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Siman 1

Brandon Siman

Ms. Shaffer

English 1 GATE

27 January 2017

Graphite Gallery

A Pencil Drawn Gallery

Group Members: Brandon Siman

Passion/Learning Opportunity: This project will help me pursue my passion of becoming an

artist and use that art skill to help me understand and possibly create digital, 3D art. I am trying
to simply experience this art style and knowing the basics and then know what detailed are
required to reveal that vibrant look.

Needs/Opportunities: My project expresses something that would make the world more creative
and interesting. My project can open up people to expressing their art skills and even though it
is minor and wont solve very important problems that are around the world, it is still somewhat

Audience/Client/Users: It is likely that people who may be of a young age or who dont have that
feeling of creativity or using that imagination in a way that could interest others may benefit from
my project which may, like I said be more open to such things.

Timeline: (What tasks do you need to complete? Create a timeline that you and I will use to hold
you accountable.)

Date Task

1/27/17 Brainstorm drawing ideas

2/3/17 Create a presentation/gallery
2/10/17 Practice drawing skills
2/17/17-?/?/17 Create drawings to display until the
Siman 2

Product: My product be a presentation displaying all the work Ive done.

Needs/Possible Issues: Paper and pencil. Thats all.

Conclusion: You get to see all the hard work Ive done and then imagine yourself being able to
do the same and use your thoughts and imagination and express them all