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Act Notes

1. For each scene we read, you will need to write a summary of the scene. The summary
should be a bullet point list of the important details from that scene. You need a
minimum of five bullet points per scene.

2. After reading each scene, you will also complete an After Reading Strategy for each

3. Each scene is worth 5 points.

4. At the end of each act, you will answer certain questions from the textbook as well.

After Reading Strategies:

1. Asking Questions- Write down questions you have after reading this scene

2. Making Connections- Write down a connection you can make between what happened in
this scene to your life, the world, or another text (book, movie, TV show, song, etc)

3. Making Predictions- Write down what you think will happen next based on what
happened in this scene

4. Step Inside- Step inside a characters head. Why did they act the way they did? What are
they thinking? How are they feeling?

5. Headline- Write a one sentence summary in the form of a newspaper headline- only give
the most important information and say it in an interesting and eye catching way

6. I used to think Now I think- Complete both sentences to show a change in thinking
that happened because of this scene