many other. Although
its not as complete as other zoos, but at least its existence brings a different atmosphere for local

In coastal areas, there are necessary tourist facilities, one of them is food stalls which
would offer you a variety of food; especially traditional foods like pecel and tahu kupat. In this
coastal region, we can also relax under the trees that exist around the coast. We can enjoy the
landscape while ordering food or enjoying coconut water freshly picked.

Not just only the landscape that we can enjoy in this beach. The section of river estuary is
rich of fish so it becomes a place for angler to try their fortune. Although sometimes they dont
catch fish at all but they seem like they enjoy it.

Local government also built a swim pool for children; there is also a Garuda Boeing 737
which is designed for tourism. We can purchase the ticket which costs Rp 10.000 to watch a
short film inside the airplane.

On Sundays or holidays this beach is crowded by people. Most of them come to enjoy the
sunrise in the early morning. Some just sit at the top of rock and fishing or playing with the sand.

1. Devita Nur Septyani
2. Elsa Tri Faujia
3. Fawwaz Ido Adi P. (12)
4. Khubaeib Al Arosi (17)
5. Laeli Fauziyah Hasna
6. Mailani Muslimah (19)
7. Okty Kholifah
8. Susi Wahyuningrum