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Daniel Manion

Mrs. Cramer

College Composition I

19 December 2016

Back To The Future 4: Shakespeare's Tale

Great Scott! Shakespeare's book Much Ado About Nothing happens to relate to the movie

Back To The Future. Marty, do you know what this means? These two stories share similar plots

and events that revolve around them. The play Much Ado About Nothing, written by the great

William Shakespeare, depicts the story of two brothers differences play a part in the marriage of

two young lovers. While our movie Back To the Future, created by Robert Zemeckis and Bob

Gale, tells the story of a boy going back into the past and reunite his parents young love life.

Much Ado About Nothing is similar to the movie Back To The Future with the premise of the

main characters working day and night to get the girl in the end.

To leadoff, on page nineteen of Much Ado About Nothing, Claudio can be caught

expressing his love towards Hero. "...But least my liking might too sudden seem, I would have

salved it with a longer treatise." Claudio, falling in love with this girl but is too shy to say

anything therefore requiring help from his friend Don Pedro. While in the movie Back To The

Future, Marty saves his dad from being hit by a car but in doing so it messed up the balance of

time by having Marty's mother fall in love with Marty and not his dad. Therefore Marty must

help his dad fall for his future wife like he had before. Due to the main character's actions, both

of these tales help create a central goal of getting the girl. Furthermore, on page twenty, Don

Pedro discusses his plan to woo Hero over for Claudio. "...'Tis once, thou lovest, And I will fit
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thee with the remedy. I know we shall have revealing to-night. I will assume thy part in some

disguise and tell fair Hero I am Claudio, and in her bosom I'll unclasp my heart and take her

hearing prisoner with the force and strong encounter of my amorous tale." Don Pedro assists him

by creating a plan to talk to the girl, Hero, and attempts to convince her to marry Claudio by

boasting about him. As a parallel to the movie, Marty attempts to talk to Lorraine about George

by using the same technique and telling her of how they should go to the dance together. Thanks

to Don Pedro's and Marty's persistence, a picture of a happy ending begins to form for these two


In Shakespeare's work, unfortunately Don John has had some beef with his brother Don

Pedro and decides to take it out on him and his plan. Midst the pages of twenty-six and twenty-

seven, the antagonists of the story discuss their plot of sabotage. Hearing from one of his squires,

Don John formulates a plot against Don Pedro. Don John decided to slip a rumor into Claudio's

mind that Don Pedro plans to go against him and take Hero for himself and marry her that very

night. Angered, he storms out of the party until retrieved by Hero's sister Beatrice. When Don

John returns he tells Claudio of the good news that Hero agreed to marry him, and it nearly takes

him off his feet with elation. Similar to the book, in the movie a bully by the name Biff, doesn't

agree with Marty's attempts at bringing his parents together for the dance and interferes with it

by making moves on Lorraine and attempting to beat up Marty. But thankfully the plan ends up

being foiled by Marty's quick wits and actions to prevent his intentions. Towards the end, the

rumors of Hero get passed around enough that it prevents Claudio from marrying her. As a result,

she ends up "dying" from heartbreak which takes a toll on Claudio for being the cause. In pages

eighty-two and eighty-four explains the outcomes from the supposed death of Hero. To make up

for his actions and coming to his senses, he requests for forgiveness from Leonato, Hero's father.
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As he begs for forgiveness, Leonato decides for him to do two things: one is to read the scroll at

Hero's grave that day every year for the rest of his life, and the other was to marry his mysterious

niece. As he was told, he read the scroll at her grave and prepared to marry this unknown girl to

make up for killing Hero. When standing at the altar, the girl approaches the stand with her face

covered and begins reading her vow. Mid speech she takes off her veil and reveals that it's Hero

alive and well. In the end, Hero and Claudio marry when somewhere off in the distance Don

John happens to be arrested for his crimes in war. Similarly in the movie, a familiar ending

occurs too, as George overcomes his shyness and steps in to knock out Biff and finally asks for

his future wife's hand to go to the dance together where they eventually fall in love.

The book Much Ado About Nothing has a very relative plot compared to the movie Back

To The Future. The book and movie share the common theme of winning over the girl with a

protagonist that helps him accomplish his goal. In addition, both stories include a conflict that

starts out having the ability to destroy the main goal but ends up resulting in similar outcomes of

failure. Much Ado about Nothing is similar to the movie Back To The Future because they both

share the premise to work tireously, all day and night to get the girl and end up on top in each of

the stories. I strongly recommend reading the book Much Ado About Nothing and watch the

movie Back To The Future.